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11-21-2010, 02:23 PM
I started making diet changes a few weeks ago, and the last week begin calorie counting. Most days I hit around 1500 cal, and I also began working out this week. (different workout videos, 30 day shred, jackie warner's stuff) So far my weight loss is...nothing I've gained 2 pounds.
I know that muscle weighs more than fat...but c'mon! It seems like I should have seen some change now. I know my size 16's are looser, it just would be nice to see a number that was correlating.
When I lost weight before I would instantly see better numbers on the scale. I don't know if it's because I had a baby 3 months ago or what.
I debated cutting calories more, but I am 5'10" and I know taller women are supposed to typically eat more.
Any advice?

11-21-2010, 02:34 PM
Hi! First of all, your baby is precious! I just had my daughter this past Feb :)

Also, I would start with more cardio and hold off on the weight training until a little after. I know 30 Day and Jackie Warner do a lot of weight training in their workouts.

Drink a lot of water. You might be retaining it.

Good Luck on your weight loss journey!

11-21-2010, 02:43 PM
Thank you! Yeah, I try to remember to drink water, it's easy to forget trying to catch up with a little one all day. I guess I'll have to buy some other DVD's. It's too cold/rainy/snowy outside to workout outdoors. Your arms are amazing!

11-21-2010, 03:02 PM
Thank you!

11-21-2010, 09:07 PM
The scale is such a heartless vixen. She will LIE to you, again and again.

Your clothes are fitting better and I'm sure you are feeling much better. You have lost body fat and that is the most important thing. The scale is perhaps the most inaccurate measure of actual health that we have since you can be doing amazingly healthy and positive things that is not reflected.

The numbers on the scale will move, but it takes time. If you are weight training you are retaining water as you are building muscle, this is a positive and not a negative thing.

If weighing in is going to be major frustration, maybe just try the tape measure and how your clothes fit for a little while. Use that as the positive reinforcement. You could also get a scale that measures body fat % and that would also help (you can see that after a few weeks your BF % went down while the weight not not have).

You've done excellent work! You are stronger, healthier, and have less body fat! :)

11-22-2010, 07:46 AM
Water is great. Exercise is super. And by the way, I'd start strength training this second. You are not gaining weight from that. It takes a good few months for women to gain muscle, and that's if it's done with real intensity. I'd weigh every day and not rely on measurements. Weighing every day is a great way to keep focused on learn your body. And most importantly, there's no way to stick your head in the sand. Yes, one does have to learn to deal with the fluctuations, but by weighing every day you get to see a trend and how they get to be.

All that's fine and dandy... but the biggest factor to weight loss is the food, the food, the food.

Most days I hit around 1500 cal,

Okay. Whatcha hitting the other days?

Steady, weight loss results, won't happen unless you have steady, consistent on plan days.

One day off, heck one meal off, can wipe out an entire weeks on plan efforts for sure.

I certainly have no way of knowing what those other days are looking like, for all I know they're less. But you left it open and it's the first place that needs to be looked at.

Also, are you certain that you're measuring correctly? Are you possibly accounting for 6 oz of chicken, when you've really eaten 7 oz? Are you counting each and every morsel, taste, lick, dollop, sip and crumb that's going into your mouth? Are you perhaps using 1 1/2 tablespoons of oil, when you think you're using 1? In other words, is there any way that you're underestimating your calories? It's real simple to do.

That aside, I'd give it some more time.

Oh and your baby is precious - congratulations!!!