Weight Loss Support - To the dreaded Weight Tracker (people not the cool bars on our signature pages)

11-29-2010, 12:47 PM
Dear friend that loves to track my weight,

Yes I gained back ten pounds. It sucks but on occasion it happens. Its the holiday, my first semester of graduate school and so I slipped. I am taking steps to deal with it but I slipped. Don't come into my house on Thanksgiving and comment about how "I have gained weight." Matter of fact, stop talking about my weightloss altogether. When I lose these ten pounds please don't say "wow, good job. You lost weight!" I understand its nice of you to compliment me, but every time you see me there is a weight comment...and ts annoying, there is more to me then weightloss. When you gained 40 pounds I didn't say "So you let yourself go again". Instead I listened and offered my opinion only when asked. When you lost weight, I complimented you only when you brought it up. Why? I didn't want to turn your weight issues into a spectacle. Ok, so sorry if I sound ungrateful but just stop pointing out every little change with my body. Its wierd and makes me feel self concious.

The friend that gained 10 pounds

11-29-2010, 10:20 PM
Is your friend Asian? Might want to smack her down a notch or two.