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11-10-2002, 10:35 AM
Good Morning All!!

I can't believe that I'm the first one up and on here!! :lol:

I'll be back, just thought I'd start us up!

11-10-2002, 12:21 PM
Oh geeze, Lauren beat me!! I stopped by earlier but I didn't have time to post. Peanut was hungry and the toaster had just popped!! We are going to go out geocaching today so I'm going to get a bit of exercise. We are going to take the dogs so I might get more than a bit!! I just hope to be able to avoid the poison ivy.........that would be a real bummer.

Have a great afternoon!!

11-10-2002, 12:23 PM
Good Morning!!!!
My shower was soooo much fun yesterday!!! I am like Karen in that I hate the attention, but the baby got the most wonderful things!!! I had promised DH I wouldnt promote girly froo froo things but I am failing miserably!!!:D :s: I got 8 little outfits with frilly lace, hats and the shoes to match...Sailor outfits, duck outfits, fun stuff that she can wear in the spring!!!!It was wonderful to see when people really love that baby U R bringing into the world!!!!

..They had a strawberry shortcake without sugar icing made soo my post shower sugars were great!!!! I stayed away from dips and chips soo things worked out great food wise!!!!Lots of veges!!Everyone suffered cuz of me!!!!:lol: :lol:

WEll, have a great Sunday all!!!!!

11-11-2002, 10:35 AM
Hello All!

Back in the office again after a very nice weekend at home in the Netherlands. the tooth wasn't that bad, I arrived in my hometown Leiden (15 min from Amsterdam by train) on Friday 18.00, and the tooth was out on 18.30. It took my dad exactly 5 minutes including the injection. And I didn't feel a thing afterwards. Phew! Was I right to go home!
I had a wonderful weekend without really doing much (WEEEEEEllll.....) I did go shopping on Saturday: bought 2 pairs of slacks (brown and black), and a zipped up off-white roll neck sweater. Besides lots of vitamins (cost about 1/3 of Greek price), some foodstuffs, and other clothes taken from home, some small gifts and things.
I ended up taking an empty suitcase to the Netherlands and taking back a full one AND a full bag, total 45 kg (and you're allowed only 25 kg, fortunately I managed to take it all with me without paying for extra kilo's).
I was really lucky, as the crew let me sit in the cockpit the whole way!!! wow! Even during landing! So we sat there chatting in the cockpit and I got a lecture on the instruments (the plane can even land all by itself, did you know that!), and I saw about half of Europe from 35.000 feet hight (I was holding a map as we went over: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Kroatia (Italy was visible from 100 miles away, this is REALLY true), Montenegro, Albania, and finally Greece. At the end the autopilot got stuck (oops) so the pilot had to do the landing. I was allowed to stay so I was strapped in in the extra chair and witnessed a spotless landing!

Diet went slightly down the drain (as you can imagine, I did not eat s*** just too much food though), the good news is my sister has lost about 12 pounds in 2 months on WW points system (it really shows!), and we were really supporting each other.

RR, you must have enough to keep the baby into frilly stuff for 3 years! She'll need it!

Karen, what's geocaching?

Gotta go back to work! see you all later!

Glad to be back, and nutty :dizzy: as ever,

Vassiliki (still with head above the clouds):angel:

11-11-2002, 11:53 AM
Howdy yall. I don't really say "howdy", but being from TX I thought I'd throw it in for fun. I checked in with yall a few times last week, but never got a chance to post. My trip home went great. I did not want to come back here to my exisiting life I like to refer to as ****. :stress: My inlaws requested Krispy Kreams the other night when my DH went into to town to work. He brought back 2 dozen!! Yep, I had at least 4 of them over the last couple of days. On a good note, I took my 3 1/2 yr old son on a long walk yesterday. I took the stroller so I wouldn't have to hear about his legs being tired. We live 1/4 mile from the river so we walked along and fed the ducks then up through the nature trail that leads to the town square. It was so nice. DH stayed home with the baby. Seth and I really needed that time alone together. He always has to share my time with his sister.

Greek - so glad your trip home was a good one. Cool about all the shopping. One of these days I'll have money to shop with again. I really miss it.

