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11-13-2010, 01:21 PM
Jelbelle: I would definitely measure yourself every week, especially if you are working out. There are weeks where I feel like I have a horrible weigh in, but I lose like 3-4 inches in my waist alone! I'm not sure of the validity in the saying "muscle weighs more than fat, thus you will weigh more" but it seems to be true with my weekly weigh in's and measurements. Granted, I'm the type where I would rather see the numbers on the scale drop as opposed to the measuring tape, but at least I know my gym time is accomplishing something.

Toastedsmoke: I completely, and totally believe you will make it to Onederland by the New Year... I have so much faith in you! You have done an amazing job thus far!!! Don't get discouraged, and don't completely wear yourself out. Think positive thoughts :D I know, cheesy, but sometimes it works! My mom is a strong believer in manifestation, and while I'm not the biggest supporter of it, I do know that if you think positively, you will get positive results. Keep me updated, and if you need encouragement, let me know!!! :)

Peanut: I would absolutely LOVE to visit Australia! I've seen so many pictures, it looks amazing! I'm sure pictures don't do it justice though! Maybe one day I'll get to pet a kangaroo ;) Have you ever been to the States?

Ferretgirl: Thanks so much! I truly appreciate it :) I didn't realize until after I posted my before and after pics that the before was actual right before I went with the lighter colors, and the after was the day after I went dark again, so maybe I should post of my lighter color so ya'll can see the differences haha!!! :D

Nienna: I love Forever21, you should check out their website. How often are you states side? Where are you currently? I actually just found this super cute pea coat at Forever21 that I want to get around Christmas time as a Christmas gift to me hehe. It comes to the hips, and it's hot pink with ruffles :)

Thursday's Question (a little late): I have pictures of my thinner self on the refrigerator to remind me what I need to eat to get there again. It really does help! I also keep protein bars in my purse at all times, incase I get the munchies :)

So, this week has been a little rough, as it seems to have been for everyone!!! I got a brand new Blackberry about a week ago, and while I was Christmas shopping on Thursday, someone stole it right out of my purse. Of course, I had yet to put insurance on it, so I can't even get it replaced. People amaze me sometimes, why do they feel they can take what isn't theirs?! I really feel so completely violated. The police of course don't care about a stolen cellphone, not that I really blame them. To top it off, my boyfriend had applied for an amazing job that would mean better hours, an awesome raise, and much better benefits. Earlier in the week, they called to tell him everything was great, they were just waiting on the references, so the could get him a start date. Well, yesterday they called him saying he had one too many tickets on his motor vehicle record, even though one was work related. He used to work for the US Marshals, and was on a deadline in Kansas, and was basically told to meet it, or lose his job, not matter what it would take. Thankfully, they are looking into it since it is a special circumstance, but still... a true bummer that that was even an issue!!! I hope everyone has a better weekend!!! I'm spending the day with my mom for her birthday, after my weigh in. Worried about that, but oh well, what's done is done.

11-14-2010, 05:01 AM
princessdi86 – I’d choose wisely on which Kangaroo you choose to pat. A lot of the ones in the wild will kick you if they feel like they’re being threatened. Best to stick to the Kangaroos at the Zoo. I went to the States when I was really young so I don’t count that as having “been” because I can’t remember it. I do have plans to visit within the next 5 years and do all the touristy things Los Angeles and New York have to offer.
Your week sounds like it’s been incredibly frustrating!! I can’t believe someone had the audacity to steal your Blackberry out of your purse. That’s crazy. Hopefully everything will work out for your boyfriend. It’s a bit rough when they really like him for the job but a ticket is getting in the way. Make sure you keep us all updated as to whether he gets the job. How did your Mum’s birthday go??

My Sunday is almost coming to end which means work tomorrow for me. I’m not too excited about it as it’s going to be a full on week for me. Hopefully the stress doesn’t get to me and I can stay on plan.

Don’t forget to Weigh-In guys!!

11-14-2010, 04:51 PM
Lost 3.4lbs this week!! I'm in shock that I'm so close to Onederland! I haven't been in Onderland since I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL!

11-14-2010, 07:27 PM
Well, it's been awhile since I've been on here. Just as an update.. I'm still sick, diagnosed with a horrible sinus infection. Haven't been running/working out at all since I can't breathe WHATSOEVER. On top of being sick, we are having some absolutely brutal personnel issues at my office which have been adding on a lot of stress to my daily life. It's been an incredibly rough two weeks to say the least. But I am down five pounds this week!! :)

I pinky promise that I will try my hardest to get on here more this week! I miss chatting with you ladies! :)

11-14-2010, 10:06 PM
excitedtolose~ :hug: I'm sorry to hear not still not feeling well, I hope you feel better soon!

Jelbelle~ :jig::jig: I'm so excited for you!!! :jig::jig:

princessdi86~ Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about your blackberry. Let us know how things work out with your bf's potential new job!

toastedsmoke~ I'm glad to hear you're not putting so much pressure on yourself! If you do figure out a way to bottle those good feelings... let me know, cuz I really need to learn how to do that as well.

Nienna~ Are you feeling a little better? It's not pathetic to want to be in a relationship and be married. People need companionship and when it's missing, we yearn for it.

oOPeanutOo~ Mexican food did not go well... I was really emotional by Thursday night, then all that food, bad combination...

Anyone I missed~ :wave:

Hey ladies! Sorry I've been MIA for so long, a LOT of stuff going on right now. The funeral on Saturday was really rough as she was a close friend to my mother and someone I have known my whole life. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to really elaborate on what's been going on over the past few days as I need to get some reading done before I pass out... I will definitely be on tomorrow with some daily questions, hopefully some new statistics as well as a new challenge!

Don't forget to weigh in if you have not already!!!

11-15-2010, 02:27 AM
Jelbelle Ė Awesome loss! Make sure you let us all know when you hit Onederland.

excitedtolose Ė Sinus infections are horrible!! I have all year round nasty allergies so can sympathise with what youíre going through. Sorry that your under so much stress as well. Congrats on the 5lbs though.

KimL1214 Ė No need to apologise to any of us! Youíve had a really rough week and the fact that youíre even posting now is great. Hopefully you got all your reading done before falling asleep.

I had one of those days where I just should have stayed in bed! Work was hectic and one of my friends is having a minor meltdown so Iím trying my best to juggle everyone elseís needs while staying on plan. Iíll readily admit that I donít always have the right words when people are upset (itís not my strong point) but hopefully just listening will get her through this crisis.

fat chick 123
11-15-2010, 02:56 AM
a little friendly competition never hurt anyone ;)

11-15-2010, 12:43 PM
oOPeanutOo~ I'm sorry to hear about your friend, you're a good friend for listening to her.

Monday Question~ When a Victoriaís Secret lingerie ad (or any bra and panties ad) comes on, and you see the models, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Haha, this one makes me giggle, because I definitely think "stupid skinny *****es." It annoys me that Victoria Secret does not have any plus sized or even normal sized women modeling their underwear...

I'm trying to work on stats now, but I may end up running out of time, so they may not be up until tomorrow.

How is everyone's Monday so far?

11-15-2010, 07:04 PM
I missed weigh-in yesterday! After 13 hours of driving saturday, I ended up driving all day yesterday too going shopping with my boyfriends mom. My Vaca was very fun and I managed to pretty much maintain. Today it feels great to relax...I'm still trying to decide if I want to workout or not. lol

11-16-2010, 05:03 AM
KimL1214 Ė Unfortunately the crisis continues but Iím still on plan so thatís a plus.

JennieLovesKisses Ė Itís good to hear that your vacation was fun and relaxing. Did you get a chance to catch up with family like you wanted?

Mondayís Question Ė I think my opinion of Lingerie ads changes depending on my mood. Some of the time I think ďwow, she could really use a burgerĒ but thatís my own jealousy creeping into the equation.

11-16-2010, 09:05 AM
Tuesday Question~ There are lots of arguments in the media about how men are becoming just as sexualized and have just as many issues with body image as women. Do you agree or disagree?

I'll be back on later to check in with everyone!

11-16-2010, 02:16 PM
Jelbelle: <begrudgingly> I suppose you can have Mr. Darcy. lol. I find myself unwilling to make a decision. I want them all. Hahaha. Congrats on being SO close to Onederland! As well as you've been doing, you could be there by the start of December! :carrot::carrot::carrot: Go you!!!!

princessdi86: Thanks so much for the encouragement. I haven't 100% given up hope I can make Onederland this year. But I'm also trying very hard not to fixate on that. I definitely think like your mom in a way. I think there's definitely a lot to manifestation. Negative thinking rarely yields the most positive results. Thanks so much. I'm pushing for Onederland and hoping really hard and putting in the work, so hopefully it pays off. But even if it doesn't, I'll still be better of for it. Sorry about your blackberry! That completely SUCKS! Your boyfriend's prospective job situation is also definitely in my prayers. So sending general positive vibes your way.

excitedtolose: I'm so sorry, you've been unwell. That really sucks! Please look after yourself and feel better soon. On the bright side, congrats on the loss!!!

KimL1214: I'm really sorry about what you're going through. Please take heart and look after yourself emotionally. :hug::hug:

oOPeanutOo: Sorry about your crap day and your friend's situation. I personally think sometimes (as the "great" Ronan Keating probably not originally said:) "You say it best, when you say nothing at all." I too think I suck at advice giving and knowing what to say in difficult situations so usually I rarely say anything, and whatdoyouknow, people always call me to tell me their problems or just offload on me. So sometimes, just being there to listen and not judge and not say anything trite or offer shallow advice, is just the thing. I'm sure you're being a great friend and your friend appreciates it.

In other news, ok ladies, so I have in a sense gained 7ish lbs in the last couple of days... well BMI-wise at least because um... I've shrunk an inch-ish. Twice in the last few days, I've got officially measured for height (as opposed to having a friend do it) and it turns out I'm 1.71m which is basically like 5'7 and a tiny bit of change. Sighs... so it turns out my BMI is like 1.some more than I thought I was. All of a sudden I feel shorter even though I'm no different than I was last week, it's only I've always thought I was 5'8... I know I haven't shrank or anything, I just haven't gotten my height measurement properly/professionally taken since I was maybe 15ish and 5'6. Although I'm tempted to continue to lie to myself that I'm taller than I am so I can have a better-seeming BMI reading, it would be a lie and not real at all, so I'm changing my height on my Ipod food recording app I use, my wii and on here, which makes it suddenly true. :'( I'm tempted to also now change my goal weight, but I won't... at least not till I actually get there. The way the 160s look to me right now, to be honest, they might as well be like the 120s so I'll just keep the ultimate goal there and see how it goes once I actually get there.

Monday's Question: I think the first thing I probably think is, "I want her boobs... and abs!" Then my second thought is "darn you VS, for not stocking above a DD." I'm not that bugged by the models in the ads, they're meatier than the average model and really, I don't think I'd want to do the work required to have a lower than 18 BMI so I don't really consider them what I'm working towards. But then, the annual VS Fashion show is actually must-watch tv for me. And also to put it in context, I love all the modelling/fashion shows ANTM, Project Runway, Make me a supermodel, if it's about fashion/modelling I'll watch it.

Tuesday's Question: I think more and more, men are catching up with women on the issues with body image but not as much. In general, a fat/obese man is not seen as being as tragic as a fat/obese woman. Additionally, sad to say, if he happens to be wealthy or successful, he probably won't have that much of a problem picking up somewhat attractive members of the opposite sex, especially if he's the gregarious, funny, fat guy- then he's a total teddy bear. A fat woman on the other hand, does not have this opportunity. No matter how successful or wealthy or funny she is, it is hard to bypass the label of being at best "the fat friend," or to even be thought of us attractive. I think this is why for women, the issue is deeper-rooted, in my opinion. But yes, being the sister to an obese, formerly thin older brother, I say it is DEFINITELY becoming an issue for guys too.

11-16-2010, 03:07 PM
toastedsmoke: Haha! I'm sorry! If I had to go for another, I'm not sure I'd know who to put second. Most books I like to read aren't littered with characters that have tons of personality. I certaintly would not want to have any knight from the round table, or a Dante, or a Dr. Faustus. Maybe a J. Alfred Prufrock =P but he's much too old. And thanks ^_^ I can hardly believe I've made it this far, and that I'm so close again! I think you can DEFINITELY make it to Onderland by the end of the year. I think you'll be well into it!

Monday's Question: Usually I'm just a "Yeah whatever" thinker. I stare at her body and think of how likely it is that she's that sexy all the time, or what kind of person she is. I'm not friends with any big time supermodels, so who am I to say they're all artificial?

Tuesday's Question: I think that there is growing pressure on males to be thin and good looking too. Although, I do believe in the fat males being treated better than fat females, I think they struggle with the weight of societal demands just as well, especially in my generation. When I was in high school there was this big to do about a growing number of anorexic males that went to the school after a boy collapsed and had to go to the ER. (To this day he's still skeletal...so I don't think that hospital stay helped to turn his mind around). No matter which "clique" you fell under it was always important to be thin or fit. The preps and jocks were always more muscular, the punks and the emos were always stick thin (you know, so they could fit in their girl pants). So yeah, I think guys have just as much problem with body image, but they might be less likely to admit to it.

11-16-2010, 04:56 PM
Thursday Question~ What tips or tricks do you have to stay motivated when your willpower falters?
No set tips or tricks besides my thinking mind. I'll have to think about my food and activity choices and think about the desired/possible outcomes to try and motivate me to make the right choices.

Peanut: Tamales take hours to make, so Mom usually just makes around holidays (leftover Thanksgiving turkey in Nov or chicken/pork/beef for Christmas). I'm sure Dad or I will help ;)

Monday Question~ When a Victoriaís Secret lingerie ad (or any bra and panties ad) comes on, and you see the models, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
haha.. I feel self-conscious watching half-dressed girls on tv if the bf is with me. I probably look at her body first (likes and/or dislikes) then her clothes (likes and/or dislikes)... so I decide if I like or don't like her looks, then same with her clothes, then decide if I like and would wear what she's wearing (yes/no, why/why not). There's other undie commercials on now with fuller-figure women and they are having fun dancing in their undies and what-not. Those make me smile (and maybe still make me feel a little awkward). Maybe because they seem so comfortable in their skin...

Tuesday Question~ There are lots of arguments in the media about how men are becoming just as sexualized and have just as many issues with body image as women. Do you agree or disagree?
This may be true but to a lesser extent and I'd even say men have a choice in this, where we don't (or we're made to feel we don't). I think most men fit in the middle (not a supermodel, not ugly) and most women feel they don't have a middle (there's only hot or ugly). Of course most of us fit "in the middle", but we may feel that we have to be one or the other. I don't think men feel as much of that pressure (to be hot or else they're ugly), but I think a lot has to do with media. Guys aren't bombarded with beautiful, perfect examples of how they should look (tv/ads) each day as women are.

