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11-03-2002, 10:27 AM
Hi all. Up early again today. I've already had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and fed the animals. I'm feeling productive!! :) I'm going to a baby show/expo with my MIL today. There's supposed to be giveaways, contests, and other such stuff. It's sponsored by American Baby and Babies R Us. Maybe I will find some neat stuff. DH and I bought a device last night that we thought would let us listen to the baby's heart and play music for the baby with a special speaker for your tummy. Turns out you have to have your own CD player. We were disappointed. We've gotten rid of all portable CD players cause we have *3* of the others and we listen to MP3 now. Oh well, it's going back to the store.

RR: How was the class? Is DH absolutely exhausted?

Lauren: Are you freezing up there in northern NJ? I am down here!!

Kesco: Hope you had a great sleep-in!!

OK, gotta go get ready for the baby show. Have a super Sunday!!

11-03-2002, 11:22 AM
Hi All,

Karen- Yes, it's pretty cold up here! Actually, we were in Toms River yesterday at my grandparent's house, and it was pretty windy and cold standing outside with the garage sale!! I wish I knew where that baby expo was that you're talking about!! Not that I have time to go, but it sounds like fun!!

I'm exhausted and just rolled out of bed...it's 10:15. I was up at butt crack to pee, but went back to sleep. Petey is soo active these days, and I guess it's not going to change for awhile, since I'm 29w3d!!

Have a great day all!

11-03-2002, 02:54 PM
Hi all. Wow, I am exhausted!! I signed up for EVERYTHING possible at the baby expo. I've gone through the bags once and so far I have eight bottles, *10* pacifiers and three bibs. That's not including the numerous samples and coupons. I have a whole evenings work ahead of me. DH's aunt went with MIL and me, so I have three of most everything. I got the cutest New Father's Survival Kit for DH. Here are the contents: 2 wiggle eyes-those extra eyes for the back of your head, Rubberband-to remind you that flexibility is the key, Pencil-to remind you to list your blessings every day, Clothespin - to clip your nose while on diaper duty, Button - to remind you to sometimes "button your lip", Wipes - for cleaning up those little messes, and Tootsie roll - to help you roll with the punches............. I thought it was cute. I think I will save it and take it to the hospital with me so I can give it to him the day the baby is born. Wonder if I will remember!!

Lauren: It is in Raritan Expo Center until 5pm. We had a good time. Graco, Gerber, Evenflo, Babies R Us, First Steps plus many others. I should have posted it this morning. Sorry.

Hope ya'll are having a great day!!

11-03-2002, 03:30 PM
Hello all!!!Had a great time at the expo and the classes...I got 3 diaper bags, bottles, formula etc etc!!!I also signed up for everything!!!!DH made it but he was exhausted..I think more tired today than yesterday...I found the funniest way to sleep now...I get him to lie on his side and I prop the belly on his bootie and let her kick and kick him all night....She was soooo active last night that he kept snickering cuz she has force when she pushes out with those feet!!!!!!She stays head down but she switches at times to breech that I hope she makes it down before the room run out!!!

Lauren--I wear a tummy belt some days and It makes a difference!!U may want to really try it...Now I have problems with "pressure" and it helps out tremendously!!!!

Karen--Glad U had fun!!!!Glad things are going soo well with U!!!!

Hello to all!!!!Sorry about the "baby talk"!!!! I just wish someone was before me to teach me how to do the "labor thing"!!!!!
Guess now that I have reached 34 weeks I will find out soon enough!!!!!!

11-03-2002, 05:38 PM
Oh man!! I'm soo jealous!! I'll have to watch out for another one!! Had I come back and checked earlier, I could've made it down there. :( Oh well... How did you find out about it...both of you?!

11-03-2002, 07:26 PM
hi all! :wave:

I am home for the weekend so thought I'd check in. Things are going well so far. The kids are doing fine. whew. My friend is doing well, I think the toughest time will be when she returns home. It is hard trying to run my household while being away, although I know I need to be gone. Hopefully my ceilings will get painted this week (that's the schedule) and then all of that will be out of the way. I refuse to mess with it in December - that would mess up my Christmas and my decorating. So it either gets done before I get home or we're looking at January.

I am not doing well eating there - so much temptation. I just don't seem to have the desire right now. On the positive health side, I have been working out with her personal trainer twice a week and that is great. It is so HARD! I am so sore, but I know I'm doing some good. I want to get a personal trainer when I get home.:)

Hope you all are doing well - I scanned some of last weeks posts. If I get a chance, I'll check in more often.

Rabbit ;)

ps - I checked out fitday.com that someone mentioned, I forget who. It is pretty cool. :)

11-04-2002, 06:38 AM
Hi everyone,

I've been really busy: still looking for a house, preparing for the new job, playing 2 very tough games of field hockey on saturday and sunday, not to mention the exhaustion and indigestion preceding and following these events.
Kesco, smt means something, 15/11 means 11 November, we turn the dates around here when writing them (call us Europeans, we need to feel we're different, ;) )

Don't have a lot of time on the PC today. I have laughed myself silly on the expectant moms though. Can't wait for the time when I too am on the hunt for the best beds, diapers, bottles etcetc!
First-timers: Everybody does it, so it can't be that big a deal (ladies with kids, support me on this one)!

