Simply Filling/Core - New pages... weekly chat Nov 15-21st

11-15-2010, 04:21 AM
New pages:)

I just want to write last week off. Good weight loss after the flu, but it was a horrid week.

I'm going to catch up with the ironing this morning. I'm still not working on a full battery so will take it easy. How is everyone?

11-15-2010, 01:33 PM
Good Morning Chicks! I lost .8 at Jenny so at least I'm moving downward again. Should change my ticker but I'm close so I'm leaving it alone for now. I hope to have a good week.

JoJo, I'm glad you lost so much but not how you did it. I never iron. I don't buy cotton and if you love me, you have to love me with wrinkles! I never could get the hang of it no matter how hard my Mom tried to teach me.

beach bum
11-15-2010, 05:53 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Had a busy weekend and was able to post. Was Cleaning and trying to rearrange the the downstairs bedroom. When my friend Alice called me to take a break and meet her down at the beach take in the fresh air & breath a bit. So that's just what I did and we met another friend down there and we talked aleast for 2 hrs..Yesterday I went to Church,Brunch and than to an afternoon movie we saw Morning Glory.Got home,and was to exhausted to post.

Today and for the rest of the week I will be busy getting read y for my trip down to NY for TG week.So you know where I am,if I don't post day after day.

NANCY-I heard from a woman that I met in the movies yesterday that she had a torn meniscus and she was up and around in no time. She went to the same doctor that I going to. She say that I will be in the hospital from 10-12 and than to go home. I will be a out patient to a rehab for about 11 week and than that's it.She told me that she had to knees done.But I decided that I will bring my bedroom down stair for the remainder of me owning the house.

Yes I do have a spare room downstairs,I'm going to do exactly what you posted.Put the tote on my suitcase handle,and than I will have one pc of baggage to handle.

VICKIE-BELATED :balloons:HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BOTH OF YOU.:balloons: and many many more. It would have been our 44 this Friday.

SANDRA-Thanks I'll really looking forward to see my DD & family again, and when I talked to her on the phone she sound just as excited as I am.I was worried as I all alone up here without family and I don't want to bother my friends for every little thing,but now I feel better speaking to the woman and her surgery.

2FEELBETTER-Thanks,& welcome to our thread.I just get out of my car in S&S parking lot when I heard my knee pop.I was lucky that I could drive home and call my friend to take me to the ER as I couldn't walk. I just learned that I can't take the injections,they're only for torn cartilages.

RHONDA-It will be ok I will do just a little bit at a time.Today I managed to clean out the downstairs bathroom cabinet to bring my bathroom supplies downstairs,and I did the wash so I can decide what to pack when I go to my DD's for TG.

Have to go Dr Oz now and I don't want to miss him.

11-15-2010, 06:33 PM
Hey chickies, I weighed in today with my friend at school, and I have lost 2.5 pounds! I stayed around 20 points but did not count fruit or low starch veggies as points. I'm not moving my ticker until I can move off five pounds!

Maryann, your day with friends sounds nice. When will you leave for your visit with your dd?

Jojo, did you get that ironing done? I'm an iron as you go chick myself ;) Glad you're up and about. Hopefully you are well on your way to complete recovery.

Vickie, congrats on the loss! Good luck with the carpet tomorrow. Did you pick a new color or are you just replacing with the same thing?

Hey to the rest of you chickies! I'm off to Bible study soon. TTFN

11-15-2010, 06:33 PM
OK, today I drug my carcass back to the gym after almost 3 weeks of not being there. That is the longest I have stayed away in a year. The election and my cold really took it out of me.

I have a new trainer because Todd is back full time at school. This one's name is Don, he is 68 and lean and fit. He was impressed with my strength but he managed to wear me out! He and I will work mostly on agility, balance and core strength. I will do most of the weight lifting on my own, so this is a new approach. I'm sure I'll do well.

He also said, as have others, body fat is 80% diet. So, I'm doubling my efforts between now and the holidays. My weight is slowly creeping back to 186ish. Not OK!

