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11-08-2010, 10:05 AM
Week 2

I hope everyone is doing well. I have to take Tommy to the doctor today so no work. He now has blister type things on the back of his throat. poor guy.

W 80 oz
E no workouts at the gym, maybe some home stuff.
E 1400 cals
D Tommy~Doctor~Home~

11-08-2010, 12:33 PM
Hi all,
I'm Peg and I used to be a somewhat regular on the boards when I was much closer to maintenance than I am today. I've really slid in the last 12-18 months and haven't really had much structure to what I've been doing exercise or food wise. I'd like to try and get back. I put a dress on I bought a year ago and it was NOT comfortable all night Saturday at the opera and it makes me sad. I know I can do this, I just get to where I eventually rebel against all the structure and I do that all over my life. I just have to buckle back down. This challenge thread lines up well with my baby steps ideals. :)

This week is a good time to try and get things rolling as I'm off all but 2 days from my full time job. Anyone else in full-tilt Christmas mode yet? That's the goal this week, whittle down this gift list!

So here we go for week 2:

W: 64 oz at least (not a major area of struggle for me but I haven't been tracking)
E: Do something, anything. I'm going to shoot for at least one time around the ponds near my house today since it supposed to be the last nice day for a while.
E: Make one good, better, best choice. I'm eating out 2 times today (lunch with Dad and potluck at church) so won't have trouble finding opportunity.
D: I had some luck with affirmations before so I'm going for it! I develop and maintain healthy habits quickly and easily.

Love this challenge thread and thanks for hosting it!


11-08-2010, 12:34 PM
Off-plan weekend for me. Everything healthy, but wayyyy too much. So much for portion control.

W 64 oz
E Maybe a quick one or some wii depending on the evening schedule.
E Home-cooked dinner.
D I will plan for the week and start French homework tonight.

11-08-2010, 04:17 PM
Hey ladies - I don't weigh in until tomorrow but just checking in. Doing well and still hanging in there!

Jeni - Hope Tommy feel better soon!

Peggy - welcome! Just started my Christmas shopping today in fact!

Kukkie - glad you had a good weekend :)

11-08-2010, 10:39 PM
Worked out at the gym with Kelly and her hubbie on Sat. Sore upper body ever since. Working out there with Kelly tomorrow. This should be interesting. I am waiting for my boss to join with me. I am really banking on the hope that this will be what I need to lose some more weight.

11-08-2010, 11:16 PM
Hi everyone! Just a quick check-in...
W - 8 X 8 oz - need to force it, but it's happening
E - not much movement happening; skin is breaking from rads treatments, so trying to avoid clothing friction. Ugh.
E - ate badly early today, but hubby helped me fix that all up!
D - decluttering

11-08-2010, 11:18 PM
Hey guys! I'm here, popping up randomly as always. Goal for Thanksgiving is 265, -7.2


11-08-2010, 11:56 PM
Hi all,
I think I'll probably mostly check in during the evening hours so two posts from me today. Today's results:
W: No sweat
E: Did 3 laps around the ponds (about 30 min) As always, no problem once I'm out there. Just a matter of getting it in.
E: Several good choices, one I'd call a better so I'm very happy.
D: Wrote out my affirmation 10x

Tomorrows plan:
W: 64 oz
E: I have 2 long commute days per week and tomorrow is the first of them. I'm still going to plan on doing 20 min worth of yoga tomorrow night.
E: A good, better, best choice and it's probably already done because I packed breakfast and lunch already so as long as it goes out the door with me, I'll be good.
D: I create and maintain healthy habits quickly and easily.

Thanks all!

11-09-2010, 12:01 AM
:welcome: peg

:wave: everyone else.

Exhausted today. Tommy doesn't have have strep. (yay) but it is a nasty virus that he has. blisters in his throat. red blotchy eyes. sore nose. AND I think I am getting it too. My eye is all red and itchy. and Im just starting to get a scratchy throat.

I hope We both feel well enough tomorrow.

11-09-2010, 06:44 AM
Jeni, hope you both feel better today.

Seawave, hope this part passes quickly!

Mindy, Peggy, Kukkie, Emi, Sherry and anyone I missed !! Good morning. I have found if I try to PM everyone every day, I just don't have time, so....

W 100, need to work this today, almost TOM and craving crap, so need to really fill up on water to prevent the snacking
E Elliptical, did not get the run in last night SNOWED!!!
D Reload, refocus, a bit off since Saturday, just a bit, but need to get back on target

11-09-2010, 07:44 AM
Hey everyone.

