Weight Loss Support - For the love of god, how can I lose 2# a week?

11-03-2010, 08:36 AM
I am so frustrated! I can't seem to lose more than a 1/2 a pound a week. This past week was .2. What the **** am I doing wrong? I am 46. I weigh 256.6 as of today. I have been doing WW and totally staying within my 30 points. Very little alcohol. Nothing white. Eating whole grains, fruits, veggies, you know the good stuff. Drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day. Exercising everyday for 1/2 to 1 hour. Exercise varies from WATP videos to Zumba. I have been tracking in Fitday the last few days and do see I am high in carbs (even though they are good carbs). How do I increase my protein? What would I eat for snacks instead of fruit? I am at my wits end. If I don't see some progress soon, I know what is going to happen, because I am already thinking it. I could just cry. My husband on the other hand, is 48, has only cut down on his eating (still eats everything white) and NO exercise and he can lose AT LEAST 2 pounds a week, sometimes 3-4. I just want to kill him. Can someone help me??????

11-03-2010, 08:44 AM
Hang in there. I see you've already lost over 25 pounds, which is a huge accomplishment!

For protein laden snacks, try string cheese, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt.

And don't give up!!

11-03-2010, 08:45 AM
Have you ever considered a low carb lifestyle?

11-03-2010, 08:54 AM
You're not doing anything "wrong". You're sticking to plan, and you're losing weight. That's great!

Some people just lose slowly, that's how it is. You can't control that. You just have to trust your plan and try to be patient. You can't compare yourself to your husband; men are notorious for having a much easier time with weight loss than women. I could produce some evo-bio hand-waving about life on the savannah but I'll let somebody else do it. The point is that you are not wired for quick weight loss, and he is.

What's your big hurry? It looks like you first joined this board in 2004. Your tag line says "This is the Last Time!!!" That suggests you've done this before. I'm in the same boat. The great thing about this being the last time, though, is that I have the rest of my life to do it. It's not a race. Every week that you don't gain is a better week than you'd have had if you were not on my plan. Every loss is something to celebrate, no matter how small. If you stick to your plan, you will lose.

With all of that said, some people here have said that they lose faster when they reduce carbs. You asked how to increase your protein and reduce your carbs - I'm not sure why that's mysterious, just eat more protein and fewer carbs. A larger portion of fish or chicken at dinner instead of sweet potato. Eggs instead of oatmeal. Yogurt. Edamame. And so on - unless I'm missing something about your question, I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Maybe one of the people who eats lower carb can help with that.

11-03-2010, 09:12 AM
Try eating lots of small meals through out the day that really helps me for some reason. Drink plenty of water preferably with lemon. Do 20 minutes of strength training followed by atleast 30 minutes of cardio or walking atleast three days a week. Incorporate artichokes in your diet (increases bile function and helps the liver) and drink a cup of coffee about two hours before you work out (increases metabolism slightly and allowed you to push yourself harder). I was having the same problem but then I followed these rules and finally found my right calorie range so I started losing 2-3 pounds a week. everyone's different so WW may just not be for you.

11-03-2010, 09:18 AM
I couldn't agree with Carter more. This is where that commitment to goal comes in. I would not have lost all this weight if not for committing to being on plan for a year NO MATTER WHAT. You're in the "no matter what" stage I faced each and every time. I always wondered what would happen if I just pushed through and kept going. Are you curious? ;)

I've never done WW, but maybe 30 points is too high for you?? I don't know. We're all different. I know I require fewer calories than a lot of women.

You can help create more of a calorie deficit with longer, sustained exercised and I suggest lifting.

What is your weighing schedule? Weekly? Monthly? Daily? If you are weighing only weekly, there's a possibility you are losing during the week but you don't see it on the day you're weighing due to normal fluctuation. It helped me tremendously to be able to see my weight loss fluctuation daily. I seemed to always gain water weight for the weigh in on a weekly schedule.

11-03-2010, 09:30 AM
Hang in there! You are losing and that's good so be proud of that! Some people naturally lose more slowly than others...it doesn't mean that you're doing anything wrong it's just the way your body works. Also, not all the changes occur on the scale. Even if the numbers aren't going down as quickly as you'd like your body has to be healthier on the inside because you're fueling it with much healthier food.

You can do this!! :hug:

11-03-2010, 09:43 AM
Have you taken your journals in for your WW leader to look over? Is there someone else in your meeting who is consistantly successful around your age and weight? Ask them to have a look. Do you still weigh and measure?

Maybe none of that will help, but maybe someone will see something you've missed. Someone in my meeting had lost 100 pounds. She said for her, when she stopped losing she went back to her WW guidelines (not just points, but the actual guidelines), made sure to get her milks, and started using measuring cups again.

You should be proud of yourself for sticking with it!

11-03-2010, 09:54 AM
Slow weight loss is still weight loss. I have to tell myself that alot. I feel like I am the slowest loser on the planet sometimes but I am still going down and so are you!!! Take a deep breath and believe in yourself, you can do this, you ARE doing this!!!

