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10-01-2010, 06:42 AM
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The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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10-01-2010, 06:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had the urge for extra evening snacks, but didn't, CREDIT moi. It's like the old habits have chosen evening snack time to try to creep back into my life. I gotta hold the line.

Made it to the gym, CREDIT moi, anticipating that I'd pick up another FREE sample of Bear Naked Granola. As I reached out to grab from the box I saw ... not granola ... hold on ... but pink boxes of Sports Tampons! I jumped back - more from disappointment than from the standard male thought that touching the box would make me grow boobs. Then spent my entire workout pondering whether it was worse that I had been discriminated against because I was male or because I was over 50, LOL. Finally decided that my lawsuit would demand FREE samples of Rogaine to compensate. Then my workout was done and my neurons returned to reality. I am so easily amused.

maryblu - Thanks for the account of leaf turning in Minnesota. Jealous of your fall bounty that includes raspberries and apples on your own trees.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - What a touching way to honor your mother, by feeling the feelings that she's not here to experience. [Congrats on ditching the bread with your soup. Interesting thought that it's a progression until we come to see that a big homemade salad is preferable to 3/4 of a Big Mac.]

Shepherdess - Yay for getting rejuvenated from a hard run - not intuitive is it.

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts to you and your son both for finding a way to deal with fibromyalgia. I was surprised to google that support groups exist and seem to help. Continue to love reading your count of twirls each morning. Congrats on a six-twirl day. Have you taught your DGS to twirl with you when you visit?

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for a long " 'holiday' weekend" - and Yay for a full life to consume it.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for remembering that food doesn't fix tired. Keep writing that so that maybe it goes into my brain also. Food doesn't fix.

Woodland - Congrats for a neat use of your iPhone. It's hard to believe that the world was able to continue on its orbit around the sun before those were invented.

Marci (madrikh) - Don't I wish that your "2000 calorie!" was just hyperbole, but it seems that they're getting there. Kudos for a one-cookie-from-OP day.

maryann - Great reminder why we need each other, "Carbs become my only friends in a lonely silence."

McKt - This "working on BALANCE" is so crucial; Kudos for each little step forward there. And Kudos for making your exercise happen.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

Use the same techniques to motivate
yourself to exercise that you used
to motivate yourself to diet

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 251.

10-01-2010, 10:44 AM

Fall has been busy for me too. We are finally siding our basement. We put up our house about 5 years ago and I wanted the fake rock stuff for the siding on the walkout basement. Well, I waited too long, and now I don't have the bucks for it. So, instead, we're putting up the basic wood fiber board and staining it. It really looks nice and it been fun to have a project with DH.

I achieved my September goal! Right on the very day. That feels pretty good. I'm the lowest I've been probably in 10 years. It's hard to believe that I'm actually doing it, in spite of slips, slides and skids! I'm not sure how much more I can loose before the snow flies - historically that's when I gain weight. The last two years it's been about 10 lbs. each year. Then I have to start at that weight in the spring. Wouldn't it be cool if I didn't gain that weight this winter and I could just start from where I'm at now?

Right now I feel like I can do that. Today I actually feel in control of how I eat, the choices I'm making. I was surprised when I was at the grocery store the other day and I wasn't even tempted to but junk food-- no cookies, ice cream, candy --nada. I was impressed.

Have a Great day everyone. I hope to participate more soon.

10-01-2010, 10:46 AM
I met my exercise goal for September -- it took averaging over 70 minutes a day for the last week, but I did it!

The tributes to Tony Curtis on NPR were great (thanks, Shepherdess!) and I put a bunch of his movies at the top of our Netflix queue -- it's amazing the variety he had; comedies and dramas, great movies and good movies and bad ones. I didn't put the bad ones on our queue--although I did put Operation Petticoat on it. I think that's underappreciated! I love the scene where Cary Grant is trying to figure out exactly what Tony Curtis can do on a submarine. Not guns, not navigation, not communication.

Lt. Commander Sherman: Tell me, before you became an admiral's aide, what did you do in the Navy, Mr. Holden?

Lt. Holden: Well, sir, I was primarily an idea man.

WI: -0.45kg, Exercise: +75 1800/1800 minutes for September, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: Yay for giving yourself credit for typos. You definitely have it right that messy is better than silent!

madrikh: I planned my meals on a steno pad. When I ate on plan, all I had to do was make a checkmark. Even when then plan slipped a bit, it was pretty quick to scratch off the original plan and scribble in what I really did.

Shepherdess: glad you're feeling better!

seadwaters: it's great that you have time to breathe again and that you went right back to planning!

maryblu: love your fall leaves description. We have some dogwoods turning red but it's still early for us yet.

Lexxiss: good job remembering that eating doesn't fix tired, but going to bed does!

McKt: great job reasoning your self out of All or Nothing thinking and into a nice walk. It does take more thinking and time when I abandon the All or Nothing approach, but the results are tremendously satisfing.

BillBlueEyes: yay for beating back the evening snack monster. Love that debating the lawsuit kept you amused through your workout.

10-01-2010, 12:34 PM
Hi beckies.... yesterday was a healthy on plan day - am always grateful for that.

This morning I saw my orth. surgeon and we have rescheduled my surgery for October 21. I'll be non -weightbearing for 9 weeks. Ugh. But, it's a means to an end. It's a long long recovery - let's get this party started. I was singing that.

I planned, logged, measured and counted the calories for my food. Credit. I had many twirls as I resisted taking tastes, licking utensils or my fingers etc. I've gone to wearing an apron so I can just wipe my hands on that instead licking a dab of food as I cook and measure. I did my stretches and strengthen moves. Also:

No seconds - all the time
eat seated - all the time
slow eating - some of the time
beck/arc/rc - no
leave a bite at every meal/snack - all the time.

I'll try to get back for personals this afternoon. I have to take my mom somewhere.

Thanks for being good coaches and friends, folks.

10-01-2010, 01:08 PM
Happy October everyone! Iím celebrating a year with Beck. Actually, itís been a little over a year, but Oct. 1 is a nice easy date for me to remember. I need to think of some way of celebrating.

Yesterday was an OP day. DH was gone again last night. He was camping out since antelope season opened this AM. Itís always a little more difficult to eat well when heís not home. I tend to not cook and then just snack, but I had a plan last night.

I got my AM run in today. Weíre having nice weather for it and it was nice to get moving.

Seadwaters, great job getting your organization back after your busy schedule put a crimp in your plan. It sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of you.

Woodland, Iím so impressed with those who use spreadsheets to track food. Iím old fashioned and use a pen and notebook. Sometimes I log them onto a site just to double check that Iím still on calorie goal. Yay for working Beck!

Maryblu, loving your description of fall and living vicariously for your produce bounty. Iím enjoying fall colors right now. For once, our colors are lingering. I think itís our warm weather. We donít have a lot of trees, but the grasses have their own colors. Thereís one grass that turns bright, fiery orange.

Lexxiss, wow for ďate my portion then closed the bag.Ē I usually assume that my portion is the bag! Great job eating healthy with all the temptation and kudos for going to bed instead of eating off plan.

McKt, yay for a walk where you stop to smell the flowers! Itís a great way to chip away at that ďall or nothing mentality.Ē I love my card ď5 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise at all.Ē Itís so simple, but hard to remember.

BillBE, kudos for keeping those old habits from creeping back in. Itís instructive to see that even long-time maintainers still have to keep their healthy habits in check. LOL at suing for Rogaine.

AmberPr, congrats on meeting your September goal and for reaching a new low! Winters can be tough, with lots of time indoors and exercise becoming more difficult, but you can maintain and even continue to lose, if you work at it. Just like all Beck, plan, plan, plan. Yay for feeling optimistic about it.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on meeting your September exercise goals and for getting in the big push that last week to do it! Iíll have to add Operation Petticoat to my cue.

Beverlyjoy, yay for another healthy day with lots of twirl-worthy moments! I love the idea of wearing an apron to keep from licking those fingers. Kudos for working that problem-solving muscle.

10-01-2010, 04:56 PM
Weigh in Day! One more pound down. Definitely below the yellow line on the Biggest Loser show, but I must remind myself that I don't want the kind of attention that comes with extremes. I am getting healthier and happier and I did not have to get back to my college weight of 205 to hit bottom again. One pound is a beautiful and reasonable goal per week and I am grateful to have lost it.
One quick note even though it is off topic. Today is my sobriety birthday. I have been sober 23 years today. Oct. 1, 1987 found me 60 pounds overweight, with a hangover and having just been released from the psych ward for suicide attempts. I can't tell you the feeling of gratitude I have for a higher power refusing to allow me to cash in my cards and forcing me to live the beautiful life I have today. I am not the woman I want to be yet, but I am certainly not the woman I was.
seawaters: thanks for reminding me to read my advantage cards. I'll need them this weekend at the wedding.
Shepardess: I'm with you in your adoration of Fall. This is my favorite month of the year. Happy one year bday to you.
Lexxiss: You reminded me how astounding it is to be able to choose to go to bed hungry and not thinking it will constitute a medical emergency.
Amber: congrats on your Sept. Goal. I like what Beck talks about when she tells us to write the "believe it" card.
Madrikh: I write the nite before what I will eat in my tiny, teeny planner space using lots of abbreviations then I check off the food I ate and write in any changes.
BBE: Congrats in getting in touch with your feminine side - it saved you a few calories of granola bits.

10-01-2010, 09:15 PM
Morning Coaches

Interesting that snacking seems to be on topic today - I will join the ranks who are struggling after dinner. It is really difficult - that constant inner voice. Especially when the plan is to watch something and not go off and distract yourself from the inner snacker's constant urgings. I didn't really succeed last night but tried to limit the damage. Put strengthen the resistance muscle on the list.

Have not made food plan for the day yet; have plans to shop and plan meals; only thing I have really achieved this am is to mark 6 papers - which is good
maryann - congrats on one pound down. And :bday2: for 23 years sober - a life changing thing indeed. You have to be much further down to path to your ideal you now - a permanent state of becoming
AmberPr - Yay for feeling in control and being one pound down! May the feeling continue. Good luck with the building project
BeverlyJoy - A great list of credits for you - you are really in the zone at the moment. Happy to hear about a date for surgery - getting this party started is a priority
McKt - Great work on the balance front - so hard to work towards and you have made it a priority.
BillBE - Credit for holding the line against the inner snacker - great success. I always learn something culturally interesting on this list - didn't know sports tampons even existed. We are deprived in Australia I think - and no free food everywhere you go
GardenerJoy - Credit for meeting you exercise goal - you are amazing. Thoughts of a beautiful Tony Curtis - I will have to dig out some movies
MaryBlu - Your falls sound so amazing - they are the best season her as well but without the technicolour displays and the snow. Enjoy your hobo dinners
Shepherdess - Congrats on a year with Beck - it is good to read about your successes and progress. A plan to avoid snacking - sounds like something I need!
Debbie (Lexxiss) - Going to bed early is a good strategy - I should use it more often to quell the inner snacker I think. Well done with the movie snack! I will have to use that one

Have a good day Beckies


10-01-2010, 11:26 PM
Just popping in to say I finally stayed on plan today. :carrot:

10-02-2010, 01:11 AM
Just popping in to say I'm popping in.


10-02-2010, 02:11 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

It was a good day! I managed to let family drama wash past me and stay my course. I found sanity with both food and emotions. It is way past my bedtime but I have to finish a photo project to get sent off. I am grateful for days like these. I have read posts, and unfortunately I believe rest is important right now. Take care everyone!

10-02-2010, 02:58 AM
I'm not usually checking in at night, but I'm feeling restless, and want to head-off the munchies! (Of course, watching Anthony Bourdain while I type is more a test of my resistance skills than a distraction technique . . .) So I thought I would catch up on my forum, since I distanced myself for a few days under the pressure of getting that first dissertation chapter done.

Well, I know you're all dying to know -- the chapter needs another two weeks. :rolleyes::moo: I actually don't feel too bad about this. I thought long and hard about what I had done and what more needed to be done -- I thought about what it was going to take to get the chapter presentable. Yes, I'm trying not to be a perfectionist, but it can't be in such a state of drafting that only I know what I'm saying. Especially when I show it to my chair.

Most importantly, to get it presentable would have taken too many late nights in the library cafe, where they feature Dove dark chocolate bars, fresh bagels and cc, large chunks of many types of cake, etc. etc., etc. And I didn't want to go back on that schedule. I've been really happy treating this thing like a 9-5 job, getting home and doing my walking DVDs and then making dinner, playing UNO with the DGS. I'm am SO over the masochism of late-night undergrad writing fests. Or maybe I'm just too old.

All of these ruminations are to say, actually: that I made a conscious decision to give this another two weeks; and that I met with my chair and discussed my reasons for doing so (not hiding, in other words). I made a healthy decision, in other words, a decision to help me preserve my Beck Life Plan. CREDIT MOI!

As for those skills: I've been having troubles, again, with planning my meals ahead of time. Then I was reading ahead in the Green Book and realized that I often have (and stick to) a mental plan, so I'm trying to give myself credit for this when I do my food recording. I guess I feel like I'm jumping ahead to some skills -- like mental plans and flexibility -- and then reining myself in when I feel close to throwing it all to the wind. ::wincing:: I feel this could be waaaaay dangerous. But I'm being honest with myself about it?

Lexxiss, thanks for the carrot cake recipe! And for the comforting and encouraging words. Hope you had a great time with your sister. I LOVE Whole Foods. When I'm visiting my Mom in KY, and dissatisfied with the food at her house, I almost always end up there for a nourishing lunch, before picking up a few essentials for my visit. Thank you for your supportive words.

BillBlueEyes, You sure do a lot of computer wrestling, maybe that counts for the gym? Nah! Nothing having to do with work should could for the gym. I am ruminating on your suggestion for finding a "short, snappy response" to those guilty thoughts . . . something to allow me to get angry, rather than just take other people's abuse. Hmm.

It thunderstormed over here, very very rare. I heard one kid say to his mom, "Hey, did you feel the earthquake?!" LOL, for not really knowing what to call the thunder, for the pure poetry of kids.

gardenerjoy, yes, that restaurant incident triggered some standing-kitchen-eating (of leftovers from same devilish restaurant) which fueled the cycle of shame. I learned a BIG lesson from this. Thank you for your kind words.

You have given me a lot of food for thought, especially about my teenage years. That whiny voice: I haven't yet experienced it, at least not in the context to which you're referring. Right now I am so happy with the results. I know that one day I will have to face the music, and think about doing this for the rest of my life. I suppose, for me, that right now it seems do-able, because I can have what I want as long as I PLAN for it and MODERATE it. As long as I don't have to give up my favorites completely. I also haven't hit a plateau, yet. So keep up updated on your progress!

seadwaters, I think I'll adopt that as my fatal-blow-phrase to feelings of shame: "Shame is what the other guy should be feeling." Good luck with all that work . . . have you tried mental planning, or does your mind work that way?

McKt, I thought we were going to get knifed at the DMV, so many dagger-eyes! We had made an appointment online, and so we just got to walk right in, rather than waiting outside. All in all, not too bad of a visit. Congratulations on your OP days, and the beef/broccoli sounds great!

Shepherdess, big credits to you for continuing the walks and yoga, even with the fatigue! I'm young, but in dealing with my issues, I've realized that I handle them better when I don't worry about getting rid of them. Some issues are always going to be there, and for me, it's about recognizing them and dealing with them. A very different thing from getting rid of them? BTW, I did not win the stand-off with the cake. At ALL.

beverlyjoy, it's good to know someone knows what I'm talking about. I know I'm blessed to get paid (a little bit) to write about things I love to read . . . but the whole self-discipline, original-idea thing is kinda daunting! Thanks for your cheering thoughts!

maryann, a quick recovery to you! Don't tell anyone, but my name is Mary Ann, too. And bit credits and congrats for your birthday! You are amazing!:bravo::grouphug:

madrikh, Those are some great credits! I have a thin $store basic notebook, wide-ruled. That's what I slip into my bag , and it's bright, shiny purple, so I can't avoid it. But I carry a rather large bag, because I must always have a book with me. (Yeah, I'm a dork.) But I don't always record/check-off instantly after eating . . . I do a lot of mental stuff, which is what usually works for me. But I also write it down. Eventually. In the moment, it's usually a mental thing.

Happy October to you all!

10-02-2010, 08:46 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Sardines for lunch again (in addition to my man-salad, of course), CREDIT moi. That was the third time this week. I've got to get back to preparing something for lunch. However I do like my sardines, and take pleasure in rotating between the cans for $0.99, $2.50, and $3.50. They have the same nutritional contents but differ in sized of the little buggers. Evening snack was easy since we were at a play until 10 pm - that's a pleasant way to solve that snack problem.

Had a consult with a guy who's helping us plan a renovation. First we decided that the living room needed to have the cracks in the walls fixed and painted. That would make the dining room look shabby, so it needed help also. Wasn't long before the whole house needs a little refurbishing - Yikes. This is going to be the major project in my life for at least a year. Nothing like rehab to raise stress and marital tensions. The challenge will be to Beck my way through; Food doesn't fix.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Waving back. Hope the fall weather is suiting your mountain bike rides.

CeeJay - Kudos for on plan. Kudos for popping in.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - It's about making choices; you'll probably have a longer wait for Some Like It Hot than for Francis the Talking Mule, LOL. Honking Kudos for "1800/1800 minutes for September" - that took some diligent final days of efforts.

Shepherdess - Kudos for one year using Beck and for celebrating by taking your morning run.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for October 21 - Thursday less than 3 weeks away. Neat trick to wear an apron to avoid finger licking.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yep, gotta hope to wear down "the inner snacker's constant urgings" - it seems as insistent as a two year old kid which is a useful analogy because kids grow up.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - It's a really big deal to "let family drama wash past me" - Kudos for that.

Amber (AmberPr) - That's taming the old grocery store, "no cookies, ice cream, candy --nada" - Kudos.

MaryContrary - Kudos for "a healthy decision" - it's a major step in life to accept that we can't run the old 24/7 emergency student mode any more. And a great way to encourage concentration during the 9-5 hours designated to writing. [LOL at "pure poetry of kids" - I just love hearing kids develop their language.]

maryann - Congrats for 23 years and a pound - with Kudos for your gratitude and joy. [My mind just wasn't flexible enough to see that tampons saved calories - thanks for that.]

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

If you answered no to any of those questions, you'll need to respond to your sabotaging thoughts and solve some problems. How can you turn things around? You can do what Claire did.

How Claire Changed

To encourage herself to exercise, Claire did the following:

She asked her next-door neighbor to walk with her twice a week.
....... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 251-252.

10-02-2010, 12:43 PM
Well, yesterday was NOT a good Beck day for me. As I've been researching DIET options (other than what I've been doing), I've gotten more and more discouraged. And rebellious. You see, my life, from age 14 to 21, consisted of one long diet. Well, really it was every diet that I could get my hands on, but my favorite was Scarsdale.
Now when I look at books or web sites that list "1 tsp of mayonaisse" in a recipe, I feel like running away screaming.
Maybe because the dieting of my youth was so unsuccessful for me, because the 20+ years since, of listening to my body, have been very successful. Until last year.
There I go again, whining about the "mystery weight gain".
So, yesterday: Licking batter from the spoon, while standing up.
Eating off-plan cookies.
Eating a cookie bar (at a party) that was entirely too rich to be enjoyable, yet I ate every bite.
I figured it out and my mistakes added up to around 600 calories.

So, today will be a new start. I will read ALL of my cards, darn it!!
I will keep my little head in the Green book.
I will stay OP!!

And in a bit, I am heading out the door to yoga...

If anyone has any ideas for a diet that is less counting (ZONE blocks (??!!), carbs, calories, etc) and less PTSD inducing for me, PLEASE let me know!
I know I don't really want to throw in the towel; not yet.

I'm thinking I will try a week of increasing my exercise. I walk on the treadmill 4 or 5 days a week (every day that I don't go to yoga) for 45 minutes. I can try up-ing that to an hour.

Credit: Day 11, I think, of my new medication (notice the word, "my"); and I feel, emotionally better than I have in a LONG time. I almost need to pinch myself.
Credit: my off-plan eating did not turn frenzied
Credit: 2 yoga classes yesterday
Credit: I have a plan for today
Credit: I'm checking in here.


10-02-2010, 12:59 PM
Hi Becksters… Yesterday was a good on plan day until I could not sleep. I tried all that I know - warm milk, chamomile tea, wine, otc sleep aid - I ended having some cereal and toast in the middle of the night. Phooey!

Like we Beckies always say - get right back on the horse if you fall off. So I’ve made my plan for today. Am going to lunch with Mom, Aunt Mackie and my SIL. I picked the Chinese restaurant with the steamed Hong Kong bass. I have chicken in the crockpot for tonight and tomorrows supper.

If I add up the onplan time compared to the off plan time….of course - being off plan was just a short time.

Yesterday - I planned, measured, logged and counted calories for my food - even the middle of the night stuff. I am not trying to make up for it today. That’s a slippery slope for me.

Billbe - evening snack are hard for so many folks - credit for passing it by. I am working on it. I agree - if they have tampons - they should have Rogaine, too. Lol. I am planning to teaching GS how to twirl. We have 10 little girls on our street. I’ve taught them to twirl. There’s one little boy - he wants no part of it. He would rather play with his beloved play lawn mower or anything else.
I love how you rotate the sardine cans. It seems that when anyone does any remodeling - it’s like opening a can of worms….newly discovered things to do - the other spaces just not as ‘good’ as the new - and the stress of the mess in everyone’s life. Good luck.

Gardener/joy - well done! Your surpassing your exercise goal is awesome. My favorite Tony Curtis movie is Some Like it Hot. Great words to Lexxiss - that eating doesn't fix tired, but going to bed does! I'd like to tatoo this to my brain.

Shepardess - HAPPY BECK ANNIVERSARY!!! I admire this stick to it attitude. Kudos for your exercise and staying op when DH isn’t home. I actually do better when my DH is home.

Mary ann - Hooray for your pound down. Double Hooray for celebrating your sobriety too. It’s a wonderful thing, indeed.

Seadwaters - you said: inner snacker's constant urgings. I have that too. It’s one of the times when you/we need to pull out all our resistance techniques. I admire you putting resistance muscle on your to do list.

Ceejay - Hi back….so glad to hear of your op day!! Carry on,

Anne wonders - Hi to you…hope all is well.

Lexxiss - I am doing a happy dance in honor of you not giving into any family drama with food. Yes…sleep is a good distraction when stress and hard ‘stuff’ is facing you.

Mary contrary - really glad you came here to post in stead of giving into the munchies. It’s good to figure out a routine with your work (writing now) and mingling that with ways to keep it all working well and supporting your goals in everything. I think writing down a plan is always helpful. If I don’t write it down in advance - I have those food thoughts spinning around my mind all day. If it’s planned that seems to go away for me.

madrik - choosing a food plan from the past can work this time can work because you have the Beck principles. Choose something that is livable. My second plan of choice is food exchanges. I think gardenerjoy uses it too. It's very livable.

10-02-2010, 04:11 PM
Late and short today. I've been to the Best of Missouri Market with friends. Resisted all the free samples that are part of the allure for most people (chewing gum helped). I bought some lotions and bath salts. I did end up there at lunch time, hungry, and my friends were eating, so I got my one and only bratwurst of the year. And enjoyed every bite.

Now, I'm posting so that I can pledge not to use that as an excuse to go off plan for the rest of the day.

WI: -0.4kg, Exercise: +45 45/1800 minutes for September, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

madrikh: I'm using Richard Simmons Food Mover which is an exchange diet. I find it easier to count exchanges than calories. And, I don't measure anything that isn't easy to measure (eg. cereal) or really calorie dense (eg. nuts). I put the 1200 calorie card in there, but I'm not fooling myself -- I eat more than 1200 calories because I don't measure oils and I only estimate most other things. For example, I counted my bratwurst as 2 proteins and 2 fats and my bun as 2 carbs. I may be right or I may be wrong, but it's counted and will keep me from eating a whole bunch more of either the rest of the day. I'll start working to get in some of my fruit and veggie and dairy exchanges, now.
I'm intrigued by The Step Diet that has you eat 75% of what you normally eat.
You might want to look at The Sonoma Diet which has a method that involves using a particular size plate and filling it half with veggies, a quarter with protein, and a quarter with starch or something like that.

10-02-2010, 11:38 PM
Hi everyone! Thanks for all the encouraging words! They help right now! The family project I am fully committed to is one that takes great patience. In addition to our family cookbook which has now entered the photo phase, I have undertaken cleaning out my Grandmothers cave-in the side of a mountain-the Colorado version of a root cellar. It has been untouched (at my Mother's request) for 34 years now. In the past 2 years, her house (vacant and filled with stuff), has been vandalized several times, and more recently, the cave has been broken into. So I have begun the process of hauling cases and cases of rotted canned goods down to my house for disposal. Wow! My house is a wreck, to put it mildly. I have done 6 dishwasher loads so far, have 10 cases outside my back door, and have 2/3 of the project yet to go. I've been afraid that the kids (or bears) would eventually totally ransack the place making a clean up nearly impossible. I finally just started and now have my Mother's blessing. I had to shuffle 10 years worth of Natl Geographics to recycle this AM to make room at her house for the antique canning jars. *credit* for spontaneous exercise. I am cleaned up and in the car headed to the Boulder farmer's market for lunch. I'm feeling strength with my food and emotional sanity. Sorry for the long description...I guess I just needed to share, since I'm leaving my DH out of the loop on this one. He's happily picking tomatoes at our other house which is for the best because this situation makes him a bit upset with my family.

BilllBlueEyes, my old home is in perpetual renovation, too. Unfortunately, we do much of the work ourself.The reminder that Food doesn't Fix is always helpful. Glad you were able to enjoy a play last night in place of your evening snack.

Beverlyjoy, I have a friend who had a major major neck surgery in June. She is finding that the recovery time is actually passing quite fast, even though she was so hesitant about it pre-op. I am looking forward to your finally being through this and well on your way to recovery. I am inspired by your determination to keep on track. You are doing such a great job. *credit*

Marci(madrikh), I'm glad to hear of your new start today! Beck makes me so aware of my old habits that it seems much easier to leave them behind after an off kilter day. I follow South Beach Diet, which does not require one to count. It's good for me because I am interested in whole foods and lots of veggies. I have been diagnosed PTSD and find that limiting sugar really helps. *credit* for willingness to find a plan that works better for you.

MaryContrary, *credit* for speaking to your chair about taking more time on something very important to you. That is such a healthy strategy. Best Beck wishes on finding balance between preplanned meals and mental plans and flexibility. Whatever your choice, you CAN do it.
AnneWonders, :wave:
CeeJay, :wave:
Cheryl(seadwaters), for me, minimal damage is sometimes GREAT progress! *credit* for checking in and thinking about it, AND putting "strengthen the resistance muscle on the list".

maryann, healthier and happier just sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I'm sober, too, but just taking it a day at a time...very much relating to your statement, "I am not the woman I want to be yet, but I am certainly not the woman I was."

Shepherdess, I'm still trying to figure out how I did manage to tie up the popcorn bag. lol Where does DH go for hunting? There are sure lots on my Grandmother's homestead. Congrats! On one year with Beck! I look forward to our continued friendship! Your kind words help me many times over.

gardenerjoy, what a success to only have one bratwurst a year. I am finding that works with some of my not so healthy choices, too. I read your post as we were driving home and it helped me to make a better choice for my dinner. I've been wanting my fav and it fits into my plan today but I decided to postpone until a time when I wasn't so tired.

AmberPr, I'm glad to hear from you! I'm happy to read that you achieved your September goal! Lets just plan to succeed this winter! It's my hard time-not because of holiday food, but I just don't push at the exercise when the weather is so crappy. Impressive-no junk!

Kam(McKt), a great perception-recognizing that exercise isn't an all or nothing event. A relaxing walk can sometimes be more helpful than a full on workout given the right circumstances. Your finding balance after serious effort was a great reward.

maryblu, betcha you're having a great time right now! Makes me want to pitch a tent! lol

Woodland, I've been missing you...perhaps you are busy making salsa….my DH says his tomatoes are still going bonkers!

RobinW, thanks for sharing about it being ok to be selfish. I really work on that. It's gotten better, but has been one of my great barriers to weight loss. Planning better-aha-probably the best tool for staying sane with food.

Home, and about to serve myself a healthful meal. Beck helped me today to;
eat only 1 each of sample nuts with different spices at farmers market
resist eating a flour tortilla in the car which wasn't on plan
choose a healthy lunch
make a healthful dinner decision

Thanks all!

10-02-2010, 11:44 PM
Hi All,

Hard day emotionally, but I hung on and stayed on plan. I struggled with 'poor me', 'why does it matter' type thoughts. Having the Beck skills to do helped me still feel like I accomplished a framework of good things, so that was really helpful. Food tried to offer itself as a comfort but I said 'no thanks' as if it was a food pusher LOL :)

It inspires me to read your words, thanks for being here!

10-03-2010, 12:17 AM
My fellow Beckians:

You are such an inspiration to me every day. I always read, even if I don't post.

Speaking of which, last week I was browsing up in the Goal subforum, looking for some motivation. I loved reading the longer posts that really detail what the person did. One that I read that really got me fired up was a post by Glory87 called "Glory's very long weight loss journey". What a wonderful post. She talks about using Pratt's Super Foods as her guide. I read one of his books a few years back and incorporated some of what he said in my life and those habits stuck (i.e. tea every day, lots of yogurt and berries). Anyway, I printed out the list and am trying, like Glory wrote about, to tick off as many as them in a day as I can. I like the challenge and I like the structure. I love many foods on the list so eating them is not difficult.

I have decided to change what I have been eating somewhat. I am going to continue to plan my meals and record calories but am going to increase my daily calorie intake to 1600-1800 and see what happens. I have been struggling with trying to do 1400- and I think that trying to stay down in that range is maybe why I am falling off plan so often. I also have been trying to eat very little fat, as I would rather get my calories in the biggest volume foods as possible, but am going to add in more olive oil. I am going to try to have any off plan eating at least be healthy. Better eating a bit of honey on whole wheat toast than something like chips and dip or cookies. I know that off plan eating is something that I need to try not to do, but I also know I need to plan for that too. If that makes any sense....

Well that's it for now. Interested to see if anyone else here has tried this approach.

Credit today for:

weighing myself
doing arm weights
enjoying myself by helping hubby clear brush and stack wood (also exercise credit), going for a rather chilly boat ride and sitting out by the fire in the backyard tonight
eating healthy and on plan
checking in with my coaches

Have a nice Sunday everyone!!!

10-03-2010, 04:18 AM
Morning Coaches

I finished marking this morning which meant I could get onto other things. I have stayed somewhat on plan today and am planning on cooking extra food tonight for other meals. I still haven't managed any exercise as usual - hmm-mm - something to work on.

I have been resisting extra food today successfully but it is not evening yet. Last night was not too bad with no excesses but could have been better. I am hoping that posting keeps my mind on the job. We started summer time today so everything is out of synch - good thing that tomorrow is a holiday

Have a good day Beckies


10-03-2010, 07:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Harvested another huge bundle of tomatoes - they looked such a brilliant red against the plants that are turning brown; only a few green tomatoes left to ripen. Had dinner with friends where we were delighted to be served a modest sized meal - what a treat, and how unusual. We brought mixed fruit for dessert, CREDIT moi, with blackberries the size of large cherry tomatoes - another treat. Wish the whole world would copy this couple's entertaining style.

Bought a 5 pound Butternut Squash from the farmer's market at only 50 cents a pound. A guy buying a squash larger than mine lifted it over his shoulder and quipped, "Vegetarian returning from the hunt" - cracked me up.

Did gym to get my third day for the week since I skipped Wednesday; CREDIT moi. Again, the handout was unmentionables instead of FREE granola, but I had other things on my mind so I just lunged and lifted.

CeeJay - Great exercise to "clear brush and stack wood" - I like when exercise has a goal, like a stack of firewood, apart from exercise itself to distract me.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for the annual bratwurst - if I had to say Never about any food, I'd just be drawn to it until I went off-plan.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for sleepless, with Kudos for just getting back up on the horse. I always find mention of your steamed Hong Kong bass appealing.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Happy Summer!! It's fun to think of you entering summer as I type with my heavier shirt on this morning - we're still resisting the notion of summer's passage by not yet turning on the heat.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for remaining sane during such an emotional job cleaning out your grandmother's cave. Sounds like a good project to hire a local student to do some of the hauling and disposal of stuff with many, many feelings attached. Sending supportive thoughts for the remaining 2/3's.

Woodland - Using your Beck skills against 'poor me', 'why does it matter' is so neat; Kudos.

Marci (madrikh) - Oh Yes, using "my" is worthy of Kudos as you accept your current situation. You earned the right to feel good by your perseverance when success wasn't obvious. I use a self defined portion control style of diet, which works for me. I share your feeling of repulsion for recipes calling for "1 tsp of mayonnaise," LOL. The Super Foods mentioned by CeeJay appeals to me because it works to help draw me to healthy foods instead of the old comfort foods.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How Claire Changed

To encourage herself to exercise, Claire did the following:
....... . .
She got books on tape from the library and downloaded music and podcasts to listen to when she walked on the treadmill or at a nearby park.
....... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 252.

10-03-2010, 11:40 AM
I did okay yesterday. The advantage of a locally produced bratwurst is much less sodium than the ballpark version. And, I discovered that it's the salt that triggers the cravings for the rest of the day, so I didn't have much of that going on.

Today's challenge is a family potluck. But I know how to deal with that -- lots of veggies, small portions of everything else. I'm saving up my fruit servings because I'm bringing applesauce, homemade from local apples. There will be birthday cake, which I'll take a tiny serving of if it's chocolate and skip otherwise.

WI: -0.35kg, Exercise: +45 90/1800 minutes for September, Food: 50%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: Wow! That's a big project. I enjoyed the long description. Glad your finding food and emotional sanity within it.

Woodland: yay for hanging on and staying on plan!

CeeJay: I heartily approve of moving up to 1600-1800 calories since that's how I did it. I didn't routinely go below 1600 until I was down to around 210 pounds. The risk, of course, is that you have to deal with stalls on the way down. But, I found that it was easier to develop the Beck stills on the higher calorie level. Then, they were in place for me to use when I hit the inevitable plateau -- especially, the skill of using this group as a diet coach. The support here was vital at those moments.

seadwaters: yay for using Sunday as the day to get your food in line for the week.

BillBlueEyes: that sounds like a lovely meal, including your contribution of fruit!

10-03-2010, 12:22 PM
Hi Beckies - yesterday was a really good and healthy day. I am always grateful for that.

Went to the Chinese restaurant and had my favorite Hong Kong Sea Bass (Billbe - they steamed it with lots of fresh ginger and soy sauce) & brown rice. Happy to have the leftover brown rice for this week.

Dh brought home caramel corn - I used my resistance muscle to stay out of it.

I had a good Beck day. I got out the second Beck book (workbook) & have started to read it. It’s basically the same as the first book - just a bit of a different format. It seems like a 'fresh take' on it all.

plan/log/measure/count my calories - all the time
lots of water - yes
stretches and strengthening - yes,
Spontaneous exercise - yes, 2 twirls - 1 extra time on the stairs
eat seated only - all of the time
no seconds - all the time
fork down between bites - some of the time
slow mindful eating - some of the time
taste the food - some of the time
journal - food/calories/beck tasks - yes
remember why - yes
meditation - no
Arc/rc/ - yes
beck book- yes

Gardener/joy - many cheers for passing up the samples. One bratwurst a year - amazing. Good to learn that the salt can be a trigger for you. I too love the exchange program of Richard Simmon’s food mover. His exchanges are my secondary plan. I use it on trips. I am thinking it will be easier to use after my surgery.
Good planning ahead for your potluck.

Lexxiss - Yes, you have a huge undertaking in the clean up of your Grandma’s places. Hang in there and pace yourself. Our cousin did a cookbook of DH’s grandma’s recipes. It’s a treasure.

Woodland - glad to hear that some of the Beck techniques helped you through challenging food situations. Carry on!

Ceejay - I agree that the stories from people elsewhere at 3fc are very inspiring and helpful. I think your approach to increasing calories certainly worth a try. You are doing so many of the Beck techniques. Great!

Seadwaters - so glad to hear the marking is done. It’s good to get it over and be ‘free ‘ of it. Cooking ahead of time seems to work well for you. I have another friend in Australia - I’ve been enjoying her joy of spring as I am full into fall. Amazing and wonderful to have friends all over the world via the internet.

Billbe - yes, I agree, serving a modest portion of food should be a norm these days.
Bringing a bowl of beautiful fruit is a perfect contribution…well done. We are coming to the end of our tomatoes too.

10-03-2010, 08:20 PM
Thank you everyone for the info and ideas. I am appreciative:cp:

My plan for this week is to add my 45 minute treadmill walk to my yoga days. Generally, if I plan on taking a hard yoga class, I don't walk on the same day. Here's the plan;
S: treadmill
T: treadmill, yoga
W: treadmill
Th: treadmill
F: 2 yoga classes
S: treadmill, yoga

Sounds like a lot, but now that I am much more stable emotionally, I think it will work. So, I'll see if I lose weight with this increase, if not, I'll venture into the land of dietary adjustment!

This will also give me time to research and explore all the great ideas you all have shared (South Beach, Sonoma, Super Foods, etc.).

-walked on treadmill
-bought a bag of chips, then ate 9 while driving home; got out of the car, walked straight to the trash can and bye-bye chips!
-OP breakfast and lunch
-WI: 164; at least I didn't pass out, or swear...well, maybe I swore just a little:o
-I'm feeling positive; your support has been like a pep-talk
-yesterday we went out to eat and I am familiar with the place, so I had something in mind: I ordered a salad (meal-sized) and for the first time in my life, I asked to have a to-go box brought with my meal, and I immediately put 1/2 my salad in the box.

That's it for today.


10-03-2010, 08:41 PM
I am back! I feel physically healthy and I am grateful. I am shaky from the wedding weekend, though. So many of you have shared about spending time with family. I just didn't hear y'all. I was so proud to be OP until last night when the blues hit and I hit the wedding cake. What I learned was interesting. I REFUSED to budget 300 additional calories like Beck says. I was too snotty and said - I don't need that! I am rock solid. Had I budgeted it, I would not have eaten the additional 1000! Oh, Well. I have suffered yet again at the feet of my pride. I was really scared last nite that today I would do the old pattern of "I've blown it - start Monday". But I have been OP all day, got out Stage 1 checklist in green book and am focused on being kind to myself and DS,DH. A relief. It was probably a lesson I needed to learn.
Thanks for all the bday wishes.
seadwaters: that constant inner voice for me is often the voice of a petulant 5 year old me. I have to remember to keep that child out of the driver's seat.
ceejay: I second the carrot dancer icon. Just to check in is a help.
Lexxiss:sanity of food and mind plus a reasonable bedtime sounds like a bonus day.
mary contrary: congrats on sticking to your 9 - 5 outlook. I have learned over the years that God's true plan for me is rarely emergency action. steady goes the race.
BBE: what brand sardines do you buy? I am ready to jump in and try some.
madrikh: I am with you about the scarring of years of failed diets. I was on a liquid diet in fifth grade in order to lose 10 pounds. Where were my parents? Anyway, I have said it before but I am on ZONE block method and I have not been hungry. I also let all the calorie counting go. The toughest part for me was giving up the carb obsession. I had been on weight watcher previously and would never choose anything like salmon - that would be the same points spent on three skinny cow ice cream sandwhiches. No way. I needed to get out from under that addiction. Good Luck.
beverlyjoy: thank you for the reminder that I am OP far, far more than off plan.

10-03-2010, 10:46 PM
Hello Coaches

A third day of doing well. Phew.

Credit today for:

walking lots
eating healthy and on plan
while in the city for lunch--choosing a whole wheat 6 inch sub with nothing crazy on it. :D
checking in here
planning the week, buying a ton of healthy food at Costco, and packing lunch for tomorrow
having fun cruising for used vinyl and CD's at a record fair.


10-03-2010, 11:33 PM
just a quick hello :wave:

Ive taken the weekend completely off!! Didnt do anything at all on Saturday....Not a darn thing!! I havent done that in I dont know how long. Hubby said I should probably do it more often. lol How often do we hear that?! lol

Have a wonderful week everyone!

10-03-2010, 11:35 PM
Hi Coaches

Last night I had one planned snack so credit - today so far is on plan.