11-15-2010, 06:34 PM
By the way, I like to iron!

11-15-2010, 10:56 PM
Hi there. I'm tired, feeling poorly, and don't like to iron. This about wraps me up in a nutshell.

Maryann, I'm glad you're feeling more upbeat. That makes my day. Are you going to redecorate your downstairs bedroom? Sounds like fun to me.

JoJo, this week should be better. ;) ;) ;) for a really really good one for you.

Vickie, congrats on moving the scales. And good luck on the installation tomorrow.

Sloan, congrats to you, too, on moving those scales.

Rhonda, your new trainer sounds like he's going to help you a lot.

Now I'm off here. This is day 160 sugar free. Life is good.

11-15-2010, 11:23 PM
Sorry you don't feel well, Sandra. Congrats on the continued sugar free status. That's really something.

11-15-2010, 11:29 PM
Thank you, Rhonda. I need to work on making better non-sugar choices. I may go to WW when new program comes out and get a copy. I know I need more structure. As to how I'm feeling--:listen:(I think I have a kidney infection.)

11-15-2010, 11:38 PM
Hey everyone ..

I am not sure if I had the flu or bad cold(so lets call it a virus LOL) but it wiped me out a few days.
I slept most of Sat , Sunday & today but I feel better tonight.
Tomorrow I plan to clean and then Wed I am going to cook a few dishes
ahead for our Sat feast. I actually love it when I have a whole day set aside for cleaning and by evening the house is sparkling clean. Mostly I do a bit here & a bit there and it is never clean all over.

Sloan..I don't know if you saw my post because it was late Sunday night but I am so glad your mom found the house near you & your sister. Having a place to set up & decorate will be good therapy for her. Also the diet sounds like it is going great for you.

Jojo...the only ironing I have done this year was my son's graduation gown.

Maryanne..when we move we hope to have all one story.. Even my dog has trouble with the steps.

Rhonda..I hope the new trainer is as good as Todd was. Will you see Todd
occasionally so he can see your progress?? Maybe if I got a lean & fit trainer
DH would get jealous and start exercising with me .

2feelbetter..hey...welcome !!!

Vickie..congrats!! & I agree about the "love me,love my wrinkles" I guess that goes for skin & clothes wrinkles!!!

11-16-2010, 04:09 AM
Ironing is going out of fashion here too. No matter what the weather, these youngsters put the laundry from washing machine to drier, fold then put away.

There's not that much washing now there is just the 2 of us Sloanie so it doesn't take long. I always iron upstairs in our bedroom. Seems daft to do it downstairs then cart it up. I watch the TV in our bedroom or listen to the radio and put the stuff away as I do it. Anything for other rooms, I lay out on the bed until I've finished.

Nancy Unless it is cotton and very wrinkled I never iron anything that 'shows':)

Good luck with the new trainer Tejas... photo? To me 68 is a nicely matured man;)

Sandra A kidney infection can pull you down no end. You have my sympathy. Cutting out sugar isn't a picnic either is it? Highly addictive substance when you think about it. I'm sure you'll get there

Vickie I'm sorry I missed your anniversary. Belated congratulations and all the best for the future.

Just heard that William Wales is to marry Kate Middleton. We've been keeping her for 10years so it will be nice to get some work out of her. As we, the tax payers, have to pay for it; I hope it is less lavish than his mother's. There will be a day's holiday announced and we love a party in the UK

beach bum
11-16-2010, 10:29 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Had another full day,cleaning out the downstairs bathroom cabinets,and making room for the toiletries that use & need from the upstairs.I also got rid of clutter on my end & cocktail tables so it easier to dust.

I also went on line to find a web site that had a floor plan and furniture etc where I can get an idea what things would look like when I moved certain furnishes out of the room.

I'm waiting for the bed company to call to set up a time when they're going to move the bed,than I have the movers come a day earlier and move my love-seat upstairs,so I have room for the bed downstairs.I'm also going to move my living-room end table with lamp to the new bedroom and than in its place I room for the stationery bike in the living-room. Does that make sense????

