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10-31-2002, 12:27 PM
:chicken: Come one, come all, to the great Turkey Time Challenge!!! :chicken:

Welcome! :wave:

Many of you participated in the amazing Scary Halloween Challenge (started by Good Hag Amarantha) and SO many wanted to continue - that that's what we're gonna do! :cb:

So, what would you'd like your goal weight to be by Turkey Day? :chin:
Now, don't fret if you don't make it - your goal will never be written in stone, cut into marble or tattooed on anyone's miscellaneous body part - the goal here is to have healthful eating in mind now that we're going into the food-fest holidays! Success is in the choice to make a change!

Now, there's just 4 short weeks before Thanksgiving, so keep that in mind when you decide your goal. But make that goal and let us know! Anyone can join in, at any time!

Until Turkey Day, we'll descuss drumsticks, yack about yams and gab until it's gobble gobble time!

Are you ready??? :yes: :dance:

It's Turkey Time!!! :cb:

(aka :queen: Punkin o' Friday)

10-31-2002, 02:54 PM
:twirly: IM ready for the turkey challenge. So im going to set my goal at 180. Im at 186 so lets see if i can lose 6 pds by thanksgiving.

I have to say to anyone who is reading this post, the halloween challenge was really great and motivation and recommend hihgly that you join the thanksgiving challenge.

So let the challenge begin!


10-31-2002, 03:11 PM
I'm in. I didn't make my Halloween challenge(only missed it by 1 pound) I'm going to set my Turkey Time challenge at 6 lbs. That will put me at 245.

10-31-2002, 05:32 PM
Ok count me in I will set it at 6lbs Im 199.2 now so that would put me at 193.2. Soooo here we go. I love it here. It is the night of the ghosts and goblins and still no candy has passed these lips.
Oh yeah Im from the far cold North and since we have had our Turkey day already Im not sure of the exact date of your please fill this turkey in.

10-31-2002, 06:32 PM
YES, :queen: Punkin o' Friday (though, actually, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, so thou shalt have to be Punkin o' Thursday, too!!) Thanks be to thee for taking the baton o' keeping our Thanksgiving challenges in order because WE BE SO READY!!!!

Amarantha's challenge be to follow through with her Pound-A-Week Pilgrimage and just coincidentally the Pilgrims happened to have had no little hand in our U.S. Thanksgiving, which is November 28 FYI for our Canadian sisters in challenge (brothers, too, if any be out there). So ...

My starting weight is 165, challenge is to lose 4 pounds by Thanksgiving (or the weigh-in that week, unless I decide to give myself the extra days and weigh-in twice, if that's ok)!! So my Thanksgiving weight, all things being equal should be 161.

Can I do it!!! YOU BET!!!!!!

Gobble, gobble, gobble!!! NOT!!! :nono:

Stats: Poundaweek Pilgrim Amarantha's Progress

Starting Weight of Personal Transformation Challenge: 166.5
Current Weight: 165
Personal Transformation Challenge Pounds Lost: 1.5 :cp:
Highest Weight Ever Recorded: 247
Lowest Weight in Adulthood: 101 (Too Low)
Lowest Weight Since Major Weight Loss Intiative Approx. 5 Years Ago: 142
Pounds Gained Back: 24.5 :nono:
Great Turkey Time Challenge Goal: 161, Turkey Time Pounds Lost: 0
Ultimate Goal: 135 (Then Maintain Within Four-Pound Range)

10-31-2002, 08:55 PM
Still doing :chockiss: NOT! Easy for me, though, because no kids trick-or-treat on Hago's street!

10-31-2002, 10:58 PM
I'm at 229.4 and will try for 225 by Turkey Day. I'm a slow loser and that's a lot for me but we'll see. I'd like to be that weight because that will mean I've lost 10% of my starting weight. Right now I'm just enjoying starting with 22x instead of 23x.

No candy here tonight either though it's very, very tempting.

11-01-2002, 09:49 AM
Pilgrim's Day Two!!! Woo-hoo!!! Amarantha doeth semi-good yestere'en and finished out the :chockiss: NOT challenge. Calories not where she wants them yet, but she hath visions o' great days to come before the Thanksgiving feast!! She will eat actual turkey this year instead o' Tofuturkey, which is actually pretty good and a way for vegans and vegetarians to access the turkey time concept!

Pilgrim Amarantha be thankful today for this new chance to coordinate her bodyweight with her ideal of health and fitness!

Woo-hoo, amen! :bravo:

11-01-2002, 11:11 AM
:spin: It's FRIDAY!!! Weeeeeeeee!!!! :spin:

I see many of you changed out of your goulie ghosty costumes and now are dressed as little pilgrims! :cp:

I can't believe I didn't go to the store last night and buy candy! I was craving it sooooo bad, but just took off my shoes when I went home, made some popcorn and tried to put all the pretty packages of chocolate out of my mind. Hard work I tell ya'.

Curves today! I really am enjoying it... then this weekend I'm having dinner with some friends - jambalaya, rosemary bread and bread pudding :p Yummmm... :cb: Then Sunday I'm going to watch my 49er's beat the stuffin' out of the Oakland Raiders! :yes:

Happy November everyone - I can't believe the year's almost over!


11-01-2002, 11:21 AM
Turkey Time Challenge!

Pilgrim Participation...
Scooby Start - 186, TT goal, 180
Bobsgal Start - 251, TT goal 245
Dollar Start - 199.2, TT goal 193.2
Amarantha Start - 165, TT goal 161
Anagram Start - 229.4, TT goal 225
Punkin Start - 238, TT goal 232

11-01-2002, 11:56 AM
Uh -- that would be me. Starting tomorrow. I never fought a binge so hard as yesterday. Finally gave in and ate everything in the house. I will be glad to get on track again. Too late today :(. As for the Turkey Time Challenge, though... I'm going to aim for 8 pounds. I really want to do this!

Still frantically trying to finish work for October. IT'S NOVEMBER???!!! GAAAK! I must find a way to beat the end o'month demon. Organization? Overcoming procrastination? Radical thoughts!

Hope everyone is well.

11-01-2002, 01:09 PM
:wave: I'm already at 1060 calories and it's not yet lunchtime, but I'm challenging myself to make a Caloric Save (since it's too late for the Great Pumpkin to come and rescue me, I'm invoking the spirit o' the Great Cranberry)!!! I WILL PULL THIS CHESTNUT O' A DAY OUTTA THE FIRE YET!! It's the first real day o' the TURKEY TIME CHALLENGE AND THIS HERE PILGRIM'S GONNA MAKE HER GOAL!!! YOU BET!!! I WILL!! (Ok, Amarantha, we believe thee.)

Amarantha is supposed to be finishing a story today and she doth just not feel like it and she be not in a charitable mood toward fellow staff members so she be thinking o' shopping because tomorrow she'll be stuck in a seminar all day and THEY BETTER NOT HAVE SNACKIES, 'CAUSE AMARANTHA'S GONNA STAY OP COME HECK OR HIGH WATER.

Overcoming procrastination?! Hmmm. Very radical thought! What would we do without all that stress?

Have jogwalked 15 minutes and walk-walked 15 minutes. Just going to do 60 minutes throughout the day today ... Calling it the Pilgrim's Path!

11-01-2002, 02:05 PM
There be so many little pilgrims and one John Wayne that I will be the token Little Indian!! I'll bring my corn and squash to Turkey Day dinner! I am starting my Turkey Day challenge at 177 while it has just finished snowing our first snow fall...big fluffy flakes, melted before they hit the ground so now it's just wet...Happy Novemeber 1st and have a great weekend ladies!

11-01-2002, 02:11 PM
Oh Dang...I forgot to put my goal...my goal will be 169lbs by Turkey day.

11-01-2002, 02:35 PM
It must have been binge evening, Babette. I did well all day but was thinking of a little break between challenges. About ten pm when I should have just gone to bed, I decided to have some of my light ice cream. Had I just had the half cup serving I usually have, it would have been bad enough but not HORRID. But I ate that and then attacked the carton for "just one more spoonful" (ha!). Overall, I guess it could have been worse. I probably only had about another serving and had we had a normal Halloween, the calorie count would have been astronomical.

And have not eaten ice cream from the carton for a long time so it was a double "wicked" treat.

Go have your "shopping therapy", Anagram so you can face the seminar tomorrow. You'll find a way to get the story done - you always do. No fun working without pressure.

11-01-2002, 02:40 PM
P>S. So I didn't give in to the candy last night - just the ice cream. But at lunch, I decided it was "safe" to have a little candy pumpkin since I could have had two for the ginger snap that was the alternate. It was a delicious little 25 or so calories. And I can still feel "virtuous" because I didn't eat any for six days or so.

However, I will now muster my energies and get ready for our Pilgrim's Progress.

11-01-2002, 03:21 PM
:flow2: Hi

So i checked the scale and i went down 3 pds. UP DOWN UP DOWN...well i had some candy today along with some bagel and brie so i imagine it will go up. I do feel in control though. I have to say a co worker every year buys his kids candy off them and then brings it to the office. Its very exciting brings me back to when i was kid. I even sorted the candy in the kitchen..but i only had 4 pieces...hehe a twix, twistler, an M&M(just one):m and 2 candy corn and i bite of reeses stick and then threw it out. If the candy is not awesome not worth putting on the calories.:m

Well im going to leave work early to go to visit my folks. Im really tired so i hope there is not to much traffic. Post more when i get to my parents house. Have a good friday!

11-01-2002, 04:29 PM
Oh how I hang my head in shame (well not really but it sounded good) You all know how the stress has an effect on us, well I guess being upset counts for stress. Not only was my 21/2 yr old grandson up from 1am until 7am he fell asleep at 7 till 915am when he got up just as I was getting ready to take him to the sitter he broke my ceramic haunted house. I was so upset and he did it on purpose he stood there when I told him not to touch it and pulled the cord till it fell on the floor and it smashed. to make a long story short (I guess this isn't very short) I got into the chocolate but I stopped now and Im not so upset. When I brought him home from the sitters he looked at it and said sorry grandma. So no more eating because I was upset.
sorry didn't mean to vent. Got to go shopping now my son needs snow boots because we have snow on the ground. Im a little further North then my other Canadian friend that lives in the Niagara region that I have drawn a blank on her name sorry. Have a great weekend everyone i have to work so I won't be here much and dh is taking me out to dinner and a movie or activity of my choice.

11-01-2002, 05:39 PM
So far Pilgrim Amarantha's brave words about making it a great starter day are ringing false. Galloping anxiety hath caused a minibinge ... so far mini, but could be more bingeing later ... :yikes: I have decided to stop all attempts at driving, productivity or thinking and just read fitness mags all evening. I shall NOT starve myself but have a moderate dinner ... this is making the chances for a pound off this week really remote, but hope springs eternal!!!!

Dollar!! Got such a chuckle from your story, though probably I should not tell you, as your poor ceramic house got broken. But that's just so much like a two-year old! Say :nono: and they stand right there and do what you don't want them to. Probably you should have told him to touch the haunted house!!! Bet the memory you'll have of the incident is more precious than the ceramic, though! :wave:

I'm off to do nothing!

11-01-2002, 06:03 PM
Goodness!!!! I can't believe how much there was to read so early in the thread. It took me a little longer to strap on my buckles for the turkey challenge.

Amarantha, I too have been swept away by the gobbling syndrome today. I am not sure if it's boredom, or what. Started out the day right with one piece of 10 grain toast and a little scrambled eggs. Luch was leftover pork stuffing and pork chop with a more than healthy portion of green bean casserole...you know...the kind with a whole can of cream of mushroom soup!!!! HELP!!! I am gonna try and salvage the day with a bowl of cereal and a banana for dinner.

The last trick or treater loved me. I dumped what was left in the container and shut the door and turned out the lights. I only had one little Nestle crunch bar. Not too bad, I guess. Keeping out of my kiddos bag will be the real trick...pray for me Puritans and savages alike!


Well, hugs to you all. I am off to pack away Halloween decorations and put up Thanksgiving!


11-01-2002, 07:16 PM
Aaaah, the work day's over... what a day! :bomb:
I'm tired, the physical, my brain hurts from thinking so much and my shoulders have been around my ears all day kinda' tired...
I'm goin' to Curves then home for dinner - which will definately involve the consumption of a (yes, ONE) beer. :cb:

Scooby - You're probably already gone, but I hope you enjoy your visit!

Dollar - Don'tcha just love it when kids do *exactly* what you tell them not to??? I'm sorry for your broken ghosty house - it was very sweet (and quite mature) for your grandson to apologize when he realized he'd hurt Grandma's house. Enjoy your dinner out!

Boatingmommy - Yea, I guess we're a chatty bunch - here we are in the official starting day and we're already on page 2!!! :lol: Do you want to give me your start/goal so I can add you to the list of Pilgrim Participation?
You're right, that last trick or treater was probably THRILLED to have been your last one of the night! Lucky kid... Great way to get rid of the leftovers though!

Amarantha - I'm with you - the urge to gobble today is overwhelming and I have to go do some minor shopping today which could be a recipe for disaster. I've discovered I'm WAY more of a stress eater than a happy eater. Hang in there, we'll make it! If not a pound this week, we'll aim for next week - there's always tomarrow!!! (cue doves flying in the sunset and harp music)

Have a great weekend everyone!


11-01-2002, 07:48 PM
Ok, Scarlett Punkin, tomorrow is another day! :wave: Have fun at Curves!

I'm not giving up or giving in, even if the pound doesn't materialize! I know what things are wrong with me today, I just have to ride out the anxiety and minimize the eating side of it.

Boatingmommy: Scrambled egg and toast sounds good ... I'll have that for breakfast tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!

Scoooby! Forgot to tell you to enjoy your visit with your folks!!! :wave:

Anagram: Where be those lil 25-cal pumpkins? They are starting to sound good and I've never seen them in the store! They should be half-price by now and Amarantha could buy lots :nono:!!!! Don't you love the way they overproduce Halloween candy every year in order to prolong the torture to us innocent fitness folk who were likely just standing around minding our own business when this stupid trick-or-treat nonsense was invented? :bomb:

Let's see if this'll push us to page 3! Amarantha hath a new theory ... for every page on the holiday challenge, we'll all lose a pound by the end of it ... it could work! :wave:

11-01-2002, 08:08 PM

Thought I'd stop by and say "hi" and am really glad I did because
I too, had such a fall off the wagon, I think I will have bruises.

Candy corn has been in a dish near our copier all month but I have resisted because if I have one, I must have all there is.
The short version is that I took some, and some more and did not stop till it was gone. The calories are not the point ---

But, seeing how I wasnt the only one today does cheer me up.

Take care

11-01-2002, 08:24 PM
:wave: Hi:

Ready for the challenge!

I am at 187 right now. So I am going to go for a 7 pound loss by Thanksgiving day which would leave me at 180.

Good luck to all..



11-02-2002, 02:28 AM
Hello girls, Count me in on the turkey challenge. I am currently at 180. I think I will set my goal at 175 since I lost 9 pounds on this last one, I dont want to shoot too high and fail but five pounds should be reachable. Just have to stay away from the punkin pie. I am having surgery the 27th so I will be in hospital for turkey day. Good luck all you little pilgrims. Hope to see less of us by Thanksgiving. Gobble,Gobble,Gobble!!!!

11-02-2002, 09:23 AM
Pilgrim Amarantha's path today hath changed as they postponed her seminar (a good thing) and she challengeth herself today to finish her work, bead, read, exercise a total of 60 minutes and eat no more than 1799 calories. The working, beading and reading are not off-topic as not doing these things causeth stress, stress causeth cortisol (stress hormone that affects weight gain) to increase and weight increaseth also. So, NO stress is allowed for Amarantha this day! :nono:

Jadcie! :wave: Sorry you'll be in hospital for Turkey Day but thou be wise in getting the surgery. It'll be a great boost for thee! Glad you are on this challenge!!!

Welcome to Whisper!!! I love thy "picture" and thy screen name also. Good luck on thy challenge, Pilgrim.

Kaylets: So good to "see" you (in the virtual sense)! :wave: Sorry about thy mishap with the candy corn dish! :( Have a great day!

TO ALL: LET'S GO OUT THERE AND WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER!!!! :bravo: (football reference ... Thanksgiving bowl games, crisp fall weather, holiday season coming with its promise for a new and better year!!!! Woooooo-hoooo!!! We can do this, Pilgrims!!!!)

P.S. I think this color looks like cranberries!!!! :jig:

11-02-2002, 10:02 AM
So glad that week is over! Too bad about falling off the wagon the last 2 days, but -- o my! -- I never fought so hard in my life. If it hadn't been for EOM stress, that would never have happened. I am working towards never having that kind (well, that particular kind) of stress again. I did have the MIL visitation, plus extra work in the month, so there were legitimate excuses, but I could have handled it all much better. This is my life that's hurtling past and I need to enjoy it!

Much as I hate to say it, the binge actually helped me calm down and focus on getting work done. But there are better ways :rolleyes: My problem is -- I say to myself, "well you should go for a walk or do a set of tai chi. " And I think I don't have time. But I'm sure these things would clear my head and make me more productive. Must work on this! I have my grandson here today and tonight. Then, the rest of Sunday and Monday I'm going to devote to myself, getting a plan together, and pampering myself before DH gets home.

Plan is to eat v. lightly and healthily to make up for the crapfest of the last couple of days.

Sorry for the "all me, all the time" post. I'll try to get back in and think about somebody else later today or tomorrow.

I am going to make this challenge work! :strong:

11-02-2002, 10:54 AM
Good morrow, pilgrims and Indians alike. The sun shineth bright and glorious on the tips of the Autumn splendored trees! Today be a new day, and I SHALL PREVAIL!!!

I have already been up and did my weight training tape. I love that Mina Lessig! She really motivates me for some reason. Anyway, I am sitting here a sweaty mess, hair askew, not quite a vision of loveliness....but in a really positive mood!

Babette, I love to hear what everyone else is up to, so "all Babette all the time" isn't such a bad thing. Especially if talking about your goal for today and this month helps you to execute your plan.

Amarantha, go for the NO STESS with gusto! Take some well deserved "YOU" time.

Pumpkin, please put me down for 4 pounds. Starting at 169 (guess 168.5 was too low since the scale insists that is wants to say 169! Damn scale!:censored:

Well, everyone have a great Saturday and stay OP!


11-02-2002, 11:40 AM
Babette: All me posts are great ... inquiring minds want to know what everyone's up to ... it really helps me to read what everyone's doing on the journey!!! :wave:

Boatingmommy: I like Mina Lessig, too. Have a really good tape by her that I use now and then ... kind of gone to all Leslie Sansone, but the Mina is a great interval for me as it is very intense (compared to Leslie). Sweat on!!! :strong:

Stop posting, Amarantha! :nono: ~ Signed, Elbertine Crone

Elbertine, how did you get in here? Go home! ~ Signed, Amarantha

11-02-2002, 01:54 PM
Room for Elbertine, too Amarantha. Sounds like everyone is off to a good weekend start (esp. Punkin o'Beer).

Cold here but nice, haven't decided on next step - need lots of posting time but a sale is calling me. Don't know if I'll make it or not. Maybe can post tonight but there are two episodes of "Trading Spaces" on tonight. Plus sibs have been actively posting and have been ignoring them and others while emailing. Naughty, naughty. I'll be "Mending Fences" if I don't get to it soon.

Amarantha, the precious little pumpkins I like are by Brach's Candies but there are others out there too. Sometimes they can be found mixed in with candy corn in what some call a "Harvest Mix". Available here in food and drug stores. Right, should be reduced now. I normally like almost any brand but since I'm "refining" my taste buds with this pilgrimage, I complained to dh that I didn't like what he bought and he went out and found me Brach's.

They (the candies) are in the house because on his bizarre diet he is allowed (encouraged?) to use these to keep up his calorie count. He's also allowed cake, cookies, etc as long as there's no chocolate. Since he is accustomed to sharing, he's always asking if I'd like some too. It has been a source of great pleasure to say no, thank you. But my plan all along has been to allow myself TWO treats a day - original plan called for 1 serving of ice milk or yogurt (calcium, of course) and perhaps 0ne Fig Newton cookie (vitamin C in the figs). However at that time I had some generic fig newtons which had a slightly lower calorie count and more figs that the Nabisco variety. Now I have the Nabisco type (2 for 110) but have been working on a generic ginger snap for the season 3/140). I think I picked up the wrong ones there because I was sure the earlier box I had were only 28 calories apiece and very tasty. Apparently one must be always alert.

Anyway I was pretty good yesterday according to my somewhat liberal plan, walked and watered as well. Thinking I will go bacto original plan and weigh less often though. I don't want this to seem too much like work as it's tailored to be a lifestyle change. That part actually seems "to be working for me".

Progress, progress, little poundlets.

11-02-2002, 03:51 PM
Ok, Elbertine can come in, but she has to stop saying, :nono: ... as Pilgrim Amarantha is only saying, "YES!" to life from here on out!

Anagram: Your dh's plan sounds great to Amarantha as chocolate means nothing to her (it's ok, but vanilla be where it's at!!). Couldn't find pumpkins but an odd thing came out o' the :chockiss: NOT challenge, Amarantha hasn't bought any candy at all since way before Halloween.

Tomorrow, also, is the 21st day of my No Slimfast Initiative! Just don't need that caloric trigger food (for me, not meaning to discourage others) in my life. Was drinking way too much of it to the exclusion of variety. No longer want any, but occasionally have Ensure as I like it but so far it hasn't acted as a trigger.

Today I started working on my Super Walmart shopping trips. Everytime I go there, I park close to the entrance, shop, buy a vanilla triangle donut and a dulce de leche and shoot my calories up too far for the day. Today, I parked way far away from the entrance and walked fast to the store, shopped and did NOT buy a vanilla donut ... did buy a dulce de leche and some little teddy bear sandwich things, of which I ate one. Calories much improved and a little more exercise. I will continue the ban on vanilla donuts and the longer parking distance for any trips during this turkey time challenge.

Flee :dance:s, flee!!!

11-02-2002, 05:28 PM
Congratulations on passing up the donut, Pilgrim. I "tricked" me into a healthy walk today too. Was very cold outside so went to mall, ostensibly to shop. I walked the length of mall and back (first time in many moons though I did it regularly at one time), walking into at least three shops as well. Spent no money after all but came up with a potential Christmas idea or two and searched out an item I'm looking for for the house. So feel I did well enough for a cold day.

I'm not a chocolate eater either if there's any other choice but of course have been known to "force myself" on occasion.

11-02-2002, 07:33 PM
Hello all!

Just had to post and say :bravo: Aramantha !! -- I remember how much you enjoyed your Slimfast and am so impressed that you haven't had any in 21 days!! Did you think you could go this long?? Has it been easier the longer you do without?

I was at the mall today too Anagram! and Walmart! and BJ's and Lowe;s-- hee hee- guess everyone 's shopping!


11-02-2002, 08:09 PM
Me, again! Not a low calorie day by any means and my weigh-in chances for a pound down are about nil but hoping for the best. If I'm up, then I WON'T let it get me DOWN! :nono:

Good job on the mall walk, Anagram! :cp: I head there for my hiking pleasure when it's super hot and can get a really great workout if like you I don't buy anything. Thanks for the donut congrats! My love affair with that particular vanilla triangle donut is OVER!!! Yahooooo! Bye-bye donut, bye-bye!!! :wave:

Nope, Kaylets, I'd never have thought it'd be this easy to say :wave: to my ol' slimfast pal! Thought we were bonded forever. But there's nary a pang in my heart for those little cans. Thanks for the bravo!!!

Guess I'll go back to work yet again! An hour or so should do it and THEN I'll finish my walk ... at 45 minutes so far.

11-02-2002, 10:31 PM
good evening,
went out for the evening with my hubby, we went out for dinner and played about 12 games of pool. I must say I ate what I wanted and even had dessert. I don't feel guilty one bit which is a break through for me because usually I feel really guilty about eating out. We had a great time, I can truely say i feel like Im 10 years younger these days. I will make up for my dinner tonight in the next couple of days. I did eat light during the day so as not to make it too bad of a day. Well got to go. Oh Pilgram congrats on the no donut and the extra walk to the store.

11-03-2002, 08:55 AM
Yay, Dollar!!! WTG on feeling 10 years younger ... and if you feel it, you ARE it!!! Your evening out was a real accomplishment as you were able to maintain a good attitude about having a little break and plan for it ahead of time with a light menu! :bravo:

Thanks for the congrats! Didn't have a really good caloric day yesterday but hoping for the best when I finally get to the planned time for weigh-in. We'll see.

Up early to search for beading forums! Be back!!!

Please excuse excessive posting, but as I said way back there, for every page we put on here, we'll all lose a pound!!! I saw it in a vision! Ok, a half a pound? A quarter?

TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF MY AUTHENTIC LIFE!!! Woo-hoo!!! I'm gonna do it.

11-03-2002, 09:02 AM
Hi Everybody! I wanted to get in on the challenge--would've checked in earlier but I've been sick with some sort of crud that just won't let me go. I'm sooo looking forward to feeling better!

Current weight is 153. I'd like to set my Thanksgiving goal weight at 145.


11-03-2002, 10:05 AM
Hello all!

still battling this sugar hangover- only been awake 3 hrs but feel like I could take a nap! That thick taste is on my tongue that brushing and mouthwash doesnt touch.

I 'ran' thru the grocery store this am but I guess that wasnt enough to kickstart anything- As I said, if I let myself, I could take a nap- !

This is certainly a good lesson to remember!!

anyone have any ideas on a 'gentle' internal cleaning?? My two cups of coffee are drunk, I have the water bottle here next to the keyboard and may even put on a pot of green tea--


11-03-2002, 10:52 AM
Hi Kaylets! I was just thinking yesterday how awful food hangovers are. Sugar is horrible in my body too. I only had a sliver of cake at a party last night, but I also had some wheat items, which I don't do well with either. Re: cleaning out the sugar, the best things that I've found are extra water, vigorous exercise, extra vitamin c, and a peppermint/green tea mix.

Amarantha, I agree: yes to life, no to those things that impede life!

Boatingmommy, I see you are a motivational guru wannabe - I am available to be practiced upon at your leisure!

Dollar, you're doing FANTASTIC! Your evening out sounded 100% positive WTG! :D

Eydie, hope you're feeling better. The change of seasons in the fall is hard on the body, I think. A lot of people get sick in the autumn.

Anagram, funny about "forcing yourself" to eat chocolate on occasion. I know sometimes when my diet's going badly I feel like I'm forcing myself to eat when I don't even want to. Not good! :nono:

Well, I am officially zonked. Worked like a demon all last week on very little sleep. Friday night I made the big mistake of letting the cats stay in. My big orange guy kept coming up and walking on my head, while the little one attacked my feet. And I was so tired I just shooed them away and hoped they wouldn't come back. Of course they did. :rolleyes: Won't do that again soon!

Then yesterday morning, I had my granson delivered to me at 6:45 and had him all day and all night. We were up at 11:00, 2:45, and 6. He's down for a nap now, and his mom will come and get him soon. Plan for tonight: sleep :yawn:

I'm going to take a walk this afternoon, tidy up the house, and -- oh, yeah, I remembered I promised self some R&R. So I won't add "paint the bedroom" like I was going to. But I can relax a lot better when the house is tidy, so I will do that. And the fresh air will do me a world of good.

Hope everyone has a great day!

11-03-2002, 11:51 AM
Room for one more? :wave:

I need a kick start, and seeing some old pals like Eydie, Amarantha, Babette, Kaylets, Punkin O'Friday, AND all the new enthusiastic challengers all pumped up and ready to lose some pounds....I wanna too!!!

Unfortunately, I have gained three pounds over the last few months. I did really well on the 21-day challenge, and am working on getting those three pounds and more gone for good! So, put me down for five pounds by the American Thanksgiving. That will put me at 173lbs.....and the next five will put me in the 160's!!!

Now, off to guzzle my water and chase away dust elephants.

