South Beach Diet - Help!!!! i am sick and have no energy to keep on plan

11-10-2010, 10:15 PM
Well unfortunate for me i have been sick sense saturday you name it i got it lol! I haven't extercise sense friday and i feel like all my hard work is going out the window :( I have stayed on plan and i have been drinking water like crazy..helps with my throat to make matters worst is that time of the month. I am not very lucky because i know when people get sick they don't want to eat well I do. I feel as if i am back to the way i was before like i gained all my weigh back. I need ideas for food that is healthy and easy to make when your sick. I feel like i wont be able to extercise again i am so tiyerd and body aches all over. Please help I am close to my goal..thanks any ideas would be very appreciated...

11-10-2010, 11:02 PM
Relax! Get over being sick, and pick up when you feel better. :hug:

A couple of days off plan does not make us fat, a lifetime does. Take care of yourself! :hug:

11-10-2010, 11:46 PM
Hot tea or chicken broth always makes me feel better when I'm sick with a sore throat, sinus stuff. By all means, don't worry about exercise right now. Your body needs to concentrate on getting well. If I'm not sleeping well, my appetite goes bonkers, so maybe try taking something at night to help you rest better. If you don't feel like cooking, is there someone who can help with the food prep or get you something on plan? I love Progresso Lentil Soup. There are a few tomato soups out there that are SB compatible. I also keep some Amy's Low Fat Black Bean Chili on hand for when I can't or won't be able to make something from scratch. Don't know if this helps but hoping you're feeling better soon!

11-11-2010, 07:15 AM
Spicy thai soups (like tom yum) without noodles are good, or you could look into making a spicy asian broth of your own without noodles. Hot and Sour soup from the Chinese restaurant is also good! Spicy stuff always makes me feel better when I'm sick. You could have a hot toddy too!! (with agave, not sugar). Don't worry about the exercise, you'll get back on the saddle, but if you do belong to a gym with a steam room, that might feel really good to sweat it all out and clear your head. Feel better.

11-11-2010, 05:32 PM
I like to make a no chicken no noodle soup :)
I use veggie broth(you could use chicken)
all diced up- you can sautee first if you like or just dump all in a pot and boil.

I second the progresso lentil soup. I always have a few cans of that in my closet.