RR - I loved my showers too. You are probably like me and can't stop looking through all the stuff the baby got. When are you due again? I'll write it down this time. :sorry:

Karen- I'm with Greek, what is geocaching?

Bye everyone.....send some willpower my way. There are 2 doughnuts left.

11-11-2002, 12:04 PM
Hi All,

...As I sit here hum "I don't like Mondays", by the Boomtown Rats...remember that one?! That's about how my day is going...and it's barely 11 am!! :( Started out with the electric going out a little before 7 this AM. Had to shower by camping lantern and dry my hair with the car heater!! Then all sorts of crap hit the fan when I got here. "...I wanna shoot the whole day down..."

GG- Glad you had such a great time. How did you convince them to let you sit in the cockpit?!

RR- Sounds like a great shower! I could be totally off base, but I'm thinking mine is gonna be in December some time.

Karen- How was all the exercise? Hope you're able to stand up today!! :lol:

Have a better day than me all!!

11-11-2002, 12:10 PM
Kesco- You're doing better than me, I would've eaten 4 in one day!! :eek: BEHAVE!!

11-11-2002, 01:37 PM
OK, question...

Do any of you with cats have the Litter Maid, or know anyone that has it?? This is the litter box that automatically cleans the stuff into a separate compartment something like 10 minutes after he goes.

If you do, does it work? My cat has serious behavioral problems that have gotten worse lately, and DH and I are sick of it! DH said he will buy it when he gets paid this week, but I'm curious to know if it works.

11-11-2002, 01:42 PM
I found this on another site, and thought it was soo beautiful. I know a lot of us have fur babies, and a few of us have lost some over the past couple years...grab some tissues and read...

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

11-11-2002, 05:35 PM
OOOHHHHH Lauren.........................be back later after I find the hankies..............................

11-11-2002, 05:43 PM
OK, have tissues now. Tripper is trying to help me type so please exscuse any typos.

Lauren: I have a Litter Maid and I *LOVE* it. It absolutely does what it says it will do. I have the larger one because I had two cats. I line the plastic bin (the collection container) with a 4 gallon plastic bag so I can make them last longer. I did not have much luck washing them out, they still smelled. With two cats I had to clean it twice a week. Since it's only been a week I'm not sure how often I'll clean it with one. Maybe just once. I will warn you though, if they get diarrhea it has a hard time. I'm not sure why it's different from urine, but it is. I guess it's stickier or something. (What a subject, hmm!!) :D Sorry for the non-cat lovers out there. Anyhow, they come with covers and all kinds of extras now. I just have the plain open one and my girls did fine switching from a covered pan.

Kesco: PUT THE DONUT DOWN AND STEP AWAY FROM THE BOX. How's that? I'm trying out my mom voice. Gotta get it in shape!! Glad you had a good vacation, sorry it wasn't long enough. BTW, Howdy right back at ya!!

GG and Kesco: Geocaching is when people go out into the woods and hide a tupperware container of (usually) junk. They take a GPS reading and post it on a website. You pick up the coordinates and go out and try to find the container. It's a lot of fun (except when you get into poison ivy). Sometimes we take the dogs and sometimes we don't . If I see any poison ivy I am now out of the woods and waiting for DH to make the find and meet me. Definitely don't want to be PG with it. How on earth would they treat it (shudder).

I'm going to make homemade pizza for dinner so I'm gonna go start getting ready. Hope you guys have a great evening.

11-12-2002, 08:44 AM
Morning All,

I think I actually slept through the night!! Amazing... Man, did I have to pee this AM though. :rolleyes:

Karen- Thanks for the info. I was reading reviews on Amazon and it was either really bad, or really good. Zeus is used to a big little box, and he's had covered and uncovered, and he doesn't seem to care either way, as long as it's clean. I was worried that if he saw or heard it doing something, he might get freaked or something. Also, alot of the reviewers said it's really noisy, and ours is in the corner of the living room, on the other side of our bedroom wall. He usually goes in there at night, right after we go to bed...but I guess that doesn't matter, since if it's not him waking me up, it's gonna be myself, or Peter!! I am skeptical about paying $150 + for it, because I think we need the bigger one (Mego LM900), but if it's gonna stop the problem, I think it's probably worth it.