SLOAN-Congrats :carrot:on losing 2.5 lbs that wonderful. I heard from Dr Oz and to eat fruit with a meal but rather eat it on a empty stomach,reason
Eating fruit like that plays a major role in detoxifying your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss and other life activities.
I'm lucky to have such nice friends,up here. I leave for my DD's next Monday.

RHONDA-Good Luck with your new trainer,he sound like great,Keep up the good work you're doing with weights.

SANDRA-My friend keep me upbeat and I trying now to help Mary get out of depression mode.Faith is a big factor also,you should always keep the Lord by your side. Key you must keep busy,and get out doors even for a ride in the car,to keep depression at bay.Sorry you not feeling well,please take care and get enough rest & OJ is the key also.

NANCY-You might of had the flu bug as his is the season. Surprised my doctor didn't ask if I wanted the flu shot as he always does at my physical each year. My DD told me when we bought the house on the cape "what are you doing having a bedroom up stairs now that your old". Smart thinking everything on the ground floor,that what we had In NY.

JOJO-I :devil:HATE:devil: IRONING I'm the one who puts my wash in the dryer as I have a wrinkle control button. I only do touch ups.

Well I have to go,have a nice day

11-16-2010, 12:46 PM
I had a flu shot but this seems so much more than a cold.
Started Friday and still my head feels like it is in a barrel.
That is 5 days.. Can you get the flu after a flu shot.
I probably would have gotten tamaflu on day 1 if I had not had a
flu shot.

11-16-2010, 02:41 PM
Wow - congrats to all the losers! My scale is moving - but in the WRONG direction - too much 'salty' popcorn and treats - bad froufie!:mad: I seem to be stuck where I was last week - no loss for me!

Vickie - I'm with you - I don't iron and try not to buy anything that needs ironing (and if it does I am quick with the dryer removal and hanging of any such difficult garments!). Actually get dh to iron stuff for me if absolutely necessary!

Nancy - sorry you are not feeling well! Hope you feel better soon!:hug:

Rhonda - good luck with the new trainer! (and guess who did a front plank for 60 WHOLE SECONDS LAST NIGHT AT STRENGTH TRAINING CLASS!:carrot:)

...and I want to go to the beach for fresh air like Maryann does!!!!:dizzy: (at least we are getting some decent weather still....supposed to rain for the next few days and I am getting my winter tires on my van next week if that tells you anything!:p)

11-16-2010, 03:39 PM
Hi there, Chickies. I'm feeling much better so I'm hoping the worst is over. I used a Monastat so maybe what I had was not a kidney infection afterall and was something simpler.

We're taking the grands out for dinner tonight then we'll head home to see "Biggest Loser." That's our weighloss intraining show. :lol:

Maryann, have fun redecorating. And walks on the beach do sound wonderful.

Frouf, I bought several packs of Mini Rice Cakes today. I really like those for snacking.

Nancy, I hope you're over the rough part.

JoJo, I got the ironing board out the other day and Curtis asked me what it was. I almost threw the shirt at him.

11-16-2010, 06:53 PM
Nancy, my "cold" lasted about 8 days. I still have a very stuffy nose. The flu vaccine is made with "killed" flu virus, so you cannot get the flu from the vaccine. Some people do feel bad after the shot, but docs say that if you get the flu after a shot it is because you had already been exposed and were about to get sick anyway. I hope you feel better soon.

Sandra, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Froufie, sorry about your gain. Salty foods cause me problems, too.

Maryann, sounds like you've got a plan! Hope all goes smoothly for you.

Rhonda, does your new trainer know you used to go for younger men? ;)

Jojo, what do you mean by "keeping her" when you wrote about Kate? When will the wedding take place?

Vickie, how does the carpet look?

GTG get a snack. TTFN

11-16-2010, 11:26 PM
Sloan, thank you for the explanation on flu shots and flu. I was wondering if shots could make you sick.

11-17-2010, 03:12 AM
Good morning everyone.