Today I have been exploring time management plans - the assignments I had been marking were about goal setting and professional development and it got me thinking. And the search sent me back to Covey's 7 Habits. That book had such an impact when I first read it that I think I need to explore it again - mind you I haven't achieved anything today and it is now 1pm. But my motivation needs a bit of a shake-up. Will drag out the book

Lexxiss - I love "minimal damage is sometimes GREAT progress" - a great cure for all-or-nothing thinking and I will have to make a card for it. Your home projects sound daunting - sending strength and stamina your way

Beverlyjoy - well done for getting right back on the horse - midnight snacker is a difficult one to beat. Yay for resisting caramel corn and a good Beck day. I quite like the green book now (having read both Pink ones)

gardenerjoy - good planning and modelling of behaviour for the potluck - I need to keep a log of all these good ideas and attitudes

madrikh - I hope you find a plan to settle on. I keep trying and sometimes wonder if I am trying to find a magical answer - a quick fix for me! I am really looking for something that I think is credible and doesn't let me eat crap basically

BillBE - love the sound of your meal at friends - unfortunately they and family can be great saboteurs. They often say things like "you aren't on another wacko diet are you?" Mind you that is testament to how many I have been on - and how unsuccessful they have been!

maryann - well done getting right back on track. Family gatherings no matter how wonderful do me in I have to say. Thanks for reminding me to send the inner 5 year old to the naughty corner

CeeJay - Great to see you doing well again. Regarding super-foods and diets etc I have explored 2 things. After chemotherapy that finished at the beginning of the year I wanted to reverse some of the damage it caused - since then I haven't really eaten any packaged, processed, artificial foods and have reduced carbohydrates.

Two books were interesting - firstly John Gabriel's "The Gabriel Method" - interesting ideas and principles which I took on board but he doesn't propose you limit quantity which is a bit lethal for me. The other book is by French Biochemists (rigorous and research based - unfortunately a lot of the new age stuff I love is a bit suspect in this regard) - "Foods that Fight Cancer" (Beliveau & Gingras). I think most of the foods in this book would fall into the category of super-foods. It is really interesting. I like your idea of making a list and checking off how many you have had a day - I think I will use that. I find it difficult to remember that healthy food has calories so need to be careful and lot them. I think I am medication that is going to make it really difficult to lose weight but I will continue to try to at least do minimal damage and not put on weight

Have a good day Beckies


10-04-2010, 01:08 AM
Shout out to all my Beck buddies/coaches,

Back from an a great fall weekend adventure: dancing Friday night, kayaking and camping out on Sat. and hiking on Sun...all in perfect fall color and weather. Life is good in the heartland. With that kind of activity, moderate/sensible food intake fits just fine.

BillBE, being 100% Scandinavian, I so "get" the appeal of Sardines. Must admit, though, the concept of Lutefisk escapes me!!!!

So glad to see you pop in, Annewonders..just glad to have you check in once in a while!

Best to all.

10-04-2010, 05:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It was a weekend of eating out and I did OK again - I didn't have seconds of a yummy salmon and artichoke lasagna at a friend's house while others did - CREDIT moi. During a long coffee and dessert time, I over indulged in grapes, but that kept me away from some very tempting cookies. Good enough by the Lexxis "minimal damage is sometimes GREAT progress."

Had a tomato sandwich for lunch - one Honking Big home grown heirloom tomato open faced sandwich with mayonnaise and Basil that I reached over and picked from the nearby bush - on the patio in the sun. Yay for a warm October day. CREDIT moi for not having two of them, LOL.

maryblu - One outgoing, adventurous weekend there. [Never had Lutefisk - will have to see if it's sold around here.]

Robin (RobinW) - Waving back; Yay for being good to yourself.

CeeJay - Like the sound of "ton of healthy food at Costco" - particularly since Costco offers mountains of unhealthy stuff.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Interesting observation that it's the salt that triggers cravings - another reason to shy away from the addictive stuff. I like your plan to take cake only if it's chocolate; no need to waste the calories on the mundane.

Beverlyjoy - Raspberries for caramel corn being brought into a human residence; there oughta be a law, LOL, but Kudos for resisting it.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for remembering The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to jog your motivation to organize your time. I love the reviews on Amazon that point out that they are all simple ideas. Well, yes, Duh! For many years as a young man I felt that "Know Thyself" was simplistic until I finally began to understand how far I had to go to get there.

Marci (madrikh) - Kudos for ordering the to-go box with the meal; now that's planning!

maryann - Neat lesson learned about planning for extra calories at an event. Big Kudos for hopping back on the horse without the "I've blown it - start Monday" pitfall. [The best sardines I have are King Oscar, two layer, cross pack, in olive oil, at $3.50 a can. The buck cans are some local brand.]

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How Claire Changed

To encourage herself to exercise, Claire did the following:
.......... . .
She called her best friend on her cell phone while she was walking.
....... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 252.

10-04-2010, 11:23 AM
Hi Beckfolks - yesterday was mostly OK. I stayed in my calorie range despite everything about the day changing. We went to brunch at the last minute. DH came home from the drugstore with candy. (he loves it - and he is not overweight -not fair - oh well). I had a tootsie roll pop and counted it in. Everything about dinner changed because of the lunch change. I managed to stay within my calories despite the change.....until I could not fall asleep (again). At 3am I ate/drank cereal, wine and caramel corn. I ended throwing the caramel corn in the trash with dishsoap upon it. This not sleeping is new for me. I think it is related to the recent stress.

I had many twirls yesterday and used my resistance tetniques when in challenging sitations. Credit.

I have planned for a healthy beck day and had my on plan breakfast.

Carry on!

10-04-2010, 12:04 PM
Well, I think I may stop getting on the scale every day. I am at 164 this morning; just a few days ago I was under 162. This is discouraging. Not enough so that I am eating cookies, but you know.

I wonder if once a week WIs would work...
Guess I'll try and see.

This time of year scares me, I just realized that this morning, on the scale, looking at that number...
Last year at this time, was the Mystery Weight Gain, and I'm terrified that it will happen again.

-the treadmill is turned ON and waiting
-I got out of bed before the alarm
-I have planned everything for today, including 3 snacks
-I haven't given up

Peace everyone.

10-04-2010, 12:05 PM
I got my first new low in three weeks. I see a correlation between complaining about stalled weight here and getting it to move again! Maybe I should complain more!

WI: -0.35kg (new low), Exercise: +90 180/1800 minutes for September, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

madrikh: glad things are going better for you and you feel able to hit the treadmill more often. That's my exercise of choice at the moment -- now that I discovered I can watch Dr. Who episodes from Netflix on my iPad while walking on the treadmill at the same time.

maryann: yay for licking that "I'll re-start on Monday" mentality! That's real progress!

CeeJay: hooray for all the credits!

RobinW: waving back! Glad you managed a weekend off!

seadwaters: I'm working on time management issues now, too. I started a book called 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam. The introductory material is pretty convincing that I really do have more time than I think. The first real working step is to keep a time diary for at least a week, so I'm sending this back to the library temporarily while I do that.

maryblu: sounds like a wonderful weekend!

BillBlueEyes: your weekend sounds pretty wonderful, too. Love the warm tomato sandwich!

Beverlyjoy: yay for all the credits even with multiple changes in the day. Sorry you're still dealing with insomnia. Are you hungry when you're awake? Would it help to have a plan for what to eat if you find yourself eating in the middle of the night, so that it feels more controlled? And/or would a change in your plan for the day help keep you from being hungry in the middle of the night? If you're not hungry, could you make a plan to do something else -- perhaps working on a handcraft while watching some prerecorded shows that you don't normally get around to watching?

10-04-2010, 01:48 PM
Hello to my Forum, and thanks for all the inspiring words . . . I very much appreciate the various discussions and topics, and the supportive, embracing atmosphere.

Today is a post of positives and negatives. Let's save the best for last, eh?

So we took the family to the LA County Fair on Saturday, where I indulged in Fair Fare. Let's just say I got my fix of fried goodness. This wasn't planned, BUT, I didn't get out of control -- lots of the fare was shared! And I got immediately back on track: dinner that night was a spinach salad with lots of broccoli and light O&V dressing.

Sunday was another food challenge, a family BBQ, which takes several hours (we have a very small grill and a large family) and has, in the past, resulted in lots of grazing grazing grazing. I ate more than I had mentally planned, and did just a little bit of kitchen standing eating. But, CREDITS -- I took care of myself first, before jumping in to help with the cooking, by working out. I also resisted eating during every "course" that came off the grill. Instead, I ate two courses, all sitting down: once, grilled corn on the cob, no additives. For the main course I waited until all had been cooked, and moderately filled a plate.

::ruminating:: Seems like this was more of a positive experience than I had at first thought. Cool.

Well, what is truly positive is the result of my monthly measuring: I am down 10 inches (all over, though most significantly around my stomach and waist), and about five pounds. YAY! :cloud9:

This seems to have been a reasonable task to accomplish, so I think I will set these #s as my goal for October: FIVE POUNDS AND TEN INCHES. Coaches, is that a reasonable goal, or am I going too easy on myself?


10-04-2010, 02:38 PM
I had a couple of days where nothing went according to plan and my eating reflected it, but I pulled it together yesterday. I got up, went for my weekly long run. Then the plan I had for the day fell apart, but my eating didnít. I got back from my run and DH needed my help. Someone had called looking to buy some rams; so we just grabbed some food on the go. I made the healthiest decision I could. It was a good day and it is always rewarding when someone who knows a lot about sheep thinks your sheep look really good. Heís an old rancher and they donít give out compliments easily. We went to my nieceís b-day party last night and had a good, healthy dinner.

My day today isnít shaping up the way I thought it would, but thatís a good thing. DH had a project for me this AM. I was waiting for him to start, but something else came up. Now I have the day to myself and am grateful for that.

MaryContrary, great job minimizing Fair Fare damage and for getting back on track and getting some veggies. Sounds like you made improvements to old BBQ behavior, so credit for that and for taking the time to recognize the positive. Congrats on 10 in and 5 lbs gone forever! Sound like you deserve a mini-reward.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on the new low and yay for complaining that gets that scale moving again. I think your exchange diet is interesting and obviously working, even though there is a lot of guestimation. That may be working in your favor. Us calorie counters tend to forget that counting calories is an art not a scienceósomething youíve already figured out on your plan.

Madrikh, those daily weight fluctuations can be frustrating and confusing. We all have a different relationship with our scale, so you just need to figure out what works for you. I like weighing everyday because it gives me some perspective on those daily fluctuations and that daily number will let me know if the lbs are creeping back on.

Beverlyjoy, ouch for trouble sleeping. Iíve had a bit of that recently, myself. Iím blaming it on weird weather, but who knows. Iím thinking about doing some relaxation before bed to counter it. Some gentle passive stretches and breathing exercises. Maybe something like that would be helpful for you.

BillBE, LOL at ďVegetarian returning from the hunt.Ē I love the idea of a modest sized meal with friends. I donít know where we got the idea that celebrations require ridiculous amounts of food. Kudos for choosing grapes over cookies. Yay for monster tomatoes in October. If Iíd have known we would be having such a hot fall, I wouldnít have given up on my plants so easily.

Maryblu, sounds like you had a great weekend. Yay for all the activity and great job eating sensibly through it all.

Seadwaters, kudos for getting those PM snacks under control. After a busy week and weekend, I think you definitely deserve a day of down time. No need to feel guilty over a lack of motivation. But the book definitely sounds like something I could use!

RobinW, you deserve a day not doing a darn thing! Yay for having a DH who sees that. Hope you can now face the new week re-energized.

CeeJay, kudos for 3 days OP, and one of those days in the city no less. LOL at ďa whole wheat 6 inch sub with nothing crazy on it.Ē

Maryann, great job getting back OP after a bad day and for taking the time to figure out what went wrong. Itís frustrating to go off plan, but if you learn from it, itís not a waste.

Woodland, great job hanging on while having a hard day emotionally. Hugs while dealing with those emotions.

Lexxiss, sounds like youíre undertaking a huge project! Great job tackling it and for feeling strong emotionally and with your food. My DH goes hunting out here on the ranch. We have lots of good hunting. He just wanted to camp out by himself to get the full effect.

AnneWonders, waving back. Good to see you pop by.

Waving to anyone else I missed!

10-04-2010, 08:18 PM
Afternoon to all.
Home computer is down so I am writing at school. The question, Who else is reading this? So, briefly . . . weight a little higher. Probably not from Off Plan episode Sat. but from cycle. OP today and yesterday. I have copied Stage 1 check list in pink book and am checking off tools for a week just to tighten up behaviors which are getting a little sloppy. Overreacted with my son sleeping in. I apologized and credited myself for NOT slipping into morbid self haterd for being a bad mother.
Personals tom.
Mary Ann

10-04-2010, 10:25 PM
OMG, BillBE, parish the thought of looking for Lutefisk. Sorry I brought it up. It is an *embarrassment to any self-respecting Scandinavian. Let's just say the Vikings got carried away a bit while raping and pillaging. What a bad idea. Take perfectly good cod and soak in lye until it becomes a stinky soggy sponge. I really shouldn't worry; you won't get the stuff past your nose. Instead I should tell you the story my mom used to tell about seeing it stacked up in slabs outside stores at Christmas time and what the dogs used to do to it when they smelled it!

Still being carried away by fall splendor and great weather. Taking time off this week to hike and enjoy, plus work in alotta yard work. Food should fall in line, as there are more important things for now.

Shout out to all.

10-04-2010, 10:58 PM
Hi Coaches

So far an on-plan day and I have already made lunch for tomorrow when I made it for today. I am "working" at home today which means I am fighting with the computer again (sigh) and looking at more time management stuff. I think having the laptop stolen and then replaced would solve a lot of that.

I can't find Covey's "7Habits" - probably lent it. But found a PDF version which I will read on breaks - wonderful.

Also looked at the time management reference that GardenerJoy mentioned. Now I have to stop looking at it all and get some work done - but it is all relevant to try and make space for dieting, planning and exercise. All difficult for me.

Shepherdess - Credit for pulling it together when things fell apart. And have a good day to yourself
Beverlyjoy - Ouch for not sleeping (and having caramel corn in the house!). The only way I can deal with an over-active mind in the middle of the night is to breathe - meditatively - while lying there. And it usually works after about 45 mins. Otherwise I wind myself up and have to get up and work at 3am (or play computer games). Fortunately I don't think of food then - about the only time I don't actually!
gardenerjoy - Yay for a new low! I have had a look at 168 minutes and downloaded the log - I think I will scare myself with how much time I waste. I had created several logs to do the same but hadn't thought of including sleep time etc
MaryContrary - Great work with moderation at the family BBQ - and for finding it a positive experience. Yay for lost pounds and inches
madrikh - Peace to you to - it is difficult when the weight isn't shifting and you are doing all the right things
BillBE - great restraint to have no seconds of what sounds like a delicious meal
maryann - Credit for on-plan couple of days and for no self-recriminations when less than perfect. Apologising for being in the wrong is pretty cool.
CeeJay - Waving - hope all is going to plan

Have a good day Beckies


10-04-2010, 11:38 PM
A couple of dancing carrots for everyone:


Giving myself credit for:

weighing in
eating mostly on plan-- was doing job interviews all day, and one of the others doing the interviews with me brought a box of those mini Halloween chocolate bars and was eating them in between the interviews as we rated- I ate 4 of them and then thought- STOP- why am I doing this--- and stopped. Yay.
posting here.
Planning tomorrow and packing my lunch.
Didn't really do anything fun today but did listen to some wicked-awesome tunes in the car on the way to and from work (My Morning Jacket album-Evil Urges).

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.


10-05-2010, 01:04 AM
Hello Fellow Beck Buddies,

Checking in from the weekend. I am very happy to report although the weekend and Monday were nonstop I managed to stay OP. I weighed in today down two pounds. I have now lost six pounds in two weeks. Yay!

Today I should have moved into phase two of SB but I think I will stay one more work on phase I. I do not feel confident that I am ready to add some of the carbs in yet. Although I managed to stay OP I have not dedicated much time to my workbook and I know how dangerous that can be for me.

I would be fooling myself and be right back in the same sinking boat as before if I do not get back to my Beck Workbook. So one more week on phase one and some focus on building lifelong eating skills.

I will be back to check in with all tomorrow. In the meantime, wishing you a great and successful Beck day!


10-05-2010, 07:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had a meeting during lunch where food was provided. I knew the person who would order the food - we chat every now and then about walking - and asked her two weeks ago to order some salads with broiled chicken in addition to the usual fat deli-meats sandwiches and fat bags of potato chips. She did, I had one. Now that's planning ahead with a tad of imagination. And, a big platter of brownies, which I skipped when serving myself. However, they were then passed around the table. Again I had none. But then, they landed right in front of me because the guy to my right (thin as a green bean) was chomping them the entire meeting. Not About Me worked for that. But the big deal, I didn't reach out for the nut crumbs that were less than 12 inches away. A 90 minute CREDIT moi.

Did gym, CREDIT moi. They had both FREE Bear Naked Granola and FREE unmentionables, but they weren't touching so it wasn't a problem.

maryblu - In New England we take good cod and make Scrod out of it. It's really yummy - worth trying, but you gotta get to Boston since it seems to have remained a local dish. [OK, taking your word for it and scratching Lutefish off my Bucket List.]

CeeJay - Ouch for Halloween chocolate bars with Kudos for stopping. Those things are hard to stop eating once started.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on the new low. hmmmmm . . . would think, although it's a new idea, that The Complaining Diet might be hard to find a publisher for, LOL.

Shepherdess - Congrats for harvesting a compliment for your sheep; nice when diligent work is recognized.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for sleeping issues - it's difficult when sleep is out of whack. Kudos for soaping that caramel corn - maybe next time it's purchased it can be kept hidden under some greasy tools in the garage.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for continuing to work on conquering time management. Look forward to hearing suggestions - I dread the thought of being held accountable for all 168 hours of my week by someone with a spreadsheet.

Marci (madrikh) - Sending supportive thoughts as you work through the anniversary of the "Mystery Weight Gain." You could talk to yourself like you would to your child that it's not the bath tub drain monster that's out to get you.

MaryContrary - Kudos for your Fair Fare Family Affair weekend. With Double Kudos for seeing your success as "cool." My take is that 5 pounds and 10 inches is a fine goal for October - that's a lotta inches.

maryann - Kudos for standing down that insidious thought of being a bad mother. That must be the most common thought for parents and the least useful, which makes it all the more delicious that you just barreled through it. You got a lucky kid.

McKt - Congrats on six pounds in two weeks, with Kudos for thoughtfully making a decision on which phase of South Beach.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How Claire Changed

To encourage herself to exercise, Claire did the following:
....... . .
She went back to reading her Response Cards before she started walking to remind herself of the benefits of losing weight that she'd listed at the beginning of the diet, as well as the benefits of exercise (see Day 9 on pages 107-112).
....... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 252.

10-05-2010, 10:27 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Things are going pretty good. I'm getting in my walks and some "Body Electric" on PBS. Maintaining at 194 (a little water weight this a.m.). Need to get back onto a more solid plan. Been "winging" it lately, which is o.k., but I'm much more motivated when I'm counting calories and watching the deficits.

We got more siding done this weekend. Part of the project was moving the satellite. It went really well.

Hope you all have a great day!

10-05-2010, 11:37 AM
Hello everyone!!

MaryContrary: 10 inches!!?? Give yourself like 30 pats on the back....that is AMAZING!! ( I was being all pleased with myself for 1.5 in off the hips:smug:)

AmberPR: I think I'll adopt your very practical way of looking at a higher number on the scale: "a little water weight this a.m.".

BillBE: Thank you, I'll remember that: the bathtub monster!!

gardnerjoy: I would buy The Complaining Diet; as you can tell, I'm all for honesty:D

:hug: for everyone else !

-OP yesterday, except skipping the dip for my raw veggies and instead having a spoon of peanut butter later.
-walked on the treadmill
-checking in here
-got on the scales even though I felt afraid :WI 161.4. (someone PLEASE remind me that an increase is most likely temporary, IF it happens again! Thank you)
-added more raw produce to yesterday's and today's plan
-15 days on MY new medication
-planning a walk on the TM today + yoga. Hope my headache subsides soon.

Thanks again for all the wonderful support. So glad I found this place!


10-05-2010, 12:23 PM
Yesterday was mostly OP. My afternoon snack was larger than it needed to be. I need to be more careful when Iím working indoors and having a snack.

I did my weights yesterday. Didnít feel like it; did it anyways. I also got some spontaneous exercise playing tag with my dog. We both think playing in the falling leaves in the yard is just too fun to miss. There was a Great Horned Owl on the roof. I love owls. We have a resident flock of ďwildĒ turkeys that roost in the trees above our house. At dusk they use the roof as a midway point when flying up into the trees. They line up like airplanes on a runway. I was wondering how the owl would change their flight patterns. He was just watching them land near him then fly into the trees until one of the toms decided he didnít like a bird of prey near them and chased him off. This has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it was cool.

Maryann, kudos for having a sane reaction to a little higher number on the scale. Good job making that check list to keep habits from slipping.

Maryblu, trying to keep breakfast down after reading your description of Lutefisk. Yay for food falling into line. I love it when everything comes together.

Seadwaters, yuck for fighting with computer. I hate that kind of work! Great job staying OP during a frustrating task. LOL at putting down the time management book to get stuff done.

CeeJay, great job stopping the Halloween chocolate bar madness. Itís that time of year again when we apparently think itís a good idea to have candy out all the time. Thanks for the reminder to be vigilant.

McKt, congrats on 6 lbs down! Thatís a great reward for staying OP while life got hectic. Kudos for recognizing that you should stay on phase 1 of SBD. Studies show that diets are more effective when we tailor them to our needs.

BillBE, those brownies were like a bad horror movie. Great job flexing that resistance muscle for so long! LOL at uncontaminated Bear Naked Granola. Glad they had a non-gender specific sample for you.

AmberPr, yay for a productive day getting the siding on the house! Kudos for maintaining while winging it and for recognizing that being a little more careful works better for you.

Madrikh, the weight gain is temporary! Kudos for facing your fear and stepping on that scale. I like regular weigh-ins because they helped me get over the fear of those fluctuations. If you stay on plan, you will see it on the scale eventually.

10-05-2010, 01:16 PM
I forgot to weigh myself this morning -- first time in weeks. Oh well. We're busily getting ready to leave town later in the week.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +75 255/1800 minutes for September, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

10-05-2010, 02:45 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I'm checking in while I have a moment....still working on my project...and a few more. I'm going to try to stay home this afternoon. I'm at Starbucks with my Sis working on the family cookbook. Yesterday was OP with many credits during this semi-stressful time. I read posts and keep my Beck skills in my mind as I focus on another day.

Thanks for being here everyone!

10-05-2010, 04:25 PM
Still blue today. It started on Sat. nite when the floor dropped out and hasn't really popped back up. This is usual for me. I am a person with mood swings, bottomline. Most have nothing to do with current events but biology. Credit - for the first time in my life I am consistenly OP thru it. Credit - not taking anything too seriously now because I have no perspective. Credit - suiting up and showing up because I know this will pass although all I feel is doom. Credit - checked all my boxes on the Pink Stage 1 list.
seadwaters: the key to my time management was not overcommitting. I feel so guilty not being everything to everyone and I am a stickler for doing what I say I will do. Then I am trapped. It will be good to hear how you are doing with this tricky subject.
McKt: careful with those carbs. They are my Achilles' heel.
BBE: impressive planning ahead for what you need and use of resistance techniques.
madrikh: congrats on the courage to face the scale. This is a long race and the numbers will come if I just do what is in front of me today.
shepardess: you make me jealous with your outside tales. Good thing I am off to Tahoe Friday to kayak.

10-05-2010, 08:18 PM

still struggling with planning my food.....then eating it. Well not planning so much as eating it. It has to be precooked or something, because by the end of the day I just dont want to cook.

Im seriously considering lean cuisines for my freezer for days like this. Calorie and portion controlled. I dont have to think about it. Maybe thats the issue....having to think about it all the time.

Here I thought I was being smart by buying those steamer packages!! How clever I thought I was....just pop them in the microwave and my veggies are done. But...I didnt remember that I need cooked chicken or a protein to go with it. :rolleyes:

Ive been looking at my appointment book....I need to block out an hour a day to feed myself. Set my timer if Im in the office so that I go eat. Because I get carried away with what Im doing and I keep putting it off until 330ish then Im not hungry for supper, until 8 or 9 at night.

I'll get it......

another word on "worthy and deserving" Ive changed my cards....tossed most of them. Because so many of them werent positive. Or they were "when I do this" I would let myself down at the end of the day and feel really bad. But taking a minute after Ive just stuffed a twinkie in my mouth, I dont feel guilty, I remind myself that I am worthy and deserving...and it usually stops at that one twinkie. Rather than beating myself up over letting myself down.

ok...Im done :p

Have a great evening everyone! Im off to look for fingerless gloves!

10-05-2010, 08:32 PM
Hi Beckies & coaches - yesterday (Monday) was in my calorie range. It took a few twists and turns but I managed. I logged and counted my calories. Credit. I am grateful for the willingness to do so.

Thanks for the ideas and reminders about my no sleeping well lately.

Billbe - I agree, DH needs to hide his goodies!

Seadwaters - Or, pehaps, it's time for me to use..."It would be so helpful to me if you could keep the goodies out of the house. Good reminder. Also - I do know how to do meditations and relaxation techniques. I need to remember and be willing to do so. Another good thing to remember..thanks.

Gardenerjoy - You ask a good quesiton...: "Am I hungry when I can't sleep." No, I am not hungry - just frustrated, tired and kinda stressed from not sleeping. You have a good idea for times when I can't sleep in making up a plan of action. I could listen to relaxing tapes, read, watch tv, clean or try and rest in my easy chair .

Shepardess - gentle stretches sound like a good ideas with relaxing breathing.

Thanks so much.

10-06-2010, 12:15 AM
Hello, Beckmates,

I took the time tonight to read through everyone of my coaches/buddies posts this month. (I had to keep going outside in the balmy fall evening just to smell the air; it is that wonderful freshly fallen leaf smell.) I feel much better informed. I echo the sentiment that I am grateful for you all. Sending hugs to those who need them.

Lexxiss, fascinating story of your grandma's cave. Credit for lotza unplanned exercise.

Shepherdess, thanks for the owl/turkey standoff story. Love owls, too, and sorry the turkeys won out. We have alotta Wild Turkeys around here, too..used to be cool, but now so very common...often a menace on the road.

Sorry if I got carried away with the Lutefisk thang, but it really is disgusting.

My 2 cents to madrikh on choosing a plan, and wondering if this might be helpful to RobinW as well. You on a Diet recommends automating your food plan. What Dr. Oz and Roisen advise is to eat the same thing every day for both breakfast and lunch. Dinner you change up. The brilliance of that, besides it being quite like the Beck program in the green book, and thus *brilliant, is that it take a lot of the focus off food. You don't have to think about what to have for 2 meals a don't have to think about it. You would obviously have to plan snacks ahead, too, but many of us are better at that already. I see the merit of it, for sure. Mebbe if weekends are a bit saner, and I realize that is a big if, one could change things up a bit. Just a thought.

The amazing fall weather continues. 70s, dry, great joy.

10-06-2010, 01:52 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I have been having a week filled with good things and stuff I'd prefer to do without-but it's not always my choice. Food sanity has been pretty consistent. Sunday was not the best, but it was due to poor planning for the most part. I was going to stay home in the evening then Mom and Sis invited me out for a drive. I assumed dinner was in our plan and it wasn't. I picked up an orange during a grocery stop (they drove through McDonalds). I had planned on baking when I got home, did, and ate most of what I baked. I came out ok calorie wise, but not nutritionally. Baking was OP food, but not in the quantity I ate. It all comes down to one thing-Plan for the unplanned. Still working on the canning project...jars everywhere!

BillBlueEyes, oh, I laughed and shook my head at the revolving platter of brownies. I've had that happen where EVERY time I try to get rid of them they seem to go all the way around and end up RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AGAIN! Your Not About Me is such a great technique! *credit* for asking the food person in advance to get some healthy food.

Beverlyjoy, it's so hard to deal with the goodies! It's easy in my head to say "no choice", but at my house it's every night and every food-starting with chips, moving into chocolate and ending with ice cream. The associated noises are triggers for me and once I cave in it's very hard to get back to abstinence. I understand I have very little control once I start. I have been thinking about it a lot, because I've spent the week alone and it's so much easier.

RobinW, I have a sometimes unpredictable schedule and I have to set time aside for my lunch, especially, but usually dinner, too. It has really helped as it became a habit.

maryann, great credits, especially when you are feeling blue. Knowing it will pass even while feeling doom is very empowering. Hang in there!

gardenerjoy, I am interested in hearing more about your time management successes.

Shepherdess, oh, I am envious of your owl and turkeys. I can hear owls in the morning and we have turkeys all over but I have never seen them fly.

Marci(madrikh), lol for the "complaining diet". Yes, you've already been reminded, but increases on the scale when you're eating OP are only temporary. It's hard to believe time is flying by very fast-2 weeks on your new medication.

AmberPr, :wave: thanks for checking in. Yay for maintaining!

KAM(McKt), fantastic news on your weight loss so far! Working on your Beck skills while enjoying the ease of P1 sounds really sensible for you.

CeeJay, thanks for the :carrot:! I think your using your Beck skills to get back on track is a really great step forward. It's nice to hear about your progress.

Cheryl(seadwaters), making two lunches at once is very effective time management. Slow computers are so frustrating...I lived with one for years. Thanks for sharing suggestions for dealing with sleepless nights. I will try breathing. And thanks also, for reporting on books.

maryblu, enjoy your hiking and fall splendor. I find food is much more in line when I am able to spend time doing all things enjoyable. BTW-I'm an automator-got the idea from Dr. Oz' book. It has worked very well for me.

MaryContrary, I'm chiming in late, but very impressed with your practicing moderation during your special event centered weekend….and for noticing! Given your success this past month, I think your October goal is very reasonable.

Woodland, it was great to hear from you...right after I last posted. Saying no thanks to food during a tough time is so powerful! Hope you're feeling better!

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Thanks for all your collective insights. Good night!

10-06-2010, 02:02 AM
Beautiful autumn day in sunny northern California. Credit – diligently did a chapter in my Beck workbook and went to a cycling class at the gym… double credits.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday!

BBE – Serious credit due with the planning and the passing on of the food! I actually was feeling a little anxious while reading,
wondering if I really could pass on those brownies. Woo Whoo!

Amber – Yay for winging it and still maintaining. Your numbers are truly inspirational. Kudos to you

Madrikh - Yay for more raw produce and walking on the treadmill. All in the right direction!

Shepherdess – Kudos for doing the weight and Yay doggie tag exercise and Wow for the fabulous bird watching, how lucky you are!

Gardenerjoy - How nice to think about something else other than what the scale says – Yay!

Lexxiss - Kudos, kudos and more for staying on OP when you have so much going on.

Maryann - Sending happy vibes to chase your blues away. You should be very proud to remain OP and for recognizing it will pass. Stay strong!

RobinW - Yay for new cards… and for being aware of where you need to change up the food prep.

Beverly joy – Kudos for willingness and counting and logging. May you have sweet and sound dreams!

10-06-2010, 04:42 AM
Hi Coaches
A quick check in - I did well on plan today, although if I could have scared up a common garden variety biscuit at an afternoon meeting I would have scarfed it. Fortunately they didn't have any and the feeling passed - as we know it will. I am determined to go and make a nice dinner tonight - I have some good fish and all the ingredients and I am going to make a simple Asian fish soup - it will be nice. Might even have enough for work lunch

I will then plan for tomorrow and make meals and get organised for another on-plan day

Have a good day Beckies


10-06-2010, 04:57 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - This weekend I had finally make stuff for my week of lunches; CREDIT moi. So I was happy at lunch to have my mixture of white beans, red onions, and cherry tomatoes, with rosemary vinaigrette. I do like when I'm looking forward to the lunch I've brought with me. At dinner last night I saved half of my piece of the grilled tuna that DH served to have for lunch today - just a small piece tastes soooo good at lunch.

I let the rain stop me from walking after work. Tomorrow is another day.

maryblu - Make room, I'm definitely moving to Minnesota after reading your description of fall. Reminder: 3 days and counting.

Robin (RobinW) - Just love it that "worthy and deserving" is displacing old cards. What will you use fingerless gloves for? (I use them to operate binoculars in the cold, for bike riding, and for weight lifting.)

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Hope you're going someplace neat, like New Zealand.

Shepherdess - Thanks for the demo, "Didnít feel like it; did it anyways." I always need to be reminded that feelings aren't an emergency either. Love the Great Horned Owl and "wild" turkeys story. Not sure who I'd bet on if the owl and tom turkey went after each other.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for navigating a "a few twists and turns."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - "simple Asian fish soup" sounds good to me. LOL at searching for a biscuit - a good reminder of the importance of a clear environment.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Neat that you are keeping your Beck going even while there's stress. Good choice of an orange verses McDonald's. Ouch for going for your own baking.

Amber (AmberPr) - Yay for each bit of siding added. Wasn't sure what this meant, "Part of the project was moving the satellite." Doesn't Mission Control usually take care of that?

Marci (madrikh) - Yay for 15 days and Yay, again, for "MY."

maryann - Oh Yes, Big Kudos for "I am consistently OP thru it." That's great stuff.

McKt - My gym has cycling classes and I watch folks leaving drenched in sweat; gonna try one it some day.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How Claire Changed

To encourage herself to exercise, Claire did the following:
.......... . .
She read a Response Card after she exercised, one that reminded her why she deserved so much credit for walking.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 252.

10-06-2010, 11:07 AM
Hi Becksters - yesterday was a good calorie day - I am so grateful for that. I did do calorie counting, stretches & strengthening, leave a bite always , eat seated always, one twirl and lots of water. Credit. However, I didn’t do many other Beck tasks.

Today I go for my Pre-op physical for my surgery on Sept. 21. I am going to say something to my doctor about the fact that she didn’t listen to me when I knew I had to see a dermatologist because of the 80 raised red bumps. I am getting a new doctor when this is all over. I don’t have the energy to figure that out right now.

Since I am going to the doctor this afternoon, I decided to weigh myself this morning. I am up 2 pounds. That makes 13 for this summer. That makes me very sad. I am glad, however, that I am on a better track than I was a couple months ago. My ticker is correct. I got up today and have written down my plan, wrote down my Beck goals, and am going for a healthy day.

Billbe - well done on your planning ahead for healthy meals and leaving the extra for another meal. I hope you can get out for your walk today.

Seadwaters - credit for planning to walk past the bisket even before you know they were all gone. Healthy dinner and leftover for lunch is great planning.

Mckt - you are moving along in your Beck book. Well done and carry on!

Lexxiss - it is so, so true. Planning is essential but, we have to know how to manage when the plan just has to change. It’s a credit that with all the changes and baking you stayed in your calorie range!

Maryblu - thanks for your explanation of You on a Diet. There’s much to be said about planning. The same foods for two meals for a week…really leaves your mind free of thoughts of food choices.

Robinw - if eating convenience food is within your food plan - sounds OK to me. Planning takes practice. If you plan ahead - then you can have foods at home to prepare & eat meals. Yes indeed, your are "worthy and deserving"
- absolutely!! Remember this always.

Maryann - major credit for getting through a down time OP. YAY

10-06-2010, 12:44 PM
I had a good OP day yesterday. I was making spaghetti for dinner. I had more pasta in the cupboard than 2 of us needed, but not enough to save the rest. The thought crossed my mind to give us each a larger serving; then thought, ďHey, I could save the extra for lunch.Ē Itís annoying to have stupid thoughts, but Iím glad the good idea prevailed.

I got my run in yesterday. I cut it a bit short since DH has me on weed control. It requires a lot of walking with a heavy sprayer on my back.

Gardenerjoy, best of luck getting ready for your trip. Iím impressed that youíre still making the time to exercise while busy.

Lexxiss, yay for continued food sanity while youíre so busy. It sounds like you did really well in difficult situation. Nutrition may not have been perfect, but Iím sure your healthy habits on other days will cover one not-so-great dinner.

Maryann, hugs while youíre feeling down, but great job sticking to your healthy habits. Itís great that you recognize that ďThis too shall pass.Ē Hope youíre back to your cheerful self soon.

RobinW, youíre smart to recognize that you need to make an appointment to feed yourself. I get into trouble when I put off eating for too long. I make bad choices when too hungry. I love how ďIím worthy and deservingĒ puts you in a positive mindset and makes controlling your eating so much easier. Iíll have to take a cue from you and make some positive reminders.

Beverlyjoy, great job for 2 days OP. Kudos for speaking up to your Dr. She needs to know that she missed the boat when she didnít listen and made your health worse. Hugs while you head in for your pre-op physical.

Maryblu, yay for stepping outside to smell fallen leaves. Glad you could tear yourself away from your beautiful autumn weather long enough to pop by. LOL at the turkey menace on the road. They multiply very quickly! DH takes one a year for Thanksgiving, but the flock keeps growing.

McKt, yay for beautiful autumn weather! Great job getting in some good exercise and taking the time to read more Beck.

Seadwaters, yay that there were no available biscuits when the craving hit. Great job continuing to eat so well when you are so busy!

BillBE, yay for lunches you look forward to. And thank you for your continuing to set a good example and reminding me that if I leave some dinner I have a good lunch to look forward to.

10-06-2010, 03:18 PM
Not as exciting as New Zealand, but it should be a good trip. We're going to Columbus, Indiana, the small town with an astounding array of modern architecture and public art due to the influence (and money) of Cummins Engines which is headquartered there. We also anticipate getting to see some fall color along the scenic route we plan to take instead of the interstate.

WI: +0.5kg, Exercise: +70 325/1800 minutes for September, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

10-06-2010, 07:44 PM

Just a quickie! Bill~ I'll use them to keep my hands warm. lol Working on the computer all day and the mouse for some reason turns my hands to ice!!! I have very thin boney hands. Unlike the rest of me!! lol There is very little fat on my hands to help keep them warm. So Im hoping these will do the trick!

Off to more client meetings tonight. But supper has been eaten, and just tea is on the agenda for tonight :)

10-07-2010, 12:08 AM
Good Evening, All. Thanks to all for well wishes during my "blue period." I actually feel better today - on the way through and out. I said it yesterday and it is true today - amazing that I stay OP. I would credit moi but I would have to share it with this thread, with the Beck book, understanding DH and my HP( highpower). Alone I am lost.
I am doing all the foot work which is so helpful and it is reinforced by reading all the things everyone else is doing. BBE is packing lunches which is vital to my plan. Seadwaters is cooking which is the only authentic way to keep proportions completely accurate. Beverlyjoy is telling the painful truth not just to us but to hear it herself and that is the only way someone can really achieve change. The first step is always admitting what really is. I hear her sadness. Shepardess is not fooling herself like Beck warns us in the cards. "extra food is off." And gardernerjoy is enriching her life with travel - also a Beck life step.
I must be participating in the right blog. I feel lucky.

10-07-2010, 12:38 AM
Hi Coaches,

I've been reading about all your adventures and appreciate all the Beck goodness. Visiting this thread is part of my daily routine and I'm grateful for it.

I was busy making salsa today when DH asked me to run an errand in town. I was glad that I could quickly ex-change food choices from what I'd planned and still stay on track. When I got back, I enjoyed what might be my last cantaloupe from the garden. Pests are breaking into them more often now, and I guess I can't blame them for being hungry this time of year.

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
Here's to continued success with Beck skills !!


10-07-2010, 01:14 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

A good Beck minded day with simple credits which seem easy this week. I made healthy choices while eating lunch at Whole Foods and didn't even think about free samples. Yay! I'm going to travel early in the AM back to snackland and DH. I'm leaving my messy project unfinished and am certain it will await when I return on Monday.

BillBlueEyes, I took a moment and thought how wonderful it must be to pack your own healthy lunches and then to look forward to your choices. *credit* BTW-I've noticed the salmon tastes just wonderful the day after….hmm reminding myself to take salmon with me.

KAM(McKt), great news on a double credit day! It sounds like your exercise is flowing a little better.

Cheryl(seadwaters), sometimes the miracle is that the biscuit isn't there, giving you the opportunity to once again find that the feeling will pass. Is it getting hot down under??

Beverlyjoy, I hope your appt. went well. *credit* for weighing yourself. I remember when you had decided to wait until you felt prepared to accept it. Not too bad,'re on your way back down!

Shepherdess, it sounds like you and I are on the same exercise plan this week-work until your back hurts...Great choice cooking the spaghetti for your lunch the following day.

gardenerjoy, thanks to you, I have ordered a food mover. I think it will help me, especially during hectic days where plans are constantly changing.

RobinW, :wave:

maryann, I feel lucky, too! What a great group! Glad you are feeling better!

Woodland, thanks for all the :bravo: S Here's one for you :bravo:

Ok, best I get to bed so I can get this show back on the road before dawn.

Good night!

10-07-2010, 01:29 AM
To all my Beck BuddiesÖÖ
I just want let each of you know how much appreciate all of your insight, suggestions and personal stories of your own successes and struggles. I cannot tell you how many times each day I reflect back on posts Iíve read and how much they impact the positive decisions I have been making lately. So give yourself some extra credit today because your sharing has made a difference in fellow Beck'sters success.
I will catch up with all of you tomorrow. Wishing each of you a fabulous Thursday!

10-07-2010, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Another day of lunch at my desk that included my white beans and an ear of corn. Such a nice break in the middle of the day. CREDIT moi for setting that up. Had a Honeycrisp Apple after my mixed fruit evening snack; Ouch. This evening snack thing isn't solving itself; I might have to get involved.

Did gym, walking there in rain heavy enough that I was both Gore Tex'ed and umbrella'ed; CREDIT moi. Yay for finding myself motivated by the FREE granola.

maryblu - Waving. Look around and see if one Randy Moss is about; he's got sticky fingers and can pull a football out of the air from within whatever size crowd is gathered round. He's gone missing.

