Atkins - Faux "stuffing" for Thanksgiving =)

10-19-2010, 01:06 AM
This past week, a co-worker (guinea pig) of mine tasted one of the little crustless quiches I have been playing around with. She said it reminded her of stuffing. I had added some of Mrs.' Dash originial seasoning to it. That made me think hmmmmmmmm :chin:
So this weekend I modified the recipe and added the things you would normally put into stuffing:
Celery (2 stalks minced)
Hard boiled eggs (2 chopped)
Onions (1 medium minced) &
SAGE! (about 3TBSP.
I also used the regular HWC (3 TSBP), sour cream (2 TBSP), eggs (12) , and cheese (1 cup shredded) with pepper, garlic & onion powder to taste. I'm not big on salt but I guess you could add to taste.
I baked them for 1 hour.
They are VERY wonderful :)
I now have a dressing substitute for Thanksgiving. I am sure they are Induction friendly at about 1 carb per. Yield:17