I'm feeling more with it and certainly more focussed on the diet this week. Looking for a 2lb loss on Saturday.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, early fog cleared away by lunchtime to leave clear blue skies. It was lovely walking the dog.

I went to see my mum... she was well away. Accused me of telling lies about her and arranging for an old man to come into her room and wet her bed!

Today we are having a lazy day. Just doing the usual things. Nothing too strenuous planned.

All TV channels, radio and papers are full of this forthcoming royal wedding.

Have a good day everyone

11-17-2010, 09:48 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Sorry for my absence. I have yet another busy day today but Thursday should be better.

The carpeting is in and it is beautiful. It is just SOOOOO much darker than I usually install. It makes the room feel warm and inviting and cozy which is good in a Family Room. My eye will get used to it soon. The installation was uneventful and the installer was talented and charming. How often does that happen. Thank you universe for sending him to me!

Off to the dentist!

beach bum
11-17-2010, 10:45 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

We're having a heavy cloudy/rainy day,it feels like its evening instead of Wed Morn..
Went to Walmart yesterday and I bought two sets of sweats for my recoup of the surgery.I also found a neat tote bag that would fit my purpose for traveling. Its really used as a PC holder,but the two sections one for my hand bag items and the other for my lunch & snacks for the trip. It has all sorts of pockets on the side for cell phone, water bottle etc.

Haven't heard from my bed company yet, I must call them and get that date set up,so I can start working on getting my love-seat moved. So many things to do with such a small period of time to get it done,now that I will be gone for a week for TG and than 2 weeks for the Christmas/New Years. Got my doctor pack yesterday and they have me set for pre-ops 1/5 and I come home 1/4.Now my reg doc called and told me that I can have my blood test and x rays on 12/20 2 days before I go down to NY again.

FROUFY-I love walking along the beach but i have walked over a month. and I miss doing that. When I went to the beach I sat on a bench talking with my friends.

SANDRA-Its getting overwhelming now.I haven't heard from any of them and I getting anguish,as I leave this Monday for NY and won't return until a week later.

SLOAN-Thanks ,but it doesn't look like my plan is working.No one is returning my calls.

JOJO-Crossing my fingers:crossed: that you lose the 2 lbs by Saturday.Hope you have a restful day.

VICKIE-WOW your carpeting does sound beautiful,what colors did you choose????? I had my carpets steamed cleaned a year ago and they looked like brand new carpets so I'm going to keep them.

Have to go, have a great day

11-17-2010, 01:04 PM
Morning chickies - well almost afternoon? (time for lunch?:D).

Feeling crappy these days - not sure why (probably because of 'uninvited hormonal fluctuations) - yes call dr re unexpected period - tried to move my dec appt up - ya got an appt a week earlier? Well that's not going to help. Asked to have dr call me tomorrow (when she is in) to discuss (need to need if I should stop prescription? continue? new prescription?) I think this is stressing me out a bit?

Ate too much while watching Biggest Loser :^:....and dared not get on the scale this morning. Have weight training tonight - there is also a 'scheduled' talk on 'bladder health' which I may go to depending on how I am feeling (exercise from 5 - 6:15 - talk from 7 - 9 pm - across town!). No bladder issues yet but from what I am hearing it is not uncommon.

Sandra - glad you are feeling better. Love the 'buttered popcorn' rice cakes - pretend I'm eating the real thing!;)

Maryann - beach walking is a favorite of mine - alas no 'beach' anywhere near me - counting the days til february when I shall be digging my toes in the sand and walking along some gorgeous carribean beaches!

Vickie - great news on the carpet - I usually hear all sorts of horror stories about those carpet are very lucky! Have fun at the dentist (is that even possible? :D)

Jojo - we here in Canada are also VERY interested in the royal wedding and this has been all over the news media as well. I love that Diana's ring is being passed on (I thought it looked familiar!).

So Sloan - what was your snack? Inquiring minds want to know! :D:D

Off to eat - I am so hungry today (this is not a good thing). Have tuna/egg salad and veggies in the fridge at work but that is not appealing to me - might have to go downstairs and check out Subway or ???

