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11-30-2010, 06:13 AM
Morning, ladies!!! Just got back from my morning gym trip and now I'm catching up on ****'s Kitchen from this week. Plans for today are to get some more sleep, go to the gym, go to DanceFit class (if I don't get called in, which I'm almost positive I will be), start on the pillows I'm making for Christmas, getting out the Christmas tree and letting it "fluff" until this weekend when I can decorate it, and hit the gym again.

So what are your plans for Tuesday??? Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and tell us about your day. :)

11-30-2010, 06:41 AM
Morning Natasha :) I love decorating :) I have my tree up since the day after Thanksgiving, I guess waiting for it to fluff is a good idea.

I am frustrated about my DH not having health insurance. He says he can't afford it, but I think he can't afford NOT to have it. He is now having some troubling symptoms and I am so worried, this could completely break us :(

On a lighter note, I cancelled my appointment today with the orthopedist, I have stopped my physical therapy, and since I've gotten the bill, I don't think I will be going back.

I have not been doing very well making food choices, today I will be better, I decided to combine SBD with Sparkpeople to count my calories.

Good morning everyone :wave:

11-30-2010, 07:02 AM
Beloved - Without asking any personal questions about your finances, have you looked into filing for indigent care??? It's possible that if your husband DOES have to be treated at the hospital that he can have it written off as indigent care. It's worth a try...the worst they can say is no, right???

11-30-2010, 07:13 AM
Good morning Natasha and Beloved!
I ordered the wreathes for my doors yesterday and I'll pick them up tomorrow but other than that I wait to decorate until the middle of December. I'm not sure if I'm a grinch or if I just don't like the clutter. :lol:

I'm feeling terrific this morning! First time in a while, if you want the truth. I exercised and then went to bed quite early last night, and slept like a rock until the alarm went off this morning. Overall I sleep very well, but I think this might have been the first night I didn't wake up since we got the call about my nephew earlier this month.

Freezing rain at my house this morning, and I'm a big baby about driving on slippery roads. :( The good news is it's probably just rain in town, so hopefully I'll only have a few miles of slippery road to worry about. I'm hooping with my friend Joy after school today, we skipped last week because of the holiday so I'm really looking forward to getting together with her today.

Enjoy your Tuesday friends! :hug:

11-30-2010, 07:35 AM
Good morning Girls!

We're getting some serious rain today, but thankfully it will stay above freezing so I won't have to be concerned about driving on slippery roads. I'm a big baby about driving on icy roads, too, Heidi. Drive slowly and I hope your roads aren't too bad.

Beloved ~ I hope your DH's symptoms just disappear! Have a great OP day!

Natasha ~ I like your wording, letting your tree "fluff." :lol: We put ours up the day after Thanksgiving, too, but it took me all weekend to decorate it, and I'll still be fussing with it until it comes down again. :dizzy:

I don't have anything special planned today, just the usual Tuesday happenings. The girls have gymnastics after school, and when we get home, we may pull down the Christmas stuff from the attic if there's time after supper. I'll wait til C & R get back for the tree, though, so they can decorate it as a family thing. ;)

I got my Wii Zumba Fitness game in the mail on Saturday, but haven't had time to open it yet. I guess I should pop it in and check it out. I really need to get back on the exercise wagon again.

11-30-2010, 07:44 AM
Good morning everyone!

Just finished week 2, day 2 of P90X. Plymometrics (jumping, squating, lunging) is awful, and I have to modify the dickens out of it, but by golly, I did it!

Natasha: We have had an artificial tree in the storage room for years but have never gotten it out. This year we'd planned to have family come for the holidays, and figured we'd give it a shot, but they cancelled, so it looks like our tree will wait for another year. Making pillows sounds fun! Pictures when you're done?

Beloved: Insurance is a bear. We have to pay for ours here (my employer doesn't provide insurance, and my husband is a househusband). It runs us $550/month, and that's for the High Deductible plan. Yeesh! We don't get anything done unless is super important. If the worst happens, do see what you can do to reduce the bill with the care providers, etc. My first daughter's birth was set to run us $35,000, but after careful review of the bill, and negotiations with the providers, we got that reduced by more than 1/2.