SW: 183.6
CW: 182.2
GW: 178.6

So that's a 1.4 lb loss for last week. I'll definitely take that, even though it is probably mostly water weight. I've been eating very, very well sine I went grocery shopping Sunday morning. I had a salad yesterday for the first time in a long time and it tasted sooo good. I usually don't eat salads unless I buy my own ingredients because I do not like lettuce at all. I eat my salads with baby spinach leaves instead. So far this week I've actually been waking up 30 minutes earlier in the mornings! I'm hoping to push that to an hour earlier next week. Well I gotta run, gonna do some tae bo before I have to get ready for work.

WEED for this week:
W - 80 oz
E - tae bo at least 4 days, and may some jogging on Sat/Sun
E - 1200-1500 calories
D - Get ahead on my work for my Literacy class so that I only have to worry about the project!

11-09-2010, 09:50 AM
UGHHH where is the time going. Hello to all you lovely ladies and to the new faces i haven't mebefore -
Hoping the chafing isn 't to bad, hope the virus doesn't annihilate the family, wishing all of you well!! lets stay healthy and happy and honor our temples by eating good nutritious things and treat them well with lots of stresses and exercise!!

W - over 64 oz
E - zumba and weights
E - had two pieces of fried chicken but all the rest was all good
D - I was able to stretch and put my palms flat on the floor!!!

11-09-2010, 10:36 AM
Quick check-in because I'm at work. Was down 0.5 this morning, thank goodness we're moving in the right direction again.

Today's Plan:
W: 80 oz
E: Elliptical and weights (legs/shoulders today)
E: Made enough last night for dinner, so I've got a healthy lunch. Make and eat a salad today.
D: My tuesday night French homework.

11-09-2010, 11:00 AM
Tommy woke up sobbing at midnight. He may not be contagious today but his is still in a lot of pain. I'm hoping he is doing ok today. I'm doing okay, not the best but ok. I would really like to play hookie from work the rest of the week to get my house in order. I will see how I feel by the end of the day.

11-09-2010, 01:32 PM
5 weeks: 164.0
6 weeks: 165.2
7 weeks: 166.0
8 weeks: 166.8

I've never gained weight before 18 weeks so this is new to me - eek!

11-09-2010, 11:38 PM
Today's results
W: No problem
E: Did a bit of abs work
E: Ate what I took for lunch and breakfast so that is definitely a good or better choice than what I've been doing recently on my in office days.
D: Wrote my affirmations 10x

Tomorrows plan:
W: 64 oz
E: Another commute day and I'm not feeling great so I think I'll PLAN a rest day.
E: A good, better, best choice. Breakfast is already there but need to figure out lunch and dinner tomorrow.
D: I create and maintain healthy habits quickly and easily.

Thanks for the welcomes everyone!


11-10-2010, 06:20 AM
Hi everyone, and :welcome2: Peg! Wow, I have a lot of news to catch-up on...

Jeni Sounds horrible, Im glad its not strep! I hope things start looking up for both of you today!

:wave: Shari! Long time no see!

Peg Walking around a pond seems nice. Are you seeing a lot of migratory waterfowl? We saw about 100 blue herons in a field the other day first time Ive ever seen them flock like that.

Mavis Hang strong! Ive been doing worse than just craving crap, unfortunately

Kasey Congrats on the weight loss. And baby spinach is better for you than lettuce anyway, so good for you!

WillsAngel as usual, you give good advice! :cp: for palms on the floor!

Kukkie :yes: for going in the right direction!

Emily - .8 isnt that much of a gain Im sure its just a blip, and youll be back to your regular losses soon.

W - 8 X 8 oz - still need to force it, but it's happening
E Quiet on the exercise front. Seeing the chemo-onc today, and hoping he can either give me something, or refer me to a dermatologist.
E Not bad food wise, except for that pie!
D - decluttering going ok

11-10-2010, 12:51 PM
:wave: sorry about the short posts ladies. I'm not feeling up to much right now. I definately have the same bug Tommy has. Including the blisters in my throat. I hate missing work, especially when they are already short handed, so I will probably go in tomorrow.

11-10-2010, 09:43 PM
JC - I had that when I was little and I remember how horrible it felt. I hope you and Tommy feel better soon. Ladies - it seems quite a few of us are having a bit of a tough time. It will pass and we will get through the bumps. This is such a great group don't give up!!

yesterday -
W - 64 oz
E - rest day
E - 1550 calories, for some reason i was HUNGRY - drank tons of water and still was hungry, it was weird.
D - made sandwiches for work today for my coworkers and made them all out of healthy, fat free ingredients!! :-)

Today -
W - 64 oz +
E - 20 min treadmill - 60 min. of a new class Total Body Workout - this kicked my butt and I STRUGGLED to get through it, almost burst into tears, i was so dissappointed in myself because i couldn't do all the stuff - but it is another challenge and the instructor is going to modify the moves for me.
E - right on target calorie wise!!
D - stick to my guns and conquer this new class

11-11-2010, 12:08 AM
Hello ladies. Just a quick check in before bed. I've been eating great since Sunday. I went slightly over calories yesterday (100 over), but every bit of it was healthy foods. So I was not very happy that the scale was actually up a little today. I've had a steady calorie deficit of at least 700 calories every day. I've even been drinking more water. I do need to get in some more exercise. I just have trouble finding the energy. I'm going to try to wake up in enough time to get some in before work tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep. Goodnight everyone.