11-17-2010, 06:10 PM

Sloan, yes the new trainer knows my penchant for younger men ;) He laughed today when I showed up saying "you came back?!" My quads are screaming :yikes: since Monday. Today we did a lot of core work, so by tonight I'll be hurting all over.

Frouf, congrats on the plank. It's a good one to do, as I know you know. I did some today, and one like this: lie on your side more or less, one leg out, one leg drawn up at the knee, foot on the floor. The arm on the same side as the drawn up leg goes up and forward, clutching a weight (8 pounds in my case). Then you move your body up and forward to a sitting position, keeping your hand with the weight in front of you. Do that 10 times on each side. Killer.

So, my diet has been OK, not great. But, nothing to be upset about.

Jojo, I watched part of the interview on CNN. I wish them good luck. When I was in the second grade, living in small town Texas, our teacher took us to her house to watch Queen Elizabeth's coronation. Imagine that, a bunch of Texas kids.

I am now going to take a nap. I also tap danced for about two hours today. Tired!

11-17-2010, 07:59 PM
Rhonda, I saw the coronation at Doyle and my grandmother's house. I remember it well. Thank you for the memories.

Frouf, I've been hungry today, too. What's with us?

Vickie, I'm glad all went well and you're walking on clouds. We need new carpet but are putting it off.

JoJo, I'm happy for you being back on track. I'm looking forward to reading about your weightloss Saturday.

"Survivor" tonight. Life is good.

11-17-2010, 09:42 PM
Ate too much - as usual :(

Now I have to go make some lo cal recipe thing for my TOPS meeting tomorrow night (like I really want to be in the kitchen right now!). Need to find calorie/nutritional info as well (I was just looking thru my core recipes and found that chocolate banana muffin recipe which looks okay and real deal is I think I have all the ingredients - ha ha ha). Now to figure out calories and stuff, wish me luck!

And Rhonda - that does sound like a killer move! Will have to try it out (and proud to add another 1 minute plank to my accomplishments! along w/2 sets of 8 - men's pushups!) OUCH!

P.S To heck with making muffins - found something I always wanted to try - roasted chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) - found recipe and nutritional info on - in the oven now - with lots of seasonings -hmmm maybe I have discovered a new great snack?

11-17-2010, 10:23 PM
Frouf, let us know how you like the snack.

11-17-2010, 11:56 PM
Froufy, oh yes, those military style pushups are rough. I can do 45 modified pushups and only 10 "real" ones. Next, try putting your feet up on a platform. Yowza!

Roasted chick peas are great...also toasted soy beans..yummy.

11-18-2010, 03:52 AM
Good morning all!

We had a 'good for you' low fat pasta bake last evening, and very nice it was too, but I've been up all night with indigestion.

Yesterday afternoon, we went for a drive through one of the forests near us. It is a huge one, with small towns and villages in it. Also, some old lead and silver mines. Henry VIIth used to hunt there regularly and some of the dear and boar must be descendants from his time. The leaves were breathtaking, the colours were so beautiful. We stopped a little tea room for tea and scones NO CREAM for me.

It was a lovely, unexpected treat.

Any news on Nancy's virus? She has my sympathy. I rarely get ill, but it flattened me.

How's Beachbum's knee?

Have a good day everyone. Our TV adverts are all for Christmas. It's getting on my tripe, is it the same with you?

11-18-2010, 10:15 AM
Hey guys..

I am 90 % well..

DH helped me clean yesterday ..

My DD came in from Ca last night and my youngest son will be here
tonight and then the other son tomorrow. I've done most of my grocery shopping already and I am going to make a few dishes ahead tomorrow for our early Thanksgiving meal on Saturday.

