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11-02-2002, 05:19 PM
Hello Everyone, :D

I wanted to say hello to everyone, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right section, I don't even know if I am in the right section, but I wanted to ask a few questions...

Has anyone heard of Windsor Pilates?? if so what was your take on it... was it challenging?? was it a pleasure, and did you feel the burn??? :strong:

I am looking for information.....
I would like to thank everyone in advance that can give me any feed back.........

Again Hello to all

11-04-2002, 02:23 PM
I purchased the Winsor Pilates tapes and got them in the mail this past Friday. As soon as I got home I put in the basics tape and it nearly killed me...it's not as easy as it looks:p .

I've done it daily since then and I feel a difference already..my stomach appears to be a little firmer. I've not done the 20 minute workout or the advanced sculpting tape yet, I'm working up to those.

I'm glad I spent the money and I'd recommend it to anyone!


11-06-2002, 12:48 AM
Thank you Amanda,

I am a little nervous to get them, but I want to get them to start.. I want to tone... and I want another tape to do cardio....

I take my dog the an off leash dog park, and we always go for about a 30 to 45 min walk there.. it is over rough terrain...

so I am hoping I can get some toning done.,.

thank you again :D