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11-24-2010, 11:53 PM
So, I got off work at noon, ran a few errands, 2 blocks before my last stop, I'm sitting at the stop light and WHAM! I get rear ended.

I'm fine, the other driver was fine, a young girl, scared out of her wits. We pulled into a parking lot, checked each other out, checked out the damage, none to my 96 Ford Ranger, one benny of driving an old vehicle made of actual metal. No real damage to her Jeep either.

So, we didn't call the cops, I was tired, cold and the weather is colder than crap, and I didn't want to stand out there and freeze so I could show the police a scratch on the bumper of an old farm pickup. Not to mention, I know that my insurance is current, but the card is not. :dizzy: More headache.

My shoulders and neck are a bit stiff and sore, but I'll live.

Anyway, other than a bit of stiffness, I'm fine. I've had a couple of other slide in the ditch accidents, but this is the first time it's ever been some one elses fault. Was just a bit weird.

Thank goodness it didn't break the eggs I had for the deviled eggs tomorrow! :D

11-25-2010, 12:04 AM
Dude that totally sucks!
I remember I had an accident once (my fault, though the woman was an idiot) People in Ontario seem to think it's a smart idea to stop in rain in the middle of the highway while it's pitch dark without turn signals all. Needless to say I smashed right into her, trying to go off the road instead (stupid anti lock breaks...) My car was completely damaged and her SUV had a few scratches on it.

Not only did she lie to me about the accident, she tried to claim her children were traumatized and that they'll never get into the vehicle again and how she's so sore and she thinks her neck was injuried. (I smashed my head off my steering wheel yeah I had a stiff neck the next day but I was not injuried badly.) Anyways she had told the cops the night before that no one was injuried and that the damages were not over 1000 (at least on her car, my car was completely scrapped.) then for her insurance she was trying to get a **** load of money out of my company. Lets just say if I ever saw the lady again I'd really make a hurting on her lol (not literally but I'd like to think of the damage I could do and then she'd really have something to complain about. lol)

But glad your okay, accidents are so scary even if they are minor. I'm terrified to drive in the rain now after that...snow I can handle rain, not so much haha.

11-25-2010, 12:47 PM
My 23 year old daughter was in her first accident with my almost 3 year old grandson...she was in the merge lane and turned her head to see if any cars were coming (there were none) and when turned back the lady in fromt of her had completely stopped. She was going about 5 miles an hour so there was no damage but when she goes to the other drivers window the lady starts screaming about getting shots in her neck (I am thinking the reason why she had stopped instead of merging was if she's in enough pain to get shots in her neck she probably can't turn her neck properly to see if anything was coming) My daughter went back to her car and 3 police officers, 1 firetruck and an ambulance to take the lady buy neck brace and stretcher to the hospital later. There was so little damage the police officer even said that she wouldn't have to dispose of the booster seat.

She's worried the lady is going to try to sue.

Pint Sized Terror
11-26-2010, 02:13 PM
Yikes! I was coming off of a highway in DC. It was an off ramp, but curved around almost in a complete circle. There were high walls on both sides so I couldn't really see around the curve. I was going about 30mph when I saw that traffic was stopped. Apparently there was a stop light at the other end of the ramp, and traffic was backed up halfway up it. I slammed my brakes, but skidded into the car in front of me, going about 20mph. They were real idiots too. They wanted to stop RIGHT THERE on the ramp to assess damage. I passed them, and said to meet me in a parking lot nearby, so they got BACK INTO THEIR CAR (traffic was whizzing by) and followed me. They were driving a brand new Camero, so I was flipping. I didn't see if they had any damage. So they pull in and I check their car out before even looking at mine, they had no damage. None. I breathe a huge sigh of relief, mosey on over to my car and just about died. Hood dented and pushed back. Grill broken. Bumper broken. Headlight broken. The hood wouldn't even open 6 inches. My radiator was ok, but pushed back. I am so glad I didn't cry. They didn't want to call the police or anything since it was a rental and they had no damage. I called my father in law who said to just exchange info, so we did. It cost over $1600 to fix my car, and theirs hadn't even had a single scratch in the clear coat. X_X