Heidi: Yay for feeling terrific! :)

Cottage: You absolutely MUST report back on the Zumba. I love my dancing games, but Zumba seems strange and scary to me. Hehe.

And I finally figured out how to make doing personals easier: Two windows, refresh before posting, and >boom< there you go!

May all our days be filled with good choices, and if not good choices, at least forgiveness for our trespasses and a fresh start tomorrow!

11-30-2010, 07:53 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I'm a little slow again this morning. Wow, just looked out the window and there's an incredible sunrise happening.

Natasha - Good luck with your plan. Hope they decide not to call you in!

Beloved - We went without insurance when DD was young and her dad was in college. Wouldn't want to do that again. Do you have exercises from PT that you can keep up with at home?

Heidi - I'm with you on the freezing rain. I can manage snow but I hate, hate, hate ice.
Sleep is a very good thing. :hug:

Cottage - Let us know how you like the new game. I've been looking at that one. I'm thrilled because DW bought me EA Active 2 for Christmas. It's pretty expensive because it has new movement sensors and measures heart rate too. I love the original and hope I love the new version even more.

Annie - I'm inspired by your P90X success.

Pretty normal mellow day around here. Off to the near north for meetings and visits and maybe a quick stop at BJs. They don't have much we eat but I like getting Babybels there. I'll use the free membership thing until it expires but never bother paying.

DD sent us a menu for a local Cambodian restaurant. It's the dinner plan for Saturday. Anyone have any tips or avoids? I don't think I've been to one before. It certainly looks good with lots of vegetarian options.

The coffee is running out so it must be time to get moving. Have a good day Chicks

11-30-2010, 07:53 AM
:wave: Hanging in and trying to Christmas up!

11-30-2010, 07:57 AM
Good morning Ruth :grouphug:

11-30-2010, 08:08 AM
Good morning Ruth, Cyndi, Cottage and annie :wave:

Ruth, good to be hanging in there, it's hard to have tough things happening right around the holidays.

Cyndi, have a nice day!

annie, good idea for personals, I may try it!

Cottage, break out the Zumba!! Let us know how it is :)

Heidi, I am going to ask a friend to make me a wreath, she does beautiful work (but I think they are quite expensive) I'm a baby about driving in slippery conditions too, be careful!

I started taking my temps with a basal body thermometer this morning, we will see. I used to do it religiously. I like knowing my body and this is a good way to do just that!

I guess I should get off, my coffee is getting cold :p

11-30-2010, 08:23 AM
Good morning! This is day 2 for me and I'm feeling great so far! Had a really difficult kettlebell session last night - I could definitely tell I need to eat more as I was pretty weak! Will work on that today!

We unfortunately have ice coated roads this morning with some dusting snow so I have to run - my commute is 25 min. on a good day! Have a great day everyone! :)

11-30-2010, 09:18 AM
Good morning.

Natasha - That fluff notion made me smile. We probably won't put our tree up until my son gets back home from college.

Beloved - I hear ya! My family has individual coverage and it is very, very expensive for very little coverage. The bad part about the system is people like me and your husband who might avoid getting care because of no coverage or, in my case, not wanting something to show up on my records when I try to get NEW coverage. Sigh.

Heidi - I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes clutter! Even with seasonal decorations. Safe drive!

Linda - My exercise has been slipping too. Sigh. Wii Zumba sounds like fun.

Annie - Love the colors! I use two windows and refresh too.

Cyndi - I've never had Cambodian food. Sounds interesting. I wish my Costco carried the light Babybels; they are expensive.

Ruth - Cute avatar.

Kara - I found it helped with energy for exercise to eat my beans in PH1. I'd love to try kettlebells.

Soooo.... some of you may remember my teen is on the school broadcast show team. Yesterday he texts me to ask if some girls can come film me making latkes for a segment they are doing on holidays. I soooo do not want to be on camera! For so many reasons. But I am a good mom and so this afternoon I will be frying potato pancakes with an audience. Now... what to wear?

11-30-2010, 10:22 AM
good morning,

Natasha - I got a chuckle about your tree fluffing, I can just imagine it giving itself a little shake from time to time.

Beloved K - Sparks people, I will have to check that out.