Robin (RobinW) - Yay for warm fingers.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for Cummins Engines; now I have to add Columbus, Indiana to my Bucket list along with India, New Zealand, and Saint Petersberg.

Shepherdess - That "larger servings" thought to finish off a container happens to me all time. Yay for converting it into "extra for lunch."

Beverlyjoy - Hope your doctor's visit went well; Yep, you deserve a doctor who hears you.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - You are now my hero with "at Whole Foods and didn't even think about free samples." Perhaps because your Whole Foods doesn't offer FREE samples, LOL.

Woodland - Saluting your "last cantaloupe from the garden" - with my admiration for a calm mention of the pests. I suppose they have to eat but I wish they'd finish the whole piece they start rather than take a bite out of each one.

maryann - Kudos for staying Op and thanks for sharing your credit with all of us.

McKt - Thanks for the appreciation and, as you suggested, CREDIT moi for sharing.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How Claire Changed

These strategies were enough to get Claire to walk at least three days a week, but still not enough to get her to do so with a wholly positive attitude. Then something happened: Claire hurt her back. The pain was severe enough that she had to go to a doctor who, after Claire had recovered to some degree, insisted that she get physical therapy. Although she was quite intimidated at the prospect, she was motivated to feel better and to stay free of pain. So she started going. Her physical therapist started her off slowly. He was encouraging and supportive. Claire began to do the recommended stretches at home between sessions, and her back slowly healed. She was proud of herself for making herself go to the appointments and for doing her daily exercises at home. She actually began to feel good before, during, and after exercising. She began to change her view of herself: Maybe I can do this. I am getting stronger.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 252.

10-07-2010, 10:11 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Trying to get myself back on a "program" of weightloss. Last night I ordered the pink book and the workbook that goes with it. I had a protein shake for breakfast. I'll be bringing an apple with for a snack if I need it. Lunch will be a salad... dinner is TBA-- not a very good plan!

Weight is holding at 193. Got two walks in and some strength training. Yesterday I found myself snacking on immitation 'coco puffs for a sweet fix. So, mostly I'm doing good and just a little bit not so perfect. Oh well.

Have a great day!

10-07-2010, 10:13 AM
Just a quick check in before the craziness starts this AM.

We had a busy day yesterday and I got plenty of exercise. We were sorting off lambs for shipping. One of the ranch hands and I took turns running up and down the chute keeping sheep moving. That was my dog Maggie's (rest her soul) favorite job. She was really good at it. I could have used some yoga after all that, but was too tired when it was all over.

Food was good and OP. I skipped my afternoon snack, mostly because we were too busy, but it worked out. DH and I went to a new Thai restaurant for dinner and I was glad I had a few extra calories to spare.

I'm off to ship some lambs right now. I'll keep BillBE's "It's not about me" in mind since the guys have brownies to snack on.

Will try to make it back for personals later today.

10-07-2010, 11:17 AM
Hi coaches and Beck folks - I stayed in my calorie range yesterday - am grateful for that. I did, however, change it as things came up during the day. I know that changing it was second best. But I still was OK in the calorie aspect. I counted my calories, wrote it down, did my stretches & strengthening, had all my water, always left a bite, did some journaling - good credits. There’s still much to include to make it even healthier.

I saw my family doctor for my pre-op physical. She had to redo the blood work - but, the chest xray and EKG were still within the timeframe. I spoke to her about how she didn’t listen to me when I kept asking to see a derm with all my big raised bumps. Her reply was, ‘I would have gotten you there eventually. That by me doing it myself, I probably got myself in quicker than she could have.’ That is total BS and a cop out. She totally avoided taking responsibility for her mistake and non-action. I did not realistically think she would amit to doing anything 'wrong'. I am certainly finding a new doctor when all this is done.

Today I am taking my mom to lunch and run errands for/with her. We are going to Bob Evans and know what I’ll get and how many calories.

Have a great day.

10-07-2010, 12:21 PM
A busy final day before we leave on our trip! Thanks, everyone, for being here and modeling Beck behaviors and expressing gratitude. It's all very helpful at busy times.

WI: -0.6kg (new low), Exercise: +15 340/1800 minutes for September, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

10-07-2010, 02:23 PM
Beverlyjoy: I have had similar experiences with doctors and I'm so sorry you are in the midst of this. I don't know the extent of what you are dealing with physically, but you do deserve to have someone who will honor all of your requests by acting on them. I currently have a wonderful doctor, and I know that it can be different. I wish the same for you.

McKt: thanks for the note. I agree with you!!

Lexxiaa: please let me know how you like the Food Mover...I'm considering one.

Bill: I love the quotes you share: always what I need to hear!

AmberPr: another good quote "just a little bit not so perfect. Oh well". I will remember that.

gardnerjoy: have a great trip!!

shepherdess: hope the craziness went well:dizzy:

-OP yesterday, except for some fresh raspberries
-had to go "to town" for my son's science class and grocery shopping: packed my OP snack and enjoyed it while sitting in a sunny car
-walked on the treadmill today, but yesterday LISTENED TO MY BODY (I'm not usually so good at that) and rested after more than a week of daily pushing myself
-giving myself the "day off" from some of my usual things, since yesterday was a crazy-busy day
-checking in here
-read my cards and Beck journal
-currently enjoying 2 books: Best Life Diet and Sonoma Diet: encouraging!
-ate my coconut ice cream treat yesterday and stayed to the 1/2 c serving. Enjoyed every bite!
-WI: 161.4 (third day in a row, so I;m changin' that ticker!!)


10-07-2010, 09:03 PM
Hi Everyone!

I traveled to my other house this morning. I am tired, but got to my exercise class. I took myself to lunch today. Interesting...I really wanted Chinese food. I really thought about it and there was no emotion attached, I just wanted it. Having memories of my deprivation experiments, I took my nutrition action newsletter and read it at the Chinese buffet. I made pretty good choices and came home for a nap. Tonight, I made a really nice juice(carrot/spinach/ginger/apple/protein) hoping for a boost in energy. *credit* for not thinking that junk food would fix it. Now, I'm going to have a big glass of water thinking it will help me feel better. Wow! I'm shocking myself! lol

I'm going to keep it short. I have this intense craving to sit on my couch with my NEW green book and just do nothing but read and watch tv. I'm even going to let DH cook's been a long 10 days away from home and I'll enjoy it while I'm here.

Beverlyjoy, I've learned not to take doctors responses personal. We've had more than one occasion to be really upset and had the same reaction....I think it has to do with malpractice concerns. They will never say anything that will implicate them. You said it...she has to know it in her heart...and that is what matters.

10-08-2010, 12:23 AM
Yep, BillBE, he's baaaaack... One Randy Moss is about. Back wearing his 84 jersey, as it should be. Sorry for your loss, but the Vikes were stoopid to let him go in the first place. Don't get me started. Every Vikings fan with whom I have spoken, and that would be in checkout lines, at a professional assn. dinner last either "cautiously optimistic" or irrationally exuberant. (Guess which catagory I am in. ;);))

I have to admit, though, one of my colleagues pointed out that, at this point, our dear coach, Brad Childress is "all in"...if he can't gitterdone with *this talent, he's prolly "all out". *sigh. Monday night will be a good indicator.

We won't talk about the Twinkies not being able to dispatch the *damned Yankees. Sorry, RobinW, but the dominance is striking. (pardon the pun)

Coaches, this impossibly wonderful stretch of incredible weather continues...forecast through the weekend...I am taking afternoons off due to weather to hike the park and the high hill...did the hill twice today, just 'cuz I could.

Best, all!

10-08-2010, 05:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I had only one evening snack last night; CREDIT moi for the obvious. That should be a no-brainer.

Nice weather to take a walk to Whole Foods because I needed peanut butter; CREDIT moi. I like standing there grinding my own, shaking the container to get it to settle, deciding when to stop before it gets so full that it squeezes out when I put the top on (as it did once when I went too far). The price has gone down to $1.99 per pound from $2.49 per pound. And I get a nickel off for bringing my own bag! Yay for a bargain at Whole Foods.

Irrationally Exuberant (maryblu) - Just love the notion of taking afternoons off to hike the high hill. Kudos for the rational behavior of enjoying life. I do hope Mr. Moss performs well for your Vikings; he did good stuff for the Patriots and I can only wish him the best. I also wish your Twins would do better against the D*mn Yankees, which, as you might suspect, as a die-hard Red Sox fan, are not my favorite team.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Bon Voyage. Looking forward to tales.

Shepherdess - Sending supportive thoughts and spending a quiet moment thinking about one fine Australian Shepard, Maggie. LOL that it took two humans to replace one dog. Ouch for visible brownies that you have to avoid. I dream of living a life where extra food is just not visible ... ever! On-plan would be so much easier.

Beverlyjoy - I'm glad that you said what you needed to say to your doctor. Of course she had to say that she'd have gotten you there eventually; she couldn't say that she'd never have thought of it. But "eventually" is easier for a doctor than a patient. Yay for comfortably planning your Bob Evans meal in advance.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for Nutrition Action Newsletter - big fan here. Your juice sounds yummy; you're putting your new juices to good use.

Amber (AmberPr) - I, too, like, "just a little bit not so perfect" - nicely phrased reminder that this path just isn't going to be perfect, sorta reminds you of ... well ... real life, LOL. Kudos for two walks and strength training in the same day.

Marci (madrikh) - Kudos for "LISTENED TO MY BODY." Shuddering at the thought of coconut ice cream - not my thing.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How Claire Changed

When Claire's back healed, her physical therapist recommended that she go to a gym. Clair discussed the possibility with me, saying, "I know it's a good idea. But I'm just too intimidated." I reminded Claire that she had the same reluctance when she first started going to physical therapy. Claire took my suggestion to visit a nearby gym to see what it was like. The staff was friendly, very few people were model thin, and the whole experience was much less intimidating than she had predicted. She also talked to a personal trainer while she was there about the possibility of signing up for a few sessions.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 252.

10-08-2010, 11:19 AM
Please tell me more about The Nutrition Action Newsletter.


10-08-2010, 11:25 AM
We're off! My food plan is to order lots of veggies, be fully prepared to leave half of what I'm served on the plate, and enjoy every bite that eat! My exercise plan is lots of walking and some stretching in the indoor pool and hot tub.

Hope everyone has a great few days. I'll report in on Wednesday.

WI: +0.4kg, Exercise: +50 390/1800 minutes for September, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

10-08-2010, 12:37 PM
Weigh in Day. Yeah. Down another pound. That's the big 10 lb milestone. Off to Tahoe this pm. It should be beautiful. Bring OP food with me.
Woodland: I also love the freedom to change OP food when needed. It is the only way a program will work for me. Besides this is a lifestyle change, not a diet to go on and off. I don't need anymore rigid thinking.
BBE: I knew you were coming to a solution with the extra evening snack. Keep up the good work.
Amber: I am really enjoying reading a bit of the pink book every morning even having gone through the green book and making all the cards. Good reminders to be had.
Beverleyjoy: part of life as an adult is to fully accept that I will rarely have the full satisfaction of another's admission of their part in our pain. This was a particularly tough pill for me to swallow but I just have to move on.
madrikh: congrats on a ticker move and 1/2 cup ice cream. Yum!
Lexxiss: you sound on fire with the program. your enthusiasm helps me.
Maryblu: how about them SF Giants?
gardernerjoy: enjoy your trip.

10-08-2010, 02:25 PM
How annoying! I just wrote an entire post and lost the darned thing! Grrrrr! :mad:

To summarize: I made it through a high-stress week without experiencing any emotional or stress cravings. I pose the question: does this mean that I'm starting to experience less cravings, as the Beck plan promises?

It's going to be a working weekend for me, so I can meet my big chapter deadline next Friday. I had to face the fact that the more one knows about a topic, the harder it can be to articulate what ones knows. SO -- for the guest lecture I was asked to give this week for a grad seminar at USC, I was able to spit out 10 pages in four hours. A good day for diss writing averages 2-3 pages. I was MAD about this. I was MAD about agreeing to do something that took me away from my diss. But I worked through it. And, of course, the guest lecture was a great experience. CREDIT moi for fighting my flight instinct. Dread is a terrible thing, for me.

* sticking to my mental plan (tried and true meals and snacks)
* eating while sitting down
* measuring my portions, esp. dinner
* skipping snacks when I'm not hungry
* working out four times this week -- shooting for six
* giving myself credit for these things
* weighing in every morning

Work on:
* visiting this Forum every day (even if only to read)
* writing down a plan
* writing down after-the-fact

Sorry for the brevity of this! Thank you all for listening, and giving me some good reading.

10-08-2010, 02:34 PM
Unfortunately I did not hear the posts I read speaking to me …..

Last night I hit the first huge obstacle on my journey. I was invited to a birthday celebration during “happy hour”. I prepared well, so I thought. I ate a nice green salad with grilled chicken breast prior to going so I was not hungry.

When I got there I ordered a glass of a lovely local cabernet, oh was it so yummy and warm. I have not had wine or any alcohol in more than six weeks and absolutely no sugar in four weeks. I was having so much fun, I ended up have three glasses of wine throughout the evening. All in all, that probably would have been okay, EXCEPT when I went home I went on a complete sugar / carb binge. I had handfuls of bittersweet chocolate chips with almonds, toasted English muffin smothered in butter, two oatmeal raisin cookies and then I went to bed. I woke up at 2AM coming off that sugar high and just felt awful. The remainder of the night was fitful sleep, tossing and turning, ugh.

My first instinct this morning was to be very angry and disappointed in myself, but that was prior to my Beck journey. In the past one night like last night and I would have been done trying. Today I realize what is done is done. I cannot undo that HOWEVER, I do have control over today and the choices I make. I am drinking lots of water as I still feel shaky from the sugar. I am going to a cycling class this morning and will do a nice long hilly walk this evening. I have my workbook out and have been reviewing my cards…… It is all a learning process, I am determined to make these permanent changes.

Maryann - CONGRATULATIONS on hitting the 10 pound milestone woo whoo! Have a great time in Tahoe.

GardnerJoy – Hope you have a great trip. Can’t wait to hear how it went on Wednesday!

BBE - Yay for bargins, Yay for Whole foods. The cycling classes are so much fun and you can go at your own pace. It truly is one of my favorite workouts. I am all about any workout that burns that many calories while sitting.

BeverlyJoy – Boo for lame doctors – Good for you for taking charge and realizing you are not getting the proper care you should be receiving and especially for taking action to fix it.

Shepherdness – I love your post about the lambs… Oh the visuals I have and certainly your workout that day stands out of any other one!

10-08-2010, 02:41 PM
MaryContrary - Wow you had a great week with tons of successes and such a positive attitude.... Good for You and good luck on your next deadline!:carrot::carrot:

10-08-2010, 07:57 PM
I was able to resist the brownies yesterday. It helped that the guys ate them all. It was a long, hard day and I didnít plan food very well. Waited to eat until I was exhausted and starving, not a good combination. Didnít make very good choices. I just needed to plan better.

I did go for a run during a break when the guys were taking a trailer of sheep in. In retrospect, it might not have been the best idea. Iím sore and tired today. I wouldnít have bothered with a run, but my dog needed a bit of exercise.

Everyone is out gathering the cows today. Weíll ship them next week. I was on call in case they need anything (and they did) and I was on lunch duty. I made a batch of cookies today and only had one with all the guys. Sent most of what was left home with them. Iíll have to remember that the oneís left are for DH. I needed a bit of downtime. My house was beginning to look like we trailed the sheep through here. So, thatís been my exercise for the day.

McKt, we all have to say ďOh wellĒ from time to time. Kudos for learning that a bad night does not make the entire diet hopeless.

MaryContrary, yay for making it through a stressful week and yay for having less cravings. Best of luck meeting your deadline. I understand your frustration, but writing your diss is probably more difficult because there is more pressure and your standards are higher.

Maryann, congrats on 10 lbs down! Tahoe sounds like it will be a great reward!

Gardenerjoy, wishing you a great trip. It sounds like such a cool town. Will have to put Columbus, Indiana on my ďmust visitĒ list.

BillBE, yay for nice weather so you can take a walk and yay for a bargain at Whole Foods. Yep, Iím constantly amazed at how a dog is so much more efficient at moving sheep than a human.

Maryblu, glad your weather has continued and youíre taking advantage of it. You must be part horse. They always get a spring in their step when we get those beautiful fall days.

Lexxiss, great job getting to your exercise class when tired. Sounds like you made the right choice at Chinese. Reading your nutrition newsletter sounds like a great strategy.

Madrikh, kudos for listening to your body and giving it a much deserved rest, then getting back to exercise the next day. Itís always hard for me to stick to that Ĺ c serving of ice cream, so great job being careful.

Beverlyjoy, yay for speaking up to your dr. Itís disappointing that sheís still not listening. Sounds like getting a new dr is the right choice. You get extra credit for staying OP with the extra stress.

10-08-2010, 10:20 PM
..or the same way, just deeper. If any of you are in your doctor's office and get a peak at the Sept. issue of WebMD, see the article "Will Do" on page 45. The receptionist was kind enough today to copy it for me so I can share it with my Beckmates. It is about impusle control, and guess what??? CBT.

I think what struck me was a bit more in-depth information about what goes on when that impulse, that urge strikes--for us it is the impulse to eat..that seemingly uncontrollable impulse. For others of course it is alcohol, gambling, shopping, whatever. Choose your addiction. My drug of choice is pizza. It is about the battling cortexs of the brain. One cortex says "do it" and the other makes the decision, albeit in a split second. "When you encounter a potential reward, these areas of the brain do some quick math to determine whether you'll be better off going for it or putting your energy toward a bigger payoff later." It goes on to say:

"Often, one is faced with small immediate rewards v. larger delayed rewards. Individuals who choose to wait for larger delayed rewards are typically seen as less impulsive."

"Impulsivity has 2 main characteristics: rapid, unplanned reactions and reduced concern for the consequences of actions. ....You can, however, learn to control yourself better. may be as simple as paying better attention to the voice of your ("good" word, here) prefrontal cortex. Now, my main trick is just reminding myself, as I'm beginning to go down the decision-making road, how I will feel afterward."

Beck takes us further and gives us better skills and defense...She makes us, no unplanned reactions need occur...."it's not about me"...and she makes us arm ourselves waaaay up front with our repsonses....we have to come up with a response for every single contingency. No fail. We just gotta do it.

Will do.

10-08-2010, 11:33 PM
Please tell me more about The Nutrition Action Newsletter.


Here's the link to the Center for Public Interest. The newsletter has really interesting stories and they are really great about exposing the lengths that food companies will go to get the consumer believing that certain foods are healthier than they really are.

I just got up for a glass of water...I've been sleeping since 5pm. This insomniac sometimes gets sleep whenever possible. I'm very tired and will check in with you all tomorrow.

10-09-2010, 04:53 AM
Hi Coaches
I am struggling to stay on the program - just a bit distracted but not doing anything too out there. I am eating within the boundaries but I am not writing a plan. Today I did shop for the week and I made zero carb chocolate brownies. I don't think they were in the list of suggested foods in the "Foods that Fight Cancer" but they are certainly allowable on the plan I have. I intend to (try) to eat them in moderation.

I have made a list for today and I am getting through it. I am a bit overwhelmed with work but it is interesting stuff and I am lucky to have the challenge. I need to do something serious about exercise which I have been avoiding (nothing new here). I am planning to do weights tomorrow morning before anything else - I will report back. I also need to be more diligent about logging food whether it is easy or not.

BillBlueEyes - one evening snack - something to aim for - I have been having a few even if under calories it is not on plan

gardenerjoy - hope you have a great break! Fantastic!

MaryContrary - ouch for a working weekend and Yay for having work to do - it is a boon to be able to work at what one is interested in. I too have a similar weekend

McKt - love your description of a midnight feeding frenzy - we have all been there and it is full of joy and remorse. Yay for moving on. It does no good to dwell

Shepherdess - very sensible to send the left over cookies home with the boys. You do so well in that environment where you make food for others that you can't eat. I am in awe.

Lexxiss - Hope you get some rest - nice to be back home. Hope DH cooking worked out well. Yes it is warming up down under - we are experiencing some high humidity weather and the nights have been uncomfortable. For the last few years we have had week long heat waves in October or November of over 35C so I am waiting.

BeverlyJoy - ouch for mediocre doctors who are threatened by patient's expectations. Not a comment on you - they are just overworked and under-invested. Just keep on top of things as you have been

Have a good day Beckies


10-09-2010, 06:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Looking forward to the three day weekend (Columbus Day in the US). Will have a long drive to visit relatives with the challenge of eating in the car. I'll have baby carrots to nibble on, which, although they have some calories, distract me from the cookies, crackers, and candy that I historically consumed in volume during road trips.

Eating was on-plan; CREDIT moi. Gym was on-plan; CREDIT moi. FREE Bear Naked Granola sample packs were available at the gym; Yay for joy at such minor stuff.

maryblu - Thanks for the neat WebMD article about Impulsivity. It's fun to read other takes on CBT.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - "...and enjoy every bite that I eat!" Now that's an admirable plan.

Shepherdess - Yay for the motivation of a dog that needs exercise. Ouch for too much exercise in one day. Ranching does seem to require labor in spurts. Kudos for providing lunch and brownies and eating rationally through it all.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for struggling, with Kudos for recognizing it so that responses can be mustered. Hope you continue to be excited about the new stuff at work.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for servicing the insomniac whenever it can happen.

Marci (madrikh) - I like Nutrition Action Newsletter because it's short, contains no adds, always gives references for its statements, and is just clear and correct. It is published by a neat non profit outfit, Center for Science in the Public Interest ( (as Lexxis quoted), run by Dr. Michael Jacobson who has devoted his life to challenging the established food industry.

MaryContrary - Oh Yes, BIG Kudos for "for fighting my flight instinct" even when you had a rock solid excuse to decline the invite to be a guest lecturer because you were seriously busy. Ouch for the lost post; I've lost so many that I save my posts several times a session in a Wordpad document. Sometimes a lost post can be made to reappear using the button on the browser.

Re your question: Yep, I think our cravings do diminish over time - just as Beck suggests. My take is that this suggests that cravings are just another habit that were part of our arsenal of responses to stress. Perhaps they didn't diminish so much as that they were displaced with different habits in response to stress.

maryann - Congrats on the Big One Oh gone! Have a fun weekend at Tahoe.

McKt - Thanks for it all in a nutshell, "I do have control over today and the choices I make." Kudos for accepting one bad evening as just that - one bad evening, not the beginning of the end.

Readers - [B]day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How Claire Changed

With significant trepidation, Claire signed up. Since her birthday was the following week, she told everyone in her family that she wanted sessions with a personal trainer as a birthday present. It was difficult for her to make herself go at first, but she kept all her appointments. Her trainer was so encouraging that she left each session thinking, Hey, that was good, instead of her usual, I didn't like that ... I wish I didn't have to do it.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 252.

10-09-2010, 07:35 AM
Hi folks - I think I need a little grandson 'therapy'. I am going to visit DS, DIL, and GS. I don't know when I will be able to get there after my surgery.

I will take all my Beck 'stuff'. My son is eating pretty healthy these days since being diagnosed with fibromialgia. I would think it could make it 'easier' to find healthy foods and meal options. I'll take some of my own foods, too. I've been reading my card about traveling.

I want to get my old 'mojo' of healthy eating back before my surgery. It's amazing how things can get out of hand when illness and stress are thrown into the equation.

I will check in while I am gone.

Have a great weekend, folks.

10-09-2010, 09:26 PM
Quick break from Tahoe fun. Went kayaking, lots of exercise. The spontaneous exercise came when the truck got stuck in the mud. Cabin now. beautiful evening and dinner is an hour away. So I am writing to distract - credit.
Write tom. Mary Ann

10-09-2010, 10:08 PM
Hi Coaches,

Everyone sounds so adventurous this weekend ! I'm doing all same things, but with the colder weather it feels different.

Coming here helps me be honest with myself about parts of my Beck life that I need better focus on. Lately it is my exercise schedule. I'm letting it slip in priority and I want to stop doing that. Credit for realizing this issue and making a plan to improve.

Keep up the adventure all !


10-10-2010, 02:40 AM
Hi Coaches
Hope all my US coaches are enjoying the long weekend. Well I did exercise this morning as planned and I have focussed on a few things to do today - work and personal. I always forget the 'personal' replenishing stuff. There will be more of that when I finish the job in front of me

My food hasn't been off plan - just not the healthiest plan for today. Back in the saddle as far as healthy AND reducing tomorrow. I have been seated when eating most of the time and I read some of Beck.

I have been reading bits of Covey's 7 Habits (that is the replenishing stuff) and his website community - great, but not unique, insights into goal setting. So CBT especially the discussion around how you achieve a sense of mastery every time you achieve a small goal. Echoes of strengthening the resistance muscle. Now all I have to do, as MaryBlu puts it - is just do it - all the time, every day. Simple really

BillBE - hope your travel eating went to plan - sensible plans they were.

BeverlyJoy - Hope the grandson therapy goes well and that you get your "old 'mojo' of healthy eating back". It can happen - I am sending wishes your way

Maryann - LOL "spontaneous exercise came when the truck got stuck in the mud". Anyway you can get it. Your weekend sounds full of healthful fun

Woodland - join me in getting exercise back on the program. I have been resisting it and not making space for it too. But it's gotta change!

Have a good day Beckies

10-10-2010, 07:00 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Stayed on plan for the long drive, using baby carrots - CREDIT moi. At a rest stop in Connecticut, a church group was offering FREE hot dogs, FREE homemade brownies, and FREE cookies of various sorts; I passed, CREDIT moi , except for a few "husk cherries" (tomatillo) - an unexpected treat of tiny tomatoes in a paper thin husk that are so sweet they're called cherries. Went out for dinner with extended family at a "diner" where I got caught by surprise at just how much food could be brought to me for $11.99. Dinner came with a honking big salad and they were able to scrounge up some Balsamic Vinegar to use as dressing rather than the standard offerings of Caesar, blue-cheese, and other many-calorie mixes. Soup was cream of vegetable, so I ate the veggies, ignored the many potatoes, and declared that healthy enough. And, remembering the example of some folks around here, I took half of my crab stuffed flounder back to where I'm staying and I'll have it for breakfast. CREDIT moi since everyone else was just stuffing themselves to finish their plate.

Exercise was a brisk walk to a supermarket for my carrots before we left and a brisk ten minute walk at each rest stop. CREDIT moi for that, albeit small.

maryblu - Waving. Noting that October 9th has come and gone. Sending condolences for abuse from the Y*nkquees.

Beverlyjoy - Yeah for "grandson 'therapy'" - may he make you laugh.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Neat that you quote Covey's "a sense of mastery" for the small goals on the very day that the Beck quote below mentions "a sense of mastery" - some days the Beck quote sounds like an echo, LOL. Yep, "just do it" seems like the right step.

Woodland - Oh Yes, Kudos for recognizing the exercise issue so you can deal with it.

maryann - Yay for "lots of exercise" with Kudos for declaring stuck in the mud as spontaneous exercise.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How Claire Changed

After a few weeks, Claire started to get a sense of mastery. Soon she felt comfortable enough to stop working with a personal trainer and start working out on her own. She transformed her view of herself from a person who "knew" she was weak, had no stamina, and was incapable of sustaining an exercise program, to a person who kept getting stronger and stronger and knew for sure she would keep it up for life.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 253.

10-10-2010, 09:34 AM
Hi Beckies - Last night I got stomach flu in the night. In the midst of this I did a bend and twist and pulled a muscle in my back. No way I can drive 4.5 hours today. Hopefully - tummy and back will be better tomorrow. I can only take nsaids for a couple of days because you can't take them near a surgery because they can effect bleeding.

I am sad and frustrated.

10-10-2010, 11:34 AM
I used a sore foot as an excuse to be totally lazy yesterday. The bottom of my foot starts to ache when Iím up on it too much. Nothing serious, but I want to make sure that it doesnít become serious. Thatís no excuse to be totally lazy. There is exercise I can do that wouldnít be hard on my foot. I am determined to do better today.

Maryblu, thanks for the web MD article. Itís interesting to read how CBT works. Itís good to know that the impulse-control part of the brain can be trained. It just takes works, like any other kind of training.

Lexxiss, thanks for the link to the Nutrition Action Newsletter. Itís so rare to have a place that gives you info without also trying to sell you something.

Seadwaters, yay for zero carb brownies! Itís good to have a treat that fits into the plan, even if it doesnít fight cancer. Sending supportive thoughts while youíre overwhelmed at work, but glad that work provides interesting challenges.

BillBE, kudos for staying OP while on the road. I always have trouble with road trips. The candy and chips always helped break up the monotony. My DH and I play road trip games: we try to think of a town in WY (or whatever state weíre in) for each letter of the alphabet, try to list states in order of area or population or find random factoids about states from the atlas (thanks Rand-McNally!).

Beverlyjoy, ouch for stomach flu and pulled muscle. Hope you recover soon so you get some much needed grandson therapy! Hugs during all the added pain and frustration.

10-10-2010, 02:54 PM
Hi All,
I've missed a few days due to encroaching depression. This is what I feared would happen on the new up then a down. Story of my life.

-continuing to exercise daily
-eating OP 80-90% of the time
-checking in here
-still reading Best Life and Sonoma diet books, and learning
-eating more produce
-asking for the help I need

keep on everyone!


10-10-2010, 06:57 PM
What a beautiful fall weekend! I had so much fun. Went partridge hunting twice (we got 2)-- long walks in the sunny fall air, went out to eat with friends, visited with my mom, cleaned some of the house, hauled some junk to the dump. It was a good weekend.

:( My diet on the other hand is just holding steady. DH brought home hard candies and I've been pillaging those. Also had a chocolate bar. Been trying to off set that by not eating as much during meals, however, I'm not writing things down, measuring or counting the calories, so I really am flying blind.

;) My Pink book and Workbook are on their way and I'm hoping that will help psych me up for another month or two of weight loss.

____ :write: ____

Marci - I feel your pain. Depression is a struggle for me too.

Shepherdess - the first time I had a serious weight loss, I would do aerobics in my bare feet. I ended up really hurting my feet and it did derail my workouts and also my weight loss. Good work looking for alternative exercises!

Beverlyjoy - I'm sorry to hear you're feeling sick. I know what a struggle you've been having getting your surgy scheduled. Sending good thoughts your way.

BillBE: Wow! Way to work it on your trip! Many great choices were made and yummy tomatoes to be had.

seadwaters - Great work keeping yourself motivated!

Everyone else : Keep up the good work! :carrot:

10-10-2010, 07:29 PM
Hi Coaches,

Thanks for your support, fellow Becksters. I was able to feel on track today and it was a wonderful feeling.

I think the response I used the most was "just do it". Plan and do it. Sounds so simple !

Credit for these exercises:
- Sunday I don't have scheduled exercise because I clean the house - so I cleaned it ! Bending, lifting, twisting, mopping, sweeping, washing windows. Felt great.
- 2 mile walk (in the wind) with my dogs
- Leg lifts

Tomorrow I go back for formal exercise and I WILL NOT let it slip.

Go Seadwaters - get your exercise on too ! :carrot:


10-10-2010, 11:13 PM
What a weekend, Beckmates. What an extraordinary weekend. A 10 +. I have never seen such a stretch of weather. Never. Not sure what the rest of the nation or my Beckmates across the seas are experiencing, but we (AmberPR and I) are in a two week stretch of to-die-for-weather. Above average temps by 20 or more degrees, no rain, and no wind!!! That said, one year ago, we had 6 inches of wet snow on the ground. One year ago today. I remember it vividly.

BillBE, I am amazed you could resist *free homemade brownies. Not even one bite!! Credit, you!! Thanks for your feeling my pain on the Yankees defeat, but then, we've all *been there, *done that, right?? And thanks for keeping my countdown with me to *the event that motivated me to get back on my Beck path. I did not get down to the weight I was when some of my friends had seen me last, but hey, guess what? The event was *not *about *me. It was all good, very, very good. We decided that we all look pretty da**ed good *for *our *age. A pretty salient point at this stage of life. This event was a family reunion of not my family, but a family of six siblings with whom I grew up. Not one single one of them, nor their spouses, nor their kids, nor their grand kids are overweight. ..Wow. Think about that. Not this country, at this time. The odds are pretty staggering.

The weekend weather was over the top..spent the late afternoon Sat. hiking, then got in a bonfire by the lake late into the night without the need of a jacket. .amazing stars, but off to the northeast a big lightening show..great entertainment into the night.

Sun. morning was a kayaking event in a remote lake the park.. A swim at mid-day in my insignificant event, as the latest I have been in this lake was Oct. 7th, and that was pretty much an in -and -out event just to say I had been in..this was a *swim, a head under water swim cuz I was hot......then spent a lazy afternoon in the double hammock, raspberry picking and another swim--another head under the water cuz I was hot swim. *sigh. Strange, but wonderful weather, and I'll take it. Hope all is well for all my Beckies scattered about the entire globe. Best to all.

10-11-2010, 05:34 AM
Hi Coaches
An on plan day - I have been particularly hungry today so need to be careful tonight. I seem to be able to hold off all day but the evening has become difficult. So - I will go and make dinner, eat it, have my allocated snack. And then leave the TV - which means either bed to read or more work. Maybe bed

BillBlueEyes - That sounds like some diner - the food isn't like we get in our 'diners' that's for sure. So it makes it even more impressive that you maintained food sanity. I think you live in the land of the free FOOD. Keep seeing tomatillos in recipes but have never bumped into one. Maybe when I get to travel to the US - have it on my bucket list
Beverlyjoy - sorry about the flu and the back - you just weren't meant to go this time. Hope it resolved and you get to travel today
Shepherdess - I get plantar fasciitis - sore bottom of the foot. Very nasty I know so I sympathise if that is what you have. It really makes it impossible to do anything standing up
Marci (madrikh) - hope today was better and the medication kicks in soon. CBT has lots of sensible things to say to depression and I am sure you are listening to it.
AmberPr - Drat DHs and their penchant for sweets, candy, lollies - whatever depending on your language! I am about to start logging things again - I get stressed or busy or whatever (no excuses) and stop doing it - and that doesn't work. Too many little things slip in that I don't notice. So starting again today. One of my goals for the week - to do it every day.
Woodland - luck with the exercise. I am down for tomorrow and WILL do it!
Maryblu - love the stories of your waterside life. Enjoy the strange weather - I don't doubt it will get a lot stranger

Have a good day Beckies

10-11-2010, 06:46 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I reheated my doggie bag of crab-stuffed flounder from the "diner" for breakfast; CREDIT moi. I was late in life to the idea that "breakfast foods" weren't required in the morning, so it was doubly good for that reason. Spent a long day on plan. At a family gathering for dinner I ate sensibly while sitting in front of a bunch of poor choices, including meat loaf, mac and cheese, and potatoes. I did indulge in a small dollop of ice cream and birthday cake - my generic plan allows such diversions at my discretion. Family offers many opportunities to eat to reduce stress. Need to say it here to remind myself: Food does NOT relieve stress.

Took a brisk four mile walk in the morning; CREDIT moi. I enjoy the voyeur aspect of a non-familiar place. The local Halloween decorations are taken seriously. Today's challenge is the long drive home.

maryblu - Getting jealous of Montana weather - your weekend sounds fabulous. It does seem amazing that one extended family in the US can all avoid overweight. By-the-by, have your loons left for the winter yet?

Shepherdess - Seems wise to "make sure that it doesn’t become serious" - hope you found some exercise yesterday that didn't aggravate your feet, but still exercised your active dog.

Beverlyjoy - Sending healing thoughts to your back and stomach so you can drive to your laugh therapist today.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Kudos for recognizing that you need to be extra careful after a long day that includes hunger. And definitely put a U.S. visit on your Bucket List, being mindful that the distance and differences between our East Coast and West Coast mirror Australia - we're also a BIG and diverse country.

Amber (AmberPr) - Ouch for "flying blind" with Kudos for recognizing it so you can respond. Yay for living where you get to see Partridges - not a local bird.

Marci (madrikh) - Kudos for recognizing and accepting that there's a cycle and that up will return. And Kudos for continuing to exercise daily, anyway. My belief is that exercise is the best "chicken soup" when you're not in bed to help cure just about everything.

Woodland - Yay for "just do it."

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise


If it's hard to make yourself exercise first thing in the morning, lay out your exercise clothes the night before. Tape Response Cards to your bathroom mirror. Remind yourself that your reluctance will disappear once you get started, and you'll be glad you got yourself to exercise.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 253.

10-11-2010, 11:09 AM
Hi beckfolks - looks like my trip is cancelled. Phooey!! I am feeling really sad - but I have to do what I have to do. I talked to my little GS on the phone yesterday. He was so excited to tell me about his pumpkin face painting he got at the trip to the pumpkin patch. Little children are so joyful - just made me smile.

I've decided to start using my second food plan - exchanges. I want to use exchanges while recovering from my surgery. It will be easier than calories, I

I've made my plan for the day, got my journal ready with all my tasks to check off, and have done some gentle stretches & strengthening all ready.

Have a good day. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts in regards to my grandson visit being cancelled and my stupid back ouch.

10-11-2010, 11:47 AM
Food was OP. As a bonus, I have some portabella mushrooms with goat cheese and pine nuts leftover. Itís great to have something exciting for lunches.

Did yoga for exercise and foot is feeling better. Iíll try to run a few miles today and see how I do.

Madrikh, sorry that depression has resurfaced. Kudos for sticking to your exercise and food plan through it all. Hugs and hope you kick depression soon.

AmberPr, yay for a fun and active weekend. My little bird dog would be so jealous to hear about your partridge hunting. Ouch for pillaging hard candies. Hope the arrival of the new beck books will help you get a handle on things.

Woodland, yay for the ďJust do itĒ response. Thanks Maryblu and Nike! Great job getting in all that exercise and for renewed determination.

Maryblu, wow for weather so warm you could swim! Weíve had beautiful warm weather here as well, but we have had wind. We can always count on the wind. Yay for taking advantage of such beautiful weather.

Seadwaters, ouch for hungry all day, but kudos for having such a great plan. Going to bed is usually the best strategy for me.

BillBE, what a great realization that you can have dinner leftovers for breakfast! Your sensible choices in the face of a dangerous spread is impressive.

Beverlyjoy, Iím so sorry you have to cancel your trip, but glad you found some joy talking to your GS about pumpkins. Kudos for finding a plan that you can easily follow post-surgery.

10-11-2010, 12:53 PM
Wow! What amazing weekends you all have had. Even those struggling with depression or sadness -- those are some great credits! I'm proud to be a part of all this combined strength.

I still feel like it's the weekend. Didn't work as much as I needed to. Saturday was a lost cause -- my monthly cycle hit way early and way intense, so I ended up just resting. I splurged a bit on food -- homemade tacos and salsa, two tiny candy bars. Considering the normal binging and cravings I have around hormonal times, I consider this to be a vast improvement.

Yesterday the symptoms were looking to be as disruptive, and I just wanted to go home. I did, but I didn't want to spend another day in bed . . . so it was either lay down or exercise. I've heard that exercise helps cramps, so I did cardio. (I also took drugs, just in case.) THEN I rested. Then, since most of the family had gone to the beach, I sat in my bed with my lap desk and 15 books, revising the opening of my chapter. CREDIT me for always trying to be adaptable to different situations and locations.

Also, yesterday, I made some revisions to my dissertation plan. This first, probably longest chapter is a month late, which naturally shifts the schedule for the rest of the year. Lucky I was alone, because I had to talk myself out of a mild anxiety attack over feeling so behind (and like a failure, etc. etc). I also made plans for two huge events coming up. First, my DP is having bypass surgery at the end of this month, so I took a serious and realistic look at my schedule, in order to stay on track and be able to help take care of her. Second, I decided to spend Christmas with the bio fam in KY, so I ordered plane tickets. I'm already thinking about how I can maintain my exercise while I'm out of town and surrounded by family stress.

Also, instead of getting stressed about going to KY, I've decided to use this trip as a goal-setting experience. I would like to be 10-15 pounds (and the equivalent inches) lighter by the time I get on the plane! Considering what I was able to lose in September, I think this goal seems reasonable. And it excites me!

I am still not writing down my food, nor have I done a plan. I still feel that I'm doing the mental plan fairly well. But this week I want to do the planning, just to make sure I'm not deceiving myself. I have to say, that as long as I'm exercising, I find it easy to stick to a mental plan, and to practice more general resistance techniques. Still, I want to be brutally honest with myself, so.....

Okay, time for me to head to the library and get to it! "You can do it, you can do it, there's really nothing to it"

Supportive hugs to you all! :grouphug:

10-11-2010, 06:26 PM
Hello everyone,

Hope you are having a nice Monday are not feeling too upset to be back at work.


Got a short walk in this a.m. have one planned for this evening
Ate a healthy breakfast
Plan to eat a healthy dinner
Lunch was o.k.
No snacks today

Woodland: I'm having trouble getting back to planning and writing things down too. You're right. Just Do It!