11-03-2002, 01:46 PM
Well, ok! Amarantha didn't lose her weekly pound, but did maintain current weight, so her Transformation Challenge stats stayed the same and she's not changing her Turkey Time Challenge OR her pound-a-week concept either, though they are now inconsistent with each other, she's figuring she'll have a two-pound loss sometime (though she doth have the metabolism of a sea cow, so it'll be a stretch)! Since her weekly calorie average was more than 2300, she thinketh her challenge to herself for the week should be a weekly average of 1700 to lose a pound ... since a 500-drop is theoretically a seventh o' a pound and another 100 for good measure since as mentioned, she hath the metabolism o' a sea cow. She also pledgeth 60 minutes of exercise per day for a weekly exercise caloric burn o' 1680 at her sea cow rate o' four calories per exercise minute. Amarantha again thinketh o' joining Weight Watchers but not yet. All in all, this Pilgrim be still on the path and not unhappy with her progress. :shrug:

More about me!!! My daily challenge is as above PLUS a trip to Walmart to buy a cat carrier and said trip shall beith even BETTER in healthy behavior than yesterday's! (No triangle vanilla donut, no dulce de leche, no candy, park far from door!)

Ok, enough about Amarantha! (Thank goodness, Amarantha, you just go on and on! ~ Elbertine Pep)

Eydie! Glad you be here!!! Thou hast set an ambitious goal but THOU SHALT SUCCEED!!! (It's in the crystal ball! ... not sure the Pilgrims would have approved o' crystal balls, so Amarantha be accessing it in secret in her little pilgrim hut!) Feel better. :wave:

Kaylets: Thou maketh a good point about the food hangover thing. Moderation in all things, especially food, seems to make the body AND spirit feel better, methinks! Thanks for reminding me! Methinks also thy water bottle be the best cleansing therapy around ... love Eydie's image o' "oceans of water" ... kind o' goes with thy avatar!

Wildfire!!! Thy be in the room, too! Thy enthusiasm is a welcome sight this a.m. ... guzzle away ... BTW, are dust elephants like dust bunnies?! Amarantha hath those, too!

Babette/Arabella: YES!!! Life IS worth everything and while we are at it, we might as well enjoy it in a fit and healthy body! I'm ready to say NO to NEGATIVITY, EXCUSES and all the NONSENSE that keeps me from my AUTHENTIC SELF!!! Wooooooo-hooooooo!!! Just call me, Pollyanna Pilgrim!!!

Amarantha be very glad thou hath cancelled plans to paint the bedroom, though! What WERE you thinking! :) :jig: :cb:

To All: Woooooo-hoooo! Gobble, gobble, gobble! NOT!!! :nono:

11-03-2002, 02:09 PM
Amarantha, yes, dust elephants are very much like dust bunnies...except much larger and require much more effort to clean away....they inhabit spaces that one has neglected to clean for several weeks....like under beds, behind toilets, etc. Once they start trumpeting and announcing that they live in my home, I must chase them away. I much prefer dust bunnies...they're quiet and they don't scare my cats. ;)

11-03-2002, 05:17 PM
Big thanks to all who offered advise regarding the sugar hangover- I did both the water and the tea, and then DH and I went to the storage bin "to just get a few things". But I carried trash bags w/ me and we were inspired when we realized it had warmed up to about 50 degrees-- we tossed and sorted and filled the van. Came back home and imeadiately, reassembled the shelves and put things in place- Keep, Yardsale, Ebay, Charity-- We are impressed w/ ourselves because we are prone to "finishing it later". Amazing what you can find when you look in boxes you havent been into in awhile!!

Oh my, am I chatty now that I'm feeling better!

I am hoping that is the end of it- At least I know I don't want to go thru that again soon!!

So, what do you think, I am counting that as a NonScaleVictory-- fell but crawled back up to the drivers seat of the wagon--

!!!!!:lol: :lol:

Wildfire, boy oh boy, am I happy those big ones are elephants- I thought the ones under my beds were from a horror movie!

11-03-2002, 07:41 PM
Good Evening all,
My weekend of work is now over my house is a little emptier then it was at the start of the weekend, one daughter and boyfriend gone to his house and the other daughter and boyfriend out for dinner and may also change houses tonight. so I just have son, grandson and hubby here so now I can get in the bathroom when I want. It is pretty hard with 8 people and one bathroom.
Im still taking today and keeping my points low but I do feel satisfied and not hungry. I have the day off tomorrow so I can get some stuff done around here, not too much to do though my hubby cleaned the house and my oldest daughter did tons of laundry while I was at work.
I heard a mention of green tea I think it is time to go make some, I really do enjoy it. Have a great week everyone.

11-03-2002, 07:51 PM
Working on my third fairly good day in a row. Unbelievable. Went leaf peeping again today. Sounds like we're all ready for a good start again Monday morning.

11-03-2002, 08:48 PM
Very good start to the week: 1670 calories (ending Amarantha's eating day), 60 minutes of pole walking in two sessions!!!

Gotta go!!! Yay, here comes Monday!!! Gobble, gobble (NOT) :nono:

11-04-2002, 09:57 AM
Well, yesterday I did tidy up after my adorable grandson "Hurricane Noah" left. But as soon as I did so and had lunch I realized that I'd picked up the vicious stomach bug that he'd had earlier in the week. So my retreat consisted of watching two movies back to back with frequent trips to the bathroom and bed at 8. Woke up again at 8 this morning and may have to struggle out to get mint and peppermint teas, which i realized I'm out of and it's the only thing I feel like taking in. Diet no prob at mom., but exercise may not happen.

Have a great day all!

11-04-2002, 11:51 AM
Howdy Pilgrims and Indians!!

Soon, I will have a speedy computer at home and will be able to check in over the weekend. My friend is installing some new, faster hampsters in my computer and retiring the old, worn out ones...

Punkin o' Friday did not indulge in the beer as she'd thought she would. But over the weekend she was gifted of a pint of home-made mead!!!! :cb: We had it with dinner (jambalya) and at the end of the evening my friend gave me a beautiful cobalt bottle filled with the liquid honeyed sunshine... I'm going to try to make it last!

Babette - I hope you feel better soon!!

Kaylets - No, you're definately not alone in this. I have a hard time every year when the holidays start. WHY do we have to have special candy for every stinkin' holiday??? It makes me feel like "I should have these Hershey's miniatures because they're wrapped for Halloween/Fall/Christmas" - HELLO??? They sell them all year and I can avoid them - put pretty colors on them and they're suddenly irresistable! :rolleyes:

Jadcie - This wouldn't be *the* surgery would it?? I'm so excited for you! It's too bad that you'll be in during Thanksgiving - the hospital had better give you some turkey! ;)

Amarantha! No donut??? I bow to your greatness... I am humbled by your strength... I don't know if I've ever said "no" to a donut...

Wildfire - HI THERE!!!! Welcome aboard!

Hugs to you all... must get some work done since I have to leave a little early today for an orthodontist appt. (a year later and they're still playing with my retainers!).


11-04-2002, 11:57 AM
:cb: The Turkey Time Participants! :cb:

Scooby - 186 goal 180
Bobsgal - 251 goal 245
Dollar - 199.2 goal 193.2
Amarantha - 165 goal 161
Anagram - 229.4 goal 225
Punkin - 238 goal 232
Babette - 217 goal 209
Hotsplash - 177 goal 169
Whisper - 187 goal 180 (welcome!!)
Jadcie - 180 goal 175
BoatingMommy - 169 goal 165
Eydie - 153 goal 145
Wildfire - 178 goal 173

:chicken: :chicken: :chicken:

Buh-BYE fluffy little pounds! :dance:

11-04-2002, 12:19 PM
Good-morning, Turkey Time Toasts o' the Town!!!! :cb: :wave: :jig: :cp: We beith off to a great start and heading for GOBBLENOT GREATNESS by the appointed date!!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Babette/Arabella: Please don't even THINK about exercising with a virus (unless it be a gentle healing SLOW walk, preferably in circles, which Amarantha thinketh discharges toxins o' body and spirit). Have thee a good day and feel better!!! :wave:

Punkin o' Friday!!! Thy friend's mead sounds wonderful. Amarantha hath never had such a drink, though her medieval manner o' speech (it's pilgrim-speak now, though) would seem to indicate that it would suit her well!!! Glad thy be getting a speedy computer and can posteth on weekends ... the worst time for dieting for me, even though I work most of the time!!

11-04-2002, 02:55 PM
well I won't be going to my meeting this week because Im needed at home tomorrow night so I guess I will get on the scale at the docs office when I take my grandsonin tomorrow but I know there scale is not the same as the ww one so it will be hard to tell if I have lost anything, it weighs lighter. so I willjust have to wait until next week to post and exact difference here. It is so cold and windy today but at least the snow is gone but I don't think for very long.
Im tired today I think I have just been working too much lately and there are a lot of changes going on at work just now after Wed I will have four days off and I can't wait. I have to fo now because I have laundry the clothes have been at that reproducing thing again and my daughter needs a clean uniform for work today so I better get to it.

11-04-2002, 09:06 PM
Pilgrim Amarantha lets her mind drifteth gently across the desert to the ocean where she planneth a mini spa vacation (mentally) tonight. As the waves lap softly on the warm sandy shoals (?), Amarantha walketh in the sunset awaiting the evening's entertainment at the 15-star resort where she is staying. She planneth a peaceful evening reading beading books and sleeping, but first she is going to the casino, where she hath entered the International No Calories Until Daylight Sweepstakes. The prize is a ticket to a better tomorrow and a heavy addition to Amarantha's bank account of Golden Willpower, by which she can purchase many things in life.

Amarantha hath had a good eating day of 1630 calories and hath jogwalked 10 minutes (a.m.) and polewalked 50 minutes (p.m.)

"Very good job, Amarantha! Good luck in the contest!" ~ Signed, Elbertine Pep

"Thanks, Elbertine!" ~ A.


Anyway, we WILL prevail! We WILL make our goals! We WILL take revenge on the :dance:s by LIVING WELL (within our nutritional boundaries)!

You bet! :cb:

11-04-2002, 10:21 PM
Kaylets, you don't mean, "Night of the Living Bunnies", do you? :yikes:

Amarantha, I was inspired by you today. There were multitudes of donuts and coffee being offered at work today as a "congratulations" from the owner for a good month.....but I resisted! I filled my water glass instead!

Just had to report my exercise...three games of league bowling after work....AND....I bowled a 251 :cb: , 246 :cb: , 214 :cb:!!!!! :cb:

11-05-2002, 12:42 AM
This little Indian hath returned to the land o' the living...chipset fan in the harddrive went kaplooie...been going thru withdrawal...but during that whole horrid time I didn't binge!! Yay for Indian Splashie...I will be doing my WI on Friday and letting everyone know how it goes...Have a great week fellow Pilgrims!

11-05-2002, 06:11 AM
And so I begin my attempt, every day, to live as well as I can. This means healthy eating, exercise, and including life-enhancing activities in each day. I KNOW that leaving out that last is a huge binge trigger for me. Because eating when I'm not hungry is a substitute for some more positive action.

The rules:
No eating other than at the table when I'm alone & no eating when I'm not hungry

Because the rules, by themselves will ensure weight loss, those are the hard and fast rules. Also, I don't usually have a problem with these other rules, so an occasional day where I don't make it isn't going to ruin me. So, as long as I follow the rules, I'm counting each day a success. But I'll also try to reach my goals.

The goals:
Exercise every day, ideally in a week - yoga and a set of tai chi every day (2 of which are part of hour-long tai chi class), 30 min. run 3x, 45 min. walk 4x, 30 min circuit training 3x.
3L water a day
7-9 servings fruit & veggies a day
no sugar
next to no wheat
follow low glycemic diet rules

Wildfire, :queen: of Cape Breton, so nice to see you again. Gaining a mere 3 pounds in a few months should be counted as a triumph IMHO. I can (and have :o ) let 10-15 slide on (darn things are so SLIPPERY!) in that amount of time. Great bowling! :cb: :cp:
Amarantha, sounds like you are well and truly on the Pilgrim's path. Although....did the Pilgrims actually have spas? Surely an oversight if not. We shall rectify that!

Punkin, is mead tremendously sweet? I always imagine it to be almost thick.

Splashie, sorry about your fan going kaplooie - hate it when that happens! But good for you getting through it binge free! I've assigned myself Thursday as a WI, and have some hopes that my illness and subsequent sterling behavior are going to net me a loss this week. Good luck with both fan and WI.

Kaylets, those non-scale victories lead to victories of the scale persuasion. WTG!

Dollar, hope you have a wonderful 4 days off. Do some nice things for yourself! I was going to say that if your daugher is old enough to work, she's old enough to iron her own uniform. But then I remembered that I was likely going to be ironing shirts for my 53 year-old DH :rolleyes:

Let's get out there and make this a great day, Pilgrims!

11-05-2002, 09:59 AM
Great to see you again, Wildfire!

Hotsplashes--congrats on your binge-free state!

Punkin, I've wondered about mead too. I'd imagine it would have to be rather sweet--are there herbs added?

Amarantha, as always thanks for the pep talk. Much appreciated this morning!

Babette, I was so inspired by your declaration of intention that I want to set up one for myself. Gotta do that on a regular basis because it's been my experience that my goals are ever changing.

I still feel like absolute **** today. [How can the human head hold so much glop?! Oh, was that too much information? Sorry....] I plan to stir myself to action today and do some yoga, dumbells and possibly a little treadmill walking. Nothing too heroic, just enough to stay in practice.

11-05-2002, 11:45 AM
... off to the vet with cat, that is, so she can have an injection!!!

Took second place in the No Food Until Daylight Contest at the resort last night; did very well but had a scoop o' peanut butter at 3 a.m.!!!

Forgot to report that Amarantha's Walmart trip went off very well (no vanilla triangle donut, no candy, parked far from store) and she repeated the success at Costco ... limiting herself to but SIX teeny sample snacks AND counting them in her calorie journal ... have been known to eat much more at Costco ... the samples are the chief reason some people go there. :shrug:

Babette, I am SURE the Pilgrims had spas! They must have had to rest from all that foodgathering, woodchopping and forging a new life in a new land. :jig: I like your rules and have been eating at the table more since you started working on that and posting about it. Thanks!

Eydie: Sorry thou be still under the weather and do be careful with the ambitious exercise with a virus. It can backfire. Gentle, gentle, gentle is better when thy body protesteth methinks!!!

Hotsplashie: Sorry also about thy hard drive fan thingie going bad!!! Glad thou be back and thou have a good week also ... but hope thou'll be back before then also? :wave: CONGRATULATIONS ON SHORT CIRCUITING THE BINGE RESPONSE DURING THY SHORT CIRCUIT!!!! :bravo:

Wildfire!!! Thy bowling games also inspired Amarantha ... she used to like bowling but had forgotten it ... since she be looking for new activities to increase brain cells and tone body, maybe she'll look into bowling!! Thankee, kindly and congratulations on thy scores!!!


"Do NOT give up!" :nono: ~ Signed, Elberta Crone

"Have a nice day! ~ Pilgrim A.

11-05-2002, 11:53 AM
Mornin' Pilgrims!

I'm "off" tomarrrow - house guys coming to put in a new kitchen sink and repair/replace my countertop. The sink is so stained and cracked (it's only a year old) that they're replacing it for me and they didn't seal the seam in my counter good enough by the sink and it bubbled from moisture - so they're replacing it too! :cb: I will drop in though since I have to come in to hold down the fort for 2 hours while my Mom takes Tara, the dog from ****, in for her obedience class.

Dollar - Enjoy your 4 days off! I'm SO looking forward to Thanksgiving for my 4 days off... :hyper:

Amarantha - Daaahling... may I join you in the spa? I have a need for a massage, herbal wrap and gourmet meal - now what was cooks name again?

Wildfire - WOW!!!! You had an awesome night!!!! Those pins saw you comin' and looked like this - :yikes:

Hotsplash - Welcome back, glad your computer is feeling better!

Eydie - Yes, I know that feeling. My nose is small (dubbed the "Pendleton pug" in our family) and I'm amazed when I can go through a box of tissues!

Babette (and Eydie) - Mead. No, it's not thick at all. This particular batch was made with 20 lbs. of honey, peach juice and champagne yeast (for fermentation and it gave it a tiny bit of fizz). When it's done it's the consistancy of wine (liquid like water is) but the flavor and feel of it on your tongue is heavenly. The flavor is definately honey, but with a hint of fruit and wine to it. The feel of it is "soft" in your mouth. It is so smooth and velvety - my friend said it was like drinking liquid sunshine. The alcohol content is similar to regular grape wine. :dance:

Aaaah, on that note, I should get some work done!

Terri :lucky:

11-05-2002, 03:22 PM
Midday madness!!! Wooo-hooo! Amarantha be doing great, though brain fog hath set in and she must go buy a book and some beads! Punkin, thy description o' mead soundeth wonderful ... Amarantha thinketh a taste o' this would be just what she needeth, though she be a teetotaler in the normal course o' events. She thinketh dealing with the recalcitrant insurance company after their insured hit Amarantha's broomstick in the parking lot THREE weeks ago might driveth her to mead ... if she but had some. :jig:

Please join Amarantha at the spa any ol' time ... though she be no longer an empress, Amarantha be one luxury loving Pilgrim and thinketh of buying this resort, which is somewhere on the (virtual) coastline between Mexico, Florida, Bermuda and the Caribbean (sp?) ... thy must travel through the Bermuda Triangle to get there. Elberta Crone is Amarantha's private spa cook, she is not employed at the resort where they are staying at the present time, but they seek her out at every opportunity to try and steal her from Amarantha. :nono: Elbertine Pep beith Amarantha's personal trainer again and they travel together. The Pilgrims don't really approve of EP as she is SO peppy and Pilgrims be sober folk.

Re habits: Amarantha hath discovered (since the slimfast lunches went bye-bye) that a light but filling lunch such as Amarantha usually holds off for until dinner and containing things such as chicken and rice and vege ... even using Lean Cuisine (can I say that?) be good to the diet (forbidden word, but there it is, I AM on a diet) and preferable to waiting for that type of meal until evening. So Amarantha taketh the time to eat better at noonish time and then alloweth herself sweets later and be more even keeled and less apt to binge later!!!

The challenge tonight be the same as yesterday ... after the last calories be eaten at whatever time, Amarantha will enter the spa's No Food Until Daylight Challenge. The prize tonight is a medal that sayeth "THREE GOOD DAYS IN THIS WEEK!!" It is made o' solid gold. Elberta Crone wants Amarantha to win it and thinks we should hock it as this Pilgrim lifestyle doesn't come cheap!

Amarantha saith she hopeth she be not excessively posting and if she be, no one will mind ... she hateth to be rude but wants to remind everyone that WE ARE THE GREATEST CHALLENGERS IN THE UNIVERSE AND WE WILL PREVAIL AND REACH OUR TURKEY TIME GOALS AND WE WILL DO IT TODAY, TOMORROW AND ALL THE WAY TO TT!!! :bravo:

Thanks be to Punkin o' Friday for posting our roster and WE WILL DO THIS!!!!

11-05-2002, 04:32 PM
I am in. I am at 209 now and would like to be under 200 by then. Wish me luck.:dizzy:

11-05-2002, 05:52 PM
Good evening all my pilgram friends, have no weigh in tonight makes me a little nervous but I got weighed at the docs office but I know his scale is way off the ww one so his receptionist goes to ww with me and she is going to weigh on the office scale before she leaves and then at ww so she can tell me how much the scale is out I will call her in the morning. This weekend Im getting and air walker machine, I can't use a treadmill because they give too much impact so im borrowing this air walker for the winter so i can get in my excercise more.
I have no water now till sometime Wed because Im having basement pipes replaced tonight so it is paper plates for dinner tonight. I guess I could look on the bright side that is less i have to do tonight, no washing the dishes. Time to go make dinner have a great evening everyone.

11-05-2002, 06:51 PM
Whatta boring day!!! :sp:

Amarantha - You post as much as you want! I enjoy reading your posts and I warm myself vicariously thinking of your locale. Granted, central Oregon has warmed considerably (65 today), I still invision this desert oasis, with palm trees, a drink with an umbrella in it and cute, mute men with no shirts on... :s:

Tipper - Welcome, welcome!!! :cb: I will add your stats to the next posting 'o the Pilgrims (aka tomarrow).

Dollar - Oooh, no water? Will you still have a bathroom? I could live without kitchen water but given the water we drink, I gotta have a "little girls room"!! No bathroom and you'd look like this - :halfempty: !
You air walker sounds like a great idea - is it like an eliptical? I have one - it's like walking/running, with no impact and the foot stands go in long ovals - not really walking, or running or stair stepping, but all three combined? I love mine and bought it for the same reason - snow/bad weather keeping me inside!

Well Pilgrims, I'm off to find parts for my vertical blinds that my oldest cat broke (she's broken 4 of the blinds!). Home Depot was no help - one girl looked, couldn't find what I was looking for then actually told me she needed to go to the bank for her paycheck and couldn't help me!!! I just left - pissed off and vowing to never go back - or at least go back when I'm in a mood to spend the time to get what I want (or complain like I normally would have with that kind of "service").

Ta' for now!

Terri :moo: *snort*

11-05-2002, 08:58 PM
Night falleth!!! WOOO-HOOO!!! Sigh! Mixed messages from Amarantha's body ... calories a bit too high at 2170 and exercise only 10 minutes of the 60 she planned ... usually do a full-body weight workout at whatever lovely spa I happen to be staying at (forget that, it's my home gym in my house!!! But it IS spa-o-rific with weights, a TV for videos, a plastic plant, wood chimes ... no wind since it's indoors, a wood tiled floor, full-length mirror, beloved Demon Scale, various fitness toys and an aerobic rider that I almost never use but it is still good when I don't feel well ... today, just don't feel like doing the 60 minutes ... covering school BORED tomorrow night so need some beading time!!! So THE CHALLENGE TONIGHT HATH CHANGED TO NOT LETTING MY CALORIC LAPSE TURN INTO A BINGE AND STAYING AWAY FROM EATING UNTIL AT LEAST MIDNIGHT, WHICH I COUNT AS TOMORROW, AND PREFERABLY MORNING!!! Can Amarantha do it? You bet!!! :cb: :jig: :cp:

Welcome, Tipper!!! :wave: Thou hast set a mighty challenge for thyself but thou CAN DO IT!!! Wishing thee luck, but we KNOW it's a foregone conclusion ... YOU WILL SUCCEED!!! (Saw it in the crystal ball!)

Punkin: Thankee for thy kind words about posting!!! Thy description o' the virtual spa be right on target ... and, yes, all the men are mute! So much nicer that way, dost thou not think? :jig:

Dollar!!! Sorry thou hast no water! That be a bummer, but enjoy thy rest and thy air walker. Those are nice and you'll get a lot of good out of it, methinks!! Nice thee can borrow it because it's good to try these things out to see if it suits.

Dollar, I must say thy determination in such things as obtaining the air walker, always keeping a good attitude through all sorts of problems and sticking always to thy program and keeping thy goal in sight is an inspiration. You are so focused and immersed in your journey; it is just great ... I love thy determination to know thy weight to the extent you have worked out this math thing with the doctor's scales. You have made your healthy body a priority. You are going to make your ultimate goal and maintain it for all time. Keep going! :bravo:

11-05-2002, 09:10 PM
Hello all!

Why is it that everything that could happen happens when the boss is away? I wont' bore you w/ the details! All I can say is, it was Pria bar to the rescue--

Punkinseed- isn't the level of customer service simply amazing??
and then if you complain to the supervisor, you're told how wrong you are to complain! even tonight at the polling place, we had an incident- and I know it's really no comparison because the polling place has volunteers---but it was our fault for asking why we were given the wrong card to sign, the cards were sticky you see and hard to hand out............:dizzy: :dizzy:
But a new kitchen sink and countertop sound neat! Just in time for the holidays!

Wildfire-- DH is impressed with your bowling games! He is known as Mr.Bowler himself and wishes his average was one of the games you had!! DH wonders if you bowl professionally??

Aramantha-- Might be interesting to see who would post after you "partook" of some mead. That would a some night at the Spa!!

Dollar- can't believe your time off is w/out water!! Hope it doesnt take longer than a day! Otherwise, the neighbors and I would get very friendly!

Eydie-- Took me a few seconds to realize what you meant by glop.
If its anything like the headcolds I see at work, Sorry bout that!
Some have deep coughs like seals, so watch out!

Hotsplash- Computer problems are so annoying- We finally had to just always have a backup available- But you know how that goes- not both will go at the same time!!

Babette- Do you notice a big difference without wheat? We noticed a big difference leaving white flour for wheat so I am curious.

Anyone I've missed, and to eveyone I mentioned- You really are doing great-

11-05-2002, 11:29 PM
Your kind words about doing great have moved me to tears, Kaylets, because today this pilgrim was a turkey and is not doing great. Ok at breakfast, then even ok at lunch =wise choices. But THEN....went to friends home intending to refuse proferred deserts. But then she had coffee ice cream - my fave. I told her small portion since it was REAL ice cream which almost never crosses my lips. She served it in the cutest waffle cup and of course then I had to have that. I was still in a range where I could have saved the day but stopping and having cottage cheese or something for "dinner". But no, she puts out cashews. Well I love the darn things and had not had any in ages and put on a shameful display of how I got to be 250 pounds. I was sorely tempted to go hog wild tonight. Didn't but also didn't have the cottage cheese.

Had no exercise and only just now made an effort to at least get in my water.

Reading all your valiant efforts makes me feel I should hang a Scarlet P (for piggie) around my neck. I will do better again tomorrow. Weep, gnash, snarl...

On the mead, you have my mouth watering there. I had it only once - in 1982 in a medieval castle in Ireland. But the descriptin brought back the great and pleasant memory of it. We did buy some to bring home; however it sits undecanted in my family room and I would dread whatever is left in that ceramic jug. We just waited too long to enjoy it. A good lesson not to wait too long for life's pleasantries.

The friend that one other friend and I took to lunch today was widowed last month when her dh died at 96. She herself will be 90 in February and is a rare inspiration. She is still so open to life and learning and gets around better than I. Has been on several day trips since dh passed and has a few more planned in the coming weeks. Plans to stay on her farm as long as she can because she so loves the old home there and the beautiful fields. It is a very tranquil place and I can see why she'd hate to leave it. It was especially beautiful there because of the fall leaves though there was little sun to reflect the beauty of it all. She is so full of life and the enjoyment of all things, large and small. I can only hope to be a shadow of the same and esp. at her age. Pleasant day despite the shadow of her dh's death so recently.

11-06-2002, 06:39 AM
Anagram!! Don't despair!! Just need to climb back up as soon as you can-- From my point of view, you STILL are doing great, because you recognize how, what, when, etc, helped "push" you off the wagon. No letter P's allowed!!!

I am going to leave a pile of cards here for everyone. Anagram, you inspired me to put them out- They are a "No Guilt Card" -just like from the Monolopy Game "Get out of Jail Free Card".
You may take as many as you like- its always great to have a spare.

Anagram you've also inspired me to share the Thought of Day here on this thread because coincidentally, it may have a special meaning for you this morning.
I hope it does for everyone!

Today's thought is:
Two men look out through the same bars; One sees the mud, and one the stars.Ē Frederick Langbridge


11-06-2002, 07:19 AM
Good Morning Good Pilgrims :lucky:
Still feeling cruddy here, but I will likely feel better after I've been up a couple of hours, like I did yesterday. I'm supposed to have my grandson again tomorrow, but I may put it off until next week. I did pretty well yesterday, followed my rules and even managed my goals, other than substituting 2-15 minute walks for the 45 minute one. I won't try to push it too hard until I feel well again. I did also do 2 qi qong sessions, so that should make up for the rest of my walk.

Anagram, please don't hang that "P" round your lovely neck. Would it stand for "perfectionist"? When a day like yesterday (which didn't sound extreme, but more like the kind of day one has once in a while in life) is the exception, rather than the rule, you can count on losing!

Kaylets, I'm sensitive to wheat, I think because I ate so much of it growing up. For me it goes beyond the carb connection. I get foggy-headed, achy, sinusy and so on when I eat even whole wheat. I noticed it one day by accident - just woke up one day feeling great and realized I hadn't eaten any wheat the day before. Then I did a little research and the symptoms matched. It seems a bit complicated to avoid, but not so bad once I'm used to it. Of course, it's better than white, but I don't really tolerate either very well.

Amarantha, glad ye findest mine own rules help thee. I was just reminded that when we lived in Newfoundland (crazy, amazing, wild place) that travelling to some remote places, there were actually people there who still spoke like that to some extent. I remember running into an elderly man who asked us, "Have ye come from town this day?"

A big :wave: and well-met to all other pilgrims on the road! Let's take this day and do the best we can with it. Love to all!

