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10-27-2002, 07:03 AM
I AM BORED AND LONESOME!!!!!I have papered the baby's drawers, washed all her clothes, fixed them all on hangers to match, redid the bed with the mattress pad washed, folded up the baby washclothes and towels, arranged my BF supplies neatly in the closet, cleaned out closets, started baby book, wrapped Christmas presents, caught up on the scrapbook, emptied the garbage for garbage day tomorrow, etc etc etc!!!
I AM GOING NUTS WITHOUT HIM HERE!!!!! He called last night and I just cried like a nut....Hormones!!!!! :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
My mood affects her and she moves all night...SD#2 got me up at 4am soo I have been doing nothing since!!!


10-27-2002, 09:40 AM
Good Morning All!

Just a reminder in case you forgot...FALL BACK this morning...hopefully you all caught an extra hour sleep last night!! I guess I did, I knew we had to turn the clocks back, but forgot when I went to sleep last night. We had such a busy day, we were both asleep by 10 (which is actually kinda late for me). I heard DH up and still home around 9:25 and got up to see if he was running late, he reminded me.

RR- Sounds like you're getting rather nutty down there!! Nesting?! :lol: At least DH will be coming home to a clean house!! I decided to have 2 eggs, 2 pcs. of taylor ham and 4 oz. of OJ for breakfast yesterday. Hopefully that'll be alright. My mom said the pumpkin pie should have been out of my system by the time they took the blood because it had been more than 12 hrs. I have been debating a belly pic...probably will, but itll be a clothed one!!

Tech- Good for you on the exercise!! Doesn't it feel great when you take the initiative and do something?! I always feel great when I walk around the building at lunch. It's .7 around and takes me about 20 minutes. Of course I can barely stand by the time I'm done, with the lower back pain. :rolleyes:

Karen- Hope you got out a little yesterday afternoon, once it cleared up and the sun came out! I wish I could take a bath!! :( I wish I had a bathtub!! :lol:

Well, have a great day all, I have to clean my bathroom and kitchen today. Yuk!

10-28-2002, 08:53 AM
Well everyone - I'm still here. I've been lurking for the past couple of weeks (maybe longer since my last post) but just haven't felt like posting. Don't know what's going on with my eating - I will have a good day or week and then go a little crazy for a day or week. The halloween candy is not helpful to a chocolate addict. But I better get things in control before the Christmas candy starts!! I've been wavering on the scale between 146.5 and 149 - I know that's not too bad but I'm just hungry and "snacky" all the time. For so long I could have just a bit of chocolate and that would be okay and now I want more, more more!!! Not getting on the scale right now because I don't want to see anything too bad I just have to get control. I'm still doing the meal planning for dinners and they're pretty good - I'm just hungry again a couple of hours later. Oh well I've been through it before.

I just wanted to say hi and to let everyone know I'm still here and I'll try to post more often - maybe that will help.

Sorry I can't respond to everyone right now but a special hi to all the "moms to be" - it all sounds like a lot of fun and I'm jealous and hope you're all feeling great!

Have a great day,

10-28-2002, 09:21 AM
Hi all, I had a great weekend. It started on Friday after work when I did a 5K run. I ate well all day and was both mentally and physically prepared for it. Here's the best part...I was there warming up, walking around and stretching when I looked up and saw my ex-husband and his latest girlfriend (he's in his running attire while she's all prissed out with the perfect hair and makeup). I started laughing and waved to him and he freaked out and didn't even acknowledge me then walked off in the other directions. His expression was hysterical. I don't know if he was in shock that I would be doing the run or he didn't want me near his new woman. He was the kind of husband that would critizice me cuz I wasn't smart enough, healthy enough, energetic enough, skinny enough, educated enough, etc. It was so incredibly satisifying for him to see me doing this race. During the run I was waiting for him to run past me but I never saw him -- he could have started before me but I don't think he did. What a weirdo!!! We've been divorced for 8 years so I have no idea why he would react that way. Anyway...I did great on the run and it felt really good. During the last mile I actually passed several people who looked in much better shape than I am. I have one more 5K on Tuesday so I hope to do even better.

