Faith Based Support Groups - Christian Encourager's OCTOBER Thread ...

10-02-2010, 05:56 PM
:angel: Welcome Friends :angel:

You've found a great place to come and vent, share or ask for prayer support. This is a great group who will be very encouraging, caring and loving....anyone is welcome to join!

A Servant's Prayer --

Jesus, My Jesus....How marvelous are your ways....
Far more splendid than my mind can envision.
What an honor to be chosen by you.
A lowly child I am, but empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the great hope to which you have called me.
I give myself totally to you, Lord.
Take my imperfect heart and make it perfect.
Peel away the hardness.
Close the doors I have opened to the temptations of this world.
Gently remove the roots of painful memories, sins, doubts and fears.
Discard anything that separates me from you.
Lord, fill the emptiness with the light of your love that I might be a beacon calling the lost back to you.

To love as you love.....
To serve as you serve.....
To forgive as you forgive.....
Always mindful of my nothingness while doing great and marvelous things in your name and for your glory.
This I pray, Jesus, in YOUR name ...


10-02-2010, 06:24 PM

I am going to repeat and continue the post I had put in the September one to get us all started here this month. Well, we actually had a little bit of the ***white stuff*** today; not much, but enuff to say we had it and of course, it melted as soon as it touched the ground. I think this is the earliest I have every seen it, but we were spoiled that last two years in that we didn't get any permanent snow until the end of the first week of November.

It's starting to :rain: out there now; can't make up it's mind what to do -- we have had a mix of :sunny:, *****, and :rain: We have had lots of birds coming by to stock up on food; we had a pair of whiskey jacks (gray jays) come by this week and they are packing the food in and taking it to store in their homes. Oh, now the :sunny: is out again ... yeah!

We have to go up to our lot sometime and finished closing things up there; and bring some stuff back home too. This week sometime, we have to clean up our gardens and get them ready for winter; get rid of the old refuse, cut and pull out the bulbs that can't stay in the ground (like the gladiolas). Gonna give this a try this year and see how it goes; we only have one room that we can store them in which stays around 50F. A bulb card I have here recommends a garage, which we don't have -- or even a crisper drawer of your fridge; but since we only have one fridge, I can't spare the space. So they will be wrapped in newspaper and put in a box in our spare room instead; hope it works.

FOR WILMA ~ I'll check and see if I put your brother on the PRAYER WARRIOR's current list of prayers on page 2 ... praying for him that the chemo will work and he'll get well again. I have been hearing that some people are trying different kinds of natural therapies along with the chemo like vitamin and natural foods (Dr. Andrew WEIL, MD); some are even trying some kinds of laser & radiant heat therapies too.

I have even heard that asparagus and cucumbers are supposed to be good; the nutrient-rich green veggies like spinach & broccoli -- and of course, anything with Vitamin A & E in them like the red/orange/yellow fruits & veggies. BTW, how's your mother feeling? Hope she's doing better! :hug:

I made a nice pot of roasted veggie soup with barley & lentils for lunch today; it sure felt nice to have that after being out in this colder weather today. We are having leftover BBQ spit chicken for dinner tonight. Time to go put it on now, but we ate lunch late, so I'll delay dinner a bit too ... ;)

Ttyl ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-02-2010, 10:15 PM
Just came on to say hi and goodnight. i unladed and stacked 70 bales of Hay in my goat barn today and got cleaned up and made the 4-H fish fry and I just am tuckered out headed for bed. David said I would not be able to move tomorrow but I took some medicine the doctor gave me for my fall and I think I will be alright ,hope so.

10-03-2010, 11:36 AM
Thank you Rosebud! All the prayers we can get will be appreciated. We don't know what the future holds but we know the future.

10-03-2010, 08:01 PM
thankful for all of the friends on 3FC, praying you all have a wonderful , blessed week:)

10-03-2010, 08:57 PM
Home from camping but a quick check in for prayer requests...I will catch up soon!

10-04-2010, 09:55 PM
:wave: HI EVERYONE ~ We had another busy day today; got lots of walking in which is always good for me. Had to go up town to pay bills and then went to see our new dollar store and picked up a few things at the bulk food store (including a few candies for the kiddies Halloween bags).

The weather was fantastic today; we even got up to 70F here, so it was a perfect fall day really. When we finally got back home at 4 pm, we had a small snack and then cleaned up our gardens for the winter. DH pulled the empty bean plants out; and we pulled the GLADS out too and cut the bulbs off to store them.

We left in all the flower bushes, and the BROWN-EYED SUSANS so the seed can drop as they are still blooming too. When they start to look too sloppy, we will cut them off at the soil -- I am guessing how I am supposed to do them as this is the first time I've ever grown them. A lady down the street has lots of MARIGOLDS still blooming in a bed out in the open, so next year, I'll put some of them in too. I used to grow them in the country and they can even take some snow and still bloom; they are so amazing!

HI ELAINE & BOOTSIE & GARY ~ nice to see you all drop by; but BOOTSIE you need to get some sleep, girl ... :lol:

PICK-ME-UP TIP ~ one of my books suggested that we buy a few flowers to brighten up our home for a spiritual lift; so today, I picked up a small bouquet of lilac cosmos with yellow centers and have them on my desk in front of me. I think that I will do this more often ... :D


Hope you all have a lovely week coming up; keeping you and yours in my prayers too ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-05-2010, 10:04 PM
:wave: Hi there ... we just had a quiet day at home today; lots of lovely :sunny: again -- what a treat. Fall is finally here. We hope to go up to the lot this week as they are predicting this nicer weather for all week. I did vacuuming and some fall sorting today. For dinner tonight, we tried out a new fish for the first time, called BASA fillets. I coated them in a light seasoned coating and they turned out quite nice; served with new potatoes that our SIL, brought us from her garden (GOD bless her). I also had a broccoli coleslaw on the side.

Hope you all are having nice week; take good care ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-06-2010, 01:02 PM
Well... The man came to clean out the goat barn but could not get his tractor in so much crap! So I will have to start digging that stuff out myself, I guess unless he finds someone to loan him a smaller tractor. It has been really nice weather here in Texas, cool nights. Coyote's on the prowl one woke me up this morning sounded like he was under my window! He was not I looked.

10-06-2010, 11:08 PM
I promise to catch work will ease a bit on Friday....

10-06-2010, 11:39 PM
:wave: HI GARY ~ see ya on the weekend ... BTW, thanks for the prayers ... :D

BOOTSIE ~ yikes, that's a lot of doo-doo ... glad the coyote wasn't really that close. One time a bear came to my parent's bedroom window and ripped the screen off. He was trying to reach in and get an orange that was sitting in a bowl on my mother's beside table. The doctor told her to have an orange before bed for more potassium ... by the time my Dad found his gun and his bullets (which were in two separate places), the bear had left ... :lol:

10-07-2010, 08:36 PM
:wave: Just a stay at home day here; laundry & bathroom day ... started reading ANTHONY ROBBIN's book "AWAKENING THE GIANT WITHIN" -- more positive ideas in this book too so I'm sure I will enjoy it. Hope you all have a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-09-2010, 10:15 PM
:wave: HEY, HEY, HEY ... where is everybody -- on holidays? This our long THANKSGIVING WEEKEND in Canada ... hope all our Canadians friends have a great weekend.

My Dad called today and said that all of us have had great weather this week; that includes north and southern Ontario, plus even Flin Flon, Manitoba where our baby sister lives. We just picked up a few groceries today; it was so nice out and that was a good excuse as any to go out and enjoy the :sunny: today ... :D

Have a great weekend ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-10-2010, 12:06 AM
What a gorgeous day! It was 25C here today. Unheard of. I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can.

I have been fighting a cold this past week and have basically gone to work and come home and slept. I woke up this morning and decided I needed to get out and walk. I went for 1/2 an hour and felt really good after that. I actually had energy today.

I spent the morning at church decorating for our Thanksgiving service tomorrow. Looks really nice. It made me think about all I have to be thankful for. SO MUCH!!

