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10-25-2010, 11:04 AM
It's time for a new week of talking On-Plan! This is the place for South Beach meal plan and food support, encouragement and questions.

Anyone, from any phase (1, 1.5, 2, 3, etc.) can post, and those who are new to 3FC are especially encouraged to do so!
This thread is for questions, sharing advice and strategies, and encouraging each other to stay on plan. It is not for chatting about daily life unrelated to this topic. Members have indicated that they would like to have chatting remain in the Daily Thread, so any posts that are off topic or chatty will be moved by the mods to the Daily.

Because people from different parts of the plan are posting here, it'll help everyone if you indicate what phase you're in when you post. Thanks!
While you may certainly find, from time to time, the need to ask for help after going off plan, remember that this thread is about staying on plan. When you share details of off plan foods you've eaten, it can upset, tempt, and otherwise frustrate other members, so please keep these details to a minimum.

So, share with us: How are you staying on plan this week?

10-25-2010, 11:08 AM
lamay - almond butter is just like peanut butter and can be used in phase 1 as long as it doesn't include sweeteners. I'm not a fan of the texture of my homemade almond butter (hopefully a vitamix will remedy that), so I usually just get the almond butter from the grinder at my supermarket.

1: smoothie (chocolate protein powder, frozen cherries, spinach)
2: either a leftover lasagna stuffed pepper or a salad with hummus instead of dressing
3:half banana w/ almond butter (1 tsp)
4: black beans w/ habanero chicken sausage, dressed with salsa and a bit of avocado, probably over shredded cabbage instead of rice

10-25-2010, 12:42 PM
Good morning On Planners! I'm up and ready to continue my zest for a healthier me. Hope you all are too.

Today I have been on phase one for the two weeks however I plan to stay right where I am for a few more days at least. I'm just very nervous about taking the next step and want to be sure I can handle it before I do. This is where I went wrong a few years ago when I was on the beach and I'm very determined to get it right this time.

Right now I'm finding it easier to post what I ate yesterday (phase one) rather than what I intend to today. This way, it is a very accurate account so here it is:

B - 2 eggs, 1 turkey bacon, V8, cup decaf coffee w/sf creamer, ½ glass of ff milk.
S - Sf fruit bar (I assume this is alright on phase one since sf popsicles are?).
L - 2 cups grn beans w/2 tsp salsa and some deli chicken (wasn't very good but it was all I could think of at the time and was determined to stay op).
S - ps string cheese.
D - 2/3 cup pinto beans, large zucchini, cabbage, tomato slaw w/2 tbls mayo.
Desert - ½ cup ff cottage cheese, sf lemon jello, splenda.

Zef - Thanks. I am going grocery shopping with my new list (never needed one before - grin) and will look for it.

10-25-2010, 01:34 PM
B- veggie burger w/fresh salsa
S- 12 almonds
L- lentil & veggie stew w/salsa and piece of cheddar cheese
S- celery & pepper stribs w/spicy hummus
D- grilled tilapia & romaine salad w/balsamic vinagrette
s- sugar free popsicle & hot tea w/stevia & milk.

10-25-2010, 08:08 PM
B-steel cut oats with bluberries and strawberries
L-broccoli with tofu dip, roasted garbanzo beans, spring mix with balsamic dressing
D-taco meatballs, sweet potato, salsa
S-flatout with mozzerella and salsa

10-25-2010, 11:11 PM
Good morning On Planners! I'm up and ready to continue my zest for a healthier me. Hope you all are too.

B - 2 eggs, 1 turkey bacon, V8, cup decaf coffee w/sf creamer, ½ glass of ff milk.
S - Sf fruit bar (I assume this is alright on phase one since sf popsicles are?).
L - 2 cups grn beans w/2 tsp salsa and some deli chicken (wasn't very good but it was all I could think of at the time and was determined to stay op).
S - ps string cheese.
D - 2/3 cup pinto beans, large zucchini, cabbage, tomato slaw w/2 tbls mayo.
Desert - ½ cup ff cottage cheese, sf lemon jello, splenda.

Zef - Thanks. I am going grocery shopping with my new list (never needed one before - grin) and will look for it.

Lamay if that SF Fruit bar has any real fruit in it its not acceptable for phase1... check out the ingredient list on the package, and if in doubt post the ingredients and we can help.

