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10-24-2010, 11:45 PM
...I ran 12 miles today. When I started running in January in the 180s I could barely run 1 mile. I've worked out through my weight loss, but I really wasn't comfortable running until I got under 200 lbs. I used to run a little when I was younger but nothing serious. Now I'm a runner. I'm not fast, I dont look spectacular doing it, but I am a runner. It blows my mind that this is where I am 120+ lbs later. It's more than I could ever have dreamed of. I guess this is what disappoints me so much about the fact that I still struggle with binging. I know that weight loss doesn't solve everything, but for me, it's sure solved a lot. Emotionally I still struggle with the same things, but it all seems a little easier when the weight isn't there on top of it all.

Anyway, not to bring down an amazing moment - NSV, oh and I managed to make it through this weekend binge free, PMS and all. So now a taper in my milage and the big half marathon is on the 14th...a half marathon!

10-25-2010, 06:45 AM
Good for you!!!

10-25-2010, 08:13 AM
Wow...12 miles...that's inspiring! On the binging thing...why not just allow yourself a "cheat meal" once a week or once every 2 weeks? I find that allowing myself a cheat meal once a week, erraticates the desire (most weeks) to even cheat. Just knowing that I can, and still lose weight, takes the "taboo" out of my favorites meals (Jamaican Food..yum). The only tip is if and when you have your cheat meal, monitor the sizes and portion. Still get in your proteins with your fats...don't just go crazy with a huge bowl of pasta and bread!!!:o

On the running tip...I totally identify with you. Now..21 lbs lighter than I was 7 weeks ago...I'm already finding running easier. I'm "bottom heavy" so I think if you have "skinny legs/thighs" it makes running easier. I hope to share a similar end as you when I drop the next twenty.

Again....way to GO!!!!:)

10-25-2010, 11:41 AM
:bravo: and :bravo:.... You should be proud, thanks for sharing...

10-25-2010, 11:45 AM
thats so awesome! the thought of running even a few feet is beyond me, lol. but I;m considering going for a jog today after my son goes to my moms. I just cant get past the whole "jiggle" thing, lol.

10-28-2010, 01:28 AM
Thanks for posting this. I needed that inspiration. I have been running 5ks for a year, and I will eventually extend that lenght, but I am right now concerned on the speed I guess. Anyhow, my big problem is that once I run a competition I "Rest" for a week. Sometimes I do not mean to do it that long, but things pile up and I just do not have time. I want to run a half marathon too at some point, so I will run more frequently and run longer.