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10-15-2010, 03:15 AM
Good Morning

It's a happy day here, which I'm always grateful for....maybe I should read my horoscope and see if it's in the stars, or just me;)

I have so many things on my mental list...perhaps it would be a good day to put it on paper. I'm really grateful that I finally figured out that eating healthy and getting lots of exercise is the ticket to feeling better. For years, I medicated my continual exhaustion with food. Yay! SBD!

What's on everybody's list today??? Stop by and chat:cofdate:
Here's mine:
1. Coffee
2. Get my work done
3. Exercise
4. Eat OP
5. Plan, plan, plan healthy food for the weekend (no suprises!)
6. Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spoonflipper, :welcome2: to the beach! I'm glad you decided to jump right in. I look forward to getting to know you better. This group has been a lifesaver for me. What I have found here since May 09 is that I couldn't do it on my own but that I can do it with help from my friends.

BelovedK, I hope you are feeling better today!

10-15-2010, 05:06 AM
Good morning,'re up awful early this morning. YUCK!!!

Finally got the chance to stop by and catch up. Had a great time at the fair Wednesday...we were out there for a little over 5 hours and were walking for a lot of that time. I faced my fear and got on the huge ferris wheel...and w/o any medications, LOL!!! I also got my new pair of uniform pants and a new belt AND I went and checked on my savings account and, lo and behold, my statement was right and I do have money in there that I didn't even realize I had. Woot woot!!!

Today I worked security at the Arts and Crafts Building out at the fair. 6 hours of nothing but walking (except the times that I had to relieve the door guards). I've definitely gotten my exercise in between today and yesterday. Best part of today??? I got to ride to my building on the back of a 4-wheeler driven by one of my deputies. It's been YEARS since I've been on a 4-wheeler...I forgot how much fun they are, LOL

Oh...and my responses to Wednesdays comments:

Ruth - I slept from 0730 hrs until about 1300 hrs (so about 5 1/2 hours). I got a little sleepy when I was waiting for the fireworks to start at 2200 hrs, but I did alright. I came home and crashed around midnight, though, and slept until 0830 this morning.

Lexxiss - I have to confess, I did have a funnel cake last night. I split it w/ my mom, but still. But I had planned on it...and I plan on being VERY good for a while to make up for it. ;)

Cottage - You are didn't taste nearly as good as it did last year. ;)

Cyndi - You are SO right. A whole funnel cake would've been too much sugar to take in. I've always split one anyway...and just the half made me feel a little blah, but not for long.

Zeff - Don't beat yourself up over what happened w/ your friend's could've happened to anyone. I know it's a whole 'nother level, but the fact that accidents happen is exactly why I NEVER accept anybody's offer to drive their car. ;)

I'm getting sleepy, so I think I'll go ahead and head to bed. Hope you ladies have a wonderful Friday!!!

10-15-2010, 05:15 AM
Natasha, the fair sounds like alot of fun! I'd have gone on the ferris wheel with you. It's the only thing I like. Great news on the savings! Have a nice rest. I'm going to catch a few hours, too.

10-15-2010, 06:17 AM
Lexxiss, that sounds like a good list :)

Natasha, I missed our fair this year :( My kids went with their dad so I'm glad they went. I'm a bit scared of the ferris wheel too, especially when someone rocks the car :eek:

I am feeling better today, except my shoulder that I was in PT for. It feels like it is hurt again :( I hope not. I"m going to try it today with no drugs, but my right arm is starting to hurt as I type this, maybe a motrin.

My list:
Seeing my therapist (who is awesome, I have been seeing her for years)
cooking and dinner with DH
Movie (maybe)

I weighed this morning, and haven't lost, but I am on my period, so maybe that is why. I haven't gained and I feel better (perhaps I am having too large of portions) Feeling a bit disconcerted about that :-/

10-15-2010, 07:26 AM
Good morning girls, and Happy Friday!

