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Everyday Miracles
10-20-2010, 11:20 PM
Hello everyone. I'm brand new, so I really hope that I'm not out of line. I was wondering if there are any other Torah Observant folks here (Jewish or Christian) or if there is anyone who is adopting a Kosher lifestyle as a means of assisting with weight loss.

I first began to explore a Torah Observant lifestyle as a result of an understanding that cutting pork (and shrimp) out of my diet would have an effect on my stomach conditions (I tend toward ulcers and have GERD). When it worked, I began to look deeper at the science behind Mosaic law and I ultimately began on the road to observance. I'm not in a perfect condition right now as I am the only TO in my family. There are times that it is particularly difficult, since my husband celebrates the Christian holidays and I celebrate the feasts. It is amazing that the two of us can worship the same God in such vastly different ways!

I believe that Yahweh gave us a way to be healthy and that if we obey Him that we will be (healthy) in a natural way :)

10-20-2010, 11:54 PM
:welcome: to the boards ~ I don't know the TORAH ways specifically, but I have read the BIBLE many, many times; and I did a study on the foods eaten in the bible (old & new).

As a Christian, I also take into consideration the new testament thoughts about eating as well. I don't like shrimp (I tried it recently; and it tastes like rubber to me with no flavor at all, except the butter the chef heated them in).

I do eat pork now & then; but not often anymore. My DH loves pork chops & sausages but I buy the leanest ones I can find. You can buy turkey sausages now; and I buy the beef bologna for my DH sometimes. Now I eat bacon only occasionally, and I guess I could take it out completely as an experiment to see if it would really help me in any way. :shrug:

What exactly is the TORAH way of eating? Do you really think it will help people release fat/excess weight? Are the Jewish people slimmer and healthier than other people as a group, or do you know?

Everyday Miracles
10-21-2010, 12:56 AM
Eating in accordance with the Torah means eating a Kosher diet. Some people follow the entire rabbinical Kosher diet, but I stick with what is outlined in Leviticus. Essentially, the only foods that are fit to eat are from animals that are plant-eaters. Carrion eaters are completely off limits, and that includes pigs, shellfish (of all kinds), vultures and other carrion-eating birds. Specifically we're told not to eat the flesh of any animal that does not BOTH chew its cud and have a cloven hoof. This means that deer, cattle, bison, buffalo are all good to eat, but camels, pigs and horses are not (for example).

It is *not* simple, but there is a book about it (The Maker's Diet). The author of the book actually cured his Crohn's disease by eliminating all non-kosher foods. I cannot begin to describe how much healthier *I* feel, just in terms of GERD. I also have more energy and am more "regular".

What's interesting is that I get into arguments with people who want to talk about how God has given us everything for food, all the animals (as stated in the New Testament) and that He created them for us to eat. I tend to remind people to read the first three chapters of Genesis again. We were created as vegetarians, and then things changed at the fall. I could never do it: I love meat *way* too much for that! It has been an interesting journey of discovery though.

By the way, I am a Christian. I am a believer in Yeshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus Christ) and I obey both the old and the new covenant documents as completely as possible. The difference between me and most is that I do not believe that Yahweh ever changed His mind about anything. Though gentiles were never held to the law, I believe that Messiah did not come to release us from the law but to fulfill it. He is the fulfillment of Torah.

Messiah is the personification of the Torah, Yahweh's gift to His people, given to us for health reasons.

Another example is Niddah, the commandment for women to have a ritual cleansing surrounding their monthly cycle. Not only does the week-long period of ritual uncleanness result in the increased likelihood of a child being produced from a union with her husband, but there is evidence to suggest that... uh... "marital relations" during menstruation may be linked to increased risk of cervical cancer.

The thing I love most about Torah is that it is the part of the Bible where everything absolutely lines up perfectly with science :)

BTW, Phil. 4:13 is one of my favorite scriptures :)

10-21-2010, 04:56 AM
I am slowly easing myself into a to-diet. I decided it would be too hard for me to do it all at once. So right now I'm minimizing my pork eating to 1x a month (usually pepperoni pizza) and I don't eat shellfish at all.

Everyday Miracles
10-21-2010, 07:46 PM
It is *so* not easy, popspry! I think I pretty much have the diet down, though I have an occasional slip where either pork or shellfish will creep in. Oddly, I don't have problems with gelatins or dyes, which are easier to get caught on. I have to triple-check all supplements to make sure there are no colorants or gelatins in them. If there's gelatin, I have to find out what type (pork or beef) to make sure that it's safe. It feels amazing!

Right now I am working on becoming more observant of Shabbat. It has been difficult since my husband has an awkward work schedule on Friday and Saturday, so we aren't always together, and I'm having to learn to cook foods that are foreign to me. On the other hand, Shabbat meals tend to be very high in protein, which is good for me all around. When I reached my lowest adult weight, I was on a very high protein diet.