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Wild Vulpix
10-17-2010, 12:25 AM
I recently discovered (to my surprise) that some people do this. Does anyone here eat raw meat (aside from fish)? I strongly believe I'd enjoy the taste of raw meat over cooked meat, but I'm terrified of the possible results. From what I've read, raw chicken and pork should be avoided as chickens and pigs aren't usually taken care of well, and only the highest qualities of clean beef should be consumed.

I hear some people praising raw meat, and others horrified by the idea.

I guess I should just continue to eat cooked meat--but the thought of eating raw meat makes my mouth water!

10-17-2010, 01:06 AM
Steak tartare is minced or thinly sliced raw beef. It's a fairly "normal" dish. My only concern would be the bacteria on the surface of the beef. I like my meat rather on the rare side, but not before at least a quick searing of the surface.

10-17-2010, 01:20 AM
It's always really interesting to come across someone who doesn't instantly think "OMG you're NASTY for eating that". I haven't told many people, but the ones that know have reacted that way with the exception of two people. Coincidentally, one was a vegetarian and the other was my sister, who I recently found out liked the taste of raw meat too.

I do, in fact, eat both raw meat and cooked. For me cooked is anywhere from medium rare to rare. I eat all types of raw meats (chicken and pork as well, which happen to be my among my favorite to eat raw). I have been eating raw meat for roughly six or seven years, underestimated.

I, as well as my sister who told me when we were working with some raw meat one day, picked it up from our grandfather. He used to pick at the thawing meat that my grandma left out for dinner most nights. We saw him do it and became curious and eventually started trying it ourselves. Obviously we didn't tell anybody (including each other) because everyone else in the house made such a fuss about how wrong and disgusting it was. Way to lead a horse to water. ;]

It comes down quite simply to whether you're willing to look beyond the risks of eating raw meat and taking precautions with what you're eating. There are risks with eating raw meat, just as there are risks with everything we do in life. It's your own choice what you are willing to risk if it involves your own life and it isn't wrong because you've made that choice. There are people who get into cars and drive 100+mph and you don't hear people (at least I don't, I'm sure there are some out there) blathering on about how disturbed they are for taking that risk, in fact thousands of people cheer them on.

Granted, you aren't going to get thousands of people cheering you on for eating raw meat, but you're taking a risk just like the race car driver. You know the risk, you've accepted it, and you take precautions to avoid the risk.

My precautions involve freezing all meat before I eat it. Before I eat it, I thaw it, wash it, and then I usually eat it by itself and eat the other part of my meal later. I also make sure I don't go to stores like walmart for meat. Generally I find that if a store is great with their produce, then their meat is of the same quality. That isn't always the case. Take the discretion that you need to. Check the dates. Inquire the butchers.

I eat both large and small pieces, but if I go a time without eating raw meat, I find that if I eat small pieces, I handle the meat just fine. That is, after all, what I had been doing since a much younger age (I'm 21). Now, if I have gone some time without eating raw meat (a month or more) I generally find that if I eat too much in one sitting after a long period without eating it, then I get gas BAD. That is the only side effect I've been effected by.

If I've been off eating raw meat, I don't shove my face full of it two months down the road. I'll eat a little bit here and there and build myself back up to it. And yes, I do see it as building up the bacteria in my stomach.

There are people who eat raw meat all over the world and people who have also done so in history. Where they have faltered due to lack of knowledge or technology, we have the knowledge to take precautions against things like eating only raw meat, not brushing our teeth, parasites, etc.

As long as you are smart, I think it is something that is entirely possible. I won't lie and tell you that I probably didn't get lucky in my younger days of doing it, when I didn't take all the precautions I have educated myself on now, but that's because I didn't take those precautions.

Without precautions against risk, you're playing Russian Roulette against any risk you take.