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10-31-2002, 02:23 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I see by the time that it is actually Thursday in some parts of the country! Oh well, I am up late because Leonard and I took an extended nap in front of the TV tonight. Since it's dark so early I "feel" like it is later that is really is. :mad:

Maggie -- Congratulations on your 18 point day! :cp: The iron monster was not kind and I deserved every ounce that I gained! 2.6# to be exact -- way too much salt, too much food in general, not enough water, and no exercise did the damage big time. Today has been a better day! I got the journal out and wrote everything down plus got my water in for the first time in a long time. The points were higher than I wanted but I still felt in control.

Bubbles -- I would think your neck of the woods would be far enough south for nice winter weather! No? A big CONGRATULATIONS on your great loss! :cp: I am trying hard for the same next week!

Have a terrific Thursday, Flowers! It will be a normal :?: school day tomorrow.

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

10-31-2002, 11:26 AM
A normal day at school on Halloween? Never happen! They all talk about being hyper because of sugar...........ugh. tomorrow will be the bad one, i guess.
We're not really that far south, but it's our altitude that gets us. We're at 2,200 ft. and we're a plateau in the mtns. I know that sounds like nothing to Maggie and the folks familiar with the Rockies, but for our old Appalachians, that's a pretty good height. We're higher than the Green and White Mtns in New England. It's that old thing about the ice age pushing the rocks south.........the Smokies in Tenn. are higher than we are.


10-31-2002, 01:06 PM

My ear aches. I don't ever remember having one before and it is must unpleasant. I go to the Doc on the 4th for a regular check up but it will probably have cleared up by then. I successfully completed my 24 point day yesterday and am now working on a 19 point day. It feels good to be back again.

JEAN sorry to hear of your gain. But it is good that you did track and isn't that a great feeling to be in control. You can do this and show a loss next meeting with the Iron Monster.

BUBBLES yep I know about the Rockies - we lived whre it was 7000. I know about the Appalachian Mountains - georgeous - been there and lived right by where the trail passed by. Drove through the Smokies to WW every week. Yep I know those mountails. We have a cabin up in the Sequoias here which is up 6000. AH but the Rockies are the backbone of our nation.

Have a great day folks.

10-31-2002, 04:23 PM

We are having a good weather day for Halloween for a change. It seems that when this day arrives each year there is major change in temp and weather pattern. This year it is sunny, cool and they are predicting the change won't happen until tomorrow. This is good news for all the ghosts and goblins that will be about tonight. We have a busy street and have been known to have more than 100 appear at our door. We shall see what happens tonight. I am ready.

MAGGIE: Great going on that tracking of points. I always knew you were good at it but to come back so strong after straying says a lot. Congratulations. How is Will doing? Have you had to sit on him:D to keep him from doing too much!!!! Sorry to hear about that ear ache.

:sorry: Hope it is of short duration.

JEAN: Having a class of "sugar high kids" does not sound like fun.:yikes: Wouldn't want to be in your place.

BUBS: I didn't realize you were so high up in the mountains. The closest I got to your area was when we visited Ashville, NC.
I know when we have visited the White Mountains in NH during the winter the weather changes dramatically so I can under stand what you are talking about.:)

Gloria in MA....waiting for the trick or treaters so I can get rid of this candy.....:chockiss:

10-31-2002, 10:22 PM
Well, our trick or treaters are gone, and I only had 3 miniature Snickers........I'll pitch the leftovers.
Maggie, you're amazing doing your alternate days. Do you just switch between 18 and 24? That really is a good idea. Did I tell youall we had 16 new at work gals last night? They still can join next week, so we'll see.
It's been cold, cloudy and damp since Sunday.........however, there's water in the river again and I heard on NPR this afternoon that they'll be able to left some of the water restrictions nationwide.............for that we can tolerate gloomy weather. We're due for some snow showers tomorrow.........only because we have a 2 hour drive to Chas. for the WW Staff mtg. on Sat. I'm sure it won't stick to the roads.
Where in the Smokies were you? Near Asheville or farther west? That is gorgeous country. Two of my aunts had travelled in both the Rockies and the Appalachians......one liked the stark ruggedness of the Rockies, while the other preferred the lush green softer look of the Appalachians. I've never been west of Indianapolis, but I can't imagine loving anything more than I love our hills and "hollers" right here. This from a girl who lived in FL from the time she was 12. I loved the water, but hated the sticky feeling when you got out, and the scenery was boring! Once you've seen one Palmetto bush you've seen 'em all, and I don't do Tourist Traps. I did as a Teenager, but that was only after hours when we'd sneak in late at night. If kids did that today, they'd probably be sent to jail or put on probation. We were never destructive............of course, we were never caught either!
I'm outta here. Have to do something about laundry.
Happy Friday to you all.