Have a great weekend!

10-11-2010, 08:06 PM

Hope all our CANADIAN FRIENDS had a lovely THANKSGIVING DAY and weekend! We had chicken and riblets with baked new potatoes and roasted veggies (baby carrots, knib corn, broccoli & cauliflower). Yummy ...

We actually had a few ***** flakes fall, but they melted before they hit the ground. :lol:Then the clouds parted, and the :sunny: shone for the rest of this glorious day. We are very thankful to GOD, our creator, for all the many blessings that HE bestowed upon us this year; way too many to mention. We are indeed very blessed.

Hope all our CE'ers have a wonderful week coming up ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-12-2010, 03:45 PM
HI GALS ~ :)

Long time no see :^:

I have finally finished the pressure part of the job I am currently on and have a few days to catch my breath. I have another few weeks or so of work but the units I need to go to in the building are not ready for me yet.

Unfortunately I had to lay off 5 guys on Friday :( I called an old friend and I think he will be able to place at least 3 of them on a project in a couple of weeks.

Things are going well here for the most part. I got the results from my colonoscopy and the polyp that was removed was cancer free, as they expected, but said it would have been cancer in about 4 glad I went in. because of that one being large I will now have to go for another in 3 years instead of 10 if I was free from polyps. Heck...I can deal with that!

We had a big party here Sunday afternoon, after church,for my little nephew that turned 4 yesterday...had a lot of fun.

I made a sentimental trip to an old Mexican restaraunt I have been going to for 44 years :) They will close friday (having sold the property) and may or may not reopen elsewhere. My dad took us their as children, when it was brand new, and we used to have all our big family gatherings for dinner is still in the same family although the original owner....even though he is always there with his wife....sold to other family members a few years ago. We have not been able to get together as a family to go but so far most have gone back to say good-bye. We may try to get in there Thursday too for one more plate of cheese enchiladas! Angie and I hadn't been going as we found another favorite one closer to home but we still got together with family at least once a year for tradition. I took my close friends there in junior high and the tradition continued as they took their kids etc. I posted it on Facebook and got back several private messages as we re-lived memories! Fun stuff!

Angie is still teaching her yoga at the studio and grandchild is still doing well in his mommys tummy ;)...has moved from "sprout" to "spud" in size :D

I will check in later....have some calls to good!

10-12-2010, 06:18 PM
HI GARY ~ sorry you had to lay off some workers; but good that you were able to find some possible work for some of them. Glad your tests came out so good too ... :D

We had lovely :sunny: weather here all day long; spent a good amount of time outdoors enjoying it today as well. I did some reading and crocheting on our deck and caught a lot of D's today. Supposed to have a nice fall week again which is G R E A T !!! ;)

Hope you are all having a good week too! Rosebud :flow2:

10-14-2010, 08:09 PM
:coach: HEY ROSEBUD :)

:woohoo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :woohoo::bday2you::balloons::celebrate:

10-14-2010, 09:29 PM
AH, THANKS GARY ~ we can always count on you to remember our birthdays ... :D It was nice & :sunny: here all day long; another little gift from GOD on my birthday ... we had lunch out and went for a long walk after to help burn off some of the extra calories; then we went for a nice, long drive in the country to one of my favorite lakes -- it was a beautiful day! :D

10-15-2010, 11:16 PM

10-16-2010, 09:37 PM
THANKS, BOOTSIE ~ I had a very pleasant day!!! :D

Busy the last couple of days too; got lots of walking in, so had sore feetsies last night! :lol: I found some terrific bargains this week; picked up two large lighted pumpkins with large cats on top for a song at our local second-hand shop. They are friendly-looking cats too -- we noticed last night that our dear NIKO was sleeping beside them all evening. Then this morning, I managed to catch him with my camera licking one of them on the face & paw -- awww ... he thinks we brought him a friend; sooo cute!!!

Just stayed home and did laundry today. We had lovely :sunny: for most of the day; but it was a bit cool becuz of a wind. Gonna go do some more reading; read half a novel last night -- maybe I can finish off the rest tonight ... have a good one, eh? Rosebud :flow2:

10-18-2010, 08:04 PM
:wave: HI EVERYONE ~ we had a nice, quiet weekend at home. I just did stuff around here and finished off another wonderful historical romance this past weekend. It's like watching a movie of someone's life, only better. I did some more mending this afternoon: I find it very relaxing and I am almost caught up now.

Made a nice roast chicken with loads of veggies for dinner tonight; oh, the whole house smelt great. DH went on a hobby run today and said that he could smell that delicious dinner just as he was coming back into town ... :lol:

We awoke to *white* grass this morning, but as soon as the :sunny: came out, it all melted ... the temps have been falling quite low lately. I knew it had to be below Zero C (oops, I mean -- below 32 F; in the 20's) becuz the furnace kept coming on all night long. The sky did clear up by the afternoon and we had lovely :sunny: until sunset, which seems to be coming very early these days!

Hope you all have a wonderful week coming up ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-20-2010, 10:43 PM
Oh Rosebud! So cold so soon! You better move to Texas my flowers are still blooming! Had another experience with a skunk in the well house again yesterday. Lanelle my friend and I went to go turn the water on and there it was a skunk! I shut the door quick! Called David and you know what he said? Take a stick and poke it out . I told him you have the fun!
I went in there later and that skunk was still in there set some clorox inside thought that might run it off, no...............
Hubbie went down there with me and it was still there . I opened the door it is still in there! I told him I will get on the side it is on leave the door wide open and bang on the side of the building and holler at it . Well I started banging and hollering but he wasn't I said start hitting the side and holler and hit the wall! He started and wouldn't you know that skunk ran out made a u turn and started right at me! I screamed and hit the stick at it and took off running!:tantrum:
After my thoughtful husband got through belly laughing ,:rofl: he wanted me to go in and cut on the water . I could not breath it stunk so bad when that skunk sprayed the side of the wall, I said You do it! He finally got it cut on then he told me to shut the door, I did that but had to hold my breath to do it.

We got back to the house and my husband said where is Baby , I said she is up there in the pen looks like. He said I think she has a baby, I said OH NO the chickens are loose and they will kill them! So we ran up there and they had killed one of the lambs , pecked its eyes out and she was fighting chickens right and left trying to keep the other one alive. I ran in grabbed the baby and found the dead one. I took the baby inside the barn and baby followed me in. I locked up those chickens and they are not getting out till everything gets through having babies .
Coyotes are back bad, last night sound like they were in a big fight, it was awful!
This afternoon seen a BIG Bird I bet the wing spread was as wide as I could spread my arms, think it was a fish hawk never seen one that Big!
Well that's life on the farm!

10-21-2010, 12:18 AM
OH BOOTSIE ~ that is so gross & terrible; you're gonna give me nightmares, girl! I didn't know chickens would be so barbaric, except that I did see one eat a male duck's dingaling once ... I couldn't believe my eyes, and I told him, "That's what you get for leaving that thing out so long." I told DH that our male duck just got castrated; so there will be no more baby duckies! He said, "What?" "Yowch!" :yikes: Ya, that's life on the farm all right .. :lol:

You just gotta keep those chickens penned up if you have any expectant mommies loose; becuz they can come early sometimes. I'm sure the goat was worth a lot more than a dozen chickens; and they can skip scratching for awhile anyways. I had to keep my chickens in a penned run becuz the foxes kept taking them; and that could be why the coyotes are trying to move in (they can see them wandering around, I'm sure).

BTW ~ we awoke to more *white* grass this AM; and then it all melted, then just before dinner time, it started to fall again. Yesterday, the flakes were so big that they looked like white MAPLE LEAFS and feathers falling from the sky; we think they were the biggest we have ever seen before ...

Yikes, it's getting cold out there ... :brr:

10-22-2010, 10:53 PM

10-23-2010, 08:43 PM
Hi all - I'm new (well, it's my second time on 3FC) and thought this was a thread crazy enough for me! :-)

I'm 245 trying to get down to 125 so I need a lot of Christian encouragement.