11-11-2010, 09:10 PM
Been to the gym 3 times now. Working out pretty hard. Getting in about 20 min. on the bike, then I do weight machines, then 20 min. on treadmill. Am I losing weight...NO!! Gonna stick with what I'm doing for a while and if nothing happens I will meet with a trainer.

11-11-2010, 11:36 PM
Quick post before I go to bed too! Doing ok (except for that creeping sodium!), but the doctor says I'm off work for another 6-9 months (not January). I can't say it loudly enough - thank God for long-term disability! I'm going to take that time to maintain my focus on exercise and nutrition, so it's even easier when my schedule changes and I'm back to work!

11-12-2010, 04:11 AM
hey ladies..
its been a busy week for me. we had our 1st xmas party of the season and boy did i fail when trying to stay away from the sweets. but 2mo is a new day and i am gonna be better.. weigh in was okay still up but im gonna start up with my exercising 2mo..

11-12-2010, 01:04 PM
I ended up going a good bit over calories yesterday due to some tater tots and ice cream at dinnertime. So I was very surprised this morning when the scale said 181.4! It's not a very good loss, but it's 0.8 down from Monday. I'm planning on getting in some good workouts over the next few days since I have a 3 day weekend and the house to myself. Hoping I'll see another loss on Monday morning! Have a great day everyone.

11-12-2010, 04:38 PM
Happy Friday! Decided that I'm going to track calories because this early weight gain thing is not good. I'm already overweight so I'd like to gain a max of 20# (would be a miracle but I can dream right). Hope everyone has good plans for the weekend - I'm working :(

W - 64+
E - nothing, my energy is tapped my the time I'm home these days
E - stay within reasonable amount of cal ~1400 or so max
D - clean the house, haircuts for the boys, find something for dinner

11-12-2010, 07:24 PM
happy Friday!!

w - 64 oz
e- sweeping and mopping at work - the WHOLE restaurant repeatedly
E - right on target with calories
d - not going to be depressed cuz i could not do the total body workout

today's weed

w - under 64 oz - gonna try and catch up
e-more sweeping and mopping and washing windows
e-on target again YAY
d-try and get a good nights sleep, last two nights have been the pits

11-12-2010, 09:44 PM
W... 64oz
E... 1200cal
E... 1mile jogg
D... Follow through on jogg

11-13-2010, 02:20 PM
Happy Saturday everyone! I definitely overate at dinner last night and ended up feeling sick (had enchiladas from this great Mexican place). So this morning I worked out extra hard to compensate for the extra calories and ended up burning 500 calories in about an hour. Will hopefully be working out again tonight with the BF if he's up to it after work. I wouldn't mind either going back out on the track or doing the cardio dance workout I did this morning on Exercise TV. I also have some shopping to do, some cleaning to do, and LOTS of school work to do.

WEED for today:
W: 80 oz (at 32 oz so far)
E: walked/jogged 1.5 miles, then did a cardio dance workout and will hopefully be doing another 30-60 min. tonight
E: 1200-1300 calories (at 540 so far)
D: not be lazy and actually get everything done!

11-14-2010, 05:30 AM
Where is our fearless leader? Jeni - hope everything is ok with you and the family!

Tiara - seems the Xmas season is getting longer and longer (and harder and harder!). Hang in there!

Kasey - oooh, Mexican food does me in too, but dancing will burn it off!

WillsAngel - sounds like you *are* getting a full workout - at work!

W - water is ok, still have to remind myself to drink my 8 glasses, but I feel it in the early morning if I don't!
E - still have sodium creeping in unexpectedly
E - Exercise is out for the moment - burns are restricting movement
D - decluttering is slow but steady

11-14-2010, 12:33 PM
Good morning all! The BF and I cooked dinner last night and it turned out so much better than I expected. We made Baked popcorn chicken, roasted red potatoes, and corn. I wasn't sure how the chicken would turn out because I hate mustard, yet a good bit of it was used in the batter for the chicken, but it added great flavor! The chicken was a low fat, low carb, low calorie recipe. Then I also baked dark fudgy brownies from scratch! They were only 86 calories, 3 g fat, and 15 g carbs and tasted soo good. Well, I gotta go. I have TONS of things to get done today!

11-15-2010, 10:46 AM