The turkey I got was 14 pounds and frozen. Do you think it will thaw in time to
roast on Sat ??? I have always bought fresh before , but this one was .39 per pound so I got it.

beach bum
11-18-2010, 10:41 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

The sun is shinning this morning,and it looks like a nice day for Card playing this afternoon. Going to the market to pick up fruit bowls and diet orange dry soda that the gang loves. Its my DGS birthday today he's 7 year old and I can't believe where the time goes.Tomorrow is going to be my SIL birthday,and our anniversary of 44 years. Its going to be a happy/sad mix this weekend for me.

Well I'm going to get my bags packed on Saturday and than buy Breakfast & Lunch for the trip down to NY. Really getting excited now,as the trip in now a reality. Have to concentrate and be alert this time around,now that I taking a new route. Still not sure about the way I have to pick up my tickets. They call it the Quick-Trak[print this confirmation page,scan the bar cod under the scanner below the keypad,touch the print tickets button] Hope that there a clerk around if I get nervous and I hit the wrong thing.

Froufy-We always lived by the water and beaches and when we moved up here that was the one hing we looked forward to is to be walking along the beach.

JOJO-My knee is fine I guess resting & cold compresses are working,along with the brace that I used continuously. Still going to have my surgery in Jan and pre-ops in Dec.

I have to go and get ready for my canasta card party this afternoon

11-18-2010, 09:52 PM
Hi, all. I had a grand time today subbing then rehearsing for the Christmas play. The kids are super!!

JoJo, your woods' visit sounds like such fun. Curtis and I used to take walks/hikes in the woods in Montana. I love being out with nature.

Rhonda, it makes me wince just thinking of push ups.

Nancy, I don't have a clue about thawing turkeys. Did you google your queston? That's how I usually find out info.

I had an NSV this AM. A fellow teacher I hadn't seen in a long time asked me if I hadn't lost a lot of weight. Life is good!!

11-18-2010, 10:29 PM
Real 'pushups' pretty challenging - I do them instead of the chest press as it is more weight to life my whole body than two fifteen pound weights! (well duh :D) I think on a platform would be super hard - the instructor was doing them with feet up on the stability ball!

The snack was a success! Altho I think I left them in the oven too long - some were a bit 'overdone'? But very yummy and crunchy and you can make them as spicy or as mild as you like!

I can drained garbanzo beans
1 tbsp olive oil
various spices - I used garlic powder, basil, italian seasoning, veggie seasoning, dash of lea and perrins, black pepper and cayenne. Put beans in bowl, add oil, spices and mix.

Layer on baking sheet - put in 450 degree oven for around 20 mins. Recipe says to then turn off the oven and leave them in there until all heat is gone? But I would take them out after 10-15 mins so they don't dry out too much? Low fat, high fibre/protein and probably healthy to munch on?

11-19-2010, 12:10 AM
I first wrote "Canned chick peas (garbanzo beans)???" but now I've read the recipe more carefully....thanks for the details...I'll make some today.

11-19-2010, 04:19 AM
Everybody sounds to be doing OK and those of us who have been poorly seem to be on the mend.
I'm so glad Maryann's knee is better. January will soon be here for the surgery.
We have a large 'chicken factory' in our city, well on the outskirts actually. It supplies chicken and chicken products for the whole of Britain. They have a huge retail shop in the factory grounds, I've never visited it but yesterday, Mark and I were driving past and, on a whim, went in. Blimey!!! It was so cheap, even selling pork. I got 5 chickens for 5. A whole loin of pork for 18... Mark has cut it up into 6 Sunday joints. 3lbs of pork sausages for 3, a large gammon (I have cooked it and sliced it up into small packages) for 8. Now the problem was, that my venison (deer meat) was recently delivered so there wasn't much room in the freezer. Thank the Lord for neighbours:) My meat is spread out along and across the road!

Latest news on the royal wedding. Mind you, all this is yet to be confirmed.
It will probably be in Westminster Abbey and, in view of the recession, the whole of the event will be somewhat scaled down. Charles will pay for the actual ceremony and the tax payer will pick up the bill for everything else, including the bill for security which alone will be 20 million. We will get a day’s holiday which is always nice. London pubs stay open all day and there is a carnival atmosphere. Tourists from all over the world pour into London.