10-25-2010, 11:20 PM
Phase 1.5 (after a planned bad weekend)

B: Cinnamon omelet, V8
L: Greek yogurt, veggies, hummus
S: Taco bake with a little RF sour cream, homemade butternut squash soup :T

10-25-2010, 11:21 PM

1. Yogurt w/clite, ham roll ups w/ cucumber & a glass of skim milk
2. Veggie "Nachos" (orange bell peppers cut up and topped with seasoned ground beef & cheese, heated til warm & topped with salsa)
3. Homemade meatballs in sf tomato sauce w/ green beans and a side salad & a glass of skim milk
4. Cheese string

10-25-2010, 11:34 PM
Phase 2 but I had a Phase 1 day

Beans (3 servings)
Nuts (2 servings)

I feel great and I'm proud of myself for sticking with SBD for nearly two months now!

10-26-2010, 04:18 AM
first day phase one fer reals (yesterday)

B:frittata w/ham,zucchini, tomatoes & lo-fat feta (2 eggs+soy cream)
s:lo-fat latté
L:lentil soup w/turkey wiener
s:lo-fat latté
d:sbd shepard's pie
d*:vanilla pudding (the stove top makin' kind..used lo-fat milk&splenda...still not sure about the starch in pudding mix!!)

10-26-2010, 04:19 AM
you go foodobsessed!!!

10-26-2010, 10:13 AM
ugh. this past saturday, ds2 threw up before breakfast twice. we thought it was just him having taken his vitamins on an empty stomach and he seemed fine after he ate. later in the day, we were at target and he threw up again. seemed ok afterward though and nothing else really happened. the next day, he was fine and no more vomit. cue last night, i'm washing dishes and this intense nausea washes over me. i'm terrified of vomiting, so i put it in the back of my mind. it reared its ugly head again about 3 am. stomach flu? who knows. i feel ok this morning, though...not like i want to go out and run a marathon, but ok enough to not call a sitter for the day (but that sounds so nice!).

off to scrounge for something easy on my tummy.


1: ended up blending some strawberries and peaches with almond milk, it sat well.
2: slept right through lunch
3: starting to feel better, maybe i should scrounge for a snack - cheesestick or pear maybe
4: dinner out

10-26-2010, 10:13 AM
Janda - you're right about the pudding. it's a no-no in phase 1. stick with sf jello instead :)

10-26-2010, 02:09 PM
First day of Phase 2. I didn't know about Phase 1.5. What's the basis for that? I'm just wondering. It's adding in one extra food at a time, right?
Anyway, here's my menu this week:

B: Egg whites/spinach/slice of mozzarella or a little goat cheese & 2 pieces turkey bacon
L:3 bean salad with onion/red,yellow & green peppers/cilantro
S: broccoli and a little hummus
D:Quinoa and red lentil stew

The only changes from Phase 1 so far are the quinoa and there are carrots in that stew as well. I haven't managed to make egg whites and spinach very appetizing -hmm.

10-26-2010, 02:56 PM
Checking in from my "vacation" visiting family. Mostly it has gone surprisingly well, tho my mother thinks I am on some insane diet since I ordered grilled salmon with romaine lettuce salad at a restaurant that mostly served Mexican food and sandwiches :?:

Was at a friend's house Sunday night. HAD to eat dessert, sorry OK I didn't HAVE to, but it was placed in front of me while the hostess was saying how hard she had worked on it, etc. etc. Oh well, I ate it. And some other off-plan stuff. And boy did I feel snacky later. Ick.

Phase 2
B- coffee with 2% milk
L - (so early it was kind of my breakfast time)@ an Asian restaurant - green papaya salad with shrimp, side order of grilled tofu, daikon pickles, unsweetened iced tea
S - 1 slice Ezekiel bread with peanut butter
S - ff cottage cheese with blueberries and cantaloupe
D - taco salad, 1 serving Beanitos (finally found them!), side of steamed carrots/snap peas/broccoli
dessert - Greek yogurt with some walnuts & almonds. Oh and a tiny piece of dark chocolate w/ chili pepper... mmmmm....

Today's plan:
B - coffee with 2% milk. ff cottage cheese with blueberries and cantaloupe
L- 1 slice Ezekiel bread with egg salad (1 hard-boiled egg, cut up and mixed with Dijon mustard. Yum! I hadn't tried that before, but there is no mayo in the house, just icky hfcs-containing Miracle Whip-type stuff), dill pickle spear, V-8 juice
S - hummus with orange pepper strips, broccoli florets and baby carrots
S2 - tomato & mozzarella salad
Walking, then yoga class
D - some very interesting Taiwanese "veggie strips" stirfried with little green eggplants, yellow squash, red peppers and garlic (working with what I have found in the fridge/pantry!). With soba noodles, or maybe not.
dessert - Greek yogurt with some walnuts & almonds

10-26-2010, 03:05 PM
First day of Phase 2. I didn't know about Phase 1.5. What's the basis for that? I'm just wondering. It's adding in one extra food at a time, right?

