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11-13-2010, 11:53 AM
My family went out to Denny's for breakfast. I was up before all of them (I always am), but still in boxers and a teeshirt. When I heard that, I got ready as fast as I could, then changed my mind. So here I am at home while my family enjoys Denny's.

I DON'T do this often. When my family goes out to eat, normally I go with them, and order the least-horrible thing I can find and eat half. But I just didn't think I NEEDED Denny's today. So instead, I stayed home and ate 1 1/2 mini vanilla pancakes that have been in the fridge since a few days ago. I'm saving the rest for tomorrow. I still want them, but I want to prove to myself that I can leave food on my plate if I so choose.

But now I'm just sort of stuck. I'm just feeling sort of sad I guess. I would have felt worse if I'd have gone to Denny's and scarfed down 3-4 pancakes with butter and syrup, with eggs and toast, because I know I would have. Then I made this Campbells soup, and quite honestly it's gross. I'm not a very picky eater but it just tastes revolting, so I'm trying to get together a decent lunch and make myself feel better. And it's 11:55. Normally I'm done exercising around this time, today I haven't even started.

Why am I so upset over not going to Dennys? I don't get it. I'm not even really CRAVING it as I sit here and type, either, but I do feel sad, like I lost something.

EDIT: Also, there's a 4oz bag of skittles sitting on my moms desk that I asked her to hide from me for a while, and nobody is home. And it's sitting. In. Plain. Sight. I don't want it now, but that could change any second.

11-13-2010, 11:59 AM
I used (sometimes still do) feel that way, before I was convinced that this weight loss thing was the right thing for me.

I was sad that I couldn't go and eat "normally." I was upset that I would have to completely change the way that I ate and that I would never EVER eat the things that I loved so much.

I resented everyone around me that was eating "normally."

I came to the realization that "normal" doesn't really exist. I looked at my thin family and thin friends and realized that they "splurge" when they go to a place like Denny's. The previous days, they've eaten healthy and exercised and that's why they can do that.

I wasn't doing any of that, I didn't want to change my eating patterns but I wanted to be thin.

It wasn't working.

I hope you start to feel better. You're going to have to find your way through this on your own. You'll eat healthy, find ways to make delicious food that helps you lose weight, and you'll look back at a situation like this and possibly ask yourself why you would even go to Denny's because it's not that great food anyway. You'll make healthier and more delicious pancakes at home, better eggs, and more delicious toast.


11-13-2010, 12:23 PM
Thank you <3 I think I found a way around this. So I had my little mini vanilla pancake and a half... then I had a hebrew national hotdog and a honey bun. Not the best thing in the world, but the honey bun really helped curb my cravings. And it was only 270 calories (for dog+bun). I feel a little better now.

And I know, I don't even remember the last time I ate at Denny's honestly. I just reallllly like pancakes and waffles. They're sort of my weak spot. But I don't NEED them all the time, or even that often. I think later in a couple hours I'll have a salad then see about something really healthy for dinner. I'm not too concerned about all the bread today, I don't eat it as much as I used to.

11-13-2010, 05:34 PM
Maybe it's not about the food? Maybe you feel like the temptation of food is isolating you from regular activities and your family.
You have choices there... egg white omelettes with lots of veggies, fruit cup, turkey bacon. The "least horrible" thing at Denny's can actually be a pretty good thing, so it's not the food. Especially when you can ask for a bite of pancakes from someone to satisfy the need.

11-13-2010, 05:50 PM
I reaaaaaalllllllly luuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvv pancakes with butter and syrup myself. BUT I know if I am going to succeed, I just can't have them.
I hope this has passed for you :) Why not give the skittles to someone? Then they won't just be sitting there calling your name. Get rid of them. When I go shopping, I don't even go down the no no aisles. You know the ones with the sodas, chips, candies, ect. Don't torture/tempt yourself by having that junk in front of you.
Best wishes.


11-13-2010, 06:02 PM
Maybe you are bummed because your family is out having fun and you aren't, rather than anything about the food.

Denny's has their nutritional info posted, how about pre-choosing a meal that fits your calorie budget?

11-13-2010, 06:07 PM
I would have went, Dennys has lot of great options and when I used to go there they had a low carb menu. I haven't been to a restaurant in a while since we are trying to save money but my new way of eating has to fit into my daily life. My plan is high protein, moderate carbs, low fat, I consider this pretty easy because I was never one of those people who liked pasta, bread, rice, etc. I do eat carbs though but I can stick to the meats and vegs when I go out while still being mindful of cals.

I definitely understand why it can be hard especially if you feel like you will go there and blow your whole diet or what not. After months of IE I look at food differently now, unfortunately I don't have any advice but I think you did the right thing because you know yourself way better than anyone else and if you would have went and ate those pancakes and syrup like you were craving then I think you would feel way worse then you do now. So good for you for sticking to your guns

11-13-2010, 06:31 PM
Maybe next time your family goes out to eat, you could suggest another place to go? Like others have said, I'm sure part of the reason you're feeling down is because you've excluded yourself, and you really don't have to. I've been able to eat on plan at Denny's before, so you can totally go if you think you can eat there and not feel the urge to eat those pancakes. And it's easier to find the healthy stuff if you look at the menu and nutritional information before hand, plus that makes ordering easier as well. Egg whites, fruit, veggies, whole grain toast, there's lots of things you can eat without going off plan. :)

11-13-2010, 06:33 PM
Maybe it's not about the food? Maybe you feel like the temptation of food is isolating you from regular activities and your family.
You have choices there... egg white omelettes with lots of veggies, fruit cup, turkey bacon. The "least horrible" thing at Denny's can actually be a pretty good thing, so it's not the food. Especially when you can ask for a bite of pancakes from someone to satisfy the need.

I completely agree with this. I would have been sad to not be with my family too. Oh wait...no, actually I'd have been thrilled with the solitude, but that's a different story! :rofl: I so rarely get time to myself. BUT, I really like the idea of choosing the healthiest thing on the menu while sharing a nibble of something scrumptious with a family member. My husband and I sometimes order something healthy and something more of a treat and split them both.

11-13-2010, 06:52 PM
I know this isn't much help right now but the next time the family loads up for Denny's I'd say go. Denny's has some really good healthier options that make it quite easy to stay on plan.

I had brunch at Denny's today and I was able to stay on plan quite easily. I built my own breakfast with wheat pancakes, fresh fruit, turkey bacon and egg whites. I couldn't finish the entire thing (those wheat pancakes are filling) so my calorie count was about 330 for the meal and I was stuffed!

11-14-2010, 09:08 AM
First of all, I'm proud of you for staying home and sticking to your plan. Thin always tastes better in the end.

As for feeling sorry for yourself, it's taken me quite some time but I've finally come up with treats for myself that do not have anything to do with food. Those treats are the best thing I've found for taking the blues away. I had to really figure out what mattered to me, but now that easily takes away the pain of missing out.

Hang in there!