11-19-2010, 08:11 AM
Jojo, I was in London and Copenhagen when Diana and Charles married. I saw the ceremony from the World Health Organization headquarters in Copenhagen where I was visiting for work purposes. London was amazing at that time. I'm sure you'll all have a wonderful holiday.

I enjoyed your description of the autumn leaves. Our leaves are turning and falling everywhere. My house is surrounded by post oaks and every day I have to rake them. But, the weather is nice and I don't mind the task.

Today brings tap dancing and the gym, followed by some volunteer work and a party with the politicos in the county. Sounds like an enjoyable day to me.

11-19-2010, 05:32 PM
JoJo, that's a lot of meat. Sounds like you're set to do Atkins or something. (Just kidding!) Thank you for keeping us updated on the big event. I'm sure it will be spectacular. Will you and Mark do some celebrating? I wanted to tell you the play I'm in is double cast. There are 2 of us "old granny characters." The part calls for a British accent (which my Texas twang limits for me). The other lady playing Granny is from England and has a beautiful accent. I love listening to her--and I'm really glad we're not vying for the part and will both get to perform on different nights.

Rhonda, enjoy your day. So far, the wind is carrying our leaves to someone else's property.

Frouf, thank you for the recipe. I may try it soon.

Got to go. We're watching some archery on "Mythbusters."

11-20-2010, 04:07 AM
I know Sandra. Enough to feed a small army:( I just can't get out of the habit of being a family of 4 plus a dog the size of a small donkey, to being just the 2 of us plus dog.
From making a loaf of bread a day, we have gone to just making a small one and having to freeze half of that. It will take some getting used to.
Yesterday was a foggy day here. I love them... but most people think I'm a bit strange:^: We didn't do our usual walk along the riverside with our dog because labradors aren't that bright and Dolly is, to put it mildly, thick. She would have fallen in for sure. We are lucky where we live on the edge of the city. Five minutes and we are in the countryside. We walked across meadows and country lanes, in a big circle.
Is it me getting old, or do the weeks go by quicker these days? Here we are Saturday morning again.

beach bum
11-20-2010, 11:11 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Had a busy day trying to get ready for my trip down to NY.Now I just have to buy last minute items.Can't believe the holidays are among us,where did this year fly to.

My DS called yesterday and very depressed as he can't find a job in the field he choose fixing computers. There people out there with college education that have & still waiting for 2 years.Have no idea what he wants to do,as living in NY is VERY VERY expensive and if you don't have employment it hard to live there. He's never going to leave NY,my DS is planning for me to move back again and I DON'T want to. I have a wonderful life up here in the Cape with lots of friends and my memories of Leo are up here not in NY.

I Just wanted to let you know I'm still around,but not for soon as I leaving on Monday,and just in case I'm MIA I want to say have a wonderful TG :turkey:and don't over eat and for the others same apply.

Have a great day

11-20-2010, 06:55 PM
JoJo, you're right--time is flying for sure. My mother used to tell me the older you get the faster time goes by. Seems she was right.

Maryann, have fun on your trip.:thanks1: to you, too!

We shot a tournament today. I did all right. From what I've seen on the schedule, we won't be competing again till 2011. :cry: But that'll give us time to practice at home. :smug:

I checked my food journal. Today is Day 165 sugar-free.;)

11-20-2010, 09:40 PM
Hey chickies! I've had a busy day with Bible study leadership meeting, cleaning, shopping, and having early Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's church. I've been faithful to counting points for almost two weeks, except for today. Tomorrow I'm back at it. I really, really, really don't want to gain over the holidays.

Maryann, sorry about your son. It's got to be scary to be in his position. Hopefully something will come up soon.

:happ3: to you! Have a great visit with your family.

Sandra, maybe since you've become a "star" and will be busy with your play, you won't miss shooting those arrows too much. Just think archery can be your hobby while you are waiting for your agent to set up your next starring role!