I was awoken before 5 by Maggie, telling me that the dogs made a mess downstairs. I had heard them barking and jumping around, but thought they were just trying to wake us up. Here, they managed to rip open a box of After Eight dinner mints and devoured the entire contents. :( Now I'm quite concerned that the chocolate will make them sick. I let them outside immediately so I wouldn't have to clean up anything, just in case. Any of you, who have dogs, do you think they'll be alright? The girls assured me that their dogs have gotten into chocolate before, but I'm still a little worried about them.

OK, I have the girls practicing their piano right now, then they're going to get dressed while I have my shower, and have them decide what they want for breakfast. Audrey wants pancakes, but I don't want to mess with making them. Maybe she'll be happy with French toast. ;) Once they're off on the school bus, I'll be heading home, with a stop at the bank on the way.
I have a bit of grocery shopping to do, but don't have any set plans for the rest of my day.

Well, the girls are hanging over my shoulder, so I'd better get going.

10-15-2010, 07:32 AM
Yes, it's a "list" day. ** Sigh ** When I've been away on a holiday, it seems to take me a week to get my groove back.

My Book Club meets here tonight so that's good motivation. I need to figure out some semi-Italian snacks since we have just finished "Birth of Venus" that takes place in Florence. Olives, cheese, prosciutto, salami and bruschetta come to mind.

If it's not raining too hard, I may take a run into town to get new glasses since mine seem to have gone missing. I had them last Saturday when I got home but have not seen them since. Lucy, one of my Porties, used to eat my glasses and I wonder if her ghost is still around. :lol:

Happy TGIF, Beach Beauties! :cofdate:

10-15-2010, 07:33 AM
Cottage, there is not enough chocolate in those mints to be concerned. They
are fairly large dogs, right?

10-15-2010, 07:39 AM
Ruth, Jim and Molly are pretty big, but Jack is a mix of Jack Russell terrier and a beagle, and about the size of an adult beagle.
An antipasta platter would be a great appetizer for the book club tonight.

10-15-2010, 08:01 AM
Good morning :coffee2: It's a cold, rainy, very windy day today. Wish I could curl up with a good book and forget everything but no dice. I'm off to for an office day with a visit in the morning. I am sooo looking forward to tomorrow.

The little kitty is settling in really well. Her name is Belle which will thrill my niece (she is in that terrifying Disney princess phase that so many little girls insist on). Belle may be pregnant :crossed: I hope not because we may not escape a new kitty if that's the case.

Debbie - I love waking up to your posts, sets my day in motion in the right direction and makes me smile

Natasha - Sounds like a fun evening at the fair.

Beloved - Feeling better is more than half the battle :) Portion control was an issue for me. We are such a super size culture that it's a shock to realize what a portion actually looks like. Sometimes I still pull the scale back out for a reality check. I'm particularly bad at a serving of peanut butter:o

Cottage - :eek: not a great way to start the day. Hope the dogs are all alright and the day improves.

Ruth - How was the book? I'm finally reading again, though slowly (some nights 10 pages is all I can manage before dropping off).

I have to run. DW is dropping her car at the mechanic and I've got to get in to the office before my visit.

10-15-2010, 09:26 AM
Good morning!

Debbie - I am always amazed at how much better I feel too. Kinda makes me wonder why I slip up so often.

Natasha - Found money - yay! I have never been on a ferris wheel. Or a 4-wheeler either.

Beloved - I hope your shoulder is okay. I had PT for mine in late-spring early summer. (Thanks to breaking my arm in the shoulder joint over spring break.)

Linda - I would probably call the vet if it was a whole box, just to see what they say. My guess is they can't/won't do anything but it might give you piece of mind.

Ruth - Sounds like a fun, yummy get-together. Mine (not here) is next week and I want to stay on plan... so hard for me at those.

