100 lb. Club - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Whatever Measurments!

10-30-2010, 01:29 PM
In September, just a month into my journey, I took my measurements. I thought it might be good to have a barometer besides the scale to see how I'm doing!

I know other people take measurements, so I thought I'd make us a thread specifically for sharing our successes in that department. Also, I'm curious to see how other people's bodies change over time compared to the pounds they lose.

So, whether you measure daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, on the full moon, whatever, now we have a thread for posting our measurements!

10-30-2010, 02:15 PM
Okay, here's mine

In time between measurements I lost 8.8lbs. Measurements in Inches.


Neck: 16.62___________16.38 -.24
Bicep: 15_____________14.25 -.25
Forearm: 11.5_________11.25 -.25
Chest: 50.5___________49.62 -.88
Under-bust: 42.5_______42.5 -0
Waist/Belly: 47.75______47.5 -.25
Nat. Waist:____________43.75
Lower Stomach:________49.375
Hips: 50.38____________48.25 -2.13
Thigh: 29.5____________29.12 -.38
Calf: 18.5_____________17.62 .-88
Total inches lost: 5.26

I kinda hoped for more, but I'm still happy I'm smaller. I was really surprised by the 2+ inches gone in my hips. I re-measured about six times, re-watched a video on youtube about how to measure your hips twice, measured about 5 more times, then took the highest of those measurements. Of course, this might explain why my pants keep falling down.

AND I no longer have any measurements in the 50's. Now I just need to get something in the 30's, I'm kinda like a straight ling right now.

I took my more measurements this month than last. I was a little confused about where to measure my waist, so I measured at my belly button. This month, after reading more about things, I add my natural waist, which is quite high and I would never wear my pants there as they'd be right under my huge boobs, and I added what I'm calling my "lower stomach." You know, that horrid little pouch under the belly button. Um, yeah.

I think with the three tummy area measurements I will see I bit more of a loss next month.

Of course, now I'll always wonder about how much I REALLY lost because I didn't take measurements in August when I started.

Robbynmarie k
11-06-2010, 01:06 AM
my waist is 37 hips 52 was 53.5 the other day. Bust is 49 thigh 31 my goals are 31 waist 39-40 hips 38 bust and 25 thigh.