General Diet Plans and Questions - Jackie Warner - This Is Why You're Fat

10-21-2010, 12:23 PM
Has anyone read this book and tried it? I am still reading it but to start it off you add food and have a requirement to meet for two weeks. You dont have to stop eating the food you always eat, but the whole point is you will get full off of the foods you are required to eat that you no longer want to eat or crave the bad stuff. So far I have lost 1 pound after one day. Its insane how much more energy I have. It makes sense too! I love it because it is stuff I can get at the store that isn't crazy expensive. The changes are small but man they make a difference.

I read a lot of reviews on the book, which is difficult because I know some are not real and a lot of people don't like Jackie because of the way she does things. This book, though, is so true. I am sticking to my workout plan but going to change my eating habits to follow this. It is about getting your body (including your organs) back in shape!

If you have done this program let me know how it worked for you.

01-16-2011, 09:43 PM
Is there anyone here who has tried or is trying Jackie Warner's plan from her book, This is why you're Fat? Would love to start a support group.

01-18-2011, 04:17 PM
Abbyew I would love to know how the Jackie plan worked out for you. If anyone else has tried it please post. Thanks.

01-19-2011, 06:23 PM
HI, I just started today, I have read the book,
I love the idea of after the two week jump start, then if you eat clean for 5 days,you get to have two treat meals on the weekends!!! this is something I can do.

01-21-2011, 10:04 PM
Glad the moderator moved my question to this thread. I'm also curious if you tried it out and what you thought of it, Abby.

Red74 and jusalilbabefat-I read through the book and think I'm going to try the 2 week add in phase. Are you starting as well? I'd love to start with someone else for support. Let me know. :carrot:

01-22-2011, 02:10 PM
Hi Ann,
I'm on day 4 of the two week Jump start and I'm 10lbs lighter.
I have eaten alot less junk as well. I have found with the foods that I have added in, I dont crave the Junk. I also have been working out too.

I have tried other plans, but this one is much more doable.

01-22-2011, 02:19 PM
Never read the book, but I like Jackie's workout videos!:D

01-22-2011, 06:18 PM
Awesome, Red! I was really hoping to hear that. It seems like a lot to add in, but it's low calorie and nutrient dense, so it makes sense that you wouldn't be able to eat as much of the other stuff. What are you putting in your oatmeal? Did you start any of the supplements that she recommends? If so, which brands?

I hope to join you tomorrow or monday, depending on when i can get to the grocery store.

Joyfull-good for you! I wish I was in good enough shape to do her videos.

01-22-2011, 06:53 PM
Joyfull-good for you! I wish I was in good enough shape to do her videos.

Actually, I started when I was 209 lbs doing her video. I run now. When I first started my journey I was reaaaaaaallly out of shape. Jackie has this video called, 10 minute (something or other). It's a total of 30 min workout. But in 10 min segments. Make no mistake...10 minutes was really hard for me....but it's "doable"...and it's nice to slowly work up to 30 min and stay within the same video!:D

01-22-2011, 08:33 PM
Thanks Ann!!

The supplements that I am using are Whey Powder (Jilliian Michaels Brand @ Walmart)
CLA Blue bonnet Tonalin.(health food stores) Ester C vitamin C.

I like to put in a little truvia with cinnamon splash of almond milk sometimes I will put berries or apple in it, with some chopped almonds.

Good luck with starting the plan!!

01-22-2011, 09:05 PM
Thanks,red for the oatmeal ideas. Keep up the good work.

Joyful- I may check out that video. Thanks.

01-23-2011, 09:08 PM
I went and got all the foods I need at the store tonight to start the first 2 weeks (add in) phase. Please check in when you can, red. I would love the support of someone else who is doing the same program. It seems like we may be the only two around on this site. :)

01-23-2011, 11:51 PM
Hi Ann, Thats great that you have all the groceries for the 2 week jump start.
did you also buy supplements?

are you starting tomorrow?
I have had so much energy just by starting the two week phase.
Im starting to weed out the junk.

keep me posted also on how you're doing.

it's nice to know someone else is doing the program.

01-24-2011, 09:57 PM
Hi red,

Overall, I had a great first day. Got the water with lemon in, had my oatmeal, eggs, fruit, veggies (but only 2, I was hoping for 3), and whey protein shake. Haven't had the tea and not sure I feel like it. Breakfast lunch and snacks were pretty healthy, but dinner wasn't so great because we ate at a relatives and she didn't really have any vegetables or healthy options. Oh well, right now it's about adding in the new things, right?

As for supplements, I couldn't even think about all the things she recommended. I did get a high quality multivitamin, fish oil, and ester c. I figure I can start with that and maybe add the other things eventually. The amino acids are confusing. I couldn't find a combo that had all the ones she recommended and I really didn't want to buy like 7 different pills.

Good news--I don't feel hungry. Bad news--dinner wasn't great and I didn't get in time to exercise. Baby steps, right?

How was your day?

01-25-2011, 12:10 AM
HI Ann,
My day was pretty good. Did the water and vitamin etc.
The amino acids are confusing to me too. So is the Creatine.
Im not sure if im going to add those in or not.

My eating today was better than yesterday.
Hubby brought home bagels and cream cheese. so I had a couple then later on that night I had granola bars. Carbs are a problem for me.

I made some kale chips today that were pretty good.
They are low cal and a good way to fit in veggies.

I got in my workout I did Jackie's power circuit video also Zumba.

Its great that your not hungry, as for the dinner just keep on going tomorrow.

definitely Baby steps!!!

01-25-2011, 09:14 PM
Hi red,

yes, carbs are my downfall too. I can totally relate. Veggies are the hardest for me. I really just don't like them. I'm interested in how those kale chips tasted. How do you make them? Sounds like you're doing great on the plan. When do you get off the first 2 weeks again?

My day today was good. I stayed on target and got all my foods in so far besides my protein shake and tea. I hope to get them in before bed. If not, oh well. Took my supplements. Drank more than enough water. So far, so good No exercise again, but I'll get to that hopefully soon. One step at a time. One day at a time. lol.

Hope you had another fabulous day. I'll check in again tomorrow :carrot:

01-25-2011, 09:30 PM
HI Ann,
Its great that you stayed on target with your food today.