Hope I didn't upset anyone too much with that Rainbow poem...I think I got to the end of the first sentence before losing it!! I like to read stuff like that, nothing like a good cry. I have the Dear Abby (or Ann?) letter somewhere about the little boy who asked his pastor about if dogs go to heaven...love that one.

Anyway, have a great day all!

11-12-2002, 09:27 AM
Hi all!! Well after almost two weeks off I managed to drag my lazy butt back into the gym this morning. It was so hard to do!!!! But once I was there it was great to see everyone again and they were all teasing me for being m.i.a. Now, let's see how I feel the next two days. I did take it kind of easy. I haven't gained anything and I've been eating totally horrible the whole time off so I'm hoping if I can straighten out my act I'll see a couple pounds drop before this year is over. I'm still having a total mental challenge. My brain keeps saying to just forget about exercising and eating right for the rest of the year and my body is really liking that idea. But then I tell myself I'm at probably my best ever physically and I really don't want to lose it. It's gonna be a tough 1 1/2 months!!! I've really enjoyed my relaxing mornings, sleeping in, getting ready for work at my own pace, having some time with DH and puppy. Someone send me some willpower please!!!!

My friend had her baby yesterday. She is teeny tiny and wore between a size 4 and 6 before she got pregnant. She had a 10 lb 7 oz boy. I'm still in shock. Needless to say they had to do a c-section on her. Both mommy and baby are doing great. I'm so happy for her!!!

KarenK, I had to laugh this morning. I just sat down with my bagel and had a big bite in my mouth when I read your entry. :lol:

Have a great day everyone!!

11-12-2002, 11:47 AM
Lauren - my cousin loves her litter maid thingy. It rakes the litter/poop right? Anyway, she's had it since they came out with them. oh, and I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. I hope today is much better.

Karen- geocaching sounds like a lot of fun. I love stuff like that. I wonder if anyone does it around here. Gotta find out. Oh and about the doughnuts - I didn't eat anymore.

Liz - you have motivated me to go back to the gym. I love it, but I haven't been able to afford to keep my membership up. Where there is a will there is a way!

11-12-2002, 12:19 PM
Hi all. I seem to have become a once a week poster during my lazy time.
Last night I bought a big metal outdoor fireplace thing. Today I'm going to clean off the higher natural stone patio and put it there with some chairs. There used to be a picnic table on that patio but it fell apart this year. I think a fireplace with seating will get used more. Its a good excuse to work in the yard today. All my rock walls and patios need a bit of work I haven't done anything to them the last two years and they've been attacked by the 5 and 6 yr olds.

Today I'm losing one of my favorite hardwood trees. Its right by my front stairs. My house is a cape cod, rustic cabin looking with 2 dormers upstairs and a full deep porch across the front. The humming birds always hide in this tree (stalking the feeders) and the squirrels always use that tree. But it leans over the porch and I'm risking it falling into the house in a big storm. So it has to go. I'm sad.

Diet wise: maintaining is better than gaining. I'm waiting to start losing!!!
- jul

11-12-2002, 12:23 PM
hi all.:flow2:

checking in. Last Thursday was my 10 year anniversary. Unfortunately we were in 2 different parts of the state. sigh.

Things are going okay though and I should be home by the 22nd or 23rd.

RR - glad you enjoyed the shower!

Kesco - sorry about the krispy kremes.

gotta run - take care all - hello to everyone.

Rabbit :flow1:

11-12-2002, 02:22 PM
Hi All,

Rabbit- Happy belated anniversary...bummer you had to be apart for a big one like that. :( You'll have to make up for it with lots of FEEP when you get home. :love:

Jul- Sounds like you've been pretty busy, so we'll excuse the once a week posting. :p I've seen those wrought iron outdoor things and I love them. Bummer that you have to cut down the tree, but better safe than sorry.

Kesco- Thanks for the input! Today's much better. :)

Liz- Nice to see you! Good luck getting back on track and congrats to your friend!