See you all around. Best of luck and lots of prayers to everyone in their journey.

10-23-2010, 09:24 PM
Hello Thinkin Thin Welcome!
The other ewe had her babies last night and they are beautiful! Gary so glad your test came out great but sorry you had to lay off some of your men . I know how you hate that. RoseAnn that is a new one never heard of that poor little guy.

10-23-2010, 09:27 PM
:wave: GARY ~ nice to see you drop by even if it was tres, tres, tres short ... :lol:

:welcome: THIN ~ I hope that we are not too crazy for you; BOOTSIE and I do share about our hobby farming & raising animal adventures sometimes. I'm sure GOD is well aware of these goings on as they are His own blessed creations ... all creatures great and small, GOD loves them all! ;)

I was working on my PC yesterday fixing something up -- it's back to working correctly again; hope it lasts. Then last evening, I did a bit of reading, but was tired so I fell asleep early -- making up for lost sleep, I think. We had a quiet night for a change; and so far so good today too.

We had lovely :sunny: today and it's supposed to be the same tomorrow -- so we want to get our fun Halloween decos and our Christmas lights up either tomorrow afternoon and/or early this week sometime before the snow flies and it gets too cold for our fingies to work right outdoors. We do this every year becuz it just gets too cold to wait until December to put them up; lots of people do that here now (put up lights or check for broken or blown bulbs, etc).

I did some vacuuming today; a good one which I do a couple times a week. NIKO is shedding a bit now as his new winter coat is coming in becuz of the cold weather. This happens to him spring and late fall now; weird. He's a big sucky baby now: hates the rain, hates the cold, hates the snow ... He's a barrel of fun though amd great company for us too ... :D

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend out there; sure miss some of our regulars like RONNIE, WILMA, KAREN, GARY (who is very busy right now), BARGOO, KATHY, MATILDA, DEE, VICKIELOU, DONNA, EVE (who is now back on the net), and others that I may have missed -- take good care and do come back now, ya'll here ...

:wave: Rosebud :flow2:

10-25-2010, 05:32 AM
Just want 2B Healthy - No one's too crazy for me. I'm up at 3:30 AM looking for support after a depressing weekend of failure so count me in for a little crazy! Thanks for letting me join in. I need the support!

10-25-2010, 09:46 PM
:wave: HI EVERYONE ~ Well, we were blessed with :sunny: for most of the weekend, so we did get half of our Halloween decos up; and we did some more today. I didn't like how the LED lights looked, so we took those off and put up regular 5 volt lights; we'll see how those look instead.

Today, we had :rain: and fog but not so much wind so it was nicer to work outside but we did have to come in to warm up our fingies; then had some nice hot chocolate to warm up afterward. We had shepherd's pie for dinner; I cheated -- I bought it, but delish nevertheless and nice on a cold, damp chilly day. Served it up with a romaine salad and some green beans.

I am trying to rest my feet while reading & posting on here; got a lot of walking in and paid with CHARLIE HORSES last night and this AM. It took me a while to get going today, but took a tylenol to take the pain away so I could go vote in our municipal elections this morning.

We also saw our new arena complex (the first time for me) -- and oh, it is lovely. There were quite a few people swimming in the lovely pool I noticed; what brave folks with all those windows & people watching (eeks, I just couldn't do that). I rode in the special elevator there, but had to find someone who knew the combination to open the doors ... :lol: They don't want the kiddies playing in it so they have a special code they have to use.

THIN ~ there are lots of folks that come here in the wee hours of the night when they can't sleep or just want to distract themselves or are looking for some motivation, support, and/or tips. I think that's one of the pluses -- that we can come on here any time of day or night.

Just hang in there -- remember it's all about PERSEVERANCE, NOT PERFECTION ... just keep on going becuz it takes time & practice to create good, new habits. BTW, you are NOT a failure: you are just learning what doesn't work for you; keep seeking and trying until you find what does ... :hug:

Hope all our friends here are having a good week; see you soon ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-26-2010, 12:00 PM
Hey ladies (and gents?)!

I've been around 3FC for about a year now. Losing slow and steady, and changing my lifestyle in beautiful ways. I usually hang out in the 20-somethings forum, but I don't often feel like I truly fit in there. Need some wholesome conversation and motivation. :)

10-26-2010, 07:00 PM
Hi Everlasting, welcome, glad to have you here. Sometimes we get slow at posting but when that happens I find if I go back and read the old post in the past I get recharged. Sometimes we get down to the nitty gritty of things on life that happen on my farm and when Rosebud lived on a farm, and other areas of our lives but that's just us. Just like what ago that big old Fish Hawk bird was back but sitting in the tree right above the goats! That's the BIGGEST BIRD I have ever seen! His old droopy mouth is big enough to put a baby goat in! I have got to get a picture of him or her... Gotta love us!

10-26-2010, 08:59 PM
:welcome: EVERLASTING ~ nice to have you join us here; it is nice to have more than one thread to post in and this group is supportive when they are here ... they have been so busy as of late. Yes, BOOTSIE and I do share animal stories (we lived on a farm when kids + we lived on my Dad's farm later on for about 4 years in total (before & after DH came along).

We have a pretty big :rain: storm going on here right now; the temps came up to around 60 F and it is pouring out there. The winds are so fierce that we had to bring all our Halloween decos back into the house to save them. One of our kitty pumpkins was being blown away. The only thing left up there are the lights and the red maple leaf garlands -- hope they make it through the night.

Well, we found out why it has been so quiet for the last few days; our young neighbors moved out on the weekend. The landlord says the new tenant is a single lady so it should be much quieter here in the future; that is a big relief as the all-night noise was getting on my nerves and we hope all our sleepless nights are over. THANK YOU, LORD ... :D

BOOTSIE ~ the snowbirds came by here today; they were perched on the tree across the road and just loving this weather -- they aren't afraid of anything. DH said he & the landlord saw some by the lake today as well (we have some beautiful lakes in the middle of our town). They are on their way down south for the winter -- they are hardy birds and will even brave snowstorms ... they even seem to like the challenge of wind & snow. They are beautiful when they fly in perfect formations. That is why we called our formation fliers the CANADIAN SNOWBIRDS too.

Hope you all are having a pleasant week; we hope to go up to our lot to bring back any food and water that is left there before it gets too cold. The weather is changing by the hour here but it could be worse. Take good care ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-26-2010, 09:16 PM
:wave: Hello everyone :)
I would love to join this group. I have had the pleasure of meeting Bootsie and Justwant2Behealthy on another thread :)
The Lord is pressing on me right now to take some immediate action in my life and I could really use the prayers and encouragement. I'm not just a taker, I give as well :)
I am trusting fully in the Lord in some specific areas right now and I just want to gloryify His name, because I know he fulfills his promises!


10-27-2010, 01:19 AM
Hello my new friends in CHRIST,
I have something I would like to share if it is ok :)
Well I feel as if I am a NEW woman for sure

You know, GOD has been pressing on me ( it’s odd that I use that wording, BUT that is exactly how it has felt) about the halloween stuff and ultimately about T.

I Love GOD and I really want to show obedience to HIM and HIM alone.

So, that being said let me tell you about the EXCITING thing that has happened TODAY!

I took down all of the halloween stuff that I could reach yesterday (I will finish up with it all this week)

I am going to give it away, but GOD told me not to give it to people I love (family, I gather)

So I am giving it to 2 people at my job who do the halloween stuff. Anything they don’t want is going in the trash. Now I spent a lot of money over the years on all that stuff, but you know what? It means nothing to me compared to what my relationship with GOD means to me. I am submitting to HIS will FINALLY

Now before I get to the “today” stuff, on Sunday when I went to church I was thinking about not tithing. I mean afterall, it’s not really my “official” church yet (eventhough in my heart I have already decided that it IS and will ask to join ) and I really didn’t have the money to give a tenth (I really didn’t), ect., ect., every reason why not. When I was trying to put my makeup on, I couldn’t find the eye shadow I was looking for. So was looking through some stuff I had put on the pool table. Guess what I found before the eye shadow and was front and center? My checkbook I knew GOD was telling me to give. So I stuffed it into my purse RIGHT THEN and consequently find my eye shadow. So I gave the full 10%. I felt like it was going to run me short, but for some reason, I just wasn’t worried about it. GOD was giving me this message : We should give to HIM 1st, and everything else afterward. Simple I know

Yesterday I was thinking, let me go ahead and transfer the majority of my savings into my checking JUST to be sure. That left me with less than $4.00 in my savings So this morning I was thinking, let me check that account to make sure all is well.