11-17-2010, 02:32 AM
toastedsmoke Ė Thanks for that advice! Hopefully the loss of an inch doesnít get to you too much. If I was you Iíd just take it in my stride and keep moving forward. Donít let it ruin your mindset about the goals youíre trying to achieve.

ferretgirl Ė Wow!! I didnít realise that they took that long to make. I bet theyíre worth the wait though

Tuesdayís Question: I totally agree with what everyone else has been saying! It seems to be more socially acceptable for a guy to carry extra weight than a girl.

I havenít been counting calories today so I have no idea if Iím over my regular 1500. I wouldnít say Iíve been out of control to any extent but I just didnít feel like weighing and counting everything today. I hope it doesnít become a trend and I just needed the day to get my headspace right.

11-17-2010, 04:05 AM
I'm feeling much better this week. Thanks for all the support! I started exercising again (I had been putting it off for a couple of weeks), and the difference in my mood is incredible. I have to remember to do cardio every day, lest I fall into another annoying funk.

Toastedsmoke: Thanks for taking the time to write out such a nice response! Everything you said sounds like it could have come straight out of my own mouth. I also tend to develop 5 zillion plans at the same time, but unlike yours, mine aren't backups to the backup. Rather, they're based on wildly different interest and desires and would take me and my life in completely different directions. My newest brilliant idea is to pursue a Masters in Nutrition, re-involve myself in the world of sustainable agriculture, and then use those knowledge bases to work in humanitarian aid. Of course, I only came up with that one yesterday, so only time will tell if it beats out the park ranger idea, the going-back-to-school-for-wildlife-biology idea, the get-certified-as-a-teacher idea, become-an-RN idea, and the just-keep-doing-random-but-interesting-short-term-stuff idea. And when it comes to relationships, I know that wanting one doesn't make me pathetic, and I also know that my happiness isn't completely dependent on getting married or dating ... BUT I still find it hard to shake the feeling that actually looking or hoping for a relationship is somehow shameful. That being said, I'm feeling a lot better this week, and it was really nice to see that someone so completely understands all the things that were on my mind.
I'm glad that you've been able to relax a little bit and take some of the pressure off of New Years'. You are so close to Onederland, and you are doing wonderfully with your weight loss. (Congrats again on winning the last 5 lb challenge!) You'll be there soon, perhaps even sooner than you expect. And if you ever need a reminder of all the things you said in your post a few days ago, just let us know, and one of us will pm it to you! Not quite as good as being able to bottle positive thoughts and feelings, but a solid second.
I'm sorry about the height "shrinkage" ... that's happened to me, too, in the past, and it's definitely frustrating. Just remember that nothing can take away from the changes you've already made in your life and the things you have already accomplished, not even realizing that your bmi is a little bit higher than you previously thought.

Jelbelle: Congrats on an amazing loss last week! I'm excited that you're so close to Onederland! On another note, all this talk of your advisor has made me curious about what you're studying and why and all that kind of stuff. I know that you're studying English, but do you have any particular focus (creative writing, lit, etc)? And do you want to do something specific with your degree once you graduate or are you studying English for the love of it? I chose Classics when I was in college, and I loved every minute of it, even though I don't plan on actually working in any of the fields that such a degree more obviously prepares one for. I'm always interested in how other people decide to go about their studies. Also, you can have Mr. Darcy! I've never enjoyed P&P as much as S&S, Persuasion, and Emma, and I remember finding Darcy a bit annoying. I would fight you for Edward Ferrars, though! Or Captain Wentworth.

oOPeanutOo: Your future plans sound awesome! I'm still not sure about the whole skydiving thing, as I'm terrified of heights, but the rafting and especially the snorkeling sound wonderful.

PrincessDi: The peacoat sounds cute! I kind of wish I could go shopping with you. I love having cute clothes, but I hate trying them on and such, and I feel like you'd be good at encouraging/forcing people to try on things they normally would overlook. I'm living in Finland right now, and I'm not really sure when I'll be going back to the States. The soonest would be next September, but I suspect that I'll probably stay overseas longer than that. I'm really sorry about your Blackberry, and I hope that everything works out with your boyfriend's potential new job. Keep us updated!

excitedtolose: Congrats on your five pound loss! I hope that you feel better soon and that some of your work problems are resolved in the next few days.

KimL1214: Yes, I'm feeling much better. Thank you for reminding me that it's natural for people to want to be around one another and such. I hope that this week is a bit easier for you. Thank you so much for all that you do for our BL Challenge. I really appreciate all your hard work, and you shouldn't feel the need to apologize at all!

11-17-2010, 08:58 AM
Wednesday & Thursday Question~ Do you have one or two really great pieces of advice for someone wanting to lose weight?

Hey ladies, unfortunately this is going to another short post once again as I have a field trip today and won't have time to check in until later this afternoon and evening. I'm really glad to see that there is lots of activity on our chat board!!!

11-17-2010, 07:19 PM
Nienna: Thank you! ^_^ Yeah, I'm an English major, minoring in Creative Writing. I do love English, but I'm using my degree to become an editor. I love to write, so I guess you could say my real desire is to become an author, but that doesn't always pay the bills, so I have a day job planned when I'm not off being the masked pen-wielder. In the wrong run I'll probably end up going back to school somewhere down the road for a business degree, because I really want to own a publishing company. I'm actually not an enormous fan of literature. I only read P&P for a class, and I liked it, but I probably wouldn't pick up Jane Austen on my own time. If I had to read something I'd prefer it be -1700 works, and there's a lack of boyfriend material characters there, I'd say ;)

11-17-2010, 10:45 PM
Jelbelle~ I was an English Major too, mainly British Literature focusing on Shakespeare. English teaching certification, but no teaching jobs...

Nienna~ Thank you! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better and getting back into exercise!

oOPeanutOo~ Did you end up adding up your calories for today? Were you over or close?

toastedsmoke~ I would keep your goal weight as you've had it for now, and when you get closer, then decide if you want to change it or not.

JennieLovesKisses~ Glad to hear you had fun on your vacation.

ferretgirl~ I agree with you that men may feel some of the pressure, but not nearly as much as women. How are you doing?

Everyone Else~ :wave:

Tuesday Question~ There are lots of arguments in the media about how men are becoming just as sexualized and have just as many issues with body image as women. Do you agree or disagree?

I disagree. While I see that men are being portrayed more and more as overly muscular and studly, I don't see nearly as many plus sized women as plus sized men in different movies/TV shows. I feel like there are a lot of bigger men that are able to "get" the gorgeous thin woman, versus bigger women "getting" the gorgeous muscular man. When I look at the middle/high school boys every day I see the pressures for them to fit in with fashion, but not as much with body type. The bigger boys are often much more accepted by the "popular" boys while many of the bigger girls seem to stick together in their own cliques. Although, I do feel that a lot of the larger boys are the comedians in the group, which I believe is a cover up for their feelings of self-consciousness. I don't know if I just contradicted myself, but it's what I see every day.

Wednesday & Thursday Question~ Do you have one or two really great pieces of advice for someone wanting to lose weight?

My biggest pieces of advice would be water, water, water and watch your portion sizes. When I stick to those two big things, I lose weight. When I lose control of those, I gain.

So I gave myself a prize for finally hitting my 10% goal tonight. I got my rook pierced. Not gonna lie, it smarted, but was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It's still aching, but more because I just cleaned it. I also got some new jewelry for my tragus piercing, which I'm excited to put in tomorrow when I get my hands on some needle-nosed pliers.

With concern to being On Plan... I'm hoping that giving myself a prize will help boost me back onto goal. I signed up for a new class starting in January, which I need to get myself in some kind of shape for.

At the end of this week, we'll be half way through the challenge!!!

The field trip made it hard for me to get any work done on the overall stats today, but I should have time to get them up tomorrow. You can check out the two team posts and see that we won this week though!!!

11-17-2010, 11:17 PM
Jelbelle~ I was an English Major too, mainly British Literature focusing on Shakespeare. English teaching certification, but no teaching jobs...

Ahh! I hate Shakespeare! I would also never teach, ever lol. I hate children, of all ages! Kudos to those who can ;)

11-18-2010, 01:05 AM
Nienna Ė Itís nice to hear that youíre doing better this week. I have the same fear of heights but Iíve decided that I canít keep being afraid of trying new things.

Jelbelle Ė I never understood Shakespeare when I had to study it in school. I needed to get the book that had the original Shakespeare text on one side and then a modern day translation on the other.

KimL1214 Ė I didnít end up adding up my calories. I was definitely over because I ate foods that I typically wouldnít touch. The scale was up this morning but Iím hoping that Iím just holding on to some water. Congrats on reaching your 10% goal, thatís awesome!! I have to admit, I did need to Google what piercing you got and all I can say is OUCH!!!

Today has been a much better day for me food wise. I decided that Iíd cook up a bit of a storm so that I had enough for 2 days worth of food. I figure that I wonít have to worry about what Iíll be eating tomorrow and I know that it will all be within my calories.

Wednesday & Thursday Question: When it comes to advice, the main thing that I follow is that weíre all human and weíre going to have good days and bad days. We all have it in ourselves to shake off the bad days and pick ourselves up. Iím not perfect but Iím learning that if I just keep going Iíll get to where I want to be. My second piece of advice would be to Start Reading Labels. I had never bothered reading ingredients or calories on things before I started this lifestyle change. Iíd just pick up whatever I wanted and throw it in the basket. Now I probably spend an extra 15minutes in the shops comparing labels and working out whether or not it will fit into my plan.

11-18-2010, 10:20 AM
Wednesday & Thursday Question:
1. Before I go to the grocery store to do the dreaded grocery buying, I plan out my lunches/dinners for the next two weeks. That way I know what I will be eating and what the caloric/nutritional information is. Even though I sometimes will stray from the schedule I've mapped out and have a date night out to dinner with the future hubby, it's nice to have an idea of the meals I can make, and that I'm still eating healthy.
2. If you are counting calories, count EVERYTHING. Yes, milk is great for you, but it is still calories. Yes, vegetables are great for you too, but are still calories. If you are in this for the long haul you need to give it your best shot on everything.

Hmm.. pretty excited to have gained 5.5 lbs over night... was even more excited for TOM to be here this morning. Ugh. I've just been having the crappiest two weeks ever. Future hubby has quit smoking, so anyone that has had to deal with that will understand the frustration that comes with their irritability over EVERYTHING. lol. But I'm soo happy for Jay, since he is doing this for him this time and is a week and a half in! :) Just wish he wasn't so darn irritable over everything.

We are going out for a surprise date night on Friday. Jay moved to Michigan from Las Vegas about two years ago, and has never been to Windsor, Canada. He is a web designer and signed two new clients this week so I wanted to take him out to celebrate that, his not smoking, and his support for me with my diet. So I'm kidnapping him and taking him across the border into Canada. We are going to this amazing sushi restaurant that I have heard nothing but RAVE reviews about called Hikari. I'm super, super excited to go, but it's been hard keeping the secret rendezvous from Jay. All he knows is that we are having date night. The only thing I have left to do is find our passports without him knowing. Haha

Any of you ladies have big plans for the weekend?

11-18-2010, 10:32 AM
Jelbelle: Yes I agree, nary a romantic figure to be found in the readings you mentioned! I am jealous, my outlandish dream is to work in publishing as an editor (do it a bit freelance on the side currently)- I don't even particularly want to write, I realize I'm too lazy for that. But I love other people's work and ideas and trying to make it better. Unfortunately I studied Biochem and French and then compounded that with public health, so yeah, nothing to do with what I'd actually love to be doing. :( I too am hoping I can be in Onederland by the end of the year. Fingers TIGHTLY crossed!

Nienna: Persuasion is actually my favourite Jane Austen, followed by P&P. My least fave is S&S, my fingers ITCHED to smack Marianne, I mean honestly! I think all your possible ideas sound really good, even though diverse. But I definitely see how that could make it harder and more risky making a decision. I always try to remember that I'm stressing for nothing, because I'll choose what I'll choose and what'll be will be, irrespective of the stress but it's tough! Re the 5-lb challenge: thanks! I was so pleased! How's stuff going for you this week?

KimL1214: I think I'll follow your advice and keep the overall goal weight where it is for now. I hope everything is going better for you now. About your piercing, ouch!

oOPeanutOo: I think you're totally right about good days and bad days. That's pretty good advice. And yay you for being back on plan! What did you make (re: cooking up a storm)?

excitedtolose: 5.5 lbs overnight + time of month! Yes they're probably linked but even when you know, it still 100% SUCKS!!!! Sorry. I think your advice is really key. I too have found planning out every meal a week in advance is really helpful to staying on plan. And with the second one too, you're so right: for the longest time I used to count the cereal but not the milk and then I realized the milk had MORE calories than the cereal eek! And then switched to skim milk lite (i.e. white-colored water/ milk wash)... ah well... The surprise date night sounds such a good idea: taking him across the border... hmmm I might steal that someday when it becomes relevant. Ah well.. Have fun this weekend!

Today has kind of been blegh for me. Literally. I felt a little stomach flu-y yesterday but last night was AWFUL and today has been as well (though getting a bit better gradually). And the bad part was like I've been eating super-restrictively all week because I have a bday party tonight and was going to go to town (well not too much, but a little) and now I feel like yuck. I had a plain scrambled egg (fried with canola spray) and have been sucking down a green tea with mint+lemon and ginger tea mix, it's miraculous really, although I still definitely don't feel up to a big meal. Fingers crossed though, because I've been looking forward to cake and party food for a while... <sigh>

Wednesday/Thursday Question: I think my advice would be 1.) do not underestimate the value of exercise, it might not lose you that much weight by itself BUT it keeps you motivated to watch what you eat. 2.) Take each meal as an opportunity for a good decision. Ok so breakfast was a bust, a real grease fest. But all is not lost! Lunch is an opportunity for a good decision as is dinner. And of course there's always the next day with a fresh clean slate!

11-18-2010, 04:02 PM
Hi everyone, sorry I have been MIA again. I have been SUPER busy with work. Also, my best friend just had a baby so I have been spending all of my free time with my precious beautiful baby "niece" :) I am doing fine as far as weight loss goes. I am down to 293 so far this week. Hopefully this means that I am on target to teach 100 lbs lost by Christmas still (or a little more). I will be happy with just the 100 though. Well, I hope everyone is doing well! I will probably be MIA a good bit over the next 2 months since this is my busy season (everyone wanting to get pictures for Christmas cards). Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. I will update y'all on 1 of my 2 cheat days for the year (Thanksgiving day and Christmas day). I am worried that I am going to have some serious tummy problems after my meal since my body is so used to having a low fat diet ...haha... Oh well :) How are you all doing?

P.S I just bumped my ultimate goal fro 180 to 190. I talked to a lot of my friends who have seen me at every weight and we decided together that 180 might be a bit too boney for me. I will reevaluate when I get there though. The lowest I have weighed at this height was 160... when I was anorexic and skeletal. I lost my menstrual cycle then and was just plain sick. I think 30 lbs heavier than that is a better goal for now. Like I said, I will reevaluate... with the help of family and friends... when I get there. If I think I could get to 180 and be healthy and look good then I will :)

11-19-2010, 12:32 AM
Hope all is well with everyone. I've been having a very rough Nov. thus far. I'm trying to take all my losses in stride and get back on track. :)

11-19-2010, 05:50 AM
excitedtolose Ė Your date night sounds pretty fun! Hopefully youíve managed to still keep the location a secret.

toastedsmoke Ė I ended up making a Zucchini Slice, Roasted up a whole heap of vegetables and grilled some marinated chicken breast. I also made a huge batch of Pasta Sauce to freeze so that Iíd have something ready to go in under 15 minutes when I get held up at work. How are you feeling today? Did you have a good time at the party?

southernbelle102 Ė Congrats on becoming an ďauntĒ. I bet youíre already spoiling her like crazy.