MaryBlu: Man, it was overcast today! Still warm weather though. I don't remember the snow last year… we had a pretty mild winter last year. Less snow than Duluth even. -- Swimming! I need to take a trip down your way one of these days!

Seadwaters: For me a bit of protein before dinner seems to help my evening snacking. Some nuts or seeds usually works. An apple seems to last a long enough time and fill me up for an evening snack. I also like to have a cup of tea at night. -- You're right. I should at least start by writing things down. That I can do.

BillBe: What sort of diet plan do you follow?

Beverly: Sorry to hear your trip was canceled!

Shep: Yumm! That sounds like a great lunch. Glad your foot is feeling better. (Yep, I'm waiting patiently, but I will start logging again today)

MaryC: Those monthly cycles get me every time. Not only do I put on 3 pounds of water weight, but I'm also emotional enough to worry that I actually did gain those three pounds!

10-11-2010, 07:09 PM
Back at work Monday morning. Fabulous time in Tahoe. OP amazingly the whole time. Lots of people in a little house but lots of kayaking and biking. Usually I rationalize extra food when I exercise more but credit moi for resistance techniques in the evenings - "very hungry" evenings seadwaters would say. I told myself food would not relax me or give me relief from group strains. I didn't believe myself but I acted as if I did.
Maryblu: DH and I bought a kayak this weekend. Nothing better.
Woodland: congrats on back on track.
Amber: there is nothing better than a full fall weekend. I hear you desire for a stricter food plan. Writing the food plan has really helped me to track my success, not to highlight my failures. Good luck.
BBE: congrats on sitting in a roomful of people and daring to make different food choices than them. I love to ability to sit apart and be comfortable with my own choices.
shepardess: love yoga for my plantars faciatis (sp?) Hope your run went well.
marycontrary: we have in common the survival of a cycle without food insanity. This is only my second success in years. feels good.

10-11-2010, 08:46 PM
hi everyone!

Thank you for all the kind words. Today has been a better day; my medication dosage has been increased. The weekend was hard, but I'm moving on!

-exercising every day
-When I eat off-plan, I am very conscious about seeing it as a "mistake" and not failure, and getting right back on track
-I am still reading and working in my Beck journal
-still reading Best Life and Sonoma diet; getting ideas and recipes
-allowing myself to eat w/o guilt ( I didn't realize this one for awhile, but it is huge for me and my black and white thinking)

I don't have time for personals just now, but did want to say this...
BillBE: coconut ice cream is amazing. It doesn't taste like coconut (not sure how they do that), it's just made from the milk. (wish I could write this in code, I don't want to trigger anyone...) Dark chocolate Coconut Bliss is by far the best ice cream I've ever had!

'Til tomorrow.


10-11-2010, 11:02 PM
It was a nice day in Colorado today. :sunny: I picked pumpkins and tore down some old plants in the garden. :broc:

I also accomplished my full workout this morning. Tonight I can report I'm mildly sore and very pleased with the feeling. Eating was within proper calorie amounts too.

Here's planning for another successful day tomorrow ! :encore:

:congrat: There are really a lot of cute smilies to pick from. Coming here is fun !! :coffee2: :woo: :turkey:

Ok I'll stop now...


10-11-2010, 11:30 PM
Quick hi to all as I watch my high hopes for the Vikings get dashed again. Too early to say Randy Moss isn't helping, but not too early for me to fear for the old guy throwing the ball. No one on the offensive lines seems too concerned about protecting him.

BillBE, as a matter of fact, the loons are all still around; we played with some of them yesterday while kayaking. They in fact stay until just before freeze up. The time I saw the synchronized swim event right outside my living room window with 15 to 20 loons in it was just before Thanksgiving. So, I have a good month of their company yet. Did see about a dozen Trumpeter Swans on a pond today. They are moving through.

AmberPR, come down anytime. It is really amazing how warm the water still is, but we haven't had any really cool nights yet where you just see the heat rising from the lake in the morning. No killing frost yet and none in the forecast. Yay!

Still practicing Beck techniques/behaviors. Wish I would get good at it and not have to practice so much, and JUST DO IT!!

10-12-2010, 01:19 AM
Greetings Beck Buddies –
Checking in after a long and hectic weekend. I had been wrestling for a few weeks with my computer for a video project I was assisting my daughter with. FINALLY completed at midnight yesterday. YAY! Made the deadline! I managed to stay OP and to get some great workouts in between being parked at the computer all weekend. :yay:
I did not lose any weight this week. I weighed in exactly the same as last week. I am hopeful this is just a “mini” plateau and soon will see the scale heading down again. Although I have been great with the food and exercise I just have not put the time into advancing in my Beck workbook. I have to put the effort in to learning more or I fear I will not be prepared to stay OP down the road. Goal for the this week PINK WORKBOOK DAILY….

Maryblu – Yay for great weather weekends – Credit for practicing , keep it up long enough and it will one day just be a good habit.

Woodland – Kudos for full workouts and pleasantly sore muscles! Love the happy smiles:spid::sklol::witch:

Madrikh – Cheers for a better day – Hopeful plenty more are on their way. Lots of credit due that you are exercising every day, reading, and being so aware of the guilt – I understand all too well the Black and white / all or nothing attitude. You are not alone!
Maryann- Woo Whoo – giant kudos for staying OP while out of town! Glad you had a great time in Tahoe!

AmberPR- Yay for great planning, healthy meals and no snacks! Your ticker will be moving any time now.

MaryContrary – You have so much on your plate, yet you remain dedicated and always adaptable and aware – Credits to you!

Shepherdess – Yay for OP yummy lunches. Sorry to hear about your foot. I am a runner and at one point had plantar fasciitis in both feet. I was miserable for weeks. I put a towel or rope across the top of my toes and gently pulled back to gently stretch it out several times a day. Rotated ice and heat along with ibuprofen and no flat shoes and within a few weeks I was much better. I like trail running so I had to stay on flat surfaces for a while to keep my feet stable while running. Good luck!

BeverlyJoy– Phooey for the canceled trip and bad back. Very sorry! Kudos for planning with the food and preparing now before your surgery. I think using exchanges is a very smart plan! Sending hugs your way!

BBE – Yay for discovering dinner for breakfast is fabulous! We also enjoy Brinner (breakfast for dinner) Hope you had a safe journey home! Kudos for checking in with Food does NOT relieve stress.


10-12-2010, 03:33 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I'm sorry to have gone MIA. It just got busier...and busier....I did not put dieting first and my eating was poor. I have great fondness for a routine (even if it's a busy one) and there was no routine. I did get lots of spontaneous exercise as I found myself literally running more than once.

I'm hoping that today will be better. I am waiting for one last email on a project that's been going for months and then I am done. I may even go back to bed.

*credit* for going to my Yoga class yesterday, even though my brain wanted to keep working.

Today I think I'll pull out the hourly planner from the workbook and actually do a few days like that. I think it would aid me in getting reorganized, taking care of some of my chores at home and ultimately lead me towards putting my dieting first. I did make a food plan yesterday but it was desparation because I'm out of so much.

I did keep a good sense of humor and always had a "desire" to keep working on myself even when I wasn't-and that is improvement.

Take care everyone!

10-12-2010, 06:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I survived the long drive home using baby carrots and playing CD's, CREDIT moi. I particularly like CD's because they give a structure to an hour of driving which makes it go by. Got home in time to run out and get my strawberries for breakfast and veggies for man-salads for lunches at work; CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Nice demo of a classic long ball to Randy Moss for a TD; sorry that the Vikings comeback drive got truncated. Yay for Trumpeter Swans (we just don't see them) and for lingering loons. Those little buggers do seem to like to play Russian Roulette with the ice up.

Shepherdess - Yay for exciting lunches. Drooling over "portabella mushrooms with goat cheese and pine nuts" - I'll drop by, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Well "Phooey!!" and "Phooey!!" and "Phooey!!" again for missing the trip to your laugh therapist. Yay for the "joyful" of children.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Running as you go about your day is such good adrenalin - good to be reminded that we're able to do that.

Woodland - Love the notion of picking pumpkins - in our urban garden, pumpkins and melons take up too much space.

Amber (AmberPr) - Yay for both morning and evening walks. [My plan is rather simple: 3 meals and 3 snacks; breakfast includes nuts and 4 fruits - dried when necessary; bring my lunches to work always including my 1.9 quart man-salad; dinner is whatever DW serves in the same portion she eats (formerly I ate more of whatever); evening snack is one fruit of the season; if I'm beginning to gain, I cut back somewhere.]

Marci (madrikh) - Admirably stated, "... was hard, but I'm moving on!" Kudos for facing the feeling of guilt for eating. [OK, I'll find a way to try out Coconut Ice Cream to counter my prejudice. I absolutely adore fresh coconut, and despise coconut added to stuff, so I'll have to see if I can open a second front, with mixed feelings about whether I hope that I like it, LOL.]

MaryContrary - Applauding "You can do it, you can do it, there's really nothing to it." Kudos for being honest with yourself about the impact of reality on your schedules as well as already thinking about your food plans for KY at Christmas.

maryann - Buying your own kayak is the ultimate in planning for good exercise. Kudos for your "ability to sit apart and be comfortable with my own choices."

McKt - So sweet to make a deadline at midnight. Thanks for "Brinner (breakfast for dinner)" - the word is new for me.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How You Can Change

Is there something that stops you from getting consistent exercise? Like Claire, do you view yourself as a non-exerciser? Do you fail to solve problems because don't really want to exercise? If so, then do the following:

Focus on how you'll feel after you finish exercising, not on how you feel at the moment. Remind yourself that the hardest part is just getting started.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 253.

10-12-2010, 09:02 AM
Hey all, hope everyone is well.

Sorry I have been missing in action for a while, various events have overtaken my good intentions.

Hope you will have me back!!! I need all the help I can get :-)

Lisa x

10-12-2010, 10:08 AM
Hi Becksters - yesterday I used my food exchange and it went well. I stayed on plan - am always grateful for that.

I did many of my Beck tasks: plan, measure, log food - stretches and strengthening (gentle) - journaling & left a bite. I’ll be working on adding the rest.

I listened to a cd last night - it’s a meditation for a successful surgery, etc. It’s kind of calming.

Have a good day.

10-12-2010, 11:59 AM
I got my run in yesterday. It felt good to get out. My foot is still tender, but I took it easy. The weather here is too beautiful to stay indoors. Last year at this time we were in the middle of a cold snap where it wouldnít get out of the single digits. This year, itís in the 60s. Iím not complaining!

Food was great as well. I tried a new SW Bean Soup, which was great. Itís fun to try something new, especially when I only have to throw everything in the crock pot and have it ready by dinner.

MaryContrary, weekends are often tough. We fit Beck into our weekday routine, but have no routine for the weekend. Sounds like you did great getting exercise when you didnít feel like it, so give yourself credit for that.

AmberPr, sounds like youíre back to planning and have the resolve to stick with it. Kudos for 2 walks a day!

Maryann, sounds like a great weekend all around! I always get into trouble when I rationalize eating more because I exercised more, so kudos for not falling into that trap.

Madrikh, glad to hear your feeling better and moving on. I think that moving on after eating off plan is one of the keys to Beck, so great job recognizing it.

Woodland, yay for a beautiful day full of outdoor activity! Great job for pleasant sore and eating OP.

Maryblu, Sending condolences for the Vikings. Iím loving the image of birds on the lake and only a little bit jealous. Be sure and let me know how long it takes until Beck is second nature.

McKt, thanks for the foot advice. Not quite sure whatís going on, but Iíll try your stretches. Itís not that bad, but Iím worried it will be. Plateaus can be frustrating, but I think you have the right attitude. Sounds like you have a great goal for the week!

Lexxiss, ouch for life getting busy and leading you astray from your plan. Itís always difficult when your routine is disrupted. Kudos for getting back here and getting back to a routine that was working for you.

BillBE, great job surviving another long drive. Sounds like you have some great strategies and another thumbs up for having getting everything you need for a healthy week.

Hi MissVitality! The good news is, weíre always here and always welcoming.

Beverlyjoy, glad the exchange plan is working! Yay for a calming meditation that sets you up for a successful surgery. Sending my own success wishes!

10-12-2010, 02:03 PM
1) Went to the movies last night for the first time since beginning the Beck Plan and only consumed water! :carrot:

2) Got on the scale this morning and it read 194! (It's been hovering around this range for a few days, but I wanted to get some days between me and my monthly cycle before reporting.) This means I've lost about 20 lbs. since the beginning of May. :carrot:

3) I can say with certainty that I SEE the end of the Never-Ending Chapter. :carrot:

This last blessing is why this post is so short: I'm headed to the library to ride this wave of productivity. More soon, and thanks to you all for the supportive words!

10-13-2010, 01:24 AM
Greetings Beck Buddies – I hope each of you had a good day. I have had one of those days that from the start I just could not get on top of my hunger. It is so annoying that no matter what I ate I was not satisfied. I did okay, stayed OP with the exception of an extra snack. I am having my evening tea now and heading off to bed. I feel very tired and often confuse hunger with tired. Well either way I am not eating anything else tonight. Tomorrow is another day.....

MaryContrary – Wow – Awesome job on movies with no Popcorn! Impressive…. :angel::corn:
Shepherdess – Yay for getting a run in and great food!:running:

BeverlyJoy - I am so pleased for you that the exchanges are working into your surgery plan. You are taking great steps in your pre surgery plan, it will surely pay off with success.:yoga:

MissVitality – Welcome back! I am new to 3FC…. I hope we help you get back on track and keep the inspiration going to take you and all of us to goal!:broc:
BBE Hope you had a good day back and enjoyed your Man-salads:hun:

10-13-2010, 06:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I survived the first day at work after a three day weekend, which always feels difficult. CREDIT moi just for one foot in front of the other.

Food was easy compared to three days of travel; CREDIT moi. Gym was welcome (CREDIT moi) although, because of just three days off, I didn't finish my chest presses! I'll be back to the full count next time. It always surprises me that just a few days off loses capability.

Shepherdess - Yay for crock pot cooking. It's one of my favorite things to think about doing, but not actually do, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Neat idea to begin using a CD for meditation for your upcoming surgery.

Lisa (MissVitality) - Good to hear that all is going well - I hope the "various events" are now under control. You're back in time for Robert Burns day (January 25 - for those who might not know) when you can help those of us who don't know how to make haggis, LOL.

MaryContrary - Zowie!!! You're on a roll. Just love reading that you can "SEE" the end of the first chapter.

McKt - Ouch for endless hunger, with Kudos for standing it down. Nice to read, "Tomorrow is another day."

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How You Can Change

. . .
Put exercise in the NO CHOICE category. When you tell yourself, I don't have time, I don't feel like it, or I don't want to, respond the same way you've learned to respond to your ravings. Tell yourself that you don't have a choice. Tell yourself, Oh, well, and accept that you have to do it.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 253.

10-13-2010, 09:59 AM
Had a busy day yesterday, but got a short run in. I managed to stay OP through it all. I was trying to get some cookies baked and was way overdue for lunch. Caught myself starting to lick my fingers; washed them instead. What a concept! Had a group gathering the cows. When they were finished, I joined them while they had a beer and ate the above cookies. I stuck to a diet soda. It never ceases to amaze me how many cookies a group of 10 riders can pack away. I made 4 Ĺ dozen, for post ride and for the crew today. I now have just under 2 dozen. DH said he had 2 and I think thatís what most of the riders had. I think the 2 ranch hands in their early 20s downed the rest, LOL. Well, I saved 1 and had it before bed.

Weíre shipping calves today and I donít have a good plan for food. I have apples and cheese sticks for a snack. My MIL is bringing out fried chicken for lunch. Itíll be easy to resist since I donít eat chicken in any form. I just donít know what Iíll have for lunch and we wonít likely be done until late afternoon, early evening. Maybe Iíll try to sneak back to the house for lunch.

MaryContrary, congrats on 20 lb loss and seeing the end of the ďNever Ending Chapter!Ē Great job avoiding pitfalls of the cinema concessions.

McKt, itís so difficult to stay on track through constant hunger. Kudos for keeping it to only one extra snack.

BillBE, kudos for getting back to your regular life after a long weekend! It must be a sign of progress that difficult food situations while traveling make you happy to get back to your healthy way of life.

10-13-2010, 11:11 AM
Columbus, Indiana is a very cool place to visit -- an I.M. Pei library, an Eliel Saarinen church, an Eero Saarinen church and bank, a Robert Venturi fire station, a Gunnar Birkerts church and school, several Kevin Roche buildings, several Dan Kiley landscapes and much more. We're already planning our next trip. I'll try to get a photo or two ready for tomorrow's post.

I didn't make all the good choices that I had meant to, but I did leave a lot of food on my plates. That was partly because the portions were enormous! A couple of times, I left half the food on my plate and still ate too much! But, overall, I feel reasonably good about my eating and I'm looking forward to getting back on track with my normal routine.

One memorable meal was at a 110 year old ice cream shop with traditional decor that is on the National Register of Historic Places. This was all tied up with some recent re-remembering. Since ice cream has never been a binge thing for me, I've been including it in my plan fairly regularly -- but my plan allows nothing fancier than one scoop in a cup. The sabotaging thought was "I used to eat big interesting ice cream treats as a teenager." What I conveniently forgot and re-remembered recently was that those treats were not snacks or desserts, they took the place of meals. So, I ate a wondrous house special sundae at the ice cream shop and called it lunch! And it was plenty satisfying even though I left some of it behind in the bowl.

Since we didn't find any breakfast places that were worth the calories for us, the packing list for our next trip to Columbus will include breakfast foods to eat in the hotel room.

Oh, the hotel was great! Hotel Indigo is right downtown in Columbus so that a lot of those great buildings are within walking distance. It features nice architecture itself and has really stellar interior design.

We ate big salads and a light tuna dish for supper last night. It was wonderful to get back to our normal style of eating.

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +0 685/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

10-13-2010, 11:36 AM
Hi Becksters - yesterday was a healthy day. I am grateful for that. I stayed with my exchange program & it went well. I planned & logged, journaled , did some gentle stretches and left a bite of food.

I am still dealing with the pulled muscle in my back from when I had a bad bout of the stomach flu last Saturday. (who would think of that result) I really can’t take the nsaids because of my impending surgery. I am managing with Tylenol , ice and heat. You are all probably tired of hearing of these health woes. But, it has great impact on food and eating. I am hoping it is all better by surgery time.

I am going to lunch with my mom - she loves Bob Evans & there are healthy things to eat there within my plan.

I am committing to doing the above and adding more Beck tasks during today.

My three year old grandson called to see how I'm doing. Cheered me right up. His family llives in East Lansing, Mi. He and his dad watched MSU vs Uof M football last weekend. I asked if he liked the game. He said yes and " blue and yellow are stinky'. A spartan fan already. Made me laugh out loud.

Have a GREAT day everyone.

10-13-2010, 02:56 PM
Does anyone every take a "planned day off"?


10-13-2010, 05:28 PM
Hi all,

I am new on to 3FC and just getting to know how things work around here. As I was perusing (aka lurking) the site, I found this section devoted to Beck Diet Solution. So, I did some more research and decided to pick up the book.

I like that it's focused on changing the way I think instead of giving me a diet plan to follow. I've read the first few chapters and made my advantages cards yesterday. It's been interesting to see how the cards can get me back to looking at the big picture instead of immediate gratification.

I am skeptical, but cautiously optimistic. I've read lots of diet books that promise some amazing things in the first few chapters, but turn out to be too good to be true. Beck sounds different, and I am hoping that is the case.

Anyway, just a bit of personal information about me: I am a student working on a master's degree, should be finishing in May. I am married with no kids or animals to speak of.

So, that's about it for now. Have a great day!

10-13-2010, 07:45 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I am certainly happy to be getting back into my routine. I spent yesterday afternoon finishing some paperwork which had fallen behind while I have been so busy. My goal was to free up time for me to focus on healthy eating. *credit* I'm back to my food-groove and am feeling good. I read from my green book last night and located my cards (in my Kitchenaid bowl :shrug:) Nothing much new, other than that.

BillBlueEyes, I am always amazed how few days away from exercise it takes to feel a bit of weaknessÖ.but then it comes back fast, too. Thanks for sharing your food plan a few days back. It is so simple and makes so much sense. I've written it down, and often have a piece of fruit at nightÖ.just cause it sound so reasonable.

MinniePaul, Welcome! I already had a food plan when I found Beck and all these wonderful people. My thinking IS changing, and I recognize the benefits of sticking with it. Nice to meet you. I'm a semi-retired caregiver to my mom who is 89, and my DH who has a traumatic brain injury. I seem to be a professional volunteer now with an animal rescue group and two therapy dogs. I struggle with emotional eating but am making progress.

Marci (madrikh), I am really working towards food sanity and since my food plan doesn't include white sugar or flour, technically having 1 cookie would be off my plan. I actually try to stick with that because I feel so much better. If I know I'm going to a special event, I'll plan it in , trying to keep it reasonable. Reasonable= sane in my book.

Beverlyjoy, I never get tired of hearing from you...and always send kind thoughts your way. BTW-Bob Evans must be an East coast thing. Yay for another healthy day!

gardenerjoy, thanks for the mini-vacation I enjoyed from my couch...I hope to get your way one day. It's great when you feel good getting back to your normal way of eating. I feel that way too, today.

Shepherdess, I found myself cringing when you mentioned baking when you were overdue for lunch. Yay! for handling it so well! I find my best time for baking is the early morning. I hope you got to sneak home for lunch.

KAM(McKt), Yay! for bed instead of food. I, too, confuse tired with hungry.

MaryContrary, Yay! for dissertation progress WHILE losing weight. Water and movies=success, in my book!
Lisa(Miss Vitality) :wave: Good to see you again!
maryblu, synchronized loons just sounds spectacular. I lived on the beach in Alaska and I would always hear them early in the morning...miss that. Yes, friend, lets JUST DO IT!

Woodland, Yay for sunny Colorado days and picking pumpkins. Mine are sitting for a few weeks before I process them. BTW Love all the smileys! :bunny2:

maryann, "fake it till you make it!" as they say. Interesting to act as if you believed that the food would not relax you or give you relief from group strains. Great strategy!

AmberPr, Yay! for healthy eating , double walks and no snacks!

Cheryl(seadwaters), I smiled...upon reading you have never come across a tomatillo...wondered what you have that I've never seen.

Take care everyone! I am amazed's been a week since I've been able to post personals. Thanks for being here for me while I was in that whirlwind :spin:...That was the fastest week I can remember in a long time. :crossed: to see ya'll sooner VS later!

10-14-2010, 06:18 AM
:welcome: MinniePaul :welcome:

And, in honor of your first posts, :wel3fc:

10-14-2010, 06:36 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Because I was away for the weekend away, I didn't prepare a batch of stuff for my lunches. So, it was sardines (with my man-salad, of course), CREDIT moi. And it will be sardines today and tomorrow. Fortunately, I like the little guys. But I'm going away this weekend also, and I think a second week of sardines would be too much. Might have to remember that I can buy a mess of something for my lunches, if I plan - gotta remember that word, LOL.

Enjoyed my walk after work, CREDIT moi. Saw a wild turkey along the way - the first one I've ever seen in this particular spot - a small grassy area at a busy intersection. It's a bit close to Thanksgiving for a turkey to be wandering about, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Columbus, Indiana does sound like a cool place indeed. Interesting that the restaurant portions were so large - that would be tough for me when I didn't have a place to bring them back to; I'm just still not good at leaving food on a restaurant plate. Kudos for allowing yourself an ice cream sunday for lunch.

Shepherdess - Yay for being 20 years old and eating a plate of cookies! Ouch for those of us who remember that part of being 20 and forget that we no longer burn off those calories. Glad I'm not the one who has to face your MIL's fried chicken. By-the-by, would she be properly called your Step-Mother-In-Law? Is there such a term? I've never heard it before.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch that you're still dealing with the pulled muscle; enclosing chicken soup to fix that right up. LOL at, "blue and yellow are stinky."

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for "back to my food-groove." LOL at finding your cards in your Kitchenaid bowl; a great feature of having kids at home is that anything lost could be blamed on them - usually with good reason. After my two left home, I've been at loose ends trying to explain why thing continue to go missing.

Marci (madrikh) - Re: "planned day off"? My plan expands for restaurants and celebrations which are the places where I have difficulty sticking to a calories-burned-today budget. But I like to think of my eating as similar to being a parent. There is never a day off from the responsibility of being a parent. There are days that someone else is caring for the kids and you're able to do stuff you couldn't do with them, to be enjoyed to the fullest. But, you planned and arranged for that help, and you remain responsible. Note Joy (gardenerjoy) celebrating eating an ice cream sunday for lunch - hardly a nutritious or healthy-diet meal. But certainly a joy to be celebrated, and to be encouraged from time to time.

My problem with the phrases, "planned day off" and "cheat day" is that the phrases lose track of the responsibility. I like the phrases, "treat day" or "extras day." YMMV.

MinniePaul - Yeah for "skeptical, but cautiously optimistic" - a great way to be sure you know what you're doing. By being cautious, you'll be able to spot what isn't working for you and adjust, rather than just quit. Glad that you decided to join us.

Does Minnie in your avatar refer to Minnesota? And which of the Beck books are you reading?

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How You Can Change

. . .
Meet a friend or trainer. At first, it might help to make an appointment with a friend or fitness professional or to sign up for a class. You'll be more likely to keep this commitment if you're accountable to someone. A trainer, fitness instructor, or knowledgeable friend can show you how to exercise properly, so you'll feel more confident that you're doing it correctly.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 253.

10-14-2010, 12:08 PM
Here are photos as promised.

The bridge is part of a recent "Front Door" project that was conceived as a model for how small cities and towns can decorate their interstate entrances. The Victorian building is the Bartholomew County Courthouse.

The old brick building is what remains of an earlier complex of Cummins buildings, now surrounded by a modern complex of headquarters offices. The glass atrium on the brick building is part of the employee lunchroom seating --they get lakeside dining!

Even the park bathrooms in Columbus, Indiana are architecturally significant! Note that the roof line forms a W for Women. On the other side, it's reversed, forming an M for Men.

WI: +0.7kg, Exercise: +40 725/1800 minutes for October, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: glad your back is responding to the treatments that you can give it at this time and I'm sorry for your continued health woes, but love having you here posting about them. Yay for DGS making you laugh!

madrikh: A great deal of thought goes into "off plan" for me these days (thus, the long paragraph explaining my ice cream sundae). I have a (fortunately small) list of foods that trigger cravings that I wouldn't eat under any circumstances. We struggled some with breakfasts on our trip, but the one thing I didn't allow myself to consider was any menu item that included a biscuit because I knew one biscuit would trigger a week of craving everything from quesadillas to potato chips. It is just not worth it to me. There are also certain behaviors that I wouldn't engage in under any circumstances because they are too much about who I used to be and never want to be again, so no eating alone in the car and no eating anything purchased at gas stations or drug stores. In general, I would avoid all highly processed foods, because that is a major theme of how I have changed. Also, I would always include vegetables because I worked too hard to identify as a person who likes vegetables to allow for a treat day that had none -- I split DH's salad before I dipped a spoon in my ice cream sundae. And, I now want to be very conscious of appropriate portion sizes. So, yes to the rare planned off day, especially when traveling, as long as it contains no triggering foods or behaviors and as long as there are veggies and the portion sizes match up with my new way of eating and not my old way. So, not that off of an off day.

MinniePaul: welcome! Congrats on the weight loss progress that you've made so far. I am a happily unemployed librarian.

Lexxiss: yay for being back in your food groove!

BillBlueEyes: hope you enjoy your sardines this week and good job making a plan to get a little variety in next week!

10-14-2010, 12:09 PM
Stayed OP yesterday, despite all the challenges. There were lots of chips and desserts out to snack on during breaks. I packed a cooler with apples and cheese sticks. I was the only one who bothered with it, but it was a lifesaver. It held me over until about 2:00 when I could get back to the house and have a healthy lunch. Got my exercise in the corrals.

Gardenerjoy, sounds like you did well on your trip. I love the idea of an ice cream sunday for lunch. And only eating until satisfied and leaving the rest is impressive!

Beverlyjoy, ouch for still dealing with pulled muscle. Glad you have such a cute grandson to cheer you up. Kudos for staying OP through the discomfort.

Madrikh, interesting question about a ďplannedĒ day off. I think it depends on what you mean by a day off. If it is a day where you eat your way through the kitchen, itís probably not helpful. But if you are feeling overwhelmed by your diet, it may be helpful to skip some of the more difficult things for the day. For example, if you are measuring your food and counting calories, maybe skip that, but continue to eat sitting down. The point of Beck is to get control over your eating rather than the other way around. So it may be better to make conscious decisions to loosen up to avoid a wreck later on. Hope thatís helpful.

Welcome MinniPaul! What MA are you working towards? Cautiously optimistic is a good thing. Beck is different. She doesnít offer a silver bullet, but she does break the whole long process down into manageable steps.

Lexxiss, LOL at finding cards in your Kitchenaid bowl. I can relate. Glad youíre getting back into the groove. Thanks for the idea of baking first thing in AM . Iím definitely stronger then.

BillBE, yay for sardines and man salad as a go-to lunch when you donít have time to make a batch of something. Kudos for thinking ahead to next week, when the go-to lunch will get a little tired.

RE step-mother-in-law: Iíve never figured out how to distinguish between my two MILís. I just feel fortunate to get along with both of them.

10-14-2010, 12:14 PM
Gardenerjoy, beautiful pictures. Now I really must go!

10-14-2010, 12:55 PM
Day off -not "Off Plan" but a real day off - of work that is. I am continuing the long process of applying to MFA programs. This work always makes me VERY hungry. I intend to take it easy, take a few breaks, maybe a nap followed by Pilates in the late afternoon. Sometimes I feel guilty that I have the luxury in my life to spend a day taking breaks. Somehow I keep remembering the people who work 12 hours in the salt mines in some far away LDC (lesser developed country) who probably have blisters on their feet and threadbare clothing. I think of this and feel I don't have the right to complain or be tired, to be blue or take it easy. This thinking of mine is not helpful and often leads me to the carbs. I have the life I have. God gave it to me. He intends for me to take care of it. He doesn't make junk. I work most of the week with children who have little. I need to make sure I maintain myself so I am around for them in the coming years.
Deep thoughts for a Thursday morning but I guess I just need to tell the truth about how I try to sabotage myself when I plan to be good to myself. My DH summarizes all my thinking very efficiently. He says, "Mary Ann, get off your back, for God's sake."
gardenerjoy: thoughtful response to madrikh's "day off" question. I think you were right on. There are certain foods I can never eat because I am completely incapable of mdoeration or sanity. There are some people I know who also fit into that category.
shepardess: where would we be without cheesesticks and apples. I shudder to think. another thoughtful response to the "day off" question. I agree, that it is never really the food that is the problem. It is the behavior around the food that stops me from progressing.
minniepaul: welcome.
bbe: we have a family of wild turkeys at the ranch. we have declared our place "sanctuary" for the coming season.

10-14-2010, 06:12 PM
Hi Beckies - my Thursday check in. Wednesday was a healthy food day. I am feeling comfy with my food exchange plan. I did my Beck ‘paperwork/journal’ and many tasks - planning, logging, leave a bite. Credit. I did not read arc or rc. I think I am grateful for what I mustered up Beckwise to do.

My back is starting to feel better. I am happy for that. My surgery is October 21. The first week my foot will be in a soft wrap. I was told to stay in one area and not to move around much at. After that first week they will put a hard cast on it (I'll be non weight bearing for apprx nine weeks). I have an electric scooter from my Aunt and I will rent a knee walker too. The truth is I am not very strong. I know I couldn’t do crutches - so I’ve got to figure out the next best things. The doctor doesn’t really like the scooter idea…says folks lose their muscles if they use them. My question is: “How do over weight/obese people recover when they need to be non weight or partial weight bearing and they aren‘t very strong?” I’ve looked through Google to get some ideas. I 've gotten a few. I am trying to stay very positive - that it will all work out in the end.

I had foot surgery on the other foot 25 years and did ‘hopping around with my walker’. I ended up needed a scope on the hopping knee later on because it got injured. I am not going that route.

I am reading some of the health forums on my surgery. Once again, I need stay away from them. Do the folks only with the ‘horror stories’ post on health forums?

Maryann - it’s really OK to take a time off for yourself. - regardless of how other people live around the world. It’s your life to live. You never relaxing won’t change other people’s lives. If you want you could do some extra ‘good deeds” for others. Treat yourself the same as you would treat a good friend.

Shepardess - Many hooray’s for good choices and planning during a working session. Yay!

gardener joy - your trip sounds like it was terrific. Wonderful pictures, indeed. Kudo’s for leaving food on your plate while out of town.

Billbe - glad your have your ‘back up’ sardines to eat in a pinch. Planning ahead for times like these are key. Wild turkey’s are fun to see. I saw a flock? -of them in a glen in a park last year. Noisy!

Lexiss - glad you are home and closer to your normal routine. So happy to hear you’re back in your ‘food groove’. Yippee!

Minnie Paul - WELCOME!!! Dr. Beck ideas, for me, gives a guide to learning to live with food in a healthful and sane manner. Someone called it a blue print. It really is.

Mandrake - do I take a planned day off. I guess I have and do. But - I don’t know how planned it often is. honestly. It is risky for me because I really don’t know if I’ll be able to hop back on my plan easily. If it has to do with special occasions, I need to remind myself that I could have a reason for a special occasion for 5 days a week.

Mctk - credit for going to bed and deciding to just not eat any more for the day. It’s really true about the ‘resistance muscle’…the more you use it, the more natural it comes (or less hard, anyway)

Missvitaility - HI…nice to meet you.

Have a great day, folks!

10-14-2010, 06:49 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I am sticking with my plan, but I've had a hungry afternoon...I didn't have protein with lunch and can feel it. I'm going to take a nap and have an early dinner. I read my green book again last night and may hit a few pages before napping. It was a beautiful fall day here, especially nice at the pool with all the falling leaves. What a great way to exercise!

Beverlyjoy, glad to hear you are feeling comfy with your food plan. As I think towards your surgery, the best suggestion I could give you would be to take your everyday threads on 3FC and commit to everyday-honest. I find that even if I am not doing great, I do much better when I am here every single day. I think the other things will work out, too. I saw one of those knee scooters the other day-they look pretty functional. I think you could actually get exercise with one of those as you start feeling better.

BillBlueEyes, I had a great visual of that turkey at the intersection. I'm glad you like sardines!

maryann, I've never mentioned it, but my DH's family is still in Oroville and his family goes back quite far in the Paradise Concow area. I love it there but haven't been back in awhile. Even before I got to the part in your post where you decided that "this thinking of mine is not helpful", I was thinking the same thing. Great job identifying it now you can work at changing it.

Shepherdess, great choices during a busy day with many justifiable food opportunities. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a planned day off. It's given me insight.

gardenerjoy, thanks for the pics! and for the detail about the thought process you go through before eating off plan. I am in the process of setting up some "me" rules. Things that don't apply to others...whole grain, unsweetened oatmeal sends me on a binge every time. :shrug:

10-14-2010, 09:35 PM
Hi All,

Am enjoying reading everyone's recent comments. The 'day off' concept is interesting and your remarks are helpful. :listen:

Personally, I've gotten comfortable following my Beck skills, so I try to avoid how I feel when I don't. I like reaching toward my goals/advantages, and usually that feeling outweighs impulses to act otherwise. A day off would imply that I am not comfortable on plan, and that's not true.

What I try to do instead is listen to myself and if I"m having some craving (like recently pizza), I look for a way to have it but within my plan. I can't have good pizza very often because I like lots of small meals, but if I satisfy the craving one day and still stay within my units, I'm willing to negotiate fewer small snacks that day to have it. What a different feeling that gives me than getting off plan !! :love:

Still warm in Colorado. Roasted pumpkin seeds yesterday and DH made pumpkin soup with the rest of it. Made more canned tomatoes today, and tomorrow will go dig up more potatoes. It seems like our frost is so late in coming, but I'm certainly not going to complain.

Take care everyone, and keep going with all the Beck goodness !

10-14-2010, 11:00 PM
Thanks for the welcomes, everyone!

I picked my two diets (primary and back-up) last night. My primary is going to be diabetic exchanges since that has been my most successful attempt at weightloss thus far. I lost 50 pounds about 5 years ago doing that. The secondary one was a bit harder to come by. I thought about calorie counting or something like that, but it's pretty similar to exchanges (same animal, different counting system). So, I'm honestly a little stuck on the second diet. I don't want to pick something that is going to cause me to obsess about food, so something like South Beach or another diet that eliminates some kind of food group/category seems out of the realm of possibilities. Anyway, I'll keep it in mind as I go forward.

I am actually going to get a master's of divinity (which seems like a crazy title, I think the word "divinity" actually implies you can't really master it, but oh well). The plan is to be a pastor when I'm finished. We'll see what happens.

BillyBlueEyes--the minnie does stand for minneapolis. Minnie and Paul are two names associated with the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and they are used with the Minnesota Twins. I am a big fan of the Twins...unfortunately, they were not so successful in the post season bid.

I'm reading the pink book. I saw that there was another one available (green?), but I wasn't sure I needed the food plan, so I went with the basic. I'd welcome feedback on which was better/more helpful, etc.

I hope everyone has a great night and talk to you soon!!

10-15-2010, 05:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had an epiphany when I realized that I planned to run an errand at lunch yesterday - I could stop at a food truck and get a lunch and split it over two days instead of two days of sardines. Got peppered beef with broccoli, CREDIT moi, so that's what I'll have today also.

For our trip this weekend, it feels so funny planning our air flight meals in advance. It's sorta nice to be spared having to eat whatever is offered. We'll make the same peanut butter sandwiches that we'd take when headed out in the woods birding because we like them.

Gym was gym, CREDIT moi. I did get back to my full count of chest presses. I'm still a bit amazed that after a four day break instead of a three day break I lose capability. And just as amazed that it comes right back.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the photos. I like the idea of a lakeside view for the employees.

Shepherdess - Yay for apples and cheese sticks instead of chips and desserts. Kudos for the corral workout and Double Kudos for getting along with both MIL's - a gift to yourself and your DH both.

Beverlyjoy - The knee walker sounds great; I just looked at one on Amazon for $174.98 which might be competitive with nine weeks of rental.
Exercising while disabled is a challenge; Kudos for seeking a plan. Will you do any work with a physical therapist after your operation? [LOL at how noisy turkeys can be.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for exercise at the pool; is it heated?

Woodland - Sound strategy there, "I'm willing to negotiate fewer small snacks that day to have it" - finding a way to avoid the feeling of being deprived seems important for staying on plan. I love, love, love roasted pumpkin seeds. We do them every year when we carve a pumpkin.

maryann - Interesting that guilt for luxury can be a powerful Sabotaging Thought - those evil little things slip in anywhere there's an opening. I appreciate your level headed reasoning to get out of them. Love the notion of a wild turkey sanctuary.

MinniePaul - Kudos for marching forward and choosing your two diets - an important step. From a population of less than 5 million, Minnesota is well represented on this Beck forum; you're its third active poster. Condolences for Y*nquees abuse has already been offered, but I extend it again. I've just become a BIG Texas fan, for the obvious reason, LOL.

The pink book is a great way to learn the Beck strategies; since it's what I did (before the green book) I'm prejudiced. Different folks have used both, as well as the workbook alone, with success. Beck did some tweaks in the green book that are worth catching up with later.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How You Can Change

. . .
Give yourself lots of credit. Every small step in the right direction deserves credit. Reward yourself for exercising - just not with unplanned food!
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 253.

10-15-2010, 10:24 AM
We had lunch yesterday with the new archivist at the collegeís Western History Center. She finished the Leadville 100 a few months ago. Thatís a 100 mile run in Leadville, CO, elev. 11,000. I told my DH that itís not fair that sheís smart, attractive and friendly and she can run 100 miles. She said she was being bad at lunch and ordered a burger and fries. I noticed she didnít even come close to finishing either. I was good at lunch and stuck with a veggie sandwich and a salad.

No formal exercise yesterday. A friend came over in the evening and we messed around with horses. That gave just about the right amount of activity. I had planned to keep it gentle yesterday anyways.

Maryann, yay for the excitement of applying for an MFA program. Ouch for the process making you hungry (maybe anxiety or some other emotional state?). Sounds like you have a good plan in place to combat it.

Beverlyjoy, kudos for being so proactive about finding a good way to recover from your surgery. It sounds like the recovery will be tough, but your attitude is good. Yay for being comfy with your exchange program.

Lexxiss, great job dealing sanely with hunger and for pinpointing the problem. Yay for beautiful weather that makes pool exercise all the more enjoyable.

Woodland, yay for feeling comfortable on your Beck plan. It sounds like you have a good way of dealing with cravings. Pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds are some of my favorite fall foods.

MinniPaul, yay for going back to a diet that has worked well for you in the past. As for the second diet. Good luck finding a second diet. Itís good to know your style and find something that works for you. Your MA in divinity sounds interesting. My MA is in Religious Studies, meaning I like to watch what people working towards mastering divinity.