I had a $30.00 check still out and I HAVE to pay the water bill by the 28th or they will cut it off, It is $49.02. Well guess what???? I had a balance of less than $4.00 in my checking and less than $4.00 in my savings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so normally I would be in freak out mode. But what happened here is I HAD to trust in our GOD most HIGH. I was obedient to HIM, now I had to trust that he would take care of my needs as HE promised. My bf had a change jar here. I was thinking I would use some of it. Think again. He took it with him. I knew almost instinctively - in a spiritual way- that the jar wouldn’t be there. It wasn’t. But I was hearing “Trust in GOD” over and over. So I went on to work. The lady whom I wrote that $30.00 check is very, very sweet and understanding. I called her to see if she would mind holding the check until Friday. Guess what? ( and the same instinctual feeling) she didn’t answer lol. No worries. I was/am still willing to Trust in GOD. The lady called me back and I explained the situation and she agreed to hold the check with no problem. The difference between the two phone calls was the first one I was trying to fix the problem. The return call was GOD fixing the problem.

So now I am thinking, well I guess I can put the water bill on a credit card, but I sure hate to do that.

I would love to be OUT OF DEBT! It is so binding.

So anyways, one of the girls at my job had given me some clothes her son had outgrown. She had thought that BT might be able to wear them. I called up R to see if he was interested in them and he was. When I was at his house I asked when he would be able to start repaying some money I had loaned him (car payment) when he was unemployed. He said he could give me some today.

He would normally pay me in $25.00 increments. Today WITHOUT me asking for a specific amount, he wrote me a check for $50.00 (water bill $49.02) ! HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE takes care of my needs. So I have really been filled with the Spirit today. And I am LOVING it

Blessings to all who have witnessed the power of OUR GOD!

10-27-2010, 05:52 PM
:welcome: JUDY ~ to our Christian Chat Thread; everyone shares how they like here. Prayers ascending for you and yours ...

Well, our storm knocked out the internet last night; wow, this was a fierce one, but we get these every year at this time -- nothing unusual there. Then in the beginning of November, the :rain: will turn to *****. Our lights and maple leaves didn't budge an inch last night; and none of them were damaged in any way either -- PTL! We will wait to put our pumpkin family back out tomorrow.

We went up to our camping lot today and closed up everything for the winter; emptied all the water bins and brought home all the food and some of DH's stuff too. We had :sunny: for half the day anyways, but the :rain: came again, just like they had predicted.

Hope all our friends here are having a great day ... Rosebud :flow2:

10-27-2010, 06:55 PM
So glad you made it here Judy, WOW! I love the way you keep your eyes focused straight ahead on what lies before you. like verses Proverbs 25.26 and 27. Will be praying for your finances to be blessed , good health and for your family.

Our nephew went to Tarleton State also. He is a Ag teacher, now . My two brother in laws went there also years ago one become principal and now has retired.
My grandson is fixing to go to college, I sure hope he finds a good one wants to be a Chripractor, I mis spelled it but this computer don't know how to spell it either so I don't feel so dumb.
I been working all day on book work , have some pinto beans cooking right out of my friend Lanelles garden she even shelled them for me! So we will have roast and pinto beans tonight, that was a big roast! I have to go water the animals tonight so I best hit the road before it gets dark.

10-27-2010, 09:22 PM
BOOTSIE ~ don't worry about the spelling; we know what you mean -- and you are correct, the PC always tells us when it thinks we are spelling it wrong, but it doesn't seem to know when it's right either ... :lol:

Have a great night ... :hug:

10-28-2010, 11:25 AM
Oh, ladies I grew up on a farm too! Lots of corn and winter wheat growing, and we raised pheasants and had a vegetable garden several acres big. I love farming talking. I'm an outdoorsy girl.

Well I live at a women's ministry house here near the college campus, and on Wednesday nights after fellowship meetings we try to have as many students come over for some time fellowshipping and just getting to know them. One thing we do is usually put a theme to the evening, so each week it's almost like we host a themed party, and the students really seem to enjoy it!

With Halloween coming up, the thought would be that we had a Halloween-ish party, but myself and another one of my housemates really just dislike halloween... I mean, costumes are fun and all as long as they are not demonic and disgusting. But it's just the whole spirit of the event. It just seems off to me. Anyhow, with the Halloween onset that campus is taking this week, I thought it would be fun to host a Christmas party. So that's right. I held the first Christmas party of the season at my house last night. We made a mad rush to pull up all the decorations from the basement, made up a bunch of hot cocoa and Christmas cookies, did caroling, and had a nice focus on Jesus. Wow, was it fun, and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.

10-28-2010, 02:32 PM
Hi Everlasting,
Good for you and your roommate to change the party to a celebration of Christ :)
God has been pressing on me for years to not do halloween. I always thought it was just chidhood fun (boy was I ever WRONG)
In any event, I put my halloween stuff up, (it was ALOT accumulated over he years) then a few days later have taken it all down and have given it ALL away. GOD has just been pressing on me lately on this and a few other things and I am joyfully obeying :)
So good luck and have a wonderful time at your party celebrating Christ our Lord.


10-28-2010, 09:09 PM
DEAREST SISTERS & BROTHERS IN CHRIST ~ I love to celebrate lots of things -- with the aim to bring a good and Godly and fun spirit into everything that we do. If Christians don't set a good and wholesome example for others, then who will? I am showing people that they can celebrate and have fun in this life without negativity and anything dark added into it by celebrating ALL SAINTS EVE or Halloween as it is now called, in a nice way.

I don't think denial and hiding from life is always the best answer, esp for young persons who struggle so much these days. If we take all the fun out of life for our children, teens, and young adults -- then they run the other way as soon as they can and rebel. Oh, how often have I heard this lament by Christian parents -- why is my Johnny or Suzy rebelling so much? Well, just ask Johnny or Suzy ... :rolleyes:

When we were children, we celebrated Halloween in a good way too; we dressed up in fun costumes like clowns and pumpkins. I told DH that I may even set out my Angel this year too; why not? Something is only bad if you think it is; something is only bad if you make it bad. Something is good when you make it good. The same thing goes for any celebration or holiday and that includes Christmas or Thanksgiving or Easter or birthdays or whatever.

Still I say and believe -- "TO EACH HIS OWN" -- on this matter and any others. I have prayed about this and believe that it is perfectly fine. I have been complimented many times by parents and others on how pleasant and uplifting my display is. We have to keep some good in this world or it will all go to pot ... literally.

I remember discussing this with my mother many years ago -- some people thought that GOD should take all the Christians out of the world. If GOD does that, then who will share the gospel with those who are left? Who will set a goodly and GODLY example for others? Who will show people how to have fun and celebrate in a nice way?

I would rather show them something good, than have them think that ALL Christians are a bunch of boring, old fuddleduds who don't know how to laugh or have any fun; or a bunch of self-righteous, judgemental snobs -- which just isn't true!


Oh yes, it is "HAPPY" Halloween, not gloomy, boring, sad, evil, dark Halloween. BTW, I am not trying to change anyone's mind -- I am just sharing another point of view. GOD BLESS ... :D

BTW, one of our local churches has a HALLELUJAH NIGHT at their church and give out treats & stuff for the kids and families as an alternative; which I think is a wonderful idea. Kudos to them for being creative and finding a way to bring Christ & His church into this celebration!