I didn't get my supplements in, but I got everything else in. Im done with the 2 week jump start on Feb 1

As for the Kale chips, get a bunch of kale, cut them in to chips but you will want to cut the middle out. it looks kind've like a green vein down the middle of the leaves. then you spritz olive oil or pour alittle olive oil over all the chips.
and sprinkle Kosher salt over them. bake @ 350 for about 15 min.
they do tend to burn easily so watch them closely. My Hubby liked them but My kids didn't.

sounds like you had a great day,
hope you have another tomorrow!!

01-26-2011, 06:29 PM
Hi Red,

Ugh, I feel so awful today. I've come down with a nasty cold. Good news is that I have no appetite. Bad news is that there is no way I can choke down the veggies today. I'll be happy to get one cup in. LOL. I think I've managed to get all the rest of my food, water, and supplements in (minus the veggies).

Hope your day went well. :carrot:

01-26-2011, 11:05 PM
Hi Ann, its too bad that you don't feel well. for colds, there is a great brand of tea called yogi tea. I use cold season and breathe deep. they work really well.

that's great that you got most of your food and supplements in.
I understand not eating veggies when your'e sick.

I got everything in too but im having a tough time with sugar.
I am having a sugar headache so maybe thats a good thing. I dont want more after having this pain. its not worth it.

well you also take care,

01-27-2011, 10:56 AM
You guys are totally inspiring me to get it together on Jackie's plan. I'm going to commit to keep posting on this thread so I can stay motivated. Guess I better get grocery shopping. Any ideas for a tasty protein shake?

01-27-2011, 12:04 PM
red--thanks for the tea recommendations. I'll check it out. So, what are your weight loss goals? Do you have short term and long term goals? I need to start thinking about what mine should be. Are you having sugar withdrawal headaches? I've had that before when I gave up sugar and it's rough. They say that fruit helps ease the headaches a bit since it's a natural sugar. Maybe you can try some extra fruit since we aren't limited to any food right now as long as we get in our add ins. Maybe you can also use this time to ease off the sugar. Still include some and lower the amount every day since we won't really be able to have it anymore once the 2 weeks is up (except on cheat meals).

justalilbabefat--Please come join us! We can use all the support that we can get around here. So far, the 2 week add in period has been easy for me. I'm not feeling hungry. The big challenge will be once I move past these two weeks. LOL.

Take care, girls.

jusalilbabefat--do you already have the book? If not, maybe we can fill you in on the details for the first two weeks until you get it. Let me know.

01-27-2011, 12:24 PM
Hi Ann, My weightloss goal is to lose about 15-20lbs..
Thanks for the advice about the sugar withdrawl headaches.

justalilbabefat- join us!!!! as for the protein shake < I use Jillian Michaels Brand.

I mix it in a blender with a cup of water, or a cup of almond milk, Frozen banana
and 1 Tbs ground flax seed. It's also really good using the chocolate whey,
frozen banana and 1 Tbs of Natural peanut butter. you can also use any kind of fruit, I like to use frozen fruit it makes the shake really thick.

Have a great day Ladies!!!!!

01-27-2011, 01:21 PM
I do have the book, Ann. I'm going to go grocery shopping today and get a few more things I need. I have a question about the eggs, could I skip the yolk? Would that be cheating?

01-27-2011, 05:16 PM
It would probably be fine, but I would maybe add an extra egg white.

01-27-2011, 09:48 PM
Another good day. Got all my food, water, and supplements in. Now if I can start getting rid of some of the junk. Granola bar, handful of doritos, handful of m&ms. I'm going to be in for a rude awakening after the first two weeks when I cant eat all these things. :dizzy:

I found myself very hungry this afternoon. I realized that It mightve been because i was rushed and didn't do my eggs and oatmeal in the morning (actually had them for dinner). I wont make that mistake again. I really think it helps keep me going all day.

Hope you are all well.

01-27-2011, 09:53 PM
I does anyone add vanilla almond milk into their oatmeal? I just can't see me not adding something to my oatmeal. Any suggestions for natural sweetners that are not stevia or truvia? I'm not a big fan of truvia something about the taste of it I guess.

01-27-2011, 11:20 PM
I had an Ok day. I got my water in along with my oatmeal and eggs.
I ate way to much cereal for a snack today, along with Peanut butter.
Its going to be tough for me to control the portions. But I think it will be manageable. Ann, I know what you mean about the Junk. I love the Twizzlers,
Rees'es etc. I have to keep it out of my house.

Jusalilbabefat- I add almond milk to my oatmeal, sometimes I use alittle coconut
milk. not the stuff in the can, it's in a 64oz container like the almond milk.
I know its off plan, its really good and has healthy fats.

as for a natural sweetener there is agave but there are sugars in it.

take care,
on to another day!!!!

01-28-2011, 10:38 AM
I guess I'm going to keep reading the book. I am a serious sugar addict. I have been forever and breaking the hold sugar has on me is going to be long and difficult I can already tell.

01-28-2011, 02:45 PM
jusalilbabefat--Oh, I know what you mean. I have read several books on sugar addiction (Sugar Shock is a good one) and I know I am a total addict. I also know that I feel much better when I'm off the stuff--fewer mood swings and headaches. But, it is addictive and tastes so darn good.

As for another alternative, why don't you try all natural no sugar added jam? I found one that only has 5g sugars per serving. It is sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar or corn syrup. Make sure you don't buy the stuff with splenda though. Ingredients should only be fruit and fruit juice. I put a spoonful into my oatmeal (tastes good) and always use it in my plain greek yogurt.

Agave is controversial. Some say it doesn't cause the insulin spikes, others say that it's very similar to corn syrup in its makeup. If you can't do truvia, I would try the no sugar added jam.

red--I guess we need to just remember that for now adding in is what's important. We'll worry about getting the other stuff out when we get to the next phase. You said you lost 10 lbs already, right? So, you're almost at goal! You'll be there in no time.

I'll check in again later.

01-28-2011, 08:08 PM
I didn't know that there was a book about this but its sort of way I've been eating since the beginning of January anyway. It really works!! I'm going to have to go have a look at this book and see the details...

01-28-2011, 08:49 PM
Hi Asherah- glad you found us. Come join us since you're already eating like us! :)

I had a Good day with my eating. I think I got all my stuff in. Getting a little sick of eggs since I don't really love them to start with.