Cyndi - I am so out of the Disney loop but I do know Belle:)

My teen has the day off school so I hope he will finally make progress on the college apps. He was warned before he went to bed! I am off soon to work out with my mom then groceries. Big victory last night: teen unexpectedly brought home 20 kids. 20! At 9:00. And I had not snacks for them so baked cookies. I didn't eat any and I even managed not to lick the dough off my hands:)

Have a great day all. BBL

10-15-2010, 10:57 AM
Good Morning! Fantastic Friday, I sure hope so! Today is my first day back at work... Its actually orientation, or mini orientation for those employees who were there before the flood. Its supposed to be about 5 and a half hours long, I am not really looking forward to it, but I am excited to see how the hotel has changed! With my coffee in hand I am going to get things going today on a positive note and get my butt moving doing laundry and a few chores. I promised myself that I would get into a routine and have failed miserably so far, I am hoping working will force one on me!

I think I will post this in the general forum as well, but I have a question for you early birds- Is there anything you do to make yourself feel better in the morning? Every morning I wake up feeling kind of like poo. I don't know why, but I wake up with a dull headache, and body aches. Not always the same places, usually my back today my wrist... its very strange, and I am not sure if there is anything I can do about it- but its very annoying~! I am trying to get to bed earlier to ensure I am getting about 7-8 hours of sleep, and granted last night I had a very hard time falling asleep(I think the stress of starting work is kicking in because my eye started twitching again yesterday) but I just don't understand it. I have always had a hard time getting up in the mornings, but I don't remember always feeling this bad when I wake...:?:

OK, sorry for that novel!:D

Well, Debbie- I think you may have answered my questions :) Its like I know that but why oh why do I stop and then need reminders! I need to work on my vision board...

Natasha- Glad you are enjoying the work! and getting exercise in to boot! :)

Beloved- Probably the TOM, my weight usually goes up then!

Cottage- Its not really necessarily chocolate you have to be concerned about- its cocoa, so dark chocolate or bakers chocolate can be lethal, but usually candy doesn't have that, it may make their stomachs a little upset but long as its milk chocolate I doubt that its much to be concerned about! Let us know how the babies are feeling though!(I used to work at a vet hospital and thats what they told people)

Ruth- company is always good motivation!!! I know its the best for me! Hope your glasses show up or you buy some cool new ones ;0)

Cyndi- Belle is a nice name for a kitty and I am praying for everyone's sake she isn't preggo!:dizzy: kittens are sooo cute and melt my heart but lord knows there are enough of them to go around already!

Karen- Your son and those applications! LOL, Sounds like a social guy- good for you for not giving in to temptation!

Well, I better get off here and get to working around the house so I can get to work work later!

10-15-2010, 11:09 AM
Well I made it back...a bit more rested than before. Household chores are done and I have a cheesecake baking for DH. I'm trying to weed out the freezer a bit. Pool comes soon then a day of saying goodbyes to the garden. If we leave tomorrow, things will surely be frozen by the time we return.

BelovedK, I hope your shoulder is on the mend and is not a re-injury.

Linda, I hope you've returned home by now, after an eventful morning. My pups have collectively eaten everything over the years. I'm glad Ruth had a good opinion for you.

Ruth, book club sounds especially fun tonight. I'm trying to imagine a dog that eats glasses. lol

Cyndi, :wave: see ya later! Hope your day is bump-free!

Karen, great job staying out of the cookie dough. I cut the extra crust off the pie this morning and chucked it in the compost. It's amazing how many things we put in our mouth without even thinking. Hope those college apps progress!

Rikki, it's actually Fun tastic! Hope you find some fun along with work. In answer to your question, I try to make space for a little quiet time in the AM. When I get up, I spend at least 5 minutes on the couch with the pups-listening to npr. Then I move to my coffee or tea, and usually go outside...a few stretches seem to help, too. I didn't used to be a morning person and I'm not sure when I really made the switchover. I think it just takes practice. Ok, I had to look back and see how I may have answered your question-now I get it. Yes, I feel better when I don't medicate my continual exhaustion with food. When I couldn't sleep, I went through the mental food list of all the crappy things that would make me feel better and settled with a plain apple.