BillBE, yay for two food for two healthy lunches so you can save the sardines for another day. Kudos for regaining your former strength after a short break. I guess thinking about how quickly strength is lost is a good motivation to keep going to the gym.

10-15-2010, 11:12 AM
Yesterday included a last-minute lunch at the Japanese restaurant. I brought home leftovers that I think DH will eat and be happy staying home for lunch today which will be helpful to my plan.

WI: +0.3kg, Exercise: +50 775/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: yay for staying op through challenges and work that counts as exercise. Thanks for your story about the woman who "was being bad" but didn't eat nearly all of what she was served.

maryann: good job thinking through your sabotaging thoughts -- they come from all directions, don't they?

Beverlyjoy: it is quite possible that only people with horror stories post them on forums -- the ones who did well are too busy moving on with their lives! So do you have some ideas for how not to lose your muscles while using the scooter? Exercises for the parts of you that are unaffected by the surgery? Like BBE, I curious if physical therapy is part of the mix. Physical therapists can be pretty amazing and may even help you use crutches or a wallker in ways that you don't hurt yourself.

Lexxiss: good job posting here and making a plan to read the green book in the midst of dealing with a hungry afternoon.

Woodland: yay for feeling comfortable with the Beck skills and realizing that on plan feels better than off plan -- that's a great place to be!

MinniePaul: I'm on my fourth different plan -- all exchange type plans so not very different from each other, but they felt new to me and that's what I needed at the time. I would find calorie counting extremely different even though, as you said, it's really just a different way of counting. For some people, it's that different way of counting that makes all the difference. The diet in Beck's green book worked well for awhile for me. It's an exchange plan augmented by calorie counting. It is much lower in carbs than anything I've tried before, but not as low as South Beach.

BillBlueEyes: good job on solving your sardines every day dilemma. Kind of cool that taking along food on airplanes makes sense -- reminds me of reading about long train journeys that people used to take, bringing food for the trip.

10-15-2010, 06:28 PM
Weigh in. Another pound down and I am formally in the 150's - a weight class I haven't been in since Freshmen year high school. This is exciting stuff.
Beverlyjoy: I do pilates and it is a terrific workout. Much of it can be done non- weight bearing. It was orginally designed for dancers who were injured.
Lexxiss: I am not two hours from Oroville.
Woodland: your remarks were really interesting regarding day off. I too am looking at my new food plan as something I enjoy. If I need to eat something, I plan for it.
BBE: I am learning the joys of "buying" services - lunch, housecleaning, lawn work. Free's me up for things I am actually good at.
Shepardess: I have a terminal problem of immediately assuming it is easier for everyone else. "If I had been born beautiful" "If I had been born wealthy." I judge everybody's outsides by my insides.
gardernerjoy: I wish I had sushi last nite. Maybe tom. yum!

10-15-2010, 08:07 PM
Hi beckies - yesterday I stayed in my exchange plan. I am grateful for that. It was kinda ‘sloppy’. I kept changing food items as the day went on. I didn’t take the time and energy to eat seated only and many other Beck goals. I will aim to renew the that part of my life program.

Today DH and I went to pick up the knee scooter. It’s pretty cool. I will take it to physical therapy on Monday where they will show me the best way to use it without impacting my other pieces and parts.

Saturday is more getting things ready for the surgery stuff. In the evening some friends are coming over to watch college football. We are getting subs and pizza. I’ll have a half a turkey sub. I’ll make a salad. It’s a plan.

Just a quick hello for today.

10-15-2010, 10:07 PM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Leaving early for the airport, so typing this Friday night. I've already made my peanut butter, pecans, and banana sandwich for the flight. Ate the other half of my peppered chicken for lunch, along with some of DW left over roasted butternut squash with cranberries; CREDIT moi for good food.

Made my walk to Trader Joe's because I needed walnuts and almonds. Well, their FREE sample was beef bourguignon - in a one ounce cup. Pretty neat and yummy. Going upscale with the samples here.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for taking last-minute lunches in stride.

Shepherdess - One hundred mile run! Good grief! Is it done over several days?

Beverlyjoy - Having the knee scooter in hand makes the surgery seem real. It's less than a week away. I'm getting psyched.

maryann - Congrats for making it to the 150's; this is exciting stuff indeed.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How You Can Change

. . .
Focus on your progress. Can you walk a minute longer than you used to? Can you exercise more vigorously than before? Remind yourself during every session that you're getting stronger and more physically fit.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 253.

10-16-2010, 11:03 AM
I got my run in yesterday, but it was hard to get motivated. My FIL took my dog pheasant hunting in Nebraska. Running is not as much fun without my dog.

Food was pretty good, but I need to watch my afternoon snacks. I wound up having more crackers than I had planned, but I cut back at dinner. It have to watch those slips before they turn into the new normal.

Gardenerjoy, great job making good choices at a last minute lunch change. Itís great that you found a good way to dispose of leftovers.

Maryann, congrats on another lb down and getting into a whole new weight class. Seeing those results is a huge motivation for me.

Beverlyjoy, kudos for another good day on the exchange plan. Ouch that the your finding the other Beck things difficult, but great job resolving to get back to them. Figuring out how to use your knee scooter before surgery is a great idea. Those physical therapists are great. They really helped DH after his knee surgery.

BillBE, have a great trip! Kudos for thinking ahead and packing a healthy lunch.

RE 100 mile run: those crazies do it all in one long haul. It doesnít appeal to me. A marathon is plenty challenging.

10-16-2010, 11:40 AM
Hi All,

Yeah for long autumn seasons ! I'll be able to get outside easily and putter around the garden and yard. It is so much easier to get extra exercise when the weather is nice. :carrot:

Since I'm alone this weekend I am going to try out some new low calorie foods. I guess sometimes the food routines need some examination to see if I could fit in something new. I plan to stay within my calorie units, and appreciate your support in helping me with accountability. Thanks coaches !

A Question: I was wondering what all of you do that you consider 'spontaneous exercise' each day? I usually either take a walk, or do some leg lifts and stretches in the house. I actually started over-shaking my laundry fabric softener bottle (it needs stirring sometimes) and if I do it 200 times I call that my extra exercise :o silly?


10-16-2010, 12:28 PM
I've already been to the Farmers Market this morning -- we're having greens tonight! It finally feels like fall here, although the farmer and my garden both say we need rain. Fortunately, my garden is small enough to water myself.

I'm plan to make pesto today. I cut my basil plants back by two thirds in August to make pesto and they have grown back to the point that it looks I never harvested. I usually wait until the first freeze for my second pesto-making venture, but I want to get that bed prepped for spring so I'm going to do it today.

WI: -0.5kg, Exercise: +80 855/1800 minutes for October, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: yay for the 150s!

Beverlyjoy: so glad that you're getting physical therapy help even before the surgery. I took a look at those knee scooters and I would need help figuring out how to use them!

BillBlueEyes: hope you have a great trip! The packed lunch sounds much better than any food an airline has provided since Ozark got purchased by TWA.

Shepherdess: good job getting in your run without your favorite running partner.

Woodland: I have reformed my habit of saving trips going up and downstairs in favor of a new habit of taking any old excuse to go up and down the stairs. I park in far corners of parking lots -- with the added advantage that I can almost always park in the same spot, so I can always find my car! I cook lots from scratch and count all the bending and reaching that I do in the kitchen as part of my spontaneous exercise.

10-16-2010, 12:33 PM
Hi Beck Friends:

I am here. Still struggling. Dealing with a load of family drama courtesy of my very messed up sister. Doing my best to practice good self care. What else can you do? I have always turned to excessive amounts of high fat or sugar loaded food as a way to comfort myself, numb out, reward myself for bearing through...what a hard habit to break. I have always felt like---if I have to put up with this b&$^s*#t at least I can feel good for a few minutes with my taco chips and shrimp dip and a piece of pie. I am trying very hard not to cope like this. Some days are good, some not so much.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I have a plan for the day: do weights, go for a walk, eat yogurt and berries for AM snack, salad and tuna on WW for lunch, apple and orange for afternoon snack, stir fry with veggies and shrimp for dinner and yogurt and pumpkin for evening snack. Sit in hot tub. Do yard work. Read. Watch another episode of The Tudors. Clean the house. Do the laundry. Just keep moving forward.

It is great to read your posts and so inspiring. Even though I am not posting much, I am visiting here everyday. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


10-16-2010, 01:22 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

DH and I made our early morning drive and are now to the East of the Continental Divide. We got here in time to take my Mom to breakfast. I wanted to say hello, although I'm on the run right now..taking my Sis to Home Depot, about 15 miles from our little mountain town.
gardenerjoy, my food mover was will take a little getting used to.
Marci (madrikh), I'll let you know how it works for me.
Shepherdess, I was raised in Leadville. Not much has changed there in 50 years!
Woodland, I find lots of opportunities for spontaneous exercise. Yesterday, I went to the pool a second time and jogged for 15 minutes. I always park in the outer lot at the store AND grab a basket and push. Yes, I dance around in the kitchen and stand on one leg, balancing, at while waiting in line. There is always a new opportunity for me.
:wave: to everyone else...I hope to get back later.

10-16-2010, 04:54 PM
Hello everyone!

Thank you for the warm welcome back! I'm determined to get back on my Beck journey and do it well.

I have some additional motivation - my sister is getting married and has asked me to be her maid of honour!! Im very excited :carrot: and very much want to look the best I can on the big day.

I fell off track a bit after the relationship I was in ended and not long afterwards a very rude person approached me in the street when I was with 2friends and said "Hey fatso, get yourself a diet". I have never felt so mortified and humiliated in my life and as you can imagine, my confidence took a nosedive!

I'm now feeling much stronger and am not going to let someone like that affect my life like that!

Bill - I will try and help with the haggis come Burns day but I will let you into a wee secret.......... I don't like it!!! :o


10-16-2010, 11:19 PM
I am writing in the evening. I just seem beat. Did well today. OP but like Beverley says, a little sloppy switching food around. Still I cooked up three batches of pizza sauce and shredded enough cooked chicken for three of our weekly pizza nites. This helps keep me organized during busy weeks. I usually just put some fixins on whole wheat toast for me and the boys eat the pizza. I make a mean dough. I like what you said Shepardess. "Beware making a new normal." I realized today that where I am now is truly the roughest part for me because I have never gotten past this weight. I want to be very structured and remember to do less right now so that I can focus my energy on achieving what I have been unavailable to achieve in 30 years of trying. Gardenerjoy: I need to make pesto like you for another type of pizza. Ceejay: sounds like a good plan. I am pulling for you.Woodland: I count spont. exercise as anything not planned or informal - like when I teach 150 first graders music every other Thursday. All the circle dances count.
Speaking of doing less - I think I will go to bed even if it is 7:20. Rest is always helpful.Lexxiss: have a good trip across the divide.Miss Vitality: you message brought back lots of memories. I grew up at the beach where the "no fat chicks" signs were everywhere. There is a time in the sun for everyone. Your's is today. Let the past be past.

10-17-2010, 07:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did OK with food on the flight, CREDIT moi, even though I had the only FREE thing passed out - some thin cookies. Was fun eating a peanut butter sandwich on an airplane.

I did OK at the big family dinner, CREDIT moi, OK, not great. I had good salmon and was delighted that it came with asparagus. Was taken aback that asparagus were fried in a batter, LOL, had never seen that before. We were required to order our dessert before dinner for some strange reason, as I sat famished, ignoring the rolls and butter being devoured by the couple sitting on either side of me telling me about their diet, buttering their rolls thoroughly before snarfing. So I ordered a crŤme brulťe. Ouch. Took some solace in that it was small, LOL, because they just are, but dense. I did enjoy it enough to feel little remorse. I do miss my evening snack of a fruit - there's no fridge in the room but I will try to buy an apple today.

CeeJay - Sending supportive thoughts for dealing with family tensions. It's difficult to face high tension without the previously used comfort foods. Keep the faith. One foot in front of the other. And you can bring yourself through this.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for Basil that just keeps growing. [LOL at Ozark and TWA - I remember those names.]

Shepherdess - Kudos for running despite having no dog. I'd guess that your dog would get more exercise with you than stalking pheasants also.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for having a local Continental Divide to casually cross. You've got such great mountains to play on.

Woodland - Interesting question about spontaneous exercise. I initially considered the stairs I walk at the office instead of the elevator to be "spontaneous" - but since I do it every day, perhaps it's become planned, LOL. I count when I take an extra trip to the basement instead of waiting until I'm going down there anyway. Shaking stuff certainly counts - you're using muscles that might otherwise never get used.

Lisa (MissVitality) - Maid of Honor is a great potential motivation - how long until the wedding? Monster Kudos for seeing that other people, certainly strangers, need not be allowed to thwark your feelings about. [OK, we'll work out something on the haggis - maybe some substitutions, LOL.]

maryann - Not that's a lot of cooking, no wonder you're beat. Kudos for taking the effort to avoid the pizza crust even when you make it for your boys and using whole wheat toast instead.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

How You Can Change

. . .
End your session with something positive. If you like a particular piece of equipment or exercise, plan to do it last. If you dislike a part of your exercise routine, do it in the middle. This way, you'll leave feeling better about your exercise session and you'll be more likely to follow through and do it next time.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 253.

10-17-2010, 10:06 AM
I was procrastinating on doing weights yesterday. I kept putting it off until the absolute last minute when I would have time to get a workout in and make it out to dinner with friends. I need to find a good way of getting motivated to do some weights. I need the upper body strength.

Food was good yesterday. We went out to Thai food with friends and I stuck with healthy options. I ordered an extra side of chile peppers and that helped me slow down! We ordered a dessert for the table and everyone took a few bites. There was still plenty leftover and I would have loved to take more bites, but didnít.

Woodland, yay for nice weather so you can get your exercise in the garden! I love trying out new recipes when my DH is out of town. I donít think I would eat healthy otherwise.

Gardenerjoy, wow for Farmerís Markets still around mid-Oct. Yay for long growning seasons! Weíre dry up here too (and if Iíd been taking care, my garden could still be growing).

CeeJay, hugs while you deal with all that family drama. Kudos for taking steps at breaking old comfort food habits. Sounds like this was a big improvement and youíll only get better at it if you keep trying. Great job getting back into a Beck swing!

Lexxiss, waving back and wishing you a great trip!

MissVitality, yay for your sisterís wedding as additional motivation! Ouch for that horribly rude person! What a terrible and destructive thing to do. Great job feeling strong and finding the confidence to realize that it is the other personís problem, not yours.

Maryann, great job staying OP during a long hard day. Hope youíll get at least a bit of rest this weekend.

BillBE, yay for peanut butter sandwiches on a plane. Ouch for dessert required to be ordered while youíre hungry. There should be a rule against that!

10-17-2010, 10:30 AM
Hi All,

Eating went so well yesterday, I'm so pleased !! :dizzy: I took myself to the local market and went up and down each isle looking for food I would l like to try but don't usually get.

I found two new things:

1) White Rice in two little microwavable cups. It is pre-measured so I can count the calories easily. DH likes brown jasmine rice, but I prefer white (I've actually not had much rice since I've been losing weight, prefer whole wheat penne pasta instead). I'm excited to try this later. You microwave it for 1 minute in the little cup. I'll add some peas and corn to it and have a nice meal.

2) Fudge popsicles sweetened with Splenda. Two for 70 calories ! They taste great.

I also got a small cheese pizza. This is a trigger food for me. I wanted to test myself. Could I eat an appropriate amount and save the rest? What sabotaging thoughts would try to stop me from this plan?

It was actually fascinating. I made myself plan out how many calories I'd have, then when I sliced it I made myself take 10 minutes to each each of the three small slices. I ran through my list of all the Beck information: my advantages, and my potential sabotaging thoughts. It was such a walk down memory lane recalling how many of my excuses I would have used in the past to overeat. But this time was different ! And it did matter - my scale was good to me this morning and I felt to proud !!!!!!!!! :D

Thanks everyone for your answers on the spontaneous exercise. My usual daily one is when I notice I'm standing around (in the kitchen, waiting for the dogs outside), I put my arms over my head, balance on one leg, and do front, side and back leg lifts slowly on each leg. It works balance and a little strength I think, plus it feels good. :dancer:

I think I'll take the dogs on a walk today. The weather will be getting cooler later in the week, so it is now or never for a nice fall stroll.

Have a great day, coaches !

10-17-2010, 01:34 PM
I've been working on ideas for my NaNoWriMo novel for months now, although I'm still woefully short of actual plot material. I started a support thread here yesterday because I found that so helpful last year. Part of the NaNoWriMo culture is eating--people actually plan ahead things like rewarding every thousand words with candy. And real-world meetings almost always happens in places that serve food with encouragement to support the host location by buying something. Having a 3FC support thread is a good reminder that it really is possible to write a novel AND continue healthy eating habits at the same time.

WI: -0.45kg, Exercise: +30 885/1800 minutes for October, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

CeeJay: glad to see you here! Sounds like a great plan -- did it help? Even if you didn't follow it to the letter, did it help to have a plan? It does get a little easier, over time, to cope without using food, although I must admit that I still have my moments. Exercise or some invigorating project or a really good book seem to work the best for me.

Lexxiss: I'm still using my FoodMover. What it took for me was to add it to a morning routine list (open all the windows) and an evening routine list (close all appropriate windows that I didn't manage to close earlier in the day). Are you going to be able to modify things appropriately for South Beach? One of the things I liked about Richard Simmons was it moved me away from low carb a bit without sending me overboard.

MissVitality: Being a maid of honor is great motivation! The comment you got was unspeakably rude and mean-spirited. Can you imagine the low self esteem of someone who would say something like that to a stranger? Not a person you need to impress in anyway.
My nephew is doing a study abroad semester in Dundee. Are you anywhere near there? He seems to be having a great time, just having a little trouble with the differences in the educational system. He says the expectations are more clearly delineated in US colleges, but the workload is a bit lighter in Scotland -- or at least he hopes it is and he's not completely misreading things!

maryann: Our winter pizzas are topped with pesto from my freezer and artichoke hearts from the grocery's freezer. Yum!

BillBlueEyes: so, how is that couple's diet going? I'd like to know if a diet could include buttered rolls and still be successful!

Shepherdess: let me know if you find the secret motivation for strength training! Right now, I'm on a kick of using the treadmill while watching episodes of Torchwood from Netflix on my iPad. Very motivating for my aerobic workout, but I'm having a hard time getting myself to do anything that resembles stretching or strength training.

Woodland: yay for being pleased with eating so well and for new treats to try and old treats to relearn how to be sane around! You're doing terrific. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

10-17-2010, 03:14 PM
Hi beck folks -

My food has been good - so grateful.

Thanks for your kindness, as always.

I have everything in place surgery - knee scooter, electric scooter, resting area ready, DH has time off, bills paid, arrangements for anything & everything, healthy food available etc. So this morning I am practicing getting in and out of bed on one foot - they say to practice before you need to really do it. I was practicing getting out of a chair - pushed my self up on with my arms and foot when I felt something in my inner foot/ankle went stretch and twang. My good foot started to ache and swell. I sat there is disbelief. I was in shock, stunned that I had done something that may be an injury. I told DH - he sighed and said it will be OK. He is the always optamist.

So, it's elevated, iced, and in an ankle compression doodickie pull on. It's aching.

That was it. I started to cry. I just can't believe what has happened. I feel like there is a curse on me. I am embarrassed to even say this is happening - how can there be one more thing to go wrong.

Tomorrow morning is my PT to learn how to use the knee walker. I'll see how it goes. At this point, I don't think I can do it. Maybe I'll still be able to do the surgery - I would just being sitting around alot anyway.... I am feeling sad, mad and exasperated. Hope for a miracle.

I'll call the surgeon tomorrw and see what he says.

For the first time that I can think of....I don't even want to eat.

I'll let you know how it goes.

10-17-2010, 05:31 PM
I am back for some personals. I am done with my sulking for the moment!

Woodland - my spontaneous exercises is walking up and down the stairs a couple times extra when I need to do it any way. Lately, I’ve been counting my twirls. Good to find new things that fit in your food plan. I think it’s wonderful to eat your pizza so slowly as to really enjoy it.

Sheppard’s - it’s good to have a shared dessert at a restaurant. Then your one bite is a special treat and not overeating. I have a friend that wanted to include more exercise but wasn’t motivated, really. So, she set up and ‘incentive’ program of a star on the calendar when she did do the exercise. At a certain point when she gathered enough stars she rewarded her self with something special. (not food) Just a thought.

Billbe - I’ve heard the saying - “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.’ But, not order dessert first!! I am glad you enjoyed every bite of your special treat. And it is a treat - you don’t have those extra treats that often.

Maryann - well done with the planning and cooking ahead. That is so, so helpful. You said, There is a time in the sun for everyone. Your's is today. Let the past be past. I like that.

Miss Vitality - I am appalled that someone would say something so rude and unkind to you. Shame on them!!! Some people are thoughtless and uncaring of others. Your up and coming wedding is a great incentive. Carry on.

Lexxiss - you trip sounds so nice. I love the food mover. I don’t always use the actual food mover, but - when I am doing exchanges I set it up the same in my journal. I am using exchanges now.

Ceejay - rant away. So sorry you have to put up with family drama. Be kind to yourself. Lately, I’ve been eating my emotions. I find it does help to have a plan - even if you switch it around. It’s a good start to the day. You CAN do this.

Gardnerjoy - I think it sounds exciting to write a novel. I have written many children’s stories - under 50 pages for sure. Good idea to start a support thread for an event with so many temptations. Credit for reading your arc and rc so consistently. I love the farmer’s market too.

10-18-2010, 08:11 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Just checking in, trying to work on getting the events in my life to a manageable state. It's been very hectic since I got over the mountain but I do think about making good choices and I have a plan for today.

Beverlyjoy, sending kind thoughts your way. I hope today is better, but you've been making really good food choices during this hard time which is worthy of great credit.

Take care everyone!

10-18-2010, 09:38 AM
Yesterday was one of those days that where I wanted to just lie on the couch with a bag of chips. I didnít, so credit for that. That voice in my head kept telling me to go find some chips, cookies, crackers, anything at all, but I did ignore it. I wish I didnít have that voice, but Iím glad I can ignore it.

I went for my long run yesterday. There was a lot going on and I could have easily talked myself out of it, but I headed out. It was a really nice evening for it, so Iím glad I went.

Woodland, great job with the pizza. It is always a major victory when we can face those usual trigger foods and eat them carefully. Yay for finding new things to try that are diet friendly.

Gardenerjoy, kudos for thinking ahead for strategies to get through NaNoWriMo without food. You can always use Beckís idea of non-food rewards. Maybe something small for every 1000 words, like a new song from iTunes or something.

Beverlyjoy, ouch for swelling in your foot, but kudos for sticking to your food plan through the frustration. Hugs while you are dealing with all the added stress and worry about keeping off your foot. It might be a good idea to ask the PT about your foot. They have lots of expertise in this area.

Lexxiss, waving back. Kudos for checking in when things are hectic in your life. Glad to hear they are beginning to get manageable.

10-18-2010, 10:47 AM
A quick post because we're off to volunteer in the Archive at the Garden.

WI: -0.25kg, Exercise: +60 945/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: furiously sending healing energies your way!

10-18-2010, 03:21 PM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Spent the day racing through airports, rental car agencies, and getting lost going from here to there. No exercise, and ate some whatever food out of frustration. Tomorrow is another day.

But did buy two banana's for a buck each while racing through the Atlanta airport. Never did banana's look so good or seem such a bargain. CREDIT moi for a banana.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise
How You Can Change

. . .

Make sure you're doing a type of exercise you like. If you get bored with what you're doing, change it. One dieter told me that she finally hit on blasting music and strenuously dancing, all by herself, in her living room. Another dieter really disliked the exercise class she'd signed up for. She couldn't keep up. Finally, she switched to an easier class and began to enjoy it much more. A number of dieters have taken up organized sports instead of such solo exercise as running or swimming. Try out different possibilities.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 254.

10-18-2010, 05:59 PM
Hi Coaches
I am still out here and reading your posts and staying somewhat on plan. Reading Beck and planning food. I must be feeling better / more able because I took myself to yoga on Saturday for the first time in a couple of years.

I have found it very difficult as the arthritis got worse and the weight increased but I used to go 3 times a week at a reasonably advanced level until I got PMR. The thing about yoga is that it seems to focus me on generally being healthy and wanting to eat well and resisting bad choices. But I began to hate the difficulty in changing positions and moving from lying to standing - felt like a beached whale. Anyway I went. And the teacher (in his early seventies!) came up later and said that I had found moving between poses difficult and perhaps Tai Chi would be better for me! I think I am going to get stubborn about this and keep going as inelegant as it is. My body hurts more after 40mins of yoga than after doing weights or strength training. There is something more dynamic about it that I probably need - so I might keep trying.

BeverlyJoy - thinking about you and your upcoming surgery and your poor "good" foot. Hope the physical therapist can work some magic. Love the look of the knee scooters - such a good idea if your other leg is working of course. Sending hugs and good wishes

Waving to all of you

Have a great day


10-18-2010, 06:31 PM
It looks like a page of quick check ins. I'll be another one. Went to a favorite all you can eat restaurant. Had one trip of moderate amounts and left it at that. Credit moi. The sore throat from three weeks ago is back so it is off to the dr. My challenege is being under the weather and in addition to few changes in my normal food routine which make me scared I won't lose a pound this week. The solution is to stick to the plan, go to bed early and let the weight take care of itself. This is not a race.

10-18-2010, 09:12 PM
Hi Beck folks - yesterday I stayed with my food plan. I am grateful.

Thanks to all for sending healing vibes to my foot-formerly known as the good foot. That's it's name now.

Foot was sore this morning - but, better than yesterday. I went to PT today to 'practice and learn' the best way to do the knee walker. I got through it most of the way - but, towards the end it started to get sharp stabbing pain in my foot that almost made me buckle. (but, I had my cane) Therapist said he was concerned and to call the surgeon.

I called the surgeon's office with a rundown of the last 24 hours. They called back and said it's really it's my call...but - the nurse said that the foot (formerly known as the good foot) is going to be used exclusively, for four months and it better be ready to take it. And...that if I had done this incorrect getting up from the chair before hand, I most likely would have done it that way after surgery. Then I would be in really bad shape.

They said to wait a month. Do what I am doing - rest, ice, elevation & compression. It seemed to help it yesterday. I can come and see the surgeon if for a consultation I feel I need too.

So...the surgery is going to be rescheduled in a month or sooner if I am ready. Sigh.

Not fair....oh well.

10-19-2010, 06:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Today's challenge is to accept that my eating while flying home wasn't perfect, but good enough; CREDIT moi. In my younger days, arriving at the gate after boarding had completed would have seemed standard. But it's a stressful way to live when all flights are full and I've purchased non-refundable tickets. Missing the flight would have meant buying new tickets at day-of-flight prices and scarce availability - not a desirable place to be. CREDIT moi for leaving the hotel at Oh Dark Thirty to give us some time cushion because we staked up all the things that can go wrong from hotel room bed to airplane seat.

I did take the stairs for two round trips from my room on the seventh floor; CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Waving. Did Minnesota declare a holiday after the impressive comeback victory of the Vikings on Sunday? I went looking for my friend who is a Dallas Cowboy fan but he's in hiding, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for NaNoWriMo time; love that you're recognizing that one can create without leaning on food. [The couple who spoke to me about their diet have actually done well - about 30 pounds each over two years. The next day she volunteered that it was a "splurge day" - all without me ever mentioning that I had a food plan or that I had lost some weight.]

Shepherdess - Kudos for that restraint with dessert at the Thai restaurant. And Kudos again for taking your long run (hopefully with dog) when excuses were justifiable.

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts as you work through the latest setback. But, it's only a setback, you are so capable of gathering up your formidable spirit and moving forward.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Thanks for the reminder that exercise is more difficult as we face the challenges of aging. Kudos for your determination.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - LOL at "since I got over the mountain" because around here we only say that metaphorically.

Woodland - Your pizza control is worthy of Kudos; neat that you got to visit all your old Sabotaging Thoughts and stood them down.

maryann - One trip at an all-you-can-eat restaurant is a big deal; Kudos.

Readers - day 39
Keep Up with Exercise

Once I accept that exercise has
to be a permanent part of my weight-loss
program, dieting will be easier.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 255.

10-19-2010, 07:25 AM
Morning all!

We are definitely starting to see signs that the winter is on its way and fast here in Scotland - brrrr!

Thank you all for the warm welcome back and for sharing my disgust at the rude person in the street.

I spent some time last night drawing up a weekly life planner, charting my time for work, exercise, family, friends, rest and relaxation, housework etc. My weight loss seems to happen much more easily when I feel organised and have planned ahead. So credit for me - it's a work of art! :cp: Now the harder part, sticking with it whilst being flexible enough to respond to events outwith my control!

Today's goals are to drink more water and to go to my Body Pump and Body Attack classes tonight.

Bill, well done for taking the stairs. Every little helps and it all adds up!

Beverlyjoy - so sorry to hear about your foot. I can appreciate how frustrating it can be. I badly hurt my knee last year and it set me back some. Just need to keep at it - the only way is through.

Maryann - hope your sore throat clears up soon

Cheryl (seadwaters) - stick to the yoga! Practice makes perfect and it's very peaceful and mindful so very good for you. I do Body Balance classes which are a blend of yoga, pilates and tai chi and they make me feel wonderful. They are a welcome break from my high impact cardio and strength training. Really helps my flexibility too - the strength training can bulk my muscles up so it's great to stretch them out.

gardnerjoy - hope you enjoyed your volunteering. what does it involve?

Shepherdess - well done for ignoring that niggly wee voice in the back of your head whispering tempting thoughts. I have a constant battle to fight with that voice but I'm going to conquer it!

Lexxiss - hope life calms down for you soon. I know the feeling - this whole year has been crazy for me at work and I feel work has taken over the rest of my life and made it harder for me to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I need to try to achieve a better balance.

Woodland - well done on the positive scale reading.

Can I ask - does everyone weigh themselves regularly and if so, how often? this is an issue for me as I find myself sometimes getting obsessed with the scale and stepping off and on more than once a day and letting the results affect my mood. I was thinking of experimenting and locking it away somewhere until Christmas, lol, and seeing if I get on better without relying on it.

have a good day everyone
Lisa xxx

10-19-2010, 08:36 AM
Hi Coaches,

Thanks everyone for your Kudos. I am really amazed that I'm doing so well during these different days. The accountability to my Beck skills has finally stuck, even through those difficult times she mentions. :congrat:

I'm impressed by all the CREDITS you all have earned. I love hearing about them. It helps me be creative during the day with my own to hear how you implement the concept in your days. Thanks for sharing !

MissVitality: Regarding the scale. Beck encourages us to weigh once every morning. I find that is when I'm at my lowest weight for the day too. I have made it a routine to do when I change from my PJs to other clothes. It is a habit just like brushing my teeth. :cp:

Sure, sometimes the numbers don't go my way, but sometimes they give me a treat. When they are not good, I say 'oh well', and 'just stay on plan and I will succeed in time'. Water and salt greatly impact daily fluctuations, plus for me I notice humidity in the air is a factor. So I try not to worry if the number isn't what I'd love to see. I know how to lose weight and I know I can do it. It just takes time.

Here's to Fall days, moist mornings, autumn colors, and snuggly clothes !

10-19-2010, 09:45 AM
quick check in, Beckies. I must go back and re-read posts, as things have happened to some of my coaches, and just ouch!

Beverlyjoy, I am so sorry for such darned bad luck. This has been hangin' too long. That said, I do see the wisdom of training before hand. I remember when my mom had both knees replaced at once at age such training occurred ahead of time. She did great, though.

BillBE, You *torment that Cowboys friend of yours! And, go Rangers. What is that saying about the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Took in the Quinn Sullivan/Buddy Guy concert this weekend. One of a lifetime. The best I can recall since Tina Turner, and that was a very different kind of concert. BillBE, this kid is from a Boston suburb. Anyhwhere close? Seriously envying the fact that you can go see him some Sunday afternoon sometime. He is one serious little 10 yr. old blues guitarist. Someone in the audience yelled out, "God bless you, Little Stevie". *laffin.
Just google Quinn Sullivan and Buddy Guy. You will see Quinn performing at 8 yrs. of age. CeeJay, are you listening???

Doin' better Beck-wise. I woke up hungry this morning; that is a very good indicator.

10-19-2010, 09:45 AM
Snacked my way through the afternoon yesterday. Iíve got to get a handle on afternoon hunger. Either need to restructure my food plan or just learn to tolerate it. I am supposed to know that hunger is not an emergency.

I did my yoga yesterday. I did a routine that involved lots of yoga pushups and core work, but was mostly stretching for my legs that are still tired from yesterdayís long run.

Gardenerjoy, kudos for getting here and posting when youíre busy volunteering.

BillBE, ouch for a day of travel frustration. Great job for accepting eating as good enough.

Seadwaters, yay for feeling good enough to go to yoga! Itís great that itís more than just a good workout, but also keeps other areas of your life healthy. Kudos for being stubborn about going. Yoga should be for everybody.

Maryann, yay for eating moderately at an all-you-can-eat. Weíre trained to take that as a personal challenge. Ouch for the sore throat. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Beverlyjoy, ouch for another delay in the surgery, but it is probably necessary so that you ďgoodĒ foot can in fact be your good foot. Great job maintaining your eating plan through the frustration.

MissVitality, kudos for doing all the necessary planning and organization to make your weight-loss journey a success. Itís a great reminder that the time to prepare healthy food and exercise doesnít just magically appear.

Woodland, yay for sticking to Beck even when things get challenging. Great job having a sane mindset to the numbers on the scale.

10-19-2010, 09:48 AM
Just missed you, Maryblu. Love those "once in a lifetime" concerts! It sounds like a great concert. Great job getting into the Beck groove.

10-19-2010, 11:34 AM
Hi Beck friends/coaches… Yesterday was a healthy day - I am grateful & amazed. I’ve actually put together almost a week of food sanity - am very grateful for that.

I am doing what I need to do. - feet up (toes above my nose) - resting, icing, and compression. It’s exasperating. But, I am done being teary. (I hope)

Thanks to you all for your support, healing energies and hopeful wishes.

I started using my exchange food plan (Richard Simmons). I am liking it very much. It such a good reminder that I need to get my six exchanges of veggies in. I used this years ago. It feels comfortable and easier now. I am not actually using the Food Mover Doo-hickey thing - but, I set up a page in my journal to cross off the allotted exchanges as the day goes on. Credit for all this.

I need to start reading my cards daily again and other Beck tasks.

Today I had something new for breakfast - Ĺ cup canned pumpkin, T. sf maple syrup, smart balance margarine light, salt & pepper. It was really good.

Lexxiss - glad you’ve been making good choice since your trip to the other side of the mountain. Credit!

Sheppardess- so glad you talked back to the voices of potato chip, cookies & more. Major Credit. Glad you could get your run in. Next day - eating is not an emergency….don’t you wish we could tatoo it to our brains. Great workout - CREDIT

Gardner joy - glad you could get to the Archives. Carry on!

Seadwaters - credit for your planning and using the beck book. I give you credit for doing the yoga even when it’s so challenging. I totally understand how doing one healthy thing can set the stage for other healthy acts during the day.

Maryann - well done at the all you can eat restaurant. That’s where ‘no seconds’ really fits in. I hope your sore throat is better soon.

Billbe - well done on managing all the commotion of flying home - food & time frame. Way to go getting in the exercise on the stairs!

miss vitality - I love your idea of the many things organized in weekly planner - plus the flexibility in too. Yes - cold will be coming. Brrr. - it was a hot hot summer where I love.

Woodland - love your attitude about the scale.

Maryblu - so glad you mom did will with her knee replacements. Yay for great concerts and waking up hungry

10-19-2010, 12:49 PM
Today is cleaning crew day. I spend longer in the prep work to get the house ready to clean than they spend cleaning! Still, can't complain. Except for kitchen work, it's about the only housework I bother doing, so I have to consider this all good, if a bit disruptive. I've already had lots of spontaneous exercise in the form of carrying things up and down stairs and making extra trips instead of conserving trips.

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +60 1005/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: yay for bananas providing a bright yellow light on an otherwise difficult day! And yay for two round-trips of seven floors of steps!

seadwaters: I was just thinking of you! So glad to see your post. Interesting about the Tai Chi suggestion. I have several DVDs that rely on Tai Chi but I don't use them much because I find it difficult to hold my arms up as long as required. I credit yoga with the ability that I do have to get up and down off the ground and I wouldn't want to give that up!

maryann: yep, "this is not a race." Good job with being willing to continue with the plan even during challenging times. I hope the doctor has a good solution for you.

Beverlyjoy: I'd had the same thought as your nurse, that in a way it's a good thing that you found out about your formerly good foot before the surgery instead of after. But, yea, sigh about having to put it off the surgery another month. Yay for that "oh well" at the end.
Yay for finding comfort in the Richard Simmons plan and for figuring out your own way to track it.

MissVitality: yay for a weekly life plan! I find that sort of thing very helpful, even when I don't follow it. At least I know I'm making good decisions about what I'm giving up when I do something different than the plan.
My volunteer work is cataloging the slides of Walter H. Hodge, a botanist and photographer who traveled all over the world taking photos of plants from the late 30s clear to the end of the 20th century. There are about 30,000 slides and I've cataloged about 2000 of them. At this rate, it will take me about 7 years to finish this project! Ultimately, they will be used to illustrate a database that is destined to contain identifying information for all the plants in the world.
I weigh myself once daily, first thing in the morning, almost like a ritual to ground myself in the notion that attaining and maintaining my healthy weight is important to me. Over time, the ability for the number to effect my mood has waned considerably because I've become used to the fluctuations not meaning that much.

Woodland: Yay for that wonderful feeling of amazement that comes with realizing that this Beck stuff is really working!

maryblu: the concert sounds great!

Shepherdess: good job identifying the problem of afternoon hunger -- with that done, I'm sure you'll figure out a solution!

10-19-2010, 06:42 PM
Good Afternoon, I am feeling better, had lots of energy for my job which demands lots of energy (teaching 8th graders English). I have always loved my job. It has been an avocation rather than a vocation for 20 years. I was afraid that I couldn't keep "up" without all the extra carbs I was eating ( for "carbs" read "sugar") but eating OP gives me what I need. It just doesn't give me the "high" I would use to escape the real feelings and circumstances that we here on the "front" face everyday. I'm happy for the trade off, though. Physically and spiritually, I am growing up while facing life on life's terms.
Beverlyjoy: thanks for the veggie reminder. I constantly have to use my carb exchanges for veggies or I won't get five a day. I would rather use them for pasta!
BBE: I hate uncertainty and anxiety. Sounds like you did well.
MissVitality: Is body attack the same as bodycombat? I love the Les Mills programs.
Woodland: I agree with what you had to say about weighing in. If I am OP eventually I will lose weight. Bottom line.
Shepardess: the key word you wrote for me was "tolerate." I have spent a lifetime hiding from "uncomfortable". I'm tired of being a chicken.

10-19-2010, 10:44 PM
Hi Coaches,

My word for the day is 'perspective', as in keeping stress in perspective. Is the glass half full or half empty? It could be worse, right?

I had car trouble today. It got me a little freaked at first. Then I remembered I had time to fix it, the weather was lovely, maybe I'd learn something new, I have my health, etc. etc. So it became not such a big deal anymore.

Our minds are so powerful in creating how we feel. I'm working on telling mine that I prefer to keep things in perspective, please :^:


10-19-2010, 11:16 PM
Hello everyone,

I've been away for a few days. I'm still trying to stay on top of all the new updates everyone is posting...I'm reading them all, but don't yet have the gumption to respond individually.

I spent the weekend with my family and DH's family. We celebrated my birthday (the big 3-0) a couple of days early. DH smoked brisket and ribs--it was a food fest to be sure. Mostly, it was just good to be with the family for a gorgeous weekend. I got to see my niece (almost 4 months old), of course, she's adorable.

The end of last week, I read day 3 (commit to sitting down while eating) and I scoffed at the simplicity of it. "How hard can it be to commit to not eating while standing up/walking, etc.?", I thought. Then I started to pay attention to how often I actually eat without sitting down. This will definitely require work. It reminds me of a line in an Indigo Girls' song, "The hardest to learn is the least complicated."

Take care!

10-20-2010, 06:28 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Felt good to get back to the gym, CREDIT moi. Even though it had been five days, I still did my full count of chest presses - didn't lose the capability this time. Can't explain why, but I'll take it.

Walked to the food truck to buy a lunch which I'm splitting over two days. No doubt I'm getting my weeks worth of sodium - apologies to my blood vessels. Reminded myself how much I like taking a walk at mid-day. Left most of the white rice. Was without all my veggies for a full man-salad, but made do; CREDIT moi. Am short again today since I still haven't made it to the supermarket after my three day weekend, but will make do again. Gotta go shopping today, maybe on the way home, which I don't like, but then, I don't like shopping any time other than Saturday, LOL.

maryblu - Good grief, Quinn Sullivan was born in 1999! - less than an hours drive south of here in New Bedford MA. Hope you noticed that the Texas Rangers did a 10-3 number in New York last night. Keep your fingers crossed.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for not doing house work. My DW made it clear early on that we were going to do that together or have someone come in and shovel the place out. I chose the latter.