Hope you're all well. This cold is lingering and kicking my butt. :(

Here's to a great weekend!

Let in the Slim
01-28-2011, 10:29 PM
Hello all! Am I glad to find you! This is my first time on a forum. I have been looking for anyone using Jackie Warner. I followed her diet in 2010 and dropped some weight, but life got in the way...
So I'm back and need to start again. So the journey begins....

01-29-2011, 11:11 AM
Welcome, Let in the Slim. So glad to have someone else to join us. Are you just getting started again on the 2 week add in phase? Good luck and keep checking in.

How's everyone else today?

01-29-2011, 10:30 PM

Hope you all had a great day. I got all my add-in foods in and ate OK overall. I can't seem to stop from having the late evening granola bar (not the healthy kind either). Oh well. I'll keep working on it.

The cold seems a bit better. Hope that I can get started with my walking program in the next day or two...


01-29-2011, 11:07 PM
Glad to hear the cold is clearing up Ann. I am really digging the eggs but I just started the the first phase so maybe I'll be changing my tune soon. Had a bit of a hard time getting all my veggies in today. I think I'll add some spinach to my protein shake tomorrow. Hope all is well. Later.

01-30-2011, 12:28 AM
Yay! :yay:I'm so glad I found you guys. Mind if I join in?
I started this program about 3 weeks ago. I've lost about 15 pounds so far. I had my first cheat meal today, and it was soooooo nice! I think that the 2 cheat meals a week are going to keep me sane. =)

01-30-2011, 04:21 PM
Hi Everyone, Welcome Laannee and Asherah and Let in the slim!

Laannee, thats great that you have lost 15lbs!!!! Do you use all the supplements that Jackie Recommends? I did this last year and didnt stick with it. I end the two week phase today and start the 5+2 monday.
Ann, I know what you mean about the granola bars.
I need to work on my sugar consumption.
hopefully I can stick to the plan this week,and I have the weekend to look forward to.

01-30-2011, 05:58 PM
Does anyone use her dvd's or just the workouts she has in the book? I'm getting sneaky with my fruit and veggie consumption. I hid them in the protein shake and that helped get my numbers up.

01-30-2011, 06:16 PM
jusalilbabefat- I use her personal Training with Jackie DVD, along with other workouts on DVD.

01-30-2011, 06:27 PM
I do take some of the supplements suggested. I've been taking fish oil, ester C, CLA, and BCAAs. Then I do the shakes with just the whey protein, spinach, and berries. I'm doing my second treat meal tonight...I feel really guilty about it though. lol I keep telling myself "It's not cheating! It's part of the program."

01-30-2011, 10:21 PM
hi everyone,

I didn't have the greatest day today. Had two parties so didn't make the best food choices. I also didn't manage to get in my shake and one of my fruits. oh well.

Welcome Laannee! Glad you found us. What BCAA do you take? Is it one pill or multiple? Congrats on your weight loss.

Hi to everyone else.

01-31-2011, 01:22 PM
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to check in. I was finally well enough to exercise this morning. I did 30 mins on elliptical. I'm only planning on 30 mins for now. I also weighed in after my first week on Jackie's plan and I lost 4 lbs. YAY!

Hope you all have a great day.

01-31-2011, 03:08 PM
Hello Everyone!

Good job Ann! Glad you're feeling better. Have you read the whole book yet? If not you should read a little further..She talks about her 20 minute workout programs after explaining the 5-2 stuff. She has a specific one for the elliptical. You'll get your workout done faster but it'll be more beneficial. I've been doing the treadmill workout and It's a really good one. =)

I had my 2nd cheat meal, I feel guilty about it even though it's part of the program. I find myself wanting to still eat healthy, but I had pizza last night. I don't think I'm going to do that again, I almost got sick because of it. Everything else is going really well though. I'm loving my protein shakes! I stocked up on a bunch of frozen fruits: peaches, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. YUM! :T

01-31-2011, 07:16 PM
Great Job Ann!!!! I started the 5+2 plan today, so far so good.
the weekend wasn't so good had candy and popcorn @ the movies.

Laannee, Have you tried frozen banana in your Shake? its like ice cream.

01-31-2011, 08:18 PM
red--congrats on making it to the next phase! Good luck. Just remember, all you have to do is make it through 5 days clean and then you can indulge a bit! Keep us posted on how it's going.

Laannee--I'm just getting started on exercise after a long time of being sedentary. For a few weeks, I just hope to survive a half hour of mild activity. After that, I'm good to go with her workout plan (and I hope to try it!).

I'm still struggling to get those veggies in. For those of you that add spinach to the whey protein shakes, how does it taste? Tell me the truth, can you taste the spinach?!? LOL.

01-31-2011, 08:50 PM
Ann, I don't like spinach in my shakes,( I can taste it) I scramble it in my eggs and put it in a sprouted grain tortilla with some salsa though. thats really good!!!

Let in the Slim
01-31-2011, 10:13 PM
Hi everyone

I'm still in the beginning 2 week period but food is going well. My big problem is drinking all of the water! Only 1.5 out of 3 today? Any suggestions on how to ensure water consumption?

01-31-2011, 10:52 PM
let in the slim- every night, I fill a 3-liter pitcher with filtered water for the next day. I slice a whole lemon really thin and drop it in (you can also add lemon juice instead). It gets really cold overnight and the lemon flavor seeps into the water and makes it tasty. When I wake up the following day, I start drinking from that pitcher and I drink from it all day. Nobody else in the family is allowed to touch it. I know psychologically that I need to drink the whole thing. When I get ready to leave the house, I take a large water bottle (sigg bottle) and fill it with that water to take with me. Believe it or not, I'm usually done with the whole thing by dinner.

Red- do u eat a whole cup of spinach like that in the eggs/tortilla? How did your first day on the 5 and 2 go? Were you hungry?

02-01-2011, 12:12 AM
Hi Ann, I use probably about two cups of fresh spinach it cooks down.
Today went really well I wasn't hungry at all. I wasnt sure If I would get in my meals and two snacks but I did, along with water and supplements.

I also got my workout in, planned meals for the week for myself and my family. the recipes in the book seem somewhat kid friendly. so we are trying a few.
this is starting out to be a great week!!!!