JMfan Ė Sorry that November hasnít been the greatest month for you. Hopefully things turn around pretty quickly for you.

Itís Friday night for me at the moment and Iím trying to resist the urge to eat some Chocolate Chips that are sitting in the cupboard. I only keep a small amount of chocolate in the house now as I used to be able to eat a whole family block in one day. I figure that if I keep myself distracted I wonít feel the need to eat. Iíll see how that pans out...

11-19-2010, 10:22 AM
toastedsmoke -- i know! ugh. even though i know it is because of the TOM, it was still the most disappointing thing to see as i have been WAYYY under calories for the week. i hate how many calories milk has!!! i'm a soy milk drinker, usually silk brand, and have found that that has been a good substitute for real milk and is totally worth the extra calories. it most definitely makes up in flavor that that milk wash skim lite is. i get these cute 8.5 oz "milk boxes" and have those for my morning snack three days a week. have you tried using yogurt with your cereal? sounds different, but it was much more filling to me than cereal and milk, and depending on the yogurt you use, can be LESS calories, which is always a great thing. :)

oOPeanutOo -- Yes! I have managed to keep it secret, and alas the day is here finally! i swear, he must have asked me at like 1,000 times what we were doing tonight. it's taking a heck of a lot of will power to not give in and tell him, as i have never been able to keep a secret from him before lol. i'm excited for sushi! hopefully, i can keep it under calories, if not i'm sure it will balance out with the huge amounts that i have been under daily this week.

11-19-2010, 03:48 PM
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Question~ Where do you see yourself in a year/five years/ten years?

11-19-2010, 04:50 PM
One year: Hopefully I'll have a job -_- in Detroit, going to school with the husband, and close to my goal! VERY close! I'll also be pretty close to my BA!

Five years: Being a starving artist in Manhattan.

Ten years: Hopefully I'm not starving anymore, still in Manhattan, being awesome at my cubicle at Penguin Publishing and having a better, more fulfilled life than anyone in my graduating class. Ten year reunion, here I come! (Everyone can see how sexy and thiny I am!)

11-19-2010, 07:05 PM
Peanut: My mom's birthday was wonderful! We had a really great time :) I'm orginally from NY, it is a great place to visit! You'll have to see Nashville, too!!!

KimL1214: I'm so sorry about your loss :( I know I'm about a week late, but you and your family are my my thoughts and prayers!!

Nienna: I need a good shopping buddy!!! My friends laugh at me because I take so long to shop, but I love trying things on, even if they don't look great on the rack...you never know, it may look amazing on! I do love to dress my friends, and actually worked at Ann Taylor Loft part time last holiday season because I love to dress people, and make them feel great about themselves...almost like living vicariously through them haha!

Monday's Question: My thought is always "Man, what I would give to be on that runway!" I love the VS fashion show, and totally daydream about walking on the runway in a diamond encrusted bra, and a gorgeous toned body to match :)

Tuesday's Question: Based on my own expieriences, I would actually have to agree. Though it may not be as obsessive as a female's body image, I still think a lot of men struggle as well. When boyfriend put on some weight, he seemed depressed, and unhappy with himself, though he never outwardly talked about his gain. Then, when I started losing weight, he started going to the gym, and eating healthily. He lost around 15 pounds, and you could tell a huge difference in his attitude. They may not be as verbal about it, but I still definitely think that many males do struggle with body image issues.

Wednesday and Thursday Question: NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Though you may not see the results you desire from week to week, keep at it, and you will see the pounds melt away. Also, protein through out the day helps cravings go away :)

The Weekend Question: In one year, I see myself at my goal weight, running my third full marathon, completed my first triatholon, and engaged to my amazing boyfriend.
In five years. I will be finished will ALL my schooling, including my MBA, and be working for a prestigious accounting firm. I will be married, and have my first child on the way :) Also, will have qualified and completed the Boston Marathon.
In ten years: I will own my own accounting firm, have two beautiful children with an amazing house in the country, and still be the hottest mom/trophy wife that any lucky man could ask for ;) I will also have my dog shelter built, where I will rescue, foster, train, and find loving homes for abandoned, and mistreated dogs and puppies. I will put an end to euthinization in my county, and rescue those in danger of being put down. I know, it sounds like a lofty dream, but it is something I've always had a passion for, being the voice for those who cannot speak :)

This week hasn't been much better than the last, but I'm still having faith! I have not had my Blackberry returned to me, but I may be switching to Verizon, getting another new phone. My boyfriend was turned down for the position, but the one he had origianlly been waiting for notified him that he was moved to the next level of the hiring process! Granted, it will be awhile before he is actually on board with them, but we are very happy nonetheless! Tell, does it make sense to you all that a satellite installation company turned him down for a postion, yet the federal government is pushing him through to the next level for a shift as a deputy police officer?? I'd ike to think this is a God-thing :).

11-20-2010, 05:07 AM
excitedtolose Ė How was the date? Did the Sushi live up to the hype?

Jelbelle Ė Iíd love to be able to work in Manhattan! Will you still have family close by if you make the move?

princessdi86 Ė Iím glad everything went well for your Mumís birthday. I have to admit, the only thing that comes to mind when I think of Nashville is Country Music & Iíve never really gotten into that. Iím sure there would be other touristy things for me to do though. By the sounds of it you know exactly what direction you want your life to take. I love animals as well and especially dogs so itís awesome that you want to have a dog shelter to save as many as you can!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Question Ė I wish I could say that I had things totally figured out but I donít. My one goal is still all about living a life less ordinary and in order to tackle that, I need to lose the excess weight first. I just want to regain my health and be happy. Sounds like the simplest thing in the world but everyone here knows what a struggle it can be.

11-20-2010, 12:17 PM
Hey girls, is it okay if I post my weigh in a day early? I have issues with logging in pretty often (usually when 3FC doesn't "remember" me, I try my pw and name and it doesn't accept it, and many times I can't access my email to get a new pw) but also, sometimes I have problems getting here on Sundays. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post tomorrow but I don't want to miss another WI!

11-20-2010, 04:23 PM
oOPeanutOo: Nope. But you go where the job is =)

11-20-2010, 06:59 PM
southernbelle102: Congrats on your "niece"!!!! I completely understand the urge to spoil. I see little girl clothes in shops and always wish I had someone to spoil, they're SOOOO cute! Goodluck on 100lbs by Christmas! You can do it!

JMFan: I'm sorry you're having a difficult time this month! You've done so well so far and so just brush everything off your shoulders and keep looking after yourself and keeping on! :hug:

oOPeanutOo: The fruits of your mini cooking storm sound good!! And good idea about the pasta sauce for quick meals. I felt sick and stomach acid-y through Thursday but had rice and cake so the birthday celebrant wouldn't know I was feeling bad and strangely enough felt better afterwards. (I think it's one of those things where you probably need to eat something but feel too sick to do so). I definitely paid for it later though and am still doing so.

excitedtolose: I'll look into soy milk again. I too used to use the Silk brand (light- vanilla flavour I think) but they don't have that where I live now. But they DO sell soy milk so yeah I'll re-visit that. Definitely creamier than milky water and wayyyy nicer-tasting. How did the date end up going? Did you pull it of? And the sushi?

princessdi86: Sorry your bf didn't get the job. It could definitely be a God-thing and I believe there's something better waiting for him probably, so keep the faith! I hope you have a better next week!

I'm still feeling quite ill but on a functional level, rather than on a writhe in bed level. Or rather, I want to writhe in bed from time to time but am able to function without doing so. Even fluids (including water) trigger a stomach flu (cramping and um... removal) reaction so it's been pretty grim. I've tried everything (medicine wise) and will see a doctor on Monday if I'm not better. Now to add to the general fun of being ill, I have TOM, so now I can't tell if the cramping is from the stomach issues of from TOM... ah well... I haven't really felt hungry for much: today I had a plain egg in the morning, a cup of plain rice (with a little adobo seasoning) in the afternoon, and then didn't feel like anything in the night, except I got enticed by some chocolate cake (yes smart choice, I know) which I thoroughly enjoyed but soon paid for. I didn't weigh in this morning because I wasn't home so I shouldn't have had carbs today OR sugar (part of my no-carbs the day b4 weigh in rule), so goodness knows what will be on the scale tomorrow between TOM, mild dehydration from the stomach flu and everything else. <sighs> I do feel better though, than Thursday or yesterday; I've abstained from googling my symptoms because I've been down that road and that just brings out my hypochondriachal tendencies, but I'm also going to be smart and see someone if I don't get better (no 15-lb tumor all over again and refusing to see a doctor bcos I thought I was just getting fat).
Exercise-wise, I did my runs for the week even though I felt sick. The good thing was I was so busy trying not to hurl, I didn't notice feeling breathless so all in all, they were good. I also met my 1200-minute exercise target for the month. I'm a little behind with 30-Day Slimdown though. But I think I'll be 100% caught up by tomorrow, hopefully.

The Weekend Question: I'm not really sure what I want BUT if pressed for an answer: 1 Year: Hopefully at goal and moreover at a healthy bmi. Confident and happy and filled with good self-esteem. Hopefully not single BUT only in a good relationship. 5 years: Possibly married, or at least in a serious relationship. Either finished doctoral OR working mid-high level position in a health/international development job AND freelance editing. 10 Years: Maintaining a healthy weight, married (only if it's right with the right person) with kids, doing consultancies in international development and running a small writing support (editing, proofing, research, essay help, document drafting etc) company.

11-21-2010, 06:09 AM
toastedsmoke: Thanks a bunches:hug:

11-21-2010, 04:40 PM
Jelbelle: Your career plan sounds really cool! I love reading/writing/editing, but I'd never really thought to pursue any of those things professionally. How did you become interested in owning a publishing company? I've never heard anyone express interest in doing so before, and it sounds intriguing! And yeah, I totally get what you mean about a lack of boyfriend material in -1700 words.

oOPeanutOo: Your advice about reading labels really struck home. I have a hard time reading the ingredients lists in Finnish, but at least I can find the calorie count! I really had no idea how many calories were in anything before I started looking at labels. When I first started trying to estimate calories, I'd round up to ridiculous amounts when it came to things like fruits, yogurts, and even bread, and then round really far down on cheeses. I'm still trying to get situated in calorie counting, but I find it really interesting!

Toastedsmoke: I absolutely love S&S (definitely my favorite), but I do understand what you mean about Marianne. I really despised her the first time I read the book, but I also saw a great deal of myself in her (I was going through a particularly bad break-up). I think part of the reason that I like the book so much is that it encouraged me to mend my ways and try to emulate Elinor. Things went really well this week! I actually decided that I was going to go ahead with the Masters in Nutrition plan. Who knew I could make a decision so quickly? And I've exercised fairly regularly this week, so I've been feeling pretty good about life. I'm sorry that you've been sick for most of the week, and I hope that this coming week finds you healthy again! Good job on exercising despite the illness. Next week you should join in the exercise challenge ... it's so quiet over there!

princessdi86: I love your dream of opening a dog shelter! I'm sure that you can do it if you put your mind to it. It sounds like such a wonderful idea.

southernbelle102: Congratulations on the new "niece"! I love when my friends and family have babies. My goddaughter is sooooo spoiled! I just wish I lived closer to her. I haven't actually been able to spend that much time with her so far, as we're on different continents, but I think I'll rectify that next year. Enjoy the time you have with your friend's baby!

JMfan: I hope that the rest of the month starts to look up for you!

Kim: How's everything going?

Weekend question: Well, I'm glad that you asked this one now and not last week!

1 year - living in Austin, preparing to take post-bac classes, volunteering in a community garden, hopefully working somewhere interesting (crossing my fingers for a food bank or a local environmental organization)
5 years - have successfully completed a Masters program in Nutrition, working to address malnutrition either abroad or domestically, hopefully tying sustainable agriculture into this work somehow, hopefully in a long-term relationship or married
10 years - too far ahead to think about career decisions, but hopefully married with kids (and still working)

11-22-2010, 12:13 AM
Jelbelle Ė I think itís awesome that youíre chasing after what you want!

toastedsmoke Ė I have to say, I was even impressed with my cooking effort. I mainly did it so Iíd stay on plan and it worked. Sorry that youíre still having a rough time. Functional is definitely better than being stuck in bed. I think seeing a doctor would be a smart move if youíre still not feeling well.

Nienna Ė CHEESE!! I absolutely love cheese and was devastated when I found out how many calories were in it. Iíve had to stop buying Camembert & Brie all together because I just canít fit them into my plan. I love that you want to try and address some of the issues on malnutrition once youíve finished your Masters. Itís all about ďgiving backĒ.

My Monday hasnít been completely horrible which is a nice change. We have nice weather at the moment so the Sun is out and streaming through the office windows at the moment. Stone fruits and Grapes are starting to come back into season for us but they are majorly expensive right now. In spite of the expense I still have to buy them. I never imagined that having fruit come into season would be a highlight for me. How things have changed!

Hopefully everyone had a good weekend!!

11-22-2010, 03:48 AM
Nienna: It branched off of the writer thing. Since I wanted to be an author first, and I thought "why bother being a struggling author?". I figure SOMEONE has to be the one in the editing chair. I just want to be the person on top, I want to be involved in the entire publishing process.

11-22-2010, 09:20 AM
Nienna: I'll definitely check out the exercise challenge. Thanks.

oOPeanutOo: Thanks, I feel a lot better actually, thank goodness! I understand a bit about excitement that fruit is in season! I haven't had grapes in AGES, but tangerines were in season a couple of months ago and I was a happy camper for a while!!!

Yesterdays weigh-in went ok-ish, well as ok-ish as I guessed it would be. On th plus side, I did lose a lb, so that was good. I've been kind of exhausted. I have 2 outstanding days of 30DSlimdown (1 NMTZ and 1 30DS L1+L2) and I was supposed to do them both and catch up yesterday but I didn't bcos I apparently suck. And so now I'm obsessed with doing them and doubling up today and tomorrow's workout to get them done but then when I think of doing that, I get superdiscouraged and feel exhausted instead. I know I should just get them done and out of the way, and just mentally get myself in the zone of it must get done OR ELSE!

Anyway team Phoenix! Let's keep on keeping on. We're halfway there!!!! We can do it!!!

11-22-2010, 12:04 PM
Monday Question~ Do you have a ďbeforeĒ picture? If so, what is it of (you can post it if you would like)? If you donít, why? Did you avoid the camera and why?

