Weight Loss Support - fail fail fail and now just trying to get back up

11-28-2010, 02:13 AM

I used to post a lot on 3FC before...I lost around 30 lbs back in spring and gained back 20...I feel horrible...I have kept on doing this to myself throughout my life ---- I know how to lose weight but don't know how to keep it off and keep going I always regain the same 20 POUNDS eeeek it makes me so frustrated because I can never stay under 200 lbs ever. Just getting back on the train to weight loss has been a huge struggle --- I feel ashamed to see people who are sick of my weight fluctuation by now I'm sure ---I used to eat healthy, take care of myself and appreciate myself and I'm ready to start again I'm just looking for positive support. I'm having trouble just getting through even 1 day on plan or even 1 workout...my goal now is to get through one day perfectly on plan and I'll post when I do Sunday night. I also plan to get at least one 1-3 workouts in this week. I am aiming small.

My self esteem is in the dumps --- but I will keep pushing forward. I've heard enough fat jokes from family and friends and I never show how it affects me and I realize I should just let it go but its really made me feel worse and worse and lose motivation but I realize if I don't push myself no one else will help me get out of the situation I'm in. So i'm giving this a go, dusting myself aoff nd I'm not looking back because a quote I was inspired by said...Pain is Temporary but Quitting is Forever ---- I won't quit, I'll hurt I'll be sad I'll feel bad...I'll struggle but quitting isn't worth it. I just wanted to share.

I know this totally was a random rant but I really had no place I could share it other than 3FC.

11-28-2010, 05:42 PM
I'd say this might be a good opportunity for you to take some time and think about what happened when you went off plan and started to gain back the weight. what about it was too difficult for you to stick to? the food? the exercise? both? or aspects of both? what would help you this time? how can you set things up so it's easier to get through one day, then move onto the next?

sometimes depending on the person and the amount of change, it can take adjusting, falling off the wagon, and adjusting, to get a lifestyle that works for the long haul. Plus, you will change over time, your tastes, what you like to eat, what you consider "full," your attitude towards hunger and exercise. It's a process. hang in there!! I'm sure gazillions of us can relate to exactly how you're feeling! I know I can.