Shepherdess - Yep, hunger is not an emergency, nor is boredom, frustration, tired, stressed, and busy. Good luck figuring out how to deal with afternoon snacking - afternoons can be a long time in unstructured days.

Beverlyjoy - Canned pumpkin for breakfast is a switch -never heard of that one. Kudos for accumulating a week of food sanity, including a day with toes above your nose.

Woodland - Yep, Kudos indeed for doing well during "these different days." Like your toast to "Fall days, moist mornings, autumn colors, and snugly clothes!" And neat that you're giving your mind instructions to keep things in perspective.

Lisa (MissVitality) - Neat to do a week plan to think about how to fit in all the pieces of your life; Kudos! [Re weighing? I weigh each morning, once. I plot the results to visualize the actual trend - it's easy for me to ignore the wiggle both up and down. I know that I didn't gain or lose two pounds in one day.]

maryann - I salute 20 years of teaching, with double salutes for treating it as an avocation rather than a life sentence, and triple salutes for teaching the bundles of hormones disguised as 8th graders. Love this: "I am growing up while facing life on life's terms."

MinniePaul - Yay for the Indigo Girls for knowing, "The hardest to learn is the least complicated." Yep, this eating sitting down thing caught me by surprise. I knew that a nice person like me just wouldn't be eating standing in the kitchen. Boy was I surprised to learn that I always snacked from my plate as I carried it to the table.

Readers - day 40
Enrich Your Life

A lot of the dieters I counsel have the idea that they should put their lives on hold until they lose weight. Maggie is a good example. When I first started counseling her, we discussed how she thought her life would be different once she lost weight. She said that once she got to her goal, she wanted to go away for a vacation, buy a new wardrobe, start dating again (she was divorced), and look for a new job.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 256.

10-20-2010, 09:41 AM
Hi Beck folk and coaches - Yesterday was another healthy day - am always grateful for that. I read my response cards - credit for that. I planned my food and kept track - and wrote it all down. I had lots of water. I filled five 16 ou. Bottles with water. I put them on the table next to me - where I nested on my comfy chair as heal my parts. Hopefully, all that water right next to me will make it easy to keep track. Credit.

I weighed myself today - it’s been a while. I have lost two pounds since the last time I weighed. YAY I am really grateful. I think I am feeling comfortable with the exchange plan - it feels fresh and easier for the moment.

I want to focus on more of my Beck tasks of daily living healthfully with food. It’s time for me to do a day of using my watch and waiting 30 seconds between bites. It ‘makes my mind right’ in this area. Makes me really think about - taste, fork down, slowing down, enjoyment, mindfulness. It’s kind of an annoying exercise. But, it is always helpful to me.

Gardener-joy - I love it when a cleaning crew comes for a deep cleaning. I hear you about how long it takes to pick things up and clear the surfaces so that they can get cleaned. Great spontaneous exercise doing extra trips up and down the stairs. Yes - doing the exchanges in my journal allows me to track Ĺ an exchange. I’ve tried it on the food mover….those windows don’t always stay half way for me. LOL

Mary ann - kudo’s to you and teaching eighth grade - that’s a lot of hormones. LOL So glad to hear that you aren’t ‘needing’ those extra carbs to get through your busy day well. Credit for finding that positive tradeoff of feelings as you eat differently.

Woodland - credit for examining perspectives. Yes….car trouble is the pits , annoying, and inconvenient - but, it’s not the end of the world. Gratitudes put things in perspective indeed.

Minnie Paul - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yes! Eating while sitting only is harder than one would imagine. It takes practice. Once you get into the habit it makes you feel good.

Billbe - YAY for doing your full workout of chest presses after being away from it so long! Sounds like you are managing to get foods you mostly like before you get to the store. Good for you droping by the market for a quick pickup of your veggies - not on your regular day. You are setting your environment and food choices up for success.

Have a great day!

10-20-2010, 11:15 AM
Had a good OP day yesterday, which is especially tough since DH was on the mountain last night. But once again, a fun new recipe from Moosewood gave me a dinner that was interesting. It also helped that I made a ďNo working while eatingĒ rule. Thatís become a bad habit lately and I finish a meal unsatisfied.

I was complaining about having no dog to run with, then yesterday I had 4 dogs. I was taking care of the ranch handsí dogs while they were on the mountain as well. It was a little more of a rodeo than a run, but we all had fun. Plus it was nice to have lots of company last night.

Beverlyjoy, yay for trying something new for breakfast. Itís great that the exchange plan feels easier now than when you tried it before. Kudos for taking care of your foot and for your positive attitude! Congrats on 2 lbs down!

Gardenerjoy, yay for the cleaning crewís arrival and the extra spontaneous exercise you get because of it.

Maryann, great job realizing that your planned, healthy eating gives you plenty of energy for a demanding job. Youíre right that once we donít use food as an escape anymore, we have to find better ways to manage our emotions.

Woodland, great job putting the added stress of an inconvenient car break-down into perspective.

MinniPaul, the amount of food I ate standing was really eye opening to me too. Of course, thatís all the food I forget too. Itís great that you had such a nice family weekend. Love those little nieces (and nephews)!

BillBE, yay for getting back to the gym and being just as strong as ever! Great job getting in a mid-day walk. I hope it makes being back at work after a fun weekend just a little more tolerable.

Thanks for the ďafternoons can be a long time in unstructured days.Ē I have a difficult time because I have 10 things I want to do and have to settle on just one task at a time to get accomplished.

10-20-2010, 12:19 PM
First new low in almost two weeks, but considering there was a vacation at the beginning of that, I'm happy!

WI: -0.95kg (new low), Exercise: +60 1065/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: yay for getting energy from better foods. I was surprised that there are more effective things than sugar to provide a sustained, workable energy. And, thanks for being a teacher!

Woodland: great job dealing with car stress. Perspective is a great word for the day!

MinniePaul: take your time getting around to individual responses. We can be kind of overwhelming at times! Yep, pretty much everyone has that same response to the eat sitting down thing. Quite a startling revelation!
Happy Birthday to you!

BillBlueEyes: good job dealing with the aftermath of being on town. I'm amazed how long it took me to feel like I had all the wheels back on my train when I got home from being away for only four days -- getting the right food in the house being a major contributor to that unsettled feeling.

Beverlyjoy: Yay for creating lots of credit-worthy events in your life! And I'm so glad that you got the pay-off of seeing the scale move in the right direction!

Shepherdess: LOL at the rodeo more than a run. Sounds like fun! Right there with you on the unstructured days and too long to do lists making it hard to focus. I've improved things slightly recently by establishing a Morning Routine and an Evening Routine. I have a checklist I use to make sure that I do each item. And, don't laugh, I literally put a star sticker on a grid each time I complete one of my routines. I have rewards all planned out for the end of the month if I get so many stars. I'm in my second month of it and I'm really noticing a difference in feeling more on top of things.

10-20-2010, 03:40 PM
I'm happy to report that I DID IT. Last Friday, at app. 12:30 pm Pacific time, I emailed a complete draft of my first dissertation chapter (~62 pages) to my chair! :carrot:

Thus followed an interesting few days, where I had to grapple with what "done" and "perfect" feels like when we're talking about a dissertation. I sent off my chapter not because it felt done, but because I wanted to make this deadline and I was SICK of it! But it's just not meeting my normal sense of doneness and perfection. To be honest, and a bit of a sourpuss, it was rather anticlimactic.

I celebrated by having the DGCs over for the weekend, which involved lots of food-related activities. I tried to stick to my Beck skills, wherever possible, especially with the measuring. But I got way off track when it came to homemade mac and cheese (a trigger-food I wouldn't have thought affected me) and buttery popcorn for our Narnia-watching marathon. And then homemade choc chip cookies . . . But I was back on track, working out both Saturday and Sunday, even with the babies here, and pondering my slippage. I think I was doing some emotional eating. I think, as stupid as it sounds, I've been a bit depressed since turning in this first chapter.

Hmmmm: I think I miss this chapter, and nothing has really been "fulfilling" me since turning it in. Food is the closest thing.

Yesterday, however, I wrote a poem for the workshop I'm taking, which makes me feel more on-track. And today I have plans to do some cleaning and organizing. Next Friday, my dear partner is having gastric bypass, so we're both mentally preparing for this, in our own ways. Every thing is about to change. A LOT. I think we're both kinda scared. All I can think of doing is making sure the house is cleaned and organized; and that I have lots of books to read for my next chapter, so that when she's recovering in the hospital, I'm not twiddling my thumbs.

Here's a question: any ideas for how I can get exercise while I'm stuck in a hospital for four days?

SO, I guess now that I've reflected, I realize that I still have a firm grasp on my Beck skills, and my commitment, even though I've been challenged in new ways. Think it's time for a CREDIT MOI!

I've been reading on the forum, just lacking the energy to respond.

Beverlyjoy, I hope that your foot is healing up; keep up that amazing attitude and outlook!

BillBE, I took a lot from your details about traveling, knowing I'll be doing the same thing in a couple of months; thanks, as always, for sharing. Btw, what IS a "man-salad"?

maryann, I really appreciate your perspective, esp. "This is not a race." Thank you! (BTW, maybe this has been covered, but what sort of MFA are you looking to get? I have an MFA in poetry.)

MissVitality, welcome back! I have a sort of obsession with the Scottish accent. I hear it when I read your posts. Excellent work with the life-plan, and reminding me that that skill might help me to re-focus my energies. The scale: yes, I weigh every morning. Whatever you do, weigh at the same time of day. I made the mistake of weighing myself in the late afternoon, and suffered an annoying bout of sadness, because I weighed more.

Shepherdess, LOVE the image of you and a rodeo of dogs! Thank you for a warming picture.

MinniePaul, happy belated birthday! And welcome! The eating-while-standing hurdle is a big one that will reappear. It sent me down the rabbit-hole this weekend, when I didn't make it pass the "one-last-bite" of mac and cheese moment.

Thanks for always being here! :grouphug:

10-20-2010, 04:20 PM
OP Day. Packed my lunch. Imperative since I only get a half hour. Overwhelmed at the energy required in the next few days. Step by step and there is enough of everything - energy, rest, laughter, peace, solutions. I have to remember to allow myself to accept all without perfectionism and (next ugly word) too many expectations.

MinniePaul: Happy Birthday. I started responding to just a few people at a time until you get to know everyone.

BillBlueEyes: re: not perfect lunch days. A good friend told me once. No big Deal. You can choose lunch again tomorrow. Oh yeah!

Beverlyjoy: Water is a great thing. So is healing.

Shepherdess: Ouch. You are not supposed to mention "working while I am eating." Drat! another thing to clean up.

Mary Contrary: I am applying for the MFA in Creative Writing. I am especially looking at the low residency programs.

10-20-2010, 06:16 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Life has been incredibly busy and non-routine...and I so love a routine. Food has been hit and miss...I never quite know what's happening next. As I cruised in from a project I thought how I am so grateful that I have a steadfast breakfast routine. It is healthy and predictable...and I don't leave home without it. *credit* My Sis flies out tomorrow morning, I think I have to leave here at 6am to get her to the airport. I'm hoping for a reprieve after that.

Best wishes everyone! Thanks always, for being here!

10-21-2010, 01:39 AM
Today is technically day 4 of the Beck plan. So, I get to start giving myself credit. I'm actually pretty excited about it. Here goes:

-I ate breakfast this morning
-During said breakfast, I used peanut butter in an appropriate fashion (in my world that translates into using it as a thin smear on bread, instead of scooping it out of the jar with a serving spoon...who knew that was problematic?? :dizzy: )
-Although I ate during a long drive this evening, I did manage to keep it well controlled. AND I ate the remainder of my food today seated without distractions.

It was reading days the last two days, which theoretically means we're supposed to get caught up (or started!) on the work we have for classes. I filled a significant bit of time with appointments, so I am not nearly where I need to be. I have two big papers due on Friday, so tomorrow will be a day packed with even wordier sentences than usual.

Went in for the physical on Tuesday. She was less than thrilled (but still supportive) of my weight, particularly the old BMI :eek: She asked me to start working out more regularly and told me that ideally I need to be working out 5 days a week, 30 minutes each time. I am going to try and start tomorrow. We have a free gym on campus, so no real excuse to not use it.

MaryContrary -I don't know what kind of exercise you like doing, but hospitals generally have lots of floors, so climbing a few flights of stairs would be a good way to get exercise in. Hospitals also generally have long, straight hallways, so maybe you could do some pacing back and forth? Or my personal favorite, you could walk the length of one floor, hike up a set of stairs, walk the floor on the next level, stairs, etc. (Congratulations on turning in the first chapter of the thesis...hopefully working on the next chapter will quickly fill the void).

That's all for me tonight. I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!

10-21-2010, 06:16 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Went to the supermarket after work and stocked up on veggies for my lunches; CREDIT moi. It's super just thinking about having strawberries with my oatmeal just as soon as I finish typing here. This business of planning by buying the food I need in advance is the only way to live - who'd have thunk?

Last night at dinner I cut my pork chop in half to save half for today's lunch; CREDIT moi. It amazes me that half of a 4 ounce pork chop is plenty of meat for me now, and I'll look forward to a half pork chop for lunch. And I cooked an ear of corn for each lunch this week also. I do like my choices of food.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on your new low - even through a vacation. [LOL at, "all the wheels back on my train."]

Shepherdess - Yay for Moosewood delivering once again. And Yay for a four-dog-night while DH is away, as well as companions to make your run more challenging.

Beverlyjoy - Congrats on the two pounds lost over such a difficult period in your life. Love the image of the five 16 ounce bottles lined up next to your chair.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - I'm with you on "steadfast breakfast routine" -I'll take my excitement during the other 23 hours of the day.

MaryContrary - Kudos for writing chapter One. Honking Kudos for stopping despite the nagging thought that just a few more days (weeks, months, years) work would make it even better. Of course you have a bit of postpartum depression after delivering a chapter. Celebrating with your DGC's is a fine reward - even if it brings up the old comfort foods.

I second the idea of a lot of stair climbing while stuck in the hospital. Do you have a stretch band that you could bring to add some resistance workout?

maryann - Down with [I]"perfectionism and ... expectations" - Yep, ugly words those.

MinniePaul - LOL at the notion that "big papers" get "wordier sentences" - and might I presume, longer words? Kudos for conquering peanut butter for breakfast.

Readers - day 40
Enrich Your Life

. . .
"Why don't you start doing some of those activities now?" I asked her.
Maggie looked puzzled. "You mean while I'm still heavy?"
"Yes, now. Why would you wait?" I inquired.
"Are you serious? she asked. "I can't do those thing now. It's because I want to be able to do these things that I'm dieting in the first place."
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 256.

10-21-2010, 11:22 AM
Hi, everyone. I'm new to these forums, and I've never tried the Beck Diet Solution, however the program has been highly recommended to me. So, before I go out and buy the book, I was wondering if anyone here would recommend the program for my situation.

I am Type 2 diabetic, newly diagnosed in August. I needed to lose 60 lbs, but I've already lost 40 lbs with the help of the Medifast diet. I cannot continue with Medifast, so I'll have to work on these last 20 lbs or so on my own. Also, I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, meaning I eat eggs and dairy. I would also consider eating fish but nothing else. If this program is high on eating meat, then I am out of luck. I would appreciate any advice from you you think the Beck program would be a good fit for someone like me? Thanks so much!

10-21-2010, 11:29 AM
Had a good OP day yesterday. There was a moment when my DH had left a bag of chips out and I reached for a few, but stopped myself. Iím taking credit for stopping rather than berating myself for that automatic response to reach out for food I see.

I did my weights yesterday. Iím still having a hard time with motivation, but Iím reminding myself that if I just keep doing it, it will get easier. I had it down as just part of the routine a while back, so Iím working on that. Besides, we have feeding season coming up soon and I need to be strong for that.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on a new low! Itís especially impressive that you reached it even with a trip. I just noticed how close you are to your goal!

MaryContrary, congrats on getting that first chapter off! Great job giving up your ideas of ďdoneĒ and ďperfect.Ē Drafts are meant to be imperfect. Ouch for the depression that follows. Maybe itís something akin to post-partum. Great job getting back on track after slipping a bit and identifying the triggers. Thatíll be helpful in the future. Is there a park close to the hospital where you can walk? Or maybe just walking the halls.

Maryann, sending supporting thoughts as you look are looking at an overwhelming few days. Kudos for jettisoning that perfectionism. Itís not helpful!

Lexxiss, waving back. Routines are always helpful and itís good to know yours will return soon!

MinniePaul, yay for figuring out a good way to serve peanut butter! Best of luck getting caught up on your school work and getting your papers done. Kudos for your resolve to start getting to the gym. One of the few perks of being a student.

BillBE, yay for stocking up on food and having strawberries in your oatmeal. I love your positive attitude that eating a smaller portion at dinner means you look forward to a healthy lunch. I once read that one of the secrets of successful dieters is that they change their outlook to put a positive spin on seeming negatives.

Welcome Sunysand! The great thing about Beck is that itís very flexible on the diet. The Beck Diet for Life (Green Book) has an eating plan and Iím a vegetarian and I followed it. But the Beck Diet Solution (Pink Book) does not have an eating plan. You pick your own diet. Either way, in both books, the focus is on our mindset. It teaches us to get control over our eating and end those unconscious eating behaviors.

10-21-2010, 11:51 AM
Substituted bread for fruit exchanges yesterday. Ouch! That's a bad trend. In a failed diet a long time ago, I knew it was doomed when I started substituting candy bars for fruit exchanges. I need to get fruit and salad greens in the house today!

WI: +0.35kg, Exercise: +50 1115/1800 minutes for October, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

MaryContrary: congrats on turning in the dissertation chapter. A saying that I've heard from both scrapbookers and quilters can be tremendously helpful: Done is Better Than Perfect.
Re: Hospital Exercise. Lots of hospitals have small gardens or parks with walking paths. If not that, you can always walk around the edges of the parking lots. I especially recommend an outdoor walk immediately after they take DP into surgery -- you won't hear anything for quite awhile and it's a great way to burn off excess energy at that moment. Also, hospitals are almost as good as malls for indoor walking with all those long hallways and stairwells -- my favorite destination is the nursery with all of the babies lined up behind the windows.

maryann: Good job with packing lunch for your quick lunch break.

Lexxiss: Glad you checked in -- hope you get some normal routine back into your day starting now.

MinniePaul: Yay for all of those credits!

BillBlueEyes: the satisfaction of small meat servings has been a revelation for me as well. We routinely halve the meat in any new recipe now, knowing that's going to be as much as we want.

sunnysand: Welcome! The Beck Diet Solution (commonly referred to as The Pink Book around here) doesn't have a diet in it; it's a program that helps you stick to the diet of your choice. The Complete Beck Diet for Life (the Green Book) does have a diet in it. It's the lowest carb plan I have ever tried, but was definitely designed for vegetarian proteins as well as meat-based ones, so you won't have any problem in that regard. So either would work. Does Medifast have a plan for after you quit using the Medifast that would work for you? If so, doing that with the Pink Book might be the way to go.

Shepherdess: stopping mid-reach is definitely credit worthy!

10-21-2010, 02:39 PM
Hi Coaches,

Nothing much new with me. I'm back to all my regular food now and am happy about it. I'll keep the minute white rice around, so I ended up getting a new favorite from my experimentation.

sunnysand: I see the Beck techniques as one of three things needed to lose and maintain weight loss. It is the 'mind' part. It encourages you to pick a diet of your choice, and to participate in exercise of your choice.

The skills taught, however, mainly focus on how to get yourself motivated, how to control cravings, how to understand your hunger, and how to stick with a whole lifestyle change that will lead to controlling your weight. For me it was the piece I needed and didn't even know it when I started on my weight loss journey. It is the solution to a lifelong problem I've had with food. As you can tell, I highly recommend it.

I have all three books, and review them often. There is the pink book, the green book, and the workbook. Each has similar information but says it in slightly different ways. I find it helpful to read them all. I started off by getting the pink book out of the library.

Welcome, I hope you will join our little crowd of coaches. We encourage each other and share our struggles/successes. I find it to be very helpful.

10-21-2010, 03:53 PM
Hi everyone - Beckies - Yesterday was a healthy day - I am always grateful for that. I made my plan, but, had to ‘switch gears’ when DH really wanted pasta for dinner. I was able to change it and still stay with my program. I had several ‘mental’ twirls in the kitchen - as I did not taste while I was fixing food or cleaning up. I always left a bite on my plate. The most important thing I did was making myself slow down while eating. I made my self wait between bites. I was able to extend lunch and dinner to over 20 minutes each. I also read my arc/rc. Many credits.

Shepardess - your no eating while working rule is such a good one. Credit It’s so easy to eat a meal and not even realize we’ve eaten. Sounds like the farm hand pups gave you more of a workout than you anticipated. That’s like exercise plus spontaneous exercise at the same time.

Gardener-joy - I am doing a ‘new low weight’ happy dance for you. Well done…even with a vacation.
You said: Substituted bread for fruit exchanges yesterday. Ouch! That's a bad trend. In a failed diet a long time ago, I knew it was doomed when I started substituting candy bars for fruit exchanges. I totally hear you on this - before I would switch everything around to suit my craving with the exchanges switching them around for candy or cookies. It’s important for me to really honor the healthy exchanges without treats that often substituted for healthy food.

Mary contrary - I am so happy for you to hear that your first chapter is off to the chair. I think there’s always second guessing and hoping and thinking it might have been better… I can understand the depression of sorts. It’s like a let down of major stress being gone for the moment. I am glad you could hop back on your plan after eating off one day. That’s a huge credit. I wish your partner to have a safe and successful surgery. Exercise - maybe doing the steps in the hospital.

Maryann - I am glad you are managing your many tasks with enough energy and stepping back from perfectionism. Credit for being OP too.

Lexxiss - I am glad your predictable breakfast is an anchor for you. Hang on tight - hopefully things will get back to ‘normal’ soon.

Minnie Paul - many credits as you are becoming aware of eating standing, in the car etc. It’s amazing how it’s an enlightenment to see it. Glad there’s a free gym on campus. Hope your writing goes well.

Billbe - yes, planning ahead for healthy food can be a revelation! So simple - yet not often in the forefront in different times of our lives. You said: I do like my choices of food. That’s what it’s about - living well with food you like and healthfully.

sunny sand - WELCOME!! So glad you found this forum. Dr. Beck’s third book has a food plan, if you need it. However, she also says to pick a healthy plan you can live with - and an alternate, too. What the books are really about is a blueprint for learning to LIVE with food in a healthful manner. It’s about setting yourself up for success using her techniques. I did calorie counting at first. I have recently switched to my secondary plan - exchanges.

Woodland - credit for getting back your regular food. I think there’s actually a kind of comfort in it. Carry on.

10-21-2010, 07:31 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I sent my Sis off this AM, and I am spending the day working on establishing a new routine here, both with food, exercise and work/daily responsibilities. I have hopped right back onto my food plan*credit* and am feeling very positive. I have a lot to do in order for the new exercise/work routine to be consistent and effective. There's no hot springs pool here and the weather is going downhill day by day. I am understanding that it won't all happen at once. This morning I made pancakes and noticed that the small piece that fell on the stove ended up on my plate instead of in my mouth. After lunch a stray pea was pitched across the kitchen into the sink. Both responses were automatic, and I took notice*credit* for persistence. I did get out in the sunshine for a little yardwork, too.

I have a small table by our front window and am trying for the habit of having our meals at the table instead of in front of the tv. At our other house we don't have much choice.

I'd like to start back with personals and will just jump back in with today, Thursday. I'll take some time in the next few days to reread posts.

BillBlueEyes, *credit* for such excellent organization (ie planning) with your food. By planning we are able to enjoy our choices. Yay! PS I like todays reading regarding enriching your life now. I will think about that tonight.

sunnysand, :welcome2: Congratulations on your weight loss, so far. Have you discussed a specific diet with your doctor? I am finding the Beck techniques very helpful in helping to maintain my WL. We all follow different plans here and discuss our relationship with food, if that makes sense.

Shepherdess, great job resisting the chips which were left out. I didn't do so well yesterday, but DH is crunching right now and I have a stronger resistance muscle today. Yay for weights, too.

gardenerjoy, ouch! I ate chips yesterday and didn't even have concern about exchanging. I am certain you have already moved on and are marking off fruit and salad greens today.

Woodland, I am glad to hear you are happy being back with your regular food. I think that is such an important part of continued success.

Beverlyjoy, Yay for many credits yesterday! I am back in the groove :crossed:. Tomorrow I am going to make Ginger Steamed Sea Bass at home. Every time you mention it, I would like to add it to my menu. I will try with Alaska rockfish.

I am going to get back to work so we can have a healthy dinner. Thanks for being here and I hope to be a little better with participation as I head in the direction of sanity.

10-21-2010, 09:52 PM
Waving hi to all my Beck friends. Sorry for keeping popping in and out... but that seems to be my pattern right now.

Hanging on by a thread. I am usually pretty balanced, not given to moods, and all around major stoic but between doing 2 jobs (still), an extremely horrible extended family drama, allergies that are leaving me tired and headachy every day, and a feeling of being overwhelmed and depressed I am just....:(:?::cry:

I know what I need to do--- let the feelings come and deal with it. Give myself a break. Don't use this as an excuse to overeat. Get busy. Think about the things I am grateful for. Do things that make me feel good. Exercise. I am just having a hard time getting there.

Alright- it starts with credit. I am getting credit today for taking a walk and posting.

Take care

10-21-2010, 10:41 PM
Wow...thanks, everyone! I am definitely going to order the books. As a diabetic, I am trying to keep my carbs at no more than 40% of my daily calories. I will check back with everyone when I get the books in the mail. Thanks, again for your responses! :)

10-22-2010, 01:33 AM
Welcome, Sunnysand! I am fairly new here too, officially on day 5--reminding myself to eat slowly and mindfully. I would second everything that everyone said. I am continuously smacking myself in the forehead because things that sound so simple (like not eating standing up) are actually really challenging.

CeeJay--I'm sorry to hear that things are so tough right now. I'm glad that you keep popping in here for support and I hope that things start to come around.

As for me, I made myself a green monster for breakfast. It's one of those things that sounds terribly trendy, which isn't really my style, but basically, it ends up being a salad that tastes like a smoothie (primarily spinach and fruit). If it tastes like a smoothie, I can close my eyes and pretend it's a milkshake. And a milkshake for breakfast is a mighty fine way to start the day.

Today was mostly a "prep" day for the actual writing tomorrow. (Or maybe that's a convoluted way of saying that I procrastinated away most of my afternoon and will be writing like a mad woman tomorrow...cursing myself for putting it all off till the last minute).

Because of said procrastination, I did not make it to the gym today. But I did manage to sit down for all my meals again. Credit! Oh, and day 2 of Appropriate Use of Peanut Butter (AUPB?).

Good night, all!

10-22-2010, 07:28 AM
:welcome: sunnysand :welcome:

And, for your first month on the site, :wel3fc:

How did you come upon the recommendation to try Beck?

And how did you find this Forum on 3FatChicks?

10-22-2010, 07:35 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was great to have my lunch with a fully stocked Man-Salad; CREDIT moi. The organized life is so much easier.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. Accepted a FREE sample of codeblue recovery drink afterward; Can't think of a single reason I need a re-named soda after gym as a "recovery drink." Raced home to go out to a lecture where, unfortunately, some homemade brownie style blueberry thingies caught my eye. Ate a small one. Then another. Then felt the urge to just keep eating them. So quickly realized that I could talk to people on the other side of the room until the lecture started and the urge would go away. I did. It did. Ouch for unplanned sweets, but CREDIT moi for recovery.

CeeJay - Sending supportive thoughts for surviving your overload - family dramas are the most draining of all things that can happen. Kudos for an effective short list of steps that you can take, right now.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - LOL for "substituting candy bars for fruit exchanges" - Kudos for spotting that that might not be the nutrition you're looking for.

Shepherdess - Oh Yes, Kudos for stopping that automatic grab for chips. [Like your comment that a "positive spin" helps stay the path.]

Beverlyjoy - It continues to make me happy when I read that you leave a bite on your plate. Dang, I wish I'd do that. Kudos for "mental twirls" for not tasting while cooking or cleaning up.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Gotta love the freedom of tossing one stray pea - instead of the old way of stuffing anything plausibly edible.

Woodland - Experimenting with new foods seems like an important part of constantly working the food plan to meet our (changing) tastes and needs. Kudos for finding the minute white rice to add to your plan.

MinniePaul - Kudos for "AUPB" - with thanks for a new acronym in my life. I share your astonishment that seemingly simple things can be challenging.

sunnysand - Yep, The Beck Diet Solution is a fit for your situation - my take is that it fits everybody since the first steps include choosing a (actually two) diet plans and an exercise plan, where the individual needs and preferences are taken into account. There are several vegetarians actively posting on this thread, and, as you look about the 3FC site, you'll find threads and forums for vegetarians that you might find helpful.

Which of Dr. Judith Beck's books have you ordered? Don't feel restrained to wait until you get them to read and/or post on this thread. It's pretty easy to see how people are using this thread as their Diet Coach/ Diet Buddy. There are no rules to follow. Don't feel pressured to try personals right away - you'll know when you feel like you've gotten to know folks well enough to want to do them.

Readers - day 40
Enrich Your Life

. . .
After our discussion, Maggie was able to see how enriching her life now could actually facilitate her weight loss. As she developed new interests, engaged in pleasurable activities, and felt more effective, her mood would lift, she'd focus on things other than food, and she'd have more mental energy to diet.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 256.

10-22-2010, 09:40 AM
Quick g'day to all my Beckmates. Welcome to our new coaches/buddies.

MinniePaul, sista, 'Lo from greater Minnesoda. I love Green Monsters! What a great way to consume so much green stuff. Though, a spinach salad with TJ's Cranberry, Walnut, and Gorgonzola dressing was pretty darned tasty last night.

Still no killing frost in God's country. Dodged a big bullet last night and squeaked through at 34 degrees...I would have bet money I'd see below 30 this morning..crystal clear sky last night, full moon, no wind. *whew.

Raspberries and herbs still flourishing. Apples are harvested, most fall clean up is done, other than the flower gardens, which are still blooming..Asters, mums, annuals. and some very prolific perennials on their 3rd round of blooms..Delphiniums, no less! Crazy. I *did hear a mosquito buzzing around me on the deck last night. This *is Minnesoda, after all.

Got my wood delivered this week, so get to stack that this weekend. I love stacking wood..just the sorta mindless repetition, seeing progress, accomplishing work..dunno, all of the above, I guess.

Am on track; feels good. One day at a time, Beckies, one day at a time.

10-22-2010, 11:53 AM
I bought honey crisp apples yesterday and had one as soon as I got home! Breakfast this morning included cantaloupe melon balls -- flash-frozen at the peak of season by our CSA and provided in our first winter share that I picked up last night. So, I'm back on the fruit wagon, so to speak.

WI: -0.25kg, Exercise: +40 1155/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

10-22-2010, 02:34 PM
BillBlueEyes...thanks so much for your colorful welcome! :) The Beck Solution was recommended through another weight loss forum...the Medifast boards. So many people kept posting about reading the Beck solution and how it has helped them with their transition and maintenance. Medifast is great for quick weight loss but truth is that calorie intake is 800-1000 a day, and I know very well that I cannot sustain my diet with that amount of calories, so I'm looking for a better solution. I am 36 years old, but once upon a time in my 20's, I was thin and healthy. I am getting back that health by losing weight, but I'm struggling to find out how I went from thin, healthy and exercising to not exercising, overweight and diabetic in six years.

as for 3 Fat chicks...LOL, I had heard about this forum through a friend of mine that has lost weight and kept it off...she wasn't on the Beck Solution, but she would read other's posts and it helped her.

This seems like a really supportive group, so I'm eager to get my books and begin devouring (chapters, not food ;).

10-22-2010, 03:06 PM
Friday is "working on MFA applications day". I have said it before, and I will say it again, this really makes me hungry. I have just received a postive email from the teacher from whom I was requesting a recommendation. It makes me really UNCOMFORTABLE to let people help me, to trust them, to let them see who I am and (most terrifying of all) to let everyone know I want something. I am more tempted to overeat today then I have been in three months. It is now 11:06. I am still OP. I am going to go shop for lots of fruit and vegies like everyone has been talking about (thank you, all). I will eat OP sushi for a treat, come home and JUST DO IT - get those recommendation forms in the mail. Personals tom. Thanks all.

10-22-2010, 06:04 PM
We had an early morning, getting our last 7 rams to an auction. One of the buyers pulled a sleazy move and we left angry. The plan had been to grab lunch before heading back and I could have had something healthy. But we stormed out of town and there werenít any options on the road (a 2+ hr drive back home). We stopped at a little burger place where nothing was healthy. I got a grilled cheese, fries on the side, of course, but I just couldnít stomach the grease. I drank half of DHís milkshake instead. Certainly not a great nutritional choice, but I checked the calories and itís OK. I think an evening run is sounding really good. I need to get rid of some frustration.

On the upside, I had a good food day yesterday and had a great run.

Gardenerjoy, great job recognizing a potential problem. Swapping bread for fruit on a single day isnít a big deal, but it can be if it becomes the norm. Great job getting back on the fruit wagon.

Woodland, yay for finding a new food to throw into the rotation and for having old standbys that work!

Beverlyjoy, great job slowing down your meals. Itís so helpful, but I always seem to want to rush things. Kudos for being able to be flexible and change a meal while keeping it within your plan. Yay for mental twirls!

Lexxiss, yay for jumping right back onto the plan and feeling positive about it. Great job keeping those stray bits of food from popping into your mouth.

CeeJay, itís always great to see you hear, even if itís just a quick pop in! Hugs while youíre feeling overwhelmed with everything going on. Kudos for trying to stick with it during all the stress.

Sunysand, glad youíre giving Beck a go and I look forward to seeing you around here! Great job thinking about the long-term.

MinniePaul, yay for a milkshake for breakfast that is really a salad in disguise! Nothing like a little adrenaline to get the writing done.

BillBE, love that Man Salad! Great job recovering from the brownie style blueberry thingies and for remembering the positive spin. They sound dangerous.

Maryblu, glad to hear your fall has been as lovely and warm as ours. Weíre all amazed; the lows have been hovering just around freezing, only occasionally dipping below with these beautiful, warm days. I only wish we would get some rain, but I guess we canít have it all.

Maryann, great job resisting that strong urge to overeat. Those feelings of vulnerability can be dangerous, but kudos for recognizing them.

10-22-2010, 06:10 PM
Hi Beck folks - coaches - friends … yesterday was mostly on plan. Lots of water, leaving a bite, writing it down, planning etc.

After dinner I was feeling really frustrated about everything - postponing my surgery again. All the strange things that transpired with my health in the last few months.. Not working, not getting around well, not seeing my GS - I had a ‘pity party”. Then - All I wanted was a Tootsie Roll pop. I was not willing to work it out. I got in the car and the gas station didn’t have one - so I went to the drugstore. I had to buy a bag of them. Of course, I thought I’ll just eat one. I ate three and destroyed the rest. It’s been a long time since I got in my car to deal with a craving. I just was not willing to feel those uncomfortable feelings. I could have turned back at any point. But, I didn’t.

Dr. Beck says that we shouldn’t say we are ‘bad’ when we eat unplanned things or overeat. She says to say we have unhelpful behavior. You know the part of the book on dealing with cravings and desires - where it says “imagine how you will feel after”. It’s so true. I felt bad after. I did however enjoy the first Tootsie Roll pop…but, not the others. What do you say to yourself when you are on the way to get unplanned food that helps you stop? (Probably the things we’ve learned!!)

What’s done is done. My food has been fine today. My friend came over to visit today with a healthy Wendy’s salad for lunch. We had a great afternoon.


10-22-2010, 07:59 PM
It's been a good day, so far. I used my Beck techniques to cruise through Costco AND Whole Foods, only tasting one gluten-free cracker, while hungry. I bought a grapefruit to enjoy before my lunch at home which was planned. *credit* My food sanity took a dive after dinner last night so I am thinking ahead today. Last night I worked too late and left a big unfinished mess. Today I have already stopped my project and have cleaned up for the night. Dinner is planned and I have 3 health oriented books which I will peruse upstairs after dinner. *credit* for planning ahead.

BillBlueEyes, ouch for blueberry thingies but credit for coming up with the great idea to go visit on the other side of the room.

Beverlyjoy, thanks for sharing from the Beck book regarding unplanned/overeating. I'm very much working on a more appropriate response to stress which always points me in the direction of unplanned food. To this date, I am not too effective at No Choice once my brain has clicked. Thus, my plan for this evening is listed above.

Shepherdess, good job minimizing damage at your burger stop, especially when you were feeling angry. Sorry about the sleezy buyer...certainly an example of how we have the potential to take someone else's issues out on ourselves.

maryann, great job identifying your feelings and their effect on your desire to overeat AND making a positive plan to stick with your plan.

sunnysand, since starting Beck, I have gotten lots of insight on the reasons I went from thin and healthy to unfit and overweight. I'm really happy to see positive changes in my eating habits.

gardenerjoy, Yay! for honeycrisps!

maryblu, one day at a time! Thx! It will probably snow here tonight.

MinniePaul, I'm sure it's just a figure of speech, but continuously smacking yourself on the forehead doesn't sound fun. Be gentle on yourself, we have all been challenged. Yay! for green monsters! I have a green smoothie EVERY morning. AUPB :lol:

CeeJay, I hear ya w/family drama...I'm a little tired of it myself. Take care, you are valuable. Your know what you need to do- your list is very appropriate.

Ok, take care everyone. I'm off to make dinner.

10-23-2010, 05:30 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The good news is that for lunch I took some leftover butternut squash roasted with onions and cranberries - so yummy; CREDIT moi. The bad news is that DW went looking for it since she'd planned it for our dinner; Oh Well.

Took my favorite four mile walk after work; CREDIT moi. It was cold enough to wear my lined sweat pants, sweatshirt, a jacket, and gloves. DW lowered the storm windows which makes the whole house feel significantly warmer. Our 130+ year old Victorian house is fairly leaky without the storm windows. Those of us with our late summer mindsets are being tweaked.

maryblu - Yay for the "mindless repetition" of stacking wood; Yay for a wood burning stove during cold winter nights. By any chance, did you happen to notice that the Texas Rangers finished off the Y*nquees last night?

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Rocking good choices, "honey crisp apples . . . cantaloupe melon balls" - I do like my honey crisps.

Shepherdess - Ouch for a sleazy buyer; would seem that the ranching community would be too small to get away with that often. Big Kudos for dealing with your anger without trying to use food to resolve it.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for legitimately feeling frustrated - sending supportive thoughts. Kudos for tossing the remainder of the bag. Give yourself credit for choosing a Tootsie Roll pop - they take a long time to consume. Neat to have friends who like Wendy's salads.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - You're my hero for making it through COSTCO and Whole Foods under control. A grapefruit before lunch appeals to me.

maryann - Kudos for identifying those uncomfortable feelings; they lose some of their power when you pull back the curtain and give them a name. Yay for "lots of fruit and veggies."

sunnysand - However you got here, you can get back to your healthy self. Neat that you know folks who are maintaining a weight loss - my take is that it's uber encouraging to feel part of a community of winners. LOL at "devouring (chapters, not food)."

Readers - day 40
Enrich Your Life

Like Maggie, have you put off enriching your life? Here's how to get started on making your life better today.

Do It Now

Put aside at least 10 minutes today during which you won't be interrupted or distracted. Then do the following:

Take out your diet notebook. Make a list of goals that you'd like to accomplish before or after you lose weight. Do you want to change you job in some way? Become more computer savvy? join a club? Meet new people? Improve relationships with family and friends? Pursue a hobby? Travel?

....... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 256.

10-23-2010, 10:18 AM
After a good run and some yoga, I was feeling better yesterday. Helped me remember that there were positives to the ram sale and I canít let a single frustration overshadow that. Dinner was healthy. I was actually craving vegetables.

Beverlyjoy, great job tossing the rest of the tootsie rolls. I bet if you think back, in the past, you wouldnít have stopped at just 3. Sorry for all the frustration with a postponed surgery. Great job turning it all around.

Lexxiss, kudos for turning things around after a not-so-great late night moment. Itís easy to get off track when you have a mess to deal with it. Great job getting it cleaned up and moving on.

BillBE, roasted butternut squash and lowered storm windows? It looks like youíre having an autumn, whether you want to admit it or not.

10-23-2010, 10:55 AM
Good morning:

sunnysand- welcome aboard!!!

MinniePaul- welcome to you also. (I don't think I have said that yet). Eating slowly and mindfully is a challenge for me too. LOL re your salad that is a pretend milkshake.

BillBlueEyes- I hear you about the organized life being so much easier. I know that planning makes the difference in being able to eat healthy and throwing something together because you are too hungry , too tired, and need something quick. Credit for walking away from brownie-blueberry thingies.

maryblu-we are getting the same nice weather you have had up here. Some petunias are still alive and my carrots and potatoes have yet to be dug out of the garden. So wonderful to have an extended fall. LOL re the mosquito- there have been a few stray ones here too.

gardenerjoy- waving hello and yay for fruit!!!

maryann- good for you for staying OP despite the internal pressure to overeat.