LA Hopeful
11-12-2002, 04:48 PM
hi all

yes it's me. i'm back. it took me 2 months but i finally found a place to live. the last few months have been so bizarre i just pretty much dropped everything except work. and my car is STILL in the shop. very long story there. but the short version is new target date is 11/20. two months AFTER the accident :o

so how is everyone doing here? i didn't read many posts, just this week's. sounds like our mommies are all still on track and doing well!

i haven't lost much weight lately, but i haven't gained any either. so that's always a bonus. :) hopefully once i get into my new place and have my own kitchen again i can get back on track food wise. i haven't been eating bad food, it's just harder to keep track of it. i'm looking forward to getting back with fitday!!

hope everyone is doing well!

11-12-2002, 06:05 PM
Hello all!!! Just checking in and reading posts...Been really tired lately...lots more pressure and definately more emotional things..I am soo nervous about what to do..what baby wash, hair shampoo, peri pads etc etc...I cried at Walmart until DH gave me the big hug and told me the hospital would provide directions for that stuff....I am an older 30-something nurse who knows nothing about babies!!!!
Take care all!!!

11-13-2002, 11:57 AM
RR: ease up a bit on yourself. You don't have to make any decisions yet. You'll probably use alot of different bath soaps/baby wash/baby shampoos. Your hospital will give you after birth classes and you'll all be there giving your baby little wipe down baths as practice. I never knew the first thing about taking care of babies - never wanted to hold anyones child, never baby sat, didn't want kids of my own - then one day my DH said "I think we need a child". Even thru the pg. I was scared to death because I knew nothing about children or childcare. Once the baby was born I said "give me my baby....and I just knew what to do".

Rabbit: sorry about your anniv. I know the feeling. DH and I haven't been together for our last 2 anniv's and wont be together for this one in Feb either. I'm in Philly, he'll be home with the kids (this one will be our 13th). We use to always have our anniversary week at the family condo at Hilton Head Is., SC. Its kind of wierd to not celebrate our anniv. there.

2 posts in 2 days - I'm improving.

- jul

11-13-2002, 12:02 PM
Hi All,

RR- Oh hon, hang in there, we can do this!! I think we can make ourselves totally neurotic over baby products alone!! Just try and roll with it, you'll figure it out quick enough!! You're not a maternity/pediatric nurse, right? Why would anyone expect you to know it all?! And you know it's completely different when it's you, or in this case, your family. I'm a nurse's kid, remember? My mom is her own worst patient!! {{{Big Hugs}}}

LA- Nice to see you back! Sorry to hear things are delayed with your car, but at least the housing front is looking up! And yes, a maintain is a good thing!!

I have my appt. with the evil Dr. today, but it's good because we get an U/S and I called and they said we could video tape it, so we'll have a little "live" memento!! :D I'm very excited about it!! I think Peter is too, because he's been pretty active this AM...of course he'll probably be asleep by the time we get there (12:45pm)!!

Have a great day all!

11-13-2002, 07:50 PM
Hi all!! I forgot to post yesterday. The cat came and snuggled up on my chest while I was reading the posts so I decided to give her some champion snuggle time. Then with fixing dinner and falling asleep soon after, I forgot to come back!!

Lauren: Yeah, the Littermate can be loud but it only lasts a few minutes. Mine is in the basement directly below the bathroom. Sometimes I can hear it if I'm in the bathroom and everything is quiet. I think it's worth a little noise. I hope the doctor's visit went well. Was Petey waving at you? I got to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time today and I thought it was great.

RR: Hey, tell Refman to give you a back massage and just relax for a few minutes!! Take a couple deep breath and RELAX!! It's gonna be fine. No one expects you to know everything. Except maybe for you. I'm still wondering how I'm going to manage only sleeping two hours at a time and not getting super crabby. :D

LA: Glad you are getting settled into a new house. Sorry about the car though. It'll feel good to have your own space, but your mom won't be spoiling you!!

Jul: Bummer about the anniversaries!! But, (I hope) you are having a good time at the show.

Rabbit: Hang in there!! Only 8 more days or so!! Hope things are going well there.

OK, gotta go now. Have a great evening all.