11-06-2002, 09:09 AM
Hi to all the Pilgrims this morning. It is very foggy and rainy this morning. That actually describes how I feel this morning. I didn't get to exercise last night becuase of the weather. I am trying to walk at least 2 miles every day and add some pilates to that. I just bought a 20 minute tape that is great. I have changed my way of thinking from looking forward to the next meal, I am looking forward to the next walk. Hope everyone has a great day.

11-06-2002, 09:54 AM
Good morning everyone.
I still have no water but it should be back on soon and stay on as long as there are no leaks in the pipes. No water no bathroom, well we did fill the tub but it is now dry, so they better turn the water on soon. Glad Im head for work where I can use the bathroom without concern. Needless to say my water in take has been a bit low but I will make it up once the water is on. Sorry this is short but got to ge ready for work.

11-06-2002, 10:02 AM
Morning to all!!! I got lost and had to find my back to the settlement! Been a rough couple of days trying to fulfill family obligations on time off. The worst being taking my mother for a colonoscopy yesterday!!! It is very hard to see your parents growing older and their bodies aging. I think we can all agree on that.

Anagram, chin up! One day of overindulgence does not a piggy make you! Today is a new day full of opportunities to do better!

Kaylets, I loved your thought for the day. Thanks for the inspiration!

Babette, I would love to go to Newfoundland. I don't seem to make it out of Illinois, except to cross the river into St. Louis occasionally. I watched "Shipping News" the other day and found the scenery to be breathtaking.

To all other pilgrim and Indians, Oops! Native Americans...love reading your posts and keep up the good work!

I am off to the office today and then have visits with families all afternoon. Not hard to stay OP when the car has no food in it. I have not excercised since Saturday and MUST do that today. The demon scale still hasn't budged, so at least I am not gaining.

Talk later!

11-06-2002, 11:18 AM
Drive-by post, as I wasn't going to post until a section of work was finished, but ...

Yo! Anagram, you ARE doing GREAT!!! You so consistently pursue thy goal that one off day isn't worth diddly! I love Kaylets' idea of the "No Guilt" cards ... because guilt can only makes us want to fall further off the wagon and it doesn't sound to Amarantha as if thou fell very far off anyway! In fact, it is Amarantha's belief that what is oft considered an "off program" day is ESSENTIAL in weight loss. Resets the metabolism and allows for release and mental satisfaction. Look at the Body for Life program ... they MAKE you take a free day every week ... guilt be verboten!!!! :strong:

In fact, I agreeth with Kaylets that EVERYONE here is doing fabulously and is on track for turkey time success (me, too)!!! :wave:

Babette/Arabella: How neat to have folk in thy environs that still saith "ye!" Amarantha must visit there some day and talketh to them ... probably be better received than when she lapseth into this speech where she resideth currently! :cb:

Boatingmommy: Congrats on thy maintenance! :wave: That's the ultimate goal of all weight loss; for me, any day I don't gain is a moral victory!!! Yay!!! :wave:

Kaylets: Thanks for the thought o' the day! That is so true!!! :wave:

Tipper! That be great progress about looking forward to the next walk rather than the next meal!! I love Pilates also ... need to get back to doing some a few times a week. Thanks for the reminder!!

Dollar!!! Hope thy water is back on when thou returneth from work!! Have a super day!! :wave:

To All: LET'S GO OUT THERE AND WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER!!! ~ Signed, The Overseer (after taking a sip o' Thanksgiving mead ... not really, but did have some milk!)

11-06-2002, 11:29 AM
Well, I feel healthier, even if I'm still ill. I just got the lab reports from the insurance company's tests to qualify me and my results were all great. I qualified for their "preferred" status rather than regular. I almost cried! I thought, "well, even if I'm still fat, all the work that I put into my health is paying off."

11-06-2002, 01:59 PM
Congratulations, Babette, on being healthy enough to be "Preferred". A major accomplishment.

Welcome, Tipper and welcome back, boatingmommy.

Thanks for encouragement, fellow pilgrims. I don't ever weep, gnash too long and am back on track this morning (well, really even last evening). I wasn't moaning the calories really as much as my regressive behavior. I'm a social eater - take it in while talking and don't even realize it. But I did tell my fingers several times to stop reaching for those cashews and those naughty fingers kept on going. I finally DID stop (phew). I do have a fairly liberal "plan" and do take days off. I just didn't want yesterday to be one of them. Because I share Amarantha's sea cow metabolism, I have not cut back on calories as much as some others (I'll probably need to at some point). I did not want to stop it in its tracks. Also, I've been on some fairly restrictive plans in the past and did not want to do that again but merely to retrain my behaviors. So that is more why I was disappointed.

Anyway, I weighed in today and am down a whole .6 lbs on the TT challenge. I am happy with that. Slow and steady wins the race.

Dollar - I know you can "manage" without water but it sure is tough. Hope it's on soon.

I will remember the "word of the day", Kaylets, and apply it. Thanks.

11-06-2002, 02:27 PM
I want to say thank you to all that are in the challenge. From reading all these messages my day is easier. I just had someone offer my some m&m's left over from halloween. I said no, but they ended up on my desk anyway. I have decided that this will be my gauge. As long as those m&m's stay in my drawer than this food fight is not beating me.
Dollar: Hats off to you and no water. I was without an entire kitchen and living room for three months and I thought that was bad. I think the no water thing would take it's tole.
I better get back to work. Talk to you all soon.

11-06-2002, 04:11 PM
Midday Mad Pilgrim report!! ("Mad" in the sense o' a bit "madcap, happy-go-lucky, whimsical, woo-hoooooo!"

Pilgrim Amarantha reporteth that she's ALREADY had all her calories because o' a tussle with refrigerated non-dairy coffee creamer, believe it or not. She bought some and started drinking it ... no rhyme or reason to this ... just did! She will still have a nice Lean Cuisine dinner before heading to the school BORED meeting, as Elberta Crone insists she not go off hungry! :nono:

Tipper: I like your idea about the M&Ms being your lodestone! I know they will stay in that desk until they crumble and turn to ash and even until the DESK crumbles and turns to ash!!! Inspired by your self-challenge, I'm going to pull the bottle of French Vanilla creamer OUT of the trash where I put it and put it back in the refrigerator and I WILL NEVER touch it ... eventually, unlike M&Ms, it will have to be thrown away, but then I'll set another challenge!!! It should be ok to keep it until Thanksgiving!!! :strong:

Babette!!! Good for you in having reached the "preferred" status with the insurance company. Your healthy habits are really paying off and that's the main thing that matters! Congratulations! :cp:

Anagram!!! Congratulations on thy .6 :dance: fleeing thy company!!! Those :dance: haven't a chance against thy policy o' slow and steady. Glad you feel better ... also remember that cashews and all nuts be VERY healthy and help in the metabolism department, too. You are right not to starve yourself also, as that simply makes the metabolism move more slowly as thee knows and be fruitless!! That's why Amarantha will eateth the Lean Cuisine prepared by Elberta Crone!!

This is not spam, as Amarantha worketh not for Lean Cuisine ... just tried these for the first time and like them more than I thought ... too much processed gunk in there, though, but Amarantha careth not at the moment!!!

We are not too sure whether Elberta Crone is moonlighting with LC or not ... she's been cooking up an awful lot o' them lately!!!

Bye-bye! Off to the BORED soon ... need nap first.

Tipper, thankee for the idea for a personal challenge!

11-06-2002, 04:23 PM
I'VE GOT WATER. Never thought I could be so excited about a little thing like water,you just don't know how much you will miss it until it is gone. It is the little things like washing hands and wiping faces. The water was turned on just before I left for work so we could check the pipes for leaks everything is ok. We had a fair bit of snow last night, it warmed up a bit during the day but we still have some on the ground.
It was a busy day at work today soim going to go put my feet up for a few minutes before I start doing the dishes and the laundry that didn't get done yesterday.

11-06-2002, 08:27 PM
Busy little pilgrims!

Kaylets, tell your DH I hate to disappoint him, but I don't usually bowl that well. My average this season is only 156, and those scores included handicap. I throw a straight ball, and when I hit the pocket, I get a strike every time. I have bowled a perfect game once. Some nights I'm really, really bad, and other nights are exceptional, like this week. The guys on my team call me their "secret weapon" because when you least expect it, I'll have this incredible game and we'll sweep the opposing team. This is the fourth year I've been in the company league, and never bowled before that. All I do, every time I'm up, is try to throw my strike ball and stay out of the gutter. :D For the last three years, I've been on the winning team!

Amarantha, give bowling a spin! :spin: It can be a lot of fun, and there's nothing like throwing around a 12lb ball to give your arm a workout! Save me a seat in that spa...sounds heavenly. Non-dairy creamer?:lol: Maybe a SlimFast would have been less evil in this circumstance? Some of the LC dinners aren't bad. I prefer the Healthy Choice Bowls, though, when I'm stuck for something quick.

Anagram, glad to hear you're in better spirits. Don't beat yourself up over some indulgence with a friend. Life is going to present these situations, and sometimes we're going to give in and enjoy a treat. Realizing that it should only be an occasional occurence and getting back on track is the important thing, and you did that!:cp:

Babette and Eydie, I hope you are both feeling better! It's so nice to see you both again! I've been hanging out on the Alternative Forum lately. Babette, isnt NF a wonderful place?

dollar, glad you got your water back. Water is a good thing. :yes:

Tipper, you're going to win this :m:&:m: challenge! One little treat bag is never enough, so why give in?

Must go call the landlady about the stove that is dying. I fear it's bad wiring and I want it replaced before we go up in smoke!:hot:

11-07-2002, 06:59 AM
Hello All!!

Is it just me or has this been the longest stretch from Monday to today? Maybe only if you've been working :dizzy:-- !!
Imagine those on vacation thought it went by quickly!

Wildfire: Havent told DH yet but he'll be sure to ask for a map to the "pocket" - :lol: My average is only 130 and that's trying my hardest so 156 looks good from here-- DH's noticed his average climbed nearly 15 pts since season beginning once he became more fit. Another NonScaleVictory!!!!

Tipper and Aramantha- you both are very brave to have temptation staring back at you-- Good luck- I can't do it- my hat's off to you!

Dollar- Isnt it true how our perspective can so quickly change?? what we take most for granted? I can relate - everytime there's a power outage I always am suprised at how dependent I am but so unappreciative unless its 'off'.

Babette- Now really, was there ever a doubt? Anybody here would've told you the same thing-- Definitely PREFERRED.

Anagram: Suprising your metabolism may be exactly the right thing!

Thanks Boatingmommy!! With that vote I'll be glad to share today's thought as well:

"It is funny about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the very best you will very often get it." -- W. Somerset Maugham


11-07-2002, 08:42 AM
I'm going to take it easyish today, because I can! I suggested some less arduous work for myself to my editor, and he, splendid fellow that he is, went for it. So I should be able to hit my work target this week (really trying to avoid that end o' month ****) despite being ill and it being the first week of the month. I've been getting 1 1/2 hours of exercise a day, but most of it is very gentle: yoga, tai chi, qi qong, and some walking. I did circuit training this morning and felt better afterwards. Today I plan to work for a bit and then take a break, and repeat as necessary. Ended up doing a lot of housework yesterday, so I don't have to really do much of it today.

Kaylets, aren't you the sweetest! And thanks for giving us the "thought for today" - always makes the day start out better! :)

Wildfire, you got it! Nfld is knock your socks off, make you yell and screech FANTASTIC! It was a real revelation to me, coming from domesticated little PEI. So wild! And I've always been struck by the atmosphere. I remember feeling in Europe that you could feel the weight of history, that all the centuries of civilization in densely populated areas, everything that had happened left its mark. Very neat. And then in NFLD it felt the opposite, that the atmosphere was so wild, full of this crazy energy. I want to go back, to both places.

Amarantha, I also want to get to the Southwest. It seems like a place where spiritual energy gathers, for some reason. What an amazing world we live in!

Dollar, so glad you've got water again! I know that luxurious feeling of having all the water you need after going without - enjoy!

Tipper, I like your idea with the M&Ms. Makes them so symbolic! I've known people to do the same thing with cigs when they quit smoking.

Anagram, congrats on the .6 -- nice start on the challenge! :cb: :cp: I'm definitely a "slow but steady" loser (when I'm losing :o ) I guess I could say it's my body's policy :p

Boatingmommy, glad you found us again! We should have left a trail of candy wrappers leading from the Halloween challenge :o

Eydie, hope you're feeling better!

Let's get out there and make this a great day. Love to all!

11-07-2002, 09:01 AM
Good morning to all. Today is day two for me. I have actually droped 3 pounds since yesterday. I figure it is all water. My husband and I jogged a mile then I did 20 minutes of pilates. I am finding out that pilates is a lot harder then I thought. My lower stomach aches. But that is a good thing.

Good luck to all you bowlers. The one time I tried my ball went flying backwards. Luckily no one was injured.

Wildfire: I hope you got your oven problems fixed.

Anagram: Way to go on the .6 drop. You are well on your way.

Make to best of today.
My m&m's are still there.

11-07-2002, 10:19 AM
HOWDY!!! Beautiful morning here in Illinois. It's supposed to get up to 60 degrees today. It has been in the upper forties for the past two weeks, so a little extra warmth is a blessing. I'm going to get out there this afternoon and put the patio furniture in the tool shed. My trees are still full of leaves in a variety of slendid fall colors. I love the way it looks around here in the fall!:flow2:

I was a good girl yesterday. Watched the intake and did my excercise tape. I have started eating more fiberous foods. I had a bowl of Kashi in the morning, and changed to 10 grain bread, increased fruit and all. I seem to be at a weight stand still. Can't get that :censored: scale to move! I guess I will just have to try harder. Don't want to do the starvation thing, so I will try and do an hour of aerobic and weight training tape.

I'm with Babette today. I am going to take it easyish because I can. I am working at home today. I have about 6 must do tasks, but should have some time in the afternoon to get a little housework done and carry my Dept. 56 collection down from the attic. I have the New England Village series and can put it up a little early since it doesn't look too Christmasy.

Well, everyone have a great day!:grouphug:


11-07-2002, 10:46 AM
Wow! I'm gone for one day and just look at all the posts! I can relate to the water being out because my electricity was out for 10 hours yesterday. No lights, heat, water, phone or anything! Today, though, I'm feeling alittle sheepish about how frustrated it made me. :o :o :o Oh well.....I blame it on feeling sick.

Speaking of that, I'm feeling somewhat better. Did a Pilates tape this morning, that is, I tried, and my heart just wasn't in it. Head's still stuffy and I wasn't catching all the cues so I think I was just flailing about! I've got to be more gentle with myself when I'm not feeling well....

I've decide that I'm going to weigh myself every Thursday. I did this morning and I weigh 149 pounds!!!!! :D :D :D How'd that happen?! I even recalibrated the scale and it's right. So there's a drop of 4 pounds. Not because I've been sick--my appetite hasn't been affected. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how distressed I was that I couldn't keep my calories down. The body is so weird---you just never know. Not that I'm complaining! :lol:

11-07-2002, 11:20 AM
Well im back from nj. Mom my had her breast removed. I saw my mom and she looks really good. The hospital said she was going ot be in there for a while...and that they will take good care of her. So im so thankful. Thanks for all your prayers and wishes.

My diets been bad but i am working on getting back on it. I worked out last nite and this morning. However the eating is a little off. I will have to work on that.

I hope all is doing well with there diets and i have been reading your past posts...very cool


11-07-2002, 11:25 AM
I am glad to hear your mother is doing well. Take care of yourself so that you will be healthy for her.

11-07-2002, 12:04 PM
The amazing Pilgrim Participants!!!

Scooby - 186 goal 180
Bobsgal - 251 goal 245
Dollar - 199.2 goal 193.2
Amarantha - 165 goal 161
Anagram - 229.4 goal 225 (-.6!) :cb:
Punkin - 238 goal 232
Babette - 217 goal 209
Hotsplash - 177 goal 169
Whisper - 187 goal 180
Jadcie - 180 goal 175
BoatingMommy - 169 goal 165
Eydie - 153 goal 145 (-4.0!) :cb:
Wildfire - 178 goal 173
Tipper - 209 goal 200 (-3.0!) :cb:

Get outta here fluffy!!! :dance:

11-07-2002, 12:23 PM
I have a spiffy new kitchen sink! No new counter though, which is fine, he was able to fix mine without replacing. I was thrilled, anything to get him outta my house fast. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but "sexist opinionated redneck" is an understatement!! :rolleyes: Well, sometimes I have to remind myself I *do* live in hick-ville...

Scooby - I'm so relieved your Mom is doing good. I will keep her in my thoughts for her continued recovery.

Kaylets - No, it's not just you. It's been a looooooong week (which is almost over!! :cb: )

Anagram - Congrats on the loss - now will ya throw out that scarlet P????? Ya don't need it, we won't allow it and it doesn't match a thing you wear. There! ;)

Babette - No new news, we've always "preferred" you and didn't think you were "regular" :lol: Congrats on the healthy upgrade!

Dollar - Coooool, cleeeear water (water, water....) Ok, so the cowboy poetry is still going though my head over a month later...
Glad your water's back on!!

Wildfire - Don't forget those bowling butt muscles!!! If it's been a long time since I've thrown a ball, my butt, hamstring and quads huuuurt the next day! Good exercise!

I better get to work... back later!


11-07-2002, 01:00 PM
Good morning everyone well it is almost the afternoon. I to have the chance to take it easy toda, just finished the errands i neede to run and it is almost time for my grandsons nap and I will do so housework while he is napping but not much. Tomorrow im taking him to the sitter and Im off to enjoy the day with a freind, I may even go looking for a new outfit for an up coming Christmas party, don't want to buy it just yet because Im still losing and I don't want it to be too big by the end of the month, i will probably go the week of the dance to buy it but at least for now i can shop around. Well time to get the little guy some lunch. Glad everyone is starting to feel better.
Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday? I felt very bad for those ladies with the addiction to food and it makes me more determined to reach my goal. All of us here should be very proud because we have all taken things into our own hands and being responsible for our weight in doing the right thing to lead healthier lifestyles. BIG CHEER FOR US ALL!!!

11-07-2002, 01:59 PM
Why is it I never catch the Oprahs and Dr. P's that have good weight-loss stuff? Just figured out that it's because i almost never watch the shows anyway. I'm going to have a look to see if that episode is on again today somewhere.

Addiction to food: That's what I'm up against for sure. So like any other addiction, except that we can't just give it up!

Fighting the good fight and seem to be on top at the mo!

11-07-2002, 02:55 PM
Yikes!!! Determined to get through all the school BORED writing before posting ... halfway there, at any rate!!! Quickie post and feel bad because I can't reply to all the great posts here right now ... but that's good because we've got all this great spirit going and WE WILL SUCCEED!!! Eydie, Anagram and Tipper are on their way and the rest will follow!!! Yay to the THREE BANANA WINNERS WE HAVE SO FAR ... Punkin, I love the way you've marked them with bananas ... thanks for all thy efforts on our behalf!!

I saw some of the Oprah (sp?) weight loss show yesterday also ... fell asleep or I'd have watched it all. Found what O had to say very good and wish she'd have this topic on all the time. I remind myself that (as O said) I am medicating myself with food to feel better but being overweight feels worse than what I would suffer without the food ... I think, anyway.

Got to continue working or I'll lose focus!!! :wave:

11-07-2002, 05:14 PM
Scooby, I'm so glad your mom's doing well. We were all wondering!

Hey, I just have to go all touchy-feely here for a minute and say how much I love our group's focus. With all this juicy motivation we can't fail!:D :cb: :cb: :cb:

11-07-2002, 05:56 PM
:ink: I keep eating left over candy from halloween luckily the ate all the chocolate so im eating the gum, starburts and tootsie roll. I am not sure why im eating it. I need to go back to where i was saying i could not happen until a certain date...as a reward or something. How i started my diet originally was no sugar...and i did that for 6 months. However i was really depressed about my weight. Im not that depressed about my weight however i love being fit. Last nite i took a bath and it was great. I used to have trouble getting out of the bath tub but last nite no problem. So i will have to figure out a behavorist method...like replacing the candy with hot tea or every time i want to eat something i go take a walk outside and get some air. The problem is that the food is calling me...lol. Sheryl im over here
:jeno: :chockiss:

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to get back on track. Im not worried so much about weight gain since i am exercising but how do i get back my will power?

Pumkinseed, Eydie, Tipper thanks for your concern..all of you been so helpful!

Yea pumpkin seed its cute how you put bannanas as the dancing stars...very cute:dancer:

11-07-2002, 07:49 PM
Scoobysnacks, just set yourself a goal for each day start with breakfast make that your first goal to eat right for that meal once you have done that plan on your next snack or meal but tell yourself you will only eat your meals and planned snacks. Just take one day at a time, you can do this I know you can.

11-07-2002, 08:27 PM
Scooby, I think you posted at the same time I did this afternoon and I didn't see your news about your mom ... so glad she has gotten through the surgery and is doing well. Scooby, you are doing very well to handle this and still be working on your program! :bravo: I love Dollar's advice to just take it hour by hour, a meal at a time. I think you'll find it easy to get back on track now that your mom's going to be on the mend and the crisis has passed. Keep going!!! Have a banana!!! :cb:

Amarantha be a little offish track herself for today but her weekly average is in the 1900-range so she's hanging ok.

Pilgrim Amarantha still toyeth with the idea of joining Weight Watchers and whether it be worth her cash outlay (Elberta Crone be against it because o' the cost, but Elbertine Pep be all for it because Amarantha be tired o' being a chunky person and doth not want to regain all her weight and WW would be a new idea). If no loss comes this week, she may go ahead with it.

Eydie: Amarantha loveth this group's spirit and focus also. Best online group she's ever visited. EP and EC also agreeth!!!! :grouphug:

Punkin: Hmmmm. Thy workman soundeth muchly like a plumber Amarantha had last winter. Perhaps he traveled north after I got rid o' him! :jig:


11-07-2002, 08:35 PM
P.S. Scooby, don't listen to that food that's calling! :nono: It lies! It pretendeth to be harmless sweet bites just innocently hanging around after Halloween, but in REALITY it is the DEMON :pound: in disguise!!!! :yikes: It is not your friend! :nono:

Be afraid, be very afraid!!!! :eek: :fr: :yikes:

Put down the food! :nono:

Have another banana! :cb:

11-07-2002, 08:39 PM
I to considered the cost of ww before I joined and now I look at it and say it is worth every penny I have invested in it, no that should be invested in me. It gives me the incentive that i need because Im weighing in in front of someone. I also get ideas from other people when I get stuck or dicouraged, yes we get that here as well but when you are getting it face to face it makes a difference. I would not be able to do this without them I know I have tried.
Whatever you decide I know you can do it.

11-08-2002, 07:24 AM
Hello All!

Am running late this am -- a little off schedule--

Here's to all making the best possible choices today!

Will try to stop in later but did want to share the thought of the day now-

Why? Why Not? Why Not You? Why Not Now? -- Aslan

11-08-2002, 08:26 AM
Thanks be to Dollar for thoughts on WW! :wave: I am seriously considering joining, though meetings be not an option.

Kaylets, thanks for the thought o' the day. It be right on target for this day!!! :wave:

Today Pilgrim Amarantha hath moved from the resort to her little hut in the deep woods filled with wild TURKEYS! She beith of the intention to kick *** in the work, exercise and diet (she likes this word and refuseth to banish it) department!!! She is taking Dollar's advice a few posts up to take the day in sections and has already eaten more than 900 calories SO IS MAKING A SOLEMN PILGRIM VOW (aka challenge) to drink only water and eat only her required fiber tabs until NOON when she will have a Lean Cuisine or Weight Watcher's frozen meal (she will cook it first) ... having never believed much in using these, she's now started to enjoy them since she hath freeth herself from caloric overages engendered by her previous slimfast obsession. She hath bought several jars o' powdered fat-free French vanilla coffee creamer, as she uses a little o' this to flavor skim milk to cut any residual slimfast craving. The powdered version does NOT seem to trigger binges as the liquid version does ... Amarantha ends up drinking the liquid and that's NOT good.



You bet. :cb:

11-08-2002, 09:02 AM
I am SO happy to be able to report today that I have lost one (1) of my challenge pounds! YAY! Furthermore, the scale actually read 2 higher than I would admit to last week - I was working on the "ignore them 'til they go away" premise. :rolleyes: So, unofficially, I'm actually down 3 for the week. :cb:

I've been doing well with the low glycemic load diet. I have more energy - usually I wake up tired, but not now. I feel more optimistic, less hungry, have fewer cravings and am less achy. It's great!

Scooby, so glad to hear your mom came through the surgery well! Sending good thoughts your way.

Let's make this a fabulous day, Pilgrims! :lucky:

11-08-2002, 10:13 AM
The scale from **** doth not budge!!! Me thinks I shall never see the numbers change! :( Oh well, I know deep down that I have been making some changes that make me a healthier person. And I do feel better about myself, so maybe I should judge my success by that. I am trying to keep a positive attitude.

Scooby, I too keep sticking my hand in the candy bag. I need to toss the temptation out. In fact I am going to do that as soon as I get done posting. My kiddo isn't much of a candy kid anyway. So there's no point in keeping it around. Also, glad to hear about your mom. We are all pulling for her to have a speedy recovery.

Amarantha, your right "kicking ***" is a phrase that is necessary and fitting. Maybe I should start making that my montra. I am going to "kick ***" during this challenge!!! :strong: I CAN and I WILL!!! There, that feels better! Everyone try it, I strongly recommend it!

A big :bravo: to all of you who's scales are showing a loss. Could you please have your scales contact my scale. I think it could use some talking to from someone other than me.

Well, Happy Friday! I am off to work and will have to catch up with you all on Sunday. Tomorrow I am off to the land of Wineries!!! Yeah!!!! There is a little section of Missouri that is "wine country". There are three wineries and beautiful scenery at Augusta, MO. There is a web site if you all want to see pictures of the place. Very beautiful in the Missouri River Valley. We go every year and get a few bottles for the holidays. There are a few other couples that go with us and do a little taste testing. Okay, Suzy Chatterbox has left the building!

Hugs to all!

11-08-2002, 10:20 AM
Good morning to all.
I unfortunatly lost to doughnut battle this morning. I ran out of bannanas and I was starving. The guilt ratio is setting in now. I will just add another mile to my walk today to help cut some of the fat and sugar.
Scooby: I to have food calling me. I have learned that the food is like an unwanted (I just killed a spider on my desk) spider. You squash it and throw it away. And do what ever you can to keep them out of your house.
My m&m theroy went out like to spider. It was to hard opening the drawer and seeing that little bag sitting there. So they are now in the trash.
Babette: Congrats on the pound loss.
I was considering ww also. I am not quite sure what they do there. Can anyone offer some wisdom?

11-08-2002, 11:27 AM
Happy Friday!!! :cb:

There is a bird in our wall. It sounds like a little gnome running back and forth inside the wall. Poor little guy... my stepfather's going to go let him out in a second, if the little bird doesn't die of shock first.

Ok, I'm sitting here eating black grapes (which have an odd texture - too late in the season??) and fantacizing about a huge cheeseburger that I want for dinner... WHAT is wrong with this picture???

I've been going to Curves for over 2 weeks now and feel awesome when I'm done and then I go right back to eating junk... the scale shows I'm up 3 pounds, but I feel firmer (or is that "more firm"?). I donno', part of me is really looking forward to my 11/21 re-weigh and re-measure at Curves and part of me is scared to death that I'll have gained weight and lost no inches or body fat...
So, with that little whine-fest outta the way - what am I gonna do??? Keep Curvin' and pray that the food part kicks in eventually - it always does.

Kaylets - Thank you for your thought of the day. I really like them :yes:

Amarantha - Ya know I used to be a WW leader? My thought is this - I used to tell my members to think about how much money they spent a week on junk food. Is it less than $5? Equal to? MORE than? Most of us spend far more than $5 a week on junk - one trip through the fast food drive up is about that much. Why not spend $5 a week to get healthy instead? Even if it's just to get the program, get on track then quit and monitor yourself. Some people don't need the meetings, some do - that's up to you. Personally, I love the 123 program - I taught it for 3 years and still use it (granted, I need to use it MORE). But anyway, I think you're worth the money - we all are. ;)

Scooby - Have you tried gum? I have sugar-free bubble gum that's helped me before - sometimes you just HAVE to chew on something! Also, Tootsie Rolls are actually not all that bad for you. After Halloween I bought a bag of them on clearance (the 480 piece Tootsie-fest) and I can have 1 or 2 for almost nothing and it can fix a chocolate craving pretty good.

