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10-18-2010, 09:29 PM
This is a bit long, I know, but I just had to share!

Today I went back to the doctor for a follow up visit and it also happens to be one day shy of 6 months from my official diagnosis of being a Type 2 Diabetic.

Preface: I have two children and when I was pregnant with my second child (2003), I developed Gestational Diabetes and did insulin shots. My blood sugars did normalize 3 days after I had given birth (10 lb 14 oz baby boy), but since Christmas of 2009 I was feeling really crummy and run down. I finally saved up enough money (no insurance) to go to the doctor and I pretty much knew that I had diabetes before he confirmed it. That was April 19, 2010, when he put me on Onglyza. I weighed 280 lbs.

I had to come off the Onglyza after 2 weeks because it depressed me and I was them put on Metformin 1000 mg 2x per day and Zocor 20 mg every evening because my blood work came back and I had high cholesterol.

I went back in June and was also put on supplements:
Flax seed oil-i'm allergic to fish, so this is the best way for me to get Omega 3s in
Vitamin-I'm anemic and of child bearing age, so he recommended a prenatal vitamin
Vitamin E
Loratadine for seasonal allergies
He also put me on a 1800-2000 calorie per day diet, that is not low carb, but has healthy, balanced carbs; 30 minutes of exercise per day and 80 oz of water per day. I weighed 264 lbs.

So, here is the GREATNESS that happened today:
I have lost 22 lbs so far! I'm 6 lbs from hitting my first 10% loss from the day I was diagnosed. He said to drop my calories a little, and eat between 1700-1900. I weigh 258 lbs!!!!!
My A1C went from an 11 to an 8.7!!! My fasting (morning) sugars are still over 200 but it still amazes me how fast they DROP as soon as I eat. He has upped my metformin a little to see if that helps
Not great, but he put me on a blood pressure medicine. I have had a headache for the last 5 days, and he checked, and my BP was 170/100, so now I am on Lisinopril. He said it would also help protect my kidney function, since they are doing great. Anyone else take it???
The best part was when he walked in, he told me how great I looked and how he could SEE where I had lost weight. WOO HOO!!!

So, how did I do it??
1. Counted Calories. Was I perfect? Oh dear help no, I was not. I am an emotional eater and a binge eater, but I would take steps to eat, at least 2 meals per day, spot on healthy. He said it's like a 90/10 rule. Eat perfectly 90% of the time but allow yourself the 10% for things like life happening. But, if I had a craving, I would eat a smaller portion. I also put my foot down and there are certain things that are just NOT allowed in this house. I will say that if I crave chocolate, I eat a 45 calorie no sugar added fudgecicle.

2. 30 minutes of cardio on most days. I work out an average of 5 days a week and am now doing 6 days of cardio, with one of those days walking leisurely for a long period of time (like an hour and a half) instead of jogging for 30 minutes. And, I've been given permission to do an HOUR of cardio per day. Now, I know that sounds strange, but because I was showing a little BP problem (and dehydration) at my first visit, he wanted me to be cautious and see what my body would do with his plan. I have an exercise bike that is older than me (i'm 32) and it squeaks so bad it scares my pets, but I use that, a Wii Fit routine and an EA active routine along with walking. I'm now adding more strength training to this so I can develop some muscles and feel stronger.

3. Journaling. I have a blog here on 3FC that helps me get my frustrations out and I also log my food on FatSecret and using my GoWear Fit to track what I burn. I import my FatSecret log into my GoWear log (using total calories, since Gowear doesn't have a phone app yet)

4. Posting on 3FC. Yes, the camaraderie, the support here is unbelievable great. The people are supportive when you need them but are also willing to call you out if you need it.

5. Accountability Partner. I have my (hopefully) future sister-in-law for that. She is also a Type 2 diabetic with her own weight struggles. She has lost so much weight and is drop dead gorgeous. She's a wonderful inspiration and a wealth of knowledge.

I honestly thought I was going to go in there with a weight gain as my scale at home shows much different numbers. As you can see by my ticker, it says I am 268 lbs. Now, I'm not changing it because I'm tracking my weight by my home scale. I will keep using it for my weekly weigh ins and just use my doc's scale for weigh ins at the appointments. Plus, it will be nice to see a loss like that and find out what I really weigh!!!

10-19-2010, 09:10 AM
Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing. I love your Blog, by the way and should get back to doing mine regularly.
Enjoy your new health!

10-19-2010, 09:28 AM
Amber, good for you. You are showing your kids how to eat healthier too, and have a good chance of preventing them from going through this as well. YOu will be around for kids and eventually, maybe grandkids because you have taken this in hand. Beam away proudly sister. we are thrilled for you.

10-19-2010, 09:30 AM
And kudos to your doc. Sounds like a sensible doctor who is keeping on top of your problems and is willing to make adjustments when needed. That kind of doc is a treasure.

10-19-2010, 12:02 PM
Thanks everyone!

My doc is great. He doesn't believe in what I call turnstile medicine-he doesn't just shove pills in your hands and shove you out the door. He was very honest when he made this diagnosis about the meds. He said that the meds were only a tool and were not a treatment or cure for diabetes. He said the diet and exercise were the treatment, and the meds would only help my body for as long as I was willing to do the work. He talked to be about food, about eating REAL food. He said to get back to cooking real stuff. He said I can eat potatoes and corn in their real form, not in the form of processed junk. He said don't buy foods that I wouldn't eat, like if I don't like whole wheat bread, don't buy it. Find what you like, is what he tells me. Find what works for you.
I took my food diary and while it hasn't been perfect, for the most part he was pleased. He even said that eating eggs and hash browns (made easily from scratch, not from a package) was a great breakfast option. He said to think of this diet as a 1950s lifestyle-how often did people of that era go out to dinner? eat packaged, processed foods? He is so very right.
I just get so frustrated when I hear people in my family who have diabetes always say 'oh I can't drink a coke, I am a diabetic, but I will have the fried fish sandwich with extra fries. No salad, cause I'm on a blood thinner.' It drives me CRAZY, but I wonder if they do have docs who just give them meds and say 'here, take this, this is your treatment' and don't educate them.
Or, more than likely, they are just lazy cause it's much easier to eat junk and be unhealthy than to put forth the effort to make and eat real food and exercise.

10-20-2010, 11:23 AM
That's wonderful! You should be very proud. Like you, I had gestational diabetes. It "went away" for 2 years after I gave birth, LOL! Best wishes with your continued weight loss!