02-01-2011, 01:35 AM
Hi again!

Red-I haven't tried a frozen banana in the shakes..but it sounds delicious, I will try it! I have been putting grapes in the freezer and been having them for snacks. They are like little popsicles, really good!

Let in the slim-I keep a water bottle with me at all times, and I give myself a time limit for each refill. So I tell myself "I have to drink this one by noon" for example. I chug it if needed, haha

Ann-I use fresh spinach in my shakes and I can't taste it. I could though when I used frozen.

Talk to you all again soon! Good luck!

Let in the Slim
02-01-2011, 11:02 AM
Thanks Ann! Good suggestion. I will have to leave it out of the fridge. Drinking cold water makes me cold. Crazy. :dizzy:

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to incorporate the meal plans into family life? I have a 4 & 2 years old and just like any kids, meat and veggies are not interesting to them. They will eat any and all fruits and veggies, but making meat fun and edible to them is no easy feat.

I also have been wearing a pedometer, for those of you interested. I'm trying to get in 10,000 steps a day until I finish the first 2 weeks. Can I start the cardio before the 2 weeks is up?

My long term goal is to run the 5km Run for the Cure in October!

02-01-2011, 09:40 PM
Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great day today. I stayed on plan overall, but ate too much rice at dinner. Oh well. I also managed another 30 mins on the elliptical machine.

Let in the Slim--I can sympathize with you. My 4 year old only eats meat if it's breaded (e.g., chicken nuggets), and she hasn't touched a vegetable since she was a baby. Sadly, I mostly make a meal for her and another for my hubby and I. But that's nothing new, it's just the way it is in our house. She's a really picky eater and I can't wait for the day that she'll eat what we eat. Good luck getting yourself ready for that 5K. I'd love to do one myself, but it's a long way off!!!

red--Awesome job! So glad to hear that you weren't hungry. Wow, you really have your act together with all the menu planning. WTG!

Let's keep it up! Hoping for some big losses from us this week! :carrot:

02-02-2011, 01:33 PM
Just doing a quick check in today. I have a busy afternoon with work. So far, I'm on plan and also managed to get in a 30 minute walk on the treadmill. How's everyone else doing? :carrot:

02-02-2011, 02:47 PM
Hi Ann!!!! Im doing great so far!!!! good job getting that workout in!!
I tried the energizing shake recipe from the book this morning and used frozen spinach, it wasn't too bad, it might take some getting used to.
I also got my work out in.

02-02-2011, 08:01 PM
I could taste the spinach when I added it to my shake, but I like spinach so it wasn't so bad. Mostly the texture was a put off. I have her extreme abs dvd and I did that today with a lil turbo jam. It felt good to be moving my body again.

02-03-2011, 02:34 PM
Another quick hello. Hope to have more time for personals tomorrow. I'm eating well for the most part and got in a 30 minute walk! I'll check in tomorrow.

02-04-2011, 06:05 PM
Ann, I don't like spinach in my shakes,( I can taste it) I scramble it in my eggs and put it in a sprouted grain tortilla with some salsa though. thats really good!!!

I find the only thing that really helps the spinach or other veggies in smoothie shakes are bananas. They totally mask the flavor. That being said, I've had a shake with fresh baby spinach with mangoes, peaches, strawberries and vanilla yogurt- no problem. I did the same with shredded baby carrots- made it more sweet! Eh, everyone's tastes are different.

02-05-2011, 09:48 AM
Hi, Ladies

So awesome you have kept this thread going! :carrot:

Though I'm familiar with Jackie from "Thintervention" and I recall hearing about some of her principles on the show, I don't have her book (yet).

Would one of you please give me kind of a thumb-nail sketch of her plan? Most recently, I tend to follow a clean-eating regimen (when I stick to it). I did try Ideal Protein for about a month, but I have very low blood pressure and fainted three times, so they booted me of the plan:dizzy:

I'm looking for a doable plan with a smaller support group to keep me accountable.

Thank you for your input!:)

02-05-2011, 10:32 AM
Hi there!

Sorry I didn't get a chance to check in yesterday. I've been really trying to check in on 3FC daily because it keeps me accountable, but it was a busy week. I've managed to eat on plan all week, have gotten in all my add ins for the most part. Only 2 more days until I move onto the 5+2 plan. Wish me luck. Oh, and I also managed to exercise every day this week (only a half hour, but something). YAY!

Newton--Welcome! Please join us! I think you'll love this way of eating. I'm feeling great. For the first phase (2 weeks), you don't have to take anything out of your diet. You simply add in the following each day: 1 cup cooked oatmeal, 2 eggs, 2 fruits, 2-3 cups veggies, 2-3 liters of water with lemon, herbal tea at night, and supplements (multivitamins, fish oil, vitamin C, and several others). What you'll find is by getting all those things in, your body is more satisfied and you tend not to reach for the junk as much (at least I don't). After you finish the two weeks add in, you transition to a eating plan where you eat "clean" for 5 days (with specific portions of foods) and then you get 2 cheat meals on the weekends after you've eaten clean for 5 days. We can tell you more about it when you get there. Hope you decide to join us.

amandie--thanks for that tip. May be worth trying out.

How are the rest of you doing with your eating/exercise? Check in and keep us posted.

xoxo :hug:

02-05-2011, 12:51 PM
Hello!!!! Ann great job on sticking on plan and working out!!!
Welcome Newton!!!!
well I stayed on plan all week!!! and worked out as well.
My hubby and I went out to eat Last night and I stayed on plan, this is great
to be able to eat at a restaurant and eat healthy. ( I had fajitas)
now that it is the weekend I dont want the junk.
If I crave something this weekend it will be a controlled snack, I dont think I can do a full meal. I dont want a" food hang over".

Also, drinking all that water really helps with hunger.
I think in weeks past I have been confusing dehydration with hunger and overeating .

I am so happy with this plan so far!!!!
Now on to a great weekend!!!!!

02-05-2011, 02:46 PM
red--you're doing great! I feel the same way about this first phase. I know I can eat anything as long as I get my add ins in, but after I eat them, I don't have the desire to eat any junk. It's amazing.

newton--forgot to add that you should also add in a whey protein shake every day (one without added sugar). A lot of folks use the shake as an opportunity to squeeze in some of their fruit and veggies.