Saturday I relaxed all day (it was wonderful) then that night we went to a Halloween party. I munched a little bit but not too bad. I had a two drinks and then switched to water. I also did lots of dancing. Sunday I busted my butt doing major house cleaning.

On a sad note...our tortoise dug out of our yard and he's missing. We've had him for 5 years and he was so cool. I'm gonna make up some flyers today and go talk to all the neighbors. I hope someone has him and will give him back. :(

Have a great week everyone!!

10-28-2002, 01:25 PM
The time change has me all messed up. At least my kids went to bed early last night.....bad thing is they were up before dawn this morning. :(

On a good note...I've lost weight or at least inches. I put on a pair of jeans yesterday that are normally a little snug. Yesterday they were loose, real loose. So loose I was almost embarrassed to wear them. DH even commented on how thin I looked. I haven't been "trying". My diet sucks. I mean I'm not overeating really, but I haven't been eating healthy. I haven't been to the gym in a month. :?:

My 12 month old daughter is really taking off with her walking. I forgot how drunk toddlers look when they walk.:lol:

RR- That's some serious nesting!! When are you due? I understand completely about the crying to DH thing. When I was 8 mos pg, my DH left home to work with his dad because he got layed off right after Sept. 11th. I cried constantly and as soon as he would call I'd start yelling at him (out of character for me). We lived next door to a cop and he come over one night to make sure everything was ok because he heard my yelling. Oh the woes of pregnancy.

LBH - I hope you got some cleaning done because I sure didn't.:lol:

elisa - I haven't had a chance to "meet" you yet, but hi. I know about the halloween candy thing. I purposely haven't bought any this year just so I wouldn't be tempted. Chocolate sounds soooooooooo good right now too. As you posted your weight I was curious to know how tall you are.

liz - WOW! A 5K, that's awesome.:bravo: I am so jealous. I want to run badly, but after giving birth 3 times my bladder muscles are weak and just the slightest jog makes me pee :cry: Hope you find your tortoise. And way too funny about the ex. Men are so stupid sometimes.

10-28-2002, 03:31 PM
Hi All,

Elisa!! Good to see you!! Sorry to hear you're having a rough time...hopefully it's just a Halloween thing. I'm having a pretty rough time this past week or so with sweets too.

Liz- :bravo: to you for doing the 5K!! And even better that exDH got to see you looking soo good!! :smug: Hope you find your tortoise.

Kesco- Congrats on the losing some inches!! It must be quite a few if the pants were soo baggy your were embarrassed to wear them!! :lol: I didn't get too much done this weekend, but I did get the kitchen pretty much spic and span. My table, which is a counter top built into the wall, is a "hot spot", as FlyLady would say. It collects everything, we can't even eat at it most of the time!! :rolleyes: We ate there last night! :D

Well, I had a midwife appt. this AM. Everything is going good, but we're getting a little worried about my weight. I gained 4-5 lbs. this month, and neither of us is happy. I brought it up to her when I stepped on the scale. I said I've been absolutely horrible the past few weeks. For breakfast this AM, I had 8 oz. OJ, 2 pcs. apple struedel bread w/brummel and brown, and ring dings!! :o I told her I try to walk everyday for at least 15 minutes, but my back aches me. She suggested I get one of those maternity belts that supports your stomach, and try again, it should help. She wants me to walk more. Otherwise things are great. He's measuring a little big, but she said that's probably just the extra padding on the uterus. I start going every 2 weeks now, through 36 weeks, then every week. My next appt. in Nov. 13th, and we'll get an U/S. She will be on Vacation, so I'll see the doctor and he'll measure for date and size, etc. I'm soo excited to see Petey again!! I'll be 30 weeks then. :D

Have a great day all!!

10-28-2002, 04:19 PM
Kesco - I'm 5'4" and I wear a size 12 right now. I'm not unhappy at my weight (which is maybe why I've slacked off) but I could easily lose another 15 lbs I think.

Tried to have a good day but still managed to find candy. I'm still not giving up and if I get a bit better each day I'll be back on track in a few days!