Ok, pool bound :swim:!

10-15-2010, 01:44 PM
Ricki Have you ever taken glucosamine and condroiton? Technically they're for Arthritis but they help my aches and pains

also when I feel ouchy I try to have a hot breakfast even if I'm just nuking the almond milk for my cereal

:wave: 1 more week of crazy busy
but I am down 1lb!

10-15-2010, 02:04 PM
Thanks for the welcomes, everybody.
In answer to Rikki's question- Even when I go to bed at a decent hour, I have a lot of trouble getting up early enough so that I don't have to run around like a mad woman in the morning getting ready, getting in breakfast etc. I have to work on that. It would be nice to be able to enjoy breakfast instead of scarfing down the egg whites and turkey bacon or even get in a walk before work. I do have an hour long bus ride on the way to work that I actually find very peaceful most of the time -I can read or listen to podcasts or music...that's a plus.
Anyway; woohoo Friday! :carrot:
My goals this weekend are lots of exercise and reading -I'm in the middle of a very difficult novel and I've been avoiding it. Maybe I'll switch back and forth between that and something lighter. Sometimes that helps.

10-15-2010, 02:52 PM
Morning everyone!

THANK GOODNESS ITS FRIDAY!! I have used up my allotment of brain power for the week already! Though its nice I'm working from home today :) Soon it will be full time. I do insurance underwriting so all I really need is an internet connection. I'm a little worried about working so close to the fridge, but it will be a test of discipline and self control for me. AND I'll be able to take walks at lunch!

Seems like a to-do list kind of day around weekend to do list is:
- Pick up hubby's pants from the tailor
- Do some small sewing (buttons, and the like)
- Make a packing list for my vacation in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS
- Make some split pea soup and figure out how to cook a spaghetti squash!

10-15-2010, 04:47 PM
Good afternoon everyone :)

cottage, I wouldn't worry about that little bit of chocolate, I had a dog one devour my birthday chocolate decadence pie (I was soo upset, I hadn't even had a piece) and threw up and that was all. Of course it wasn't fun to clean up, the tiny bit of chocolate in the mints will be no problem.

Rikki, I wish I knew, I might see a good DR if it happened too often. It sounds a bit like food allergy/sensitivity (I have a friend who had the same symptoms and I think it was gluten?)

Everyone else :wave:

I had to come home (in a little pain) I took something again. I guess I'll still go with hubby to a movie if he really wants to. I guess it's not too taxing.

I usually don't work out during my period (the bad days) and I hope that by the time I am over this month, I will be ok to do more than walking. I used to work out early every morning, hard. I love my AM workouts.

Have a nice evening everyone :D

10-15-2010, 08:43 PM
I did my hair & made a new friend.

10-16-2010, 12:50 AM
Oh chubby spaghetti sqaush is SO easy!! I used to cook it in the oven, until I tried the microwave version and it tastes just as good. Just cut it in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds, put in a microwave safe plate/dish with a little bit of water....then nuke for ten to twelve minutes. I use a big serving fork to scoop out the spaghetti "noodles" :o) Toss some pasta sauce and parmesan on top and you're good to go! Delish!!

10-16-2010, 04:00 AM
I know this is late and nobody will probably read it, but I don't have time to start a new thread right now b/c I've got to head back to work. Hope everybody had a good Friday.

Cottage - I hope your puppies are okay!!! :( My bestfriend had one of her dogs get into an entire box of Valentines chocolates and he was fine. A few months later, though, he got into a large package of raw ground beef and ate it and the styrofoam packaging around it and nearly died. They can't leave ANYthing out, even if it's pushed all the way back on the counter, b/c Angus will get right into it. I think your pups will be okay, though, espcially the larger ones. I'd just keep an eye on them and make sure they act okay. ;)

Karen - I haven't had found money in a LONG was a nice surprise!!! :) I don't recommend the ferris wheel...there was way too much swinging off the bucket going on for my tastes. The 4-wheeler, though, now THAT was fun!!!