Weight Loss Surgery - Hello Friends, My Surgery Is Not Only Back On But Is Next Week!!!!!!

11-05-2002, 07:14 PM
Hiya all....

I got word yesterday that the insurance mess I've been dealing with (see my old posts if interested in more details) got sorted out and my Dec. 17th surgery date was back on. Okay, I was thrilled!

This afternoon, my surgeon's secretary called and offered me a new surgery date for NEXT week....Nov. 13th!!!!! Wahooo, I'm ecstatic to say the least! My emotions are running amuck, as you might imagine, but I finally believe now that this is going to happen for me!!! I know you share my joy and that means so much to me, really. I'M GOING TO BE HEALTHY!!! Anyway, I just wanted to update you since you've been so supportive......THANK YOU!! I will post about my status once I get home (around the 17th), and I still would appreciate your prayers!! Talk to you soon...God Bless....

Just me...Robin
Surgery Date: NOVEMBER 13th!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeee!

11-05-2002, 07:21 PM
Pooky2, I kinda lurk around here. Good news for you and good luck. I wish you a speedy recovery and that you have an easy time of it.

11-05-2002, 08:30 PM
i'm sooooo happy for you, but there's SOOOO much i need to tell you to help you through this!!!!

this is so exciting!!!

ok. first things first. clean your house, or make sure that someone else will be doing it for the first week or so. and that includes laundry, litter box cleaning, anything involving heavy lifting. you'll be able to walk [and in fact you SHOULD walk], but heavy lifting is out. and bending over hurts.

and make arrangements to have things like sugar free popsicles, tomato soup, lots of chicken and beef broth around. that's what you'll be able to eat.

and the protein shakes. GET SOMETHING YOU LIKE NOW!!!! or can at least tolerate. don't decide to 'wait and see' what you're in the mood for.

and please realize that they'll take some getting used to. many people [including me!] found them to be sooo thick and hard to get down. some people gave up. but please don't. and you won't be ready to try those disgusting protein bars for awhile.

here's what i did that worked. first, if you're in the 'mix your own' crowd [like me!], don't blend in the ice. beats too much air into them, and the gas hurts when it builds up in your newly surgeried tummy. use a spoon!!! like you're eating ice cream. makes everything go down more slowly and with less air.

and you can mix them with 1/2 the milk [and please use milk, not water as you need the calcium] to make them thicker and more spoonable.

and sanitary napkins. yes. those. they are better than ANYTHING for the drainage that you'll probably have. you could use gauze and tape, but i'm allergic to most tapes, and the gauze isn't nearly as absorbent as the sanitary napkins.

avoid the mashed potato route. you should NOT be having any carbs for the first few months. and that's to help your weight loss. i don't really care if your doc says that you can. i've noticed that people who choose potatoes and rice and such do not have good weight losses. you need PROTEIN, so do whatever you can to get it in. there is no room for anything else for now.

which brings me to vitamins. GET THEM NOW. and don't try being brave. get the chewables. swallowing pills is WAAAYYYY too uncomfortable for a while, and risky if they're bigger than an M&M.

oh dear. i'm sure there's more, and i hope debk shows up to give you some advice as well.

this is sooo cool!!!!!!

11-06-2002, 07:01 AM
Hey Friend,

Thanks sooooo much for your kind words and advice. As I've told you, I value you as a resource of what's to come and I will do as you suggested above. I will get out and take care of the popsicles, vitamins etc. this week and have everything ready for my return. Great advice! Anyway, I appreciate your support, truly and everyone else's, too! God Bless and I'll be in touch.

Just me...Robin
Surgery Date: Nov. 13th!!!!

11-07-2002, 08:03 AM
Robin............:dance: :dance: I'm so glad for you!!!!!!!!!

Listen to Jiff, she KNOWS what she is talking about. We should elect her Queen.

Robin I hope you have smooth sailing, I'm so excited for you.

Good Luck and come back to us as soon as you feel up to it.


11-07-2002, 02:02 PM
flaming queen?????/

no pedestal, thanks. just the jewelry!!!

11-08-2002, 03:16 PM
do you have one of those immersion blenders? those things on a stick? GET ONE!!! it's sooo much easier than pouring everything into the food processor or blender. much less mess to clean up.

as you progress on your eating, you'll need it to puree soup and whatever else. and it gets all those unpleasant lumps out of the protein shakes.

ok. i'll keep adding as i remember.