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10-19-2010, 07:54 AM

I stopped seeing my dietitian, we have different views and to date have not find any replacement.

The dietitian put me on a diet of 1200-1300 calories (under my basal metabolic rate, currently at 1600) So I decided to say to her bye bye and do an experiment that terrifies me... when lifting weights iŽll eat 1800 calories the other days iŽll stay between 1.500-1.600 calories. I will continue eating the same foods, just will adjust the portion sizes. I can not deny that I am very afraid of gaining weight.

Has anyone tried this madness?

Let's see, my exercise plan is as follows:

2 times a week bounce back.
3 times a week weightlifting
6 days a week 45 minutes to 1 hour of elliptical (45 minutes when it coincides with the weightlifting)

I exercise 6 days, i usually leave one to rest and usually go for a walk that day.

My diet:

Breakfast: whole bread, turkey breast (or cured ham or light jam), fresh orange juice and skim milk.
Snack: fruit portion.
Food: meat or fish and vegetables and 1 non fat yogurt with oats.
Snack: protein bar or fruit portion.
Dinner: white meat or fish or eggs, vegetables and a nonfat yogurt with oats.

Non fried stuff or white flour and bakery products, or alcohol, or highly processed food.

My height is 5' 5", my current weight is 178 pounds, my start weight was 215 pounds and my goal is 145.

Any advice?