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10-26-2010, 07:39 AM
Good Tuesday morning to you! :coffee:

I was hoping to have a quiet first cup of coffee, but Carley heard me get up and she's wide awake. So I'm going to make this quick, as I feel guilty neglecting her while I'm posting away on the computer.

I had a whirlwind of a day yesterday and was all done in by bedtime. As luck would have it, my oldest granddaughter, Caitlyn, called and wanted to chat just as I was going to bed. We did talk for a few minutes, but arranged to have a nice long chat later in the week when it's more convenient to both of us. The good news is that she's coming home for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's pretty warm out and I even had to open the bedroom windows last night. Carley is coming out to the farm with me this morning, and Monica should be picking her up around noon. There's plenty for her do out there, so she won't be bored!

Better run for now! Have a great day, all!

10-26-2010, 08:29 AM
Good morning Cottage. I've been waking up with a cup of coffee for awhile. I'm so glad Caitlyn will be coming home for the holidays. I know how much you miss her. Enjoy your Carley visit.

My poor lungs are still recovering from three nights in a hotel. I should have remembered to open the windows a little. I think we will be in a hotel again next Tuesday night (party) and I will definitely remember this time! It looks like the work is much more manageable for the next week. I won't have much time off but I also won't have any late nights. I can live with that :)

This morning I'm off to an eye doctor appt. I'm pretty sure I will have glasses by next week. MY eyes were marginal before but the cell phone and iPod have done them in. Hope they have something I like! The day ends with a massage. My therapist suggested that waiting the usual 4-5 weeks would be a bad idea so I'm back today.

How is your week going so far? What's on your plate today? I love catching up with all of you in the evening :)

10-26-2010, 08:52 AM
Well, dogs should not eat dried apples. I am very grateful for toilet paper, rubber gloves and my Swiffer this morning and my newly clean back room floor. Serves me right for sleeping until after seven again.

Not a good trip to town yesterday. I drove there behind a huge funeral procession so did not get to the money exchange. (I have Euros burning a hole in my purse.) Things were OK at the dentist but I didn't buy anything at Fabricland as I was POed with myself for forgetting my samples. On the way home I hit an unmarked detour at a rail crossing after a train and car accident and ended up following another car who seemed to know how to get to the main highway. He drove up his lane to his farm and we had a good laugh. He directed me how to get to the highway and told me wondered why I was following him.

Today just has to be a more controlled day. Minor blips were happening all day and it wasn't even a full moon. Oh yes ... vandals broke into businesses in this village and some others and they absolutely destroyed my plantings at the Mill. Bastidges! :(

Today I will do a bank run and pet therapy and keep my fingers crossed that today is calm despite the crappy start. I may unplug the phones.

10-26-2010, 09:03 AM
Good morning, ladies. Just checking in before I hit the hay. Today is my younger brother's 29th birthday. Thursday is my only night off this week (I'm in on overtime on Wednesday) so I'm taking him and his wife out to dinner that night. We were under a tornado watch until about 2000 hrs last night. The bad weather confused the geese in the area and they were all walking around in the grass median at my gym this afternoon when I came outside (I just realized that's probably confusing...I haven't been to bed yet, so it's still Monday to me, LOL).

Cottage - Awww, that's great that your granddaughter will be coming home for Christmas. I bet that makes grandma happy, huh??? ;)

Cyndi - Just read through yesterday's thread and wanted to say thanks for saying I'm your exercise inspiration. :) There are SO many inspiring people on this board...I'm honored to have someone say that I inspire them. :) Sorry to hear you're still having breathing problems. Don't forget to open those windows!!! I stayed in a hotel in Savannah once that had humidifiers in every room w/ specific instructions to make sure you kept it running at all times. Good luck w/ your eye doctor appointment...and thanks, b/c you just reminded me that I need to make an appointment to get my eyes checked. I signed up for vision insurance last October/November b/c I needed a checkup and I still haven't done it!!! I haven't had my eyes checked in over 10 years...pretty sure I won't have 20/20 vision this time around, LOL And YAY for a massage...I'm super jealous!!!