10-28-2002, 07:24 PM
Hi all. Well, DH left for Maryland tonight. Once again, I am so happy they caught those crazy guys!! I decided (for some crazy reason) to clean the top of my refrigerator tonight. OMG!! That was the grossest thing. Then I saw what the top of my cabinets look like. UGH. There's no way I can reach them without a ladder and I am banned from that right now. DH would be hopping mad at me if I did that.

Lauren: Uh-oh. Sorry about the weight thing. Is 4-5 pounds bad? I've been OK because I haven't gained anything by the doctors scale. By mine I had lost one, but then I realized I weighed without shoes last time and with sneakers this time. I guess they weigh one pound. He wants me to go back in three weeks. Did you go from 4 to 3 like that? Just curious. Yeah on seeing the table. I was almost there and we went to Cosco. Now I am back where I started.

Elisa: Welcome back. Lurking is good sometimes too. I know that when I was in school (it sure feels good to be able to say that :D) I would be so tired of being on the 'puter I would just read and not post sometimes for weeks and weeks. Do you want to loose 15 more pounds or do you think you should for some reason? Maybe your body is happy at the weight you are now and that is why you are having problems. I also haven't brought any candy in for Halloween. I bought toys this year to give out. I do have some Lindt hanging around but I have really not wanted candy since being pg. Maybe this is a good side affect!!

Kesco: Yeah on the loose pants. That is totally awesome!! Glad you had a nice weekend.

Liz: Congrats on the race. Sounds to me like your ex has some problems. Maybe he was jealous 'cause you look SO darn good!!

RR: Only six more days??

OK, puppies are begging for attention so I gotta go. Have a nice evening all.

10-28-2002, 07:34 PM
Hello all!!!!

Only 4 more nights of sleeping alone!!!!Everyone say a prayer that he will be home Friday evening safe!!!I even called the airlines to cry and beg for a new flight on Thursday but there is no flights except Mon=Wed and Frid..I guess that I have to straighten up!!! I bought 3 diaper bags yesterday cuz I couldnt figure out the "perfect one"..
I am getting weirder by the minute~~~;)

Kesco-I am 33 weeks2 days sooo I guess the nesting is part of the whole thing!!!

Lauren--Yeah on seeing Petey again soon!!!I have Kaleigh's pic on my dash board and look at those chubby little cheeks daily!!!Sorry about the weight...I am telling U=--that diabetic diet has been the best for me..THis week, I am having problems with lower sugars cuz my appetite is poor with DH gone..I will see next Tues with my next appointment!!!

Karen--I am glad we are "suffering" together...Makes it easier to know I have a "friend" in the same boat!!!Hope he gets home safely soon!!!!

ELise==WElcome back!!!

Off to cook supper!!!!

10-29-2002, 05:17 AM
Hi guys,

Have been lurking around last week, no time at all!
Here's the news: am leaving job the 31st (that was a shock!, as if I couldn't have been told before!), am starting the new one either 1 Nov or 15. More pay, better job (private investment and insurance project firm). I am also going to go to the Netherlands on special fare (weekend 200$) to have my tooth fixed by my dad or sister (needs a root canal + small op so probably dad). Have been paying: bills bills bills bills etc. up to now so totally broke, no shopping in NL for me...
Ex-BF is still staying with me, have not found a new house yet, but am feeling a lot better. Have NO idea about my weight, but am being counselled by my friend the (female) weightliftress so that's going well. On Friday I had an extra gig showing around a just-married US couple, really nice people, so we all had lots of fun. The weekend was quiet, only in stead of putting the clock back I put it Fwrd, ahem. Where DO I keep my brain!
Yesterday was a holiday (the day the Greeks said NO to surrendering to WW2 Mussolini which started the war), and the weather was again perfect, so we went for cocktails at the Yacht club and pretended we were rich, and afterwards for dinner (which was actualy cheaper than the drinks, can you believe it!)

Lizzard, sorry about the tortoise, are you sure it's gone? it might have dug in for winter(?), what's the climate like with you? Gran's toirtoise doesn't show itself a lot these days, mostly it stays dug-in

Kesko, can you teach me the thing with the inches?????

RR, DHB is almost back (maybe even today?)!

To all others, lots of love and be well (gotta pack my stuff!)