11-22-2010, 01:23 PM
toastedsmoke~ You don't suck!!! Did you get a chance to double up your workouts today?

oOPeanutOo~ Clementine season has just started here which I am super excited about as well! What is stone fruit?

Nienna~ Lots of ambition academically! Things are kind of just coasting here right now...

Laureedee~ Posting a day early is fine! Good to see you!

princessdi86~ Satellite company doesn't know what they're missing!

Jelbelle~ A starving artist in Manhattan sounds kinda fun actually! Do you paint, draw, write, etc? I saw that you want to be a publisher, plan on sneaking some your own writing in there?

JMfan~ How are you doing?

southernbelle102~ Sounds like 190 is a good goal weight considering how you were at 160. How are you doing this week so far?

excitedtolose~ How was your surprise date night?

Anyone I missed~ :wave:

Monday Question~ Do you have a “before” picture? If so, what is it of (you can post it if you would like)? If you don’t, why? Did you avoid the camera and why?

I have "before" pictures, but none of which were intentional. I usually find myself behind the camera taking all the pictures rather then in front of it smiling. Although some of my friends have caught me before as well as some of my family. There is one picture from right before I re-started at the end of the last school year, that I absolutely dread. And it's posted on the school website! UGH! I'll try to find it at some point today.

So I'm currently coasting. Trying not to gain weight, but admittedly, not trying overly hard to lose weight either. My ear has been abnormally sore over the past couple days, to the point where I have even thought about taking the rook piercing out. I know I'm going to love it once it heals though. It's not infected... just healing. I've never had such a thick piece of cartilage pierced before, so it's a new kind of pain. One of the science teachers I work with here explained to me about how caritilage is soft bone, and the thicker it is, the harder it is, which means it will take longer to heal. Plus I toss and turn in my sleep and keep waking up lying on that side, ugh. K, I'm done being a baby now...

I have three Thanksgivings to go to this week! Wednesday is going to be a psycho gym day as I am planning on going at least once for 90 minutes, if not two or three times. We'll see, at least once though! My parents want to go to Harry Potter, so once may be all I can get in, because I can't miss Harry Potter..!

Okay, I'm done rambling!
Happy Monday everyone!!! (Thursday for me as tomorrow is our last day of school for the week!)

11-22-2010, 03:20 PM
Monday's Question (A GREAT ONE!): I do have before pictures, tons. I love pictures, most of them however are taken with a lot of great lighting and at perfect angles to give me the best look possible.

It got to the point where my boyfriend knew exactly how to take my photo to make sure that I would approve so I didn't have him take it a gazillion more times. I have poses that can slim myself...NOW I find myself NOT CARING about the poses or lighting etc and just smiling to smile and they are genuine!

I do have a few really bad before photos that show the true me (fat and all). But being I've posted those around this site before...maybe I'll post one of those that don't show every roll. =)

11-23-2010, 08:08 AM
KimL1214: Thanks! I actually ended up not sucking yesterday, immediately I got home from work I didn't allow myself to read a chapter or curl up in bed, I put on work out clothes and got to it. Now if I can only do the same thing today... Except i'll go to the gym first for a run... Good luck with tomorrow's monster workout!!! And have great thanksgivings!

Monday's question: I'd be hard-pressed to come up with before pics from the 275 era. First of all I avoided the camera like the plague. Unless it was my camera with which I had control of the pics, people weren't able to take pictures of me. My senior year of college (I was maybe 250-260ish), I have NO pics from then at all and it's soooo sad. My friends DO however have a lot of pics on facebook from senior year labelled (toasted's hands (covering face) or toasted's hair- har har). That's a big regret for me. My mom MIGHT have some pics from 275 from New Year's 2009 but I doubt it, by tht time I was a pretty savvy camera dodger even though my mom is quite the papparazza at family occasions. I have pics from 260ish downwards and I will think about posting them maybe later today. Eek! If I work up the courage. I think i'm waiting till onederland though to put up progress pics.

11-23-2010, 11:29 AM
toastedsmoke~ Did you get your run in yet today? I know how you feel about posting before pictures. I would probably feel better about posting them if I had some better current pictures, but I really don't see a difference between them yet.

Krizstyling~ That's funny that you got your bf trained to take pics just right before. I'm glad to hear you don't mind how pics are taken now!

Tuesday Question~ Do you cook during the winter time with a crock pot? Do you have any favorite recipes?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cooking with my crockpot. I have a couple really great recipes involving a roast, and some yummy chili recipes if anyone is interested!

I spent almost all afternoon and evening in bed yesterday. I'm not really sure what's going on, I just feel off lately. I think part of it has been my ear which has been raging, but feels much better today. Still sore, but not throbbing or drawing my complete attention. Lots of goodies in the teachers room this morning, which I admit I broke down and had some. Bonus is that I didn't then go and eat another breakfast which was an old habit.

I should have the overall stats up within a couple hours!!! Last day of school!!!

11-23-2010, 03:18 PM
Peanut: Cheese is absolutely delectable! When I visited my family in Belgium, we had cheese platters every night, and I thought I had gone to heaven. Of course, I also gained four pounds while I was there, so I guess that's the trade-off.

Kim: I'm planning on seeing Harry Potter with my parents, too, once they come to visit! I'm so excited, and I don't know how I'll manage to wait until December ... but I need to find a way to do so, otherwise I won't have anyone with whom to go. I guess I could always go with some of my students, but somehow that's not an entirely appealing thought. I hope that your piercing heals up soon! I've wanted to get my rook pierced for a while (as well as my nose and my conch), but I have fairly bad luck with infections, so I think I'll just admit defeat and stick to my industrial. Good job on walking away from another breakfast! I'm contemplating a second dinner right now, myself, but I'll resist. Maybe I should've saved some calories for after my work out ...

11-24-2010, 12:27 AM
toastedsmoke Ė Itís great that youíre feeling better! Donít be too hard on yourself with the workouts. We all get sick from time to time.

KimL1214 Ė I didnít really explain that well. Sorry! We call things like, Nectarines, Peaches, Apricots and the like Stone Fruits. Are you feeling any better today? Ear wise and with everything else you have going on?? Hopefully the piercing heals quickly and youíll think all the pain was worth it. Good Luck getting through all 3 of your Thanksgivings.

Krizstyling Ė Iíd love to be able to get to the point about not having to worry when people take photos.

Nienna Ė Cheese Platters every night would be amazing but I know that I wouldnít have the willpower to get back on my diet if I did that. Did you avoid that second dinner in the end??

Mondayís Question Ė Like others I have before pictures from when Iíd be caught off guard by friends so they are definitely in existence. Iíd just prefer to think that I never happened. My main reason for avoiding the camera is that no matter how I Ďposedí it always looked like I had 3 chins. It was horrible! Sure, I did have the double chin action happening but all I could ever see in the photos were Chins. Not a good look at all.

Tuesdayís Question Ė While I do own a crock pot, Iím the first to admit that I wouldnít have a clue how to cook with it. Iím sure there are heaps of great recipes around but I think that if I tried one out it would be horrendous and then put me off using it for life.

Weíre on our 3rd consecutive day of hot weather in Melbourne and I have to say, Iím not looking forward to Summer if this is any indication. I donít know what scares me about Summer every time it rolls around. Maybe itís that I canít find anything I like to wear in public or Iím constantly worried about how red my face is or how much Iím sweating. Hopefully some of those fears will lessen as I continue to lose the weight. Iím probably over thinking things...

11-24-2010, 02:27 AM
hey everyone, hope u are all well... sorry i ent been around but i got some good news!.. i have a job.. thats why i missed last weigh in, dont have much time on here anymore so might have to leave the challenge as i dont know when ill be able to come on. but all the best everyone! :)

11-24-2010, 06:07 AM
bbg200: Congratulations on your new job!!! All the best with that! And with your weightloss journey! Please update us on stuff whenever you can. You're still team Phoenix even though you may not be able to participate that actively anymore!

oOPeanutOo: Thanks! I'm definitely better than last week. And I plan to work out a little less/ be a little less militant with myself workout-wise bow that I've caught up from last week. I may only do one run this week instead of the 2 and definitely more yoga because it's only Wednesday and I just want to crawl in bed and sleep for a week! My brother and one of my best friends used to say the same things about the weather changing to summer. They dreaded less clothes. I don't care, I wear a cardigan or a blazer/jacket summer or winter. It helps that I tend not to sweat that much (but even when I do, I feel naked without layers) but nothing cam keep me from wearing layers... I'm living in the tropics and I wear a (summer weight) fitted cardigan or blazer (both always with sleeves pushed up to elbows as concession to the heat) everyday! Even to the grocery store. It's very sad. People used to always ask me if I was unwell but have come to realize it's just my "thing." It's really very sad. <shakes head at self>

KimL1214: I didn't get to run yesterday. I went to the gym but they were "closed for maintenance". I'm sure deep down I was very sad about it and the little dance I did at the entrance was a dance of sorrow not one of joy like it appeared to be... But yes yesterday was a bust, running-wise, but on the bright side I did catch up with the 30DSlimdown so there was that. So today is supposed to be your killer gym day, right? Are you still up to it or maybe i should say down for it, still? I understand about the pics definitely, I'm waiting till onederland because there's a difference now, I think, but I'm hoping the difference will be a bit more dramatic than now...

Tuesday question: I recently got a curry cooker. Which is sort of like a crockpot. I haven't used it yet though and was enticed more by the picture of the curry on the box (and the sale price) than any real belief that I'd use it that often. So I've never cooked with a crockpot (in winter in undergrad I lived off pasta and Lean Pockets (which aren't quite as lean if you eat the whole box as a snack) and in grad school, I made a lot of soups and broths in a regular pot) but please people share your most favourite recipe and maybe I can try them and get some use out of my curry cooker/crockpot contraption.

11-24-2010, 12:19 PM
Wednesday & Thursday Question~ Do you have one or two really great pieces of advice for someone wanting to lose weight?

Good weight loss tips I try to follow (good ones everyone knows) ;) : (1) stay hydrated, (2) portion control, (3) clean eating and active lifestyle/exercise (sweat more than you eat).

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Question~ Where do you see yourself in a year/five years/ten years?

1 year: (wishes for) a nicer car; probably still working for father-in-law. 5 years: better have a nicer car; (wishes to) work with fitness or animals. 10 years: should definitely have a dream car by now and should definitely have a job I WANT (maybe a dance fitness instructor or helping animals)

Monday Question~ Do you have a ďbeforeĒ picture? If so, what is it of (you can post it if you would like)? If you donít, why? Did you avoid the camera and why?

Yes. I've posted a before pic earlier in this thread. It was meant to be a "before" pic (taken at home) showing front/back/side views. This was for a 3FC TBL challenge taken 1-2 years ago (20~ lbs heavier than now).

Tuesday Question~ Do you cook during the winter time with a crock pot? Do you have any favorite recipes?

I have a crock pot, but have never used it (not much of a cook at all). I've heard crock pot stews are easy (dump everything in and let it simmer for hours), but I'm more for convenience (microwave!, lol). Beef stews are good (father-in-law sometimes makes- I think he cooks beans sometimes too). I'd probably cook something with CHICKEN :D

Kim, I'm alright. Thanks for asking. Been trying to stay on plan- hard with all the food temptations (bags of tiny chocolates, cheesecake and banana pudding at father-in-law's house) and distractions (if we have company, I put off workouts).

bbg: Don't worry if you can't post much. Just try to post all your Sunday weigh-ins so you stay in the challenge. Pop in the chat thread when you can :)

Girls, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving :D I know food holidays are hard on weight loss journeys, but if we stick with plan, we'll get through it (try not to overeat or make sure to burn it off later). Even if we fall off track, get back on asap (Monday, for sure!). Hugs and smiles to all.

Re: exercise games :) BF got an Xbox Kinect yesterday ($300 for the motion-sensing kinect and a 4gb xbox). It comes with a game, "Kinect Adventures". This could work as a workout game. The levels are 2-3 min each and you move your body (stepping/leaning/jumping/moving). If you do all 3 levels of all 5-6 mini games, that's a workout (disguised as a fun game). The BF played too and now he wants to get Dance Central (lol!, I'll let y'all know how this goes). Xbox Kinect has (at least) 2 dance games, 2 sports games, and (at least) a handful more- all of them use your body movements as the controller. Pretty neat once you get the hang of it. I plan on doing at least 30 min of Kinect Adventures today. Oh- another funny thing. The kinect games record pics/vids of you sometimes, so y'all can see (and laugh at) them later (blurry pics of jumping or funny positions- standing like a starfish/snowangel). Fun/ny stuff :)

11-24-2010, 04:53 PM
Got my workouts in early. And by early I mean at a respectable hour that isn't 3 in the morning on a work night. However, ruined the good work with a dinner consisting of fried with fried and some mayonnaise on top Chinese appetizers. And I don't mean I had 1 or 2, I mean I sampled the whole platter- 1 of everything. <Shakes head at self> Thankfully I don't have Thanksgiving to contend with and will be pretty lean and mean with food (sensing strict 1200 cal days in my horizon) for the next couple of days to make up. Now I just need to 100% IGNORE the leftovers.

Happy Thanksgiving to those marking it!!!

11-25-2010, 01:40 AM
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am excited about this one "free" day I am giving myself. I also am feeling a good bit of anxiety about not counting calories at all and eating some pretty "bad for me" foods. I know that one day off plan wont really do anything to me and might actually boost my metabolism a bit. It just stresses me out to not be in control with this. I need days like that though because I need to give up the control once in a while. Since I have such a long history of eating disorders, it is good to eat like a "normal" person without counting cals every once in a while. Wish me luck for getting through the day without feeling too much guilt about eating off plan for just one day.


11-25-2010, 03:41 AM
Happy Turkey day girls!!!! I know a lot of us are doing the whole "free day" thing, so take care and make sure to hop back on plan right after!! To keep my day "balanced" I'll be doing two 45 minute walks, one in the morning after breakfast, and one as quickly as possible after dinner! Good lucky everyone!

11-25-2010, 04:00 AM
I can't see any of the individual or team stats for this challenge. Does anyone know why they aren't showing up? It is showing a picture that says that they have been moved or deleted...

11-26-2010, 12:24 AM
bbg200 Ė Congratulations on the new Job. Thatís great news. Definitely try and stick around for weigh-ins even if you canít get online to post during the week.

toastedsmoke Ė Itís good to hear that youíre improving!! I canít handle the heat at all. I start to think that itís too hot when the temperature reaches 20deg C (68 deg F). I would never survive in the Tropics! I have to admit, you gave me a little bit of chuckle when you said that you worked out at a respectable hour for once! Is that going to become a trend for you now??

southernbelle102 Ė Youíre completely right, one day off plan isnít going to erase the 87lbs youíve already lost!!

ferretgirl Ė The Xbox Kinect sounds pretty cool. I can only imagine what types of poses you get snapped in while playing.

Jelbelle Ė Did you get in those two walks you were hoping to do?

I think Iím a little bit lucky that we donít have Thanksgiving down here. While catching up with friends and family would be awesome I donít think Iím quite ready to battle the mentality of it all. Iíve been having a good week food wise and have been pretty much on plan. Iím hoping to see a bit of a drop in the scale this week but Iím not sure if that will happen.