Heidi - glad that you got a good nights sleep.

Cottage - hope your day stays ordinary.

Annie - sounds like you are getting a good workout.

Cyndi - I like Babybels too, and sometimes I crumble one into my soup and it become stringy and chewy.

Ruth - Eleanor Roosevelt said - A woman is like a bag of tea, you don't know how strong she is until she gets into hot water. So hang on there.

Karen - good mother.

me - exchange my slip ons yesterday with no problem. Its a rainy day here so today, housecleaning and maybe some knitting and of course meal preparation. Also, I have a goal to work towards, the church I use to go to as a teenage and where DH and I got married is celebrating its 100 Anniversary in October. Hopefully we will go and there will be old acquaintances I haven't seen in 43 years. So how is that for an incentive.
take care

11-30-2010, 10:59 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

It's a late morning here and I'm just starting on coffee. The pups and I went out and it's cold and windy. I may walk outside this morning, anyway.

:welcome2: Leslie(mom4yehoshua) Hereome links to threads which have info about coffee creamers.
For me, the liquid creamers weren't causing cravings but I finally got off them because of the trans fat. SBD is a process, and for me it took awhile to switch over from the trans fat creamers.

Natasha, I hope you don't get called into work. What kind of pillows are you making?

BelovedK, I have the high risk insurance which is $450/month and I'd love to find something better, but felt I couldn't be without anything after my sis was diagnosed w/breast cancer at age 48. Good decision combining SBD with Sparkpeople.

Heidi, Yay for sleep and getting to meet up with Joy. Are you still hula hooping?

Linda, looking forward to the Zumba report.

Annie, you are doing just great with the P90X! Finding a way to modify it is such a successful technique.

Cyndi, Cambodian food sounds great, and probably very vegetarian friendly. Because there are a lot of Buddhists in that area of the world, they usually take care with food. Asking is the best, because they also use a lot of fish sauce in recipes.

Ruth, :wave: One day at a time, dear. :hug:

Kara, I think the kettlebells are so interesting. Take care on the roads.

Karen, you are a great mom making potato pancakes for the camera.

sophie, how fun, about your old church having a big anniversary. 43 years-Wow! Today is my 18th anniv.. We got married in a beautiful historic little church in Hawaii.

Midpost, DH came in and we went to the basement to survey the boxes of lights and decorations. I think we've decided not to put up the tree(artificial) this year because of Rudi. He needs space and stumbles around. Decided we wouldn't want it falling on him. On the other hand, it will be fun to try out some of the stuff we never put up. The only issue is that our 120 yr old victorian house is short on outlets. We'll see!

Have a great day everyone!

11-30-2010, 11:47 AM
Good Morning Ladies, the coffee is fabulous if I do say so myself!:coffee2: The store was out of original almond milk so I bought the vanilla and MMMmmm... 15 extra calories a cup of coffee(yes I use a big cup and put about a half cup almond milk in it :)) But so long as I count them I am not sweating it!

Christmas tunes are on this morning and its going to be a fun productive Me day:mrsclaus:!

Natasha-:wave: Does the tree actually do much on its own? I wonder but then again we didn't really do much to ours this year except poke around for Christmas lights that were out and it seemed to do the trick! LOL

Beloved- My dh is the same way... I told him I wouldn't marry him without it! LOL, too much financial strain if anything ever happened. We have had it together a couple years now but this re-enrollment he decided he would do an hsa plan through his work and I got traditional insurance through my work... He *knock on wood* never goes to the dr and I go occasionally but this way if anything ever happens to him we wouldn't be put out more than a few thousand(and he only has to pay like 60 a month and his employer gives him a hundred so its almost free ;) On another note- I use a calorie counter too- I was using spark people but the app on my phone wasn't as user friendly as fitness pal- but they are both fantastic ways of measuring how I am doing each day! I know many chickies on here have had great success CC+SBD here is a little :dust: for us both today!