Jojo, your town sounds so lovely. When I looked at the pics on line, it looked like a movie set! I smiled when I read about your frozen meat being spread around your neighborhood. I can identify with your liking a foggy day, 'cause I love a rainy day every now and then. It just seems cozy to me :)

Froufy, I just remembered that you asked me about my snack the other day. I think it was a piece of peanut butter toast. One of my personal faves. What's your fave?

Hope the rest of you chickies are having a great night! TTFN

11-20-2010, 10:08 PM
mmmm, toast and peanut butter...yummy!

Have fun Maryann!

11-20-2010, 10:09 PM
Sloan,:lol::lol::lol::rolleyes::rolleyes::high: You are so funny. Maybe I could play "Aunt Bea" some day.

Sounds like you've had a busy/fun day. You'll get back op tomorrow. I know you will.

11-20-2010, 10:14 PM
Toast and pb sounds good.

11-21-2010, 01:34 AM
I just lost a very long post telling all about my wonderful weekend with all 4 kids in town . We did our Thanksgiving tonight while everyone was in town.
It was an amazing day and the food turned out wonderful.
I'll redo my post soon. We are going to visit grandparents for the next few days
so I'll post when I can.

11-21-2010, 05:13 AM
Awwww Nancy, don't you just hate it when that happens? Have a lovely visit with your grandparents
Sandra I echo what Sloanie said. Now don't forget us peasants when you move to Hollywood will you.
I'm so sorry to hear about your son's problems Maryann It's the same here, and getting worse. People just can't get jobs. Financial help for them has been cut to the bone and yet all the prices in the shops are rising.

I've lost another 3lbs this week!!! All that walking was worth it.

11-21-2010, 11:06 AM
Nancy, that's a bummer, but I'm glad you're having a great time with family.

JoJo, I'll give you an autograph for free any time. I just peeked at your chart. You're very close to your Christmas goal. :woohoo:

We're up and ready for church and stuff. I'm concentrating on making healthier eating choices. So far so good. I had fruit for bfast.

Hope you're all having a great day.

11-21-2010, 12:53 PM
Good Morning Chicks! Glad to see that you are well (or at least on the mend) and fighting the good fight. So am I, but this time of year is just so busy. The house is finally set back to rights from the carpet installation and today is to be an easy day of Christmas shopping. I've decided what to get for everyone and now must figure out where and when I will make the purchases. I intend to do as much on Amazon as possible.

I hope to have a loss tomorrow but don't think it will get me back to my lowest. I'll do the best I can. I think there is a walk in Brodie's future today.

11-21-2010, 04:38 PM
For the past two days I have wanted to eat sweets, sweets, sweets. I'm hoping it's just the change in the weather driving some primitive appetite center to store up fat and carbohydrates. I went to the grocery store and made myself buy lean meat and salad materials.

Speaking of primitive brain centers, I think I'll take a nap :yawn:

11-21-2010, 04:48 PM
Rhonda, you're a hoot! I think you're right, though. I think our bods look for ways to pack on protective layers of fat for winter warmth. (That's my excuse, anyway.) Enjoy your nap.

Vickie, I am planning to do some shopping on Amazon, too. Reminds me. I need to go call our grands in KY for ideas.

I'm back op today and am feeling much empowered. This is also Day 166 sugar-free. And today is calorie-lowered, too. :lol:

11-21-2010, 05:15 PM
It will pass, Rhonda. You were wise to not succumb.

Sandra, I couldn't be more proud of you if I tried!

I've made lists of what I still need to buy. I'm pretty close to being finished. Now I have to write my Christmas cards but I'm not in the mood. I need to make some homemade applesauce first.

11-21-2010, 11:14 PM
Thank you, Vickie. I am going back to WW (along with going to OA) when new program comes out. I need more structure to what I'm doing and WW should provide that. I'm very curious about new program and am hoping it'll be good for me.

Some friends and I are going Christmas shopping tomorrow. I also did some on Amazon tonight. I'm hoping to be close to finished by tomorrow evening. I already have 2 of the grands' gifts. Life is good.

11-22-2010, 04:07 AM
new pages ready