10-29-2010, 07:25 PM
I'm home!

10-29-2010, 10:15 PM
WELCOME BACK, GARY ~ you've been gone a couple of weeks now, it seems; hope you get to spend some time home with Angie and your girls for awhile now. And, we are glad to see you drop by here as well; have a restful weekend ...

We had a busy day shopping today; boy, I walked my feet off, but I still feel pretty good. I must have exhausted DH as he said he was tired and has gone to bed already, so I am alone here just cruising the net ... :lol:

I picked up a couple of 'SCARED CROWS' for my display today; they were on for half-price at the cash (what a nice surprise) -- only $3.97 each. Actually they are not really "scared" crows; they are happy, smiling straw Crows. I put one on each end of my deck and they look like Sentient Guardian Angels standing out there! ;)

My Bonhomme has angel wings too, so he looks like an angel as well -- I still think I will put my Angel in the corner. DH wants to put our other pumpkin out there too. We'll wait and put that out that night. Oh, I think I am having more fun than the kiddies this year ... :D

Well, we have had some ***** twice today after the temps dropped down to 0 C and it sure looked pretty, but I hope it won't stay for the weekend. I tried to find a new outdoor thermometer and they were sold out; do we love monitoring the weather here or what? :) So tomorrow, we'll go searching at another place and see if they have any or not.

Hope all our CE friends have a HAPPY & FUN HALLOWEEN WEEKEND ... or, just a nice, peaceful weekend! Rosebud :flow2:

10-30-2010, 12:28 AM
Ah... I love to see people have fun in a good way. I decorate, this year got an old wheel barrel and put a bale of hay in it and a girl scare crow with braids like mine and her pumpkin basket sitting on the front and got a standing fan bottom part and stuck another scare crow ,boy standing up like he is wheeling her. When I think of Halloween I think of the end of harvest time, good times, good friends, time change and Thanksgiving right around the corner then the birth of Jesus Christ!

But there are some that make it scary and no I don't like that part. It is just like money can be made good or bad.


10-30-2010, 04:52 PM
Hi all! It's been a crazy week here. We got our son married off on Saturday and had a great time with family on Sunday. Then I went into relaxation mode. I did a lot of sleeping (catching up from the weekend) and reading. Lovely. I did try a bit to stay eating healthy and exercising but didn't do as well as I hoped. Back at it now though.

I'll post more when I have more time.

10-30-2010, 07:42 PM
HI GALS ~ :)

Well I think I am finally home for a while and work has finally let up so I can breath :) just might get slower than I want it too :( Not too worried, we have work coming up..a couple of big projects and we are working on getting some remodel work. The BMW delearship is almost finished and I just completed my end of the Mercedes delearship until the last phase, but that won't be for several months.

Angie is upstairs carving her pumpkin for Trunk or treat at church tomorrow night. We will be costumed in prate gear, same as last kids and their spouses are coming this year too :carrot: I will post some pics of last year at the bottom.

Good to see new people here :carrot: WELCOME! :carrot:

I will try and catch up more later...missed you all :hug:

10-30-2010, 09:43 PM
:wave: HI GARY ~ yes, I remember that you and ANGIE won a prize(s) for the best costumes last year; and they really did look great too. Sounds like another year of fun for your church again this year. We put the finishing touches on our display yesterday; and just have some pumpkins to set on a table tomorrow.

We went searching for a few things we couldn't find yesterday like an outdoor thermometer as the one we had on our porch was finished. We did find one today and even got a couple Christmas gifts today as well. DH bought me an adorable porcelain Angel girl that bows her head and prays as she sings "SILENT NIGHT". Her hands clasp together as in prayer while her fiber optic wings change many colors of the rainbow ... she is so lovely!

I'm trying to pick up a few small things here and there when I see them too; to get ahead of the mad rushes in December. Some stuff you have to get in November becuz they sell out so fast here; you have to be on top of things for sure.

We had lovely :sunny: all day today, so of course, all the snow was gone today, but tonight we had a light sprinkling again, and it looks pretty. I wouldn't mind if it stayed like this for another week or so; but will it though -- only GOD knows? :shrug:

HI WILMA ~ oh, a wedding and working full-time would be a lot at one time; congrats to your son! Glad to hear from you too; long time no hear! :lol: We all have some up and down days; the most important thing is to keep chipping away at it. Persistence and perseverance for the long-haul is what really matters ... :D

YES, BOOTSIE ~ our Thanksgiving is held earlier in Canada: usually the second week of October as our growing seasons are shorter here and by then, the harvest is usually in or close to it. Some hardy root veggies can be harvested through October here. So we put up our fall display then and just leave it up for Halloween; then we leave the lights up and switch to the Christmas stuff.

NO, we don't ever put out anything goulish or scary (I don't like that either) -- we have our Pumpkin Man, with the two straw Crows, two straw Ladies, two Pumpkins Kitties, and the Bonhomme Clown (our carnival friend). We also have a bunch of other pumpkins in varying sizes that will go on our porch table tomorrow night as well. The porch itself is lined with green, orange, and yellow lights wrapped in between with red & orange Maple Leafs.

They are calling for more :sunny: for the next fews days, but we may get a few light ***flurries*** in between. Hope you all have a pleasant Sunday and good week coming up too ... Rosebud :flow2:

11-02-2010, 11:14 PM

Angie and I just finished a tostada dinner, she is behind me on her new laptop...sure saves fighting over computer time :D We are watching old TV shows ~ Family Ties, Doogie Howser and Happy Days :)

I have been off work for a couple of days...I really needed it!...but have been busy with chores that have needed done. I also am re-doing the garage gym and storage area.

I have been able to get my dogs out for 3 miles every day...the weather has been absolutely mornings and evenings and high 70's during the day.

Halloween at church was fun...we took second place this year instead of first :( kids and dil showed up to help out all dressed in their pirate gear...way fun! I told Angie we will shoot for 3rd next year so we can sweep 1-2-3 trophies then go on to another theme. We had a great time then the kids all wanted to go to our Mexican food joint...fine with me! :carrot:...even though Angie and I had just gone two nights before...but seriously...I can't ever have too much Mexican food :)

Well, I have read all your posts...will catch up more later....back to my recliner next to Angie's...


11-03-2010, 01:04 AM
:wave: HELLO TO OUR CHRISTIAN FRIENDS OUT THERE ~ We had a loverly day today ... full :sunny: all day long, so we just had to get out and enjoy it. We went up town to run some errands, shop a bit (hunting for some more good books), and picked up a few fresh salad stuff for this week too.

I picked up another Thomas Kinkaide Christmas book, and some more Lavyrle Spencer's books (2 of them), plus some others as well. I will have a nice supply of good stories to read for the winter; oh, I can't wait.

GARY ~ I think that's cute the way you and ANGIE have matching recliners to relax in together at night. We don't have room for that in our livingroom; our couch takes up one wall and the piano and organ another. Then the computer desk is on the third and our big picture window the fourth. So, we don't have anymore space. Our livingroom could probably fit in your front foyer ... :lol:

Well, that prompts me to dream of a bigger home with a bit bigger rooms for the future; hope GOD hears my thoughts about that ... ya, I'm sure He does and he has only heard my prayers for umpteen years. ;) And, I know He has heard those too ... now, we don't want it too big, then it would be harder to heat, but adequate is good! :)

You sure have some good temps down there: high 70's -- hmmm, you are so spoiled. The temps have fallen tonight, but I just cranked up the ole furnace a notch ... ah, that's better. Gee, it's just past midnight; didn't realize it was so late -- time to go get some rest now.

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow; take good care now ... Rosebud :flow2:

11-04-2010, 10:17 PM
Well post from yesterday didn't happen...guess I forgot to submit it...dang...

Angie is teaching yoga at church and I have leftover turkey/mashed potatoes/gravy/green beans and sourdough bread ready to warm up for dinner....yum-o!

I have been busy at work the last 2 days but should have a short day tomorrow then some time off...

I will catch up tomorrow or this week-end...