Love from the Olde Continent for now,


11-04-2002, 11:14 AM
I just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone. I've been battling a major head cold this past week. Luckily I got it after I finished my second 5K. The good thing is since I can't smell or taste anything I haven't been very hungry.

11-04-2002, 09:05 PM
me again. Back so soon! I'm away from home again. So far did okay today on the eating front. I started journaling on that fitday.com. I like the way it tells you the total fat %, protein %, carb % . . . pretty cool.
There is way way too much halloween candy in this house!

gotta go.

Liz - Feel better!

Rabbit :)

11-04-2002, 09:22 PM
Hi all. I had a very bad day today. My little cat died. I didn't see her yesterday which is not unusual. She liked to hide sometimes. I started looking for her when I got home today and I couldn't find her. DH looked when he got home and he found her under the futon. We had to take her in to the vets office. Thank God he found her and not me. I lost it enough as it was.

GG: Hmmm. I hope you are still hanging out here your first time...........:). I want to see what you say then. It's not so bad right now. I just keep finding odd aches and pains.

Rabbit: So glad that you can check in now and then.

Liz: I hope you feel better soon. Colds are yucky things. Glad you were done with the second race.

OK, gonna go snuggle with DH and let him console me. He does a very good job.

11-05-2002, 05:43 PM
Oh Karen, I'm soo sorry! :cry: Do you know what happened? How old was she?

Rabbit, I agree on the halloween candy, waay too much hanging around my house too. :(

Been busy today...

11-05-2002, 08:56 PM
Hi all. Ugh. We went to Johnny Rockets for dinner because we had a free milk shake coupon. We both had a shake. I feel like a bloated stomach on legs. We walked for a while to try and work it off but it didn't help much.

Lauren: Thanks. She was only 7 but she had had lots of kidney problems a couple of years ago. The vet thinks she just went into kidney failure and a coma then passed away. It's been tough today.

Guess everyone is busy today. I'm ready for a nap myself. One that lasts at least 8 hours. :D. Have a great evening.

11-06-2002, 06:06 AM
Karen-Sorry about the kitty....Take care of yourself.....

Liz--Hope the head cold is better!!!

Well, I saw the OB yesterday and was having some weird contraction type pains all day...She checked and did some kind of test but no labor just yet!!! Everything was ok, she said that the baby is just really putting a lot of pressure cuz it is living in this studio apartment and running out of room!!!!She said that Thanksgiving week, when I reach to 36 weeks, she dont care when labor starts...Just that these next two weeks are the finishing touches on her lungs...Well, the official name spelling is now Kaylee Victoria...I let DH officially decide since I had picked out the name~~WOW>.I am gaining 1 lb every 2 weeks....SHe wasnt worried cuz the sugars are great and I have low BP and no swelling yet. I am now up to 12lbs!!! I am gonna worry about that later!!!!:dizzy:

Have a great day!!!

11-06-2002, 08:39 AM
Hi All,

RR- I like that spelling. :) I can't believe you can go anytime after T-Day!! :eek: I can't believe you've only gained 12 lbs. too!! :D I wish I could've been that disiplined and not gained soo much. I'm around 20 lbs. right now, almost 30 wks.

I've been pretty busy at work these days, which is making the days go by fast, so that's good.

Have a great day all!!

11-06-2002, 08:52 AM
RR & LBH, I can't believe it's already time for you two to have your babies!!!!! Where do the days go?? It seems like just yesterday you were telling us you were pregnant. Good luck and I wish you quick and painless deliveries and happy healthy babies. Glad it's you and not me!! :)

KK, I'm so sorry about your kitty. Now that I have a "real" pet (something besides fish) I know what it means to love a little animal with all your heart.

Rabbit, hi there! I love fitday but can never enter my stuff for more than two days. It's so detailed!!! I have a hard enough time writing in my notebook with my shorthand. I'm terrible at journaling for any length of time.

I'm finally feeling better. I still haven't managed to get back to the gym. My heads just too stuffy in the morning and I'm still tired a lot. I can smell and taste again and yesterday I was an eating machine. I'm hoping by Monday I can get back to my normal schedule. This sleeping in late and having a relaxing morning with DH is wonderful though.

11-06-2002, 01:24 PM
HI all.

Things are still going well here. And I kept a promise to myself to go out and take a brisk walk this morning before the kids got home (one gets home at 11:00, the morning goes by fast). Today was not the personal trainer day, so I'm planning to start walking on these days.

Liz - I've journaled for 3 days now. I haven't been journaling in my book at all and for the time being I'm finding this working better for me. Although I'm doing it on recall and not at the time of eating, which can be dangerous.

I went to an alanon meeting last night. Very informative. Glad I went.

gotta run - take care all!

RAbbit :)

ps - sorry to not respond to everyone. I read all your posts!