I'm not sure what the basis is... it's just that a lot of us (well, I can only speak for myself) have found that the full 3 servings a day of grains either don't agree with us or halt/slow down weight loss. I do a lot of reading about nutrition - probably too much, it is starting to make me :dizzy: - so I have decided to limit the grains but to actually increase fruits, especially the nutritional powerhouses like berries, apples, cantaloupe, citrus... but I still don't think I ever go over 3 servings a day. Probably what I end up doing is a Phase 1.75, haha

10-26-2010, 08:17 PM
Hi everyone, I'm a little late today as it was a hurry up early morning to get out of the house and on my way for lab work and then a lot of errands.

Not sure what my body is doing right now but after shedding 14 pounds during the first week or so of phase one, I have weighed the same now for about six days. I am eating on plan (except for missing a few meals and snacks) so I know I'm not eating the wrong things. I know missing some isn't good either but sometimes things just happen. Anyway, I'm determined to wait this out and sooner or later the pounds will start coming off again, right?

Phase one - yesterday
B -2 egg omelet w/mushrooms, onions, peppers, celery plus salsa on top.
Decaf coffee w/sf creamer
S - String cheese and ½ cucumber
D - Pork tenderloin, yel & grn squash, salad w/avocado, tomato, radish & balsomic dressing
Dessert - ½ cup Ricotta w/sf lemon jello and splenda
Drank water, Zero and flavored sparkling water during the day.

10-26-2010, 08:23 PM
B-berrt oatmeal
L-smoked beef, broccoli and cauliflower w/tofu dip, a littel canteloupe and honeydew
D-High fiber pasta w/ground beef and roasted red pepper sauce, salad

10-27-2010, 01:23 AM
Worked an afternoon shift, so I actually got to enjoy eggs for breakie

1. Omelette w/ trky pepperoni, gr. peppers, lf cheese & a glass of skim milk
2. Trky Kielbasa & Veggie soup
3. Celery w/ bp
4. Not sure yet... but I am starting to get hungry, so I gotta decide quick!

10-27-2010, 08:54 AM
feeling a lot better today. whew!


1: chocolate cheesecake smoothie
2: met a friend for a playdate in the park, started to rain, moved to mcdonalds - lunch was the guts of a grilled snack wrap and a fruit and yogurt parfait, sans granola. eh. not wonderful.
3: nothing, too much driving
4: had dinner out. had a small crawfish etouffee and a big salad. the crawfish etouffee had roux in it, but i did leave the rice out to keep it sort of ok.

Not a great day, I spose. Hopefully tomorrow's 5:10 (!!!) a.m. cardio circuit will help things out.

10-27-2010, 12:09 PM
Morning on planers! OMG the scale finally moved!:D Well, yesterday wasn't my best day because I missed too many meals/snacks :rolleyes: but I'm here to say that what I did eat was on plan. I really need to try harder to get all my meals and snacks in.

So phase one yesterday:

B - nothing
S - nothing
L - nothing
S - nothing
D - Roasted chicken breast, steamed broccoli, grn salad w/ radish, avacado, tomato, and mushrooms w/ balsamic dressing.
Dessert - ½ cup Ricotta w/vanilla, splenda and pecans

Just a fyi - sometimes my steamed vegs are kinda bland so last night I drizzled some of the balsamic dressing over my broccoli and it was good. Added just the right amount of flavor.

10-27-2010, 12:31 PM
lamay, have you ever tried roasting your veggies? roasted broccoli is a super favorite of mine. i eat it for a snack a lot.

10-27-2010, 01:00 PM
Not even going to post what I ate for b'fast yesterday...I'm SO embarrassed!! I was OP the rest of the day...and today WILL be an OP day as well :) Ugh!!! I paid for it on the scale this morning...up a pound. Stupid will power....where's that will power dust when I need it? ;)

10-27-2010, 02:59 PM
....where's that will power dust when I need it?