To those of you laughing it up with friends and family today, I hope youíre having an awesome time!

11-26-2010, 06:27 AM
oOPeanutOo: I did! Well, actually, I did my morning walk, but I switched it to a bike in the evening. But at least I got some activity in.

How did everyone do this Thanksgiving? I won't lie and say I did the best, but it was a GOOD Thanksgiving XD

11-27-2010, 03:35 AM
Well, I stuck to my plan to go off plan for Thanksgiving and guess what... it went pretty well. The world didn't end just because I deviated from my plan for one day... haha :) I told myself that I wouldn't weigh until this sunday because I knew that with all of the sodium I was going to take in, I would definitely have some excess water weight. Well, of course I couldn't stay off the scale today. The scale actually only went up 1 lb and am pretty sure that is mainly water weight. I am hoping to lose that lb by this weekend. How did you all do??

11-27-2010, 03:56 PM
Ladies I'm sorry I've been MIA for a few days, the holidays took over and then chaos today. I was hoping to check in with everyone today, but I'm pretty busy right now as my grandfather had a stroke this morning. I hope everyone is doing okay!

11-28-2010, 12:38 AM
Jelbelle & Southernbelle - It's nice to hear that you guys made it through Thanksgiving & that it went well.

KimL1214 - I'm really sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Seems like your family has been having a hard time of late.

I don't really have anything new to report. I'm down 1.8lbs this week which I'm happy about. It takes me to 101.1kg and I'm super close to seeing 99.9kg on the scale which will be a major achievement for me. It's still a lot to do with the mental game but I haven't weighed under 100kgs in almost 10 years. I'm pretty confident that it will happen in the next 2 weeks so I might have to think of some kind of mini reward when I get there.

11-29-2010, 02:05 PM
KimL1214: I'm sooooooooo sorry about your grandpa and all the difficult times your family has been having recently! :hug: Please take heart and be strong and know you're in my thoughts and prayers! :hug: I hope your grandpa is doing better!

oOPeanutOo: Congrats on being sooooooo close to 99.9kg. I only made it a few weeks ago (for the 1st time in like 7 years) so I know the excitement! Yay you!!! :carrot:

Everyone: Everyone seems to have had successful thanksgiving plan/off-plan-wise so congrats all! Let's keep on keeping on Team!

After Wednesday's fried extravaganza, I was pretty strict on Thursday and weighed in on Friday morning (random weigh in) at 218 lbs! Eeek!!!! I'd been having a pretty awkward couple of weeks with very strange random weigh-ins. As well as being <clears throat, tmi coming> really "irregular" (as they say in yoghurt adverts) despite the fact that I eat A LOT of veggies (100% of my carbs came from fruits and veggies). And I had an (let's say) uncomfortable feeling that, the bloat and irregularity was part of the problem with the randomly high weigh-ins I'd been getting. So I've re-incorporated proper carbs (rice, bread, cereal) back into my diet in moderate amounts and have seen immediate improvements. I guess I'm not meant to be a very low-carb person. I think I'll take low-carb-dom on alternative days or weeks or something.

Weight loss has been super slow this month! Very sadly so. I'll do a weigh in tomorrow to check total loss for the month but it's not looking that awesome. In other news, remember the 30DSlimdown I was doing, well I did my final measurements today even though I have 2 more workouts (today's and tomorrow's) left to do. I think I see a bit of a difference sometimes, so I guess the late nights to get the workouts in have kind of been worth it. Numbers-wise, I lost 1.5 inches off my bust (yay!), 1 inch of my waist, 2 inches off my belly (yay!) and 0.5 inches off my hips. Since I've never really tracked measurements before, I'm not sure what to make of the numbers over a 30-day period. But at least they're all round losses so I'll take it!

11-29-2010, 11:44 PM
toastedsmoke Ė Iím very excited about it but for some reason I keep doubting myself that I can actually do this. I think weíve all suffered the randomly high weigh Ėins from that, just donít let it deter your mindset. Yay for nearly finishing 30DS and congratulations are in order for losing inches. Awesome work!

Itís been really quiet around here lately!! Hopefully itís just that everyone is still busy getting over Thanksgiving or your weekends & that you havenít jumped off plan or given up on the challenge!

11-30-2010, 08:27 PM
Peanut, It IS really quiet around here lately. I am still here :) I only have 10 lbs left to go to meet my Christmas goal.. yay! I am very optimistic that I will get there! I have been super stressed lately. I have had some pretty demanding clients and have had a lot going on personally as well. I am trying to keep reminding myself of all the blessings in my life and all of the good things going on when I feel too stressed. I suffer from PTSD and it causes my entire body to hurt when I get too stressed out. I am trying to de-stress and relax this week. How are you all doing?

Kim - How are you doing? I know that life has thrown quite a few curve balls your way lately. I have been thinking about you and hope you are okay!

So, what are everyone's plans for christmas this year? I am going out of town with my parents and sister to visit our family. I LOVE Christmas... everything about it. I have been watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music non stop. I have also been wrapping all sorts of presents and decorating all week long. What are your favorite Christmas Traditions??

12-01-2010, 01:12 AM
Hey everyone =D just popped in to say IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^ and I'm 30 pounds lighter than I was last birthday! I'm so happy!

12-01-2010, 02:58 AM
Happy Birthday, Jelbelle!!

12-01-2010, 03:23 AM
southernbelle102 Ė Only 10lbs left to your Christmas goal Ė Thatís awesome! I know I for one like to keep an eye on your progress. Sorry about all the stress youíre going through at the moment. Hopefully itís just because of the lead up to Christmas.
Christmas for me is always a small family affair. Thereís usually about 6 of us who get together for Lunch and play pool in the afternoon. Thatís the only thing that we do for Christmas so I canít say there are any important family traditions. Sadly I donít have the same level excitement about Christmas which is a bit of a shame.

Jelbelle Ė HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Do you have any big plans to celebrate it?

Iím still trucking along with my plan. Iíve been a lot more tired than usual over the past few days so have needed to make conscious food choices instead of just going for the easy option. Itís good practice for the rest of my life I guess.

12-01-2010, 10:03 AM
Hey Everyone!

I'm still around and participating in the weigh-ins every week!

Has anyone heard from Kim? Is she doing alright? Kim if you read this, we are all here rooting for ya!!!

12-01-2010, 04:30 PM
Hope everyone had a good holiday :) Mine was good, went a little off-plan with the desserts, but paid attention to portions. Probably gained more from sharing a small popcorn and medium coke with kiddo at the movies last weekend than over Thanksgiving. Thank goodness all the desserts are gone. I couldn't stay away from the carrot cake, apple/raisin pie, or hershey's minis..

I've been doing the zumba dvds for 1-2+ months now and love the workout but am maybe getting burned out on same thing every day, so I've been adding in more from the kickbox bootcamp dvd these last couple weeks. Bought some 2lb small handweights yesterday (since 5lb are too heavy for keli roberts' pace). Really want to get an extra xbox or wii for the workout room, since there's so many dance/workout games out now.

Kim: I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather *hugs* Hope everyone is ok.

Peanut: Have you thought of a reward once you break 100kg? Clothes and/or workout gear are always cool ;)

toastedsmoke: Congrats on completing the Week 5 Challenge (Intermediate too!! Wow :D) and on losing inches. Measuring is good, 'cause even if you don't see change on scale, there's no denying losing inches :D

southernbelle: I hope you are finding time to de-stress when you need it. You (and every woman) deserve it and need it to stay happy/healthy. What do you do to de-stress? Holding/petting an animal and listening to music are a couple of my favs. Self-pampering is a good one that gives quiet time and ya feel nicer afterwards :)

Jelbelle: Happy late Birthday!! :D Hope you had an awesome day and congratulations on losing 30 lbs in a year- wow!!

Christmas plans.. probably similar to Thanksgiving: go with hubby and kiddo to father-in-law's house for lunch and my parents' house for dinner. I'm sure kiddo will open gifts at home and both his grandparents' houses ;) It's nice being around family on holidays. I'll just watch portion-sizes and try to keep working out 3-4 hours a week.

We have 3 weigh-ins left on this challenge.. whoa... It'll be cool to see everyone's total losses at the end. EVERYONE'S progressing here (on both teams), so kudos to everyone!! Let's keep it up and finish strong.. :cheer2:

12-01-2010, 08:57 PM
southernbelle: Sorry about the work stress you're going through right now. :hug: But yay on being only 10lbs from Christmas goal!!! :carrot: You can totally do it!!! I definitely get the Christmas excitement! I LOVE Christmas!!! Everything about it! From mid-December till New Year is usually great. It's family time. This year though will be my 1st New Years away from my family as I'll be leaving right after Christmas to go to my best friend's New Years wedding (I love her but she's taking me away from family time, darnit!!!)

Jelbelle: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! :bday2you::bday2you::bday2you::bday2you:
I wish you everything you wish for yourself! Have the best year!!!!

oOPeanutOo: Sorry you've been feeling a bit ragged lately! :( But good on you for still making conscious good decisions! That's inspiring to me for days when I'm tired or feel like taking the easier route!

ferretgirl: Thanks!! I think we have the same Christmas coping plan- watching the portions I guess.

KimL1214: I hope everything is going well with you and you're doing ok. You're definitely in my thoughts! :hug::hug:

It's been a weird few days for me in that I feel like I've been slacking even though when I look at it closely, I really haven't. I see the potential to get derailed this month so I have to be really careful to stick to plan day by day. Added challenge is I have a meeting out of town on Friday so from tomorrow evening till Saturday I'm booked into this fancy hotel resort place and it will be my first exposure to "outside," non-planned food since I restarted this journey in July/August this year. I have a HUGE weakness for restaurants, I won't lie. Especially since I don't eat out often in general. I see a menu and I'm like "I have to eat everything because I don't know when I'll be back." I need to be conscious of that and stay on plan, no matter how boring it feels. I know I'll feel better when I step on the scale on Sunday if I know I made good decisions during the week...mmhmm much better than the temporary pleasure of tiramisu <sighs>... that will be my mantra!

ferretgirl is right. Only 3 weigh ins to go! Let's finish strong, team! We can do this!!!

12-02-2010, 12:14 AM
Thanks so much girls!! That means a bunch to me =) I won't be having my party till this weekend due to my school schedule, but my day was still very good! I am SO GLAD to see everyone coming back and posting again!
@Kim: I really hope things are going okay over your way!

12-02-2010, 01:59 AM
Krizstling Ė Good to see you back. Youíve been doing an awesome job at the weekly weigh-ins!

ferretgirl Ė I would have struggled with desserts as well if they were available. I havenít thought of a reward just yet. I had to recently buy a few new clothes for work as some of my old stuff was literally falling off me. Iím not really a girly girl either so things like manicures and pedicures arenít an option. Iím sure Iíll think of something eventually though.

toastedsmoke Ė Still a bit tired but I think some extra sleep this weekend will do me the world of good. I have no doubt that youíll make a conscious effort to make the right choices while youíre away. I know when I stray off plan I generally feel sick so thatís the best motivation to watch what Iím eating. Good luck with it though and be sure to check in here if you need support.

Jelbelle Ė Have fun with your party this weekend!! Be sure to let us know how it goes.

KimL1214 Ė Weíre all hoping that your Grandfather is okay!!!

12-02-2010, 10:56 AM
Thanks Peanut! =) That was so sweet!

So how is everyone doing today? Any good news to share?

Today my blog was all about ME and was kind of cocky but I think everyone deserves to be self appreciating once in awhile =)

We got good news at boot camp today! Our trainer is going to have like this MAJOR event from the second week in Jan through the second week in March! It is a ten week program!

He said there will be awards for who loses the most body fat, gains the most muscle etc. He is still working everything out but he said it looks like 5 people will win UNLIMITED access to boot camp for a YEAR! That is AMAZING and would save me tons of money so ya'll know I'm gonna be ALL OVER THAT!

There are also going to be fun prizes like "best workout gear" or "best motivator" "Miss congeniality" stuff like that. It is an all women's boot camp so that is a GREAT thing haha. I recommended best hair because hello! I want to win! LOL

Anyway I'm SO SUPER STOKED ABOUT THIS. A freaking ten week boot camp with all diff types of stuff. He is even goin to bring in a thai masseuse to give our muscles some help! He has a ton of diff things planned for each week and man I am just SO excited, can you tell?! LOL

The thing is, I AM nervous because I was planning on losing about 10 more pounds AT LEAST between now and then...I want to WIN this thing so I hope it doesn't start getting harder for me to lose once this 10 week cycle starts! SOOOOOOO excited I just had to share =)

12-02-2010, 01:07 PM
Hey ladies! Thank you all for the well wishes. Grandpa is still holding on and we are now faced with trying to find some place for him to live as living on his own is not an option. The hospital basically said, "he's dying, but he can't stay here, and he can't live alone." Created quite a predicament as finding hospice care in VT is pretty tough...
I'm sorry I haven't been around more to chat. I am, however, hoping that things will calm down by this weekend so I can get on here more often.

Everyone is doing wonderful, keep going!!!

12-03-2010, 07:57 PM
Krizstyling Ė Good on you for cutting out people in your life with a bad attitude! I didnít think your blog was cocky at all, you should be excited about what the future holds & what youíve already achieved.

KimL1214 Ė Family is whatís most important so we all understand why youíve been gone. Donít feel you need to rush back until you have things sorted. Sorry youíve been having such a rough time lately Ė weíre all thinking of you.

Itís Saturday for me & Iím still trying to figure out if I want to tackle some of the Christmas shopping I have to do today or put it off like every other year because I never know what to buy people. I love getting people gifts but dislike having to deal with all the crowds and screaming children around this time of year. It really does my head in.

So Iíve still been thinking of a mini-reward for when I get below 100kgs and am considering trying out Acupuncture. I know itíll be expensive but my Chronic Fatigue has been playing up for a while now and I think maybe itís time to tackle that in a new way. Has anyone tried Acupuncture before? Does it hurt??

12-04-2010, 02:40 AM
Peanut - THanks so much on the blog! That means a LOT!!!

As for acupuncture, I have never done it but I have a few friends who swear by it! Doesn't hurt from what they've all said and they have no reason to lie so if you do use this as one of your rewards, let us know how it goes!

12-04-2010, 10:14 AM
We are getting SO close to Christmas... and I am 9 lbs away from goal. I know I can make it but at the rate I have been losing lately, I will be short a lb or 2 on the 25th. I know I should be totally happy no matter what the # is then as I will have still accomplished so much. I am, however, the kind of person who feels a great deal of failure if I don't meet the goals I set forth for myself. It is one of my big flaws. I am preparing myself for not exactly meeting my goal but hoping that something will kick in and help. Also, my TOM usually falls the week of the 22nd so I will be boated for that last week before I weigh in for Christmas. Oh well... I guess all I can do is what I am doing right now. I am going to start watching my carbs even more though. That has seemed to help bring on a whoosh of weight-loss before. Sorry for this long semi-pointless post. I just needed to write this down somewhere. I hate my perfectionism!!!