11-06-2002, 05:58 PM
Hi all. Just returned from a long weekend at my parents farm. Came home to a pile of work. My husband said the business phone has been ringing like crazy - more stores wanting product. We are so overbooked! I've got to return all these calls and tell them we can't take any new accounts at this time. What a good problem to have!!

Anyway, I'm tired, my head hurts and I ate way too much while at home. I think I'll go for a walk. - jul

11-06-2002, 10:16 PM
Hi all. I found some good marinating sauces from Kens. I used herb and garlic tonight on chicken. I cooked it on the George Foreman and it was very good. They also have mesquite that is good. I used it on ribs the other night. Which I also tried to cook on the George. Didn't work that great. :D

RR: Wow, Thanksgiving is not that far away!! Hardly seems like it's been long enough (course, I'm not the one carrying the future hockey star!!).

Jul: Hope the walk helped. It must feel good to be in such demand. Maybe that makes up for the show?

Liz: Glad that you are feeling a little better. Hope you continue to feel better 'n better everyday.

We've been talking to a border collie rescue organization about Tripper. It's sad to give him up but I have to think about the baby and we are concerned that he will hurt it. Not meaning too of course. He's just so rambunctious.

Hope you all have a great evening/day tomorrow!!

11-07-2002, 06:11 PM
Karen, the rescue group would be good. You might also place a free ad on www.petfinders.com I'm always there looking at golden retrievers.

11-07-2002, 08:34 PM
Hi all. Wow, it's quiet around here today. Hope everyone is just busy.

Jul: We considered online, but we really like the sound of the rescue place we found. It's a 150 acre farm and they do training and everything. I haven't heard from them today so I hope they are still considering him!

Have a great evening.

11-08-2002, 05:05 PM
Heeelllllllooooooo out there.............

I feel like I am all alone here. :D Hope you guys are having fun somewhere.............

Off to clean house.

11-08-2002, 06:08 PM
Hello all!!!!
I have been piddling at work and then too tired to get online..I have my first shower this weekend and then next friday the one at work..it is fun to see the room comming around..I got tons of clothes from a friend and have to wash them in Dreft this weekend..IT is becomming reality now!!!!Everyday I get little gifts from friends at work that DH is stressing about the "clutter"!!!I will not remove anything from boxes just yet as to not jinx anything....Now, My sugars are too low..DOnt know what is happening except I am having to eat more. I drop below 60 --2 hrs after meals and eat good...WHo knows!!!!
Have a great evening all!!!!

Lauren--DO U ever "peak" at your registry to see if things are bought???? ;) ;) (GUILTY!!!!!:o )I have your phone number written down soo DH can call and U can post when Kaylee gets here!!!!!

11-08-2002, 10:06 PM
Hi All,

I've been soo busy at work, that's why I've been MIA the past couple days.

RR- Yes, totally guilty!! I saw that someone bought us the travel system we registered for this past week! Probably my mom, because it's from Buy Buy Baby, which is just down the street from her! I try to resist, because I'm afraid of not being surprised at my shower...which, btw, I have no idea when it is!! I keep figuring if I start seeing a lot of stuff bought, I'll know that the shower is soon...or at least that the invites went out!! :lol:

It hit me today that I'm 30w1d and I have 2 months, 8 days...or even more enlightening, 9w6d left!! :eek: DH was supposed to bring home the digital camera from work this week to do belly shots, but he forgot. Oh well, maybe next week. :)

I'm beat, think I may just go to bed early. DH isn't feeling well, thinks his stupid co-worker got him sick. Thankfully I am not getting it. Hopefully my immune system is just as strong as ever and I won't get it.

Have a great evening all!

11-09-2002, 11:37 AM
hi all.:D

RR - have fun at your shower!

Lauren - so your's is going to be a surprise shower?

Things are going okay here. I finally gave away all of my favorite halloween candy. That was my big accomplishment for yesterday. :) ~ Unfortunately my sessions with the personal trainer are over, but I plan to look for one when I get home. Too bad I don't really have anyone to do it with. ~ I'm still logging into fitday.com every day to do my journaling. I like it.

gotta run.

Rabbit ;)

11-09-2002, 11:17 PM
Hi all. Whew, what a day. We had company so, of course, I have been cleaning like a mad woman the past couple of days. Last night at 9:30 I decided to bathe the dogs. That was *so* stupid. I had another episode of not being able to breathe. DH was very mad at me. I guess I will not be able to do that anymore.

Our friends have a little girl almost 2. I think it was good for DH to see that they have a life even with a child. :D She was really cute.

Rabbit: Glad you enjoyed working with the personal trainer. I looked into it one time but it was so expensive I couldn't swing it along with the gym membership. Yeah on getting rid of the Halloween candy.

Lauren: The whole thing of surprise showers up here blows my mind. Where I'm from everyone knows when it is going to be and you are prepared. That goes for wedding and baby. I like it better to know what's going on.

RR: Hope the shower was fun. I don't like being the center of attention so I'm not sure I will have much fun!! ;D

OK, gonna go snuggle with DH. I am zonkered tonight. Hope you guys are having a great weekend.