This is directed to everyone--Do you have any positive changes to report that are not weight related? I do. I know it's been less than 2 weeks, but already I feel like my skin is clearer (maybe from the water????), I have no heartburn (I usually pop tums everynight), and I generally feel less bloated. Anyone else???

02-05-2011, 03:32 PM
I have so much energy I got up at 6:00 this morning, and did some yoga.
I am also not bloated.

Let in the Slim
02-06-2011, 10:57 AM
Ann & Red
You two are sooo good! Can I ask what is motivating you? I have NO motivation and it is really bugging me. I know I have to drop weight, but have no gusto to do anything about it. I don't know if it is because it is winter and I just want to hibernate.... HELP!
As well, do you eat the same way every day? eg. eggs=midmorning snack, etc.

02-07-2011, 12:43 PM
Hi Let in the slim,
At first I wasn't motivated, I read the book and decided to give it a try.
I like how at first you eat the same as you normally would, but add in the food that Jackie suggests. As I did that I started to feel better, and then I had the energy to workout. after the two weeks, I started the 5+2 and by the weekend I didnt want to binge on Junk. I did have a couple of treats, I found "healthier" versions of my old ones. So, my motivation would be Feeling better and not sluggish any more, as well as having 4 kids and a husband who depend on me,
I really need energy to keep up with them.

I eat the same way every day, but not the same foods.
I like to have variety.

02-07-2011, 01:58 PM
Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and that you had a great weekend/superbowl night. I had a great weekend. We had a little superbowl party at our place and I totally went off plan. Ate way too much junk-- chips and dip, pizza, brownies, etc. I'm just going to put it behind me and get right back on track today. Usually, I would let a slip up like this totally take me off track. Not anymore, this is about a lifestyle change, not a quick weight loss on and off thing. I'm done with that. Today was also my weigh in day and I got up and weighed in despite my awful night of eating. I gained .5 lb. I'm a little bummed about it, but again, it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, right?

Today starts the 5+2 plan for me. I'm not sure I see how different it will be for me as I've pretty much been eating clean for the 2 week add in phase (minus last night). I guess I'm just going to have to pay attention to my portion sizes since I wasn't worried so much about that before now. Wish me luck!

Let in the Slim--I think that motivation goes up and down depending on your mood, hormones, stress level, etc. I guess I'm just fed up of being so heavy and I want to feel better. I want to be healthy for myself and my family. I want to fit back into clothes that don't have to be bought in a plus size store. I want to feel physically better and be fit. I want to improve my mood and set a good example for my daughter, who is already such a picky eater. I guess that's where it's coming from. What helps me on a day to day basis is coming here. I try to check in at least once a day, post an update, read all my "buddies" updates, and read through other posts of interest. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by it all, I read through some of the goal posts on this board, look at the before and after pics, and just get completely motivated by the transformations. I've lost weight before with the help of online buddies and nothing compares. I love the mutual support, sharing of tips and ideas, and being held accountable.

As for what I eat each day, this is a sample of a day when I was on the first two week plan. I still haven't fully figured out what will work for me on this next phase. I do know that I'm much more successful when I plan my meals and snacks. Not planning for me usually leads to getting too hungry and then going off plan.

Phase 2 typical day:
Breakfast: lots of water with lemon, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 cup oatmeal with slivered almonds, raisins, and truvia.
Snack: whey protein shake made with berries, water with lemon
Lunch: tuna with a bit of low fat mayo, 1 slice sprouted grain bread, large vegetable salad with low fat italian dressing, lots of water with lemon
Snack: greek yogurt with a tsp of no sugar jam, large apple, water with lemon
Dinner: chicken stir fry made with lots of veggies, spices, and low sodium soy sauce, sauteed in a little peanut oil; brown rice, lots of water with lemon
Snack: decaf green tea with herbal citrus tea, water with lemon

I guess now it'll be similar, but I'll have to weigh/measure my protein, carb, and fat servings. I think I'll need to do one less protein serving since we only get 4 servings. I also know that I eat way more fat than she recommends (how is 1 serving supposed to help me dress my salad, cook/saute my meats, etc). I may just find that I don't follow her plan exactly and live with the possibility that it slows my weight loss. I have to do what feels best and works for me.

Keep it up, everyone!!!! :carrot:

Let in the Slim
02-07-2011, 09:32 PM
Thanks very much for your insight.

Ann - I'm so glad that this is not going to derail your efforts! You have done a great job and should be proud! You are thinking the right way, this is a life style change and our goal should be to eat the "bad" stuff moderately (although sometimes it's hard). We all know that diets don't work or we wouldn't be on these forums!

It's funny. I know that when I eat better and exercise I feel fantastic. Yet it is so hard to not eat the bad stuff, even when I feel sick after eating it. Guess that's why I need to talk positive to myself and be nice to myself. I read something that I will share with everyone because it struck a chord with me...

"Food is not my friend. Food is not my comforter, nor is it my confidante. It doesn't sing to me or give me wisdom. It's just food. And I am more powerful than food."

02-08-2011, 12:45 PM
Let in the Slim--I think most of us are here because we have the same issues. Why we continue year after year to get off track with healthy eating and exercising when it clearly makes us feel so much better emotionally and physically? That is my lifelong question. For me personally, I think it's a combination of bad habits, bad genetics, mild depression (that takes care of itself when I am regularly exercising/eating well), and sugar addiction. I went on my first diet at 11 and I'm now 38. Been on so many ups and downs with my weight it's crazy.

I had another bad day yesterday. Made chocolate chip mini muffins for DD. She loves the packaged junky kind made by Entenmanns, and I am determined to make a homemade healthier version that she can enjoy and I can live with. I made them with 1/2 whole wheat flour and added in 1/2 cup of butternut squash. I also cut down on the sugar and the butter quite a bit. She likes them, but I found myself popping them yesterday afternoon. I wasn't hungry. I wasn't stressed. I wasn't anything, but I was eating them one after the other. UGH. Trying not to beat myself up, I'm just going to keep plugging along.

This is the way I see it...even if we are on track 80-90% of the time, we're going to lose weight. So what if the weight loss is slow? Fast weight loss has never done anything for me before (I just immediately gain it back). I need to get over my desire to see the numbers go down rapidly. Even an average of 1 lb per week means I'll lose 50 lbs in a year. Losing 50 lbs sounds amazing! I wouldn't have too much more to go to reach my goal. It's totally manageable.

