General chatter - Is Anyone Here an Insurance Adjuster??

11-06-2010, 09:21 AM
Motorcycle was wrecked on 10/06 evening; reported to ins. co. on next day 10/07. An adjuster called on on 10/10; while looking at the bike; we told her about all the aftermarket extras that were on it, when we bought it; she said she would contact the dealer to confirm that.

On 10/12 received a message that the bike needed to be moved to a non-fee storage area and they needed my permission to do that. I called back the next day and gave them that permission.

Got a letter that week saying bike was a total loss, and to await more info.

Got a call from another lady, asking about damage to safety apparel, and what to do about that.

Got papers in the mail the next week asking to SIGN OVER MY TITLE to them. I called and said I did not feel good about doing that, as they still had my bike and no word about a settlement?

Waited over a week and did not get a response to that.

Called yesterday morning, asking what was the deal, and the lady said 'oh, so-and-so has been trying to get a hold of you for a week'. I emphatically said that was not possible, I have voice mail and email and I was awaiting a return call from HIM for over a week.

That evening got an email from the guy, asking for the aftermarket equipment that was on the bike at purchase time (what the first lady, on 10/10 had said SHE was going to investigate)

Am I being unreasonable, or is this taking too long? I would appreciate any input from someone 'in the biz'.