Tipper - Congrats on sending those M&M's to the circular file! Good job (now go dump your trash!).

Ok, back to my nasty grapes - that I think are going in the garbage... they don't crunch and they're icky :p Amazing how I'll throw out grapes but have no qualms about eating cookies out of a package I threw into the garbage. :dz:

Have a wonderful Friday!


11-08-2002, 11:33 AM
Updating the Pilgrim Progress!

Scooby - 186 goal 180
Bobsgal - 251 goal 245
Dollar - 199.2 goal 193.2
Amarantha - 165 goal 161
Anagram - 229.4 goal 225 (-.6!) :cb:
Punkin - 238 goal 232
Babette - 217 goal 209 (-1.0 - or an unofficial 3.0!) :cb:
Hotsplash - 177 goal 169
Whisper - 187 goal 180
Jadcie - 180 goal 175
BoatingMommy - 169 goal 165
Eydie - 153 goal 145 (-4.0!) :cb:
Wildfire - 178 goal 173
Tipper - 209 goal 200 (-3.0!) :cb:

11-08-2002, 12:43 PM
Ok, turkettes. I take a "NO GUILT" card for yesterday. Dh and I went to lovely spot for lunch and then up to Mom's to visit with visiting bro and SIL from Alaska and SIL from Arkansas. Loverly day. It was a planned off-plan day and I really didn't gorge myself. Just ate many things that one would normally eschew on a sensible diet. All very yummy. But had my kick-start Slimfast again this morning and am back to hard work as weigh in will come too soon. Feeling on top of this weight loss thing this morning. maybe because it's such a loverly day here with more promised for the next few. Plus I'll be off to daughter's tomorrow to play with the princesses and allow dd and her dh a little off time.

It's nice to feel so bee-flitty today. Those NO GUILT cards work wonders.

11-08-2002, 01:12 PM
Hi there,

If you feel great and your getting in shape and working your best to lose weight then you shouldnt feel bad about yourself.(i was going for a rhym but fizzled out) All you can do is try your best. This morning i woke up saying i have to lose a hundred pounds by january. And then i look at my abs and say i hate them. I think i have 15 more to go...and then i thought wait...i lost 85 pds...and then i started thinking 85 pds is a lot of weight for a year. And its not like i dont have another year so if it doesnt come off all i know is that im exercising and working the best i can right now...and its ok. I plan to work my little heart out dont get me wrong but this message of losing a hundred pounds that i have sending in my head is rediculous. I will get there might take a little longer then i want but it will happen.

I did WW years ago the only problem is i think i became a bit obsessed with the points and the scale. And i guess i had some bad leaders that were anti fat people and at that time i was fat. So when she was talking about her food friend from hs and running into her and her friend was really heavy and she was thankful she was not her. I thought well this is to weird for me.
However i have had possitive experiences there as well. To each there own. I think i like my diet to be private in the sense i dont have a program but i do in my mind. I think if you eat fruits, veggies, proteins and low fat and low carbs..you will ok. Its easier said then done..thats for sure. And write down everything u eat makes you aware of what your eating. Also water water water...drink a glass of water ever time before u eat. Well thats what works for me.

Im working a wedding this weekend. Im a wedding photographer and im assisting so its not as exciting as being the photographer. However it gets me out of the house and i will shoot some..so it will be fun. I need to stay away from the cake...smiles. i find that a hard struggle...but im doing well today.

The one meal at a time is working today. Thanks for your suggestion on how to control the beast inside...

11-08-2002, 02:08 PM
Just a fly-by FYI! I've decided, to honor my new attitude, I need a stronger persona. Babette was very nice, but a bit too unassuming and accommodating. Arabella, on the other hand, is Queen of the Wood Nymphs - a very mighty spirit!

But I'll still answer to "babette" should any of you come a-callin' :lucky:

11-08-2002, 02:51 PM
Today is very hard for some reason. The weekends always are. I am sitting here thinking of how I hate the fact the my legs rub, my stomach hits the top of my legs when I sit, and the next thought is I want to go get a pack of crackers. Why does this alway happen?
I am going to get up and get some water and keep on walking. I have noticed that if I eat an unhealthy breakfast then my whole day is shot. I begin saying "Well I already ruined it, so I might as well have pizza for dinner." But I am going to adopt the "One Meal At A Time" motto. Just because breakfast was a flop doesn't mean lunch has to be. Which by the way was a couple of pieces of cheese. Shame on me.
Tomorrow I am doing a 5k walk. :dancer: And I am considering joining a gym. It gets so dark so early now that I don't have time to walk my whole route.
Well I am just rambeling to get out of the "Cracker" mode.
Talk soon.

11-08-2002, 03:10 PM
Yikes! Noon and Amarantha has slept and ate but done hardly any work!!! Ask her if she cares? (She does not!) Very sleepy and hungry today!!! But still kicking *** Boatingmommy!!! :wave:

Welcome Wood Nymph Queen Arabella!!!! We shall miss thy friend, Babette, but thinketh thy royal success on this journey shall inspireth us all!!! :strong: Thy avatar be awesome. CONGRATULATIONS ON THY :dance: LOSS!!! Woo-hoo!!! I wanna lose one too!!!

Scooby: Thankee for thy sharing o' WW experience. Methinks that anti-fat leader would have a negative effect on me also. I have met people like that and find it is not an approach that works for me. Enjoy thy wedding gig!!! :wave:

Punkin o' Friday!!! It be Friday!!! Yay! Thanks to thee also for thy WW thoughts. I also liked past WW programs better than this one (though I don't have the specifics of Winning Points, I get the idea). I personally liked the exchanges program my mom did when WW first came out and that's really just the USDA diabetic exchanges that one can get online. I'm still thinking of getting the mail or online POINTS counter, though, as I'm curious as to the formula and I do enjoy the WW "stuff" ... I think it's just a mindset I enjoy. I don't desire to join meetings as I'd rather take an aerobics class or something!!! Need to learn Spanish, too.

I am rambling, so shall go ramble for pay!!! Have a great day!!! :wave:

11-08-2002, 03:16 PM
Tipper! :wave: Didn't see thee there!!! I know how thee feels in thinking thou hast "blown the day" ... I get that way, too! Like now ... but I know I've not blown it until I've blown it and even if part of the day is not good, there's a whole rest of it to start again and stay and play!!! Not sure who said it but: "It ain't over till it's over!!" So I'm with thee in taking a walk and drinking some Magic Elixer o' Clarity (aka water)!!! Then I'll work ... or wait until tomorrow, whichever!!!

11-08-2002, 03:52 PM
:dance: It's FRIDAY!!!!! :dance:

I just cleaned out my beloved fishy's tank - the one that passed a few weeks ago. Kinda sad, but it's more of a relief to have the tank gone and out of my sight every day. Piranaha's in fishy heaven, probably swimmin' with the sharks! :yes:

I'm actually in a pretty good mood though - I'm in a tea n' crochet kinda mood. Or maybe I'll start painting my Christmas ornaments this weekend... :chin:

Anagram - I really hope your "on top of things" feeling is contagious! Come over and touch my fridge or something - spread those happy germs!!!

Scooby - Eww... it sounds like that leader needed some sensitivity training. I can't imagine a leader saying something like that in front of a group. They're heavier than the leader, do they think then that she's happy to not be THEM too?? Pretty rude really. :rolleyes:

Arabella!! :queen: of the Wood-Nymphs... I like it!

Tipper - Hey, if it'll keep you from the :devil: crackers, you post here all you want! We'll make more pages and even start a second thread if needbe. Try not to be so hard on yourself - I think we all do that "I'm so fat - please pass the Ho-Ho's" thing. It's not pretty and it makes no sense. So, if being here helps - then just post, post, post!!! :yes: :cb:

Ok, time to hunt down some lunch...


11-08-2002, 04:06 PM
I am feeling better since my last posting. :cp: I could use some of Anagram mood today. Thanks for the pep talk:drill:
My boss just let me have the rest of the day off. So I am home bound for a nice long walk with my husband. (Just typing that lifted my spirits.):dance:
Have a great weekend everyone.

11-08-2002, 04:15 PM

Tipper i totally understand your mode. One meal at a time is a great motto. Cause just cause you ate bad for one meal doesnt mean the day is gone. And i dont think a couple of pieces of cheese is so bad. Its not like you had nachos or anything. We sometimes think we eat so many more calories then we actually do. I use www.fitday.com its free and maps out your calorie intake. some foods are wrong calorie wise but they are pretty acurate. So that way when i think i really blew it i can really see how many calories im up against. This and fitday.com are my favorite sites. I joined the gym at the beginning and i used the swimming pool every single day to a point where i lost enough weight to do other things. I couldnt even walk down the street with out having my ankles hurt but the water didnt put any preasure on it. Im happy i can walk down the street now.

Amarantha i too am feeling the afternoon nap time. I cant wait til the day is over and we can go home...day o....dayyyy o.


ARABELLA welcome and we will miss babette..she was a cutie!:twirly:

Pumpkinseed so did the bird get out? What kind of fish did you have? Cool so you paint your own ornaments?

Well post later..all a good weekend with good health!

11-08-2002, 05:21 PM
Scooby - Yes! Little bird got out ok! I thought the shock would've got 'em, but my Mom said he flew right out when they removed the panel. Unfortunately it looks like 4 others weren't so lucky. This summer it was unseasonably hot and dry (remember all the Oregon fires?) and apparently a few got in there and died quickly from the heat. They put the siding back on the house and plugged up the hole so no more birdies can get in there.

Now, the ornaments... No, I don't normally paint my own, but now that I'm all settled into my house and feelin' less stressed from the construction and moving and feeling more crafty, I decided this year I'm gonna paint a bunch! I found some really cute ones at Michaels that will be going on gifts. Painting's always a good non-eating, rainy day, light a candle and zone out kinda' activity.

Piranah fishy. She was a Jack Dempsey variety of African Cichlid. She lived to be about 12 years old to the best any of us can figure. By the time she passed she was misshappen from a fin disease called "ick" (which is what killed all the other fish my Mom had when Piranah was just a few months old) and was also blind. I used to tap the lid of her tank so she'd know food was up there (she'd miss it, but eventually sniff it out - yes, fish can smell). For "just a fish" she really was something - and the oldest Cichlid anyone I've spoken to can ever remember hearing about.

Enjoy your weekend and your walk Tipper!

Terri :moo: *snort*

11-08-2002, 07:16 PM
Yippeeee!!!! It's Friday night! I love Friday night....I don't have to cook, or worry about caseload, or go to bed early. I am typing with Michelob Ultra in hand (you can't believe how hard it is to type without spilling!). I love beer, in case you didn't notice. Not to the point of drinking a case and passing out.. and I don't drink any during the week. But I do enjoy popping the top on a cold one and settling into my chair to read, sew, veg out, etc. on Friday night. So...I am trying the low carb beer because I can't resist one and I wish they weren't soooo unhealthy, and this seems to be a little less of a vice.

Punkin, I used to love to paint. I did lots of tole painting and sold lots of crafts. Since I had darling 4 1/2 year old I just can't get into it. I think it's because it takes me too much time to drag everything out and then put it away. I'd leave it out but 4 1/2 year old thinks she's Picasso and the world, or my house, is her canvas. I have sewn those stupid Bucilla sequined stockings and tree skirts and am now working on an advent calendar. It's something I can do while sitting and watching Barney, or Scooby Doo (oh how I long for the days where I can watch something NOT rated G!)

Had the fish plate at the local restaurant for lunch so I am skipping solid dinner. Wineries tomorrow so I will get lots of walking in. Each winery is build on the biggest hill they could find!!! I guess they figured that if anyone wanted wine bad enough, they would make the climb.

Arabella, I love thy name!!! Excellent choice!

Well, off to the land of LazyBoy!

11-08-2002, 07:26 PM
I know people have problems with ww but I swear by it. I went 16 years ago and it was really hard then but now I find it is so much easier and the support I get from my group is great. Yes I know you can get bad leaders but it has to be about you and not them. I find it keeps me honest I do not own a scale and never will I get weighed once a week at my meeting and that is all. My group gets very excited over everyones loss and gives support when we have a gain. You are never made to feel guilty and everyone knows how hard it is to loss weight so we stand by each other. The meeting teach you ways of handling things like thanksgiving, and stressfull situations.
Everyone has to do the weight loss thing the way it works best for them. No way is right or wrong whatever works for you.

11-08-2002, 07:42 PM
Well, ok, NOW I've blown the day!!! :jig: Can't stay on program anymore at all ... sigh, negativity, dulce de leche, whatever! Urg! Never got a nap, went to publisher's house and hung out, so never got work done for which she is paying me but she doesn't seem to care ... but the gist of this rant is that I found a Weight Watcher's cookbook that has the POINTS system spelled out in it ... so I'll be able to see if I wanna go with that system for awhile.

I am frustrated. My pound a week is looking more like it'll be a pound a week gain. I need a new plan, a new start, a new body, a new brain.

Was sitting in car drinking this dulce de leche and hearing Oprah's voice in my head from the recent piece on food addiction. "It's not about the food," she said.

That's gotta be true. I know how much food will produce weight loss or gain so if it was just about the food, I'd be able to lose/maintain with no problem simply by eating the correct amount. This ideally would preclude much dulce de leche.

"Why am I drinking this?" I asked myself.

"Self," I answered, "I don't know any better than you do."

Why ask why? :shrug:

Ok, thanks for listening to this negative whine/rant/vent! Amarantha shall be back like gangbusters in the near future and she will have a positive attitude and be cheerful and focused. Well, she'll be cheerful.

~ Signed, Elbertanne Whine (Amarantha's distant and tiresome cousin who is visiting ... Amarantha is packing for a long vacation just to get away from this distressing relative)

11-08-2002, 08:15 PM
Hello All!

We are having a warm weekend, an "Indian Summer" if you will- I need to get some Iris bulbs in the ground and this will be a great time as Mon the rain is due back.

DH and I also want to make at least one more trip to the storage bin to continue our sort- save, sell or toss-- Its getting us both moving and we need to downsize the bin.

Arabella- what a gorgeous avatar!-

Aramantha- I think I can relate- I remember many times when nothing tasted good nor seemed to last long -- Especially when the scale seems frozen, nothing is satisfying !!! I tend to like to make things easy so its easy to shop and cook- but that's my mistake- I get bored- That's why I instituted my "try 2 different things a week" - ( as long as they're on plan) It can be a spice, vegetable, recipe, flavor, -- you get the picture- some things we've tried and love- others, we don't even finish the serving-

As for WW's- I'm an enormous fan- have been online since May-
Some folks figure out how many points in a candy bar, and build around that, others around martinis, -- for me-- its what makes the most sense to me-- The beauty part online is that there is always support 7/27-- PS- don't forget, WW's is a business, they've "enhanced" the point system a few times-
and Dollar is exactly right, the past few programs have been the easiest WW's plans ever ( sure beats liver once a week if anyone remembers the plan from the 70's)
but then again, some folks prefer a very structured program-- which you can also do - That's the beauty part of WW's- you make it what you want-!!

Punkinseed-- Tell more about the ornaments! Are they glass? ceramic? --

Boatingmommy- the winery sounds interesting- I don't appreciate wine but the scenery sounds lovely!

Hi Anagram!! The cold snap we had here turned all the maples bright red and for the past few days, we've had ourselves a real treat! How about your way??

Eydie... has that head cold left yet?

I know I'm missing some= hello Tipper!!
Anyone else I've missed- I promise - next time--

Be careful out there


11-08-2002, 08:32 PM
Ahhhhh the Demon Scale said I gained 5lbs!! So I'm really reallyyyyy reaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy hoping that it is the bloating gained by the monthly visitor!....so I am 182 right now...so please be good pilgrims and help the poor little Indian into scaring away the evil gobbling pounds!1lol have a great weekend ladies!

11-08-2002, 11:30 PM
Wooooo-hoooo! Cousin Elbertanne Whine hath decided to go home and Amarantha doth not have to go on vacation!!! Amarantha hath been reading the POINTS plan in the book she bought today and she may try it but is still ambivalent. Though it be a great plan, she's not sure it's for her. She will perhaps wait and see ... though she be sure she hath gained this week. She doth think she hath a good plan but just doesn't stick to it. She's going to give up!!! NOT!!!! :nono:

NEVER!!! :nono:

Hotsplashie!!!!! Worry not, Pilgrim, Amarantha hath consulted Hago's crystal ball and she be sure thy monthly visitor be the culprit. Demon Scale lies, as thou knowest, and the crystal ball showeth that those bad little :dance:lets shall depart anon!!!

Kaylets: I like your two different things a week philosophy! It is very true that I get tired of one plan or another or one concept or another and keep wanting to change and bring back the glory days of my major weight loss when everything seemed so worth doing and now sometimes it just doesn't when balanced against the desire to eat. Reading the WW book was interesting, as it pointed out that to lose weight you have to develop and maintain strong motivation. As Dollar points out, that can be a real benefit to WW meetings, but one has to have something in common with the people there, methinks. The book also used the idea that (as Oprah said the other night) it is not about the food.

Rambling again! Sorry to bother this group with my bummer of a day ... had LOTS to eat! (You don't want to know!) :jig: Feeling better and if I've gained this week, I will just throw Demon Scale out the window and never try again!!! NOT!! :nono:

Over and out, Thin Turkeyettes!!! :grouphug:

11-09-2002, 09:26 AM
Hello all!!

Been awake for hours, drinking coffee, writing emails, enjoying not having to be anywhere-- !

although I hear those Yardsales signs getting stapled to telephone poles and garage doors opening-- I am starting to feel myself getting dragged out the door----

Aramantha- couldnt help but wonder-- I have heard ( even thru WW's) how some folks "natural" weight is above what the "charts" say-- Do you think there is any chance that you are at your "natural" weight? Just a thought, IMHO--

Hotsplashie- You arent alone- me too- its not showing up 5 ( but been there b/4!) I'm only up 1 but am now finished w/ coffee for today and get as much water in as I possibly can- I will have to make sure my yardsale stops aren't too far from Restrooms!!
(also explains a few other things the past few days too!! )

I'll try and stop in later-
By the way, has everyone had a chance to grab a "No Guilt Card" ? seems like there are plenty left, there are more than enough for everyone-- In fact, please take 2 of them--

Today's thought of the day is:

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

11-09-2002, 03:32 PM
Yo, happy Saturday to all!!!! :wave: Kaylets, I'd like to take two of those No Guilt Cards and thank ye very much!! :jig: Sort of getting back on track today for the big push to Turkey Time that will likely be much bigger tomorrow, as I'm sure I've gained ... but I refuse to give up!!! (That's the spirit, Amarantha!!! ~ Elbertine Pep) I WILL make my turkeyette weight, make no mistake!!! :jig: :cb:

Kaylets: Thou hast a good point about the weight charts and also that the BMI charts be not valid for folks who exercise a lot, which I do ... still I had gotten comfortably (and rather easily) from 247 (approx.) to the 140s before starting to gain ... and the gain came when I started to binge a lot and skip exercise and was injured and didn't exercise, etc., etc., so I'm hoping my sea cow metabolism will rev up a bit and let me get to where the doc thinks I should be (I think it, too) at 135. But I definetely am not aiming for Twiggydom, that be for sure!!!

Have fun at the yardsales ... I've done and been that this a.m., too. They start at 6 a.m. in Amarantha's neck o' the desert!!!!

Wooooooo-hooooo!! We're gonna have a great day that will contribute to our success, Thin Turkeyettes!!! We can do this!!!

And, I do think everything's a miracle ... sometimes we just have to wait to see the miracle side of it, but it's there!!

11-10-2002, 09:48 AM
Hello All!

Needed to run a Virus Update this am so am running a bit behind-
Although, I did do quite a bit in the tomato garden while the update ran-- Tomato plants are in the composter- just need to get the crabgrass to the curb- ( crabgrass doesnt go in the composter does it? won't that just give you mulch w/ crabgrass seeds?)

DH and I stopped at the bin after breakfast but couldnt bring much back as we brought back shelving and it took up so much room. Might sneak another trip in b/4 the rain starts. But we have made a real dent and think we might have the thing empty by month end. Amazing what things you find. And just as amazing what was the reason for holding onto in the first place?

Here's to eveyone making the best possible choices today!

Today's thought is:
"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." Henry Ford


11-10-2002, 01:28 PM
Top o' the morning to all o' ye, Pilgrims and Indians!!! Thanks be, Kaylets, for that quote! Amarantha needeth that as her sea cow metabolism is sluggishly floundering around in the wind resistance created by her pound-a-week aspirations. (Translation, she maintaineth for yet another week, which isn't too bad and she's not discouraged and she be still determined to get to her Turkey Time Challenge Goal!! Now she hath to lose TWO pounds a week, but she'll do 'er!!! Shiver me timbers, she will!!! Ta da!!)

Today Elberta Crone is going to pick out a recipe from Amarantha's WW cookbook to make for dinner!!! So Amarantha must goeth to Costco and get ingredients!!!

Amarantha may not posteth for a few days. Hopeth all goes well for Pilgrims, Indians and Turkeyettes!! :wave:

11-10-2002, 02:19 PM
I've been a bit down in the dumps since Friday, even though I started out full of spirit. I found out late in the afternoon that the new company I've been working for is going out of business, while still owing me $1000. They say they intend to try to pay people but don't know if they'll be able to or not. I shouldn't let it get me down. I know I'll find something else, and I do have another company I do fairly steady work for. Nevertheless, I feel slightly crushed. Oh well, I'll get over it.

I've kept OP in any case, which is cause for rejoicing.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

11-10-2002, 06:33 PM
More bad news. My son's roommate informed him that he didn't want to live with him any more and would be moving out the end of the month. Now my son wants to come live with us and stay in a part of the basement. My husband is not enthusiastic, and it's not the ideal situation, but I feel like, when your kids have trouble, you try to help them out.

DH wants to make sure we have everything laid out clearly before we allow him to move back and he's right. But I just wish things could go smoothly for my son for a bit. He's had a really tough few years - difficulty finding jobs, finding terrible jobs where he felt like he was selling his soul daily, his girlfriend getting pregnant because she quit taking the pill without telling him. I know that suffering is a part of life, but I wish I could spare him some of it. And maybe this will help.

Sorry for venting. And I'm still OP, anyway...

11-10-2002, 07:26 PM
Arabella- so sorry you've had so much bad news today! Hope you get paid what you're owed--

As for DS issues-- I can relate to an extent- so far we haven'd been seen an "official" move out yet. Doesn't seem to be in any hurry- guess girls here all have their own places!! A favorite aunt always says ' The bigger your children get, the bigger the problems'-- Its hard to know when your "help" is really their "crutch".

Seems like the "teenage" years go on long into the twenties w/ some of these boys. DD, on the other hand, doesnt ever ask for a dime and as I've pointed out to DH, the way DS always has his hand out, DD wouldnt stand a chance. And believe, me, although DD is married, there have been 3 job layoffs and a long illness as well.

BUT-- the GOOD NEWS is that you hung on this afternoon and stayed on plan- GOOD FOR YOU!!

Maybe you could get in something great tonight, something w/ music-- give yourself some space and hopefully, some perspective.

and by the way, of course, you should come and vent!! Isnt this the place?

11-11-2002, 06:34 AM
Hello all!

My job is one of the few open today ( not counting retail stores,etc) although most of our contacts, except international will not be open. So, if I'm really lucky it will be a light day. We'll see what was sent in thru the mail before the weekend.

Monday is my offiical weighin day and I have not lost. I am disappointed although I know better. I guess I'll allow myself another 30 minutes of disappointment and then move on.

Weather here is "unseasonably warm" -News channel just announced the warm weather's spawned a tornado watch until almost noon-- Guess that's enough perspective !!:lol:

Here's to Monday!

Todays' thought is:Nobody ever died of laughter. Max Beerbohm

11-11-2002, 08:16 AM
Hanging in OP.

Kaylets, thanks for the kind words. It would be nice to be paid what I'm owed - I'm more upset about the potential earnings. But it isn't like that was my dream gig, and I know if I dig around I can find other stuff, and maybe something more personally meaningful.

Sorry you didn't have a loss this week, but I bet it means you'll do twice as well at next WI.

I'm going to try to marshall my forces and have a good day (if it's any consolation, I have to work all day too). I need to remember that this kind of stuff is just part of life and not truly catastrophic.

Ironic, though. Just a few nights ago, going to sleep, I found myself thinking (unusually) that I had nothing to worry about -- everything was (finally!) going well for my son, and our finances were getting on track. Anyway, could be much worse stuff to have to deal with than this. Must get a grip.

Let's take this day and do the best we can with it. Love to all!

11-11-2002, 09:11 AM
Arabella, my hat'
s off to you for staying OP through all your tribulations. I think that's a sign you're really making it with the "life change" part of this turkey trot. As you said, these things are part of life. But that doesn't mean we don't feel them (and grieve them). I always found it more difficult to deal with my kids' problems than my own as I have a bit more control in my own. My ds seemed to have his share of job tribulations. He's now been in his current (good) job five years and dh and I still are so grateful. We constantly say it's hard to believe it's that long since the roughest years. I guess we're still carrying them around. I hope ds is not but from time to time he'll say things that lead me to believe he is.
My dd's trials have been of a different sort. Some have resolved really beautifully but others will be with her for a lifetime or in other cases at least a long time.

In any event, hope your own work situation comes to an improved level and, again, staying OP should give you a great feeling of being in charge.

Kaylets, you constantly surprise me. Your posts are so young at heart I was surprised to read you had grown children. In my case, it's ds who keeps plodding on and we find out some things only after the fact (and then usually from his wife). We are usually involved in dd's situations, fortunately none have been financial in recent years, more a case of physical and emotional support which we're glad to give. She's always been a bit more of a high maintenance sort than ds.

Hope work goes light for both of you today.

11-11-2002, 10:22 AM
Good Monday morning to everyone. It is rainy and windy here in the big state of Noth Carolina. My diet mood is pretty good today. I have started with a new attitude for some reason. :cloud9: What ever it is I am not questioning it.
We have two scales in our house and one weighs 2 pounds less than the other. :shrug: One is digital. I am not sure why there is a difference, but I took the one that weighs me less and put it in my bathroom.
My starting weight was worse than I thought. I said 209 but when I weighed the next morning it was 214. Acording to my new scale this morning I am 209 now. The one meal at a time seems to really work for me. :dancer: I did however give into :jeno: this weekend. I worked hard out in the yard and it didn't seem to stick to my thighs according to the scale.
Hotsplashes: Hang in there, those 5 pounds will be gone before you know it.
Amarantha: My mothly visitor adds at leat 4 to 5 pounds. I try not to weigh during that week. It is way to depressing.
To everyone else: Hope all is well. :balloons:


11-11-2002, 12:06 PM
It's Monday.... blech!

I've not only fallen off the wagon, I fell into a puddle then got ran over by the wagon... WHY is it that when I exercise I eat crap, then when I'm eating healthy I won't move a muscle?? I've gone to Curves 3 times a week for 3 weeks now and am *still* excited about going - but I keep cramming garbage in my mouth. It's like there's another person in my body that doesn't want to get healthy. I botched the Halloween challenge and I don't want to blow this one too. I've had far too many "just one last splurge" - when IS the last one??? :rolleyes: I didn't even get on the scale this morning - or all weekend. A sure sign that I've completely fallen off is when I don't weigh myself. I WILL tomarrow though - I have to know what's going on - denial only leads to more weight... (ok, end rant)

Amarantha, I share your frustration (obviously). Oprah said "it's not about the food"?? That's what I was telling myself a few months ago - and I guess need to start reminding myself of again. Because it's NOT about the food - it's about my behavior around the food. Oh if it were just that simple... it should be!

Kaylets - Yes, I'll take a couple of those No Guilt Cards :yes: thank you! Look at your week as a "practicing maintenance" week. You'll loose next week!
My ornaments turned out soooo cute! I painted 6 porcelain stars (they're puffy, hallow inside) in silver and gold with jeweled spots (like a sticker, but you can't remove them) - they will go on my tree. Then I started on my other ornaments - all plaster - they will be attached to presents for family & friends. Again, they're stars, but they look like they're sewn and have a 3D look to them. I had a blast painting this weekend - it did help with the hand-to-mouth disease I have too!

Hotsplash - Fear not - weigh again in a few days! I always avoided the scale during "that time".