12-04-2010, 12:50 PM
Hey ladies =D lots of great stuff happening today! My party is later on, so I'll be really busy with that, but I just have to say


for the first time since like, freshman year of high school or before! Sooo excited! Thanks to all of you for being so supportive of me! I love this feeling =D

12-04-2010, 02:06 PM
southernbelle - I totally understand your frustration. I too get very upset with myself when I don't lose what I am setting forward. Don't set yourself up for failure by preparing yourself just in CASE you don't make it. Worrying will get you nowhere. Instead think positive thoughts and usually, that helps you achieve your goal. It's not like 9lbs is unrealistic. You can totally do this! Stay on track for the next few weeks and you've GOT THIS! I know you can do it!

Jelbelle - Congratulations!!!! What an amazing Christmas gift you've just given to yourself =) I remember how great it felt reaching onederland. It is truly a downward experience from here (In a good way) EVERYTHING seems so much more attainable when you are out of those dreaded 200's. WOOHOO! Have a GREAT time at your party tonight!

12-04-2010, 03:20 PM
Krizstyling - thanks for the words of assurance and support. Don't worry, I won't deviate from plan at all... I REFUSE to cheat or give up... even for one day(other than thanksgiving day and Christmas day :) ). I know that if I don't hit it by Christmas I will see that 100 lb loss only a few days after. I just am realizing that my average weight loss has been between 2 and 3 lbs lately a week and I need a consistent 3 lb loss per week for the next 3 weeks to get there. I know that usually after a few weeks of small losses, I have a big loss week. I am just hoping that is the case this month. It will help out a lot if I can lose at least 5 lbs one week... or more. We'll see :) I am not letting it worry me too much. I just hate "failure" and know that if I don't hit that # by that day, I will be disappointed in myself. I should be ecstatic because my original Christmas goal was 81 lbs to bring me out of the 300s and I whizzed past that. I hope I wasn't too lofty with my new goal. I know I can do it... it is up to my body whether or not it will do it though. I am not planning on changing anything about my diet calorie wise... just upping my protein and cutting my carbs a bit. Thanks again for the support!

Jelbelle - CONGRATULATIONS!!! That has got to be an awesome feeling!! I can't wait to see onederland (cause for me that means I will only be like 10 lbs away from my ultimate goal :) ) Enjoy your new freedom from the 200s and never go back!! Great job!

12-05-2010, 12:32 AM
Krizstyling Ė I was a little unsure because Iím not a major needle fan but Iíll definitely book in to have it done at some stage.

southernbelle102 Ė We all get a little bit disappointed if we donít set the goals we make. HOWEVER, when you set your first Christmas goal all that time ago Iím sure you didnít expect that youíd have to be making another one. Donít feel bad for setting ďlofty goalsĒ either, it not only gives you something to aim for but also to fight for. The fight in you comes out when you refuse to cheat and give up and for that you should be incredibly proud of yourself. Not reaching your new goal by a couple of pounds will not make you lose that will to succeed. Weíre all hoping that you do make it though!

Jelbelle Ė That is AWESOME!!! A huge congratulations to you. What better way to celebrate than at your birthday party. Have fun at your party.

So I ended up going shopping yesterday and have almost finished buying gifts for everyone. The only downside to spending that much time out and about is that itís 3:30pm on Sunday and Iím still in bed. Iíve lost 16kgs (35lbs) so far in my journey and had hoped that getting some of the weight off would give me more energy Ė It hasnít. Iíll just keep at it and see what happens.

12-05-2010, 02:49 PM
Krizstyling: Your bootcamp competition sounds like fun! I'm sure you'll totally rock it! I read your post and didn't think it was cocky at all! It was good and positive! There are too many blogs and posts in which we beat up on ourselves, and are sooooo down on ourselves. I thought your post was positive and fun and sounded like you had awesome self-esteem, and that's what's inspirational. We can only do this if we think we're deserving of it, if it comes from a place of self-hate then it won't last. And what I read in your blog was positive and self-loving and basically pretty awesome. So yeah, as they say here: "big up yourself!" (i.e. "pop your collar and don't let what people say bother you"- I'm big on applying pop music to real life situations too! lol)

KimL1214: Thanks for the update! Still thinking of you and hoping things are getting better! :hug:

oOPeanutOo: Sorry about the chronic fatigue! I had no idea, you always seem so positive and 100%. I have a new respect for how much you've accomplished in spite of that challenge. Well done you!!! You'll be in the double-kilo digits any moment now! If you end up doing acupuncture, please let us know how it goes! I'm fascinated by it, but can't believe it doesn't hurt even a bit so you have to tell us how it works out if you do it!

southernbelle: I totally think you can make your christmas goal and I don't think aiming high is a negative! Even if you don't make it there by christmas, you'll be closer than you were and you'll still have accomplished loads, PLUS, you'll have a belated christmas gift later for when you do make it! I think you can do it though! You've lost an amazing amount and your rate of loss is nothing to sniff at. Believe me, I've seen it and drooled! You're always inspirational!

Jelbelle: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! :carrot: :carrot :carrot: That's absolutely excellent! What a great birthday present! Well Done you!!! You must be soooooooo excited!!!!! :hug: :carrot:

The office trip was not tragic! Did I eat on plan! No! But it wasn't an out of control binge fest. I had dessert only once. I had a small sandwich with green salad instead of a huge pie which I wanted! I didn't have as much as I coveted at breakfast... Compared to my old self, i was pretty saintly. Well... saintlier than I expected. It was a semi-success. Or at least not a failure. I've been slacking pretty badly with working out since I finished the 30-Day Slimdown and I think I'll do the 15 days or so, till the end of this challenge. And I may or may not up my runs to 3 times a week instead of the 2 i currently do. Ok maybe not. We'll see though.

I hope everyone is doing well! And everything plan and non-plan wise is going amazing! Have an awesome week everyone!!! Go Team!!!

12-05-2010, 04:52 PM
Thanks again everyone!! Another scheduled off plan day for me, and it went over... just as planned XD So now I need to work off all that cake and junk and get back on track before Christmas. I declare a Jelbelle Christmas Detox! Yep.

How long does it take for weight gains to show up on the scale?

katy trail
12-05-2010, 05:44 PM
well, i don't ever go to the gym. however, we all have days that we just don't want to workout. remember, you never regret working out, you only regret when you skip it. (unless you are overtraining)

katy trail
12-05-2010, 05:45 PM
woops wrong thread.

12-06-2010, 03:44 AM
toastedsmoke Ė Thanks.. It was nice of you to say. Thereís no point in me getting annoyed with it Ė you work with the hand youíre dealt. Congrats on surviving the office trip. It sounds like you kept things in check and made thought-out decisions. Did you manage to get back on the exercise train?

Jelbelle Ė A ďJelbelle Christmas DetoxĒ... I like it!!! When I go off plan the scale normally jumps a little bit on the 2nd or 3rd day afterwards. I always get excited when I donít see an increase the following the day but it always catches up with me. Thatís just my experience so give yourself a few days to see how you went.

Iím at my 3rd day in a row of the scale reading 100.0kg which is slightly frustrating but not enough to deter me from staying on plan for the rest of the evening. Iím hoping there will be a change in the morning so fingers crossed.

12-06-2010, 09:39 AM
ToastedSmoke - Well isn't that just about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me about my blog!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!! It's so hard to know what can be seen as cocky vs. confident. I notice the more I lose, the more my friends that are bigger seem to get evil towards me and say I'm cocky...when really in reality I am just extremely proud of myself and how far I've come.

I LOVE LOVE that you use pop songs for real life situations! LOL My boyfriend says that I think I live in a musical, he'll say something and I'll bust out into a song for an answer. He has a point...I really do wish I lived in a musical =)

Thanks so much for reading the blog lady!

12-06-2010, 05:06 PM
Krizstyling: Your bootcamp event sounds awesome!! That's great- your trainer is definitely giving y'all motivation with all the fun stuff/prizes. Don't be nervous about losing- I think everyone will kick into high gear for the 10 weeks and I know you will too! Your body will respond to your efforts :)

southernbelle: Don't worry about being perfect. You'll reach goal and that's way more important than a couple days' difference.

Jelbelle: Congrats on Onederland!! You go girl!! Weight gain (for me) shows up on scale the very next day and starts going back down the day after that, if I eat right and work out.

Week went ok here. Cold cold weather is not my friend.. Last week I raised weekly exercise goal from 3 to 4 hours (ended with 3.75/4 hours, but gave myself the 15 min from my 2.25 hour workout Sunday). Actually played Dance Central for over 2 hours and didn't break a sweat! I'm still on the first songs (doing walk-thru, then run-thru on each level difficulty til I get 5 stars). I tried this dance (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnGdcmcLk4c) over 10x on Med/Hard, but can only get 4 stars (fun though, and did burn off 1.5 lbs I'd gained the day before).

I DID meet a goal though! Scale read 119.5 today. My long-time goal has been 120lbs (my most common/average highschool weight). Will keep trying the eating right and working out and will try to maintain; set New Year's goal to 117.5, since toning is more important than numbers at this point (since I reached 120! *6 days late from my 12/1 goal, but still made it*). Took me 2 years to lose 30lbs (highest weight: 150).. so THANK YOU 3FC!!! This forum has been such a help in keeping me on track weight management-wise. Planning to post before/after's after I take a new 'after' ;)

Hope everyone has a good week. *hugs to Kim and all Team Phoenix*

12-06-2010, 07:01 PM
ferret - Thank you lady!!!

As for your weight loss and hitting goal, OMG!!! Congratu freaking lations!!!!! That is AMAZING!!! Toning is so so important to me so definitely keep checking in and letting us know how it goes!

12-07-2010, 12:34 PM
Thank you Kriz :D For toning, my plan will be add in 10 min of kickbox bootcamp every day I work out (the buns&thighs, abs, and arm&shoulder toning segments). Here's the dvd I use (Keli Roberts' 10 Min Solutions Kickbox Bootcamp): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUXvIILvv2I&feature=related (shows snips of each segment). Cardio/dance was great for melting excess fat, but think those "concentrated exercise moves" will help tighten loose tummy skin. Another alternative for toning, I think, would be yoga or pilates-based stretching with ab-work. Guess now its time to add in some 'non-fun' workouts for that ;)

Here's a good article I found: 11 best fast food post workout snacks under 200 calories (http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/food/11-best-fast-food-post-workout-snacks-under-200-calories-2402237/). Not saying fast food is good in any way, but some choices are better than others. For healthier fast food, I'll do a grilled chicken salad or wrap (no dressing, no cheese) or turkey on wheat sub (no dressing, no cheese). Refering back to the link, the Wendy's small chili probably is a healthy choice for its protein and veggies. I like the Wendy's 2 for $5 meal.. you can get a good small salad (pick/take out the cheese and candied cranberries and don't add dressing or sugared pecans ;))and small chili (but try to split those into 2 meals if possible). Much as I love "iced coffee", a healthier/cheaper home-made version is 10oz coffee, 6oz 2% (or skim) milk and 1 raw brown sugar packet (I drink every morning with special k protein bar for breakfast). Much as I LOVE chicken tenders and fries... its not worth the 2lb gain the next day :(

Any links or healthy fast food tips?

Hope no one's getting sick of my exercise-game-review-ish comments.. hehe.. My reward for getting back to 120... I'm buying the Zumba game this weekend :D With the mixed reviews, wasn't sure whether to get on Wii or Xbox, wasn't sure if it'd be good at all. I saw this on youtube when looking for gameplay videos.. a real woman working out with the Zumba game on Xbox Kinect. She's really moving/dancing and its the same song as on my zumba dvd.. this vid sold me on getting zumba for xbox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaZOL3pCWfI

Hope everyone's having a good week *well wishes to everyone*

12-07-2010, 03:44 PM
Ferret - CONGRATULATIONS on meeting your initial goal!!! That is awesome! Have fun getting toned!

Peanut - how did the scale look in the morning? Fingers crossed!

Toasted smoke - I would call that a success. You didn't lose control and were able to indulge without going overboard. Good job!

Krizstyling - Your blog is great!!

Well, I weighed in at 284.8 today, so that is only 4.8 lbs away from my Christmas goal. I hope I can make it! :)

12-07-2010, 06:50 PM
oOPeanutOo: That's a great attitude to have! Not sweating the things you can't change. Just deal and move on! I need to remind myself of that all the time. 99kg is around the corner! Just 0.1 away!!! You'll be there any second! :carrot: Re: the exercise slum, see below.

ferretgirl: Congratulations at reaching goal!!!!!!!!! :congrat::congrat::congrat: Well done you!!!! And as for your game reviews, please don't stop. I think I'm getting the Beto Zumba dvds around Christmas and I'm always looking for good fitness games to play on Wii (have actually been looking at zumba and something called Just Dance), so please please, keep on reviewing them as you get them. I've also been eyeing the 10-minute solutions kickboxing workout- well that and Billy Blanks on Amazon... so good to know that the cheaper option (10-minute solution kickboxing bootcamp) is pretty good!

southernbelle: Thanks! You're less than 5lbs away from your goal! I think you'll totally make it by Christmas at the rate you're going! Go you!!!

So as I've said, I've kind of been slacking on exercise and since I re-committed to plan in July/August, I've been pretty strict with a plan for food and exercise. As in I've been planning my meals for the entire week and eating according to them. The last few weeks I haven't done weekly meal plans, but it's been fine because I kind of now know what I can have plus I was exercising pretty heavily and that was enough to keep me accountable vis-a-vis what went into my mouth (I always say nothing gives you respect for calories than seeing the difficulty of achieving calories out). Since I finished the 30DSlimdown, I've been plan-less and I have already felt the first stirrings of boredom with life "on plan" and the start of a possible backslide. I didn't exercise after my run on Thursday till today. And I tend to be one of life's sedentary folks so this has NOT been good at all! Also my eating has been a bit lax. Not horrendously horrible, but I'm pretty sure I've probably been eating at maintenance level (or a bit higher) since I went on my work trip. Today I found myself feeling ambivalent to diet and exercise and giving myself permission to slack with diet but thankfully I recalled myself in time. So, since I'm good with written down plans and schedules. I made myself an 18-day exercise bootcamp this evening after work and immediately afterwards, got right to it and did today's workout (123 minutes) and felt great afterwards. I ate my salad and chicken breast afterwards without feeling deprived or disgruntled. It's amazing what having a plan can do for my attitude. So I'm hoping I've got the on-plan ennui beaten and can move on along this journey!

I hope everyone is doing well and wish everyone a great week!!!

12-07-2010, 08:47 PM
ferretgirl - You ROCK for taking the time to post those links and write all of that! I agree with toastedsmoke - please don't stop the game reviews! I live for em! Your plan on toning sounds great. I'm thinking about lowering my goal weight at the moment but I'm nervous I won't be able to maintain it at that point but toning is SO important to me I think I won't be truly toned until I'm down to at least 130. I guess I'm just scared of the unknown. Anyway, I'll be following your amazing progress!