10-26-2010, 09:04 AM
Oops...Ruth snuck in on me!!! ;) I certainly hope today is a better day for you than yesterday!!! :( That sounded like a crappy day, hon.

10-26-2010, 11:47 AM
Hi Everyone:sunny:

My schedule is whacked today. I made myself sleep in now I have to get rolling for a trip to Denver.

Have a great OP day, everyone!

10-26-2010, 11:53 AM
Hey Debbie, don't overdo it! CBT, that's great news about your dear grand-daughter! I had planned to see my bestie today but transportation is an issue for both of us, so............

10-26-2010, 01:05 PM
Good morning to all of you. I am Katie and I am on south beach diet, my dr. says it will be a good one for me when he told me i am a type 2 diabetic. I have to lose 160 pounds, long way to go. Can anyone give me any pointers to help me along the way? I am eager to get to know you all and be a daily face around here. I am 68 and really like to write and meet people. See ya all tomorrow.

10-26-2010, 01:18 PM
Abigi, nice to see you here. I am older than you and have been a Beacher for a while. My doc says that is why my Type II Diabetes is so well controlled. Read and post often.

10-26-2010, 02:15 PM
Morning Everyone!

Not too much going on around here. Its a pretty quiet week preparing to go away next week. A friend who will be house-sitting for us is coming by tonight to get her key, and so we can show her the basics of where everything is. Other than that, I'm trying to find a hairstyle because I have a hair appt on Saturday morning :)

Ruth - wow, that is an awful, horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day, indeed! Where exactly is Delta, by the way? I am originally from Ontario, and now am a transplant to California.

Katie - Welcome! There are several of us around here that are trying to lose large amounts of weight, so you're not alone! This is a great plan because nothing is forbidden, you just might have to tweak some of your favorite foods. There are LOTS of recipes, for everything from breakfast to snacks to holiday dinners! My big tips are #1 be structured about snacking at first. Don't graze (my bad habit) but make sure you eat a proper snack 2 times a day. It makes Phase I easier, and you learn better how to tell when you are hungry, and how to tell when you're just bored eating. #2 Make a big pot of something once a week that you can take for lunches. Makes sure you stay full and then its easy to just throw some in a container and go! My last thought is this - SBD is very similar to how they told my dad to eat when he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes a year ago. He's lost almost 60lbs, and ran a half marathon (at age 52!) a few weeks ago. His blood sugar has never been outside of the healthy range since he started eating like this.

10-26-2010, 08:57 PM
Hi abigi7 :sunny: and :welcome2: Thanks for jumping in!

Okie, I didn't overdo today! Thx for looking out for me. Sorry you didn't get to see your bestie.

It was a good day, worms are in their new house and food was OP. See ya'll tomorrow! Hmm...maybe I'll have a nice hot cup of coffee before dinner.

10-26-2010, 08:58 PM
Hey Ruth and Abig, another Type 2 here and think I'm right about your age too.........My doc also told me that SBD is the best for us.

Abig, the best advice I can give you is to read, read, read, plan, plan, plan and prepare ahead of time. That is what I am doing and have learned so much from these folks and this website. Don't be afraid to ask questions either, I do and some probably sound pretty dumb to our senior members but they have been very good in getting back and trying to help.

CB - About where are you in Calif? North or South? Gosh, we could be neighbors and not know it.

10-26-2010, 11:59 PM
Thanks Debbie! I got your back, like you got mine!

10-27-2010, 12:13 AM
Lamay, I'm in Bay Point (between Concord and Pittsburg, in the east bay area)

10-27-2010, 01:22 AM
CB, Well we're not neighbors :). I'm up north above Sacramento. But that's alright, we can still meet right here.