Atkins - 4 days in Las Vegas . . . on plan :-)

11-16-2010, 07:51 PM
A victory to share:

I was in Las Vegas for 4 days for professional development, and I managed to stay on plan. :carrot: Truth be told, it was pretty easy in Vegas; even the buffets are Atkins-friendly. (Well, it was tough to avoid the desserts and the Indian food, but I managed to distract myself with other tasty things.)

Still, I went prepared. I took nuts and Slim Jims with me in case a low-carb food shortage occurred :dizzy:

If you're looking for a good low-carb vacation spot, you could do worse than sin city.

(More importantly, I managed to get out of there without gambling!)

If I were still eating high-carb and low-fat, I wouldn't have fared nearly as well. I know I would have scarfed down everything in sight. But with this WOE, I didn't. That tells me that this is probably the right "plan" for me right now!

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Thanks, y'all!! :-)