Southern - THANK YOU!!! So sweet =) I love you girls! You are TOTALLY going to make that goal before Christmas!!! I have 6 lbs to lose by Xmas in order to reach my Xmas goal. Let's see if we can't push each other there!

Toastedsmoke - Awesome on the 18 day boot camp work out you created for yourself, also pretty cool that you realize everything you were doing and yet you also realize writing things down works for you! I do not write things down but I think I may have to start as I start getting closer to goal weight.

The fact that you made adjustments quickly shows me that you are NOT sedentary. You may have been once upon a time, but you are changing! Keep it up girl. =)

12-07-2010, 11:35 PM
ferretgirl Ė Congratulations on reaching your goal. Thatís Awesome!! I was having a look at your 11 best fast foods link and itís an interesting read. We donít really have most of those option available in Australia but I was intrigued by the Carvel Vanilla Flying Saucer.. Is that some sort of Ice-Cream & Biscuit combo??

Southernbelle102 Ė 4.8lbs away!!! Youíre so close.

toastedsmoke Ė Good work creating that 18 day exercise plan. Hopefully having it written down like that will give you the inspiration you need Ė even if you do fit in some of your workouts at 3am. Are you going to create another meal plan to work side by side with the exercise plan?

Krizstyling Ė I had another peak at your blog.. Definitely donít hold back the faster you get while at boot camp. Be happy about what youíve achieved and show it off. I got a chuckle out of the ďWho smokes at this age that is a grown a** adultĒ line, so thanks for that!!

I donít have good news to report about my mission to reach 99.9kgs... Iím still at 100 or slightly above and Iíve been on plan all week. Iím sure Iím just carrying a little bit of extra water and I know that if I keep doing what I have been, Iíll get there eventually. Realistically I didnít think Iíd last this long with my changed eating habits so that in itself is a victory Iím happy to take.

12-08-2010, 12:50 PM
Peanut - Sometimes, no news is good news =) You are maintaining and SURE to see a loss coming up. I'm sure your body is adjusting appropriately! Whenever I have a small loss during a week (think 0.2) I remind myself that OH WELL my skin won't sag as much LOL. I Figure it's just my bodies way of prepping my skin for the loss. I know, I'm totally weird and doubt it's even true but I like to believe it is =)

Haha, THANK YOU for reading the blog! It makes me so happy that you guys all support me by reading it. And if you get a chuckle out of it, all the better =) LOL - It IS SO HARD for me to not hold back sometimes. Our trainer said that I am the fastest in class (before I go outside because my lungs are black from smoke!) and so I guess it's hard...because when I see people who have been in the class since before me, I just feel I owe it to them to let them be first LOL. I know it is SOOO WEIRD (I said I was weird right?) especially because we ALL have our strengths. It just so happens my one strength is running fast. Other things I'm not as good at. So in my head I know you are right, I should push and push harder. I'm going to try!

12-09-2010, 12:47 AM
This morning my scale said 281 :)... only 1 lb to go before reaching my Christmas goal!!! :D I knew I was due a whoosh soon.. haha. Hope all is well with everyone and I hope to be on here to let y'all know that I have hit 100 VERY soon!

12-09-2010, 05:48 AM
Krizstyling Ė I like youíre thinking... Hopefully itís all about giving my skin time to adjust. Iím with you though in choosing to believe it. If your trainer has noticed that youíre the fastest in the class then Iím sure others are aware as well. I think youíll find that the people in your class will be happy at how much youíve improved even if they did join first. Youíre all doing Boot camp for the same reasons so maybe someone will use at is inspiration to push themselves even harder.

Southernbelle102 Ė YAY!!! Itís awesome news that youíre only 1lb away from your Christmas Goal. Iím sure this is the best Christmas present youíve ever given yourself.

Iím happy to report that I was 99.8kgís this morning. Hopefully itís not a once off so am trying to keep my excitement in check until it shows up a few days in a row.

12-09-2010, 07:24 AM
Krizstyling: Definitely don't hold back! Go for it!!! It's not your fault you're fast!!! ;) I get like that sometimes too like dumb down or be less than my true self so someone else doesn't feel bad, and I don't think that's a great way to be! Someone has to be the fastest or strongest or have the most stamina, so you should be proud to claim this awesome superlative for your own. You're the fastest, so go on with your speedy self, OWN IT! Maybe even push to see if you can be even faster!

southernbelle: Wow you're practicaly there. You'll be wayyy past your goal by Christmas!!! 100lbs since July is AMAZING!!! I have a question for you. My mom is looking to lose quite a bit of weight (she's 5'6 354lbs) and she wants me to do weekly meal plans for her as I do for myself. However, mine are 1100-1300 a day (not that I'm losing that fast on this) and I assume she needs more than this. So I was wondering if you had any words of wisdom from your journey so far, like how have you done so well so quickly??? Her weight is causing her a lot of physical discomfort and I think she'd be pretty happy to get into the 200s in the next few months. So like can u give an example of a day in the food/plan of southernbelle. I'm also going to get her to do 1mile of WATP a day till she feels she can do more. Please help! Thanks bunches in advance!

oOPeanutOo: Congtatulations!!!! That's great! You must be thinking FINALLY even as you beg the scale not to bounce! I'm sure you're probably in the double-digit kilos, it's been looming and I'm sooooooooo very happy for you that you've made it! Yay!!! :carrot: :carrot:

Nothing much has been up with me. I did a meal plan for myself yesterday and have been following both it and my exercise plan pretty strictly. So far so good! I also helped my mom do up a meal plan which by my current standards seems like quite a lot of food but which by a-bit-of-online-research standards seems fine. Who knows?! Hopefully it makes sense and works for her. I promised her I'd support her by doing these weekly for her and so I will. It's tough because she's not really an unhealthy eater, she's just not much into proper food, she eats too much "healthy" stuff, like instead of dinner, she'll have a jar of roast unsalted walnuts or instead of breakfast, she'll have a huge bowl of fruit (maybe like 5-6+ servings) or most of a loaf of wheat bread or half a jar of olives... you get the picture. She was the heaviest she's ever been yesterday and she really despaired! Plus, I love her with my whole heart and want her to live long and see my kids and their kids even and live long, so yes it's really important to me that we both get healthy! I'm having a REALLY slow day at work and keep clockwatching though I have at least another 4hours to go. :(

I hope everyone is doing ok and KimL1214, I hope things are going better for you. You're still in my thoughts and prayers. :hug: Go Team Pheonix!!!

12-09-2010, 10:43 AM
I DID IT!!!! Today, I weighed 279!! yay! :carrot:

Toasted smoke - Thanks for the support! It is awesome that you are helping your mom out! My mom has been dieting as well since July and has lost a little over 40 lbs. She is much smaller than me though. It is SO helpful having someone to go through this with you. I might not be the perfect model for your mom as I keep my calorie range pretty low (1200-1600). At our starting size, that can be a very hard feat and I was hungry ALL the time. Now, my body has adjusted and I don't want any more than that. I wouldn't want her to cut back too much at first and give up if she thought it was too hard. I would say that anything around 1800- 2200 (maybe a bit more) would be a good place for her to try to start (but I am NOT nutritionist). My diet is completely random each day but basically I try to eat as much protein and fiber as I can and very little carbs. Sometimes it is easier than others. My staples are eggs, chicken breast, beef jerky, Zoes chicken salad sandwiches(365 cals), chick fil a chargrilled chicken sandwiches(300 cals), some fruits, some veggies, corndogs (220 cals) (random, I know!), chicken stuffed with broccoli and cheese from sam's (290 cals), kashi bars(140 cals), protein bars ( either 200 or 310 cals)...etc. etc. I am sending warm wishes your mom's way. You are a wonderful daughter to help her out with this! Good Luck!

Peanut - Congrats!! Get excited :)

Hope all is well with everyone else and I am thinking about you Kim!

12-09-2010, 12:46 PM
Just wanted to share with you ladies!

My testimonial went up today on my boot camps webpage!!!! So excited =) LOL Mainly because I know there will be a LOT of people out there making new years resolutions and hopefully this will inspire them to JOIN and make a difference in their lives!

http://www.jcfbootcamp.com/testimonials/ <~ Link to my testimonial and pics! Ya gotta scroll down. I'm the second one =) Kris!

12-09-2010, 04:00 PM
Hey ladies, I'm around... I'll post results tomorrow, sorry about the lateness!

12-09-2010, 04:31 PM
toastedsmoke: I know the Wii-version Zumba game gets good reviews (better than Xbox); a few say the wiimote is TOO sensitive. The wiimote slips into a belt that comes with the game, pockets should work fine if the belt doesn't (previously read amazon & gamestop reviews). The 10-Min Solutions Kickboxing is one I've used off-and-on since I've started my weight-loss journey 2 yrs ago. Mom loves Billy Blanks; not sure how she keeps up with him! ;) That is amazing you planned out a bootcamp for yourself- just awesome!! Huge kudos and yum on chicken breast and salad :D Really awesome of you to plan your and your mom's meal plans. I hope she can stick with it :)

Kriz: I wasn't sure about lowering goal weight too much (after original goal) either. Wouldn't wanna set goals and fail, probably will lower goal after New Year's (make this month more about maintaining/not gaining rather than trying and possibly failing to lose another 5lb). We can re-evaluate come New Years' :) BTW, LOVE your bootcamp story- really inspiring and I can hear the love and positivity in your letter :D You can really see the difference in B & A pics too! You're beautiful and look so happy now :)

Peanut: I've never had a Carvel (never heard of that brand). Looks like an ice cream sandwich (vanilla ice cream center and chocolate cookie- or biscuit, like you said). I imagine its a round one of these (lol, my dad and father-in-law love those): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_cream_sandwich . Now that I look, I couldn't imagine one being healthy (would taste too good for that)- hehe.. Yay for you weighing under 99.8 today. I'm like you- I don't count on it til it stays at that number for a couple days..

southernbelle: Congratulations on reaching goal!! :D that's so awesome :cheer2: *cheers you on from the sidelines*

I've gotten up to a 45 min workout from Dance Central now. Doing good workout-wise, now if only I could stay away from the food! Had 1 mozzerella stick, 1.5 servings trail mix, 1/3 (extra) protein bar and 1 homemade cookie yesterday/last night... that's how I get 2lb gain in a day... then grabbed another cookie today! Darn father-in-law and his cookies!! Will try to work it off today, but have kiddo's holiday open house this evening- he should have fun :D Y'all take care!!

12-10-2010, 05:17 AM
toastedsmoke Ė Thanks :) I actually jumped on the scale about 5 times that morning to make sure I was reading it correctly. I think itís amazing that youíre helping your Mum out like that! Iím sure she really appreciates the support and knowledge youíre passing on to her. I know it makes the journey a lot easier when you have someone by your side.

Southernbelle102 Ė A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you!! I always like to keep an eye on your journey as youíre such an inspiration at knuckling down and getting the job done.

Krizstyling Ė Loved the Testimonial.. I have no doubt that it will help many people make the decision to join up as youíve seen fantastic results with it.

KimL1214 Ė Hope youíre doing okay :)

ferretgirl Ė I was thinking the exact same thing about whether or not the Ice Cream Sandwich was really the best choice. Still looks good though!! Have you managed to get back on plan after the minor slip up?? This is probably going to sound weird but what is a holiday open house??

I had the day off work today as Iíve done something horrible to my back. Itís been playing up for a while but this morning I couldnít get out of bed I was in so much pain. It wasnít how I wanted to finish my week especially seeing as Iím missing out on my companyís Christmas Party which I had been looking forward to. Oh well, things happen I guess...

12-10-2010, 10:00 AM
southernbelle - Congratulations on reaching goal!! I def wanna try that chargrilled chicken sandwich from chick fil a - who knew?! Sometimes I'm trying to find something cheap and quick and can't so I end up eating 2 bananas and oatmeal lol so this will help!

Ferret - Did I thank you for posting those links? THANK YOU AGAIN because dang it!! Those helped me find the best fast food IF I need to go there. Also, thank you for the kind words!

Toasted - I too agree with the above ladies. What you're doing is being an inspiration and good karma comes from that! Keep us updated!

Peanut - Thanks for the kind words! I really hope it does inspire people to join up! As for your back...uh-oh! Do you know what is wrong with it? There are a few stretches our instructor has us do to help with back pains. Maybe a chiropractor will help?

Kim - We've missed you! Keep pushing!!!

12-10-2010, 01:46 PM
Peanut: I worked out 55 min last night but probably did eat two of those cookies and 2+ servings of cashews (in addition to regular meals/snacks). Scale didn't budge, so NO cookies today and hopefully a workout before I get trapped running Friday's errands. This holiday open house, they had pics with Santa in the library, 1st graders singing in the gym (audience sing-along), and it was a fundraiser with Christmas ornaments and sweets for .25-$1. Kiddo bought a bunch of ornaments for his tree at home (I got some too, for tree or to attach to gifts). All the proceeds went to the school, so its a good deal. Kiddo had fun "shopping" and seeing his friends/teachers. Gosh, I'm sorry about your back- hope it gets better soon. I'm sure your work team will miss you, but they'll understand. *hugs*

Where did I read this recently.. Let's not spend this holiday undoing all the hard work we've done since last spring.. not sure if this was from Kriz's bootcamp site or an AOL or Yahoo article, but I feel that way and that's what I wanna stick with.

Hope y'all have a good weekend :)

I'm a long-time X-Men fan and found a Phoenix card in a drawer! (thought I'd share).. words that come to mind when I think of her: Powerful, Beautiful, Wild, Untamable, Unstoppable.

Only 2 weigh-ins left...! Good luck ladies!!!

12-11-2010, 05:43 AM
Krizstyling Ė I wish I knew what was wrong but sadly I donít. Iím getting it seen to this coming week by a chiropractor and also booking in for that acupuncture session I wanted. I attempted to do some stretches earlier today but then I couldnít get off the floor, haha.

ferretgirl Ė By the sounds of things the fundraiser would have been a blast for the little one. Itís definitely a good cause when the money goes back into the school. ďUnstoppableĒ... Thatís something I need to wrap my mind around with all the weight loss. If I just keep going, one foot in front of the other, I will be Unstoppable. Thanks for posting that card as itís given me food for thought.

12-11-2010, 09:04 PM
Just a quick snap I took on my computer to show y'all an updated photo... I am 278 today... I can see a pretty good difference. I will put my starting pic with it... let me know what you think :) Thanks!

12-11-2010, 09:13 PM
Southernbelle! WOWWWWWWWzers! Hot lady!!! Okay, I see you!! Get it girl! You look awesome =) And your skin has always been flawless, I am SO jealous!

I do a nightly ritual consisting of three different things to keep my skin looking young! If you have any tips, please do share!