Arabella - I hope the situation with your son works out ok and that he finds his way soon - I know at that age I would've hated having to move back home. After you've had a taste of life in your own place it's beyond hard to go back.
I will also keep my fingers crossed that you get the money owed to you. Any way you can place a lien on them? A $1000 is a lot of money to loose.

It will probably be a quiet day today since so many of our clients are state, federal or military. I could use a quiet Monday...


11-11-2002, 12:36 PM
I have found that the more I exercise the more junk I eat as well. I think it is the guilt factor is gone. :nono:
I feel like since I exercised :strong: then that last piece of pizza won't matter.
I think it also has to do with our metabolism being jump started.

Anyway, I was told once that it's not what you eat. It's how much of it you eat. And that you should not deny yourself of a craving. Satisfy it and move on. :cbg:

Don't give up. Jump on that scale and be proud of yourself. :queen:

Have a great day.

11-11-2002, 01:28 PM
Just popping in to say I'm still with the challenge. Haven't weighed because it's *that* week for me. Will try to drop in during the evening this week to catch up! :wave:

11-11-2002, 01:49 PM
Well, Amarantha hath NOT gone fishing. She intendeth to take time off from the internet except for work, as she feeleth her lack o' dietary success and what an editor once called her "zip and zing" (don't ask) would bring down the spirits o' this spirited group o' Turkeyettes. But she liketh it here and here she be again!!!

Seemingly, some here be collectively in a slump but we're gonna get our joie d'vivre (sp? Amarantha hath no French language skills, so forgive her if this means something other than she thinks it means)!!! Howsomever, it be good to be down sometimes, methinks, as from down there's nowhere to go but UP!!!! Except in the case of dieters, who get down when they go UP and feel up when they are DOWN!!! :cb:

Arabella, thou fantastic wood sprite thou, great job on staying OP and dealing with thy family and work matters at the same time. Mayhap thou will find great joy in thy son's return but it's a change of how thee thought things would go and that takes some getting used to. Dunno what to say about the $1,000 thou be owed (understanding that it's the loss of future with this employer that be the real cause o' thy woes). I know from my freelancing that it is very hard to get paid sometimes ... some clients I've had think I just LIKE doing this. I'm so happy (kind of) that I'm now on staff with a stable publisher. But my desire is to leave this line of work as soon as I can think of something else I can do ... or move north ... whichever comes first!!!

Punkin o' Friday! Thy trouble beith that it's NOT FRIDAY!!! :jig: :lol: Don't feel bad about thy topple from that wagon!!! Just hop back on and keep a'goin' ... when thee thinks about it, that's all any of us can do, since we are Turkeyettes and NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE UP!!!! :nono:

Remember Turkeyettes, after Thanksgiving comes Christmas. There's always another chance to set and reach new goals. It ain't over 'till it's over! Somebody famous said that long ago, but Amarantha hath no idea who it was. But it's true.

Thy ornaments sound lovely, Punkin! It is so wonderful to make beautiful things, especially for holidays.

Dollar? Be thou there? How's it going? :wave:

Tipper!!!! Methinks thou be right about not denying access to the dreaded DC (Demon Craving)! Very powerful is DC but oft will go away like a lamb if he gets what he wants!

Speaking of which, Amarantha must confess she ate a vanilla triangle donut in the Walmart parking lot yesterday! (Oh, no!!!!) It was a little short on the vanilla filling and so somewhat of a disappointment.

:queen: Bee Anagram!!!! :wave: Sounds as though thou be doing well and hope thou hast a great day!!!

Kaylets!!! Amarantha loveth thy philosophical approach: "I guess I'll allow myself another 30 minutes of disappointment and then move on." With this attitude, thy Demon Scale shall have no choice but to cooperate soon!

Eydie!!! Be thou out there? :wave: Hope all is well!!!

To All Whom Amarantha Misseth: Haveth a great day!!! WE CAN DO THIS THING!!! (Yes, we can!)

11-11-2002, 02:37 PM
Dear Amarantha

I just wanted to post here to tell you ho much i appreciate your words to my journal

I was so tocuhed by what you said. Your words were amazing. Please do not go. As you said us Tracy's need to stick together.

Your words were so amazing..just reading them made me feel better.

I thank you..and you..are...right now..my everyday hero.

God Bless YOU!!


11-11-2002, 02:49 PM
Ok, the "whoa is me" fest is over. Something hit me on the head reading all the positive posts and I thought "what good is it doing me to focus so much on what I'm NOT doing???" I should be focusing on what I *AM* doing. I am exercising. I am *caring* that I'm not eating right (vs. what the ****, please pass the chocolate sauce) and I am maintaining the over 20 pounds I lost since January. So what that it's 11 months later and I'm still hovering, so what? I'm still over 20 pounds lighter than I was this time last year! My blood pressure is down! I'm exercising and starting to see some definition in my arms! THAT is what I'm going to focus on - what I have achieved and what I have my sights on - NOT what I've screwed up recently. I've been successful before - I will be again!!!
(I should also have this paragraph tattoo'd on my forehead for the next time I invite myself to the pity party)

Amarantha - Cie, est joie d'vive (the joy of life or long life I believe). I remember juuuust enough French from high school to get smart. I know more Italian, but that's thanks to a friend in Rome...

Tipper - You may have something there. My body hasn't been exercised like this in a very long time. It would make sense for it to be hungrier than normal - add to that a binge history and I can see where my falling off the wagon would come in. Perhaps I need to schedule some more snacks and REMEMBER to eat them so I don't get too hungry... :chin:

Ok, back to work!!!


11-11-2002, 02:56 PM
Glad you have not chosen to hide your light from us, Amarantha. We turkeyettes are in this together and miss each and everyone who stays away, though their reasons are most valid.

I am doing well and staying OP fairly well. This in no way necessarily correlates to a weight loss come Wednesday but as long as I am feeling good, that is primary. The thyroid med does seem to be kicking in so far as giving me a tad more normal amount of energy. And I did the weekend with the princesses which always takes all the energy I have. They are balm to my soul but wear out the body.

So I'm here making my weekly Monday plan of attack. Noted that my usual Monday Slimfast kickstart didn't seem to work as well today. Maybe that only is necessary when I've overdone the food on the weekends (which, amazingly, I didn't this weekend).

Anyway, only a week and a half to go and I'm sure I won't get to goal but we still keep kicking away.

11-11-2002, 03:58 PM
The wedding was fun but i ate poorly but tasty snacks indeed. I need to revise my eating again. For some reason i opened the door and cant seem to close it from all the junk food. Its like i think i got it almost shut and then some food comes flying into my mouth not exactly flying but it does go down quick. However im exercising and maintaining. But its starting to feel like a game i eat i exercise. I havent weighed so little in some many years that maybe i am sobataging myself. Something is keeping me where i am. Last time i was in the 180s i blew it and gained it all back and then some. So im wondering if something in my brain things im done...my brain might think so but not my body. When i work out i have to tell my brain that it has no say in what im doing. That my body has the power...maybe i need to let my body have the power in the eating relm.:doh:

Pumpkin seed its really important to recognize how far you have come. And you deserve to pat yourself on that back. When i was going to a weight behaviorlist she said that recognize the good things you are doing for yourself and each week make a goal for the next week. I also think its really cool about the ornaments they sounds absolutely beautiful.


Amarantha, yea your are a really supportive and amazing lady! You should run for president. I would vote for u! I think :: :bravo:
I read your messages with great detail!

Anagram its great the you that you have stayed on you OP! I am assuming when you talk about the princesses..grandkids? Cause kids always wear out the body. I dont know how parents and grand parents do it!

Arabella it sounds like right now is a hard time. It will get better. That sucks about 1000 dollars. Its great that you havent got off program. Its hard when under so much stress!

Tipper god do i love :jeno: So i do understand the giving especially around that time. My belief is if we have to suffer we deserve a slice!!!

Talk to u later

11-11-2002, 05:08 PM
I feel like I've turned a corner and am finally feeling better; energy level is still way down though. I've been reading the posts and yes indeed, we should all honor how far we've come and the fact that we're not giving up. So what if it's 4 steps forward and 3 steps back we're still moving ahead!

11-11-2002, 05:33 PM
Yes Im still here, things are going great I have been staying on programe and Im starting to have an easier time with my lower points. No WI for me last week so it makes me a little nervous about tomorrow but even if I haven't gone down i know I have stayed on programe. My concern is that the fact I don't take the one blood pressure med anymore may have an effect (temp. of course) on my weight loss. I now have my air walker so I must remember to stay in my points range while excercising.
You really should not beat yourself up becuase you are at a stand still just now maybe you have just hit your plateau for now. Yeah Yeah I know your going to say some plateau because it has been going on for awhile despite your efforts. Please don't give up you know that you may head in the opposite direction. Maybe it is time to really shake things up try a different plan, make sure you are ot in a food rut eating the same foods all the time. I never eat the same breakfast two days in a row. I have 4 set meals at breakfast and I make sure everyday is different from the one before samething for lunch and dinner. I'm also always looking for new ideas and recipes, new items in the stores even if it is something I have never tried before Im going to give it a go. You hang in there you can beat this thing. Hey besides we would all miss you.

11-11-2002, 06:34 PM
Hey, dollar, I love reading that 199.2 in your sig. Can't wait to use it in mine. Sounds like you're having a good week now that your water's back on.

Remember, Amarantha, we are calorie free so we/posting should be the last thing you give up. Although sometimes we do need to take a break from anything now and then. Am sort of glad you had your donut because we do need the now and then treat. Plateaus are tough to deal with but doing the HEALTHY thing is important too and it sounds like you do all sorts of healthy things.

I hereby also declare that this shall be a WEEK OF FRIDAYS so that Punkin can get back on track and enjoy all days this week.

Scoobie, thou hadst to eat snacks since thou are the queen of snacks. But good for you that you are exercising and maintaining. Both things of difficulty. Funny thing you mentioned about your mind thinking you're done - I've been feeling that way as well and have only lost 20 odd pounds. It's just that I feel so much better about it that I forget I still have miles to go on the Turkey trot and beyond. And yes, the princesses are my granddaughters. And I wish I could steal some of their energy. They were my exercise for Saturday but Sunday, even though I was SOOO tired when I got back from them, I made myself go out for at least a little walk as well.

Glad you are doing better, Eydie. Maybe we can have a pizza challenge at some future point = like declaring one week pizza free and then all turkeyettes (with a more appropriate name for that effort) would celebrate by eating a slice (do I really mean one?) on the same day.

11-11-2002, 06:46 PM
Yes!! That sounds gooooooodddd!!

Hmmmm-- are there any weekends in between? or just that Friday feeling? That Friday feeling would sure beat today.
Everyone was crabby so it was just a long long day.

But now, ITS FRIDAY!!

11-11-2002, 10:34 PM
Amarantha floateth on a sea o' tranquility in the sure and certain knowledge o' a job well done. Walked 75 minutes, ate 1985 calories ... trying for an average this week in the 1700-1800 range and I'm at 1885. Talked to doc today about thyroid, cortisol, etc., etc., relative to sea cow metabolism and we be adjusting meds a bit! Feel much more cheerful!!!

Wooo-hooo!!! Thankee for supportive messages ... this group be the best, so how can we fail to succeed!!! Unfortunately, Amarantha can't subscribe to the vote to make the whole week Friday, as she worketh usually all weekend to make deadline. Still, if it were Friday, she'd be closer to Sunday, the day she will weigh in and FINALLY show a loss (she'd take a half pound!). :cb:

TallTracy: Hi! :wave: Thanks for posting. As thee can see, I've not departed. :) Was really on the verge of giving up on lots of things yesterday but better today. Us Ts be very resilient, methinks!!!!

Anagram: It be so true that the Pilgrims, Indians and Thin Turkeyettes be calorie free, so here be Amarantha again!! :jig: And thou be right that HEALTHY be the way to GO WHEN ON A PLATEAU!!! (rhymes) Frustration, starvation, anger and anxiety will not help me reach my goal, so I say, "Avanti!" to them. I do not know what "avanti" means, but I like the way it sounds! (Be that Italian, Punkin?)

A pizzeria-free challenge might be good ... but WW and Lean Cuisine or healthy, lowfat homemade SINGLE SERVINGS maybe could be allowed? Bears thinking on, methinks!!! :cb:

Dollar!! Glad thee be in the room!!! Be not afraid o' tomorrow's meeting with Demon Scale! I'd take odds thy news will be good. Good luck!!

I think your advice about shaking things up in my plan is good. Hoping the new meds will help and I personally think I need more protein in my diet AND I need to break the upper calorie limit more often (not a binge, but just a snack when I need it). Still think WW is a great plan and the fiber it encourages be helpful ... I am being more faithful about supplementing that as well as eating more vege. I'm also adding a protein supplement to one of my lowfat milk drinks.

Eydie: Glad this day brought thee to that feeling better corner and hope thy energy soareth soon! It be so true that we should be proud of how far we have come in good spirits, dedication and focus on our goals. It only matters that we keep trying and we are already a success.

Old saying but bears repeating: "Fall down nine times, arise 10!"

Another old saying (don't know the exact words) is that a failure will never know how close he was to success before giving up!

Amarantha be out o' old sayings, but Punkin, it be so good to see thee rebound and recognize thy very real achievements!! Maintaining a 20-pound loss be excellent as is improving thy health and attitude, not to mention cool definition in arms!!! Good for you! :cp:

(I always find such comfort in having good biceps. My advice to anyone who is depressed is to work on biceps. You can see results rather quickly and you can pick up groceries better AND those babies gobble up calories like nobody's business ... sigh ... if only the triceps would cooperate as well!)

Scoooooobydoobydo!!! Your description of how you are feeling really resonated with me. I think I also sabotage myself, trying to gain the weight back ... seeking status quo or something or the natural weight my body wants to have, as Kaylets was discussing yesterday. I'm thinking that set point or natural weight might change over time if we do as you say and just let the body kind of take over ... the body knows what it needs and methinks we will find equilibrium someday if we just keep going.

Hmmmmm. Methinks Amarantha now needeth to go drink a bottle o' magic elixer (H20). This signal that I crave water is such a welcome one to me, as I know it means the metabolism be chugging as it should and that somehow I'm craving what I need instead of some fantasy thing with sugar ... when you live in the desert, it's a good thing to remember that you need water.

Long post, but at least Elbertine Pep and Elberta Crone AND the Overseer stayed away! (No, we didn't, Amarantha! ~ Signed, EP, EC and ...)

Bye all!

11-12-2002, 12:34 AM
Aaaaaaahhh the page is back to normal...last nite there were26 pages!! It scareded this poor lone little Indian...so now I am back!! I too believe that our bodies have a set body weight...i know mine is 135 to 140...I just think that we gain the weight because of personal, psychological, emotional, health issues. If we can analyze ourselves and see when we gained the weight and go back to that time to see what was happening in our lives to trigger the onset of weight, I think we will be able to gain clear insight on how to take it off. And KEEP it off! Just my 2 cents worth...I'll go back to my little teepee now...Nitey nite ladies!

11-12-2002, 06:46 AM
Hello all!

Tuesday feeling like Friday-- We can only try, right???

Has anyone seen the news about the Tornado damage?? Awful.
Each one of those houses might have had a computer, perhaps someone who visited the 3FC thread-- I don't know how much warning folks had but my sense of it is -- not much--.

Sure put some of my "problems" in a different category!

so, here's to a day of as many "Best" choices as possible-

Today's thought is:

"Life isnít a matter of milestones, but of moments"-- Rose Kennedy


11-12-2002, 07:23 AM
Just had a thought-

I know most of us do our best to stay positive, but I can't help but wonder if some of you have the same "less than positive" moments I have.
Could this be something else we share ??

Was wondering if anyone would be up to sharing? Perhaps a day could be chosen (or not) -- for instance, Whiny Wednesday-- (?)
Then, when we aren't feeling our best, we wouldnt feel as though we should not post. Just a thought.

and PS- Punkinseed-- I am so impressed that you have so many Christmas gifts nearly finished!

Hotsplashes: I dont' even know when I gained the weight, much less why!! Just all of sudden, things didnt fit! :lol: seriously, though, you have a very good point- which is big piece in taking responsibility.

Dollar- Ditto on what Aramantha said- !!

Eydie-- Glad you are feeling improvements!! Your very few words, have a huge meaning!!

Really got to go this time!!

11-12-2002, 07:51 AM
Oh sure, I have less than positive moments. Will be happy to whine because I think that's healthy too. I sort of self limit though because overall I WANT to be positive. I'd be shocked if someone told me they have nothing to whine about. And though I think my life is overall blessed, I do have (and have had) lots of downer issues. Whiny Wednesday works for me.

11-12-2002, 09:41 AM
Today seems to be TERRIBLE TUESDAY for me. The jeans that a year ago were to big to wear are now to tight to breath.

Hotsplashes and Kaylets: I can tell you exactly when I gain this last batch of fat.
It was last November. My boyfriend and I were discussing our future plans and he drops (after 2 years) that he is not ready for marriage and doesn't know if he ever will be. :cry:
So I started to eat. EVERYTHING. It justified his feelings. I was making myself undesireable to him, and that would be the reason for not wanting to marry me. WHO WHOULD WANT THIS FAT :moo:?
After realizing what I had done, it was to late. :bomb:
Four years ago I weighed my heaviest at 235. I dropped down to 183. Today I am at 209. I am greatful I have stopped it before it got out of control again.

My thought for today. I love myself, and for me to allow someone to love me is their privilege.

Well enough of that. I get emotional when I re-live it.
My new scale says 209, my old scale say 212. Can you figure which one I am sticking with?

Gotta go.

11-12-2002, 09:52 AM
Hey Tipper Im with you taking the one that says less.
I don't think any of us can say we have nothing to whine about at some point we all do no matter how big the bed of rose are we live in the thornes are still going to prick us once in awhile.

11-12-2002, 09:55 AM
I never looked at your bottom line with your weight.

I have to say this. WAY TO GO. That is great.


11-12-2002, 10:31 AM
Drive-by post as Amarantha mounted the broomstick for long day o' meetings and interviews in mountains!!! Urg. That be her whine today, though it be not Wednesday! :jig: She'll probably have more tomorrow!! (Stop that, Amarantha!! ~ Signed, Elberta Crone :nono: )

Methinks that is a good idea about the Wednesday Whinefest, Kaylets!!! Maybe that'd take up a separate thread all by itself. Yea, methinks also that depression also be a huge factor in weight gain and we are probably all prone to this. In Amarantha's case, though, it be more ordinary stress that leadeth to binges and she fighteth to maintain positivity over this and not allow herself to use it as an excuse to just binge nonstop ... which is what she WANTS to do all the time!!! :jig:

Hotsplashie: Amarantha hath shared her story of when the major weight loss click hit her from the sky approximately five-six years ago now ... e.g., moved to desert thinking she was in great shape because she bought into the NO SCALE movement, exercised and counted fat grams because she bought into CALORIES DON'T COUNT ... but in desert one can see one's shadow much better than in the hazy place Amarantha lived in the midwest and LO!!! The rest be history ... lost 100 pounds approx. and LO thought regain could NOT HAPPEN TO HER!!! LO, another thunderbolt ... regain COULD happen to Amarantha and here she be!!! She realized somewhere along the way that she REALLY wants to reach her original goal of 135 and maintain it. The reasons are so numerous they be not worth mentioning but HEALTH and feeling that she is living in as good a body as she can achieve be a major factor.

Tipper: Thy post thought for today almost made me cry and I love it and will repeat it all day to Amarantha: "I love myself, and for me to allow someone to love me is their privilege."

Amarantha would like to add that if others don't choose to love us or even like us, that be their loss! Amarantha be telling all those who loveth her not to not let the door hit 'em on the way out! :jig:

Turkeyettes: Amarantha thinketh that this feeling of not loving ourselves be probably common in folk who wisheth to lose weight. She thinketh we withholdeth love from ourselves (and sometimes we project that to others who DO love us) and say subconsciously to ourselves that we will only be lovable when thin. THIS BE NOT TRUE!!! We are fantastic at every weight!!! We are beautiful at every weight. If we choose to lose weight, it be for our own good reasons, but we MUST NOT think that losing weight will make our problems go away or make us better or more lovely people. Just as every age of life, every stage of life, is different and equally wonderful, we go through stages of weight and they are all a part of who we are and who we are is wonderful and amazing.

There's a TV program I watch sometimes ... I think it's called "The Practice?" Anyhow, there's a wonderful female on there who plays a lawyer. She is overweight by society's standards, but such a great actress and so amazingly beautiful and intelligent that I want to be her. I happened to think the other night that if this woman lost weight, she would not be as impressive a personage as she is ... of course, she would but something of her essence would be lost ... healthwise, she might be better off at a lower weight and however she transformed herself if she lost would make her different and just as amazing, but the main point I'm struggling to express here is that she seemeth to radiate confidence and self-acceptance (she's an actress playing a role, so who knows?) and the weight is a part of that. Guess I'm trying to say that if we do not love ourselves heavy, we likely won't succeed at anything including weight loss and we will likely NOT love ourselves thin.

Urgh. Sorry to pontificate!!!

To All: Gotta go!! :wave: Let's go out there and WIN one for the Gipper!!! (Thanksgiving sports reference)!!! :wave:

11-12-2002, 11:33 AM
Mornin' Turkey-ettes!

Blustery wet day here so far. I really want to go home and back into my warm bed!

Amarantha - I must've missed something. I didn't see anything about you leaving - I'm thrilled that you're not! You can't leave. Ever. I am going to Arizona next spring and I'd hunt you down, find you and drag you back kicking and screaming to the thread (yes, that's a threat). ;)
Avanti means forward, so you might want to tell your frustration, anger, etc. "allora vattene" (now get lost) or "mi lasci in pace" (leave me alone), or best yet "vada via che sa di aglio" (buzz off garlic breath).
Lastly, I believe it's Camryn Manheim you're referring to in The Practice. I agree, she's amazing. I love the fact that she refuses to fall to the "skinny" demands. Good for her!

Kaylets - I'm all for a whiney Wednesday, tearful Tuesday or mournful Monday. We could start another thread and call it Turkey Tales (or something like that). I agree that a moan-fest is often very cathartic.
I also thought the same thing you did when I saw the tornado damage. I thought "ok, who do I know that lives out there" - then thought "how would I know WHO I know?" - given that there's SO many of us on this site. So many that we've chatted with... the internet does make the world a lot smaller doesn't it.

Tipper - I'm sorry for your experience. I believe I did the same thing subconsciously. My marriage was going bad and in an effort to make him not want me and for HIM to make the decision to end it, I put on 100 pounds. See, he once told me he wouldn't love me if I gained a lot of weight - so I think in my brain I thought "ok, so I'll get really fat and make you leave me so I don't have to be the bad guy". It didn't work. I left and still have the weight to loose... :rolleyes:
I do love what you said too about allowing someone to love us being their privilege- it's very true. (oh yeah, and I'd go with the new scale too!)

Dollar - Whew! I had to go back and re-read your post. The word "prick" caught my eye and I thought you were referring to Tipper's man post! Ok, so you were referring to a rose... :lol:

Ok, I should get some work started or else it'll feel like the day will never end!


11-12-2002, 11:56 AM
Good morning!!! It took me a while to catch up on posts since I have been off running around for the last three days.

Winery trip was wonderful and rotten all at once. Forgot my dramamine and the hills and I do not make a good mix. We had a good time once my stomach got settled. The wine was tasty. I was the designated driver so I only got one glass. I brought some home to try at a later date.:T We ate out, but I kept it light.

Reading the posts I see that we are all doing some venting. That's the word I prefer...whining sounds whimpy. I know that none of us are whimpy..look at how far we have come. Venting is healthy...it allows us to free up some mental space to allow good and productive thoughts to plant seed. So if you need to vent...here is as good a place as any, among friends.:grouphug:

I'd love to stay, but my work computer calls!


11-12-2002, 07:59 PM
Boatingmommy, catching up on posts is a major achievement! What a bunch! I've come through a few times and felt like I couldn't begin to respond to everyone. Later.

Anyway, later is now. I've got a phone interview to do in an hour's time (usually I would be winding down to a dead halt by 8:30, heading to bed with the chosen novel) so I'm trying to stay alert.

Amarantha, I understand your occasional impulse to leave us. It gets a bit time-consuming - I know that I sometimes find myself checking the site compulsively when I should be working (not suggesting that you do the same thing, you understand). I'm thinking of setting some rules that must be followed. I do always take comfort from the multitude of folks (just about everyone) who says they could never work freelance, because they would never manage to get the work done. Which we do, sooner or later, and by hook or by crook...

That said, though, I must echo :queen: Punkin - you can NEVER leave. Ever. :nono: You are way too inspirational to everyone here. We NEED you!

Tipper, I think my experience was a little similar to yours. Shortly after I started dating my husband, we went through a very traumatic experience, which I mostly blamed on him. And, to some extent, I think I gained the weight to distance myself from him. We're still together, and more-or-less happy although the shadow of that time persists. Nevertheless, I am much happier slim, and I have to do it for myself.

Punkin, funny what they say and what they do, huh. I think for me, it's mostly just retreating into myself, burrowing down into my fat suit, getting insulated and farther away from anything (anyone) that can cause me pain. That's funny (in a "ha ha ha - OW! way) that he wouldn't leave after you gained the weight. I mean -- a bargain's a bargain, right :lol: What a pain, that after all that passive aggression (a specialty of mine as well) you still had to be the one to make the move. Sigh.
Kaylets, you're right, the tornado-devastated folks are suffering a whole different level of problems from what we're putting up with. Never hurts to be reminded. I often think, at times like this, that "well, at least we're all healthy. We have a roof over our head and everything we need to survive."

Anagram, thanks so much for your input about my situation with my son. It really helps, makes me realize that I'm not alone in this. Yup, things with our kids are way more painful than our own stuff.

Love to all, and to all a good night!

11-12-2002, 08:24 PM
Hello all!

:rain: :rain:

Boatingmommy-- you are soooo right!! We are above whiney, whining or anything highpitched-- have no idea what could have made me think that it was an interesting idea. Seems like a very long time ago, even though it was only 11 hrs--

Am really amazed that the Walmart nearby has stopped carrying Pria bars-- I do have a few other places to buy them but the price was the best ( almost .50 less) than everywhere else. I have heard Costco sells them by the box which I am not sure would be a good idea. I remain one of those people who cannot have more than a couple servings around. DH says he'll hide them for me but what he doesnt realize is that he might get woken up in the middle of the night !!

Aramantha- inquiring minds want to know- - ?

time to pay some bills- hopefully that website is up tonight!!

11-13-2002, 07:35 AM
:rain: :rain: :rain:

Still raining! Dogs came in so wet they seemed grateful as I wrapped the towel around them to dry them. One even looked a little like ET !!

Will keep it short and sweet (hopefully)--

Today's thought is:" Our life is what our thoughts make it." --Marcus Aureilus

11-13-2002, 08:07 AM
Good Morning folks,
well my wigh in was not what I exepcted but I'll take it, down .6. every little bit counts. This usually happens when I change points range and also when my meds get changed. I figure given another week or so my system will kick back in again.

11-13-2002, 08:42 AM
Raining here too, although not really hard enough to deter me from a walk around the harbour. Did yoga when I got up - I used to do it every day and had gotten out of the habit somehow. But I feel so much better after doing it regularly now for about a week. Between that and the low GL diet I feel like a new woman :spin: I think one of the major things for me is just avoiding wheat, though. Every time I do I feel incredibly better, clear-headed, not exhausted when I wake up (THAT's unusual!), more energy in general. And it's a lot easier to be in a good mood when I'm not tired all the time!

More on the weight gain - I was not overweight (well, maybe ten pounds) when I met DH and I felt good. The weight came on gradually over the years, during which I was always "trying" to lose. One of the main problems was that I'd stopped weighing myself - thought I had the problem licked :rolleyes: Well, we all know that when the going gets tough.... um, the bad habits tend to come back. And without weighing myself, it was very easy to fool myself that I was not gaining that much weight. Despite all the abundand evidence to the contrary: underwear shrinking in the dryer, sweaters no longer covering my butt, said butt getting stuck in plastic lawn chair. And then, of course, when I thought I'd gained, I didn't want to weigh myself "until I took some of it off" When I finally lost a bit and then weighed in (I probably was at least 10 pounds more before this) I weighed 231, 60-70 pounds more than I had when I met DH. That was 13 years ago, and -- you know what? I'm going to weigh 160 (which is within my desirable range). Definitely. I am on my way and I will get there.