Heidi- Yeay for feeling great! :cp:

Cottage- I want a review of the Wii Zumba!:carrot: Our wii is plugged into the tv but the Wii fit is tucked away upstairs! Maybe a good excuse like a new game would get it down?! ;)

Annie- Congrats on your two weeks! fantastic! :woohoo:

Cyndi-Cambodian restaurant sounds so interesting! I really do enjoy all of the mom and pop type restaurants(or at least not chain restuarants!) that you guys have up north... all we have is chain restaurants down here- I do suppose its a bit easier to find nutrition info on ours though! lol, not worth the trade!!!:dizzy:


Kara- I may not notice during the day but when I get ready to exercise and think just how much water I have drank for the day, for me, makes a bigger difference it seems than food. Just something to think about :smug:

Karen-:o?, nah! You will be fine! Put on something festive! Such a good mom!:hug:

Sophie- :rain:your day sounds like mine! Nice to enjoy a lazy rainy day once in a while! :)

Debbie- I have felt small on space here in my house and thought about getting one of those super slim trees- thats what we had in our old apartment and it was nice to have it... I guess it was about 4-5 ft and only about 1.5ft in diameter... Still pretty to look at! :tree: DH didn't want one but I wouldn't let him talk me out of it! lol

As for me ladies- a day for me. I plan to hit up the party store with another printed 50% off coupon for yet another santa suit! lol The santa rampage is going to be awesome! It will be the first one I have ever done and I have about 6-8 people talked into doing it with us! A light bit of laundry and cleaning and I think I may paint my nails, read my book, just enjoy the day before heading back to work tomorrow! The 6 days off has been fantastic but I am beginning to realize I need the money!!! Maybe a little advanced cooking and the grocery too(Ill act like those are "me" things)

:cb:And yep, guess I am feeling Smiley today!:cb:

11-30-2010, 12:44 PM
Nat, what a busy busy lady you are. Hope you make it to the dancefit class, it sounds like fun but if I tried I probably would spend most of the time just laughing at myself.

Beloved, OMG not having health insurance would scare me to death. Doctors and hospitals charge so much that even a minor health problem would set one back so much. Hope he changes his mind. Does that mean that you don't have coverage either? Come January we will be paying over $600 a month for our coverage and on retirement income that is a bit rough but at our age, we certainly can't afford not to have it.

Heidi, so happy that you got a good night's sleep last night. It can sure make a difference in how one feels.

Linda, love your avatar picture. So cozy looking.

Annie, absolutely love your closing sentence. Great attitude.

Ruth, :hug: I smile when your avatar pops up every time.

WT - heck this could be your start to a great career in the movies!

Sophie, glad you were able to exchange those slipons.

Lex, Have fun going thru the boxes and deciding what you do want to put up.

Rikki, please tell this old lady what in the heck a "santa rampage" is. Whatever it is, it sounds like fun.

When I'm doing personals, I just type everying in notepad as I'm reading your posts in the mail window and then simply do a copy and paste. Works great. I would like to get some type of VERY BEGINNER type exercise DVD to change off to when I can't walk but have no idea what to even look for, any suggestions? Should it be weight training, dance (that would be a joke) or something else. Bare in mind that I'm old and still very heavy. We have a GD and a GD inlaw who are both try to get pregnant but neither made it again this month. So disappointing for them. For all of you on the road today, drive safe and watch out for the other guy. Well, I'll be on the road today too, need to have lab work and want to hit Trader Joe's. Hope to pick out items to put together healthy gift packages for our daughters. Take care.


11-30-2010, 12:51 PM
TNT- Santa Rampage, here in Nashville anyway, is a night out hitting up the bars with about 2-3 hundred other santas! Everyone dresses up! I imagine it will be hilarious! This year they are having everyone go out on their own groups the first couple hours all around nashville then everyone will meet up downtown!

I also wanted to mention that I have a beginners stretch DVD that sounds like it may be good for you! Its on Netflix as well, but I think I bought it on Ebay for less than 10 bucks...

11-30-2010, 12:52 PM
I just made a lovely salmon salad with a lemon vinagraitte (sp?)

I order Henry and Lisa's canned wild pink salmon from Amazon and it is delicious with lower contaminants...I eat a can a day....I still hope that is safe!

BUT....with the organic romaine and a quick lemon/garlic/olive oil dressing and I couldn't be happier! Omega 3's taste gooood....