AZ Sunrises
11-03-2010, 09:57 AM
You've lost over 20 lbs. Don't be so blinded by the road ahead that you forget to look around at the scenery and the pictures of what's behind you.

What are your options? Go off plan and regain those 20+ lbs...or stay on and continue losing slowly. Drop your calories. Add exercise. Mix up what you're eating. Make sure you journal everything if you aren't already.

11-03-2010, 10:29 AM
Slow and steady wins the race and all that. Even if it is only 0.2 lbs in a week... it's the right direction! It took me the last year to lose the last 25 lbs I've lost. That is barely half a pound a week... but when I think of weighing even 25 lbs LESS than I do now next year... That will be AWESOME!

Stupid men. It's the testosterone that helps them lose fast. Something about women being made to hold on to weight for having babies and such. Blah!

11-03-2010, 10:34 AM
Are you eating all 30 points, plus the 35 flex points per week? I find that if I am under the points then I lose slowly. So make sure you're getting them all in! Congrats on your weightloss so far! Keep it up!

11-03-2010, 10:39 AM
I don't know if your body is the same as mine - but when I joined a few months ago I was allotted 30 points and I kept to the 30 points, and promptly gained 8 pounds. Now I'm back to calorie counting. Think about it - WW yogurt, or the 1 point bars are 1 point - but they are also 100 calories. If I ate 30 of them a day I'd be on plan - but its 3,000 calories....you can't lose on that. I think I was choosing foods that were higher in the calorie range for the points. Theres 1 point items that are 50 calories. So even though I stayed in the points I think I got too many calories - maybe thats whats happening to you. I weigh almost the same as you and I am losing on 1,700 a day and you can get plenty of food for 1,700 calories. Not sure how many points that would be....

11-03-2010, 10:44 AM
Slow weight loss is frustrating, but you have to hang in there. You will find bigger drops some weeks. Weight loss is a complicated thing and you are making positive changes even when the scale is slow.

11-03-2010, 11:06 AM
Relax. You are losing weight. You didn't put it on at a rate of 2 pounds a week, and it's not going to come off at that rate. This isn't a TV show, it's your life.

You have made great changes. Count your calories for a couple of weeks while you do WW just to make sure you aren't eating too many or too few. Mix it up with the exercise, start lifting some hand weights.

And stop looking at your husband and thinking you should be where he is. People's bodies are different.

.2 pounds/week is still a lose. And it adds up. And will last a lifetime.

11-03-2010, 02:42 PM
Non-fat plain Greek yogurt is a great way to increase your protein. It has about 23 grams of protein per 1 cup serving.

11-03-2010, 02:55 PM
Are your portions correct? Measurements accurate? Is there any way you're underestimating what you're consuming? Is there any way your points are off? What about *free food*, zero points food that is? How are you doing with that? Within those 30 points, are you eating lots of foods that are more than say 50 calories per point and perhaps closer to 100, because if you are you could be over eating a bit without realizing it.

11-03-2010, 05:35 PM
Are your portions correct? Measurements accurate? Is there any way you're underestimating what you're consuming? Is there any way your points are off? What about *free food*, zero points food that is? How are you doing with that? Within those 30 points, are you eating lots of foods that are more than say 50 calories per point and perhaps closer to 100, because if you are you could be over eating a bit without realizing it.

I was just going to say this. Yes, your loss is GOOD but there can be these factors as well.

11-03-2010, 06:56 PM
Yes! Weight Watchers works beautifully for a lot of people. I have lost weight on it also. But I found *for me* it was very easy to make bad choices and eat too many of the zero points foods. The weight loss was very slow. That's just me. So I had to make my own more structured plan.

11-03-2010, 07:03 PM
You made a great point! 1,700 calories is minimum 34 points. It looks like you weren't eating enough on ww when you only had 30 points. That is why the weekly points are important too.

As many said, WW is great for some, but it is not for everyone. Maybe calorie counting would be better for you. Or maybe you need to just give your body a while to get used to the changes you've been making.

11-03-2010, 07:08 PM
I find that I lose in waves. It has never been consistent for me. As long as my weight is lower this month than it was last month I keep a smile on my face and keep on trucking :). Getting discouraged and giving up will get me nowhere but obese again! Keeping at it will get you to your goals :). I'm almost there, FINALLY. You will be sooner than you think if you don't give up!

Suzanne 3FC
11-03-2010, 07:09 PM
Weight loss is often slower after we reach a certain age. :shrug: You might try increasing your cardio to twice daily. 30 to 60 minutes of exercise is fantastic! But 60 to 90 is required for a lot of people to lose weight. We're all unique - some need more, some need less. It doesn't have to be all at once though. Many people break it up into at least 2 sessions a day and find the weight drops quicker.

Congratulations on your loss so far :high:

11-03-2010, 08:16 PM
Congratulations on your 25 pound loss. Don't compare your loss with your husband's. It is a fact men lose faster. It seems they can lose a pound just walking to the refrigerator.