I'm trying to just take it one day at a time. If I eat on plan for 5 days, I can have a treat meal or two if I want to. I think I can manage it if I think of it like that. One day at a time.

Wow, I keep writing these dissertations. Sorry guys. LOL.

02-08-2011, 12:45 PM
"Food is not my friend. Food is not my comforter, nor is it my confidante. It doesn't sing to me or give me wisdom. It's just food. And I am more powerful than food."

I really like this, by the way! So true.

Let in the Slim
02-08-2011, 08:29 PM
Hi everyone!
Does anyone else get terrible sugar withdrawal headaches? If so do we know how long they last before the body adjusts?

02-08-2011, 09:26 PM
Yes! For me, 2-3 days. I recommend fruit when it gets bad...even if you have to eat a lot of it to get you through. Feel better...

Let in the Slim
02-09-2011, 01:14 PM
Ok, so not a great start, but have earned some insight. I have crashed off the wagon today with an iced cappuccino and a donut. Was not nearly as enjoyable as my brain was telling me it was going to be. I'm beginning to believe Kate Moss when she said "nothing tastes better than skinny feels"

02-09-2011, 02:17 PM
Ok, so not a great start, but have earned some insight. I have crashed off the wagon today with an iced cappuccino and a donut. Was not nearly as enjoyable as my brain was telling me it was going to be. I'm beginning to believe Kate Moss when she said "nothing tastes better than skinny feels"

Don't let it de-rail you! Just keep on doing what you need to do. Slip ups are going to happen. Getting over a sugar habit is no different than quitting smoking or drinking. You can do it!

I'll check in again later...

02-09-2011, 09:31 PM
Hi everyone!!!
Ann, as you can see I have found the thread!!! LOL. Let in the slim- I had bad with drawls it lasted about 3 days. - as for falling off the wagon, I can relate just get back on, and don't beat yourself up about it.

Ann, I have also been up and down with my weight. I went on a crash diet lost 80lbs in three months and lost my gallbladder because of it.
losing slowly is the best way to do it.

02-10-2011, 09:54 PM
Hi girls-

Let in the slim- how are you? Are you hanging on? Hope the withdrawals are gone.

Red- wow, 80lbs in 3 months is nuts! I also had my gallbladder out about 10 yrs ago. So glad you are doing it the healthy way now. Have you weighed in? Hope you are dropping some lbs.

I'm off to bed. Bad headache tonight. Been doing ok with food and exercise though.

02-11-2011, 12:28 PM
HI Ann, Hope you are feeling better today.
I weighed in this morning, since starting this plan I have lost a total of 14lbs!!!

Ive made all kinds of meals for my family and have not wanted to binge on anything. Last night I made chili and cornbread, I had a cup of chili and had no cornbread, normally I would've ate alot of it.
I also have cut my coffee consumption. I found I just don't need as much.

Let in the slim-how are you doing?
have a great day everyone!!!

02-11-2011, 03:27 PM
Hi red-- Yes, I am feeling better today, thanks for asking. Been eating pretty well and exercising since Monday (minus a little pizza last night).

Congrats on that awesome loss! Wow, I can't believe how the weight is melting off of you! Keep it up!

I love my coffee, but I do (and always have) try to limit myself to one cup in the morning. I also use half and half in it (only way I like it), but I try to put very little into it.

How's everyone else? Any big weekend plans? Mine will be quiet and that's just the way I like it.

Bye for now...

Let in the Slim
02-11-2011, 08:25 PM
Hi there!

Sugar headaches are gone! Thanks for asking. Don't really crave it, but my emotional side is telling me to go eat. Going to try and keep busy instead. I haven't weighed myself. Don't want to be discouraged.

Red - terrific weight loss. Good for you!

Ann - this is a lifestyle change rather than a diet, enjoy your coffee with your half & half!

I'm not really excersizing yet. Have to start. I think tomorrow may be the day to begin that. !

02-13-2011, 10:06 AM
Yay for the headaches being gone. That's awesome. Maybe you can weigh in weekly so you don't have to see all the little ups and downs? As for exercise, how about just a walk to start with?

How's everyone's weekend?

02-14-2011, 12:48 AM
Hi Ann, Well I lost another lb, but I think I went over my calories this weekend,
I ate too much sugar and wow can I feel it. well, the only thing I can do is eat clean the next 5 days and next weekend pay attention to how much Im eating.

how is everyone doing?

02-14-2011, 08:24 PM
Hi girls,

I'm down 2 more lbs! It seems to be slower than I expected, but I guess I can't really complain since I haven't really been 100% on plan, more like 90%. Going to try to focus on baby steps.

Red--YAY on your loss! Remember, you can have your cheat meals, so eating some sugar is not really a big deal as long as you get back on. It does stink though when it makes you feel crummy. Maybe you'll be less likely to opt for something else next time (though I know, I still keep doing it despite how crappy it makes me feel).

Let in the Slim--How's it going? Hope well.

How's everyone else? Where's everyone else? LOL.


02-16-2011, 12:39 PM
congrats on the weightloss!!!!

So far its been a tough week for me. last week was great,
this week Ive had a bit of a carb issue, but Im working through it.

hope you have a great day today!!

02-16-2011, 12:51 PM
You can do it, red. It's just the nature of losing weight, sometimes it is easy and sometimes more challenging. In the end, you'll reach your goals!

I'm well. Been mostly on plan with dieting and exercising. Last night DH and I went out to dinner and a show and I was TOTALLY off plan for dinner. It's OK though, it was planned and I'm just going to get back on plan today. I went to the gym to work out and my knee was killing me! Left after just 5 minutes. Hoping I'm back on track with that too tomorrow. :)

Take care:carrot:

02-17-2011, 04:17 PM
Hope things are going a little better for you, red.

Let in the Slim--how's it going?

I was just complaining on my other thread and I'll complain here as well. My weight loss is SOOOO slow. It stinks that it has slowed down so much now that I'm in my late 30's. I miss the days when I could drop 15 lbs in a month with minimal effort. Sorry, just having a hard time taking the slow weight loss. I am ready to drop some weight quickly! :(

02-17-2011, 07:50 PM
Hi Ann,
Things are better today,

As for your slow weightloss I know where your coming from.
I went off plan and gain 2lbs, hopefully water weight.
It seems for me I have to stay on this plan 100% or I will gain.