10-31-2002, 11:32 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I think we had a sum total of 10 trick or treaters -- the last group of 6 tried to double back and get more. I recognized the biggest kid in the group and said "you've already been here once!" He mumbled, "we have?" and they all left on a dead run. :lol: My leftovers will go back to school on Monday.

The kids were squirrely today but I think more so because of our crazy schedule this week than anything.

Maggie -- I hope your ear feels better. I just saw a little gizmo in a catalog -- you fill it with hot water and hold it next to your ear. It's supposed to help until you can get to a doctor. :eek: When Jason was little he had a lot of ear aches and they always started in the middle of the night. We spent many nights in the rocking chair!

Bubbles -- We don't have school tomorrow as it is the last morning for conferences. :D We are making a fast trip back "home" to finish up some bank business of my dad's.

Gloria -- The sun finally came out today and it was so nice! It's 23 degrees as I type but the sun makes it seem warmer no matter what the temperature is. :cool:

I have a load of laundry going and need to unload the dishwasher. Have a fantastic OP Friday, Flowers! :flow2:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-31-2002, 11:44 PM

If my ear isn't any better tomorrow I am going to see if the doc can see me.

GLORIA Nope I didn't have to sit on Cowboy to keep him from overdoing it. He is smart enough to know when to stop and take a rest. He got his staples out today and the doc said go thy way and do as you wish.

BUBBLES we lived in Shady Valley which kissed VA and NC right on that tip of the state. It was georgeous there for sure. I went to Bristol VA for WW while there. In fact my dear leader there and two of the members are coming here to help me celebrate when I lose 100 pounds. Since you asked about my juggling my days worth of points here goes. I follow a program that shakes up my metabolism by fluctuating the number of points I eat each day. They range from 18 to 25 with a high point day of 35. I wanted to go to the amount of points that I will be eating when I reach goal. So in order to do the 25 a day I wanted to shake it up so my body would not think I was starving it and hang onto the pounds. My week looks like this starting with Sunday: My week will begin on Friday since next week I start weighing in on Thursday.

SUNDAY ~ 25 ~ High
MONDAY ~ 23 ~ Medium High
TUESDAY ~ 18 ~ Very Low
WEDNESDAY ~ 24 ~ High
THURSDAY ~ 19 ~ Low
FRIDAY ~ 32 - 35 ~ Very High
SATURDAY ~ 18 ~ Very Low

You can see how it gets mixed up and that is what I find works for me. I found I couldn't lose weight by eating the amount of points alloted to me by the WW program as it is written.

Have a great night folks.

11-01-2002, 10:42 PM

I got in to see the doctor at 3:10 this afternoon and was sure glad I went. He gave me a perscription for some antiobiotics and ear drops. I used the drops as soon as I got them and what a relief! My thinking it would go away when it first started was proved wrong for sure by all that pain.

I hope all is well with all of you!

11-02-2002, 12:50 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I am trying to type around a persistent cat who is perched on my lap! :tired: I guess he must have missed me today and when we weren't home by suppertime, he figured he'd been abandoned! :lol: It was a nice sunny day but only 17 degrees when we left this morning. BRRRRRRY -- much too early for winter temperatures! I think we are finished with the loose ends at my dad's bank; we ate lunch with my mom and it was good to see her again.

Maggie -- I'm glad you got some attention for your ear. I've never had an ear ache but I sure remember how Jason used to :cry: when he was little.

Have a super - duper weekend, Flowers! I hope to see more of you in the flower patch!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

11-02-2002, 07:32 PM
Happy Saturday!
It started out to be a sunny day but the sun disappeared early this afternoon. Now it is almost dark. :(

I went shopping and what a zoo! One of the department stores had 15% off coupons in the local paper and then if you used their credit card, you got another 20% off of that. People were nuts! I had to return an item that had a tiny hole in it -- I found it when I was pressing it to wear for the first time. Decided to take it back not realizing that today would be a big sale day.

DH is out farming -- for all of the complaining about being a dry summer, we are having record crops locally. The elevators are full and overflowing, which is good.