11-30-2010, 02:05 PM
TallandThin - my daughter who use to be an instructor in yoga and pilates and has continued doing these exercises during and after she had my grandson suggested - yoga and pilates for dummies, she said you can modify it to your abilities. I am going to order the dvd from Amazon. By the way, she looks so wonderful that it is inspiring me.
take care
I`m no spring chick either

11-30-2010, 02:19 PM
Goooood morning everyone! I am proud to say that I was 100% OP yesterday! I had between 1200 and 1400 calories, had veggies, regular snacks, and limited my grains with none after lunch! I'm still tired but not near as sluggish as I was yesterday. My blood sugar was so wacked out from the weekend that I woke up with the shakes on the days I overindulged in carb-related foods. I feel pretty good today!

Chris has had a tummy thing the last day and a half or so. Hoping it's not anything serious. I think he's starting to feel a little better today but hasn't been sleeping because of it, so he's wiped out.

Keeping busy busy busy! Just wanted to check in real quick. Posting pictures.... Voodoo graduated from Puppy School on Sunday! The first two are of her with her graduation cap, and the third is her snuggling with the Christmas Elephant she picked out as her reward for graduating. :D

Hope everyone has a great day!


11-30-2010, 02:27 PM
Thanks for sharing Lisa! Congrats to you and the pup!!! Voodoo is still such a cutie~!! and the elephant is too! lol

11-30-2010, 03:05 PM
Congrats, Lisa! and Voodoo is just toooooooo cute. She seems so snuggly!

Got our pictures back from our recent shoot. Chose this as our family photo. It's just fun and laid back. There were some really cute ones of the kids too. It's going to be hard to choose from those.

11-30-2010, 03:22 PM
Morning everyone!

So after a day back on the beach, I'm down 2.5lbs. It might all be water, but I don't care, a small number on the scale makes me happy!

I am slacking on the decorating thing. No, scratch that, I HAVE NO TIME! I am going crazy. My house is a mess, I am going into my major busy time at work (hello 70+hr work weeks) and I still have to figure out Christmas. Arg. And I'm so tired! I need to get it together, make a to-do list and do what I need to do.

11-30-2010, 04:18 PM
Voo is quite the snuggly fluffbucket. Usually she gets too hot if she lays on the bed with us, so she'll sleep on the floor until between 5 and 6am, and then she'll hop up with us. Nothing like waking up to a fluffy warm 45 lb poofball laying against you! :D

And I liked the elephant too. I'm really glad she picked him. lol

Oh and Linds, LOVE the pic! Very cute!

11-30-2010, 07:42 PM
Thank you for the well wishes, I followed the sander into town this morning and had no trouble at all. :)

So Karen..... how did the filming go?
Can ya get them to post it on YouTube so we can all see it? :D

Tall and Thin, do you have digital cable by any chance? I checked out lots of different types of exercise by going to Exercise TV in the On Demand section. They've got Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds, (that might be something you'd like), and many others too.

Lots of great photos today! Thanks for sharing them. :)

11-30-2010, 08:28 PM
Lindsey- Just in case I didn't say so on FB- All of the pics were fabulous! You're one hot mama! ;)

Just got the dinner on the stove, decided on some black bean, roast pepper, and some kind of creamy brown rice that I found in the cupboard! soup! May throw together a salad to go with and of course some more spinach!

11-30-2010, 08:43 PM
Great pic Lisa.

11-30-2010, 08:45 PM
Afternoon, ladies. ;) Just got home from DanceFit class and it looks like it was just in time b/c it is now POURING rain outside. I didn't get called in, thankfully...they got someone else to handle the detail.

Heidi - I love to decorate, but remembering that it all has to be taken back down and put back in storage really turns me off. LOL Glad you are feeling well...a good night's sleep will do that for you. ;) Hope you and your friend got some hooping in. ;)

Cottage - It'll be the same for me once we get the tree up. We have so many ornaments from over the years that some branches have to get 2 ornaments on them. Eek!!! Wii Zumba sounds like fun!!!

annieoh - Good for you for getting through another day of P90X. That sounds like torture, LOL!!! I'll absolutely post some pictures when I get the pillows done. I've never done these before, so I hope I can get them done correctly w/ them looking decent. Eeek!!! Good advice for beloved, too...a lot of doctor's offices give huge discounts for cash payments...that's a good option. And now I'm going to take a moment to be thankful that my employer has paid 100% of our insurance payments for the 10 years I've been here and we will have to start paying in January but it's only $5 per pay period (bi-weekly). I mean, really, compared to $550 I'd be most ungrateful to whine about that, wouldn't I???

