General chatter - I'm glad I won't have Thanksgiving with my friend

11-25-2010, 08:21 PM
This week, she and her boyfriend drove to Phoenix from the SF area for dinner today. Her daughter, who lives in that area, will be at the dinner. They haven't gotten along for a few years. None of us can figure out what happened with Leah to make her so angry with her mom. They were close most of her life. Anyway, Leah told the friends, who are hosting the dinner, that "HER" rules must be obeyed. Sherry, my friend, is NOT ALLOWED to discuss any events in her life. Leah can discuss her life. Leah is also bringing her Akita to the dinner. That dog was kicked out of obedience school because it is unruly and Leah did not listen to, but argued with, the instructor about how to train the dog.

Except for wanting to see friends in that area, I wouldn't go there for dinner if Leah is included. It is only through these friends that Sherry knows anything about her daughter anymore.