11-06-2010, 07:57 PM
Received this from a friend today thought I would share it with y'all.


Once upon a time there was a girl who had four boyfriends. She loved the fourth boyfriend the most and adorned him with rich robes and treated him to the finest of delicacies. She gave him nothing but the best.

She also loved the third boyfriend very much and was always showing him off to neighboring kingdoms. However, she feared that one day he would leave her for another.

She also loved her second boyfriend. He was her confidant and was always kind, considerate and patient with her. Whenever this girl faced a problem, she could confide in him, and he would help her get through the difficult times.

The girl's first boyfriend was a very loyal partner and had made great contributions in maintaining her wealth and kingdom. However, she did not love the first boyfriend. Although he loved her deeply, she hardly took notice of him!

One day, the girl fell ill and she knew her time was short. She thought of her luxurious life and wondered, "Now I have four boyfriends with me, but when I die, will I be a alone?"

Thus, she asked the fourth boyfriend, "I loved you the most, endowed you with the finest clothing, and showered great care over you. Now that I'm dying, will you follow me and keep me company?" "No way!" replied the fourth boyfriend, and he walked away without another word.

His answer cut like a sharp knife right into her heart.

The sad girl then asked the third boyfriend, "I loved you all my life. Now that I'm dying, will you follow me and keep me company?" 'No!’ replied the third boyfriend. "Life is too good! When you die, I'm going to marry someone else!" Her heart sank and turned cold.

She then asked the second boyfriend, "I have always turned to you for help and you've always been there for me. When I die, will you follow me and keep me company?" "I'm sorry, I can't help you out this time!" replied the second boyfriend. "At the very most, I can only walk with you to your grave. “His answer struck her like a bolt of lightning, and the girl was devastated.

Then a voice called out: "I'll go with you. I'll follow you no matter where you go." The girl looked up, and there was her first boyfriend. He was very skinny as he suffered from malnutrition and neglect. Greatly grieved, the girl said, 'I should have taken much better care of you when I had the chance!'

In truth, you have four boyfriends in your lives:

Your fourth boyfriend is your body. ! No matter how much time and effort you lavish in making it look good, it will leave you when you die.

Your third boyfriend is your possessions, status, and wealth. When you die, it will all go to others.

Your second boyfriend is your family and friends. No matter how much they have been there for you, the furthest they can stay by you is up to the grave.

And your first boyfriend is your soul. Often neglected in pursuit of wealth, power, and pleasures of the world. However, your soul is the only thing that will follow you wherever you go. Cultivate, strengthen, and cherish it now, for it is the only part of you that will follow you to the throne of God and continue with you throughout Eternity.

In essence, it's the REAL YOU....... Thought for the day:

Remember, when the world pushes you to your knees, you're in the perfect position to pray. Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect.

It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections.

11-06-2010, 08:31 PM
BOOTSIE ~ that's a good story; yes, we mustnt' neglect our spiritual soul ... I read this the other day about our lives here on earth -- "We aren't human beings having a spiritual experience; but spiritual beings having a human experience."

HI, GARY ~ busy, busy, busy ... as usual! Glad your work days are more reasonable now ... have a great weekend! :D

We had beautiful, glorious, loverly, :sunny: all day long today -- what a pleasant surprise for us, so I sat in my rocker and caught as many Vitamin D rays as I could. Took down my leaves today, but now the porch is all ready for the Christmas decos. We leave our lights there from the previous holidays; and now I can just change the bulbs around as I like.

:wave: Hi to all our other CE friends out there; hope you are all having a nice weekend too. We're just having a quiet night at home; DH is watching old DUKES OF HAZZARD shows that I got him for Christmas last year ...

Have a blessed day of rest tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow2:

11-07-2010, 10:22 PM

Just sitting here watching Andy Griffith reruns while Angie goes from knitting a sweater for our soon to be GRANDdaughter, KAIA FAITH.

She went on a hiking/yoga trip with my daughter this morning while I went to church, joined by my son and daughter in law was out of town for a USC alumni cheerleader baby shower for another girl.

I spent most of the day, after church, in the family room watching my NASCAR race and my RAIDERS...and my sil's Chargers games....lay-z :D

but I loved it!

I may meet up with CBMARE this week as she is in my area...

tomorrow Angie and I are meeting a Pastor that was our Vicar 3 years ago, he is here from Indiana for a convention...I am excited!

well....better get back to TV with my wife :)

I will be off a lot this upcoming week....I will catch up then :hug:

11-07-2010, 10:46 PM
I had an interesting morning in church today. I am fighting a cold but went to church anyway as I had to attend an important meeting afterwards. I had a coughing fit and just couldn't stop, I was digging around in my purse trying to find a lozenge and the pianist got up and got a glass of water and brought it to me.Of course I was sitting near the front so everybody saw him bringing my water. Embarrasing !

11-07-2010, 11:29 PM
I think this cold must be hitting the road and finding everyone. I think the Pianist knew what you were going through and just wanted to help you. I have been trying to stay away from people myself for I am afraid this is not allergies but a virus. For if it was allergies my husband and I would of had it at the same time but he had his last week. One of my friends said she had hers for 5 weeks! I am better today but still not up to par, it has settled in my chest now. My husband sneezed around 200 times but I have only sneezed 5 times. But been coughing like I have the whooping cough. Praying for you Bargoo, to get well soon.

11-07-2010, 11:33 PM
BARGOO ~ am sending up some prayers for your cold & cough. You know, that pianist will be blessed for bringing you that cup of cold water. You needed it, so no need to be embarrassed ... :hug:

11-08-2010, 09:47 AM
Thanks, Bootsie and Rosebud , yes it was very kind of the pianist to do that. I was just thinking the people around me were probably thinking . I wish she would stop coughing so we can hear the service. Still have it today but I am trying to do all the usual things we do to try to get rid of a head cold. A cold is not that serious but they can sure make you feel lousy.

11-09-2010, 06:47 PM
After being under the weather a bit and recovering from the wedding I am back in action again. I'm going to my monday nite class and am going to exercise in the mornings before work. Feels so good.

There is so much sickness in my family and I ask for prayer for them. Three members are fighting cancer and my mom is recovering from a car accident. It's wierd for me to feel such elation at what's going on with my kids and yet the exact opposite when I think about other family members suffering.

I'll be praying for those colds and coughs. Tis the season!!

11-09-2010, 08:02 PM
:wave:HI WILMA ~ will definitely send up prayers for your family members who are so sick; but glad that you are feeling better as well ... :hug:

Yes, this is the time of year that many people catch colds & flus; although I seem to notice people with colds during the summer months as well. Our local papers and such are reminding us all to wash our hands; wash our hands; wash our hands ... whenever we have been out in the public as a precautionary measure.

UPDATE ~ Well, I finally got my call about the colonoscopy test -- it will be on Monday, November 22, 2010 but not sure of the time yet. I have to go the Wednesday before for the pre-op consult for preparation, and they will tell me the exact time then ... eeks, I will try and not be too nervous about it. I would also appreciate prayers about this test too; thanks so much. I am feeling better and the symptoms seemed to have eased off, but they want to make sure and check anyways ...

DH had some pictures blown up of his parents and grandparents; we finally got them back today, but we had to make 4 trips (for only 2 pictures) becuz they made a mistake (did the wrong picture). So I put them in some nice frames for him and we put them up on our livingroom walls today.

Other than that, I just did my usual light housechores today, plus meals & dishes. Of course, I did lot of my early morning exercises upon waking; I too feel so good that I get them done first thing and don't put them off. This was the best exercise strategy that I have ever tried. I have also seen huge payoffs for the toning exercises as well in smaller clothes too.

We have been having awesome weather here -- :sunny: again today (that's 4 days in a row) and they are calling for another day or 2 more. We are finally having our fall, after all. We had a heavy Jack Frost last night, but then things cleared up nicely.