I remember,years ago, not working out and dropping weight like crazy.
Now I workout 6 days a week and not dropping as fast. but I feel better.

Sometimes how are clothes fit and how we feel are a better ways to measure
or weightloss, then the scale.There have been times when I want to take my scale out in my backyard and beat the crap out of it with a hammer! (LOL)

Are you feeling better? more energy etc.
just give it time and you will get there.

02-18-2011, 01:56 PM
red--So glad you did well yesterday. I've been doing pretty well but still the weight doesn't budge. I am seriously considering counting calories, as much as I hate to do that. I'll give it another week and then decide.

You're right though that I need to look at other factors that aren't weight related. Even just feeling better is a good thing, right?

Have a great weekend! :D

02-18-2011, 09:36 PM
Hi Ann, Feeling good is a great thing,

I understand you wanting to count calories.
Im still having a tough time with the grains portion.(There are days when I just want to eat a box of cereal or granola bars etc)
everything else is ok. I added in the Amino acids and creatine, as well as fish oil. which ever plan you choose try to keep positive,( I know it can be hard to do)

have a great weekend!

02-19-2011, 05:15 PM
So, my weight is stuck for another day!!!! Don't understand how I can eat so well and exercise and not drop any weight. I mean, it's not like I'm close to goal, I still have a lot to lose.

Anyway, I know it's completely psychological, but now I'm planning a big cheat meal. I feel like i don't lose either way, so I might as well enjoy my night out with hubby and friends. UGH. And, I'm taking off from the gym. Take that, stubborn body!

And don't worry, I'll get right back on track tomorrow. Just having a temper tantrum....

02-19-2011, 05:57 PM
Hi Ann,
I Know what you mean!!!!
Last night Hubby went to the store, before he left he asked me if I wanted some twizzlers I said I just couldn't so he didn't. He did buy treats for himself and kids.
So the movie starts and everyone is digging in. The sound of all the candy wrappers got to me and I caved in. They were mini candybars and reese's.
I figure I workout so hard my weight is also staying the same so whats is a couple of treats. but Im back on track today, hopefully I can make it through tonight.

Enjoy your treat meal!!!!

02-21-2011, 05:14 PM
Well, apparently what I eat has no impact on my weight right now as I'm still stuck at 218 even after my totally huge cheat meal. LMAO. What are you going to do? Guess I need to realize that it isn't bad to be stuck in one place. I could be gaining, right?

How are you red? How was your weekend?

02-22-2011, 12:20 PM
Hi Ann,
My weekend was good.
I made some pumpkin applesauce muffins and protein bars, they turned out pretty good. I also worked out.

How are things with you today?

02-22-2011, 05:13 PM
I had a total binge last night, but I'm back on track today. I need to STAY on track and not let the fact that I don't lose quickly get me off track!

How are you today? It looks like it's just the two of us on this thread lately. I'm glad to have you and hope that others join or rejoin soon.

02-23-2011, 05:55 PM
Hi Ann,

I can totally relate to binging because of lack of weightloss, but you are doing the right thing by jumping right back on. Last night I made soup for dinner and went a little nuts on sourdough bread. but I felt so much better, after dinner I could do my usual activities, usually Im dead tired by 8:00. I really think I need more grains then what the pan allows. My workout's are tough, Ive been doing the Bob Harper Inside out series, plus I have 4 kids and a husband, I need energy!!!

It does look like its just you and me on this thread,
it would be great if others joined us, its great to have someone to talk to about weight issues.

hope you are having a great day today!!!!

02-25-2011, 12:47 AM
Hi red,

How are you? I'm doing well. Had a very busy day, but got in a great workout and eat really well. I wanted to let you know that I won't be around for the next few days, so don't think that I am abandoning you. We are going away for a long weekend at Disney. Wish me luck as it is SUCH a hard place to eat healthy (at least for me). I'm going to try my best.

I think you have to go by what feels best with your body. 2 grains/day is very light. I also think that 2 fruits/day is a little light. I sometimes up the fruit to 2.5. Maybe you can try another half of a grain portion or even a full portion. Maybe try having a portion with each meal, and then stick with just the fruit, veg, and some protein for snacks in between. It's a learning process, so you have to tweak it and see what works. You also exercise a lot, so you might need the extra energy that the grains provide. Trial and error.

Have a great weekend.

02-25-2011, 12:49 PM
Hi Ann,
have fun @ Disney, it is hard eating well there,
When My family went, I packed in all kinds of healthy snacks,and bottled water.
everything is so pricey there as well, (which you probably know)
They checked my bags and didn't have a problem with me bringing in food.
They do have different vendors there that sell fresh fruit etc.

I would love to go back to Disney, I have a 5 yearold daughter that loves everything princess.

Great suggestion about the grains I will try that, Its better than eating 4 portions later on in the evening.

Have a great time @ Disney, Let me know how your trip goes when you get back!!!
Take care!!!!

02-27-2011, 10:58 PM
Hi red,

How are you? Just got back tonight. We had a great trip, but I can't say that I stayed on plan at all. I ate way less than I would have eaten at Disney normally, so I guess I should be happy about that. I plan to get right on track tomorrow.

How are things for you? This thread has been soooo quiet. Where is everyone else?

02-28-2011, 01:39 PM
Hello Ladies,
Backstory: So last year I decided to get healthy and loose weight. I know all the right things I should be doing but get side tracked easily. January 2010 I started @227 I got down to about 182 by October. Gained about 5 lbs back but I was finding it hard to get back on track. I am determined to make this work since I was able to do it last year I just need to stay motivated.
Started the 5+2 portion of the plan, my workout this morning took longer than expected so I will have to do the cardio portion tonight. The food will hopefully not be too bad since I had a trainer last year and this was the plan he put me on. I have to work on backsliding hopefully the 2 cheat meals will help.
I do have a few questions:
1) The shake was hard to get down this is what I put in it: mixed berries, the recommended powders and the flax, spinach. Will adding a banana help?
2) Can I chew gum?
(sorry for the essay lol)

02-28-2011, 03:21 PM
Hi Ann, Glad you had a great trip.
Ive been doing alright, Im back on plan today.