:D Back in check, GG

10-29-2002, 05:56 AM
GG--Have a nice safe trip!!!Of course, not for dental work!!!!YUCK!!!3 more nights alone!!!!!!:D

Have a good day all!!!!

10-29-2002, 07:57 AM
Thanx RR! It will hopefully be on the 8th, so I do have some time to prepare. As for dental work, My dad is REALLY good, only he says things like: "open your mouth now and shut up!" so that's less funny. I am not even afraid of his sedating needle though, he manages to sedate without any pain, just a little discomfort. Phew! But I can't sue him 'coz he's my dad...GG

10-29-2002, 08:31 AM
Hi All,

I'm soo tired this AM. I love it when I have half days, like yesterday, and I can either sleep in, or just sit around for a couple hours before doing anything! Have a slight headache that's getting worse, think I may have to pop some Tylenol, because I had it yesterday too.

Had fun at childbirth class last night, learned how to time contractions, and this time DH was really sweet during our relaxation time. I think this may work afterall!! :lol:

GG- Official congrats on the new job. Have fun in NL, even if it is to get teeth fixed. You have to remember, Fall back and Spring forward. :)

RR- I can't wait to have a cute picture of Petey to show everyone and look at all day!! Hang in there, just a few more days til DH is home! I'm really hoping I don't get a call from Tina saying I failed the 1 hr.

Karen- How long is DH gone for? Bummer. You'll have to have him climb up and clean the tops of the cabinets for you when he gets back! :D If you haven't really gained anything, then 4-5 pounds is not that much, but she wants me to gain slow and steady, which I've been doing up until now. It's definitely all the crap I'm eating. I didn't lose anything in the beginning, because I wasn't that sick. Did I go from 4 to 3 what? Weeks? You go every 4 weeks up to 28 wks, then every 2 wks. til 36 wks., then every week until birth.

Have a great day all!

10-29-2002, 09:21 AM
RR: I really remember the nesting I went thru the last few weeks- my house was never cleaner. I can't believe you bought 3 diaper bags! Hope you can return 2 - remember you haven't even had your shower yet, you'll probably get more diaper bags there.
I didn't like the look of diaper bags and used an extra large purse I had - worked perfect (it was black, not pastel like all the baby bags were at the time).

Lizzard - yeah! on laughing at the sight of ex-h. and good job on the 5K. Sorry about the turtle. Every one we have had has found a way to dig out of the turtle habitat too...we've never been able to keep one for 5 years - more like 2 mts!

I need to go get ready - I have town errands to do today before the boys and I do school. - jul

10-29-2002, 10:40 AM
Tsk, tsk, tsk - after elisa posted about chocolate, my cravings got the best of me and I went to the store and bought an ex large Dr Pepper, Skor, and snickers. I drank the Dr Pepper in one gulp it seems. After I finished the skor I put the snickers in DH's drawer for him to have later. After about 10 minutes I went and got it and gobbled it down. It was so good!! I love Dr Pepper. I used to drink several a day until recently. I haven't had one in a long time. I try to drink mostly water. Oh well, one time isn't going to kill me, but I know after yesterday's incident all that soda and chocolate is going to go straight to my butt.;)

Jul - do you homeschool? I give you a lot of credit if you do. I am home with my kids all day and I long for the time they are old enough to send to school. :D

LBH - let me know if you use the techniques they are teaching you in childbirth class. I hate those headaches. My OB had to prescribe meds for mine because they would get so bad. Now that you are going every 2 weeks, the time will start to fly.

Karen - You aren't supposed to see the tops of your cabinets. That's why the top is WAY up there. Just do like I do and pretend they're clean.;)

RR - 3 diaper bags? I hate picking out diaper bags too. I usually end up just using a purse anyway. Counting down to Friday with you :)

Greek - sorry about the dental work, but at least it's a trip to see the family, huh. I am one of those weirdos who likes to have work done on my teeth. I think it's because I love having an excuse to take it easy. That whole yacht party think sounded fun. I've always wanted to go to Greece.

I feel like I skipped someone. Sorry if I did. I am sure with my mommy brain I'll do that often. I am going to ix myself a glass of water. I hope it'll curb my craving for another Dr Pepper.