But can someone tell me how to get myself back to 34 years of age? :p

Let's make this a fabulous day, Turkettes! Love to all!

11-13-2002, 09:12 AM
I'll be waiting for that answer too, Arabella. I am feeling better and doing better but am trying to reconcile myself to the fact it will never be the same because as I was packing on pounds, I was packing on years. Now that's not all bad because I like to think I also packed on "smarts". But I'm trying to be aware I'll be a "new" me not the old one at whatever weight I achieve.

Down .8 for this week. So tantalizingly close to that elusive poundlet.

11-13-2002, 09:15 AM
I think I should add that I'm feeling especially vulnerable to food this morning. Rainy again here this a.m. but supposed to be better this afternoon. Rained all day yesterday. Never noticed if weather has an effect on food speaking to me or not. But I sure am hearing it today. So far I've had some cantalope and one slice of rye toast with Key Lime jelly plus a cup of green tea. Best go start swigging the water to tune out this melody of temptation.

11-13-2002, 09:41 AM
Good morning Turketts. It is going to be a beautiful day here. :flow2: It has rained for the past two days and I haven't been able to get out for my walk.
I did compensate it with exercise tapes and house cleaing, but it just doesn't feel the same.
It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only 15 days away. :dz: My goal of under 200 seems harder than ever now, but I can do it.

From reading all the post it seems that we all use eating to protect ourselves. :stress: That if we are heavy than we won't get hurt. Well, not only do will still get hurt, but we also hurt ourselves.


Boy am I feeling impowered today. I hope it last.

I hope everyone has an empowering day.

11-13-2002, 11:49 AM
NOT!!! :jig: Amarantha be off to work, so I, Elbertine Pep, am posting for her!!! I personally be feeling GREAT and know I CAN DO THIS!!! (Denise Austen voice!!)

Arabella: Thy hit the nail on the headeth with Amarantha's reasons for posting she be leaving 3FC (which she posted in a comment on a journal) ... also Amarantha oft thinketh she posteth too much, is too depressed, etc., etc., but she thinketh the world also o' this group and hopeth Punkin WOULD come to Arizona by virtual or other means and then she'd quit complaining that she won't go to the gym because no one will go with her, as she's sure Punkin would, if it be Friday anyhooo ...

Glad everyone feels better. Amarantha really does, too, and has had several good "diet" (sorry, that's what she calls it) days in a row.

DOLLAR!!! Congratulations on thy loss, which is essentially a pound if thee roundeth. :cb: :cp: Thy progress is super. Keep a'going!!!

Arabella, we are consulting Hag o' the Hut (not the Pizza Hut, just the Hut) re thy question! :jig: Elberta Crone would likewise enjoy returning to age 34.

Tipper, the Empowered One!!! Wooo-hoooo!!! Thanks for thy uplifting post and thou be right ... WE CAN DO THIS!!!! We be :strong:

Kaylets: I like the thought for the day. Amarantha still wants thee to post a Whinefest, though. I told her thee had given up the idea, but she just keeps WHINING about it! :cb:

Ah, Anagram, the melody lingers on, doth it not? Ah, the sweet siren call o' caloric consumption! Elbertine heareth it faintly on the wind herself this a.m. ... floating softly as the sound o' windchimes from a distant temple on some exotic shore in a far-off land, mingling with the perfume o' myriads o' orchids and plump fruit trees ... (STOP IT, ELBERTINE, THAT IS THE VOICE OF THE BAD FOOD DEMON!! IGNORE IT! ~ Signed, Elberta Crone :nono:)

Boatingmommy!!! I be going to tell Amarantha that from now on she can VENT but not WHINE!!! Good distinction thee hath pointed out! Thy wine trip soundeth fun!

Re the tornado damage ... some of that was close to where I was born actually. Also an ex-editor of mine has some family there, which reminds me I need to email her. It was a devastating sight. One news report remindeth though that a message of hope always comes through from the universe somehow ... in the midst of complete ruination and rubble, a glass punchbowl sat on the ground untouched and unbroken. My wish for that poor family that lived in the house was that the bowl will somehow give them comfort and hope for years to come.

Bye all. Have a great day.

11-13-2002, 02:15 PM
Whoaful Wednesday... at least the week's half over!

I can't believe my morning. I woke up and burst into tears. Yup, I really did. I'm tired, burnt out and stressed beyond tollerance. There's stuff going on at work and today was the first day in 3 years that I honestly didn't want to be here. So, I had a good cry and I'm trying to keep telling myself to just do the same job I've been doing since I was literally 15 years old and it'll all work out ok. It's hard though because at 15 I didn't take my job as seriously, or as personally as I do now... :dz:

Anywhoo... Yesterday, after cursing a blue streak at work for the last 30 minutes and then chewing on one of my mechanics for doing something stupid and not caring that *I* got blamed for it, I went home and ate everything that couldn't outrun me. Not good. Again I went to bed feeling sick to my stomach. Got to quit eating my stress and just go take a bath and make some tea! I did get 2 more ornaments painted though - that did calm me down.

Boatingmommy - Do you know I was born and raised in the Napa Valley and I've NEVER been wine tasting??? Still on my list of things to do...

Arabella - Hope the interview went good last night! As to how to get to 34, I donno', I'm speeding toward 33 in January and amazed that I'm "that old" - I don't feel it.

Kaylets - Mmmmm.... stench of wet dog.... we've had that scent at our house the last few days too!

Anagram & Dollar - Congrats on the loss! :cb: I'll update the Pilgrim roster! :chicken: Ooops, sorry, that's a rooster...

Tipper - Thank you, yes I am hoping for an empowering day! I've been reminding myself that my mood is dependant on how *I* react to what's going on around me. That is empowering - I'm in charge of my mood!

Amarantha - Are ya anywhere near Yuma? I'm going to my Dad's in the spring (before he disinherits me for never coming to see him). I'd go with you to the gym! :yes:

Last night's giggle. I threw out what was left of an old canteloup (sp?) and last night a small herd of deer came though my back yard, with a little one in tow. The little one took a few bites of mellon and went sprinting around the back of my house, jumping up and down bucking - and licking his little lips. I guess it was the little guy's first taste of mellon. It was too cute and quite a treat to watch.

Well, hi-ho, hi-ho... on to a better day!


11-13-2002, 02:34 PM

Having a emotional melt down...my grandma had a stroke and she is going to die. She is 90 but what an amazing women. I thought she would out live all of us and im 29. She is a toughie!

I do feel like i want to hurt myself...eating bad....binge sounds so good however i dont feel like eating. Whats a good binge when you dont feel like eating all the junk food you could possibly want. Oh well i will save that for another day i guess.

Pumpkinseed that canteloup story is to cute! Made me smile!

11-13-2002, 02:53 PM

My grandmother had a stroke about 5 years ago and she was 90 when she had it. She was very active up until that day.

She layed in a bed of 3 years not being able to walk or even sit up. It was hard for me to watch such a strong women become so helpless.
When she passed away I was so relieved because she hated the way she was. She hated eveyday she was alive after her stoke.
So just keep in mind that is she does pass away it is better than watching her suffer.

As far as the stress involved. Visit her as much as you can while she is still here. Go for a lot of walks, and talk to you parents about how you feel.

I will pray for you and your grandmother. For both of you to have the strength to make it through this.

Take care.
Betsy (tipper)

11-13-2002, 03:33 PM
Thanks Tipper sounds exactly like whats going on with her...she holds my hand and i love that she dances with my finger tips. I know she needs to pass. When i first walked into the room i couldnt sit with her i just wanted to leave and i was crying. Then i started sitting with her and she was holding my hand and then holding holding on to my wrist. I didnt want to leave cause i didnt want her to be lonely. Then she fell a sleep so i left. I will go back to see her .... it was really spiritual to be with her...i felt such a connection. It was sad dont get me wrong.
:cry: I wish i could bring a kitten into my grandmas room. Just to let her feel the fur...she loves cats. I always wanted to bring a cat in maybe i will find one. My roommate has 2 but is worried that something would happen to them if i brought them in. So i need to borrow a cat.

I think i will stop crying...i have been an emotional handbasket in the office today. Im trying to be happy....:) Happy thoughts i need to think happy thoughts!

So has anyone done any holiday shopping yet? What kind of gifts are they getting for your friends and family? I havent done shopping yet but i do love shopping!

11-13-2002, 03:46 PM
(Can you tell I don't feel like working today?)
Anyway, I don't want to brag, but I am almost through. :bravo:

I am stuck on my brother. I can't think of a thing. :chin:
For one of my sister, girl friends, and sisters-in-law I bought monogramed note cards and mailing labels. They are always writting thank you notes. My other sister is getting pajamas with golden retrievers on them. She loves her dog. Her husband is hooked on the show The Saprano's (who isn't), so he is getting their cookbook. My neices and nephews are getting pencils with their names on them along with personalized sleeping bags.
This one I hate to admit. I bought my boyfriend a union suit. If you don't know what that is, it is a one piece long underwear suit.
It's what he wanted.

Probably a little more than you wanted to know. :tape: But I am so bored I want to head to the cracker machine.

Thank God I don't have any change.
Gotta go.

11-13-2002, 04:02 PM
Hi Tipper
Wow it sounds like you have it all done. Then you dont have to go thrugh the mad rush! I think i know what you mean about the union suit. Actually never heard it called that but sounds interesting!

Do you know what people are getting u? Did you get yourself anything. When ever i go shopping for others i always wind up buying stuff for myself. I know its naughty! HOwever thats always when i find the best clothing..ironically.

Yea i know about hte cracker machine oh to well. I am eating a salad however i just had some pretzels.

11-13-2002, 04:16 PM
I have hinted to what I want. I have left catalogs open to the page with the item circled. But I really don't want to know. I like the suprise.

Yes I did buy some note cards and labels for myself.

I see you are from Boston. My sister flys to Boston atleast twice a year. She loves it up there.

Has anyone got any ideas for my brothers? They are 32 and 38 years old. They like to fish, but I think they own every piece of equipment there is. I considered golf outing certificates. So they could play together. What do you think?


11-13-2002, 04:28 PM
I like that idea ...golf outing certificates...

Yea i live in boston. Where do you live Tipper? Well i hope u get everything on your list...thats funny that you leave out catalgos with things circled. What is one thing you really want?

why does your sister fly out to boston?

I all of a sudden feel exhausted...im sure its cause all the tears. Often around 3 that happens and then once 4 hits time flies.

11-13-2002, 04:41 PM
I feel like we are hogging this thread.

My sister is a flight attendant for USAir. Ironically I hate to fly.

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love it here. The beach and the mountains are each 3 hours away.

The one thing I want is not in a catalog. I want to fit into my size 12 jeans again. I bought them three years ago, and they were actually lose. Now I am lucky to get my foot in them.

3 is a hard time for me to. I think it is the anticipation of getting home. I find if I eat a piece of fruit then I usually pick back up.

11-13-2002, 05:25 PM
Hi All! Looking forward to the weekend already! The past couple of days have been a rush since we were off Monday. I love this month. I only have one week where I am working all five days thanks to elections, veterans, and pilgrims!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Scooby, I truly feel for you. Grandparents are a precious thing. I lost all of mine when I was too young to realize what a blessing it is to be able to spend time with someone who has lived so much of life.

Tipper, Christmas is coming fast...so you'd better watch out, you'd better not cry...unless you really overpay for your gifts! There are so many bargains out there right now. My hubby and I did almost all of our shopping on Monday. We do a $1000. Christmas club every year (Our families are huge into Christmas).I advise anyone out there to do one of them. It saves you from putting anything on the credit cards. For your brothers...you said they like to fish so you might check with Bass Pro Shops online. You could get them gift certificates and have a catalogue sent to them. If you are not familiar with them, they have equipment for every outdoor sport you can imagine. I bought my sweetie a bunch of boating stuff from there.

I am trying to salvage my day. My mother-in-law sent dream bars home with my hubby. Chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, graham cracker crumbs, butter, coconut!!!! HELP!!!I hear them calling my name. I am going to sign off and leave to go get my kiddo!

Talk to you gals later!

11-13-2002, 05:47 PM
Scooby, I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. I bet if you asked, they'd allow you to bring in a cat for a little bit. Spend the time that you can, and be there for her when she needs you - she may eventually not want you there - be prepaired. My step-father's Mom (my Gaggie) waited until everyone had left the room before she'd let go and finally passed. My thoughts are with you and your family. Please keep us posted...

I lost my only blood grandparent (Grandma, she was 84) almost 4 years ago. She was in the hospital for a slight case of congestive heart failure and was about to be released the next day when she had what they think was a massive stroke - the nurse came in to ask what she wanted for dinner, left the room, came back with a tray and she was gone. After watching my uncle die of AIDS, which took 5 years to finally kill him, I'll take a sudden death any day. Not that it's easier to take - you don't grieve any less, but it's so much easier for those that are suffering.

As for Christmas (*sigh* already!) yea, I've got some done. I need to do a LOT more and soon since I have to mail most of mine to friends and family in CA.

Again, big hugs, you have the right to be in an emotional handbasket. Take care of you!


11-13-2002, 05:59 PM
Scooby Im sorry to hear about your Grandmother. My grandparents died years ago. I however have had to deal with the death of my mother and father in law. My mother passed away 1 yr almost to the day of my father in law. We had some warning and I was able to be with her holding her hand the day she died, I had spent the night in the hospital with her holding her hand, she came to for a few minutes not opening her eyes just long enough to tell me she loved me and then she passed a few hours later. It was the best thing that could have happenedbeing ith her till the end. with my FIL it was so sudden no one got to say good bye. The grandchildren had a hard time understanding his death. with my mom she had hada heart condition since I was 15 and we knew that anytime could be her time but she lived a happy full life for 29 more years. She got to see all her grandchildren and was able to enjoy my grandson for 5 short months. When we were told she was going to die we brought all the grandchildren in to say their good byes and when I put my grandson on the bed with her she said the only thing she regretted was that she would not be able to see him grow up. Me I believe she will because I know she is watching him everyday. Sorry to go on, just brought up some memories good ones. Spend as much time as you can with your grandmother now you won't regret it.

11-13-2002, 08:29 PM
Scooby- this is a very emotional time - I remember many times during my mil's long illness, how while she dozed, someone would say something silly and the rest of us would get the giggles. The nurses understood but sometime other family members would come in and we'd get the "look"- But honestly, mil would doze happily hearing us chatter, if we got quiet, she'd stir and look around- asking anyone if they needed more water or what have you-- The hostess w/ the mostess to the very end--
Sometimes the giggles would bring tears rolling down our faces but it is a release---

And this I can guarantee you-- this time w/ your grandma, you will never regret. Reminding her of happy times, singing to her, even telling her knock knock jokes or what the lotto numbers are- they say that hearing is the last sense to leave us--

And these older women in our lives, they teach us right up to the end-- Its hard to say goodbye but its a gift to be able to share this with them--

as for shopping-- we come from big families so we only exhange w/ a few friends. Most of the "children" are at the age where they are only interested in money-- although I do have 2 tiny nieces who are fun to shop for! and DH of course too- and my folks- this year, I have some thankyous for people who have gone above and beyond at my new job. I have some very nice Aromatherapy votives I plan on placing in a clear votive glass and tie the whole package up w/ tulle-- Am thinking about colored sand or tiny pebbles to "float" the votive in-- and a few girlfriends will get candles too w/ loose green tea, infusers and a special sugar scrub I saw a recipe for. ( Got to do something w/ the sugar I won't put in my mouth anymore!!)

Punkinseed-- Your day mirrored mine except I didnt yell at a mechanic- In fact, wound up apologizing to the person who was more at fault than me and I managed to hold the tears in. One
of those situations where you had to get along to get along.

take care all!

11-14-2002, 01:15 AM
Scooby, I am so sorry about your grandmother. It sounds as though you are making this a gentle time for her and I agree with Punkin that I'd bet they'd let her have a kittie. That'd be nice.

Please don't worry too much about thy eating ... at this kind of time, it's strange but the weight maintenance seems to take care of itself if thy heart is at peace with acceptance.

Amarantha hath enjoyed the shopping discussion on the thread today ... shopping be her favorite sport ... remember, the faster thou shoppeth, the more calories thou burneth!

Very busy week but great caloric control and on target for exercise. Maybe Amarantha will finally lose that pound this week? :shrug:

Avanti, :dance:!

Good night all!

11-14-2002, 01:31 AM
P.S., Hag o' the Hut hath gotten back to Amarantha about Arabella's question and she sayeth that if Arabella (and all others who wish to be a certain age again) THINKETH THEY ARE 34, THEN THEY ARE!! :jig: She sayeth, "Thou be as old as thou feeleth!!"

P.S. again, Punkin, I be about three hours drive from Yuma, sigh. Actually, I had a job offer in Yuma about a year ago, so if I'd taken it, there I'd be when thou visiteth. Sorry thou had a bad day ... it can only get better, methinks!

Anagram, congratulations on thy loss also!!! :cp: I saw Dollar's this a.m. (congrats again, Dollar!) but misseth thine this a.m.

To all I missed, again, have a wonderful night!

11-14-2002, 06:40 AM
Hello all!

as you might imagine, since yesterday was so awful- I am dreading the job today- and even wondering if taking "already sheduled Friday off" should be rethought.

In fact, have come to the realization that I need to rethink this job as well. Don't get me wrong, I know there's are a reason its called work but I need to evaluate. But enough "woe is me", I am probably still tender from yesterday, at least, I have a job and should keep that in mind.

Aramantha- please pass the message thru as I don't remember which E asked about the "whine thread"- I was going to let it drop because my original idea was mostly a "play on words" - we had been talking about "wine country" and I took it a step further. Then, after reading the responses, I realized I was the only one who saw the humor. and that's ok too, that's not the first,( 100th,!) time that's happened to me either. As for a whine thread? I'm not sure- what were your thoughts?

Received my membership materials for Toastmasters yesterday.
Need to pick a topic for my first 6 minute talk which tells the audience about me. Everything I read about effective public speaking says to find a common ground w/ the audience and know your topic. Was wondering if perhaps I 'll discuss my "Fear of Public Speaking" - In fact, wonder if the copyright police would come knocking if I called it "Fear Factor".

Today's thought is:
" We do not know what the future holds, but we do know WHO holds the future"


11-14-2002, 09:08 AM
Happy Thursday.

I have good new to report. :dancer: I have lost another 2 pounds. It is now 207. Seven more to go before Thanksgiving. :crossed:

I am nothing but smiles today. :d:

I think my metabolism finally kicked in from the week of constant exercise.

Gotta go. Work calls.

11-14-2002, 10:07 AM
Wooo-hooooo!!! It be Thursday and Amarantha be so focused it is weird!!! :cb: :jig: Haven't been much off program all week and have high hopes for the sea cow metabolism.


Kaylets: Amarantha saith she did understand the humor and was only kidding in her whining for the whining!! :cb: She did think we were talking about having a Wednesday Whinefest thread, though, just for everyone to post things they felt like whining, er ... venting, about! Kind of like some people make an appointment with themselves to worry at a certain time so they'll stay worry-free the rest of the time!! :)

Good luck with Toastmasters. That's a great activity for building poise, social skills and logical thinking ... not that thou appeareth to lack for any o' those attributes that Amarantha hath ever noticed!! :jig: Fear not the copyright police ... Amarantha never does!!! (joke, of course Amarantha always concerneth herself with matters o' copyright!! :) )


Over and out, Turkeyettes!

11-14-2002, 10:07 AM
Oh, Kaylets, I had gotten the play on words. In fact, had planned to post (but never got to it) that ventfest just doesn't have the same panache.

Hope those that had TERRIBLE days yesterday are blessed with better today. And Tipper, I'm smiling for your loss too.

Scoobs, I too am sorry for your pain. Stay close and touch. When my MIL had her final strokes, she could move only a toe and her eyelids. But when dh stroked her arm, we could all tell how much pleasure it gave her. At least at first. Her skin was so deteriorated by that time, it became irritated and he had to stop.
But at least she had the few moments of pleasure. These are not easy times but usually they are accompanied by much personal growth.

11-14-2002, 02:57 PM
The ongoing Great Pilgrim Progress Report!

Scooby - 186 goal 180
Bobsgal - 251 goal 245
Dollar - 199.2 goal 193.2
Amarantha - 165 goal 161
Anagram - 229.4 goal 225 (-1.4!) :cb:
Punkin - 238 goal 232
Babette - 217 goal 209 (-1.0 - or an unofficial 3.0!) :cb:
Hotsplash - 177 goal 169
Whisper - 187 goal 180
Jadcie - 180 goal 175
BoatingMommy - 169 goal 165
Eydie - 153 goal 145 (-4.0!) :cb:
Wildfire - 178 goal 173
Tipper - 209 goal 200 (-5.0!) :cb:

Onwards and downwards! :dancer:

11-14-2002, 03:14 PM
Hello lovlies...

(a little self eye-opening semi rant...)
Well, as Kaylet's quote o' the day dictates, I will acknowledge that I hold my own future... my mood has been poopy for about two weeks now, and I'm amazed at how it affects my eating! Today I decided that how I've been reacting to things affects my mood. Bad, stressful, annoying things are going to happen - it's a part of life and I'm thinking it's also becoming my job requirement to deal with them. In the past (like just a few weeks ago) I've never had any problems with managing these things but I've become overwhelmed and started to slip underwater - I realized today that I don't have to swim in the emotions that these things make me feel - Stressed, angry, desparate, helpless... They just are - feel them and let them pass and continue on my way. Doing the same great job I've been doing since I was 15 - nothing's changed so why should *I* change?
Today's been a MUCH better day :cb:

Ok, other than the fact that I now have a sinus infection (complete with cheek and tooth pain :rolleyes: ) - which is probably why I've been so tired, emotional and short fused. I cancelled my plans for tonight so I can go home and play "sick person" (read, drink tea in bed). Actually, the realization that I'm sick explains a LOT about the last few days...

Scooby - How are you holding up hun? How's Grandma doing today? Sending you a big ol' :grouphug:

Kaylets - Ya know, we giggled during my Grandma's funeral. Some of her friends looked at us like we were crazy - but my eldest cousin did her eulogy and well, Grandma was just so funny that he couldn't keep it all that serious - and I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted us to!

Dollar - I wouldn't doubt for a minute that our loved ones that've passed still watch us - maybe not always, but they keep tabs on us. I still talk to my Grandma's all the time...

Amarantha - Bummer, 3 hours is far... I haven't decided yet if I want to fly into San Diego or Phoenix - which would you suggest?

Tipper - Congrats on the loss!!! :dancer: You inspire... keep it up and maybe I'll catch on! ;)

Hugs to you all - happy Friday eve!

(:queen: Punkin o' Friday)

11-14-2002, 03:35 PM
Punkin and Kaylets: We also got a good laugh :LOL: at my grandmothers funeral. We celebrated her life instead of wallowing on her death.

After the actual burial everyone was still standing around :balloons: and all my brothers, sisters, and cousins were together. We started laughing :lol: because my cousin had gotten a speeding ticket on the way to the cemetary. :nono:

We laughed because we could just her my grandmother say that the police read the obituaries and they were waiting for him at the boarder. It made us all feel better. :smile:

Scooby: I was wondering where you are today. Let us know. :chin:


11-14-2002, 03:57 PM
Just popping in for a second. I was chasing DGS all day and it's time to get dinner ready. Reporting: 1 more :dance: gone!

Scooby, so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Remember to take good care of yourself through this time.

The ongoing Great Pilgrim Progress Report!

Scooby - 186 goal 180
Bobsgal - 251 goal 245
Dollar - 199.2 goal 193.2
Amarantha - 165 goal 161
Anagram - 229.4 goal 225 (-1.4!) :cb:
Punkin - 238 goal 232
Babette - 217 goal 209 (-2.0 - or an unofficial 4.0!) :cb:
Hotsplash - 177 goal 169
Whisper - 187 goal 180
Jadcie - 180 goal 175
BoatingMommy - 169 goal 165
Eydie - 153 goal 145 (-4.0!) :cb:
Wildfire - 178 goal 173
Tipper - 209 goal 200 (-5.0!) :cb:

Onwards and downwards! :dancer:

11-14-2002, 04:31 PM
Hi Turkeyettes. Want to report that I avoided the Sugar Sirens yesterday. Water sure can be my friend. That was despite doing some early holiday baking. I am SO proud of yesterday. Now if I can keep today productive....

Just brewed some tea. Should be able to get a walk in after that. So nice today though cold.

Punkin - indulge your sick little self. You can't possibly handle all life's stresses when you're not feeling well. There are times when crawling in a cave is the best we can do for us.

Dh said he'd bring something in for dinner since I was at the dermotologist and she did a few unpleasant enough thingies. I really can and probably should cook. But it's nice to be indulged a bit too. Oh, conscience, conscience, all these big decisions.

Hag, hope your string of good "diet" days continues.

11-14-2002, 04:38 PM
Arabella - Congrats!!! I do need to change the roster to show your new, most improved name and now your new, most improved shrinkage!!!

Anagram - thank you, I will take care... of course right now I'm so angry I could spit...

-anyone interested PM me privately and I'll explain - I'm not gonna start a stupid 3FC war over this garbage.

Amarantha - dahling, since this whole holiday challenge was originally your beautiful baby - I've sent you the details - please check your 3FC private messages.

Ta' for now!


11-14-2002, 08:26 PM
Scooby, how are you holding up? And your grandma? I'm sorry that you're going thru such a difficult painful time now, but know that it has its gifts too. My MIL recently had a mini-stroke and it's difficult to see her changing and becoming weaker. Life is such a fragile thing.

I've enjoyed hearing about Xmas gifts. I usually do something food-oriented. Gee, what a surprise, huh?!

Tipper, congrats on the weight loss!

I've been close to binging lately---don't really know why. Maybe just that time of the month?
New Harry Potter movie tomorrow! WooHoo! I'm a big fan! Anybody else going to see it?:)

11-15-2002, 02:26 AM
Amarantha be foggy minded from nappie time but reporteth a very good on plan day once again ... well, 100 calories over and 20 exercise minutes short, but in the main a good day.

:queen: Punkin o' Friday, I just PM a reply to you!! Suffice to say thou handleth things in a mature fashion!!! And, Amarantha (genius though she be) actually copyeth the holiday challenge idea from a myriad of forums that have holiday challenges including our old Christmas Lite thread on this exactomundo one! :jig: :cb: Sorry thou hast a sinus/cheek infection ... Amarantha getteth this malady also and it beith no fun. Elberta Crone saith to rest and be serene ... block cortisol! Re Yuma, off top o' Amarantha's head, SD soundeth like the best bet from where thee be, but it's likely six o' one and half dozen o' the other. Hast thou been to Yuma before? It's nice but developing at a very fast pace. The one thing thou MUST do is drive to Dateland and have a date shake ... saveth calories, though, as this is VERY rich (but dates are healthy, right?). Also interesting in Yuma is the old territorial prison.

ARABELLA!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON THY SEVERING RELATIONS WITH ANOTHER PESKY :dance:!!! :cp: Thy be on thy way to Turkey Time Goal Glory!!! Good work!

Anagram!!! :wave: Congratulations on thy succesful avoidance o' Sugar Sirens!! Those are tough cookies to beat and thy hath reason to be proud. Water IS a miracle in helping us stay on track. Everytime someone posts about water, I realize I need some, so thanks!

Eydie: How great thy posted words are: "I been CLOSE to bingeing ..." the operative word being "CLOSE!" ... this means thou hast successfully identified the problems and shortcircuited the binge response. Congratulations!!! :cb:

I love the Harry Potter books but haven't seen the movies ... other than a trailer here and there ... it is my intention to wait until all the books are written and I've read them all before viewing the films. Might break down before then, though!

Tipper: That was a sweet story about your family. It's odd how funerals bring families together and clarify things between them.

Scooby, thinking about thee!

To all whomsoever Amarantha hath not addressed, likewise she be thinking o' thee and hoping all is well!!! She seeth so many :cb: on the roster and hopeth that she hath congratulated all the losers and if she hath not, she hopeth thee know she be spacey and doth indeed congratulate all of thee ... she hopeth to JOIN thee in thy losing soon!!!

Bye-bye! ...

11-15-2002, 02:31 AM
P.S. Amarantha refuseth to go back and correct multiple style and grammar errors above! That would be compulsive! :)

11-15-2002, 07:18 AM
Hello all!