11-14-2002, 08:59 AM
Hi All,

Well, the appt. went as well as could be expected, considering I had to see the evil Dr. G. I gained 4 lbs. since the last visit. Time to really get my act together and not gain. :( I'm more concerned then he was though. He did the U/S, commenting that this was just for fun, right? :rolleyes: He pointed out the spine, abdomen, head and testes for us. We could kinda see his penis, but not well. He's measuring pretty much on target, not big anymore, like he was at 19wks. Although it is harder to date things at this point, since he's soo big. He said he was about 3lbs. 10oz., which was about average also. He moved soo fast it was hard to tell if Petey was moving alot. We got about 10 minutes of video, it turned out really good...just as good as in person.

I'll post the pics on my picture trail account when I get to work, but I got an email from them awhile ago saying something about changes, and I'm not sure if I can share them anymore. If not, I'll try and figure out what the link to the website is that DH made. I made one on Yahoo, think the address is: www.geocities.com/ldale301/PJD.html I could only figure out how to do one page, and one picture. If anyone knows anything about that, let me know!!

Karen- Isn't it great when our kitties come looking for love? Of course it's always when you're trying to do other things, but still...

Have a great day all!

11-14-2002, 06:47 PM
Lauren-Soo glad the visit went well!!! I had a lady at the bus stop when i was walking to my car today, tell me that This baby is comming soon!!! I had to giggle but told DH it was time to pack the bag!!!I have a work shower tomorrow....It is soo embarrassing getting gifts from people...I am thankful, just hate being the center of attention...Since, I lost the first baby in Jan, more and more people are supportive of this baby and buying gifts!!!!

Everyone have a great day!!!!!

11-14-2002, 08:17 PM
Hi all!! Wow, I just took a 1 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. Sure hope I can sleep tonight. I discovered yesterday that dried apricots are a NO NO for me. I was just trying to make my five fruits and veggies. I paid for it all yesterday afternoon and last night. They definitely affect me differently PG than non-PG.

Lauren: Glad the visit went well. How cool to have the video. I'm wondering if they will be able to tell what Peanut is on Tuesday when I go for the amnio. I sure intend to ask!!

RR: Pack that bag and put it in the car. Can't be too prepared.

Have a great evening!!

11-15-2002, 08:21 AM
Hello everyone,

this is going to be just a short one, as I am not even supposed to work in this office any more. It's been (and still is a crazy time). Not like LA, I have still not found a new appartment, the ex-BF situation is getting out of hand because he's supposed to leave and is still stalling. Am keeping on track with eating AND the gym, which I wouldn't want to miss for anything. The Meridia I'm taking also seems to help not craving anything, and thankfully I suspect it's also taking the edge off my nerves, so I sit here feeling pretty cool. I KNOW everything will be all right in a short time, so i try to be patient. In the meantime, I hugely enjoy reading all your postings about soaps, hankies, ultrasounds etc.
I am thinking of you, even if I post too little

Hug to all,


11-15-2002, 09:23 AM
Just a quick note here...I have to comment to Karen K. That is so funny!!!!!! I had the same incident with the dried apricots two nights ago!!!! I threw the rest of them away last night. I used to love them and I could eat a bagful. No more these days. I probably won't ever eat another one -- unless I'm constipated. :lol: I even stepped on the scale the next morning expecting to have lost about five pounds!!! No luck though.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

11-15-2002, 11:22 AM
Wow, there were a lot of posts yesterday. I have to make this short because the kids are, well.....uh,.......they are just not letting me have one minute to myself. I am so happy and excited for all you new mommies, but I am not ever having another one. My 12 month old is walking now and she dumped a whole bowl of cereal on her head this morning as she can reach the top of the table. This house (my inlaws) is not baby proof AT ALL so I have to keep my eyes on her every single second. My son is in the bathroom yelling "I'm done!" :stress: I need a break badly!! I wish there were some way I could take some time for myself. I really really need it!!! I think I need to go on Dr Phil and find out what is wrong with me. I want a Dr Pepper!!! I'm so glad we are broke and don't have any groceries or I'd be in the kitchen right now pigging out.

I think I may have found a job. I hope. It is supposed to pay really well, but there is training involved and I'm not sure it is paid for. I am waiting for the guy to email me back.

Uh oh - I hear my daughter getting into something else. Oh, please don't let it be my MIL's plant.