10-29-2002, 12:09 PM
I have to laugh at RR and the diaper bag dilemma. :lol: When I was looking at them, I thought to myself, this is gonna be as hard as the bi-annual pocketbook search!! DH even said, is this gonna be like shopping for pocketbooks, you'll never have one you're happy with?! :lol: He's right, I'm afraid. I registered for the Eddie Bauer backpack one. It was fairly reasonable, and everyone I've talked to says the backpack kind seems to work best. Besides, DH wanted the backpack kind, so he wouldn't look stupid. :rolleyes: I think it's black, and it has a tan suede flap on top. The carrier I picked also has a fanny pack attached to it, so if it's just a quick outing to the store or something, that's all I'll need...I think!!

Kesco- We're doing Bradley classes, so I really hope I use the techniques! And my midwife has a significantly lower medicated rate than the doctors at my hospital, so I'm keeping my hopes up...even with my no-tolerance for pain!! Now, STAY AWAY FROM THE EVIL DR. PEPPER!! Someone poured that stuff on the roof of an old car I had years ago, and it took the paint off!! You got your craving out of the way, now acknowledge and move on!! :lol:

Hi Jul! Good to see you!!

OK, back to work, headache's still there, but starting to fade...thank God for Tylenol!!

10-29-2002, 05:37 PM
Lauren--At least the 3 bags were all Eddie Bauer...I really like the weekender and the other somewhat larger one..I will let DH decide and stick with that one!!!Our Childbirth classes are all day Sat from 3:30 to 2pm after he gets home from a 23 hr plane journey on Friday...He is a trooper and knows how much this means to me and will go happily!!!!

10-29-2002, 05:45 PM
Just wanted to post an introduction and a hello :wave:. I just discovered this site and think its great. Ive enjoyed reading the posts and have gathered some helpful tips and recipes etc.

I posted a bio in the bio thread, but a little more about myself. Im 33 year old female with 2 children (8 and 5) and I work full time.

Ive been struggling with weight issues most of the my life and have recently lost 39 pounds with WW and am hoping to lose 25 -30 more. Up until now Ive felt really motivated and strong in my determination but lately Ive been feeling kind of tired of the struggle.

Im generally a quiet or shy person, but since I can identify with alot of the things Ive been reading on the board, thought Id like to put myself out there and give/receive support on the issues we all experience with weight loss and life in general I guess :)

So, thats me :dizzy: I hope I can make a home in your thread :)

10-29-2002, 09:54 PM
Hi all. Ah heck, I had a nice long post all typed out and lost it!!

RR: ONLY THREE MORE NIGHTS!! I think your DH sounds like a terrific guy. I don't think I would want to go to an all day ANYTHING after traveling that long.

Lauren: Glad the tylenol worked for you. Wow, the things I have to look forward to buying.........diaper bags, nursing bras, diapers............

Kesco: A woman after my own heart!! I LOVE Dr. Pepper. Real stuff, not the diet. Where are you from again?

Deena: Welcome to the group. I think you will find lots of good support here. I know I have.

The weather here sucks. It's sleeting outside. SLEETING!! The lady on the radio said cloudy with a slight chance of LIGHT rain. Hummm. Think they made a booboo? I'm curled up with a nice cup of decaffinated tea. I had a cup of the regular stuff last night and I was up half the night. I went out and got the decaf stuff tonight. Since there's no DH to snuggle with I gotta have something to warm me up. I'm not ready for winter. I don't want to buy a pg coat. I guess I will have to use bungy cords to tie mine shut with!!

OK, have a great night all. Hope everyone is well.

10-29-2002, 11:38 PM
Kesco, yes I'm homeschooling. The boys are pretty young, just 5 and 6 so its not to hard. We aim for 3 days a week. We travel alot to art shows and the public schools don't like it when you tell them that your kids won't be attending mondays and fridays for most of the fall and spring. I'm home till thanksgiving so we're trying to fit in a bit more homeschool between now and then.

Apparently I need to get a fresh binder started for "Health". I've just let it all go the last couple months...if I start a new binder and set some new goals maybe I'll get inspired to start losing again. I'll work on that tomorrow afternoon - tomorrow morning I'm off to the flea markets with a friend. - jul

10-30-2002, 06:59 AM
GOod Morning!!!!