Not much else is newsy. I'm going to fix a salad for supper and watch the news on TV. Have a relaxing Sunday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-02-2002, 10:59 PM
WHIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNE my ear hurts so bad still. :cry: :bb: :stress: :dz: :shrug: :faint: :cry:

11-03-2002, 02:11 PM
Maggie, I hope by now you have called the doctor back and have some relief from the pain! I feel for you! :grouphug:

It's a beautiful sunny day here and 46 degrees which is a nice change from the teens and twenties we've been having!

I am :mad: !! Last week our FFCLA group (used to be FHA back in the old days) made egg rolls and crab rangoon to sell as their money making project. That room is fairly close to the teachers' lounge and after three days (am I DUMB or what!?) my "just been to the cleaners jacket" reeked of hot oil! I didn't notice it the first or second day but by the third day, my car smelled, and my coat closet, at home, smelled. After airing it outside for two days I took it back to the dry cleaners and the clerk said she could just barely smell it so I am hoping that the smell will be GONE when I get the jacket back.

I am finishing up the laundry and chasing dust bunnies around the bedrooms. I think I must have dust critters having babies and I just can't find them! :eek:

Enjoy your day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

11-03-2002, 08:11 PM
Good Evening Magnolias

Just a short note before I fall asleep at the computer. We have been changing the windows...screens up and storms down. We also have been taking winter clothes out of the attic and putting the summer ones up there. It is a pain but needs to be done. We also cleaned off the deck and put all the summer furniture in the garage. I guess we are ready for winter that is if anyone is ever ready.

MAGGIE: Hope that ear is getting better. Nothing I hate more than an ear ache. If the medicine you got doesn't do the trick you may need to change it.

JEAN: Dust bunnies are worse than real bunnies. They multiply twice as fast. LOL Hope the cleaner gets all that smell out of your jacket.

Gloria in MA....hitting the hay early tonight!!!

11-03-2002, 10:27 PM

I am so much better today I can hardly believe the change. The meds must have really kicked in last night after I finally got to sleep. Thank you all for your sympathy ~ I never knew an ear ache could be so painful. I have been working on my list of charms that I want to buy for each 10 pounds that I lose. I found a few web sites that have sterling silver charms and have been looking them all over. I have just about finalized my list. I am trying to get ones related to losing weight and surprising enough only one web site that I have located had a scale charm. I found an outhouse even more common than a scale. :D Even as I type I have some onions on the stove carmalizing to put in a pot of potato soup I am making for dinner. They smell so ~ so good!

JEAN wonder what they did to that jacket to make it smell so bad ~ cooking oders? Weird ~ tell them to change their oil. Your food projects sounds yummy! Bake sales are always a fun thing to do.

GLORIA that is a chore done that you won't have to do again until you drag it all out in the spring. I had forgotten we used to do that but here we wear the same things all year long and leave the furniture out for we BBQ and do outside stuff all winter long.

Have a wonderful week ahead folks. It is going to be strange for me now that I am changing my weigh day from tomorrow to Thursday.

11-04-2002, 12:08 PM
Good Morning Flowers,
For all my moaning and groaning, our workshop was great! The neatest thing of all was when they recognized 12 people who have lost over 100 lbs. .............one former teacher weighed 546!! He's still not at goal, but has come a long, long way! One woman looked like a Barbie Doll..........I think it was intentional. Anyway, she went from a size 26 to a 6 and has kept it off for 3 years! Can you imagine! The conference was informative, inspirational, and fun getting to see old friends and making new ones. Also, we had to weigh in, of course, and I"d lost 1.6 since last Tues. so hope to have a good loss this week. One quote I really liked was from someone who, when faced with a choice of eating the wrong food said to herself, "What's the payoff? And is it worth it?" The positive side of that is to use it when you exercise. WW is really going to be pushing exercise in 2003. It does pay off in a major way............so...........James and I are going for a walk, even though it's cold and gloomy.
Missed youall over the weekend. Have a great week.

11-04-2002, 12:43 PM

It is a beautiful day here is South California. My ear is much better but not back to exact. Cowboy is just about back to exact and Life is good. During my web search for weight loss type charms for my bracelet I ran across a Magnolia. Now isn't that just too fitting ~ I will have to find a place for that one for sure for you all have been a great help to me during this walk to the road to thin.

BUBBLES I am so glad your class turned out so well. I applaud those folks for losing all that weight and keeping it off ~ Barbie included.:lol: It is hard to say what I will look like when I have lost it all and after all the skin removal is done. CONGRATULATIONS for your weight loss and good luck on your next weigh in. You are motivated now so don't lose the momentum.

Have a lovely Monday Flowers.