Am relieved my work week is close to an end- Originally had scheduled today off but just didnt work out- too much happening --desk is in too much of an uproar-- I know many would disagree with me but I would rather go in than wonder -- It very well might end up that no one would call or need to look for anything but since we moved seats last Friday, just havent had a chance to finish unpacking--

Was looking at moon last night expecting it to be big and round considering the way the week has been-- Its not--

We have another rainstorm coming in- high winds-- "sheeting rain" for the weekend. More wet dogs !! Maybe get some soup and bread made too.

DH emailed at work yesterday- He was in the computer room and heard the dogs 'screaming'. He was sure they had gotten trapped behind something in the bedroom, possibly hurt.... He went running-- Instead, what he found was one beagle perched on the edge of the bed, leaning up against the window, with the other beagle piggyback the first-- both of the dogs furiously sounding the alarm at a big, tabby cat peacefully washing herself under the tree in our front yard. The cat was not even bothered by the racket ( Must have heard it-- I'm sure the next block could hear it) and was having the time of her life.
Must be a moral in that story somewhere--

Today's thought of the day is:
"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies." ---Shawshank Redemption

Here's to the best choices all day! :rain: :rain:

11-15-2002, 09:20 AM
Fabulous Friday. :flow2:

I have a general question for anyone who might know. I have injured my back, and my doctor put me on muscle relaxers.
The question is, does anyone think that the muscle relaxers will slow down my metabolism? :chin:
Just a thought. :idea:

I didn't sleep very well last night. I kept dreaming that someone was chasing me and trying to kill me. I woke up saying "Thank God that was just a dream". I went back to sleep and had the same dream again. Wierd huh? :yikes:

Well I am going to the Southern Christmas Show tonight. If anyone doesn't know what that is. It is 3 large buildings full of Christmas decorations, gifts, art, they have carolers, and ofcourse food. It is a tradition down here that you go and you get cherry strudel that is made on site. :chef: It is great. I hate to break tradition :T so I am going to split a piece with someone else.

But the up side of this is if you walk trough the whole thing you have walked about 3 miles. So I get my exercise in as well.
What more could a person need.
The feeling of Christmas, strudel, and a 3 mile walk.
LIFE IS GOOD! :cloud9:

Everyone be safe. I heard there is a new terror warning. Those things make me so nervous. With my sister being a flight attendant and her usual route is Washington to San Fran. it makes the stress worse.


11-15-2002, 11:33 AM
:grouphug: Thanks everyone... for being so supportive, listening to me rant and tolerating the :devil: temper that I will probably have a handle on by the time I'm 50...

:cb: It's Friday!!!! :cb:

I hit the pillow at 7:30pm, then was back up at 9pm, wide awake for an hour. I need to learn how to shut off my brain - anyone know where the switch is?
I weighed myself this morning and I'm almost back down to where I said I was starting this challenge! Needless to say, I don't think I'm going to loose 10 pounds by 11/28, but I can honestly say I *am* proud of my Curves attendance - 3 times a week for 4 weeks! :strong:

Tipper - I'm not sure if muscle relaxers will slow down your metabolism, but they're most likely the cause of your weird dreams! I hope your dreams are better this weekend.

Eydie - Me! Me!! I'm speed re-reading the second book so I can go see Harry Potter either next week, or right before Thanksgiving. I heard it's another long one - almost 3 hours!

Amarantha - Nopers, never been to Yuma. My Dad moved there about 5 years ago. I'm looking forward to seeing the sights and going to Mexico for the first time - he lives about 15 minutes from Alcadones.

Kaylets - I love the Shawshank Redemption! The best Stephen King books/movies aren't all about blood n' guts...
How much you wanna bet that tabby cat was bathing in that spot on purpose?? :lol:

Well, time to go pay some bills... :cb:

(:queen: Punkin o' Friday)

11-15-2002, 12:24 PM
HI Woman!

Well my eating has gone down hill. I had a binge, but i wanted to however i did feel awful afterwards. I forgot that feeling..not so much fun! I am sure i have gained weight just dont want to check cause i dont feel like being upset about it right now.

So my grandma is still alive.however i wish she would pass..its really hard to see her so hurt(even though im still happy she is alive). She is not feeling anything...morphine and all. My older sister came up and is staying with her during the day. Im thankful for that! I am just praying for my mother and her sister right now. If its hard for me i cant imagine what its like for them.

Thanks for all your support it means so much to me. I feel as if i have a family on here! Its really nice.

As for harry potter...i live with a kid and she cant wait to see it. She is a harry potter nut! I havent read the books but i did see the first movie. It was very sweet and creative! My sister saw the premier..she said it wasnt as good as the first one but the kids will still love it!

TOday is bagel day which is always so hard for me to pass up. However i had my bran shredded wheat and its almost salad time. I would like to eat healthy again since i have been so off lately.

Well talk to you all later and once again all your support is so apprecaited!


11-15-2002, 12:58 PM
Postie from Elbertha Peace, cousin to Elbertine Pep: Good-morning, Turkeyettes. Know everyone is going to have a simply fab day. Thy official poster here, Amarantha, be focused tight on a work deadline and we are all so proud of her for vowing not to post until she is done. Yea, verily!

Kaylets: Amarantha's Old Dog must be a relation to thine own. Right now she be barking at neighbors peacefully pursuing their daily occupations. We be worried this will distract Amarantha from her focus on task, but so far she's doing well. "Thankee for the Thought o' the Day." :)

Tipper: Methinks it be moot whether muscle relaxers will slow thy metabolism. I sayeth this because if thee be injured, thee cannot exercise and since exercise be a boon to metabolism in the ordinary course o' events, it be to thy metabolic advantage to get thee well as soon as possible, so if the relaxants be called for, then in the long run, they will help the metabolism, thinkest thou? :strong:

Punkin: Amarantha sayest she doth not think thee ranteth without cause and ranting be sometimes the road to tranquility. Ranteth on. Amarantha doth not think thou should stop, even when thou reacheth the age o' 50 ... wait a few more decades after that and see if thou wantest to stop then. :wave:

Scooby: Amarantha relayeth that she doth NOT think one binge would have put on any actual :dance: ... maybe water weight but that's all. Binges happen but it is consistency over time that matters and thou be doing wonderfully. Hang in! Pls keep us up-to-date on thy grandma's situation. :grouphug:

Well, peace be with you all, Thin and Tranquil Turkeyettes!!!! Have a supersmooth day on-program day out there and watch out 'cause Ol' Bob Blob (who loveth to tempt with yumsome treats) be lurking about! :wave:

11-15-2002, 03:19 PM
I'm sorry... but have I mentioned that IT'S FRIDAY?????

:cb: :dance: :cb: :dance:

So, I'm sittin' here, eating M&M's (yea, I know...) and just feelin' the love... You guys are the bestest!

Wildfire - Yes, I agree, jealousy is most likely the source of it all. Oh well, as my brother always says when things don't work out for someone he doesn't care for - "sucks for them" (gee... wonder where he got his sarcastic sense of humor?? :chin: )

Anagram - Yes, I'm feeling better - thank you! Nose drops and decongestants are the best inventions in the world - ok, next to M&M's...

Scooby - We're here for you whenever you need it. Amazing how nasty binging feels isn't it? Even more amazing is WHY we continue to do it when we feel so lousy afterward... Hang in there and keep us posted. Your family's in my thoughts.

Amarantha - Maybe by the time I'm 70, and have my PhD in Rantology (minoring in Technical Tangent of course) I'll feel the need to quit... Well, at least I can say that my rantings (and crabbing in general) are 99% of the time not an overreaction to something but legitimate.

Actually, I had a huge laugh this morning. I was telling my stepfather (he's the owner) about my fight with our employee (verbatim including all cussing involved) and all he could say when I was done was "that's my baby" - I was shocked! He was PROUD of me for standing my ground and not taking any b.s. from this guy. Normally I put up with a lot - and a lot of times I get semi-trampled because I just let things go - he was happy to see me stand up for myself. He's always told me to get respect from "the guys" that I had to act like one. And that one employee has been really cooperative since our "discussion"... :chin:

last lengthy post of the day, I promise!!! :crossed:


11-15-2002, 04:24 PM

I know how you feel. I work with 30 guys. All of who would walk right over me if I didn't stand up to them. Or worse yet act like them. You know what I mean. When they start those stupid man jokes you have to laugh :lol: along too. Even though you are thinking to yourself how stupid can one human being be. :doh:

I think working with all these men affects my weight.
They are such men. The gauk ( I think I spelled that right) at everything that comes in and comment about if for 30 minutes after she leaves. :censored:
My sister came in one day. (A size 4 all her life) They said some things I didn't take to kindly to so I had to "NIP IT IN THE BUD" as quickly as I could.

Oh well. Sometimes I wish there was another women here that I could talk to.

But I have you guys for that.

I was just thinking how good some penut :m: & :m:'s would be right now. But I am saving it for my strudel tonight.

11-15-2002, 04:32 PM
MMMM i like M&Ms. However im much more of a cake person. :hb: Im glad we can admit when we eat poorly or not the right choice. Cause i had some cheese doodles today and feel guilty...oh well.:s:

I dont think im going to lose any weight this month and i hope i dont gain...but i might. I am going to have to work on my mental attitude. Im getting frustrated with people in my life telling me that i have accomplished so much bye losing the weight and that i worked to hard to put the weight back on. And im just in such a struggle and i dont think i can keep the weight off. Maybe my will is just not there. However people think since i made it this far that its easier to keep the weight off when its not.

What are peoples favorite healthy snack?

Pumpkinseed i think its important to have a voice....far to many women dont have one. I know that sometimes i should have a bigger voice but to timid too. I admire u.

Tipper i know about nitemares.. i have them all the time. I really believe to dreams there are some deeper hitting meanings. Is someone in your life creating fear or anxiety for you? Could be work related or anything for that matter. After a bad dream i try to analyze it. Some times they are just to funky too.
I hope you have a better rest this weekend!

So anyone have good plans for the weekend?

Well post soon..have to head back to work!

11-15-2002, 04:35 PM
I like working with all guys however my guys are computer programmers...different breed! Good guys...i work with one other lady but for years i worked with all guys. The men are older..like 35 however i dont hang out enough to see the guy side. Im sure i would get upset with that if i did.

11-15-2002, 04:44 PM

My favorite health snack are carmel rice cakes. They used to make blueberry ones that were great but I haven't been able to find those lately.

I am 35 years old. The guys are 35 and older. We are commercial hardware distributers and we sale to general contractors. And we all know how construction workers are not to mention Salesmen in the construction industry.

11-15-2002, 05:25 PM
OH god tipper yea that sounds like the men would be burely *** holish men. I guess i used to work with women in the office...a different place from where i am now and they were so catty and annoying so when i found only men i was so happy!

11-15-2002, 05:38 PM
I have done the evil weigh in and have amazing lost 2 lbs...down 180...only 3 to go to get back to starting weight...Can I readjust my goal like we did in the Scary Halloween challenge? I'd like my goal to be 175...if' that's ok with all you pilgrims out there! Have a wonderful weekend folks!

11-15-2002, 06:30 PM
Punkinseed could you please change my current weight to 198.6 sorry to be picky but every little bit counts. work has been busy this week and it hasn't helped that my grandson has been sick all week. I went out to eat last night with the girls from work and I manage to stay op I had the rainbow trout baked potato vegies and soup. Sorry got to run Im making dinner.

11-15-2002, 06:57 PM
Progress o' the Pilgrims!

Scooby - 186 goal 180
Bobsgal - 251 goal 245
Dollar - 199.2 goal 193.2 (-.6) CURRENT 198.6 :cb:
Amarantha - 165 goal 161
Anagram - 229.4 goal 225 (-1.4!) CURRENT 223.6 :cb:
Punkin - 238 goal 232
Arabella - 217 goal 209 (-2.0) CURRENT 215 :cb:
Hotsplash - 177 goal 175 (-2.0) CURRENT 180 :cb:
Whisper - 187 goal 180
Jadcie - 180 goal 175
BoatingMommy - 169 goal 165
Eydie - 153 goal 145 (-4.0!) CURRENT 149 :cb:
Wildfire - 178 goal 173 (-1.0) CURRENT 177 :cb:
Tipper - 209 goal 200 (-5.0!) CURRENT 204 :cb:

Onward and downward!!

11-15-2002, 07:02 PM
Okay, okay....I weighed this morning and I am definitely down one pound, wavering on two. So put it down as one pound, and can I have a banana, too? :hyper:

I wasn't going to weigh until the 28th, but curiosity got the better of me. (Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back!!!)


11-15-2002, 07:10 PM
You may have a dancing banana my dear! I've also changed Babette to the new and improved Arabella, amended Hotsplashes Turkey goal and added current weights so that maybe we can see our progress better!

Ya likey??
(note to self - don't do updates late on Friday afternoon because brain is fried, making simple math near imposible) :?:

Anywhoooo, time for me to go get changed for Curves :strong:. It looks like it's going to be a wonderfully rainy weekend - brake out the candles, throw blanket and good book!

Enjoy! See ya Monday!

Terri :moo: *snort*
(I am :queen:, because it is Friday)

11-15-2002, 08:06 PM
Hello all!!

Glad to see so many stopped by !!

Had a long discussion w/ my boss today. I don't expect much to change but it felt good to know she was interested enough to listen.

scale looked very promising this am but seems like sometimes Friday's are a carrot to keep OP during the weekend so that the official weighin day on Monday will show the same lower weight.
Silly where our brains go isnt it?

favorite snack someone asked-- I still love a crisp red delicious apple but nothing tops Chocolate sugar free pudding. Its worth the points and has saved me many times.

I enjoyed Shawshank Redemption too and was pleased to find the quote.

just reading the word strudel makes my mouth water!!

Will be checking in later but need to move the laundry from one machine to the other- I love to start it on Friday nights-- Makes me feel like I'm getting ahead on things!! ( like I said, silly where our brains go isnt it!)

:rain: :rain:

11-15-2002, 09:54 PM
:queen: Punkin, I likey! Thanks for the :cb:

We are supposed to get SNOW here tomorrow! Not much, just enough to make it look cold outside. I'm off to the fabric store tomorrow....got the bug to make some long skirts I can wear with boots for the winter.

Kaylets, since you're so far ahead of the laundry game, why don't you drop by and do mine tomorrow? :D

Hey, we've collectively lost 16lbs so far. 16lbs....that's a good-sized turkey!

11-15-2002, 10:12 PM
And Amarantha floateth away in a sea o' tranquility once again. (Translation: Good on-program day, feeling calm, though a bit depressed)!!!

Punkin: I love those bananas! Thanks for doing our roster ... it be fun to see everyone's progress, whether it be maintenance or banana time! Going to have a :cb: for myself come Sunday, so be thou on notice, I be hanging on for Monday and my update on the weight loss I KNOW is coming!!! If not, of course, I shall have to throw Demon Scale into the cactus where no one will ever find him again and he'll wish he cooperated.

HOTSPLASHIE!!! KUDOS TO THEE ON THY TWO-:dance: LOSSAGE!!! :cp: Woo-hooos be in order! Fantastico!


Scooby: My fav snack used to be Slimfast ... now it has reverted to my all-time favorite food period ... just nonfat milk, the kind they put carrageen (sp?) in for extra flavor. I guess to make it a snack, I sometimes add nonfat powdered French Vanilla coffee creamer and shake it into a milkshake. Coffee creamer per se be not really very great for me ... the liquid kind I tend to want to drink straight, but the powder is controllable. But creamer has hydrogenated oil (thusly it has transfat), but the zero fat variety can only have a trace since it has only a trace of fat period.

My next favorite snack is (sigh) Cheetos. I've posted this silly thing before, but Cheetos remind me of a perfect day I had when I was five and I was eating one of these and the sun was shining, I had a friend, a family and a future and didn't appreciate any of these things, just knew I liked the way the Cheeto was constructed and its pretty orange color and crispy cheese flavor. Food obsession started early on with me, though I was a very thin child. I control Cheetoes ok now by buying bulk packages of the little snack size ... never the size in convenience stores and check-out counters that has 560 calories ... because if I did, I'd eat them all in the car between interviews. But if I have a 180-calorie tiny size bag at home or even in the car, that's satisfying. Please tell me, guys, why anyone needs a 560-calorie bag of fried, cheese-flavored, corn puffs? The good news is that Frito-Lay is going to take the hydrogenated oil out of Cheetoes soon, so no more transfat. I wonder if they'll taste different if they don't contribute to heart disease?

Oh, that was supposed to be about healthy snacks ... guess the nonfat milk qualifies. I adore milk and could probably live on it exclusively.

Dollar: Thou be doing great and are so right! Every bit counts as the :dance:s fall off bit by bit. Rainbow trout soundeth so good! Haven't had that in years!

Tipper: We still have the blueberry rice cakes in our stores here. I have to put peanut butter on rice cakes, though, as they be so high glycemic and maketh me hungry otherwise. I like the chocolate-caramel ones the best!

To all: Have a great night or weekend if thee (thou?) can't post until Monday! Verily, Amarantha hath much deadline stuff this weekend but will probably post anon! :wave:

11-15-2002, 10:28 PM
Love seeing all those bananas!!!! :D Congrats to Hotsplashes and Wildfire for releasing those pounds back into the wild!

Punkin, my husband works at a library and he loves to hook old ladies up with non-horror Stephen King, like 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gorton' or "Shawshank"!
By the way, saw "Chamber of Secrets" today and it was....words fail me...GLORIOUS! I'm STILL waiting for my letter from Hogwarts..... :lol:

Scooby, my favorite snack this time of year are clementines---those little seedless tangerines that show up in the market this time of year; they're usually sold in little crates. They're sweet, seedless and easy to peel! And sublime with a couple of squares of chocolate on the side.:devil:

11-15-2002, 11:08 PM

11-16-2002, 07:26 AM
Unfortunately DH forgot to unset the alarm, so we awoke at 6 to a stirring rendition of our national anthem. And being a little sleepy, DH found it hard to turn off, so we heard quite a lot of it. He went back to sleep, but I decided to get up. I love being up by myself in the morning. It's my favorite time of the day - I think I'm going to train myself to wake at 5 just so I can have a blissful early hour to myself.

Eydie, thanks for the report on HP! I LOVED the first movie - MAGIC! - although I didn't read the book (I'll save it for reading to my grandson). I saw it on tape. I think it's definitely a big screen movie, so I'll try to talk DH into it.

:queen: Punkin, I likey your update too! It's such a treat to see that banana there! Congrats on your Curves attendance. You are kicking butt! :dancer:

Senamay, picked the right group. We're going to do this thing! We'll keep moving on relentlessly through the holidays, getting slimmer and more gorgeous as we go.

Wildfire O' CB, I have to admit that cold enough for snow qualifies as cold for me right now. Need to make that adjustment!

Amarantha, I am so sorry that you're feeling depressed, although I'm glad you're tranquil and OP. Lately when I feel a bit depressed I've tried to take it from depressed to sad, which is somehow better. I like to listen to some sad music and mope around. I'm trying not to be depressed, because I think it's too passive and for me at least leads to sublimation (push all those bad feelings down with food and more food). I've been OP for 2 straight weeks now, after the scary Halloween binge. Never want to see anything like that again! :yikes:

Kaylets, I'm a big fan of getting ahead of chores, too. Makes them seem so much easier. DH and I were just saying that we think Thursday evening is a good time to do the shopping so as to leave the weekend freer. When I prepare dinner ahead of time, I actually feel like someone else made it for me. Heavenly!

Scooby, me too! I love cake and ice cream. :T But I just realized that my favorite healthy snack would have to be lobster . Um, yeah, like I keep it on hand for those snacky moments :rolleyes: I adore working with guys too, not that I don't like working with women, but men... uh-huh. Right, tho, programmers are a breed unto themselves.

Splashie, congrats on the 2 more pounds gone where the bad pounds go! Fantastic! I'm "relosing" too - this time, though, when we get back to where we were, we'll just breeze on past those old numbers like they didn't exist :yes:

Tipper, hope you had a great time at your Christmas festival. Sounds like a lot of fun and such a nice annual ritual. Including, of course, the cherry strudel. Send me some, wouldja?

Anagram, hope that your husband-cooked dinner was good the other night. You need to learn not to feel guilty. Just enjoy! I'm trying to train mine to cook 2 or 3 times a week.

Dollar, hope your grandson is feeling better. Those things are a lot of work when they're well - when they're sick it doesn't even bear thinking about!

Let's make this a fabulous day, All. Have a wonderful weekend!

11-16-2002, 08:49 AM
Hello All!!

The storm began and it was SOOOO easy to just stay under the covers even though we were wide awake.

House was so quiet that when DH finally went down to make coffee, a mouse streaked right by him. We had suspected something because the dogs have been looking behind the sofa ( yes, this one is strong enough to force herself back there-- I guess she's a Super Beagle), up and down the basement steps, along the baseboards-- you get the idea--Well, not really a suprise since the weather's changed -- but it will have to go one way or another.

And speaking of dogs, Aramantha, yes, this one will bark at anyone within her vision--( as the other one watches!) but cats just make both dogs crazy when they have the nerve to come in the yard!!

Hello Senamay!! No matter what's going on, someone is bound to be sharing a similiar experience, if not all of us!!

I'll be stopping back in all day to see who stops by--

Here's the thought of the day:
"We create our lives a thought at a time. And sometimes, it comes down to changing a thought such as "Why did this happen to me?" into "There is a divine plan and there is a reason for this, and my choice is to create the most positive reaction I can." -- Dee Wallace Stone

11-16-2002, 10:10 AM
Gobble, gobble, gobble NOT! :nono: Amarantha hath finished yet another more or less OP day, hooray!! One more until weigh-in and Demon Scale is on notice that he'd better cooperate or he's outta here! :crossed:

HRH Arabella: Interesting way to wake up with thy national anthem! :) Methinks that would be a good way to motivate myself for action. I also like early a.m. ... or at least I get more done at this time. A good point thou made about sadness being active versus depression being passive ... to be honest, I'm not sure I'm ever "sad" under that definition. BTW, Amarantha's unsolicited advice re Harry is to read the books without delay. They are quite wonderful. I read them backwards ... I mean I read the last one first, etc.!

Kaylets: What a great thought for the day that is! We create our reality day by day, minute by minute, thought by thought ... methinks that's very evident in weight management where even a split second makes a difference in the decision to go in one direction or another. :chin:


Eydie: Elberta Crone saith she liketh to make faux marmalade with clementines (e.g., just cook them with a bit o' sweetner and sugar) and store in plastic tub in refrigerator for a short time. Very good on ice cream (lowfat of course)!!! :wave:


Ok? Ok!


11-16-2002, 02:42 PM
Cook the clementines for how long? And not sure how much" just a bit "is? I love marmelade! Can you do the same w/ Tangerines?

and am glad today's thought was thoughtworthy! For myself, it was a big reminder regarding ALL the aspects of my life-- which all somehow reflect back food, doesn't it?

Saw early morning Saturdany news and was amazed that a plastic surgeon was being interviewed to "explain" what's happening to Michael Jackson's nose job!! No, not about his court case, but about the "bump" on his nose. Amazing!

Punkinseed- been meaning to ask where you get your canteloupe! If it makes the wildlife dance with joy it must be good!


Where's the sweats!!

11-16-2002, 05:17 PM
°?¨?4, 2 p.m., all's well except Amarantha's procrastination gene has kicked in and she's not very far along in this weekend's deadline. Getting everything done EXCEPT the paying work! Oh, well! :jig:

Kaylets: I just cook the fruit until kind of soft but not too much and just use sugar to taste. You don't really have to cut the fruit or anything unless you want to. I use mandarin oranges this way, too. In fact, I think mandarins and clementines are the same thing actually. I love marmelade also and one of the stories that goes with its name ... that it was created for Mary Queen of Scots when she got seasick and called "Marie est malade!" (sp? I dont have any French so don't know if I've got the word right! ... It is French for "Mary is ill!" So when I was little I used to pretend I was Mary Queen of Scots whenever I ate marmelade. Of course, things went badly for her in the end, but she must have enjoyed the marmelade. :)

Haven't heard about Michael's nose.

Yesterday heard a long public radio interview re obesity research ... seems they haven't got very far with it ... no surprise there! :jig:

Old Dog is going bonkers again, so better go. This a.m. before dawn a car pulled up on our property and sat there and I got mad and yelled at them to get the **** off and Old Dog has been barking insanely at everything all day. 'Fraid I created a monster.

Got to work! Bye all!!! :wave:

11-16-2002, 05:23 PM
How odd, I typed "Saturday" as the first word in the above post and look at what posted! :chin: Hmmm.

11-16-2002, 06:29 PM
I have been moving slowly myself--

Getting some things done but lots of breaks in between!

We found an Organic Tortilla at the Grocery Store today, few varieties, we tried spinach/vegetable- They are all made w/ whole wheat and no cholesterol. 110 calories each and they are a good size- Fairly large- A pleasant suprise.

Making a pot of Lentil Soup for dinner- Its so rainy and raw soup seems just perfect. Now if I just had some muffins to put marmelade on! :p

11-16-2002, 06:58 PM
I just signed on to 3FC for the first time yesterday, and saw the challenge. It's a bit late to get started, but I thought I'd dive in and solidify my goal before you all.

I'm starting at 179 today - by Thanksgiving I'd like to be 175, the weight I keep telling my husband that I am! Somehow, rounding down has made me feel better!

So - there it is - hopes for 175 by Turkey Day! Thanks for all the inspiration I've gathered from reading your posts on this thread.


11-16-2002, 07:06 PM
Cybele! :wave: It is never too late to get started so long's ya start!!! :cb: Thy goal be ambitious but soundeth doable and good luck to thee!!! Punkin does our roster and she doth not post weekends but I be sure she'll add ya in when she returneth!

Kaylets, thy soup soundeth good. Saw a recipe for lentil soup on a cooking show during one of my many work breaks today. Wish I had some.

Still working and people keep ringing the doorbell. They doth not understand the concept of working at home! Sigh. Trying to hold onto temper.

Over calories for today. Always happens Saturday but no binge in sight so far!!! HOOOORAY!!!

11-16-2002, 07:26 PM
Hi all
Well I feel that I know you well, since I have been lurking since August..2002 and you are the first forum I've ever joined. Time for new changes I think. I enjoy your witty reparte and finally I'm gonna join.
Since I have a whole year to lose this (our TG is next 2003 October), I feel quite secure in saying I think I could do 2 LBS...will do the dreaded scale thingy tomorrow...all strikes against me ...that time has arrived...and will provide facts then...oh boy...what a giant leap!!!!!!
The 28th right?

11-16-2002, 09:56 PM
Welcome, Ceara!!! :wave: Glad thee hath delurked and lept be joining our Turkey Time ranks! Look forward to thy Demon Scale report tomorrow and will share mine also!!!

Yeppers, BTW, U.S. Thanksgiving be on the 28th and after that, there's always Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, hmmmm ... lots more chances to celebrate a :dance: loss until we reach Canada's next Thanksgiving.

Thou be right: THE TIME HAS ARRIVETH!!! WE CAN DO THIS, TURKEYETTES!!! :strong: :cb: :jig: :grouphug:

Amarantha hath had a high calorie day but hath ended eating with a weekly average o' 1919 calories eaten (down from last week's 2109) and burned approx. 1700 calories in exercise (up from last week's 1620). She now hath a huge desire to binge, which always happens on Saturday night after work is finished. She will not give in!! (Don't give in, Amarantha! :nono: ~ Signed, Elberta Crone)

(ONWARD, DOWNWARD!!! NEVER GIVE UP!!! NEVER GIVE IN AND WE WILL WIN!!! WOOO-HOOO!!! ~ Signed, Elbertine Pep, in Denise Austen voice)

Nightie-night, all!

11-16-2002, 10:07 PM
Hello !

Hi Ceara!
Nice to have you on board!

DH and I have done pieces of chores all afternoon- its like one of those oldfashioned handheld puzzles where you need to move three things to get the 4th where it needs to be and on and on--
But -- we are starting to see progress-

Time for some asprin !

and my book- I'm reading a parallel biography of Sitting Bull and George Custer- Might sound dry to some but the writing is in a very conversational tone and I'm enjoying it.

Be careful out there tonight!!

11-17-2002, 12:29 AM
Pass one of the No Guilt cards, please. I have had one of my worst food days in ages and am feeling sulky about it because I know there was no good reason for it.

Had a great and busy day. Social outings are one of my big downfalls and it was true enough today when I had two that involved food. I understand that and when I mess up somewhat there, I don't sweat it. But tonight, at home, and almost alone (dh was watching football in another room), I had my first binge in I can't remember when. I feel like an errant child and I am much too old for that.