Shepherdess-thanks for the kind words and hug.

Beverlyjoy- I am so sorry to read about the problems you are going through with the postponing of your surgery- hope you are mending as quickly as possible. Just gotta say Oh well about the tootsie rolls and keep on moving on. Good for you for stopping at 3 and getting rid of them.

Lexxiss- credit for making it through Costco with one cracker. Thanks for reminding me that I am not the only one dealing with family issues.

For me- have been thinking about the past year. I started posting here one year ago this month. I was on a roll, then I spent the rest of the year roller- coasting between healthy living and not so much. This means I have lost a solid 10 pounds, but have yoyo'd up and down another15 pounds a number of times. Trying not to loose hope that one of these times I am going to stick with it, no matter what else is happening. I am so in awe of those of you who have kept going and managed to loose significant amounts. I want that very badly. I have to remember that I am never going to lose weight until I figure out that every time I react to stress by overeating I am guaranteeing I will not. Basic Beck 101.

So today I am taking credit for:

a healthy breakfast
weighing in
posting here
planning the day to include healthy meals and snacks and some exercise.


10-23-2010, 11:15 AM
I am hoping this finds each of you doing well….

It has been a long eight days since I have posted. I have been extremely challenged in so many ways over the last ten days. The bad news is I have strayed off program, and intentionally neglected to organize food and was unable to distinguish between hunger and exhaustion. More precisely I have been using exhaustion as an excuse to eat, because the truth is I do know the difference.
I truly missed getting on the computer and staying focused with my fellow Beck’sters, yet I still did not sign on. Every day I did a mental posting, then just felt guilty for being so out of control.

The good news is I have been paying very close attention to triggers, actions and owing up to the choices I make. I am determined to make the necessary adjustments to get back on track. And I am committed to making lifelong healthy habits a part of my daily life. I must say as I have been watching myself, I definitely resist making these changes. ….. I shall march on towards my goal.

I will be back tomorrow to catch up with everyone.
Have a great weekend!

10-23-2010, 11:20 AM
OMG, at a neighbor's bonfire last night, we locals agreed it was the best day of the year. The night was incredible. Full moon with bright stars, and of course not much light pollution to interfere out here in the sticks.

Took the afternoon off due to weather, went hiking and climbed my big hill-- was surprised there are still others in the park. In the past, by this time of year, I would have had the hill to myself for at least a month. Kinda bummed, as I really feel strange dancing with the eagles with anyone else up there. Oh, well, I am truly happy to see young families up there. Kudos to moms with baby carriers; it is a steep hill!

Was rewarded with the Bald Eagle flying so low and close by my picture window looking out on the lake, I could see the fire in his eyes. I swear he winked at me. Love this time of year for wildlife. The Robins passed through yesterday, headed the smart way, but sadly, the wrong way imho.

Beverlyjoy, your tootsie pop experience really is a prime example of the article on our brain's choice mechanism that I read recently in WebMD. I shared it a bit on our thread>

It basically talked about those of us who have control issues, be it wt. or gambling or anything else. It is that the rational part of our brain that weighs costs and benefits is not "working for us", so to speak. We do that trade-off decision making thing, and then give in. (That's what Beck calls the "giving-in muscle") The article explained the phenomenon so clearly to me. The "cure"---and there is no "cure", only treatment, is ..TADA, CBT. We train that part of our brain, the rationale part to *think*like*a*thin person.

I have been struggling lately, not with the quick impulse stuff, but exactly what you experienced with the tootsie pop incident. It would seem that it is easier to control behavior where you have to get in the car and go get something for heaven's sake, than the impulsive it-is-here-in-front-of-me thing, but I have been exercising my giving-in muscle way too much. The arguments on the cost-benefit side of my brain are not convincing enough. I suspect the Beck tool I am not using enough is the very first one she gives us. The very first one. THE VERY FIRST TOOL SHE REQUIRES US TO CONSTRUCT. Imagine that.

I never waiver in the knowledge, the certainty that the Beck method is 100% effective in achieving weight loss and maintenance success. Never. It has been proven and reinforced to me countless times. That is so powerful, Beckies. For me, it isn't a matter of Just do it; I have to figure out *why I don't JUST DO IT. Why is the payoff of *not doing it greater than the payoff of doing it? It is not time, it is not laziness. I can only conclude I have failed to convince myself. So, back to tool #1...a more convincing argument for myself. Will report back.

10-23-2010, 01:01 PM
DH and I started a social dancing class last night, which I counted for some of my exercise. We learned foxtrot and swing. Well, "learned" might be putting it too strongly. I've requested some DVDs from the library because I think we're going to need some remedial help. We're both sore this morning. Maybe I do need to do some of those QiGong DVDs where I have to hold my arms up longer than is comfortable. You do that in dancing, too!

WI: -0.25kg (new low), Exercise: +75 1230/1800 minutes for October, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: good job making a plan to get done what has to be done and not overeating while doing it.

Shepherdess: sorry for the unsettling event, but good job making the best of a situation that went wrong.

Beverlyjoy: I had to put the gas station and drugstore on a "never" list. I couldn't find a way to get myself to stop any other way. One of Michael Pollan's sayings is "Never fuel your body in the same place that you fuel your car." It took months, but eventually I reached the point where I no longer think of those places as even having food -- it's not about me. Anyway, you did stop after three and got rid of the rest -- so, kudos for that. I never did that well, which was why I had to take a more drastic measure.

McKt: good job using a difficult time to learn about your own triggers -- that can be very helpful, a basis for planning what to do better next time a similar situation comes along.

Hello to sunnysand, Lexxiss, CeeJay, onebyone, maryblu, BillBlueEyes, MinniePaul, seadwaters, and anyone else who wanders into this wonderful space that always feels so positive and helpful, whether things in life are going badly or going well.

10-23-2010, 03:35 PM
Hi Beckfolks/coaches/friends - yesterday was much better. I am grateful for that. I ate a little bit extra before bed. All day I gave myself credit for many tasks: plan/measure/log/, eat seated only, no seconds, slowed down some, and lots of water.

I was thinking about how Dr. Beck talks about NO CHOICE being like a red light. If I was driving down the road and saw and red light - would I just drive right through? No, of course, I wouldn’t. I know I have to stop. NO CHOICE is like that red light. You just have to stop.

Thanks -to everyone who has had the time and inclination to help me get through this tough time. I surely appreciate it.

Gardener-joy - I think it’s GREAT to do a dancing class with DH. What a fun way to get exercise. Enjoy! Good idea - the never list. I like "Never fuel your body in the same place that you fuel your car." Makes sense. I will write that in my daily journal or a response card. Thanks for sharing these thoughs.

Mary Blu- seeing that eagle is wonderful. I always feel happy and lucky when I have chance to see one. There’s good wisdom and incite in the WedMD article. Sadly true - a lot of the difference between using our resistance muscle or out give-in muscle has much to do with reinforcing the behaviors we strive for. Yes, it’s not always ‘easy’. Also - Just do it - if it were only that easy…. It’s all a process, I think.

Mckt - so glad to see your post. Sorry to hear of your challenges. You said - The good news is I have been paying very close attention to triggers, actions and owing up to the choices I make. That is a major credit!

Ceejay - I understand how this forever journey of living with food in a healthy manner can seem overwhelming. Certainly - I wish we could tatoo the Beckisms on our brains to that we would all have it right there when necessary. All you can do is keep going on. When I have these feelings, too - I tell myself to plan, plan and plan some more. (that’s just what you did)

Shepardess - craving vegetables is AWESOME! I am glad you could see the perspective of the ram sale…that one thing didn’t have to ruin the whole thing. Credit for yoga!

Billbe - credit for your healthy lunch leftover (even if they were intended for the next supper). A four mile walk is awesome and a major credit!! The cool briskness of a fall walk always feel good.

Lexxiss - credit for one cracker only at Cosco! Good job on keeping planning in your routine. It’s really a major component of it all.

sunny sand - good meal - devouring books instead of food…LOL.

I hope everyone has a GREAT day.

10-23-2010, 08:19 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

It's been a healthy day with food, so far. I came to a turning point early this AM where I had to say No Choice. Having had the day to reflect, I am really happy for making a good decision. I have a nice dinner planned. *credit*

BillBlueEyes, I have two storm windows left...must put it on my list. Funny about the disappearing squash. What did she find for dinner? Nice walk you had there!

Beverlyjoy, great job logging all your Beck tasks. Thx for bringing up Dr. Beck's discussion of the red light. It reminded me about stopping, even when no one is watching….ultimately, I am responsible for myself.

gardenerjoy, dancing class sounds fun….seems to fit into the discussion from the book about trying new things. You just used muscles that won't be so sore next time. I used to love swing dancing, but with DH's disability, it just doesn't work. I will enjoy hearing more.

Maryblu, very thought provoking conversation. Why don't I do it? The payoff is great, but it is in the future. When I want something it's about now. I am convinced that I will always have the concern of regaining until I conquer this part of my program. BTW- Your bonfire evening sounded "perfect". We just found out Gordon Lightfoot will be in Denver in Nov. Think we'll go.

Kam(McKt), glad to see you back. *credit* for getting back on track. Good to bring up exhaustion as an excuse. I know when I'm exhausted, I'd better have a plan in place or my choices become very unpredictable.

CeeJay, *credit* for planning and posting. Even after all this time, I find my choices are far more predictable when I plan ahead. When I actually have that plan in place the evening before, as Dr Beck suggests, my choices are much more automatic. Keep it up!

Shepherdess, what a recipe for success yesterday. Getting exercise and relaxation and a healthy meal. *credit*

I am off to prepare dinner. Last night's plan worked so well, I'll give it another round. Upstairs for reading after dinner...too aggravating hanging out with the junk food.

See ya'll tomorrow!

10-23-2010, 10:26 PM
Hello again! The papers that were due yesterday are done. A few more coming up this week, which I will hopefully be more prepared for. It was a late night last night, stayed up till 4 am working on a paper on the demonic. Thank goodness there were no bizzaro dreams, if you know what I mean. :devil: :)

I helped out at a community dinner tonight and got put in charge of "fixing the chili", which I found pretty humorous since I have spent soo much time working on not eating standing up and in order to fix it, obviously, it needed multiple taste tests. I didn't really know how to navigate that one, but I did adjust my supper portions to make up for the tasting while cooking. So, I guess, credit me?

Today is day 6 in my little Beck world and day 6, as you all may recall, is "find yourself a diet coach" day. So, I thought to myself, "Gee, it's really a shame that I don't have some kind of on-line form with really supportive people who get the whole Beck thing." Any ideas??? :D In all seriousness, this forum has already been helpful. You guys rock!!

MaryBlu Hello fellow Minnesotan! I'm not native Minnesotan (but I'm from ND, so that's just across the border, close enough, right?) As far as the weather, I'm still sleeping with my windows open, so it feels pretty nice. I think one of the reasons we have such a hard time sticking to change is because losing weight takes time, cookies taste good now. Instant gratification is pretty hard to get over.

Gardnerjoy Dance classes?? I'm jealous! My husband would not be caught dead in a dance class. It sounds like it's been fun already and if you're sore the next morning, it must be doing something.

BillyBE A 4 mile walk is pretty impressive. It might be time to admit it's fall, but no reason to change mindsets as far as I'm concerned, as I said to Maryblue, I'm still sleeping with my windows open and I am not ready to give up the flip flops yet. By the way, I checked out the man salad recipe. It sounds really good, but I'm wondering if there's any dressing on it? Or is that too frufru for a man salad?

CeeJay Thanks for the welcome! I give you credit for still coming back. Over a year, I would bet you've learned a lot that will make progress possible. There's that saying that success is getting up one more time than you fall, and I hang onto that a lot.

McKt Sorry things have been tough. Credit for recognizing triggers/excuses and trying to make changes.

BeverlyJoy I admire your persistence. Even though it's obvious things have been hard for you, you keep on going.

Lexxiss I'm not sure why, but the picture of your junk food aggravating you was funny to me. I had this visual image of potato chips and chocolate doing an obnoxious chorus line in the kitchen while you tried to watch tv. Maybe it's the limited amount of sleep I got last night.

10-23-2010, 10:31 PM
I forgot that I have a question for all of you: In the "give yourself credit" section, Dr. Beck says that some people drop a quarter or something in a jar for every credit. She also says that some people find it helpful to carry a counter in their pocket to keep track. It sounds like something that might be helpful, but I'm wondering if any of you have tried it and how it worked for you.


10-23-2010, 11:48 PM
Hi Coaches
I am rugged up inside on a great work-at-home Sunday. Yesterday was 30 C (86F) (unseasonably warm) and today is 14 (57F) - pretty cold for us during spring - and wet. I am happy to be inside.

I have been fairly restrained with food and today I exercised - some aerobic and some weights and a bit of yoga. This is progress for me who has been avoiding it. The x-rays of my knees came back and I have grade 4 osteoarthritis which makes it clear why they hurt etc. But I need to use them to the extent I can. And it seems to be OK. They were a bit of a problem after yoga last week

Not sure why I haven't been logging in (besides a bit busy) but have been keeping up with your posts - if I didn't I would wander totally off the path I am sure. I seem to be "maintaining" my weight loss and remain at 210 pounds. I did go out and eat twice last week with little restraint so that is not good - I eat out rarely and have all sorts of excuses for not sticking to a plan (sabotaging thoughts). But I have been fine with my own food - planning food, shopping and preparing lunches, eating slowly and so on

BillBE - thanks for the man salad recipe - that is a heavy duty salad - and no dressing! Not for this girl I have to say. Wish I could get to the place where I was happy to eat raw veggies.

GardenerJoy - dancing sounds like great exercise - how is the Zumba going?

MinniePaul - I tried giving myself money for credits - it got a bit complex and expensive! I owed myself a fortune. I have found it useful to give myself $50 per pound - which means $250 per 5 pounds. I imagined if I was successful I would need a serious spend on my wardrobe. Good thing I haven't lost so much weight or I would be broke :smug:

Lexxiss - well done with the NO CHOICE - and the strategy for dealing with the snacker! I need to find a place, mental or physical, which separates eating from non eating time or place

BeverlyJoy - so difficult when cravings hit and there is not denying them, no shifting of focus away. Credit for destroying the rest of them and for reflecting on NO CHOICE. I actually find ringing up someone to have a talk about something entirely different is a great way of breaking the compulsion, but they have to be available and willing to talk

Maryblu - I ask myself similar questions - I know what I have to do so why don't I do it? Sometimes I can bully myself into it but that isn't a change in thinking that precedes a change in behaviour. Keep us informed about how you thinking goes

CeeJay - great to see you posting - I have been on and off lately and it is difficult to get seriously back in the saddle. What I am eating is generally healthy by most standards but just a bit too erratically and too much I think. Oh well - back to the books as you say - Beck 101

Thanks for listening Beckies

Have a good day


10-24-2010, 02:12 AM
Thanks, Beck coaches, for some enlightenment and a good laff.

Seadwaters, roflmao at how in debt you are to yourself.

Thanks, Lexxiss and MinniPaul, for the reminder that we have to be aware the reward is in the future, and that gratification of *whatever food delight is right now. This part still eludes me, though: When I am "in the zone", then those delights don't tempt me..when I lost the 80 #s initially, I just was so content to eat less, and I was oblivious to the signal of said temptation/delight. I *so want that back. *sigh.

10-24-2010, 06:59 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - 'Twas a busy day. Saw the beginning of the migrating ducks on a bird walk in the morning, including a bunch of Coots whose bobbing heads always tickle me. Grabbed a snack and went to the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum - a Venetian palace transplanted to Boston and filled with her eccentric personal collection. It includes the Raphael Room, the Rembrandt Room, signatures by Napoleon Bonaparte, etc. One lone marble foot is simple labeled "Italian foot, 1500's." CREDIT moi for some day 40: Enrich Your Life stuff right in sync with the reading of the day.

Then dinner at an upscale French restaurant to celebrate a bunch of family birthdays. I skipped the bread with herbed butter, the appetizers, and desserts; CREDIT moi. Ordered a thin bouillabaisse with salmon, muscles, shrimp, and Cuban spices. I did take a few bites of the three desserts that were ordered (Yay for dining with family).

maryblu - In awe of you "dancing with the eagles" atop your big hill. Yay for life!

CeeJay - Congrats on your one year anniversary doing Beck, as well as for a solid ten pounds gone forever. And for accepting that there was some roller-coaster stuff along with that. Yep, food does not solve stress; I've tried that many times myself.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - I'm so jealous; I just gotta get to a social dancing class with DW. We continue to dance at weddings and the like and would embarrass our kids less if we were updated a bit. I'd love to Samba and foxtrot. Gotta move on this while we are both mobile; can't put this one off 'til the old folks home, LOL.

Shepherdess - My take is that it's a big part of the Beck strategies to "remember that there were positives" in a mixed-bag day. Kudos for taking the time to do that. Kinda neat that a "run and some yoga" helped you get there.

Beverlyjoy - Yep, Yep, Yep, "I know I have to stop. NO CHOICE is like that red light."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for x-rays that confirm that your knees hurt, with Grade 4 Kudos for exercising anyway. Yay for a 16 degree C variation in temperature as a reminder that Mother Nature does it her way, LOL.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Admiring, "I had to say No Choice" - Kudos for using the big gun when needed. [DW just graciously split the half of the squash that I'd left and added more Broccoli Rabe to our plates, after I'd taken half of her planned squash for my lunch.]

KAM (McKt) - Kudos for "paying very close attention to triggers, actions and owing up to the choices I make" - the owing up business can be a foundation for taking the next steps. Yep, food does not solve exhaustion.

MinniePaul - Congrats for papers done! And Kudos for hitting day 6 in your Beck journey with Diet Coaches/Buddies already in your pocket - not that's planning ahead. [Oh Yes, salad dressing would be "too frufru for a man-salad," LOL.]

I personally haven't done the counter or the quarters for credits, although I think it's a great idea. I'm an admirer of the $50 per pound that Cheryl (Seadwaters) gives herself (for pounds, not credits) thinking that that would force this reluctant shopper to actually replace clothes.

Readers - day 40
Enrich Your Life

Do It Now

Put aside at least 10 minutes today during which you won't be interrupted or distracted. Then do the following:
...... . .
Look at your list. See which of your "after weight loss" goals you could actually start working toward right away.

...... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 256.

10-24-2010, 09:14 AM
OK, off topic, to be sure, Beckies, but yanno me.

I love the "Overheard in New York" blog. Think the world could handle one from Minnesoda?

I went into the lady's room last night at the bar where "my" band was playing. I overheard two ladies in each of the two stalls and recognized their voices from some choice conversation I had heard in the bar. One was trying to convince her friend that she should not drive. After many, many protestations, I heard, "I'll be fine. I have a bondsman. I'm good."

Only in Minnesoda.

And *shaking my head, as really no laughing matter.

10-24-2010, 12:00 PM
We had our annual Halloween movie night early this year, since I will be gone on Halloween. We ate a light dinner of roasted butternut squash soup and salad, so I could snack on cheese and crackers and the roasted butternut squash seeds. I kept all the snacks reasonable. This is a big change from years past when I would have every snack imaginable for our Halloween movie night.

Exercise yesterday was yoga, which I desperately needed. My sore neck and back are feeling so much better.

CeeJay, yay for a solid 10 lb loss! I know the yo-yoing is frustrating, but it just takes practice. Itís a positive sign that you have stuck with Beck through a full year, through all of this. Like my card says, ďIf I keep practicing my skills, it will get easier.Ē

McKt, you should always feel like you can post here, no matter what diet blunders youíve committed. Believe me, I hate coming here and fessing up to a mistake, but it is helpful to admit it and move on. Kudos for using this as a learning experience and moving on. It is so important to stick with it after a slip.

Maryblu, yay for continued great weather, even though it means you donít get your hill to yourself. I love the image of the winking bald eagle. I was thinking about your struggle to convince yourself. I donít know if it helps, but Beck says that one of the challenges of maintenance is remembering how it felt to be heavy. Yeah, we kinda remember, but itís not as immediate as when we first lost and were enjoying a slim body. I thought maybe a good reminder might help the flagging motivation.

Gardenerjoy, yay for learning some new dance moves and for getting some good exercise while doing it. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Beverlyjoy, great job getting back to your good Beck habits so quickly. I love the idea of the red light. Maybe Iíll have to put up a picture of a red light somewhere so I see it often.

Lexxis, great job for pulling out the No Choice response. Itís especially great that you got a chance to think about it and realized how much happier you were that you used it.

MinniePaul, glad the demonic paper didnít infiltrate your dreams! Adjusting your dinner portions was the right response for dealing with tasting. The dangerous part about eating while standing is that we forget what we ate, so if you have a way of remembering when you canít avoid it, thatís great.

Seadwaters, ouch for wild temperature variations. Usually I can relate, but weíve been warm here for a while. Yay for getting back to exercise. Hopefully having a diagnosis for your knees means the docs can help you find a solution.

BillBE, yay for an ďenrich your lifeĒ day filled with some exercise, a look at migrating birds and a trip to a very cool museum. Great job topping the day by making smart choices at a family celebration.

10-24-2010, 12:14 PM
Today's challenge is a NaNoWriMo kick off party at Fitz's -- a hamburger grill locally famous for root beer. I plan to have a diet root beer. I'm also saving up my dairy exchanges and extra calories for an ice cream treat if I'm in the mood -- otherwise I'll come home and eat my healthier homemade frozen yogurt.

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +30 1260/1800 minutes for October, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

10-24-2010, 12:43 PM
Hi Beck folks and coaches. Yesterday was a really healthy day - I am so grateful.

I incorporated many Beck tasks into my day:
Read my arc/arc
Ate seated only - all the time
Fork down between bites - some of the time
Leave a bite - every time
Exercise - yes
Plan/measure/log - yes
Lots of water - yes

I ate very slowly and mindfully - taking over 20 minutes for each meal. Cedit! I did a lot of writing in my journal. Every day, in my journal, I aim to go back to writing down the information about overcoming desires & cravings every day:

The Five D's - Distance, Distractions, Drink Water, Deep Breathing, Destroy the food.
I - Identify as craving or desire - but, eating it is NOT an emergency,
S - Stand firm and Strengthen your resistance muscle
N - No choice - the hardest part of a craving or desire is the anxiety you feel when you want to eat it - you don't think you can get through it. But you can.
I - Imagine how bad you'll feel after eating it.
R - Remember why you want to do this.
There was a time when I had a craving or desire - I would start with ISNIR - saying each thing to myself. Then I went to the Five D’s, if necessary.
I am hoping I can get back to that place. Close would be a good start.

Yesterday DH made brownies. I just told myself I don’t eat those today.= and I didn't eat them -I resisted. I put them in the cool oven before bed - so I don’t have to look at them. Credit. (I am grateful.)

My foot (formerly know as the good foot) is feeling better than a week ago when the foot injury occurred. I really don’t know how to tell if it’s 'ready' - I guess hopping around on it. I am little nervous about trying. Doctor’s office said to wait a month or sooner if it’s better/ready.

Lexxiss - I am happy you were willing and able to use No Choice and it ‘worked’. Credit!
You said: too aggravating hanging out with the junk food - that is so true.

Minnie Paul - it is hard to cook at a community dinner without a taste - so many folks eating it! Sometimes, when I am willing, at home when I cook and I need a taste - I take that taste to the table. Many folks use the Beck forum as their coach and others have another person as a coach and also post here. As far as giving credit - I sometimes do one twirl around (credit when I am cooking) or talk to myself and say it out loud or smile to myself.

Seadwaters - sorry to hear about your knees - hopefully you can find things to do to help. Maintaining is better than gaining. You said: I have been fine with my own food - planning food, shopping and preparing lunches, eating slowly and so on. Credit for that. Thanks for the idea of calling someone when I am tempted to eat. It is so basic…but - I rarely think of it. Good reminder.

Maryblu - I sure do wish we could bottle ‘in the zone’ of not eating tempting food! Love the funny bathroom in NYC conversation. LOL

Billbe - loved hearing about your nice day…birds, museum, nice supper out. Credit for a healthy supper( staying away from the bread). It’s nice to be able to have a bite of a dessert. It’s so deelish. Really it's enough. Glad you posted the info about Enrich Your Life today - that ten minutes can really make difference in the day.

Shepardess - credit for planning a healthy Halloween meal and move night. Glad your neck and back are feeling improved. I like the idea of putting a picture of a red light out in sight.

Gardener-joy - good planning for your day and saving exchanges for your treat!

Have a good day everyone.

10-24-2010, 03:27 PM
A rainy Sunday here in the land of the triumphant SF Giants. We have season tickets but we rarely go. I told DH we need to take DS to one of the World Series games - just for the experience.
Weigh in day and it is now a two week plateau. Yikes! I know Beck says after two weeks I may have to consider lowering the amount I am eating because I now require less caloreis due to my new lower weight. BUMMER! So I will eat one block less today (I am one the zone.) If I do this everyday this week, I will hopefully begin to lose again.
maryblu - I appreciate your comments about Beck. I, too, 100% believe in CBT. It has been the only help in a life spent conquering addictive behavior.
CeeJay and McKT - There is a solution. I have 35 years of defeat in controlling my eating behavior and at the same time remaining PEACEFUL. The Beck program coupled with the right food program has worked a miracle in my life. I work it everyday, every part and always tell the truth (at least as far as I know the truth.) Simple things but not easy.
Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on the new low. I was counting on seeing a new low for me this week. But I must be patient. At least one of us gets to experience it.
Shepherdess - My husband struggles daily with deceptive business practices in the ag community. Credit for perservering.
Beverlyjoy - The anti-craving technique that helps me the most is looking at the clock. When I have a craving, I look at the clock (in the car, in the house, at school) and estimate how long the craving with last. It is almost a game to see if I can guess correctly. More importantly, the game reassures me the eventually, the craving will ALWAYS pass. I never knew that before.
MinniePaul - I haven't used a credit counter yet but I will keep it in mind if I find myself needing to adjust to a new situation. That is the most important thing about planning a new life with sane eating. Things will always change. I have to be willing (as Beck says) to take in new information WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and adjust accordingly.
BBE- something you said a couple of weeks ago has really stuck with me. You said you could never have imagined a time when 1/2 of a porkchop would satisfy you. That is the feeling I have all the time now which I NEVER had before. My little snack of a yoghurt cup is enough. The serving size of an apple is 1/2 and now it is enough. My nightly planned dessert is one cheese stick and a funsize Reese's peanutbutter cup. I would never have believed a day would come when a ONE funsize candybar would be ample. Thank God for this program.

10-24-2010, 08:38 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Brunch went quite well today. I didn't eat before and haven't eaten since. *credit* I splurged a little bit, but not too much. Last night I thought I'd take the day off, but this morning I felt like continuing on projects. I have gotten numerous things done, but when I mushed my finger while fixing my lazy susan I was immediately "hungry". I decided that instead of eating (cause I knew it wasn't hunger), I'd just can that project for the day. I took a few minutes and reflected that when I react to something, I label it as hunger. It feels physical??

BillBlueEyes, ...ahh...reminder-lower storm windows in leaky old Victorian..done-almost...checked and found one more-totally out, will do tomorrow. *credit* for spontaneous exercise. Seriously, an Italian foot from the 1500's is definitely a step out of day 40. *credit* for a stellar evening at the French restaurant.

maryann, what a wonderful thing to find that your portions are shrinking and that you are still satisfied. Thanks for the clock/craving connection. ..and the observation that the craving always passes.

Beverlyjoy, thanks for posting the five d's again AND ISNIRD. Writing down information about overcoming desires and cravings is a really helpful idea. BTW-I'm glad my DH doesn't

gardenerjoy, hope your party and diet root beer were enjoyable. Great idea planning ahead for an ice cream, if you choose to have one.

Shepherdess, hmm….just listening to the news and hearing about your earthquake. Did you shake? Your Halloween movie night fare sounded so healthy. Why is it that events seem to need to focus around foods that are bad for all of us? Glad to hear your back and neck are feeling better.

maryblu, hadn't looked at that blog not in Minnesota?

Cheryl(seadwaters), nice to hear from you. I was hoping you were out there somewhere. Keep remembering that your knees will most likely hurt less as your weight comes down. I do a weight routine and yoga sitting in a chair sometimes.

MinniePaul, lol It is an obnoxious chorus. The chips krinkle and krack and the choc. raisins have their own sound as they tumble into the glass bowl. Definitely a trigger for me. Luckily at this house the kitchen and living area are separate. cp: I had a diet coach/buddy when I first started. It went great for 60 days and then fizzled. I'm very content with the idea that we coach each other at the forum here and won't search for another one on one coach. BTW-when I have to taste (and I think sometimes it is required) I just remember that it isn't a meal or an excuse, and I focus on doing exactly what I need to do -taste and adjust.

OK, off to look into's leftover night here. DH can have leftovers and I'll have a woman-salad...with my homemade raspberry vinaigrette. See ya'll tomorrow. Thanks for all your care and concern!

10-24-2010, 09:27 PM
Today was another marathon work day. I just finished up working for almost thirteen hours straight. I fly people to cruise ships… Today we had a chartered ship of over 1,500 pax. What a nightmare, there were so many canceled flights and delays, very stressful! Oh well, I am here and posting and getting caught up and recharged to work in my pink workbook.

MaryBlu – Yay for the best day of the year! And for the second post… embarrassed to say I laughed like crazy…..

GardnerJoy – Dancing – What a great way to enjoy exercising…. Thanks for the encouragement. I really am trying to find a solution to these triggers. Must be honest to myself and aware of the way I can trick myself into an excuse for going Off Program.

BeverlyJoy – Been thinking about you for days! Love, loved my roasted green beans! I am so sorry to hear that your surgery has been postponed. I am sending hugs your way and hope that everything turns around very soon! Here to us both stopping at that red light!

Lexxiss – Thanks for the encouragement - Yay for a healthy day! And…how nice to really listen to yourself with the NO CHOICE. Kudos to you!

MinniePaul - I too came across this forum in search of a diet coach! This is the best group of people! So much encouragement and sharing, it is the best support I have ever found. Thank you for your post about the credit suggestions… I have really been struggling and I know I am not honoring myself with credit where credit is due. This is on top of my priority list to find a way to easily track my credit and look back to see where the credit was given.

BBE - Love the migrating birds. I am in the daily fly zone for the Aleutian geese. They fly over twice a day. Early AM and then at dusk. I run outside to watch and listen it’s beautiful! Yay for Enrich your life – Thanks. Kudos for just bite of dessert sampling.

Shepherdess – Kudos for such a successful Halloween movie night! Thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes I find it difficult to reach out for help when I am so focused on badgering myself. This forum is such a wonderful safe place for encouragement under all circumstances. Hugs for all of us!

Maryann – Thank you! So perfectly put….. simple but not easy. Excellent! I often find myself trying to complicate it …. I am north of you, kinda enjoying the rainy day.

10-25-2010, 02:25 AM
So, I woke up this morning thinking about cake. Not just any cake, mind you. I was thinking about the cake that was leftover from my birthday last week. The cake should have been thrown out a week ago, but with papers and such the housecleaning has gone a bit (ok, a lot) by the wayside. Anyway, it struck me how crazy cravings are: first of all how instant and specific they are. And second, how completely irrational they are. Seriously, who contemplates eating cake that is past it's prime, simply to be able to eat cake?

Credit for me though, I had a salad in a milkshake instead. It was delicious and it was satisfying. And that cake is on it's way out the door.

I am facing a few more papers this week, so tomorrow will be another paperama.

I decided that I will try the counter thing. I'm still not sure on the money deal. I'm going to experiment with the counter because I think that just seeing the number of credits I earned will be motivating. If I need to add some kind of reward in, I will do that later.

Good night!

10-25-2010, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ouch! I fell into a bowl of cashews - again. Ouch! and Ouch! again. Did that after eating good choices at a pot luck lunch. Triple Ouch! Haven't identified a plausible reason - perhaps because I hurt a back muscle leaning over to lift something in the position we all know to avoid and was smarting a bit.

CREDIT moi for writing it down even though it's embarrassing that it keeps happening. (Notice the lack of mention of exercise - I came home and went to bed for a spell as the back began to hurt.)

maryblu - LMAO at, "I'll be fine. I have a bondsman. I'm good." Having a bondsman is some serious advance planning.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay that your prep for NaNoWriMo month is lived fully with wise choices to stay your path.

Shepherdess - Yay for squash seeds for snacks; Double Yay for keeping the volume "reasonable" - I love those guys.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for "I donít eat those today" to the brownies. I, too, like your 5 D's and ISNIRI.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kinda amazing that when "It feels physical" it must be hunger. Sneaky, those neurons.

maryann - Congrats to your SF Giants for making it to the World Series. It's definitely a good idea to take DS to a World Series game - as a Red Sox fan, I can assure you that there can be very long stretches without winning a World Series, LOL. [Really neat that small snacks and small desserts now satisfy you; who'da thunk?]

KAM (McKt) - Ouch for 13 hours getting some 1500 passengers onto a charted ship; I've never thought of the folks working behind the scenes to get the large people-migrations to happen. [Neat that you are twice daily entertained by migrations of Aleutian Geese. Of the subspecies of the Canada Goose, we get an occasional Cracklin, but never an Aleutian. Of course, the non-migrating Golf Course Canada Goose is the most prevalent, and despised, LOL.]

MinniePaul - Kudos for standing down the craving for "past it's prime" cake (instead of falling for the Sabotaging Thought "I have a bondsman," LOL). Good luck using your Credits' counter; look forward to hearing how that works for you.

Readers - day 40
Enrich Your Life

Do It Now

Put aside at least 10 minutes today during which you won't be interrupted or distracted. Then do the following:
...... . .

Take one goal. Write down the steps you'll need to do to accomplish it.

...... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 256.

10-25-2010, 10:13 AM
Hello everyone

McKt-sorry you had a difficult run. Wanting to eat when exhausted is a common thing for me too. Best of luck getting back on track. Just keep going.

maryblu- Glad to see you treating yourself with an afternoon off on a beautiful Friday. I try to do that at the end of the year-- thinking this might be the last good weather so better get out there. I also played hookey Friday afternoon to go for a nice quad ride in the bush.

gardenerjoy-cool you are taking dance lessons.

Beverlyjoy- seeing No Choice as a red light- I like that. Glad to hear your former good foot is healing.

Lexxiss- LOL re being hungry after hurting your finger. I had the same sensation when I sat down to do a bit of paperwork yesterday. Then I figured it's not hunger it is just a conditioned response. . Gordon Lightfoot-- you should definitely go see!!

MinniePaul-good for you for adjusting your eating later in the day to make up for the chili tasting. This is learning flexibility and good choices in response to a life that does not always allow for strict eating. I haven't tried the quarter for every time I give myself credit but I find giving myself a gift for every 5 pounds lost a good way to remember what I am doing is important.

seadwaters-yay for exercise which is especially hard when you hurt. Sorry about the osteroarthritis in your knees. I have this in my ankles- miserable.

BillBlueEyes-good for you for staying sane at the French restaurant. Your meal sounds great. Thanks for reminding me that 10 pounds is better than no pounds. Hope your back is feeling better.

Shepherdess-you are right- need to keep on practising. And I will say, much of this year I ate more healthy than I ever have and exercised more than I ever have. So need to keep that in mind when I am brooding over the other times that I did not practice skills.

maryann- good luck with adjusting your calories. Thanks for your thoughts about the Beck program. True that the simple things are not always the easiest.

For me- I stayed on plan all weekend. Hurray. Today I am off to work with healthy lunch and snacks and dinner is planned.

Have a good day everyone!!!

10-25-2010, 10:37 AM
Last night was dinner with the in-laws to celebrate my FILís birthday. Dinner was good and I enjoyed some awesome strawberry cake my MIL made. I had some extra calories planned. Unfortunately, I let myself be talked into bringing some cake home. Iíll give my DH a crack at it and then throw it away. I really donít need that hanging around.

The wind was blowing and my motivation was flagging. My DH took my dog hunting for the day and I just couldnít get myself to run. But I wasnít going to let that keep me on the couch, so I did a good, long yoga session instead. In a month that wind will be nothing, but right now I just couldnít bring myself to do it. This AM, weíre getting some much needed rain. I canít believe itís not snow, but thatís our crazy year for you. Iím hoping it dries by this PM so I can get a run.

Gardenerjoy, great job planning ahead for your NaNoWriMo party. It helps so much to have a plan in plan in place.

Beverlyjoy, kudos for such a long list of credits and for getting back to some heavy-duty journaling. Writing down how you overcame cravings sounds like a great idea.

Maryann, yay for the Giants. We have a happy family around here. Iím not sure why my DH and is brother are Giants fans. Must have something to do with their CA mother. Great job being patient with your plateau and then taking appropriate measures when it is necessary. I love Beckís calm, rational approach to it (and everything else I suppose).

Lexxis, kudos for giving yourself permission to take the day off and then going ahead with your projects when you felt the drive. Ouch for the smashed finger, but great job recognizing that it wasnít real hunger and doing the right thing. I didnít notice any shaking and quaking. I guess weíre far enough away from Jackson.

McKt, yay for getting through a marathon workday! Your job sounds like it could be exciting, but it could get stressful pretty quick. Kudos for jumping right back to the pink book.

MinniePaul, great job doing the right thing with the leftover cake! Itís always a good sign when you can think rationally about your cravings. Best of luck during writing mania!

BillBE, ouch for a hurt back and it sending you to a bowl of cashews for comfort. Kudos for writing it down even though it hurts your pride. Hope you are fully recovered and back to the gym in no time.

CeeJay, great job staying OP over the weekend. It sounds like taking stock after a year of Beck worked well to keep you on track. Hereís to a new year that's even better than the last!

10-25-2010, 11:44 AM
I'm going to Whole Foods today to stock up. The goal is to not go there at all during NaNoWriMo in November. It's a less convenient store, so it will be time-saving to reduce trips. More importantly, it's a place that still challenges me. The sabotaging thought is "It's Whole Foods! Everything is healthy, right?" Of course, the correct answer is "No" and "especially not if I eat too much." But I'm not sure I would reach the correct answer if I were frustratingly behind in my word count or if I were fully caught up and felt that I deserved the break. So, better to avoid that tricky situation entirely in November.

WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +60 1320/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: yay for getting back to ISNIR and the 5 Ds.

maryann: great job dealing with your plateau and not letting it derail you!

Lexxiss: Thanks for the observation about labeling a reaction as "hunger" when it really isn't. It feels physical to me, too. That's going to help me. Not all physical sensations in my body are "hunger." What a concept! I swear that I used to label being uncomfortably full as "hunger," too! :dizzy:

McKt: credit for posting and gearing up for the pink workbook on a busy day!

MinniePaul: great job getting rid of stale cake! I could completely relate to that situation!

BillBlueEyes: Sympathy for the nut situation and the sore back. I hope it's better today.

CeeJay: Yay for a good weekend and advanced planning and preparation for the week!

Shepherdess: good plan with the cake. Hope you get good weather for a run later. We had rain overnight and really needed it.

10-25-2010, 12:39 PM
Hi Becksters and coaches and friends… Yesterday was a healthy day - so grateful for that. DH’s double fudge brownies went in the trash this morning when he left for work. I asked him if he wanted them. He said no thanks. - that I could throw them away if I like. Credit. He knows me. (can you imagine not even caring about the brownies???) Thankfully, they are history.

I did many of my Beck tasks - stayed with my plan, logged it all, left a bite every meal and snack, read arc/rc/, was mindful & slow eating, ate seated only and more. I had many twirl worthy moments yesterday. I started to read the second Beck book/workbook. I’ve had it but never really read that much of it. It’s kind of a fresh take on the basic program. I have been doing a lot of journaling - food/health things and life things too. I think it’s helpful to do both for me. I am grateful for the willingness to do so.

This morning I was quietly (tv and radio off) sitting in my recliner chair icing my various pieces and parts & writing - when DH asked me if I thought I could manage 5 hours in the car. Yes - I can sit in the car for sure. We are going to see GS, DS, and DIL on Friday and will come home on Monday. YAY We will get to be there for Halloween and trick or treat. He said I need some cheering up…he’s right. I am happy and excited. :)

On the food front - Saturday I made crock pot chicken and brown rice. With the leftovers I added chopped carrot & celery, chicken broth and thyme…. And made chicken rice soup. I felt like an episode on the Food Channel - reinventing my dish to a soup dish.

Mary Blu - darn that scale for not saying what you know you deserve. That weight comes off at it’s own right. Dr. Beck says it’s information to help us adjust our eating, yes. I don’t know if two weeks is a plateau, however. Do what feels right. The clock is a good distraction for dealing with a craving or desire. Thanks for the reminder!

Lexxiss - I can SO identify with having something ‘happen’ and feeling ‘hungry’ - really…just wanting to eat. Major Credit for stopping and figuring it out instead of heading for food. I think the ‘physical’ you are feeling is the anxiety and urgency that we get in reaction to something that has happened. Yes, it is physical - not real hunger unless it’s been hours. For me it a natural response to almost anything. LOL (not all the time since Beck)

McKt - yikes…I am exhausted thinking about being part of the huge task of getting flights for that many people. Thirteen hours - amazing. I am so glad you like the roasted green beans…me too!