Right here!!! :dust:

I could use some as well. I was still hungry last night (missed one of my snacks and then dinner was smaller than planned). Got binge-y on the way-off-plan treats - UGH, I am staying with family who have all kinds of processed crap, made especially for binging. ANYWAY, it was probably 1 serving of sweets and 1 serving of chips so despite falling off the wagon momentarily, this is infinitely better than I might have done in the past.

Phase 2
B - coffee w/ lf milk
hairdresser appointment, so I didn't get to eat anything else before
Brunch-ish - egg salad (1 hardboiled egg with dijon mustard) on 1 slice low sodium Ezekiel bread with a dill pickle. V-8 juice.
S - hummus with carrots, broccoli florets and pepper slices. Iced brewed tea.
D - at a friend's house. I'm bringing tomato/mozzarella/pesto salad so at least I will have that

10-27-2010, 03:59 PM
Zef, no I haven't and I'm the first to say that I'm not a good cook so how do you roast them, just lay them out and put them in the oven?

Jyo - And just in case you need a bit more,:dust:

10-27-2010, 04:42 PM
Thanks for the dust ladies...that should come in handy this week with Aunt Flo in town...ugh!! I hate her!! lol

I love roasted veggies as well...I just cut up veggies, toss 'em in a casserole dish....drizzle a little olive oil...and some type of seasoning, usually Mrs. Dash..or just salt and pepper. I usually bake mine at about 375 degrees for around 20-30 minutes. Just depends on what you're roasting. When I do brocolli I add pine nuts...then for the last 5-10 minutes I sprinkle shredded parmesan on top...SO YUMMY!

10-27-2010, 08:12 PM
Thanks Jyo, that will be on my menu for dinner tonight!

10-27-2010, 11:10 PM
Phase II

B: Veggie omelet, V8
S: RF cheese stick
L: Huge salad with chicken, garbanzo beans
S: Tall skinny hazelnut latte
D: Amy's Low Fat Black Bean Chili
S: Almond butter

10-28-2010, 12:29 AM
lamay, when i roast veggies, i just cut them up, throw them on a baking sheet, hit them with a spray or two of olive oil spray (i use my misto) and then sprinkle with some seasoning (usually mrs. dash). i roast at about 400-425 for 15-20 minutes. sooooooooooooooo good. i always make more than we will eat so I have some for snacks the next day.

10-28-2010, 12:49 AM
B-pumpkin oatmeal w/ff greek yogurt
L-taco meatball, chipotle hummus, snow peas and zucchini
D-broccoli, celerey, chipotle hummus, small apple, a little bit of SmartTaste pasta w/sauce, 3 strips turkey bacon

10-28-2010, 09:18 AM
My mom is in town for the next 5 days so my menus will be kind of skewed. I do the best I can when she is in town and strive for maintenance beyond all else. Watching portions has always been hard for me, and it's always a test when I'm out of my element like this.

tummy is still kind of bugging me. it seems sensitive.
1: chocolate cherry smoothie (protein, fro. cherries, spinach) - had about half, tasted weird.
2: had a romaine salad with grilled chicken
3: going out for mexican - planning on having chicken fajitas and just leaving off the tortilla.

10-28-2010, 12:54 PM
Morning on planers. Let's all stay on plan and work toward looking a little like this :sklol:.

Yesterday was another good phase 1 op day for me and I am confident that today will be too.

B -Mock pancakes w/sf jam, 1 turkey bacon, V8 and decaf coffee w/sf creamer. Still don't understand how sf jam can be a phase one item when it contains fruit but what the heck, it's on the list and isn't causing me any cravings so I'm going to have it.
S - Nothing
L - 6 very thin deli chicken slices w/roasted garlic hummus, grn salad w/cucumber, tomato and balsamic dressing
S - Nothing
D - Roasted chicken breast, roasted broccoli w/ lf cheese, grn salad w/radish, tomato, mushrooms w/balsamic dressing
Dessert - 1 cup yogurt w/cinn and pecans

Zef - Acknowledging what you are facing with your mom in town is half the battle. Just keep it in the back of your mind and do the best you can.

Jyo and Zef - Thanks so much for the help on roasting vegs. As you can see, I had some for dinner last night and they were great! So much more flavor than steamed.

I stopped by Whole Foods a couple of days ago and picked up a couple of Annie's salad dressings. Haven't tried them yet but glad I have them in the house when I'm ready. I also looked at almond butter and was surprised at how expensive it is plus I read that it was 190 calories per serving which I thought was a lot. So I didn't buy any. Then when I came home, I looked at the natural peanut butter that I have been using and surprise :eek: it is 210 calories per serving. Who would have thought! I have so much more to learn.:?: but I'll get there.

