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11-14-2010, 01:49 PM
I was just over on caloriesperhour and with my weight+time I burned a little over 600 calories jogging in place!

That makes me so happy! I used to like jump rope but the coordination and effect on my ankles and knees was too much for me. Plus, I can't really do it anywhere but the creepy, spider infested basement/garage which also is about to be too packed for me since winter is coming and my car needs to go in the garage.

I was really upset and decided to just jump around in my room, which turned to jogging in place. I keep a good steady jog, keep my knees up and don't stop. The effects FEEL the same as when I jump rope. I get sore in all the same places AND more actually. O_o Plus, I stay motivated because I just watch something that makes me happy or amped, like a cartoon or The Ultimate Fighter (mmm hot guys, working out hard...good motivation for me), or those reality TV challenges where they have a lot of physical work.

I think this is pretty good! I know as I get smaller I won't burn as much, but does this sound like something I should keep up with? I pair it with some strength training (mostly upper body) and when I'm really into it I punch around or twist my core. I love this because my knees haven't hurt once and if my ankles start to ache I just go flat foot and make sure to go faster and get my knees higher.

Keep it up?

11-14-2010, 08:13 PM
If it is working for you then keep it up! Jump rope is one of the best exercises out there, because it burns so many calories. I use to do a lot of jump rope when I was boxing. :)

11-15-2010, 01:14 PM
Sure, why not? It's good movement. You might change it up a bit over time though. I remember when I first started out I was running around my ping pong table in the basement. It's what got me started with running. Last winter I decided to take it outside into the snow. :D I had so much fun! We live on a slight hill and I walked and ran up and down that hill in a foot of snow. What a fantastic workout!

I'm also partial to running up and down stairs. It's great cardio and it works the legs.