South Beach Diet - Staying Accountable Over the Holidays

11-25-2010, 01:07 PM
I've been so on autopilot with this way of eating that I didn't even really think being at home for break would present a challenge... boy was I wrong! After a whole day eating and drinking fest yesterday, I've come to realize that I can do some serious damage over the next few days if I'm not careful.

I did do the turkey trot this morning! I ran a 5k in 24 minutes, which is pretty quick for me. I am planning on indulging a little bit today, but my goal is to only eat the one dessert that I really love. Tomorrow I want to be 100% back on track (maybe even P1 for a few days?).

What are your strategies for not mindlessly eating and undoing weeks of hard work?

PS Happy thanksgiving everyone!!

11-25-2010, 02:16 PM
Hi erinzest:sunny: Great to see you and Happy Thanksgiving!

I find that thinking things through and planning ahead is what helps me the most. I did your yesterday last year, and I'm going to the same family dinner today. Before I spoke with the hostess, I reflected on my shortcomings of last year and made my own plan for food sanity today.

1. I'm bringing the salad (otherwise there wouldn't be one)

2. I'm bringing the sweet potato dish (which won't be brown sugar and butter laden)

3. I'm bringing the dessert (which is a smashing carrot cake in a metal 9x12 where I have craftily removed a corner and replaced it with a whole wheat,low fat, low sugar piece of another carrot cake before icing it, the corner marked with a small piece of tape) No one will know mine is different. (my vigilance is because I trashed the crisco laden cake that someone else brought last year)

A reasonable portion, no seconds, eat while sitting only, no mashed potatoes or gravy and a tablespoon of dressing. (the potatoes, gravy and dressing are triggers for my overeating)

Congrats! on your turkey trot and have a great day! You are doing great with your weightloss!

11-25-2010, 02:21 PM
I ate my usual b'fast this morning, and I just finished a couple of pouches of tuna for lunch, so one of my strategies is not to get too hungry. I'm not going to drink, just on principal since that can bring out the uglies :) Tonight I'm having turkey (white meat) and I'll have just a taste of everything else. Maybe I'll make myself a few bags of steam fresh brussel sprouts since I think I'm the only one that likes them. Last night I baked three pies and didn't even taste one! I'm finally convinced that sugar is the devil, or mine at least. If I stay away from that, that will be the biggest favor I can do myself.

Thanks for starting this thread!