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Sooner or Later
08-22-2000, 04:04 AM
This is the recipe from this is makin me crazy (w/a note from liatris about how to keep the cukes from getting mooshy).

1 cucumber cut off the skin and then slice it into this slices

sour cream
artifical sweetner to taste
a little bit of diced onion
salt and black pepper to taste

All you have to do is take some sour cream maybe 3 tablespoons worth and 1 packet of sweetner and a little bit of vinegar ( cider NOT RED WINE) mix this up and give it a taste. I dont use measurements so you'll have to taste it to see if it's sweet enough for you or if you'd like to add some more vinegar. After you have the dressing to your taste put it onto the cucumbers and add the onions then mix it up. Chill it a little for the flavors to go threw.

too much water from the cucumbers and it gets sort of YUCKY!! So just make however much you'll need for your meal.

P.S. If you dont like sour cream you can use
This doenst keep well in the figde as it has heavy cream in it's place

From liatris:
An idea -- for the cuk recipe. Slice the cuks, sprinkle them with a *little* salt, then let them drain in a colander for a while. You can save the juice to add to tomato juice (add some gin or vodka too oops, forgot this was the low carb board!) or some other dish or just throw it away. Anyway, dry the cuks with a paper towel, then add the sour cream etc. This will stop it going yucky in the fridge. I don't usually bother with the salting, I just eat it right away but if you ever want to make it ahead for company or whatever, this works!