Welcome Deena to the group!!!We are a fun supporting group of women and U will find U can post about anything!!!!

2 more nights...I cant wait!!! Yesterday, started with major Braxton Hicks contractions and pressure in my "area". MD wants me to slow down...soo I am gonna work 3- 12 hr shifts as a "telephone nurse" to sit down more...Of course, it is longer shifts but should be easier than pulling on surgical people, pushing stretchers and wheelchairs and standing for 8 hrs....I dont mind the contractions as long as DH is in town and now knowing that she is 4.5lbs!!!!

Have a great day!!!SD#2 is up and the cats are screaming for food!!!!!

10-30-2002, 10:05 AM
Hi All,

Despite the weather, this just may be a great day! I walked in this AM and almost didn't recognize my desk!! :lol: I spent most of yesterday cleaning it off and reorganizing it and labeling piles by what needed to be done to them. I have never seen soo much of my cube!! :lol: I even cleaned the stuff that was stacked under it, so when I walked in this AM, I was shocked!! :D Hopefully I can make a dent in my piles today.

RR- That's good that they have an option for you besides leaving work. What do you do as a telephone nurse? Who do you talk to? Oh, I didn't realize there were more than one kind of EB bag! Duh...

Jul- Good luck getting back on track!

Karen- I'm not looking forward to the nursing bra saga...I have enough troubles with these monsters to begin with!! :rolleyes: It was sleeting when I left work last night, and DH said he saw kind of snow this AM when he left! :eek: They said NW Jersey was supposed to get 1-3 in. snow last night, I don't know if they did, but if we had still lived in Budd Lake, we would've gotten it!! I dug out my winter jacket yesterday and it fits fine. It was a little big to begin with, but I've still got extra room.

Deena- Welcome! Hope you feel at home and find lots of support here!

Have a great day all!!

10-30-2002, 11:22 AM
Good morning!! I am doing my last load of laundry so I can pack for my trip to visit my family. I am so excited! I was going to leave tomorrow but have decided on today instead. The more I stay here the more I hate it (long story). I am deathly allergic to fire ants and well one of the dang things bit my arm last night. I have no idea how it got in the house, but I am spitting nails mad! :mad: It is so swollen and it hurts.

LBH - anytime you want to come over here and organize, be my guest. I am a very organized person but no one else around here is so I have given up on trying to keep things tidy.

RR - take super easy with those BH contrx. I was about 26 wks and started getting them pretty bad. Well I didn't take it easy and they ended up as full blown contrx and I had to take Brethine and be on bedrest. It sucked and it was scarey.

Jul - are you an art enthusiast or are you an artist? I art shows and museums, etc. That is part of the reason I wantd to move here so my children could experience some culture.

Karen - I had a Dr Pepper again yesterday. Just a medium one from Subway with my low fat sandwich. I almost pushed the diet Pepsi button (yuck), but I couldn't keep my fingers off the Dr Pepper one :T . Oh and I currently live near San Antonio, Tx.

Deena - welcome! I'm new here too. only been posting a week and I feel very at home:)

Well, The dryer stopped so I've got jeans to pack. I'll look in from my parent's house. I'll be there until Sunday. Oh, and I have to tll everyone. My parent's are going to babysit my kids on Friday night while I spend the night at my brother's house. I get to sleep in!!!:dance:

10-30-2002, 10:26 PM
Hi all. Well, I had to take one of our dogs to the emergency vet this evening. She was limping, wouldn't eat and was acting generally unwell. She jumped off of my four-poster bed this am and hurt her knee it turns out. She had to get a shot and pills for inflammation. Poor thing. I felt so bad.

RR: Only two more nights!! Yippee. Glad you can do the easier job.

Lauren: Yeah on the organizing. I need to get my house in order but I've been so tired this week with going back to work. I can't seem to get up the gumption to do what needs to be done.

Kesco: I am originally from outside Dallas. DP is my family's favorite drink. (DH likes it too even though he's a Yankee). Are you originally from Texas? I miss the wide open spaces. :) Yeah on getting to sleep in.