I was explaining in the PRAISE THREAD yesterday that I had some kind of MALWARE incident with my PC the other night. Some kind of BUG erased all my images, including pictures, emoticons, smilies, and worst of all -- the SUBMIT REPLY buttons. So, I can't post here using FIREFOX yet, so I had to come in through IE. However, I did get a reply from the Mozilla people quite promptly; they were quite sympathetic, and felt it was likely some kind of MALWARE program that caused the problem, and gave me a few hints how to remedy it. Still workin' on it though ... ;)

Hope all our CE friends are having a great week ... Rosebud :flow2:

11-10-2010, 09:40 PM
Going to gather pecans tomorrow with my friend down at my brother in laws. I gave my friend some eggs to put in her incubator she bought at a garage sale for 1 dollar and four of them hatched she watched two hatch , she was just like a Mother hen she would turn them each day. She was so excited watching them come out of the egg. It is so nice to listen to people who really enjoy life. Those 4 baby chickens are already spoiled rotton, she brought them up to the store this afternoon for me to see . She says she is not going to get attached but lets see........think she already is.
I tried to post here earlier but it would not let me for some reason......

11-11-2010, 01:10 PM
HI GALS ~ :)

Happy Veteran's Day ladies.....thanking God and our Troops for our freedom!

Angie and I just got home from a 4 mile walk and breakfast at the beach with Reba and Rylee....the weather was absolutely gorgeous...the sun was out and the weather cool as we started walking at 6:30...real warm by the time the walk was over. I had a really good bacon/spinach/swiss omelette.

We are meeting CBMARE and her husband from 3FC for lunch today, hoping it is pleasant for all.

Well I went and blew it yesterday..a fast food disaster :D Very rare that I fast food anymore....even though my journey the last 3 years has taken a bit of a hit from time to time, fast food is not normally an issue....but yesterday I used a buy one get one free at Jack In The Box for a grilled pastrami sandwich and a large the 2 taco special...I did split the meal in half for my lunch but ended up killing it a couple of hours later...dang! :mad:

Thank goodness for new days :)

BOOTSIE ~ I love pecans! So cool with the baby chicks....spoiled rotten :D

ROSEBUD ~ Prayers for the anxiety on the colonoscopy...I understand the concern and situation you are having for the results but seriously the procedure is nothing! The prep is the worse and it really isn't that long as you have enough reading material in the bathroom ;) :D

We had an issue with our IE the other day...was down all day until Angie walked through the re-set up steps when she got home from work.

WILMA ~ Prayers for your sad. We had so much anxiety with my sister's breast cancer....thank God for all of us she is doing well in recovery but we all know the "dangers" that can be ahead. We have been through it before in my family several times :( Congrats on the son and dil and to you for your exercise!

BARGOO ~ :D Over the years I have had a couple of those sneezes out of nowhere during quiet prayer time :D My son fainted during confirmation and we had a deacon fall asleep and fall out of his chair on the altar one Sunday :D

Did I :ghost: scare all the NEW KIDS away? :shrug:

Well to new adventures :)

11-13-2010, 10:00 PM
HI GARY ~ ya, it has been kinda quiet here lately, hasn't it? I was busy helping a friend out (emailing back & forth) the last week or so. Then the last two nights, I spent the evenings reading a new novel to give me a change of pace; get my mind off things. I know that you are right that the test is nothing -- the anxiety is the results thing really, but I have been getting lots of "TRUST ME" impressions from the Word lately ... ;)

I'll have to get my jello & drinks ready; I think you are right that the prep will be the hardest part of it all ... :dizzy: I was wondering if I should get DH to bring my PORTA-POTTY indoors and set it up in the livingroom ... :lol:

DH'S & HIS ADVENTURES ~ On Thursday, DH went out on a run and got stranded for awhile -- his bike broke down on him a couple of times, and then he only had one gear, so he had to pull his bike & wagon back home himself (on foot). I was getting quite concerned becuz he was gone over 8 hours; no food or water (doesn't ever learn); and it was getting dark, so our landlord went out hunting for him. DH got home just before he got back; and he felt kinda bad about it, but I am glad that he went looking for him anyways. It's too cold at night to be out in the bush hurt or lost somewhere. I got a bit stressed out about it, and made some unhealthy food choices, but not too many calories, thankfully. Then I got right back on the wagon the next morning -- and yes, I did use the PRAISE TOOL to get me through the day! BTW, no more road trips for DH this year ... house rules! ;)

HEY BOOTSIE ~ that's a cute story about your friend & the chicks; we loved raising the chickens & ducks. They were the easiest to raise, and she'll love getting the eggs down the road too. They are funny to watch for sure ...

Well, hope our friends here all have a lovely Sunday tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow2:

11-14-2010, 08:32 PM
HI GALS ~ :)

Taking a few minutes before dinner. I have a roast, potatoes, carrots and onions in the crock-pot and brussel sprouts in the oven roasting. The brussel sprouts are all mine..Angie won't touch them :D

It has been a beautiful week-end the 70-80's! We took the dogs to the beach for 4 miles yesterday and the sun was already out at 6am and warm :) Spent the afternoon on the garage....we are re-organizing it and the gym.....making room for future GRANDbaby (KAIA) stuff ;)

An easy day around here, we went to church then I took the mutts out for 3 miles while Angie went to a yoga class. The rest of the day we spent in the family room, Angie on the computer with music stuff and me watching NASCAR and football....interacting with each other on stuff.

Pastor's sermon (on my Facebook page today) was on "slackers" it is easy for us in these times to "click" and give $$$ to a worthy cause instead of getting out and doing something for the cause.....all along stressing that giving $$$ is not a bad thing but sometimes we need to dig a little deeper in ALL ways.

I think I may be off work most of the week so I should be able to check in daily....

Prayers for ALL ~ Gary

11-14-2010, 09:12 PM
Hi Gary and Rosebud, I been moving back in our bedroom . The guest bedroom bed is much nicer to my back and my husbands that we been sleeping in there plus our air-conditioner went out. We got company coming so got to give them the good bed. Those two cats think they been helping me all weekend Gee.... they can do the funniest things! I was un packing grocery's and dropped a plastic bag before i could reach down and get it either Cabbage Cat or Rattie grabed it and took off running and the other cat went in the hall way switching her tail and went in and out she came with the other cat with the plastic bag on her back like a cape running after the other cat and I bet they were hitting 40 miles and hour. I took out after them to help the poor cat who had the monster on her back and they came out from under the bed wide eyed and scared to death. I just cracked up and laughed till I had tears and tried to tell my husband and couldn't for laughing so hard it was so funny!
Try to make or unmake a bed with those two around, I finally got fed up and caught them and put them outside the bedroom door.
Then I cut holes in a box for them to play in , they love it! I have some peacock feathers and they can jump 4 ft up in the air after it. Those two are better than TV!
We wormed the goats today and hubby helped me for they banged me up last time.
I cleaned out one frig yesterday and the kitchen closet, neither one look like mine anymore to clean!

11-14-2010, 10:13 PM
LOL of my dogs always helps me do yard work or work in the garage...took me 3 times longer this week to repair a wall I took down to move a weight machine out of the gym! But I love every minute of it!

11-14-2010, 11:11 PM
:wave: HI FRIENDS ~ we had a nice, quiet day today. Those light flurries very quickly turned into :rain: last night, so that didn't materialize into much -- overcast and in the 40's most of the day. It has all cleared up now though -- just after dinner, I saw the half moon and some stars out there from the front window.

You two are right -- NIKO constantly tries to help me and/or watch me whenever I am cooking dinner, so I am forever tripping over him. If he gets stepped on or bonked, then he gets smart and goes to sit & watch from the hallway instead. :dizzy: He is just like our dear old SWEETIE, at 5 pm on the dot, he wants to go outside but first he comes over to nudge me to see if I am going to start dinner or not ... :lol:

Funny thing is, we put our clocks back last weekend, and his internal clock got a bit mixed up for a few days. He was waking up too early and bugging me to make dinner too early and so on. He'd come and get me at 4 pm, instead of 5; and get up at 6 am, instead of 7 to go outside! :dizzy:

GARY ~ that dinner sounds great -- I had cabbage rolls with green beans & knib corn, plus a smallish salad on the side. Boy, was I full; filling up on veggies and salad is really working for me.

