Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc - What will you do when you've lost the weight? (meal delivery plans)

11-10-2010, 10:59 PM
Hi everyone :)

I'm in love with my program since it helps me with so many of my food issues, but I'm thinking long-term now since I know I'll eventually be going it alone.

So I was wondering what your plans are post-delivery? What have you discovered about yourself and food from your program?

One realisation I had was that I hate cooking. Hate it. Who knew? I think part of my problem before was not enjoying cooking so making terrible choices, or not enjoying the food I do cook, so eating too much later.

For some reason I thought I really loved food in general, and anything to do with it (cooking) which is why I got fat, but I'm really thinking the one of my problems is that I'm a picky eater and lazy cook afterall. Huh.

I plan to go on the maintenance program for a while (1,800 cal), and start replacing meals and snacks gradually with my own. I will probably have to actively calorie count long-term since prior experience winging it did not yield pleasing results, lol.

I'll miss my program!

11-11-2010, 08:31 AM
I'm like you...I HATE cooking AND I'm totally LAZY about cooking! I got fat eating FAST FOOD...not that I love it so much, but its quick and easy, so when I'm hungry...I'M HUNGRY and need to eat IMMEDIATELY!!

That's why I know I need to change the following:

1. Prepare my meals in advance (imperative for success)
2. Count calories (no winging it here...also failed in the past trying to!)
3. Continue to weigh myself once per week
4. Eliminate all WHITE foods (white potatoes, white rice, etc.) and replace with more vitamin packed starchy foods like sweet potato, peas, carrots, etc.
5. Exercise (running) at least 3 days/week, but preferably 5-6 days/week

One thing I've learned while on Bistro MD meal plan is that they give you plenty of that will become a stape to my diet (on my own). You normally get a starchy veggie and a leafy veggie with about a 3 oz serving of chicken, turkey or fish. Fats are limited to healthy omega 3 or monounsaturated. SALT (now this is a biggie) limited to approx 1500 mgs/day. From now on, I will never use seasonings that have salt in them. I will stick with things like Ms. Dash (unsalted) and separately add my own sea salt (measuring it, of course). I used to be FREE WILLY about using salt.

Well..this is what I can think of now....perhaps I'll add to this I'm about to venture out ON MY OWN very shortly.

Much success everyone!:hug:

11-13-2010, 10:21 PM
Hi joyfulloser! Good luck going it alone :) Not that we need it, more like commitment, right?

Yes, cooking... I just find it so mundane. The planning, shopping, prepping, cleaning... Nothing I make tastes any good so it would inevitably be improved by frying and salting. Wow, do I sound lazy.

Sounds like we have similiar plans! Lite n Easy gives you a lot of fruit and a lot of variety within each meal. You have a breakfast with lots of fibre, snack of fruit, small lunch with a piece of fruit, a bigger hot dinner, and two other small snacky things like muesli bars, small muffins etc. I plan to keep that as a rough outline of my day.

I'm going to introduce an exercise baseline too, like you. :) I'm not fanatical about it now, mainly walking and incidental stuff. For some reason I'm really excited about having a fitness routine in maintenance!

I love the info in the maintenance forum, there is amazing advice there! I don't feel so freaked out after reading the Thin For Life threads!