Hey, I just realized that my baby is going to be a Yankee!! Uh oh. That's hard for a southern belle to take!!

Have a great evening all!!

10-31-2002, 04:26 AM
Hi all,

this might be my last message for a week or two. Today is the big day where late boss is going to decide where I go (I still don't know). Lucky me, I have found smt from 15/11 whatever happens. In the mean time, I might read how you're doing but will probably have little access to a pc, mine has broken down.

Think about me as I will of you,

I'll be back!

Greekgirl going guerrilla

10-31-2002, 07:19 AM
Karen--I had to laugh at your comment!!! Kaleigh is gonna be half yankee/half cajun!!!!I tell DH all the time to watch that 1/2Southerner part..He is not gonna be used to baby with an attitude!!!!

Lauren-Telephone nursing is just sitting in an office pre registering people for their surgeries...the only walking is when I take them to get their lab work...IT is definately much easier..really busy but more sit down....I even stayed up later last night and never had the backache even though I did 10hrs...I am planning working as long as I can but I am constantly evaluating everything!!!!

GG-Good luck today!!!

Take care all!!!!

10-31-2002, 10:15 AM
Thanx RR, things ARE going well! I might still be able to check in, Wouldn't want to miss the Birthing Saga on this thread, more from Monday onwards, because Friday's free! Yippeeeee! Good the new sitting-down job is working out!

Hug to all,

Grrrrrrilja Greek

11-01-2002, 07:36 AM
Only 13 more hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-01-2002, 10:10 AM
Hi All,

TGIF...that's all I have to say really, it could be a better day. I don't know why I'm complaining, it's Friday, I'm dressed in my most comfortable sweats and sweatshirt, it's beautiful out, but my printer here at work is acting up!! :( Man, the craziest things set me off lately!! ARGH!!

Have a better day than me all!!

11-01-2002, 10:14 AM
The ant bite was way out of hand by Wednesday night. I tought I was going to have to go to the ER. I kept it on ice most of that night and the swelling and redness seemed to have quit spreading. It is still swollen today (Fri a.m.). but most of the fever has gone. Am I the only person in the world allergic to fire ants? My trip is going great otherwise. My parents are on somewhat of a health kick too so thefeasting is much more subdued here.:) My youngest son is going to spend the weekend with his dad so my oldest and I are going to see Santa Claus 2. My oldest lives here now with his dad. I sent him to start the school year here (2nd grade). Since we live with my inlaws and are very broke, he had much more opportunities living with his dad than me for now. The boys' dad is a good father. It's hard only seeing him once a month, but it will only be for the school year. Anyway, that's a small portion of my huge story that will unveil itself to yall over time. :dizzy:

Greek - take care and good luck with the job placement. I have no idea what smt and 15/11 means. :shrug:

Karen - yes, born and raised Texan here. I've lived and visited a lot of places, but I always come back here. Half yankee half southerner, huh? Poor little one......going to be so confused.:lol:

RR - enjoy having your hubby back!!!!!!!

11-01-2002, 02:35 PM
I passed, I passed!! I passed my 1 hr. glucose tolerance test!! I can't believe it, I almost fell off my chair!! :lol: It was 89 (normal is 70-120, give or take a few pts.) The girl was like, why are you soo surprised, I said, well, let's see, I'm fat, my gramma is diabetic and I love my sweets and carbs!! Guess it helped to eat the eggs and taylor ham that AM!!

Think I'll celebrate with a plate of mashies for dinner!! :lol:

11-01-2002, 03:29 PM
Just popping in to wish everyone a great weekend.

Haven't been on the computer all week but stopped in for a bit before I go lock myself in my sewing room. Skipped WW this week, K worked late and I crashed on the sofa, woke up when his boss called looking for him. I don't think I've been doing too bad eating wise, but I haven't been keeping track and haven't exercised this week at all. Maybe we'll walk the dogs before dinner.

Anyway.... Have a great weekend all!!!!

- Tech :o

11-01-2002, 05:55 PM
Kesco: my husband is a glassblower.

I still haven't worked on the binder and goals. I did redo my measurements and they are o.k., not great ...up a little around the waist (I knew that! my jeans are tighter) but overall not as bad as I thought.
I think sometimes I get so down that I see myself worse than others see me.