12-11-2010, 09:18 PM
Thanks so much Krizstyling!! That was so sweet! And the skin in my new pic is untouched (although it looks kinda bad in that pic because it is a grainy pic I took with my computer) but the old pic has had a little editing (I am a professional photographer.. haha.) Sometimes my skin is flawless... sometimes not so much :) I just use dove soap and clindamycin phosphate topically at night...works pretty well. Thanks for your sweet words. I needed that boost... one of those not feeling so pretty days :(

12-12-2010, 12:18 AM
OMG!!! Southernbelle... You look freakin' fantastic!!!!! There is such a noticeable change and you look so much younger. I think you need to update your original statement of "pretty good difference" to something more befitting your achievement. If those photos aren't motivation enough for every single person that sees them, then I don't know what would be :cp:

12-12-2010, 12:48 AM
Hey ladies! I really want to Apologize for not getting the results posted on Thursday or Friday! I had planned on it, but had to leave the state for an emergency Thursday afternoon. My best friend has been falsely accused of something and I had to take her to court so if she was arrested I could help get the bail money to get her out. I only have acres to my iPhone right now, but I will make sure to stay late after work monday to make sure that last weeks results are posted And this weeks started. Only thing that might get in the way with that would be the possible storm that is coming so we may not have school monday. I'm glad to se everyone still. chatting!

12-12-2010, 12:54 AM
I am so sorry you have been having such bad luck right now! Please take care of yourself! And, don't feel bad about the results at all. Take as long as you need to get them up! We will be thinking about you!

Take Care!

12-12-2010, 01:44 AM
KimL1214 - You're doing the right thing by taking care of your friends and family so there is no need for apologies. This challenge should be the least of your worries with all you've had to deal with lately. I hope everything works out for your friend. Don't forget to look after yourself as well though.

12-12-2010, 10:09 AM
Thanks so much peanut! I guess I should consider that more than a pretty good difference. I am so critical of myself that it is hard to praise my accomplishments to the fullest sometimes. I am feeling so much healthier right now... thats the best part of this entire journey! Than you for your sweet words on my pics!!!

12-12-2010, 11:59 AM
southernbelle: Congratulations again on your amazing success so far!!! You look awesome (you are beautiful!) and the difference is inspiring!!!! Thanks for your advice on your plan vis-a-vis my mom. It was really helpful and gave me a better idea of what is reasonable to put down for my mom, so thanks bunches!!!!

Krizstyling: Your bootcamp seems awesome!!! I'm usually intimidated by organized group fitness regimes and bootcamps (in grad school joined a free bootcamp at my school for literally 5 minutes and then slunk out because I felt it was full of superfit off-season undergrad athletes) but yours actually seems really nice and supportive and great. I actually ended up reading all the testimonials and you all are amazing!!! I think it will definitely inspire more women to try it out; I would if I lived in your area. Well done!

KimL1214: I'm so sorry for everything going on with you recently! When it rains, it pours, no? But the sun will come out soon I'm sure. In the mean time :hug: and please look after yourself in spite of everything going on! Wishing you all the best and hoping things look up for you soon! :hug:

ferretgirl: I'm definitely intrigued by the Zumba for Wii. I think I'll wait and try out the Beto Zumba dvd and see how I like that and if that goes well, Wii Zumba here I come!!! I've checked out a few clips of Billy Blanks and I'm a bit intimidated, he seems a bit... drill sergent-y but maybe... I think I might try out the 10-minute solutions instead definitely! I think your idea about maintaining over Christmas/New Year sounds like a plan! Whilst it would be nice to lose, I'd settle for not gaining anything!

oOPeanutOo: Sorry about your back! That sucks! Please let us know how the chiropractor and acupuncture visits go! (I'm dying to get the 1st person skinny on the acupuncture)! I hope your back feels better soon!

Hey Team! So I made and surpassed my challenge goal, my Christmas goal and my 3rd Mini-goal! I'm totally afraid to believe it even though my regular scale and wii scale are giving the same number! I dread a bounce, but I'm going to try to enjoy this and hope it sticks! Very exciting! I hope everyone has a great weigh-in Sunday. Only one more week left! I can't believe it! Spent this morning putting up a christmas tree. It's incredibly laden with ornaments and lights and brightly gaudy but I think it's great! I hope everyone has a great day and an awesome week! Go Team Phoenix!!!

12-12-2010, 06:12 PM
Kim, we all definitely understand!

Ugh, I am not doing well this challenge at all. Lately it's been my fault because I've been lazy. I've only recently allowed myself to realize that I'm not going to hit my goal for this challenge or the Jingle away the Jiggle challenge and I'm totally bummed, even if it is my own doing. I'm back on track now so I know my results will be better and I can end strong, but still. And I am determined to see 165.something next week! I am so sick of this tiptoeing down the 166 range for weeks!

12-13-2010, 12:53 PM
Hi y'all! So, I worked out over 6 hours last week, but didn't help the scale, since I couldn't keep away from the cookies... At least its Monday- that always gives me a "fresh start"... did 25 min of zumba this morning, so if I eat RIGHT (filled the freezer with frozen veggies) and workout every day, I should get back to 120-ish in a couple days.. At least all the cookies are gone now. Be glad you don't live near my father-in-law, lol.. He cooks all this good food (homemade/homestyle country cooking and constantly bakes desserts) and its horrible for EVERYONE'S waistline (he's even admitted he can't eat the food he cooks when trying to loss, lol). Anyways!

Hope everyone had a good weekend... The BF bought me early Christmas.. a Nintendo DS XL (the red Mario one) and Cataclysm for World of Warcraft. He says he's the Santa of Gaming (I believe it!)... haha.. NOW what am I supposed to get him? Probably will go halves with his dad to get him a new PS3, since his is the very first version that came out.

Peanut: Along with us striving to be Unstoppable, I remembered another 3FC girl once posted that Determination, not Motivation will get us there.. important to remember that we need the Determination to reach our goals, because it will keep us going long after our Motivation is gone..

southernbelle: You can see such a difference in your close-up pics! Your face/skin/smile is beautiful from the beginning, but your face looks a lot more slender and your smile actually seems confident/accomplished in the new one. Love em and congrats!! :)

Kim: I'm sorry about your friend and hope she's OK. YOU are a TRUE friend to help out like that. I'm glad she has a friend like you :) Don't stress over the challenge- its a great help to us all, of course, but real-life is ALWAYS more important (as it SHOULD be). Just try to keep yourself on plan and we'll all congratulate ourselves together at the end :)

toastedsmoke: The zumba game is good so far. Not sure how well its picking up my movements, but if you watch the intructor and try to keep up, you'll get the workout. It looks like they start with two 20-min beginner, **edit** two or three 20-min intermediate, six 45-min intermediate, and a bunch of advanced workouts to choose from (there's more workouts to choose from than I first thought). They score you per workout and I guess they unlock more routines as we get better. Only tried it twice, so that's my feedback for now. I've tried Billy Blanks once and its similar to zumba in that it's extremely fast-paced cardio (just try to keep up as much as possible for the workout benefits). My mom keeps up with him better than me and she's over twice my age and weight, so go figure ;) CONGRATULATIONS on your goal!!! :cheer2:

Laureedee: Just want to wish you luck on our last week. I know its hard and can be frustrating. Just consider each day a fresh start and do the best you can to eat healthy and exercise. Eat right and try to burn off more than you eat. Good luck! Some will probably re-set goals after this challenge ends, so even if you don't meet goal this time, set a new goal and deadline that you think is possible to achieve next.

One more weigh-in, so let's make it a good one!! :D

12-15-2010, 02:57 AM
toastedsmoke Ė Congrats on passing your 3rd Mini-goal!!! Thatís excellent news!

Laureedee Ė The main thing is that youíre back on track. Whatís done is done so just to keep going.

ferretgirl Ė Love the new Avatar! Very Cute and Christmassy! Did you manage to work out a Present for your BF??

Okay, so Iíve been missing the last few days from the boards and I donít have an excuse for it at all. I havenít been on plan and seem to have been in a bit of a slump lately. I wasnít on plan today either but thought that I owed it to myself not to hide but to acknowledge that we all have good days and bad days.

Today was my first appointment with the Chiropractor and heís ordered a full set of x-rays. Thereís definitely something wrong so thatís a little bit concerning but at least Iím doing something about it now. I have another appointment on Friday so hopefully Iíll have some solid answers as to why Iíve been in so much pain.

I hope everyone else is doing okay!!

12-15-2010, 10:29 AM
Peanut! Way to acknowledge it and get back in the swing of things! Just start today FRESH!

Toasted - CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! You are rockin man!

I hope all of you other ladies are doing well! Let's keep on keepin on! I know I for one wanna lose as much as possible before Christmas hits as I know that people are said to gain 10-15 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do NOT want to be a statistic!

12-16-2010, 11:42 AM
It's official.. I totally suck! I didn't jump straight back on plan today and took the easy way out by eating whatever I wanted. No counting calories, no measuring or weighing out my food and definitely no planning. I know a lot of that has to do with the fact that I'm exhausted because I can't sleep as my back is causing me more pain than I'd like to admit. It's 2:40am and I'm online at this ridiculous hour to try and distract myself from 'eating away the pain'. I know that probably doesn't make much sense and that by now, I should well and truly know that the only thing food can fix is real hunger not emotional hunger.

12-16-2010, 11:43 AM
peanut: Thank you on the avatar. Not sure on BF's Christmas yet.. thinking a PS3 or a pipe for smoking.. he'd settle for me being nice to him, but that's pretty hard ;) Sorry to hear about your fitness slump.. it happens to us all, just try to get back on track asap.. Hope they find out what's going on with your back and get you on a quick recovery. (We posted at the same time! Don't be too hard on yourself- give yourself some leeway; it'll be easier to jump back on track once your back stops hurting.. sorry girlie, hope it gets better soon).

Kriz: You're right and I'm in too!! We don't need to be part of this year's holiday weight gain statistic.

Day 2 at 120 lbs. I'll feel accomplished once I've stayed at this weight for a week, since my weight's so wishy-washy and changes day-to-day :)

Our last weigh-in is coming up... I'm glad I joined this challenge.. considering beginning and current weight, I've lost (edit) 6.5 lbs over our 8-week challenge, so thanks to all who started it and keep them going (TBL challenges).

Not too fond of the toning exercises, so probably only did 2-3 days of it last week. Zumba (even the game), I consider a workout because its fast-paced enough to make me sweat. Dance Central, while a great game and a workout similar-paced to power-walking, slows me up/is not as productive workout-wise because of the cut-scenes before and after every song (the pauses between songs are too long). I'm still kind of burned out on zumba (even having just bought the game), probably because I've been using the same 2 dvds since October. Today's plan is 30 min of "kickbox bootcamp" (toning) and 30 min of Dance Central- that way I'm getting in a "real" and "fun" workout ;)

Hope everyone's doing OK and staying on plan- good luck on our last week!! :D :cheer2:

12-16-2010, 01:45 PM
Toasted smoke - CONGRATS on passing your challenge goal!!!!! That is awesome! Keep it up... you rock!

Peanut - I really hope you are able to get some relief with your back soon!! I have been struggling with a bulging disc and pinched sciatic nerve over the past year... NO fun! And you do NOT suck!!! Pain can do crazy things.. you are in need of some comfort right now. Good luck!

Kriz - I REFUSE to be a part of that statistic... we are all wining the battle one lb at a time!! :)

Ferret - Staying at 120 for 2 days is a huge accomplishment!

I am SO tired today! The holidays are so busy right now. I love all of the parties etc though!! Hope everyone has a great week!

12-16-2010, 11:59 PM
Thanks for the support ferretgirl & southernbelle :)

I just returned home from a visit with my Chiropractor. The first words out of his mouth were “I can understand why you’re in pain” which didn’t sound overly promising. He spent 30 minutes explaining all the different things I had wrong. I have fused vertebrae in my lower back, a compression fracture in my thoracic vertebrae (middle of my back) and three separate issues relating to the curvature of my spine. I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around everything.

Such is life I guess...

12-17-2010, 04:02 PM
peanut: I'm sorry to hear the news about your back.. That sounds like a lot.. hope they figure a good recovery/treatment plan to get everything working properly again..

We haven't done one of these in a long time and I just saw this question in another thread.... so, if anyone wants to join...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Question: What did you say "no" to this week?

My answer... This week I said no to Bush's Chicken (tender/fries/gravy), Arby's (roast beef sandwich/curly fries) and Christmas goodies (cookies/reeses candy). I've been saying NO to fried chicken for about 2 months now, so its a lot easier now (the scale/daily weigh-ins keep me on track). I SO wanted the Arby's yesterday (yesterday one opened in our city) but I'm thinking of our weigh-in in 2 more days... Good luck ladies!!

12-17-2010, 04:07 PM
Next challenge sign ups are HERE (click me!!!) (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/20-somethings-bl-corner/219920-20-somethings-tbl-2011-new-years-challenge-sign-ups.html)

12-18-2010, 12:06 AM
ferretgirl - Thanks :) It was a lot to take in but at least I have a plan to try and tackle things now.

Today is the day that I'm getting back on plan. I know my weigh in for this week won't be great but I can't use my back as an excuse to throw away the progress I've made so far.

12-20-2010, 12:14 AM
I FINALLY got a cute haircut this week as a reward for a mini goal... I have been so self conscious over the past year that I have not taken the time needed to care about my appearance and things like my hairstyle etc(which is NOT like me at all... I am a girly girl and love haircuts, makeup manis, pedis etc). I am loving finding my new self without all the excess fat... I have a lot more to go, but I am definitely feeling a lot more "normal" now...

12-20-2010, 02:24 AM
Love the haircut southernbelle... Every time we see you that smile gets bigger and bigger!!

12-20-2010, 05:32 AM
Hey girls =D just wanted to pop back in to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!! It was so much fun being on a team with you guys <3 I hope you all come back for the next challenge!

12-20-2010, 09:26 AM
southerbelle - I too love your haircut!!! Very sophisticated too! I hope you feel as pretty as you are!

Jelbelle - I agree, it was SO great being with ALL of you, Nienna, Peanut, ToastedSmoke...and many more! Thank you guys for making my days easier!

And Kim! What an awesomeeeeee team leader you were!!

My final weigh in as of today was 176.4! And that was with clothes so I took that number. Without was 175.4 but I dont even want to jinx myself so I'm going with the one WITH clothes.

So excited to have reached goal of 177 and surpassed it! Now to reach 175 WITH clothes by Christmas day!!

Good luck to you ALL! Can't wait for the next challenge!

12-20-2010, 12:02 PM
Thanks, ladies! I love it!

12-20-2010, 01:33 PM
Ladies, it was great doing this challenge with you all! Sorry about the missed weigh in yesterday, my internet service was down and then I was going to get it in early this morning (still nighttime US-time) at work but our internet was down too. Anyway just as well as with a combination of TOM and being lax with food and exercise, I'm a 1.5lbs up (207.5 eek!!!), on the brightside, that's still under my challenge goal, but I'm definitely going to work on damage control this week as much as possible before christmas.

This has been awesome. I'm definitely signing up for the next one and hope to hang out more with you ladies again then! :Hug: Everyone! And well done! Oh and southernbelle your haircut is HOT! It really really suits you, you look awesome!

12-21-2010, 12:36 PM
In Between Challenges Chat Thread (Click Me) (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/20-somethings-bl-corner/220142-20-something-tbl-between-challenges-chat.html)