Welcome Cass1085!!!! putting a banana in your shake will help.
I personally am not a fan of spinach in my shakes, I like to eat fresh spinach salads. As for gum, I chew spry brand gum. there is no aspartame Etc in it.

Have a great day everyone!!!

03-01-2011, 09:39 PM
Hi red--Hope your'e still doing well. Is the weight coming off at all, or are you avoiding the scale? LOL.

Cass--welcome. I think any sugar free gum in moderation is fine. I still don't have the guts to do the shake with greens in it, but I agree that the sweetness of a banana might help to cut the taste. Or maybe adding a little extra stevia.

All is well here. Good workout today. Good on food. Let's hope I can keep it up. :carrot:

03-03-2011, 01:55 PM
Ugh, I've been so off plan. Bad me! Blaming it on poor self control, my period, being busy, etc. And it doesn't help that once you have a little bit of the junk your body craves it again.

Would love some support right now. Hope the rest of you are doing well. :)

03-03-2011, 09:15 PM
Ann dont stress tomorrow is a new day, another day to get back on it. You have the tools :) This week was hard I was surrounded by temptation (girlscout cookies). I had terrible headaches on Monday and I am still trying to get the food right. Some of the things I dont eat so I am still trying use the tools to fit my lifstyle.

03-04-2011, 05:01 PM
Hi Cass,

Thanks for that. Are you just starting out on the first two week phase? What are you struggling with? Maybe we can give tips since we all got through that phase. I am thinking of revisiting it since I've been eating like a :ink: for over a week. :(

How are you doing, Red?

03-05-2011, 01:06 PM
Hi Ann,
I'm doing alright.
I have been staying away from the scale lately, but trying to eat clean.
I got a great seat for Josh Groban's concert, which is in August, it would be great to be great shape for that.

Ive been dealing with the sugar issue, I have 2 kids b-days this week,
so its double cake!!!!! also girl scout cookie etc.
I understand about eating off plan,

how are you ladies doing today?

03-07-2011, 02:30 PM
I am up 3.5 lbs today. :( Too much bad eating and not enough exercising.

How are you doing, red? Cass?

03-08-2011, 02:38 PM
Hey guys! Mind if I join? I'm on day 9 of the 2 week program, a little unmotivated as the scale has not budged at all...actually I gained the 2 pounds that I had lost before, but am still going to go through with it!

03-08-2011, 05:29 PM
Hi aimee,

Welcome to you! I wouldn't beat yourself up for not losing during the first 2 weeks. It's sort of more about regulating your hormones and starting to get yourself ready for the weight loss phase. There's just so much that influences weight too, like hormones, sodium, etc. I bet you'll see a drop really soon.

Hope to see you around here...

03-08-2011, 06:04 PM
Thanks! I am taking birth control pills, so I don't know if that is having an effect on my weight roller coaster... I've been able to take in all the food that she recommends for the first 14 days and all of the supplements including the creatine and the amino acid... it's just discouraging to not see any weight loss and nothing but weight gain... BTW is anyone doing her treadmill workout? My treadmill at home only goes to a 10% incline and was wondering if that would work instead of the 15?

03-08-2011, 10:48 PM
Did you just start taking BCPs? Or have you been on them a while? If you're new to them, you could definitely be gaining some weight initially. I did.

As for workouts, I would use your heart rate as a guide. If your heart rate really goes up with 10%, that will work. Alternatively, you can try adding speed to get up your heart rate. I don't use her workouts, I do my own 1 hour circuit.

Another thing to consider is that you're small to start, so the weight might not come off very quickly for you...

03-09-2011, 10:05 AM
I've been taking BCPs for 4 months now, the type I'm taking doesn't cause any weight gain or loss so I don't that's what it is. I wonder if it's ok to take the supplements (Omega 3, CLA, Amino Acid, and Creatine) while I'm on BCP.

03-09-2011, 10:49 AM
Hi All,
The struggle for me is not seeing any weight loss, I have been eating right and working out I guess I need to have paitience. I need to bury that scale, I tend to get so focused on the numbers and I need to stay away from that. I would get so worked up about shedding pounds that when it did not happen I would stress, eat bad and stop working out.

The temptations are becoming easier to igonore :)

Are you all following her workouts as stated in the books, I dont feel like its enough cardio for me so I plan on adding a bit more.

03-09-2011, 10:55 AM
I too am not seeing any weight loss and was unmotivtating. My husband has told me to not pay attention to the scale but how my clothes are fitting.I'm not following her workouts, I'm actually doing Chalean Extreme and walking 4 days a week and running 3 days a week. I am considering following her cardio workout though.

Energizer Jamie
01-23-2012, 06:04 PM
I got the book for Christmas and have been following the 2 week start phase for 6 days now. So far, it's going great. I've lost about 5 lbs even though my official first weigh in is not until Wednesday. I've been satisfied and full of energy. I'm not missing those carb cravings. Just started my profile on here, so I'll be posting about my progress as I go.

Energizer Jamie
01-25-2012, 12:48 PM
Is there anyone here who has tried or is trying Jackie Warner's plan from her book, This is why you're Fat? Would love to start a support group.

I've read it and am doing the plan now. Let's start a support forum!

Energizer Jamie
01-25-2012, 08:19 PM
Had my official weigh in today after week 1 of the jump start. I lost 5.4 lbs. I bought all the supplements too and I can really tell a difference in my energy level.

03-08-2012, 01:34 PM
Had my official weigh in today after week 1 of the jump start. I lost 5.4 lbs. I bought all the supplements too and I can really tell a difference in my energy level.

Are you still doing this? I did this a year ago and had a lot of success (22 lbs in the first three weeks) but totally quit. Now I am getting back into it. Looking for some accountability if you are interested in a buddy

04-20-2012, 12:28 PM
This is my 3rd week on "This is why you are fat". I have not weighed myself but I know I have lost weight because I can get into a pair of jeans I haven't worn in a long!

I was on WW since January and was paying and just didn't want to go to meetings and didn't lose weight. Then I saw Jackie's book and bought it on a whim. I like the idea of adding food not taking it away for the first two weeks so much that I stayed on the two-week plan an extra week. I might even go another week on it!!