Cyndi and Ruth - :wave::wave::wave:

Kara - Lots of beans will help you w/ that weakness...that and your full serving of dairy. Greek yogurt is GREAT...mix in a couple of teaspoons of natural peanut butter and splenda, YUM!!! And when you get to PH2 you can eat it w/ an apple. It's my favorite snack AND the brand I get has 16g of protein!!!

WaistingTime - Awww, that sounds like fun!!! Eat your heart out, Paula Deen, there's a new host in town!!! ;) Just don't use the fake accent, too, okay??? ;)

Sophie - LMAO...oh how I wish the tree WOULD fluff itself!!! Leaving it sit helps, but we always eventually have to manually fill it out ourselves. Sounds like you've got some good incentive to stay on plan!!! ;)

Lexxiss - The pillows I'm making match the double fleece tied blankets that people were making last year. I made a lot of those blankets and had them monogrammed for Christmas presents so this year I'm doing the pillows to match. I already hit Hancocks when they had their big sale earlier this month so I've got everything I need and just need to get on the ball. Happy Anniversary!!! 120 year old Victorian House??? Oh wow, that sounds beautiful!!! I love Victorian houses.

rdw - The tree fluffs out a little on it's own, but we still have to mess w/ it manually to get it all fluffed out. ;) I've never heard of the Santa Rampage but that sounds like a hoot!!! Imagine someone that has no clue walking into the bar tonight and all of the sudden being surrounded by a couple hundred Santas...LMFAO, OMG, that's awesome!!! Have fun!!!

TallandThin - I laugh at myself during DanceFit, believe me...but laughter burns calories, too, so I'll take it. LOL My mom is 60 and goes w/ me. She finds it hard to keep up sometimes, but she plows through and makes it to the end. Sorry it didn't work out for your granddaughters this month...I'll keep my fingers crossed that next month will be the month for them. ;)

Mirabai7 - I don't think I've met you before...welcome to our cozy little internet home. ;)

weezle - Good job!!! Glad you're feeling better. And congratulations to Voodoo and her parents for a job well done. She is a cutie!!!

chubbybunny - Good job w/ the scale movement!!!

zeffryn - Cute picture!!!

I forgot about the pictures from the GA/GA Tech game. Instead of slowing down any of you guys who might have dial up, I'm just going to put in my Facebook link so you can go look if you'd like to. You might have to add me as a friend, I'm not sure. Here ya go...!/album.php?aid=315834&id=700635305

Hope you ladies had a good day!!! I'm just killing time 'til Glee comes on. Yay, Glee!!!

11-30-2010, 08:54 PM
Natasha, thank you for the greeting! Yes, day 2 on P1 for me. So far so good.

11-30-2010, 09:48 PM
Yay, Mira! Glad you're having a great, on-plan day!

Rikki - pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft. ;)

11-30-2010, 10:07 PM
Linds- you know it girl! Got skinny jeans and all! :woohoo:

Natasha- I couldn't get your link to work... and I want that job! 100% paid insurance?! Insane!

11-30-2010, 11:42 PM
So I was so nervous for my big debut that I forgot to add the eggs! First few pancakes were a flop. Embarrassing. Teens teased I'd make it into the outtakes. Sigh. Glad it is over. And, yes, I ate one greasy white potato pancake:) BTW - I think only my hands made it into the shots! I am will not be getting my own cooking show any time soon. And for Heidi - it will actually be online eventually but I'll watch first and suspect there's not much to see.

Zeff - Love the photo!

Natasha - Y'all crack me uuuup!

12-01-2010, 01:13 AM
Natasha- I couldn't get your link to work... and I want that job! 100% paid insurance?! Insane!

Well darn...lemme see if I can fix it and add some links or something. Okay, I made it so EVERYONE could see if you have a FB account, you should be able to view them.