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10-30-2002, 01:10 AM
Its almost upon us and already invitations to parties and events are coming in, I was wondering do you have any stratigies in place already to help you though this tempting season?
I really have no idea what to do and I know that working it out first will help me not gain anything over the next 2 months. Any ideas?
Im going to try not to binge at parties but not to diet either, no fun being a wowser and for the few days I have things on I dont think It will make too much difference as long as I eat sensibly. Still it's a worry....
:hat: :gift: It must be the worst time of year to be on a diet that's for sure, I hope everyone has a great silly season :hat: :gift: And would love to hear how you plan to deal with it. Xmas decorations already appearing in shops, nother month till it really gets crazy but I like to think ahead. :D


10-30-2002, 07:24 AM
Here is the way I am looking at it. November and December are a total of 61 days. Out of that only 3 days are holidays. Throw in 5 parties and that makes 8 days. Out of 61. I plan on not worring about those 8 days (no pig-out binges, but if I want something I will have it). And then I plan on trying to be good the other 53 (87%) of the time.

Now I now holidays bring Goodies at work and stuff like that too. Just make the best choice. If you MUST have one of those fudgy brownies that suzie only brings in at Thanksgiving. Have it, but have ONE.

Good Luck to us all!!!

10-30-2002, 09:02 AM
One thing I've had trouble with during holidays (not a problem now because I'm a SAHM!) was people bringing in treats at the office! Unplanned and unexpected! Make sure you have your own legal snacks at work and plenty of water and make a pledge to yourself -- perhaps decide that you will stay completely away from those impromptu treats, or perhaps decide that you will have one or even two but it's REALLY REALLY got to be good.

And of course the old stand-by for parties is to eat before you go (unless it's a dinner party, then you've just got to be on your guard) and knosh on the veggie platter first, before you touch anything else. Then maybe choose one thing that is just irresistable. And mingle, mingle, mingle -- assure yourself that fellowship is much more important and fulfilling than the food! Alcohol can be a problem for some ... Limit yourself to one drink (if you want a nice buzz, a shot of scotch will do it faster than a glass of wine! Straight up, with soda or water, not with a sugary mixer! If you don't like it that way -- then why the heck are you drinking??? LOL!!!) Soda water with a twist of lemon or lime makes you feel like you're drinking a cocktail. Even better, volunteer to be the Designated Driver and don't drink at all!


10-30-2002, 10:10 AM
I totally agree with Jacob's Mommy. There is only a few parties and get togethers and holidays but the majority of the time you can stick to your plan. Also like MsPen said to eat well before you go always works!! If you arent starving you wont be as tempted. Maybe allow yourself one really good treat you dont see every day. I think why blow calories on a stupid cookie you could have any time?? But maybe if you see chocolate truffles or a special "death by chocolate" cake or something it would be worth the extra calories. If you tell yourself one snack is ok you wont think youve blown it and punish yourself by going off track for days!

good luck to us all this season!

10-30-2002, 11:19 AM
Great points Sandi and Pen!!!
Except (and here come my holiday excuses) I am tired of always being the Designated Driver. I am ALWAYS the DD because I don't want the points in alcohol - so I am going to allow myself two days were I can drink whatever I want (and the scotch straight makes me feel like my throat is on fire - but I do get your point)
Also, for me the holiday season is also my birthday, my anniversary and just a time when I tend to indulge. So, I will try to celebrate things together. For example, I will celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving, so I only have 1 large meal. I will NOT bake a lot (because I baked a lot for Halloween, and have been eating cookies for the last two days like crazy).
So, basically, if I can just abide by these simple rules, I will do fine.

10-30-2002, 11:25 AM
Well..you're right..it HAS Started.

My biggest downfall...is work. This office is always brimming with goodies. If I have one, I have many many more. SO, I've decided to not have any. I will have some treats on party days only.

When the holidays approach, I will eat light the day before and day after and increase my water intake. I will then enjoy the holiday. No, I won't eat the tray of cookies..but I will enjoy a few. It's all about balance.

As far as baking...I love to. But I tend to have to eat at least 4 cookies to taste test them. Not to mention what I test while just making them. so..I will designate only 2 days this whole season to bake. Once for Thanksgiving..pies...and then Christmas cookies. But I will have a plan of action to get them out of my house as soon as possible. And am looking into better recipes...not too much damage.

Good post!