Just got bad news, we were rejected from the wholesale show in Baltimore for Feb. Sometimes these jury things really hurt my feelings (as well as my pocketbook). Therefore I need to sit down and fill out more show apps for retail shows. We still have one wholesale show in Feb. in Philly.

My UPS driver just pulled up so I need to go visit while he lifts all my heavy boxes into his truck :) .
- jul

11-01-2002, 08:36 PM
Hi all. Hope everyone had a nice Halloween. The kids were a bit surprised when I gave them little toys/pencils/paper instead of candy. I gave the really small kids hackey sacks. Several of the parents really seemed to appreciate it. Best of all..........no candy hanging around here :D. Thank goodness for Oriental Trading.

Kesco: I surely miss Texas sometimes. What I don't miss is the heat. I've been here for 7 years now and we were back home in August. Wow, the heat was awful. (My brother teases us that I got pg because of all the wonderful TX air!!)

Lauren: Yeah on passing the test!! I'm dreading that one myself. Although I haven't been craving sweets like I usually do. I want meat and salty stuff. (Also not so good for you though.) Hope the rest of your Friday is good.

RR: Yippee!! Sure hope DH makes it home safely. Mine should be here in about 2 hours or so. I can't wait.

Jul: Sorry about the show. Hope the others work out for you. So, does chatting up the UPS man help when he sees all the heavy boxes :D.

I have to work tomorrow so I think I'm going to go take a nap!! I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I am SO tired all the time. I thought I was over that. Guess I was resting more than I thought while I was off. Have a wonderful evening!!

11-02-2002, 08:56 AM
Hi All,

Wow, I'm up waaay too early for a Saturday AM, but I guess I better get used to it, huh?! We're headed down to my grandparent's house to p/u a secretary desk today. The plan was to leave by 9, get there by 11, and be back here by 2. Well, it's almost 9 now and I just sent DH back to bed because he was up at 3 this AM with an upset stomach. So we'll be running a little later.

Karen- I craved a lot of meat too. Not salt really, but beef definitely, and still do. Actually, there both good for you. The protein helps balance out your blood sugars and the baby needs the salt. Our instructor told us to always lightly salt your food, because the baby, or the placenta, whatever, needs that salt. It's been hard for me, because I don't add salt normally, but if I make eggs (another hard thing for me to do), I add salt. And don't forget, they say if you're craving something, it's probably because your body needs it.

Jul- Bummer about the show, hope you get the other one.

Have a great day all!

11-02-2002, 09:28 AM
He is home!!!!Still sleeping of course in preparation for childbirth classes!!! Tired..but wonderfully safe...His eyes popped out when he saw the belly though...He was shocked it had grown soo big.. I saw an old friend last night who brought me my stroller I registered for...This is soo great!!!She commented that I have lost weight in my face and upper body..It is weird cuz it really is just the old belly sticking way out there with boobies!!!!!Sitting at a desk, when I stand..people say.."wow U R pregnant!!!!"It is too funny!!!

Lauren--I really think I failed my GD test because of the fact I dont eat meat...My mom has fussed the last 2 weeks cuz my intake is soo little..I try to explain that following the diet, eating every 2 hrs I am never hungry!!! Well, the Eddie Bauer "Weekender" is the winner of the diaper bag saga!!!! I will get the tiny one for quick trips to match it or the back pack!!! THe other two go back!!!I get my Armoir today and will have all my little clothes hanging up by this afternoon!!!!!

Jul--Bummer about the show!!!Hope U get the apps out and have more shows than U know what to do with!!!!!:dizzy: :dizzy:

Karen--I am an Oriental Merchandise freak also!!! The best thing is with U Promise...everything U order goes to the baby's college fund!!! Between there and BabysRUs, I have $24 saved up!!!!:lol: :lol:

Tech-Dh had a 3 hr layover in Detroit and met his mom for lunch..He said he was shocked the temp had dropped!!!Get those dogs walkking!!!!

Kesco--Watch that antbite!!! U dont want to get cellulitis from it!!!!

Have a great day!!!Off to learn about carseats and things!!!!