So, turkeyettes, it's back on the wagon tomorrow AGAIN. I do feel I'm better off with an occasional treat so I don't go bonkers and I'll be refiguring some stuff again. I really thought I had gone far past the point of wasting calories on the kind of stuff I ate tonight. I should have joined our one dinner companion in having cheescake tonight. I'd have probably had fewer calories and of a much better quality and taste.

Glad to see all Turkeyettes progressing and welcome our two new companions. Also glad to see you got so many other things done today, Amarantha. Nothing helps one get more done than having something else to do that must be done.

11-17-2002, 07:13 AM
I woke up at 6, which was not bad after the exercise I got yesterday. This wood nymph did a 3-hour hike through some very hilly woods. :cb: I was just about done for by the end of it, don't think I could have managed another hill! But then in the evening we had arranged to have dinner and then go out to see a friend's movie playing at a film festival here and we walked another 2 miles on top of all those ones through the wood. And I spent an hour cleaning the house before we went. (where is the dang "pat self on back" smiley? O well, I guess this one will do :smug: ) I did have a few of DH's fries at dinner, but I suspect that I should be ok.

This afternoon our son is coming over to discuss the possibility of coming back to stay with us for a bit. I hope that it goes well. DH is not enthusiastic. He has a lot of valid concerns, and I think they need to be addressed, but I just hope that no one gets upset.

Amarantha, hope you beat the binge demon last night. It's so hard when you're dealing with these triggers, isn't it. And those urges can be so overwhelming. My last one was awful, just wouldn't let me alone, with the End-of-month stress. I think the only way to truly beat that one is to try to avoid the stress. So that's my plan for this month.

Anagram, isn't it weird the way you can feel so on-top of this thing that you'll never slip up again and *well, I can anyway* lose it completely? I know what you're talking about with the cheesecake. I think when I feel a strong urge for some treat, the best thing to do is to get something wonderful and eat it in a controlled situation (for me this is sitting at the table). Here's your no-guilt card: :cb:

Welcome, Cybele! After Thanksgiving, we'll just roll along to Christmas, shedding pounds all the way!

Welcome, Ceara! You picked a good spot. Wow - I never tell my husband what I weigh, because 160 is my goal, which is in the healthy range for me, and he thinks a woman should weigh about 130 :o

Kaylets, don't chores seem almost impossible sometime. So frustrating! It always makes me think, well, this is why I don't get around to doing the dang things.

Let's make this a good one, Turkettes!

11-17-2002, 08:14 AM
Hello all!

Fell asleep over my book last night so I've been reading since 5:30 -- By the way, I said the book was comparing Custer and Sitting Bull- its Custer and Crazy Horse,- Don't know how I did that- !!

sitting here in the quiet house reading, I saw a tiny movement near the door- yes, DH is right, we have a tiny mouse - It was so near the door I opened the door for awhile but of course, he had flattened himself behind the desk and I couldnt leave the door open long- Sorry guy, going to have to put the traps out !

CNN is showing a special on the newest drug problem, a form of PCP using formaldyhyde which many of the users think is NOT PCP and safer--one 15 yr old dealer was asked "what would you tell someone who's never tried it?" - The dealer said " DON'T TRY IT- Its a constanct chase for the first high" - Meaning, of course, after the first time, using again will never feel as good a high.
Never mind the real dangers if not killing outright, causing permanent brain damage such as schizophrenia and stroke.

That one phrase " Chasing the first high" really caught my attention this morning. Although I've heard it used before, this morning, I visualized chocolate when I heard that dealer say it.

Babette: Sounds as though the "men" need to communicate. Its a new concept I've tried--and I have been pleasantly suprised by the results-- Good luck-- sometimes just a deep breath is all you need--
And let me turn on the APPLAUSE light for all that walking !!!:D

Anagram- The No Guilt Cards are still right there on the table, take two in case you misplace the first!! There are plenty cards for everyone!! Maybe the cheescake would've been great-- maybe not- cheescake can be so frustrating! Don't forget to stop back in if you feel you need a hand getting back up on the wagon!
Ooops, I just realized Arabella gave you one too, that's ok, now you're all set!!;)

Aramantha- Thought of you last night as I was "channel surfing"--
One station was showing a college football game at some school in AZ. Coincidence? Ordinarily, I wouldnt have heard anything the announcer would've said about football.
Not that there's anything wrong w/football- its just not for me!!

I'm sure many of you are familiar w/ today's thought -- it seems perfect for today:
"Fear less, hope more;
Whine less, breathe more;
Hate less, love more;
And all good things are yours. " Anonymous

11-17-2002, 11:14 AM
It's STILL snowing here in Southern Ontario! It hasn't stopped since yesterday morning, but there really isn't much on the ground. It was a really fine snow coming down, and the flakes are getting bigger now so I suspect it's almost over. "Big flake, little snow; little flake, big snow".....I said this once at work and people looked at me like I was channelling some ancient Native American spirit. It's a saying I grew up with, and always holds true. :shrug:

So, yesterday I was up early, cleaned up enough to make it presentable, then went out for a walk. Got about four blocks away from home and had to turn around. The wind was SO bitterly cold I thought my ears were going to fall off. I spent the day watching movies, reading, and then last night I started a cross-stitch that will be a Christmas gift for an aunt's new winter home in Florida. It is a pair of cross-stitches...one is apples (McIntosh, Red Delicious, and Grimes Golden) and one is pears (Anjou, Bosc, and Kieffer), each with their proper name underneath. I think they will be quite nice when finished and framed.

Today I am venturing out in the snow to do some shopping. I need a few new tops to wear to work. My sewing plans were foiled by the snow yesterday, but maybe next weekend.

Welcome Cybelle and Ceara!

Kaylets, the drug world is a frightening place. My first husband fell into it...stupidly tried crack once...and was hooked. The chemical changes these drugs make to your brain makes it next to impossible to stop doing them. Chasing the first high is an excellent description.

Wood Nymph Arabella, I hope you aren't sore today after all your hiking. You certainly were energetic yesterday! Good luck with DH and DS.

Anagram, I get back on the wagon every morning. Even if I did have a good day. Each and every day is another fresh start for me. The important thing is to get back on the wagon and not get caught under the wheels. :D

Amarantha, I hope you banished the Binge Demon from your Saturday night!

Time to get moving here....have to get in the right frame of mind for shopping...you all know how that can be. I tell myself that there are many people larger than me that manage to find clothes that fit and they look fabulous...and I CAN TOO! It just gets frustrating sometimes. But, I am going to two stores that I know a size large will fit and an extra-large is too big. Normal-size stores, not the hip teen-enticing places that an extra large is a size 6. *shudder* I have a budget of $100 to spend today, and I am the :queen: of the sale rack....people are amazed at the bargains I find. Wish me luck!

Have a good day everyone!

11-17-2002, 11:21 AM
Warning: This post is all about ME!!! Urgh! :yikes:

Well, obviously Demon Scale is broken as I haven't lost an ounce by its reckoning, though my calories are significantly lower, my meds are adjusted, my exercise is up. Am I discouraged? (YES!) Am I giving up? (YES!)

(NO!) :nono:

Howsomoever, I shall ATTEMPT to believe I have a positive attitude about maintaining another week, but I need to change my Thanksgiving goal. My revised goal (PUNKIN, WOULD THOU MINDEST CHANGING THIS ON THE ROSTER WHEN THOU GETTEST A CHANCE AND TO BE FAIR TO THE MORE STEADFAST CHALLENGERS, SHOW IT AS "revised?") for the weigh-in of Thanksgiving week (that'd be next week) is 164. I'd be happy with 164.5 but going for the POUND-A-WEEK concept, which obviously needs revision for the Christmas challenge.

Do I believe this is worth doing still? (NO! BUT I'LL BELIEVE IT SOONER OR LATER WHEN I QUIT THROWING STUFF, SO ...)

Do I just accept this is my natural weight and I will never reach a goal I set for myself and believe is good for me? (NEVER!)

Do I believe anyone but me cares what I weigh? (NO, BUT I DO CARE AS I DIDN'T LOSE 100 POUNDS FOR FREAKIN' NOTHIN' AND I DON'T INTEND TO GAIN IT BACK!!!! Is "freaking" a bad word that will have me banned from this forum? Probably it isn't.)

Is maintaining this week a more positive achievement than gaining one to two pounds would have been? (YES!)

Am I mad as heck and not going to take it anymore? (YES!)

Is it time for a vanilla triangle donut from Walmart? (DEFINETELY!)

No banana for Amarantha, but Punkin can I have a :jig: for being a jolly good sport? Or for maintaining? That's a good thing, isn't it? Sigh! Bye! :wave:

Amarantha's Transformation Challenge

Starting Weight of Personal Transformation Challenge: 166.5
Current Weight: 165
Transformation Challenge Pounds Lost: 1.5
Highest Weight Ever Recorded: 247
Lowest Weight in Adulthood: 101 (Too Low)
Lowest Weight Since Major Weight Loss Intiative Approx. 5 Years Ago: 142
Pounds Gained Back: 24.5
Great Turkey Time Challenge Goal (revised): 164
Ultimate Goal: 135 (and then maintain within a four-pound range)


11-17-2002, 11:50 AM
Aramantha- What can I say? You have said it all.... But this too must change, sometime soon, I know it will- how can it not??
Don't those pounds know who they're dealing with?? :spin:

Let me share this little test- Took me 5 tries to master it! I'm sure all of you will break my record hands down!


Wildfire!! The clothes thing-- yes, I remember-- But the problem follows me no matter what size- whatever size I'm wearing, there are plenty of everything else!! When I needed 24 jeans, there were dozens of 18's-- now that I'm wearing some 12 and 14 dress pants, the only jeans that fit are 16... Its amazing how differently the sizes are cut !! :dizzy:
If I didnt know better, I would say there is a conspiracy to keep women confused-- But I do know better-- a plan like that is just to transparent!!

11-17-2002, 12:42 PM
Thanks for all the welcomes! I envy ceara already being familiar with who everyone is, but I'm sure I'll learn as I go along!

I just needed to rant about Costco (bulk shopping club) free sample Saturdays - I had been doing so well with portion control and eating at designated times on Friday (yes, okay, so only for a day, but still!) and then I walked into Costco yesterday and BAM! Somehow, could not say no to the itty-bitty samples they hand out.

However, in efforts to be dedicated I forced myself to write out everything I'd eaten when I came home - I had samples of not less than 10 things!!! I'm not sure that many samples qualify as itty-bitty anymore. I'm not stepping on the scale again for two days in hopes that it will all even out. :o

Wildfire, I envy your outlook on shopping, and have committed myself to trying to attain the same one. Other women of all sizes seem able to find clothes that flatter them - one way or another I'm going to find some that do the same for me. A plus-size, experienced personal shopper would be nice though - I'm sure they could save me the frustration and self-degredation!

Amarantha - rage, rage against the demon scale! :devil: You are far more clever than it and surely will overcome!

Take care all!

11-17-2002, 02:14 PM
Good morning all!

Thanks for the warm welcomes....I 've enjoyed following your thread for a bit. :) And now for the stats part...yuck. The old demon scale sez that I am at 192 this morning. And judging by my jeans, it is right. So let's see, in 10 days I'd like to be down at least 2 lbs...my battle is going to be with NOT hopping on and off the darn thing every morning...no wonder it hates me!:^: I will try for the Sunday a.m. time slot along with Amarantha.

Shopping is a 4 letter word for me....don't like it, especially if it is coupled with the other 4 letter word...MALL. Give me small town shopping anytime! I tell you the parking spaces in the malls are too small...for my van...not me...yet...and at this time of the year...forget it!

Busy p.m. planned...some work work to do and then off to work a Bingo....fundraising for a community group I belong to. I'll smell like an ashtray by midnight, but the benefits for the kids are worth it :goodvibes

So, I'll buzz off and get going...I love to procrastinate too...
Let's all keep our chins up (off the table) and the pounds out the door!


11-17-2002, 02:44 PM
Amarantha hath gone away for the rest of the day with Elbertine Pep and Elberta Crone. There's just me here! :)

Took me three tries, Kaylets! Harder than it looks! :) I be not sure the :dance:s do know who they are dealing with, since I have 7300 distinct personalities vying for head room most days!! :wave: (Joke, I have only ONE personality and it WANTS TO LOSE A POUND!!!)

Cybele: When I do the Costco samples, I count them a blanket 50 calories each and I write down the total as soon as I can in the store so I won't be tempted not to. I also call that lunch and stop at the next convenience store I see and buy a bottle of skim milk (writing that down also). Then I go shop somewhere else. I'm really in the mood to do that today rather than work, but ...

Ceara: I love small town shopping best, too, except the old mining towns I work in are mostly devoid of any viable stores these days. Malls are good places to walk during hot weather, though, and since I live in Arizona, that's most of the time. Have fun at bingo!

My chin be not up yet, but life goes on! :wave:

11-17-2002, 04:02 PM
Amarantha, don't despair! You ARE NOT ALLOWED to give up. :nono: You put far too much into this weight loss battle each and every day. You are going to continue to do so and come **** or high water you are going to lose that freakin' pound! :drill: (But I understand the need completely to wallow in vanilla donuts)

I've had a great afternoon. Found all the colors of embroidery floss that I need to complete the apple and pear set, then went to the m-a-l-l (spelled so as not to upset those who fear, hate, and loathe the place) to visit my favorite store, Northern Reflections, where they make real sizes, from 6 to 20, that actually fit real women. Some of their clothes are just a little too...I dunno...country? with appliques and embroidery, but they do have great pants and I like a lot of their plainer tops. I wear their tops in a Large and pants in a 14. I had a budget of $100 and my purchases totalled $97.72. Not bad, eh? :smug: I bought three beautiful cotton sweaters, one in marled blue with an argyle pattern on the front that will be fabulous with jeans (I can wear jeans in my office!) , regular $70 got it for $30, a golden yellow rib-knit funnel neck sweater, regular $60 got it for $20, and the third is a rolled-neck, waist length striped sweater in shades of wine, black, grey, and just a little stripe of white, regular $60, got it for $35. That one is to match a pair of wine dress pants I have that I just have nothing to wear with! So, three great sweaters for $85.00, plus tax. THEN I wandered into a little boutique that sells leather purses...been looking for over a month, and had the cash stashed in my own purse to pay for this....and got a terrific black leather purse for $45....that was regularly priced at $110!!!

Cybele, for years I avoided buying clothes for me, only did it when I really had to and hated the whole experience. I was waiting for when I lost weight, then I would shop and look good. I realized a couple of years ago how ridiculous that was. I will look better at any size if I have nice clothes! So I've found a few stores that I know have things to fit me, and I go there on the days I'm feeling less adventurous. Makes the whole thing much less frustrating.

Costco is evil. Where else can you fill up on free samples and end up spending hundreds of dollars when you only went in to pick up just one thing? Or is that just me? :D

Roast beef is in the oven for supper, so I have a few hours.....I'm going to cross-stitch! :wave:

11-17-2002, 07:44 PM
Welcome to Seanamay, Ceara and Cebele! Hope I got the spellings correct! It's awesome to see some more Canadians here on the Turkey Day challenge along with me and Dollar! We got some of the dreaded whitestuff here...is melting as I write...Got my new car yesterday...of course I think the guy sold it to me just to get out of the nasty 30 degree weather and the sleet! I am now the proud owner of a 750i series Volvo Turbo Station Wagon...now that just makes no sense to me what so ever...A Turbo Stationwagon! But I love it...believe it or not...it's one of my dream cars...it may not be brandnew...but it's new to me! I pick it up on tuesday! Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Little Token Indian, Splashie

11-17-2002, 09:52 PM
Senamay, I replied to your PM and hope you get it. I think the site may have been down when you had trouble before. The messages also move down this thread very fast as we are active posters, so just keep a'posting and keep a'going on thy challenge. Thou hast made a great start!!!! :wave:

Thanks to all for all the words of support for Amarantha's run-in with the DEMON SCALE (may he resteth in peace ... just kidding, he's still alive, so far!) This encounter set up a negative vibe for Amarantha's day ... she hath not finished work and must do it tomorrow instead, her little beaded tapestry popped inexplicably off the loom and was ruined, she hath a headache, she hath not exercised and she hath eaten 3125 calories! :yikes:

She thinketh she be finished eating, but cannot be sure! :eek: :fr: :yikes:

She be mad as heck and not going to take it anymore!!! (Tomorrow be another day, Scarlett! ~ Signed, Rhett)

I am on the wrong screen and can't see all the posts (don't ask) but I think it was Wildfire who is embroidering the apples and Amarantha thinketh that sounds so pretty!

To All in the Frozen North and All In the Sultry South, happy weekend's end and let's go forward into Monday with renewed spirit and determination to reach our Turkey Time goals, be they revised or otherwise!!! :cb: :jig: :cb:

11-17-2002, 09:57 PM
P.S. Congrats on thy car, Hotsplashie!!! It sounds cool!!! :wave:

11-18-2002, 06:20 AM
Good Morning Good Pilgrims & Indians All!

Here we have a fresh new day and week. Let's use it well! My talk with DH & DS went fine yesterday, no problems. I guess I still feel uneasy about the situation, but it will be okay.

We had a snow storm yesterday. Now it's raining and is supposed to be warmish later today. I sent DH off to the gym by himself, hoping it will be nice enough to walk over later. Now I'll just do some yoga and qi gonq before brekkies.

Have a fabulous day, Everyone!

11-18-2002, 07:20 AM
Hello all!!

Not sure who uses Monday as official weighin other than myself-
Only know for sure that I do!:dizzy: :dizzy:
And I do feel a little dizzy this am although, its still just a number.... Little frightened of how quickly THAT number can change my whole outlook --

But to get to the point, I'm dizzy because WI showed 2.5 drop--
(Of course, last week, nothing happened-- again, a reminder that my body has its own pace )

Arabella, glad you're pleased w/ Sunday's outcome- !!

Hotsplashes- Enjoy your "new" vehicle!

Wildfire- your shopping trip sounds great! Good buys!! Embroidery is one of those crafts that draws me to the colors and designs but I never finish!! I have instead starting collecting finished pieces I find at yardsales and auctions because I do appreciate the hours spent finishing each one!

Aramantha-- here's to regaining your momentum!!

Hello to everyone I missed- !!

Today's thought of the day is:

"I do not need to be perfect, only human" from dontsweat.com

11-18-2002, 08:51 AM
Senamay: Welcome. I have just recently joined they challenge myself, and I love getting the post every day.

Punkin: My original weight was 214. I thought it was 209 from the previous way. But I was wrong. I think it was 3 pounds of water. This morning I am happy to report that I am at 204. Just 4 to go. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can.

I didn't sleep very well last night. My labador was up and down all night. So I am very sluggish. I need some words of wisdom this morning to keep my going.

Thanks girls.

Hope everyone has a MAGNIFICENT MONDAY.

11-18-2002, 10:13 AM
HI everyone
I ate so bad this weekend...pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza. Oh well im very exhausted. My grandma past away on saturday. I was not there. We went away for a couple of hours and she died. She looked beautiful. Thanks for telling me to spend as much time as i could with her. It meant alot to me that i did spend that time!

Im very edgy today...my friend came into town...and its making be very annoyed.*smiles*
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Work is hectic here today. Which is good i suppose.

Talk to u all later

11-18-2002, 10:19 AM
Scooby (Sheryl): I am sorry to here about your grandmother. My prayers are with you today.

Take Care

11-18-2002, 10:54 AM
My condolences, scooby, on the loss of your Grandmother. It's great you were able to spend time with her. Will be thinking of you during this difficult week.

In some times, pizza is just what we need. You can sort it all out later. You need to deal with other emotions right now.

11-18-2002, 10:54 AM
Thanks Tipper
Its ok i think my grandma had a happy life and im glad i had a nice grandma. And i really belief she understood every last word til her death and maybe even after. She had a beautiful sole and im lucky it was shared with me.

So i just need to try to get back on my diet. That has been hard..i have been binging but not on purpose i will have to work on gaining self control once again.

11-18-2002, 10:56 AM
Thanks anagram and everyone...for your condolences and friendship!

11-18-2002, 11:47 AM
First, Scooby (Sheryl) I'm sorry for your loss. Don't worry too much about the food right now ok? It's normal to be feeding some emotions - every post-funeral get together I've ever been to has been a huge food-fest. It's been like that forever - someone dies and the food flows. I agree with Anagram - sort it out later, and just take care of yourself for right now.

WOW!! I'm gone for the weekend and there's over 3 pages to read!

Ceara, Cybele and Senamay - Welcome to the group!!

Wildfire - I'll have to remember that saying about the snow - the huge flakes always scare me for some reason. Probably from being raised in CA and hearing about the Donner Party my whole life - when it snows like that ya look around the house and wonder who you'd eat first...
Congrats on the awsome shopping trip!!!

Amarantha - I will make the changes - need to make some for myself as well... sorry the :devil: scale didn't cooperate with you and recognize all your hard work. But I have to say here - isn't there a success in even knowing you had 3125 calories? I mean, you could've just binged and not even kept track... to me, knowing the damage done is a sign that you still care - or else you wouldn't have bothered (now it's over, brush off the crumbs!).
Your Cheetos are my Funyons - happy, happy memories... I can't have them in the house though because I just inhale them. You can keep the milk though - hate the stuff. I tolerate it on cereal and only use enough to get the flakes wet - I'd gag if I had to drink it when the cereal's gone... :p

Eydie - Thank you! I'm speed re-reading the second book this week. I hope to go see it next Tuesday - they have a 3:30pm show and I could probably watch it with a near-empty theater! (I hate crowded theaters) I heard it made over 85 million dollars this weekend - amazing...

Arabella - I'm an early person too. I never used to be, but since work starts at 6:30am I'm usually up by 5am (ug, 4:30am this morning). Weekends I'm lucky to sleep in until 6'ish - then my internal clock tells me to get up because it thinks I'm late... Nice to be up in a near dark house and watch the sunrise though.

Kaylets - The magic canteloupe came from Safeway... I looked out there yesterday and there's not a sign of it. Given the amount of fruit I've thrown out for the critters though I expect I'll end up with bunch of volunteer plants (if the deer don't eat them too).
I hope your :mouse: leaves the house!

Splashie - Waaahooo on the new car!!! How exciting! You are right though - "turbo" and "stationwagon" does seem like quite an oxymoron... :lol: I had a turbo Sprint (little car made by Chevy) and it was a zippy little thing. I'm sure you'll love the pep!

Well, snippet about my weekend - it was too short and involved too much food. I'm actually sick of it. I'm tired of feeling like crap and going to bed wishing I was one of those people who could make themselves throw up. Yesterday afternoon, in the distance, I heard my "click". As I polished off the last of the chocolate chip cookies I'd made (why? I donno') I heard the click getting louder and louder.... perhaps I've really had enough...

Ta' for now,

11-18-2002, 12:02 PM
Drive-by post, way behind on work:

Scooby, sorry also for thy loss; adding to the others' advice to take it slow and do eat with thy family and friends at the gatherings ... that is nature's healing ritual, it really is ... we must remember that food is NOT the enemy, it is NOT bad, it is a blessing, so use it as nature intended, ok? :)

Thanks Punkin for making my change. I've made some changes also and went and joined WW online and also ordered the online kit. I do believe the change from calorie counting to points counting might be the fun thing I need to get going again ... though in my view, calories are the key to weight loss, so not sure I really see the value in the points system, but so many have success with this program and I'm getting crazy with not losing ... I do agree that fat and fiber are important elements, although recent science has debunked the idea that fat is bad for us ... rambling ... I really have to go back to work ... far behind now! :yikes:

See ya!!! :wave:

11-18-2002, 12:20 PM
Progress o' the Pilgrims!

Turkey Day is drawing near,
With our success we'll never fear,
that the gravy n' stuff we hold so dear,
Will show up as extra pounds on our rear!

Scooby - 186 goal 180
Bobsgal - 251 goal 245
Dollar - 199.2 goal 193.2 (-.6) CURRENT 198.6 :cb:
Amarantha - 165 goal 164 CURRENT - hangin' in there! :jig:
Anagram - 229.4 goal 225 (-1.4!) CURRENT 223.6 :cb:
Punkin - 244 goal 240 (-3.0) CURRENT 241 :cb:
Arabella - 217 goal 209 (-2.0) CURRENT 207 :cb:
Hotsplash -177 goal 175 (-2.0) CURRENT 180 :cb:
Whisper - 187 goal 180
Jadcie - 180 goal 175
BoatingMommy - 169 goal 165
Eydie - 153 goal 145 (-4.0!) CURRENT 149 :cb:
Wildfire - 178 goal 173 (-1.0) CURRENT 177 :cb:
Tipper - 209 goal 200 (-5.0!) CURRENT 204 :cb:
Senamay - 247 goal 242
Cybele - 179 goal 175 (already a looser - in a good way of course!)
Kaylets - I don't know what your goal is but you're down -2.5 :cb:

Bobsgal, Whisper, Jadcie??? Where are you????

11-18-2002, 12:27 PM
Ok, I think I've got everyone straightened out on the Pilgrim Progress....??

I adjusted both Amarantha and myself. I needed to be a bit more accurate (ok, a bit more honest with myself) about my last known weight. So, that's being shown now (which also does give me a loss, but I'm still 10 pounds over my pre-vacation weight...) Terri, STOP IT!!! Oooh, did you see that? I was beating myself up again... :rolleyes:

Anywhoo, Amarantha - I think WW Points is just another way of playing with calories. I hope you like it, or at least it gives you a bit of a break. Sometimes that's all we need - a feeling of a fresh start!

Ok, now I've got to get to work... Hi ho, hi ho!


11-18-2002, 02:36 PM

Thanks for putting me in the challenge! My starting weight was 179 and the goal is 175, though. Of course, the progress would be more inspiring to me if we left me at the 192 starting you put down and I actually got to the 175! Unhealthy, but inspiring.

At any rate - today I get on the scale and it says 177. Two pounds over a weekend seems wrong, since I've certainly not been starving myself (see Costco post!) :lol: and have exercising only moderately. Yes, this is a departure from my previous poor habits, but I suspect that the fluctuation may not be true weight loss.

So, experienced ones - what is the logic behind weighing only once a week? And any explanations for my two pounds in a weekend? I'd love to believe it, but I just don't.

Scooby - so sorry about your grandmother. I know even if you're preparing for someone to go it can still be very difficult. I agree with others - don't beat yourself up right now about food - it's all a process.

Wildfire - HOORAY for your shopping expedition!! What bargains! We don't have Northern Reflections here, but I'll have to keep my eye out for a store like that.

Hello to everyone else!:wave: Take good care of yourselves (especially those of you in snow!)


11-18-2002, 04:34 PM
Punkinseed Im with you I go away for 24hrs and I spend an hour triying to get caught up you guys are great.

Scooby sorry about your Grandma.

Welcome to the newcomers.

It looks beautiful here with the snow on the ground. I went to my MIL on Sat and didn't think we would get back yesterday but the travelling in the afternoon wasn't too bad. My Dh and our son and myself went to my MIL when I was done work on Sat and the rest of the crew 4 more were to follow us on Sun. My daughter phoned sun about 830am to say they weren't coming, I figured because of weather. No it was because she had my grandson at the hospital at 430 in the morning. If you remember I said he had been under the weather all week yeah well he was really under the weather. He never complained about sore ears but when the doctor took one look at them she couldn't believe he hadn't been screaming in pain. The docotr said they looked like old dried up orange peels so now he is on heavy duty antibiotics. Boy do I ever feel bad because I kept saying he just had a bad cold because he just never complained about anything. They told my daughter that anytime now that he getrs a fever that last more then 48 hours she has to take him in because it could be his ears even if we have to doit 100 times.

Up at my MIL we had twice as much snow as here she is 2 hrs further north then we are, as we got closer to home we kept asking where all the snow was.

Well WI is tomorrow I think I did ok I have stayed op all week but I won't be discouraged if I stayed the same. I have a real bad cold now my family doing their sharing thing again. It is just the terrible cough that is bothering me but it will pass I just get so hoarse it makes it hard to answer the phones at work. Well got to go time to make dinner. Have a great week everyone.

11-18-2002, 06:25 PM
Hi Punkinseed
Thanks for adding me sorta to the list.. you had my stats under Cybele...the nerve of two of us to post at the same time with similar names! Stats 192 hope to go to 190 (or less)!