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10-29-2010, 02:00 PM
So Im in Philly for a few days, know and love it well (thought I now live in San Fran).

Working out outside..cardio..then burpees, pushups, walking lunges in Rittenhouse Sq.

Now in SF this wouldnt turn heads. It is a very active, walking oriented city where people run and play and workout constantly outdoors.

Not so much in Philly - many more smokers and overweight people. And I saw ONE person running. Only one.

Got some crazy gawkers too. These two cig smoking women seriously looked at me like I had 10 heads while I was doing burpees. I smiled and hollered "stare all you want, but Im in MUCH better shape than you!"

Inappropriate I know, but if they can stare...I can holler I figured.

10-29-2010, 02:37 PM
lol. they were probably just curious about what you were doing. you should have asked them to join you and got a good laugh. :D

10-29-2010, 02:45 PM
Well, first I had to google burpees. Never heard of them before, it sounded something that you do to babies with wind....

Second of all, wow! that you can do them! Impressive.

Third of all, if someone started doing that in the street in my city, I'd stare too!

10-29-2010, 03:17 PM
Lol Rosinante - I wasnt in the street...I was in a park! I guess Im just so used to people doing bootcamp style, in the park workouts I was shocked anyone noticed.

I first tried a burpee with my trainer almost 2 years ago. I had to go super slow, put my hands down, place my feet into plank, etc.

Now they are fun! I just think about going into plank and doing this flying leap to the group while throwing my feet behind me and land in a plank then jump back to a squat. Fun to see our progress with these NSV :)

And I know I shouldnt holler at strangers - I think I got so used to people being rude and mean when I was really fat I just went really far in the other direction and am a weeee bit aggressive now. heh

10-29-2010, 04:02 PM
I had to google it too. I'd probably watch too, but not in a mean way. More in a "wow, she's brave to do that outside." and maybe along the lines of "wonder if I could do that too?" then ..."nah, people will stare like I am"

I was thinking Burpee seeds, I was wondering why you'd want to plant something where you don't live. :lol:

I think in warmer areas where people hang outside a lot, people don't think anything of seeing someone exercise outside. In other areas it's just downright strange and different. Who knows, maybe you'll start a trend in that park after you're back at home.

Sarah in MD

10-29-2010, 04:25 PM
I'm so outside the norm around here, it's not funny.

I love to walk to our local Aldi because it's about a 3/4 mile from our house, but it's along a very busy road. I walk in the grass. I never see anyone walking this path and I get the strangest look. I'd like to say I don't care, but I kinda do. ;)

Today, as mentioned in another thread, I walked the hospital grounds while waiting for my husband to have a procedure. I swear the grounds were landscaped for walking! There are two sets of trees that form a path between them, with an umbrella overhead and a bed of leaves, nuts and soil blanketing the path. Now come on. That's intended for walking between! But I've never seen anybody walking there, and we're there frequently.

A few teachers walk the halls during breaks at school. That's lovely to see and I do it sometimes too.

It's funny though...even at the gym I do odd things. I walk backward on the treadmill. That gets some funny looks. I do wall sits which are fabulous and I get funny looks. My best friend and I both run up and down the stairs at intervals and I've never seen another soul do it ever. I'd far rather do that than a machine!

10-29-2010, 04:26 PM
Burpees, ah yes we had to do these in gym class when I was a kid. Of course I knew you weren't belching in the park & if you were doing that imagine what they would have thunk? :dizzy: Way to get your burpee on....:D

10-29-2010, 05:24 PM
xty - lol! I had visions of you dropping for 10 in the high street!

10-30-2010, 09:23 AM
In my park that I run at I saw this woman and what seemed to be her trainer, walking on all hands and feet down the running track. I will have to admit, I stared. My reasons were as follows:

#1. I could see the the dudes "crack" and it was quite large resembling the peaks of mount everest AND they both look like monkeys walking like that on hands and feet...thought it was weird;

#2. I was impressed, looked really hard...

#3. When I reached the couple, I yelled, "MAN...now that's HARDCARE", we both laughed...and went our way:)

My point is....lots of time people stare because of curiousity...or something may look strange or funny to them and their just trying to figure stuff out or may actually be admiring you.

I wouldn't take myself too seriously....it's just human nature.

Just something to consider:)

10-30-2010, 04:26 PM
I had to google burpee as well. lol..
I really did think that you were burping a lot. :)

Working outside like that is a great way to vary your routine. I am used to the stares. I was an outsider when I lived in Asia, and I got used to it after awhile. I guess people are just curious as to what you are doing.

SF sounds like an awesome city. I'd love to visit someday. I hear Boston is the same way in regards to being an active city.
Great job and keep going!

10-31-2010, 12:07 AM
Tons of people were looking, but they seemed friendlier.

I guess I sensed a bit of hostility in the women I hollered back at. There were a couple other people that kept glancing over in a more 'you go girl!' kinda way and I didnt feel the need to scream at them. Lol.

Eliana - walking on the treadmill backwards?! Awesome.