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11-20-2010, 05:47 PM
that i love.

i am on w1d1 (yea, the first day lol) of c25k. i feel like i need some sort of laid out system that is proved to work, or else i just second guess if what i am doing is working. i also like c25k because its a progression. and i am all about being able to compare myself before/after. i am also planning on doing a mix of 30 day shred and pilates to help with toning and to fill in the days that c25k has me resting.

however, as far as food goes. i feel like i know how to eat. i just dont do it. cost is a big factor me too. it has to be affordable. it has to be something that i can feed my whole family.

anyway, i would love some suggestions on diets. i know this has to be a change in the way i live for the rest of my life. i just need to know what change to make.

11-22-2010, 04:15 PM
Hi Amber,

Good luck to you! I know getting started is the hardest part. I have started, stopped, cheated on so many diets its unreal. I think to succeed we must take complete control of our bodies and minds.
I am on my 3rd week of no flour/no sugar. Its simple and affordable. I haven't cheated once since I started and I have learned how to recognize trigger foods that increase my cravings. The basic premise is to not eat anything that contains any white flour or sugar. I am definately reading labels more and honestly I can't believe the amount of prepackaged food that contains sugar. I have retrieved lots of recipes online for this eating plan. My last shopping trip I bought red potatoes, veggies of all sorts, fruit, lean meat, veggie burgers...plain yogurt mixed with fruit. I switched my sugar substitute to truvia. The box of truvia was a little pricey but of all the things I bought I think that was the biggest splurge. You can make chili, pumpkin soup. The other night I made spaghetti squash with pasta sauce and it tasted so much like the real thing that I felt like I was doing bad the whole time. My kids ate it and loved it. Just to add, I am not the worlds best cook..but I have been able to follow recipes and I love the fact that I'm not craving sweets anymore!! So whatever plan you decide to follow I really really hope it works for you!! No flour, no sugar is working for me and I've been reading so much on nutrition lately that I will NEVER go back to eating the way I was before.