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10-14-2010, 02:58 PM
Not quite such a jubilant day today, although no especial reason why - very overcast, so I suppose none of the lifting of spirits that golden days bring.

Wonderful night's sleep in the oak four-poster bed, superb mattress. It took a while - my legs began to really ache, I suppose they were just relaxing from all that walking.

Took a bus to Hebden Bridge but I wasn't keen. It felt claustrophobic somehow. So I took a bus to Halifax, and hiked up a very steep hill to a church built by the same architect as mine, in fact it has the same name.

Then how to get from Halifax to Haworth by bus? The simple answer seemed to be "Don't start from here"! Bus to Denholme. Bus to Crossroads (just a crossroads, not an actual place) then walk down to Haworth.

Today felt a bit of a filler somehow - tomorrow it's the Parsonage and walking; Saturday it's the steam train to Keighley and shopping; Sunday it's early service then home - but here are some weightloss related observations:
* I'm brave enough to wear a jumper (sweater) that's not baggy, and is not camouflaged by a baggy shirt over the top.
* I'm wearing my hair in a soft knot in the nape at the moment, and it comes loose a bit and I think it feels like faintly ditsy, nearly romantic spinster; and I look in a mirror, and it IS!
*I can order breakfast items that make it clear, I suppose that I'm weight watching - bacon and mushrooms, no toast - but without making a fuss about it, without feeling embarrassed.
* I can ask for tourist information/cups of coffee/lunch in a gentler way, somehow, with an expectation of being kindly treated - and I have been.
* I can ask bus drivers for onward information that strictly speaking has nothing to do with them with the same expectation and response; and --- having received additional information from the last driver that if I just crossed the road, I'd pick up a bus to Haworth in 10 minutes, I could thank him for his kindness, and NOT feel that he thought I couldn't manage the walk.
* Do the walk, and it was wonderful, striding along pavements with just a spray of rain in my face.


10-14-2010, 03:19 PM
Enjoy your holiday - you deserve it! I know what you mean about being gentler - somehow I don't feel the whole world is against me anymore !! Have a lovely time - enjoy Yorkshire - for me it is the "Fatherland " :)

10-16-2010, 06:04 PM
Sounds like you are having a Lovely Holiday! Sounds like you are getting alot of walking in too.