I did much better yesterday getting my meals in but still need to work on the snacks too.

The old "I want to eat" feeling came back a little late last night while I was watching tv and I was so tempted but hung in there and didn't cave and felt so much better this morning. I'm learning that when those feelings come, they usually don't last too long and do go away.............

Here's hoping you all have a great on plan day today.

10-28-2010, 01:34 PM
Hi everyone- day 4 on phase 1

B- veggie burger w/fresh salsa & lt crm chs
S- 15 almonds
L- lentil stew w/salsa & a dill pickle
s- celery & pepper strips w/spicy hummus
D- baked spaghetti squash casserole

Tracy :-)

10-28-2010, 02:10 PM

coffee w/sf creamer
2 eggs, 2 turkey sausage links

tuna fish cucumber boats
white bean turkey chili


taco casserole w/lettuce, tomato, avacado and FF sour cream

SB PB cup

10-28-2010, 03:57 PM
someone get this *$&Y@*@ halloween candy away from me!

10-28-2010, 04:21 PM
uh oh...attack of the Halloween candy, Zeff!!! EEEEKKK!!!!

10-28-2010, 05:51 PM
Run Zef Run :running:! Stay strong :strong: I know you can do it!

10-28-2010, 06:13 PM
We need fruits in the house, sucking on limes is getting to me, lol! All is well on Phase 2 and I'm happy to be losing weight steadily!

10-28-2010, 10:48 PM
I need to get serious here. This is ridiculous. We're going to a concert in the park tomorrow over the lunch hour and I think we're going to go to a deli with an awesome salad bar for lunch - I can get a salad that is good for me! woo. I can feel that I've been eating crap for less than two days. I can't believe I ate this way before and didn't have an issue with it.

Had mexican last night - bad idea. really is plaguing me this morning. i don't know if my tummy is stable enough right now to handle food.

10-29-2010, 03:40 PM
I'm a little surprised to be the first poster on the on plan thread this morning because I know there are plenty of you out there working the plan. Guess everyone is just having a busy day.

However, I need to post my on plan meals right now and sure would love to see others as it is helping me so much.

Yesterday Phase one
B - Omlette w/mushrooms, tomatoes w/ff sour cream, V8
S - String cheese, cucumber
L - None
S - 1 cup plain yogurt w/cinnamon, splenda and pecans
D - Lean hamburger patty, roasted cauliflower, grn salad w/ balsamic dressing
Dessert - No bake cheesecake

I actually "ate" my dessert while making it because I kept licking the spoon. It is so good. The recipe made 12 cupcake sizes and I've frozen them for future use. What a good feeling to know I have them ready to go when needed.

Hope you all have a great op TGIF.

10-29-2010, 04:22 PM
Yep, dinner was a weird one. One of those nights of running around town all night. My snack after work was pretty sufficient, so I wasn't all that hungry after running errands...hence the cheerios.

@lamay....I need to make some of those cheesecake things. My husband was begging for cheesecake the other cream cheese in the house right now. I need to make some to keep on hand for HIS cravings :p


coffee w/sf creamer
2 eggs, 2 turkey sausage links

taco casserole over bed of lettuce

triscuits w/canadian bacon and cheese
vienna sausage bites

cheerios w/1% milk

10-29-2010, 04:34 PM
This may be a double post, but meh.

Phase 2
B-FF greek yogurt with vanilla extract and splenda, red pear
L-Flatout with kale, sf pasta sauce, and part skim mozzie
D-went a bit overboard at my fave mediterranean place, but MOST of it was on plan over doing

10-29-2010, 04:57 PM
Phase II

NUTS (20)
Meat: 3 servings

10-29-2010, 06:42 PM
For the first time since starting SB over two weeks ago, I didn't have anything planned for dinner tonight and got the most awful shaky nervous feeling of panic :yikes:...........if it was just me, it would be easier :rolleyes: but have to please DH (who as I've mentioned before is tall and thin) too. So after thinking and worrying :chin: about it most of the morning, I got online and took another look at recipes. Found one that sounded like something he would like and thank the higher power I had all the ingredients and it is on the stove cooking as I type! OMG, I feel so much better:cloud9:.

All I can say is, I'm so glad that I had at least planned ahead and had the right ingredients on hand!