I changed my breakfast this month to oatmeal + natural cream of wheat for at least 3 days and really have found that it takes away hunger cravings I used to get at 11 am; so I am switching for good. I am reading a new book about healthy eating called "WINNING THE FOOD FIGHT" and there is a plan in there called "The VICTORY Diet" and I am using many of the ideas and tips from it and finding them helpful.

I am going to try them for a while -- he challenges people to try the oatmeal fiber breakfast for 3 weeks, if they have "Constipation" issues, as this food plan helps cure that problem. So far, I am seeing much improvement in that area. He challenges people to try the main plan for 7 weeks to see if they see health improvements for cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight-loss.
We'll see how I do ...

Hope all our CE friends have a wonderful week coming up; take good care too ... Rosebud :flow2:

11-17-2010, 09:21 AM
Good Morning to all! I been up all night, with my two kittens helping, cleaning on my Mother in laws kitchen, moving my stuff out. It looks so much better. Today washing clothes and putting clothes up , sure have a lot to get done before Thanksgiving . Plus my friend and I are going Garage sale hopping this Friday and some Christmas shopping. We are going to a store that you can buy stuff you got when you was a kid, that you can not find anymore. Found out some more of my friends are headed that way too, so we will more than likely see them out and about, should be fun!

Then clean on this house this weekend and the outside of the house. Thank the dear Lord I got that cactus cut down and hauled off. I trimmed what I have left up and it looks so pretty. Well y'all have a great day!

11-24-2010, 12:52 PM

May your stuffing be tasty

May your turkey be plump,

May your potatoes and gravy

Have never a lump.

May your yams be delicious

And your pies take the prize,

And may your Thanksgiving dinner

Stay off your thighs!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

11-25-2010, 08:36 PM
:thanks2: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

11-27-2010, 01:31 AM
Hope all our American friends had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY ... with lots of good healthy food and friends & family gathered 'round ... :D

HI RONNIE ~ nice to see you drop by; missed you! Still sending up prayers for you and yours ... :hug:

We got a big dump of ***** the last 2 days with blowing winds; the good thing about this is that it helps keep us warm and the snow around the building stops the winds coming in too. It is kinda like a snow cocoon of sorts; and it is a lot warmer in here too.

My eating has been pretty good this week (well, I was on liquids from Sunday to Tuesday at dinnertime), but I ate too many nuts tonight -- oh well, I will learn from this and do better next time ... I had a lean burger and a salad for dinner tonight; so the day part was good. :lol:

We got our nativity creche up this week plus our candle lights. I have to find something heavy to put in my snowman as the winds keep knocking him over; I may put in birdseed, then feed it to the birds after Christmas ... ;)

Hope all our friends here have a wonderful weekend ... Rosebud :flow2:

11-27-2010, 09:48 AM
Hi GALS :)

I hope this finds everyone doing well :hug:

It is early Saturday morning here, I will send the dogs in on Angie at 6 and we will go out for 3 miles then come home and get ready to go up to her moms house for the rest of the week-end. Her family is getting together for Thanksgiving this evening.

With the kids schedules ~ son/dil visiting her side in Florida ~ daughter/sil having lunch with my ex-wife and then dinner with sil's mom ~ step-d with Americorp in Utah ~ nephew with NAVY duty ~ sister with my bil's family ~ brother with my sil's family......Angie and I had a very nice quiet Thanksgiving to ourselves....well....a couple of begging dogs ;) ....we were invited to all the other dinners but declined with respect.....

We didn't want to miss the marathon of Cake Boss :D

I took Angie, my daughter, nieces, sister and sil to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra yesterday. Boy did they seem louder than a few years ago....or am I getting older? ;)

A very nice way to "rock" the start of the Christmas season. They also played some of their new non-Christmas stuff which was cool.

Things are going well here but I will say work for the future is sketchy....I am off now but that is ok because I was really going hard for a few months. Our company has work but I have a few guys going that really need their medical benefits so they HAVE to keep their hours up. I do have work in the future AND we are picking up jobs but just not anything to keep everyone involved with us busy at all times...which, will be the road we travel for years to come I am afraid.

So happy to be walking that road with CHRIST! :carrot:

Have a great week-end :hug:

11-29-2010, 12:40 AM
Hello, it's me again, and I would like to ask for some prayers for my Aunt and her family.
Been a tough Holiday already.. My oldest Aunt had a stroke on Thanksgiving and is not doing well. Has been in the hospital since then and is not expected to recover. She will be 94 on Tuesday and has had a Wonderful life, just still hard on everyone. She really has never regained consciousnes but we all gathered in the ICU room where she was and sang gospel songs ( she loved to sing and has a beautiful voice) and read bible verses. She opened her eyes several times and once even had a smile. Been a tough few days. Lost an Uncle on Thanksgiving 11 years ago, and this Aunt is having a really hard time this year. Her daughters were here from Colorado from last Saturday until yesterday. So at least they were with her when she got the news about her sister on Thanksgiving evening. She will be 84 in April and is the last living sibling.
Appreciate all the prayers. I hope everyone is doing OK and having a good evening. I will try my best to get back here more often... I really do think of you all often.

11-29-2010, 08:32 PM
Karen-prayers going for your aunts.

Gary-prayers for your work. It's good that you can keep as many as possible busy for as long as possible, but must be hard figuring out who goes where and when, especially with Christmas coming.

Rosebud-so glad to hear your tests went ok for the most part. DH had the same in the summer and had a good report, too. You've done well getting your Christmas decos up already! I'm lacking motivation to get the stuff out and put it up-everything has been more difficult this year since Dad's death and it just takes more effort for me to get anything done at all, so I may downsize quite a bit this year (probably won't get rid of anything, just won't put all of it up).

Stresses have been taking over our lives here lately. DH has 'bid' a new job in his plant, which would put him back on rotating shift, but his managers are sooooo incredibly bad that they decided they had to repost the job, because no one could agree on when the 10 days of the original posting ended:?:, so DH has to re-bid, but is the only person with the seniority for the job. It'll be a little more difficult on the shift work, but the stress of the job he's been in is making him crazy. There are other employees who are supposed to be doing some of the tests when DH is off (and are being paid more than him), but they don't actually do the tests and just make up numbers to record, and the manager knows it, but there's too much favoritism at this plant, so he does nothing about it.:mad: So, anyway, DH may be starting rotating shifts-7 days/nights on, 7 off, starting in about 2 weeks, just in time for the holidays-yippee.....

Otherwise, it's just same-old, same-old here. Weather is starting to get icky, with cold and freezing rain and snow moving in tonight. My 30 year high school reunion was this past Saturday, but couldn't go, because we can't plan on traveling this time of the year (it was in IN). Only about 80 of the 213 I graduated with went, so maybe they'll rethink the November reunions before the next one.

Well, hope you all have a great week! Trying to get back on plan now-I was able to maintain through Thanksgiving, so happy about that. Take care:hug:

11-30-2010, 09:25 AM
We lost my Aunt this morning and it is very sad. But how neat is that to be able to go and meet Jesus on your 94th. Birthday!! We loved her and will miss her a lot.

11-30-2010, 11:16 AM
I am so sorry Karen for your loss, So happy for all the precious memories she and God left for you and your family. It is a blessing to live that long with a loving family that loves you as much as you and others loved her. Praying for comfort for you and your family this day.

11-30-2010, 05:34 PM
Praying for your family, Karen:hug:

11-30-2010, 11:06 PM
Prayers for all of you!

Spent the day doing some work on my stairway hand rails and shopping for an Elf On The Shelf for my little nephew....what a cool idea! He is gonna love it....gave it to his grandma, my sister, to start it up in the morning.

Well gotta go....Angie and I are getting ready to watch Happy Days reruns.

be good....