11-15-2002, 02:08 PM
Hi All,

Kim- Ugh, I'm sure us mommies-to-be are soo inspired after reading your post!! :lol: :rolleyes: Hang in there!!

Liz- I've definitely had days like that, where I was sure I lost a few pounds over the course of the day!!

GG- Good to see you check in, even if it's just a quickie! Hope the situation gets better for you soon!

Karen- Hope you're feeling better today, after the apricot incident. How many weeks are you now? Are they doing the amnio just because your older than 35? I would've laughed at them if they wanted me to...they can only use a butterfly needle on my for blood draws, they'd be crazy to think they'd get near me for an amnio!! :eek: They'll definitely be able to tell you the sex with the results of the amnio.

RR- People are such crackheads when it comes to PG people!! They always know it all!! I think one advantage to being fat and PG is that people are afraid to ask if your PG, and act surprised when you confirm it. A project mgr. here came up to me a little while ago and said how are ya'? I said good, just can't wait for my little peanut to get here! She just about fell over like, WHAT, you're PG and didn't tell me?! Uh, DUH, look at me!! :rolleyes:

I plan to start making a list for my hospital bag soon, and I want it packed by mid-December. You better get hoppin' with yours soon!! You really don't have much time left!! Make sure my #'s in your bag!!

I think I figured out when my shower is! My SIL left me a message last night inviting us to a surprise b-day party for her mom on Dec. 1st. It's a Sunday (the usual day for showers), and while we know her mom, and whole family really well, I don't recall ever joining them for a b-day celebration, unless it was the immediate family, like my niece/nephew, or her and my BIL. And it's at a restaurant I like. :D I laughed when I listened to the message, and just said, HA, Busted!! I will really die laughing if it is...I'm not gonna say anything to DH though, I'll just observe.

11-15-2002, 07:04 PM
Hello all!!!OMG---I had the shower of unbelievable proportion today!!!Kaylee is gonna be rotten to the core!!! I got the most gorgeous outfits with jewelry to match, monogrammed diaper pants, hats , christmas outfit, christmas ornaments etc, etc, etc, and most all on my registry!!!! It was unbelievable!!! My work friends did the same for my wedding and really went overboard for me and Kaylee!!!!I cant wait for my little girl to get here to love and kiss her!!!!!

She is really dropping now and I decided to go register for OB express where U dont have to sign any papers if U go into labor--just go to the hospital..I had to sign for all the blood to be drawn on the baby after birth and everything..Now, if I go into labor..we just pull the packet and go straight upstairs!!!!

KIM--I cant wait for the chaos!!!! I have been waiting for over a year to have a baby with my husband and I am ready for it!!!Ask me again though next Dec!!!!:lol: :lol:

Karen--Good luck on the amnio!!! I refused all that stuff!!!

11-15-2002, 07:58 PM
Hi all. Hope everyone had a great day. I had a much better day today. I fixed the yummiest dinner tonight only it was only 1/2 healthy. I guess that is better than not healthy at all. :)

Lauren: I am 16 weeks now. I went ahead and said OK to the amnio because I want to be prepared if everythings isn't OK. Everyone at work has been telling me I shouldn't do it, so I feel a little, I dunno, maybe like I'm doing the wrong thing. I just want to know that everything is OK. Too funny about the shower. Be sure to let us know if you were right.

Kim: Umm, well, now I'm really looking forward to this.........wearing cereal on their head, needing help in the bathroom, no peace..........ONLY KIDDING!! Keep on letting us know what we are in for!! :) (Sorta sounds like where I work!!)

GG: Good luck with the job and looking for an apartment. Hope exBF gets out soon if that is what you want.

Liz: Someone else to join me in the NO MORE APRICOTS bandwagon!!! Maybe later on when, as I've heard, constipation becomes a problem!! :)

Tripper is going nuts running around the house and annoying Nikita. Guess I will go play with him. Have a geat evening!!

11-16-2002, 08:47 PM
Hi all. Wow, it's quiet around here today. Hope everyone is off having a good time. We went to the PX today and got 3/4 of our Christmas shopping done. It sure is a good feeling to have it out of the way. Now I gotta start wrapping and getting stuff ready to be mailed to TX. That's always the fun part.

Hope ya'll are having a great day.