10-29-2010, 11:19 PM
Phase II

B: V8, 2 boiled eggs
S: RF cheesestick
L: Salmon, chickpeas, huge salad
S: Tall skinny hazelnut latte, carrots, hummus
D: Chicken breast, parmesan cheese, veggies
S: Almond butter

10-30-2010, 10:29 AM
day 6 P1

weighed in today and NO difference =( and i even drank the veggie juice this time n everything....maybe too much cheese? not enough leafy greens? too many lattès?

would appreciate ur input here....what am i overdoing or underdoing?

B: 2 slices bacon, scrambled eggs & veggie juice& lf lattè
s: lf yogurt w/flaxseeds
L: veggie&lentil soup
s: lf lattè & SBD peanutbutter cheesecake cupcake
D: salad & chicken
d: SBD reeses (made 'em myself-turned out great!)

10-30-2010, 02:15 PM
Jan, wish I had some advice for you but sure don't. Your menu looks fine to me. However, that being said, I have so much more to learn that I'm don't feel qualified to advise anyone yet.

Well, guess it was bound to happen sooner or later and hopefully I learned something about myself because of it :(.

Phase one yesterday
B -Mock pancakes w/sf syrup, 1 turkey bacon, cup ff milk, decaf coffee w/sf creamer.
S - String cheese and cucumber.
L - Deli chicken wrapped around zuchini.
S - 1 cup Greek plain yogurt w/cinn, vanilla, pecans.
D - Hamburger Minestrone soup, roasted cauliflower w/lf cheese.
Dessert - 8! cheesecake cupcakes.

Yep, count them...8 :mad:! Just went crazy eating those things. Don't think I will be making them again or at least not until I feel a whole lot stronger.

The Hamburger soup was good but didn't fill me up and instead of eating more op, I caved.

Interesting and frustrating because DH snacks a lot and I buy, bring home and am never (so far) bothered by his bags of candy and chips. But just couldn't stop eating those darn cheesecakes last night.

But the good news is that I'm back on track this morning and even more determined than ever.

Here's to a great on plan day for all of us who are fighting this battle!

10-30-2010, 06:14 PM
Phase 2
B-pumpkin oatmeal
L-Veggie pizza w/ ww crust, salad
D-Gonna try that roasted veg and goat cheese pasta I had planned for last night

10-30-2010, 06:38 PM
Ya'll...I ran a 5k this morning for the first time since my sons were born. I actually ran...the entire time. Final time was 27:56, which I consider pretty decent because I've been sick all week and haven't been in the gym at all. I was totally pumped when I got there, and everything felt fine. I could have started off a bit slower, though. I came in 53rd out of 324 people. I wish I could have broken the top 50, but it gives me something to strive for. Mama needs to work on her pacing.

1: half a whole wheat bagel, almond butter
2: vanilla yogurt with strawberries and kiwis, a few bites of whole wheat bran muffin
3: sf hazelnut ff latte
4: guiltless pizza (ww, sf crust, lots of veggies, vegetarian cheese)

I know, not many veggies or anything today. My schedule was kind of skewed due to the race and then my 4.5 hour shopping extravaganza in the afternoon.

10-30-2010, 08:15 PM
Congrats on your run, Zef. Way to go!!

10-31-2010, 07:25 AM
grrrrr. post got deleted....check in later!
happy halloween ladies!!

10-31-2010, 12:53 PM
Zef, OMG I'm so proud of you! That is awsome. I would be thrilled just to be able to walk a 5k at this point in my life.

Yesterday phase one

B - Decaf coffee w/sf creamer, 1 turkey bacon, 2 eggs, V8.
S - none
L - 6 Deli turkey slices wrapped around zuchini w/Dijon mustard, tomato and onion.
S - none
D - HB soup, grn salad w/radish, celery, mushrooms, tomato and avacado.
Dessert - Ff Ricotta w/ tsp pb and tbs sf jam.

Still having a problem getting the snacks in but I'm working on it.

Hope everyone has a nice calm relaxed on plan Sunday. See you all here tomorrow.

10-31-2010, 04:10 PM
B-pumpkin oatmeal
L-Flatout w/ .25 c part-skim mozzerella, .25 c Emeril's Roasted Red Pepper pasta sauce (seriously, has anyone tried this? 70 cal per half cup, all SBD-friendly ingredients, and really tasty), 2 c kale + one medium pear
D-Braised red cabbage, baked sweet potato, 2 chicken sausages

10-31-2010, 04:44 PM
Breakfast: Beans
Snack: nuts (5)
Lunch: Beans
Snack: Eggs
Dinner: Nuts (10)
Water: 8 cups!