10-30-2002, 11:31 AM
I'm going with Sandi's line of thought... there's only a few days during the next 2 months that really call for celebration (a few parties here & there, & then actual Thanksgiving & Christmas Day). The rest of the time I plan on being OP, but on those few days, I will cut myself some slack. For instance, I make a KILLER chocolate pecan pie, but ONLY make it on Christmas Day. So, I'm going to have a piece & enjoy it. Just like my mom only makes these really great homemade dinner rolls on Thanksgiving & Christmas, so I'm going to enjoy them. But, I am NOT going to allow myself a free for all. I *think* I'm FINALLY starting to learn that enjoying food does not equate completely gorging myself with said food!

I would like to continue to lose weight throughout the holiday's, but I'm being realistic knowing that it probably won't be as much & some weeks I may just maintain. And that's okay! :)

10-30-2002, 11:33 AM
Originally posted by Jenniffer

It's all about balance.

Here! Here! I agree 110%!

10-30-2002, 01:15 PM
Everyone has made really good points. And, the fact that we're planning for it NOW is a recipe for success. . .

Since I'm on carb addicts, and I can have one balanced "reward meal" a day, I can have a little of the goodies.
My plan is to eat ONE piece of something good with each meal and REALLY TASTE IT, rather than go NUTS and eat whatever I want. Always in control: that's the goal.

I am a major compulsive overeater, and the moments when I'm out of control aren't fun or exciting. I don't even taste the food. I am thinking, "Ouch. I need to stop. This isn't fun" but I still eat it. I don't want any of that nonsense this holiday season. It's painful, inside and out.


Goddess Jessica
10-30-2002, 03:52 PM
Wait, now, I disagree!

It's not just five days. It's Hanauakah (I work in a Jewish Office), which is 8 days, plus Christmas, which is 2 if you count Eve of, it's Solstice, which is 1, plus Thanksgiving, 1, and New Year's Eve, 1, and all twice the parties in between.

Parties are the WORST. Someone sees you making qualified, smart, healthy decisions and they deliberatly try to undermine it. Not necessarily to be mean, but they think if you're not eating the pumpkin pie, Aunt Emma's Chocolate Mousse AND the Lard Cake they just pulled from the ice box, then you must not be having a good time. They will say things like, "Oh, one slice won't hurt, it's the holidays!" or, "C'mon now, I made it myself!"

It's HARD. Since I work with the public, and students, we're always throwing parties or receiving goodies and gifts. The WHOLE office smells like rich-sinful-calorie laden chocolate. I can't walk to the copier without passing by an entire counter of stuff to eat.

Not that I'm saying to just give up but I can't oversimplify either. The temptation to overindulge is there... the whole friggin season! So, I guess I'm going to just be the Grinch, saying no with my teeth bared and my claws out. And I plan on fighting the whole 61 long evil days.

Entirely too pessimistic,

10-30-2002, 06:58 PM
LOL Jessica: love your reference to "the Lard Cake!"


10-30-2002, 09:57 PM
Jenniffer ---- I love to "taste test" my cookie batter so much that it's a wonder I can even GET four cookies out of a batch! :lol:

10-30-2002, 11:01 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by snowball1
I *think* I'm FINALLY starting to learn that enjoying food does not equate completely gorging myself with said food!

YAY!!! If only I could learn that.... it's my next big goal. lol.

10-31-2002, 09:06 AM
Denise - I know what you mean about the straight-up liquor burning your throat! AND being tired of always being the DD - not to mention being around a bunch of tipsy people doing silly things when you're absolutely sober. SO - add some ice and a little water or club soda to that scotch and sip it (lasts longer than a shot anyway). PLUS, if you're bound to have more than one, make yourself drink a water or club soda in between each ... slows you down a bit, hydrates you a bit, and I think it's a nicer buzz than gorging on liquor all night! Getting plenty of water helps prevent that nasty hangover and a nasty rip-roaring kind of drunk as well.

Good luck all with that office food!


10-31-2002, 11:18 AM
You all crack me up!

Jennelle...I taste while am mixing the batter, when it's done mixing, while am forming the cookies, when they first come out and when they are cool for 15 minutes and of course the next day. It's insane...and makes no sense for me to bake. Unless of course, I want to gain 5 lbs in a few days.

Jessica..I must agree with you..LMAO..hahahahaa

Liquor...that's my downfall during the holiday. Can anyone say Red Wine?