Minnie-paul - you said - who contemplates eating cake that is past it's prime, simply to be able to eat cake? We do! We are ‘eaters’ - we do things like that. BUT - it’s gone, gone gone. What’s your salad in a milkshake. Let us know how the counter goes.

Billbe - so so sorry to hear of your bend and twist - resulting in a backache. They are the pits. Hope you feel better quickly. Darn those tree nuts - haven’t heard you mention them in ages. Don’t be embarrassed to say you ate extra - it happens. Hop back in to your routine. Take care now.

Ceejay - so glad you were on plan last weekend…Credit! Kudo’s for packing and planning your food. Carry on.

Shepardess - so glad you planned ahead for including your goodies. I know what you mean about bring cake home - hoping DH will eat it soon. It’s so tempting. Glad you got your yoga in.

Gardener-joy - I love Whole Foods too. I hear you on thinking it’s OK to eat all the ‘healthy’ treats that they have there. Credit to shouting back at the sabotaging thought!!! Planning ahead for November is good.

I am a Cleveland Browns fan. (I grew up in that area) I watched them beat the New Orleans Saints yesterday. All I can say is that H*ll has officially frozen over. :dizzy:

10-25-2010, 08:39 PM
Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting, but I've lurked around 3FC for years.

A little bit about my background: I started at 255 pounds 2 1/2 years ago, then got down to 174 pretty quickly and easily, but then slowly yo-yo dieted back up to 230 pounds. I'm great at exercising - I've exercised very regularly (average of 7-8 hours a week) consistently since June of 2008 - It's eating that's my problem. I've spent most of the past year and a half binging daily. I started reading the Beck Diet Solution last Thursday and I haven't binged since (it's only been 5 days, but 5 days without binging is huge for me).

I'm looking forward to participating in the discussions here and getting to know you all :)

10-25-2010, 10:54 PM
Hello All,
I am resurfacing! I'm still unemployed, but have been in the studio a lot and have 7 craft shows planned for the holiday season! I had a doctor's appt today and my odd increase of both good and bad cholesterol was duplicated with a second lab test. My "bad" cholesterol is 150, and my doctor wants me under 130, and suggested a low dose of a statin. I am reluctant to do this--the possibility of muscle aches makes me anxious. Sigh.

I haven't tracked calories for a couple months, so big credit for tracking them today, and coming within 100 calories of my goal. I walked 5000+ steps, credit, and came here, credit.

Hope everyone is well.

10-25-2010, 11:00 PM
Hi all :)

I just got the Beck Solution for Life, and I think she is on to something. I am eagerly anticipating following the program. Right now I am doing the SBD as a kickoff to my weight loss. I know she says not to be on any plan in the beginning when gathering skills. I did sit down while I ate today, and made an index card of reasons why I want to lose the weight. I am adding to that each day.

I don't think I can stop what I'm doing, but I want to jump in here too :)

I have a lot of back reading to do. I may just jump in here though for now and read as I get the time.

I look forward to getting to know all of you :wave:

Heading up to bed to read ;)

10-26-2010, 01:35 AM
Hello all!

The weatherman up here is using that dreaded four letter "s" word and I do not relish the fact that there could be frozen precipitant on it's way here. I can't even bring myself to say the words. Yuck.

Anyway, the day was pretty good. I read day 7 "rearrange your environment" yesterday and did nothing about it today. Of course, I haven't gone grocery shopping for a while, so there's not much to rearrange. I am probably not going to get to it till Wednesday. Tomorrow, I have 8 hours on the road, so it's not going to be a good day to get much else done.

I went to Target to check out counters for credits. They only had one and it was a 5-in-1 golf tool, so unless Dr. Beck is going to recommend using a divot tool at some point or some kind of fancy golf cleaner thinamuhjig, I don't think that was the one for me. It was also quite large, so it would be difficult to conceal. It needs to be small enough so I can carry it around all the time and the idea of having a 5-in-1 golf tool at the ready just doesn't strike me as something most folks are going to understand. The search continues.

BillyBEóOuch on the cashews. My husband tells me they have this mysterious gravitational pull which is dificult to resist. Sorry for the achiness. Hope you're feeling better soon!

CeeJayóCongrats for staying on plan!

ShepherdessóYoga always sounds so relaxing, but I hear itís a serious workout. The weather has been crazy all over, Iím not sure what to expect anymore.

GardenerjoyóGood for you for getting ready for NaNoWriMo. Is this your first time, or do you do it every year?

BeverlyjoyóHow exciting to be getting out of town for the weekend! Your chicken and rice sounds wonderful, and I love the idea of reinventing a dish to make a new meal. The salad in a milkshake is actually a ďgreen monsterĒóa smoothie made with mostly spinach (and berries and bananas and a little PB, sometimes ground flax). I like to call it a salad in a milkshake because itís like a treat for breakfast this way.

Grouseówelcome!! Iím pretty new to the Beck plan as well (Iím only on day 7 of the reading) but Iíve also noticed how much sanity it brings to my life, especially around food.

NuxmagaóHi. Sounds like things are not going so well. I donít know you at all, but good for you for getting back into the calorie counting and keeping track of things.

BelovedKóWelcome!! I am not a Beck expert, pretty new to it myself, but I think she allows for people to already be on an eating plan when they start. She makes several references in the book to this, saying things like, ďIf you havenít already done so, today youíre going to _________ (pick 2 eating plans, plan to exercise, etc.) Itís amazing how much sense the book makes. Happy reading!

Alright, back to a paper for me for a bit before I head to bed.

10-26-2010, 06:22 AM
:welcome: grouse :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this thread on 3 Fat Chicks?

10-26-2010, 06:26 AM
:welcome: BelovedK :welcome:

And, in case you haven't received one of these during your month here, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this thread on 3 Fat Chicks?

10-26-2010, 06:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ibuprofen, ice pack, and sloth seem to have helped the back; CREDIT moi for tending to that which screams for attention. I didn't eat to compensate for not exercising, which my Sabotaging Thoughts proposed as the proper response, LOL. Thanks to all for the well wishes and healing thoughts.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Seven planned craft shows is certainly making good use of your time; hope they find folks in the mood for stained glass. What type of stuff are you making for this year's market? Kudos for confronting your blood test readings; Ouch for the numbers not being what you want yet. I've come to believe that walking is a good therapy for blood cholesterol.

CeeJay - Kudos for an on-plan weekend and a planned-in-advance day. You're moving along.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Super planning to get Whole Foods out of the way during NaNoWriMo in November. Yep, it does have the draw that anything from there must be healthy. The glop on their baked goods contains all the sugar and fat as any other store.

Shepherdess - Monster Kudos for tossing "awesome strawberry cake" - I do admire the ability to toss good food. LOL at Wyoming winds - you guys seem to specialize in that.

Beverlyjoy - Double Monster Kudos for tossing "double fudge brownies" - wish I didn't immediately have the thought to try to grab them, LOL. Yay, indeed, for planning a visit to your DGS laugh therapist; sounds like just what you need.

MinniePaul - LOL at the thought of pulling out your golf counter during the day - "Just counting my putts." Over on the Maintenance Forum, mandalinn82 is visiting Minnesota for work this week - from Southern California. She's in shock, LOL. [Yep, your DH is right; cashews have their own gravitational pull. Might be the source of dark energy and dark matter in the universe.]

grouse - Super Kudos for five days on-plan - even before you've started your official eating plan.

And Kudos again for the consistency of your exercising. "7-8 hours a week" is a healthy set. By-the-by, Congrats to your San Francisco Giants for making it to the World Series.

BelovedK - Yep, gotta agree, "I think she is on to something." I felt that from the first pages. Her CBT notions just seem right to me. I assume you know that there's a huge South Beach Forum on 3FC - a bunch of active committed folks over there.

Kudos for jumping right in by making your list of reasons that you want to lose weight. You're moving right along.

Readers - day 40
Enrich Your Life

Do It Now

Put aside at least 10 minutes today during which you won't be interrupted or distracted. Then do the following:
...... . .

Get a calendar. Mark down when you'll do at least the first step.

...... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 256.

10-26-2010, 06:52 AM
:welcome: BelovedK :welcome:

And, in case you haven't received one of these during your month here, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this thread on 3 Fat Chicks?

Thanks for the warm welcome :cool:

I actually read about the Beck books on here, in the SBD forum (I have mostly been hanging there) I also found this thread through there. I love it. I'm off today to get little business cards to start my response deck.

Forgive me on no personals now, I am overwhelmed with the number of people, give me time to get to know you.

All about me is in my profile :D xo

10-26-2010, 10:55 AM
I spoke too soon about the snow yesterday. By mid-morning, the rain turned to snow and left an inch of heavy slush. We may still get a bit more today. Oh well, weíve been pretty lucky so far. I canít believe itís almost November and weíre only now getting our first snow. So things were pretty muddy and I didnít get out for a run. I did weights and yoga instead.

Food was going pretty well yesterday, until I started munching on some nuts that were out. It took me a while to stop that train. I donít know what that was all about. Iím getting ready to leave on Friday and Iím looking forward to the trip, but anxious about getting everything done before I go. So I just let myself start munching mindlessly. Itís just strengthened my resolve to be more vigilant today.

Gardenerjoy, sounds like you have a good plan with Whole Foods. I read an interesting article about how most consumers react to certain words on food labels. Terms like ďnatural,Ē ďorganicĒ or ďmade with real fruitĒ make most of us assume itís healthy, even if itís loaded with fat or sugar.

Beverlyjoy, kudos for throwing away the brownies. I wish I could be as nonchalant as your DH about sweets. Great job on having so many twirl worthy moments. Yay for getting to see your GS for Halloween. That will be a great treat for you!

Welcome Grouse! Yay for starting out your Beck journey and congrats on 5 days binge-free. Itís great that you are finding it so helpful.

Nuxmaga, itís great to hear from you again! Yay for 7 holiday season craft shows. Great job getting back to tracking your calories again and for a great first day. Best of luck figuring out how to deal with your cholesterol. I understand your concerns, but hopefully you and your Dr. can come up with the best solution for your health.

Welcome BelovedK! I remember when I first discovered Beck and finally felt like this could be a permanent solution. So far, itís been working great! If youíre already on an eating plan, I would just stick with it.

MinniePaul, I hate that dreaded beginning of winter. Sounds like youíre a little too busy to put time into arranging your environment. The good news is that you can stay in a holding pattern, keeping up all your previous days, until you have the time for this one.

BillBE, great job using ice and ibuprofen to sooth your back pain rather than food. Itís still hard for me to remember that eating does not help discomfort. I hope your recovery is quick and your back on your feet in no time.

10-26-2010, 11:46 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I had an off day yesterday, back to basics today. I do work at letting go of the emotional stuff. I went to bed early which was good, because DH ate my dinner. :shrug:

:welcome2: grouse! Glad you have decided to jump in. I can relate-I exercise regularly and enjoy it, but my troublesome area is emotional eating.

:welcome2: BelovedK! Nice to see you over here! Just keep going with your food plan; I think Dr. Beck is speaking to folks who haven't started dieting yet when she talks about not starting for the first 2 weeks.

BillBlueEyes, I hope you start feeling better real soon! Take care!

Me, off to Denver today. I'm getting a new housing system for my indoor worms who eat all my compost. The guy calls it a Worm McMansion :lol: and he's agreed to trade me for raspberry jam, since I already have worms. Lunch to be decided, but OP. Off to have my breakfast and make some jam.

Have a good day, Beckies!

10-26-2010, 12:07 PM
Greetings Beck Buddies,

For the last two weeks I really have been struggling with staying on program and taking action in my workbook. What I was able to focus on was paying attention as to why I was struggling so much. Here is what I have come up with.

1. I am great at making my daily schedule, however I do not even follow what I schedule 50% each day. Make a schedule and stick to it...

2.If I am going to achieve my goals, I must make myself a priority. Yes, I am a full time single Mom with a very active teenager, I do lots of volunteer work and I have all of my family here as well. I need to learn the word no, or later, or I can do this instead of that. This will stop the excuses of too tired, too busy, too this or too that and bam I am off program. Daughter will get getting her driver’s license in December so the busyness of driving her everywhere is almost over and she can help out with my Mother as well.

3.I am doing a lot of work and making progress but not acknowledging credit where credit is due. Definitely will set up some system to track credits so I can look back when I get frustrated and see that I really am moving forward. I can be pretty good at self sabotaging, makes going Off Plan much easier!

4. I get bored with specific eating plans and I have a short attention span so what if I mix up my food programs. I like SBD, WW and Calorie Tracking but cannot seem to stick with any specific one for more than a few months. I am going to try rotating plans every four weeks. WW SB Cal Track, WW, SB,CT…. ETC

5. need to try baby steps through my workbook. I seem to get a bit overwhelmed trying to rush through a chapter. Maybe I need to take my time and really work the chapter thoroughly and on my own time. And stop stressing, gotta get to the next task, chapter, etc….. My life, my goal, my own time….. Take some of the pressure off of myself.

I am determined to find my way through this struggle so I can get reach my goal and more importantly maintain……..
Hope you all are having a great day! I’ll be back this evening to catch up with everyone.

10-26-2010, 12:31 PM
New low -- third this month, I think. I'm grateful. I had been experiencing a bit of discouragement and doubt after the rapid weight loss over the summer. Intellectually, I wanted to lose weight more slowly, but I wasn't quite prepared emotionally, so it's good to see some progress right now.

WI: -0.3kg(new low), Exercise: +45 1365/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

MinniePaul: this is my third year in a row for NaNoWriMo. My first year was the first time that I ever completed a draft of a novel -- after about a dozen starts. So, I'm a big believer in this being the way for me to get it done!

Welcome, Grouse and BelovedK!

Grouse: I totally relate to getting the exercise part down and still struggling with the food -- I was always the most fit fat person that I knew. It's a little crazy-making, I know, but something I'm grateful for in the long run. I'm convinced the exercise warded off depression as well as being a good foundation for finally getting the weight off. I also did the yo-yo thing -- lost 40 pounds slowly between 2006 and mid 2008. Then, gained them all back in a year before I started this journey with 3FC and Beck. In some ways, I'm actually grateful for that, too. I proved to myself that I can never go back to "normal" because my warped sense of normal means putting on 40 pounds in a year.

BelovedK: I didn't wait to start my eating plan until Beck said "go" either--the process works either way.

Really great to see you, Nuxmaga -- I've thought of you often.

BillBlueEyes: great job resisting the eating to compensate for lack of exercise. Those sabotaging thoughts can be hilarious sometimes!

Beverlyjoy: yay for all those credits and for an excellent job choosing a DH who can be so considerate about throwing away temptations AND driving you to see the grandson! What a hoot to be there for Halloween!

Edited to add: oops! missed the page break

Shepherdess: Overwhelm remains my biggest trigger for food. The cravings for certain foods has dissipated considerably in the last year, but I still frequently crave something (?) that mindlessly munching gave me when I was feeling overwhelmed.

Lexxiss: Great plan to get back on track after an off day. Hope the Worm McMansion works well. Love the swap of raspberry jam!

McKt: Excellent observations. I also find that I need to mix up my plans periodically to keep myself amused. It's something that would drive some dieters absolutely bonkers--so I frequently see "don't do it!" advice. It's really good to know about yourself, whether you need to find one plan and stick to it or whether you need to find a way to try different things. Beck has been the thread for me that goes through everything as I played around with different food plans.

10-26-2010, 04:14 PM
Thanks everyone for the welcomes.

I read day 15 this morning, so this is my official first day following my food plan (although I've been following everything I've read about the first 14 days in the past 5 days). Everything is going great and it feels good to be back on track with losing weight again. It feels premature to say that I'm back on track (I've said it sooooooooo many times in the past 2 years), but I really do feel back on track and I don't want to give myself permission to fail if I say that I just think I'm back on track. I AM back on track this time and I AM going to stay on track. Even if I mess up on the way, I'm not going to give up this time.

BillBlueEyes: I can't remember where I initially heard about the book, but I read reviews on amazon a month or two ago and decided to get it. I've been on and off 3FC for years, so I was excited to see a thread on the Beck Diet Solution

Gardenerjoy: I understand what you're saying. I'm so grateful that I never stopped exercising once I started. My eating has been a huge mess, but I'm glad that exercise isn't a struggle for me at all. I may be obese, but I've ran a 5k, 10k, 12k and a half marathon, and I've biked a 100k with 5k feet of climbing. I'm excited to be able to bike and run faster and easier once I'm not carrying all this extra weight around.

10-26-2010, 05:41 PM
Hi Beck folks - yesterday I stayed within my food allotments - always grateful for that. At the end of the day I realized I was entitled to eat much more. Now, I could have stopped - but, I was like a little kid thinking ‘if I am entitled, then I WANT it’. Good grief. I can’t say I was hungry…just wanted because I had more calories left. I’ll work on that. I actually do that more often than I’d like to admit.

I did a lot of journaling and working on my Beck tasks. Wrote down plan and my tasks that I aimed to include in my day. I actually looked at the things and made a took notice to what I did and didn’t do.

We had a big storm come through today. Scary wind and tornados and much rain. They were comparing it to other huge storms in history. A friend sent me a link about note worthy ‘cyclonic’ storms in the Great Lakes Region -


The number one incident in recorded history is the weekend of our wedding! (the Ohio Blizzard of 1978) That’s a another story I’ve mentioned. I always say the wedding was an absolute disaster, but, the marriage has worked out well. Awful wedding day then…but, it’s a hilarious story NOW.

Grouse - WELCOME! So glad you found this forum. You will find much support, friendship and wisdom here. It’s OK to say when you are on track with your plan! (It’s OK to say when you are not. )
That’s kind of the beauty of this program and forum. You have a great outlook.

Nuxmaga - glad to see your post. The muscle aches associated with statins is fairly rare, I’ve been told. You would know right away and stop if that happens. Kudo’s for tracking calories and getting in your exercise.

Belovedk - WELCOME!! I agree - I think Dr. Beck is onto many helpful techniques in learning to live with food in a sane manner. In my book, it says that if you are already doing a food plan, it’s OK to do the food plan and the beginning chapters at the same time. Please don’t worry about doing personals right away. Folks do it when it feels right. Also, folks sometimes don’t have time for personals for a while. You just do it as it fits for you.

Minnie Paul - hope you don’t get the s word! Too soon. My sister lived in Minn for ten years. She said - you knew it was going to be a bad day when in the morning the weatherperson says “It’s -23 degrees out and the high today is - 10 degrees”. Your green smoothie sounds good. Hope you find your perfect counter.

Billbe - many credits for NOT eating when you feel pain and are out of sorts. I hope you heal quickly. Take it easy.

Shepardess - oh no…snow! Ugh. Credit for stopping yourself from continuing with the nuts. Excellent that it helped strengthen your reserve in the long run.

Lexxiss - glad you are back to basics. Have a good trip to Denver. I love worms, too. Nice swap. (I had a worm circus when I was little)

Mckt - major credit for figuring out so many things that are challenging you. I know it’s hard…but, you are SO right - it’s important to make yourself a priority. I think remembering to give yourself credit comes only with practice. I agree - there’s no need to rush through each chapter. Take as much time as you need.

Gardener/joy - how fast or slow we lose weight is such a big issue sometimes. Hooray for the new low!!!

10-27-2010, 01:22 AM
Happy Wednesday

Today I made my own schedule form on a spreadsheet. It is a daily sheet and I included a section for me to track my credit, a section to schedule “just for me” time / activities as well as the full daily Ĺ hour increments to be filled in. I believe this will be key in helping me manage my time. Now the true trick will be to follow through and do the tasks on the sheet. Baby steps, I am trying to undo years of bad habits.

BBE - Hope your back is feeling better! Yay for humoring that sabotaging voice….

BelovedK – WELCOME ! i came across this thread in searching for a coach / buddy. I find it a safe place, full of inspiration.

Shepherdess – Yay for still getting yoga and weights in when you had to forgo your run. Darn those dangerous nuts… So easy to go overboard on the calories with them. Good for you for catching the cause of the mindless munching, it sure to bring a good day tomorrow.

Lexxiss – Hope the trip to Denver was a success! Love the name worm McMansion

Gardnerjoy – Congrats on the new low and especially since it is the third one this month. Regardless of the pace it certainly is moving in the right direction.

Grouse – WELCOME! Yay for being back on track and joining us. I hope you will find all the inspiration and motivation to keep you on track.

BeverlyJoy- Glad you are safe and well after the storm. Kudos for all the journaling and work on your tasks. I am all too familiar with the ‘if I am entitled, then I WANT it’ attitude. I think being aware of it certainly gives you opportunity to quiet it.

MinniePaul- You had me cracking up with the visual of the thingamajig credit counter. I too will be on the search for one

10-27-2010, 03:42 AM
So, there was no frozen precipitent in my immediate area. We did have some insane winds, which made my drive a bit more interesting. The winds were the kind where when you're sitting at a stoplight, you can feel the wind rocking your car back and forth (gusting up to 60mph). On the drive home, I ended up going through about 80 miles of really heavy snow and slush. Not a good time. I guess it's time to close my windows and consider turning on the heat. I may even have to retire the flipflops for the year. :(

The day was okay. I had a good meeting that helped me to sort out some things I've been considering for post-graduation. I finished my paper yesterday and now don't have one due till next Monday, which is totally doable. DH and I went to an Italian buffet (red flags and warning sirens should be going off when I get within 100 feet of one of those places). It didn't go too bad. Thank goodness one of the area colleges decided to bring out their entire hockey team. Nothing helps to limit portions like having to snatch a piece of pizza out of the hands of a well-conditioned 19 year old boy. Those guys can seriously eat, which I am thankful for tonight, because it meant less options for me and since they were swarming the buffet, it meant that I didn't have time to talk myself into something I knew I shouldn't be eating. Maybe instead of following the actual sport, I'll just follow the team on it's buffet runs to make eating out more manageable. Do you suppose they publish that schedule anywhere? ;)

BillyBEóGlad t hear your back is feeling a bit better. It is amazing the kind of sabotaging thoughts our brains put together isnít it? Itís almost like they get desperate and start throwing out things that donít even make sense. ďOh sure, you canít exerciseÖwell, uhÖI heard that itís best to overcompensate by eating a little more. And Florida has a fantastic deal on swampland we should consider.Ē I swear my brain is my worst enemy in this whole thing.

Sheperdessóyou have a pretty positive attitude about this whole snow thing. You say you canít believe itís almost November and there hasnít been any snowÖI say itís not even January and already thereís snow. Of course in my world, it wouldnít snow till the end of December and then weíd have sunshine and warmer weather the rest of the year.

LexxissóI hadnít heard of someone who keeps worms inside for eating compost. There must be some kind of special storage on that baby, because I would imagine the smell would be pretty overwhelming as all that stuff starts to decompose. Or am I wrong? Obviously, I have not been a composter.

McKtóIt sounds like you have done a lot of reflecting in the past few days. Credit for writing out concrete ways you can address the major challenges. And if you need a counter that also has a divot tool (whatever thatís used for) and some kind of fancy cleaning brush thingÖI so donít know what Iím talking about, but if youíre looking for a counter that rivals a Swiss Army knife, I know just where you can find one. Iím sure thereís probably a can opener and possibly an espresso machine involved. Who knows? I was overwhelmed just looking at the darn thing. Let me know if you find something that simply counts, or I may have to resort to carrying around dry beans in my pockets and just moving them over to the other pocket to mark creditsÖkind of like an abacus, only not really.

GardenerjoyóCongratulations on the new low! Itís nice when the head and emotions can work together with the body.
GrouseóCredit to you for using affirming language and not giving yourself an ďoutĒ by saying youíre going to try to get back on track this time or something like that. Our words are so powerful.

Beverlyjoyóthe weather seems to have been crazy all over! I hope you and everyone else are okay.

10-27-2010, 05:59 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Again, thanks to all for the well wishes; time seems to have helped the back - not fully recovered, but not in pain. I did my gym, CREDIT moi, albeit with smaller weights so as to avoid tempting the gremlins of back muscles from doing it worse.

Ate on plan, CREDIT moi. I can feel the mounds of Halloween candy lurking everywhere. Each trip to a store seems to find more and more shelf space devoted to HFCS candy. My teeth ache from the visuals.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - It happened again, LOL, your post gives me the earworm, New low, new low, it's off to work we go, from Snow White. Congrats on steady progress.

Shepherdess - Ouch for the seduction of "nuts that were out" - those little buggers are evil. And Ouch that snow interferes with your run.

Beverlyjoy - What a powerful thought, ‘if I am entitled, then I WANT it’ - that covers so many situations, including my difficulty with FREE food. Gonna think about that one. I just love being reminded that you've lived a 32 year marriage despite sharing your wedding day with the Ohio Blizzard of 1978. Glad you can laugh about it now.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - You crack me up with, "because DH ate my dinner" - there's some things about married life that can never be explained, LOL. Yay for early to bed - the day just reaches a point when it's over.

KAM (McKt) - Thanks for sharing your thoughtful analysis, some ideas there that I can use also. Particularly interesting notion that you will do better if you switch diets every few weeks; I haven't heard that idea before and I bet that there are others who would also benefit from that but just haven't thought of it.

MinniePaul - Ouch for winds that shake the car. LOL at sharing an Italian buffet with a hockey team of youngsters. [Methinks you've put your finger on why Dr. Beck has thrown CBT at weight loss, "I swear my brain is my worst enemy in this whole thing." LOL at the Florida swampland analogy; I'll try to keep that one in mind the next time I'm entertaining off-the-all Sabotaging Thoughts.]

grouse - Yep, just revel in it, you're "back on track." Kudos for charging forth into day 15 - let the journey continue.

BelovedK - Yay for getting "little business cards" for your Response Deck. The thought just struck me that I'm more likely to get something done if it's in two steps where the first one is mechanical with no stuff attached to it - like you getting the cards, then writing them.

Don't rush trying to do personals; after reading and posting for a while, the time will just seem right when you'll want to do those. And, it's not like Valentine cards in the fourth grade, you don't have to write personals to everybody. It's easier to start out by just writing one or two.

Readers - day 40
Enrich Your Life

Do It Now

Put aside at least 10 minutes today during which you won't be interrupted or distracted. Then do the following:
...... . .

If you're uncertain of how to go about working toward a goal, ask friends or family for help. Mark on your calendar when you plan to consult with them. Doing so increases the likelihood that you'll go ahead and devise a plan.

...... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 256.

10-27-2010, 06:17 AM
Good morning everyone!!!

(Good to see you Lexxiss :) )

I am down a bit more, closer to my goal. I feel good and optimistic that this is it, I am finally going to get hold of why I keep gaining, and how to gain understanding and the ability to stick with a healthy eating plan. I am also cooking more, which benefts my kids!!

My business cards are index cards cut in half, and I got a little portable box that fits in my purse, so I am readt to go!

So, this thread is to have diet buddys? I am still feeling my way around. I assume it is.

I'm still learning about you guys, I wish you all luck as I begin my rainy day. I had some plans cancel and I am happy. I was overscheduled.


10-27-2010, 10:06 AM
I wasnít hungry for my evening snack yesterday, but convinced myself that if I planned it I must be hungry. I realized later that I had over planned snacks anyways because of a meeting that had messed up my meal schedule. Ouch for not listening to my body.

We got a bit more snow yesterday morning and lots of wind. Luckily, the high winds dried the roads pretty well. I put on my wind gear and headed out for a run. The boys are all up on the mountain again, so I am dog-sitting. I needed to deal with their excess energy.

Iím thinking about all of you who are in the middle of nasty weather and living with tornado warnings. I hope you all are well.

Lexxis, great job working on those Beck basics! Have fun in Denver getting your worm McMansion.

McKt, sorry to hear that youíre struggling, but great job identifying the problems. Itís so tempting to just give up when difficulties arrive. It sounds like youíre taking good steps to dealing with those difficulties.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on another new low. It always helps the motivation to see that dropping number on the scale!

Grouse, yay for being back on track and for having a positive attitude. Iíve found one of the most helpful things about Beck is that she never gives us room to just give up. If you slip, thatís OK, you just keep going.

Beverlyjoy, great job staying within your food allotments. I understand that ďItís on my plan; I have to have itĒ mentality. I guess the answer is to just to continue to pay attention to hunger levels while before eating and pay attention to every bite. Eventually it will come.

MinniePaul, LOL at hockey team keeping you on track at the buffet! Iím not sure Beck thought of fighting for the last slice of pizza with young athletes as a distraction technique. I guess sheíll have to include it in her next book.

BillBE, yay for getting back to the gym and kudos for being careful with your tender back. Yep, canít get away from that Halloween candy. I have a momentary pause in front of the displays before I have to remind myself that we donít get trick-or-treaters so there is no reason to buy candy.

BelovedK, congrats on being a bit closer to your goal. Sounds like you are making good steps and deserve all that optimism. Everyone here is my diet coach/buddy and I do my best to return the favor. You can use this site however it is useful to you.

10-27-2010, 10:12 AM
Hi Coaches,

I had a frustrating few weeks of the scale telling me I was going in the wrong direction, while my skills checklist disagreed. This morning the scale finally decided to get on board with my other successes ! :hyper: That feels great !

But it is a reminder that I have to live this plan every day if I want to maintain my weight. And I do !

I have been enjoying reading all your posts. The struggles you talk about are my struggles too. It helps a lot to hear your creative ideas about how to solve them. :hug:

Windy here in Colorado. Outdoor play has to be limited another day. I'm itching for a long walk with the dogs - maybe tomorrow. :tantrum:

Hope you are all doing well!

10-27-2010, 11:01 AM
Quick check-in. Off to volunteer and then meeting my brother for some NaNoWriMo plotting. Food is planned. Exercise is planned.

WI: -0.4kg (new low), Exercise: +50 1415/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

10-27-2010, 12:13 PM
Finally got my ticker but cannot fiugre out how to update it. Help?


10-27-2010, 12:48 PM
Hi Beckies - Yesterday was a healthy day. I stayed right on my plan for the day. I am grateful for both. My Beck tasks included planning/measuring/logging my food, drinking water, tasting, stretches & strengthening. Also - I ate each meal very slowly taking over 20 minutes. Some credits.

I got on the scale this morning - it’s been a week. Even though Dr. Beck says to only step on the scale once, I had to check three more times. The scale said I’ve lost 4 pounds since last week. :) I’ve got to believe that some of it is water. Whatever….I am doing a happy dance. I am grateful to see that number on the scale.

Mckt - your spreadsheet ideas will help you organize many of your goals. Good thinking. You said - Baby steps, I am trying to undo years of bad habits. This is so true. You are heading in that direction - credit!

Minnie/Paul - ugh - snowy weather - I think the first dose of it makes a person sigh. Who knew that eating with the hockey team could have such a positive effect. Glad the Italian buffet went well.

Billbe - I am glad to hear that your back felt well enough to do a gentle workout at the gym. Good news! Yes…that Halloween candy always amazes me. We give the little cuties in the neighborhood little bags with more stickers, and other Halloween favors than candy. They seem thrilled. DH thinks that not giving candy is sac-religious. One year DH was out of town and I gave the kids a choice of a sticker or a pencil with a silly face eraser. Only one child (older elementary) complained we didn’t give out candy - out of over 100 kids.

Belovedk - I am glad that some of the Beck ideas are falling into place for you. I sometimes think it’s too much busy work. Then I say to myself - “how’s the old way working for ya, Beverly” Many people use the daily discussion thread as a coach - others combine the thread with another person, too.

Shepardess - you said - I wasn’t hungry for my evening snack yesterday, but convinced myself that if I planned it I must be hungry. That could be my middle name! Listening to our body and the need of food is a journey for both of us. More ‘spontaneous exercise’ with the dogs, it seems.

Gardener/joy - have a good day. Credit for all your planning!

Woodland - I am glad the scale said what you knew you deserved to see. Happy dance! It is a journey to be on maintenance - so many people say. I hope you get out with the dogs today.

10-27-2010, 01:42 PM
Good Morning, Becksters,
I am playing hookie today to try and finish applications this week. Tonite I will be watching the hometown team battling the Rangers.
I am down in my weight this morning which makes me feel like the adjustments I made of a little less food were necessary. Going back through my last 8 years of WW journals, I see that it is at this weight that I ALWAYS give up. Is that not incredible that I have not seen the pattern before? Crazy how blind I have been. For nearly a decade, I have been ignoring the information my body gives which is "at 159, you will need to eat less." Instead of adjusting, I gave up after a few weeks of plateau. WOW. So into new territory I forge ahead.
beverlyjoy: congrats on weightloss. It is thrilling.
belovedk: welcome. cooking has been one of the secrets to my success here in the last three months.
mcKt: I don't know how to update either. I just redo every week. Help?
gardenerjoy: i am googling NaNoWriMo. fascinating
shepardess: I love how diligent you are about your food and behavior in the maintaining phase. this, I know is the solution for me when I get there.
BBE: the candy all around is reminding me of the miracle that I am not tempted to eat it. I do not take this for granted.

10-27-2010, 09:37 PM
I thought I'd get to check in earlier but it didn't happen. I'm now in the 5 minute window before dinner. :shrug: Today was a good day. I'm happy when I can plan ahead AND follow through. :cp: We have an "event" tonight-it's Survivor and we always have an OP pizza-it's in the oven, but after that is our first basketball game of the year which means DH will be in rare munchie form. I saved a snack today so I can enjoy pumpkin pie yogurt and diet soda. *credit* for using my resistance muscle earlier when fatigue finally struck and making the decision it was time to cool my jets for the day.

Thanks for being here everyone! I'll be back in the am for personals.

BillBlueEyes, glad to hear you're feeling better! I'm amazed you went to the gym...yet I know it sometimes helps to keep moving.

McKt, both weights can be updated under User CP. The weight under your avatar is updated in your profile, and your ticker is updated when you edit your signature. You just find the old weight and enter the new. I hope that makes sense, if not, someone else will chime in. I think my dinner is ready.

Have a great evening everyone!

10-28-2010, 12:44 AM
Greetings fellow Beck’sters
First and foremost as I am reading all the posts –we have a lot of losers today! Yay!

For me today was an okay day with food. Not bad, but not OP due to the fact I need to get to the grocery store. Tonight is meal planning, tomorrow right after work I am on my way to the market.

I did muster up the courage to get on the scale (actually it is my Wii Fit). I hate that it sort of moans when I step on it, really is a feature to be changed in the next version of Wiii. Anyway after so many days of abandoning my food plan I put on two pounds. I can live with that. So funny how in my mind, prior to stepping on the scale I would have thought it was at least ten pounds! That is how in the past I would convince myself it was hopeless to lose weight.

So here I am recharged, refocused and moving forward with a lovely ticker to track my progress. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

MinniePaul Boo for shaking cars. Here in California shaking cars generally are the result of our earthquakes. Glad you made it home safely. I am thinking for the credit counter I better make mine pebbles or non edible items… I can just see me unable to think because the dried beans in my pocket are calling out to me (similar to whenever there is ice cream in my freezer) apparently it is anything that could be eaten. Then I would pop that nasty unsoaked bean in my mouth, it could be a real choking hazard. hahaha....

BelovedK – Yay for closer to your goal. I loved the biz cards ideas. I even picked up a thin biz card holder so I can have them all in a little book.

Shepherdess– Funny how if we really listened to our body it probably would keep us on track. It’s the silly mind and emotions that trip us up. Anyway at least you thought you were OP.

Woodland – Yay for the scale tipping the right direction. And even more impressive sticking through the plateau, Congratulations! Hopefully you can play outdoors soon. We are having another windy rain storm in Cali as well.

BeverlyJoy – Woo Whoo – It’s just one of those days you can LOVE the scale! Twirls, Twirls!

BBE – So glad you are feeling better. Yay for not using the sore back for a skip the gym excuse. This is exactly why you get to enjoy maintaining your goal. Brace yourself because soon when the shelf space is allotted to the next holiday food item, on Nov 1st there will be tables or displays mounded with almost free Halloween candy. Boo for cheap candy.

Maryann – Your breakthrough is quite exciting, Congratulations! Surely with the knowledge and the adjustment you will move into territory you have not seen in a long time! Triple kudos!

Lexxiss – Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Thanks got the ticker to tick away.


10-28-2010, 02:06 AM
Today was supposed to be one of those days when I was going to get a whole lot of things done. I had the whole evening in front of me with no papers due, so I knew I should be able to get a good amount of things done. But, I got nothing done. Got sucked into the internet time warp and lost an embarassing amount of time. What I am learning about myself is the more unplanned time I have, the less I get done. I'm a procrastinator by nature, so without a deadline, I don't function as well as I could.

Tomorrow is another afternoon with not a lot planned, but I need to do the "arrange my environment" step. So that's one of the big goals for the afternoon.

The wind finally died down. It's still faily cold, but no snow on the ground, so that's good news.

BillyBEóCongrats on getting back into the gym and taking it slow so your back has more time to heal. And Iím sure that Halloween is one of those times when the more skills we have the better (come to think of it, I bet itís now till about January, right?)

BelovedKóGood idea on getting the little box to put your cards in. Iíve struggled with how to keep my response cards with me. It sounds like you found a bit of breathing room in your schedule, glad to hear it.

ShepherdessóI am always impressed by people who exercise outside even when itís cold. (To be honest, at this point, Iím just impressed by people who exercise more than once every six months or so, but thatís another topic.) Have you always been a runner or is it something you started doing with weightloss?

WoodlandóCONGRATULATIONS on the scale success this morning!! Hopefully the weather will be calmer tomorrow so you can get out for a much desired walk.

GardenerjoyóHope you had a good day writing!

BeverlyjoyóCongratulations on the weight lost. And kudos for staying on plan yesterday!

MaryannóCongrats on the breakthrough. Hindsight is always 20/20, glad to hear that youíve made progress in continuing the journey.

LexxissóGood for you for listening to your body and taking a break and also planning to be able to have a snack during the game. I hope itís fun!

McKtóGood point on the beansÖpebbles really might work better. Of course, while you are trying to break that tiny little dried bean down in your mouth, you could be avoiding all kinds of other temptations, right? Probably not. I appreciate your attitude on the weight gain; nice work keeping it in perspective. And it sounds like you are fired up. A fancy new ticker probably helps a little though. ;)

Have a good night!

10-28-2010, 05:52 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Arrrrgh . . . got tangled up with work stuff late and didn't get out for a walk. Oh Well.

Ate as planned, CREDIT moi, but actually, I'm one more week without having made a set of lunches, so yesterday was only an ear of corn and my Man Salad. My body probably missed the protein, but with enough raw veggies it still felt satisfied. I need to get back on track on weekends making some wad of food for my lunches. I'm out of sardines at work since I've eaten them all. OK, my plan for today is to hike out to a food truck and get a lunch to split between today and Friday. At least it's a plan.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - I do like the notion of plotting for NaNoWriMo like preparing for battle. Congrats on (yet another) new low.

Shepherdess - Yay for a pack of dogs with too much energy to keep you moving.

Beverlyjoy - Congrats on your four pounds gone from the scale; did you notice that a bunch of folks all lost this week. Foul weather must be good for weight loss. [Yay for non-candy hand outs for Halloween. When I've suggested that, my grown kids howl that I'd be violating the rights of kid-dom - sorta like your DH, LOL.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for OP pizza! It's always good for everybody to see that a successful diet doesn't have to abandon all favorite treats.

Woodland - Congrats for the scale finally tracking your progress. Winds can make outdoor activity a challenge.

maryann - Kudos for reviewing your weight loss history to understand your diet needs - few people have the accurate records to be able to do that. And Congrats on the San Francisco Giants win of the first game of the World Series - that's a high scoring start to the series. [Appreciate the thought, "I do not take this for granted."]

KAM (McKt) - It is interesting that our Erroneous Thinking can project unrealistic weight gains. Kudos for the simple act of just taking a scale reading, and accepting it as what it is. Glad you fixed your ticker before I had to admit that I've never done one, so can't be of help. [Thanks for the reminder of super cheap after-Halloween candy - think I'll just avoid stores for a few days then.]

MinniePaul - I identify with, "I'm a procrastinator by nature, so without a deadline, I don't function as well as I could." I'm the only person I know who is concerned that, if I go to heaven, I'll never get anything done because there are no deadlines, LOL.

BelovedK - Yay for canceled plans to get a day to right size. Yep, you got it: this thread allows a bunch of us to serve as Diet Buddies and Diet Coaches to each other. If you can get a real life Buddy/Coach also, that's even better. But most of us have settled on this group - whoever's posting at the time.

Readers - day 40
Enrich Your Life

Do It Now

Put aside at least 10 minutes today during which you won't be interrupted or distracted. Then do the following:
...... . .

As you put activities on your calendar, watch for sabotaging thoughts. For example, if your goal is to look for a new job, you might think, What if it doesn't work out? What if I don't like it?" If your goal is to be more sociable, you might have such thoughts as, What if not one wants to spend time with me?

...... . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 256-257.

10-28-2010, 06:02 AM
Hi all :wave

I lost another pound, I know it will fluctuate a bit if I weight every dat, so I won't post a dancing carrot LOL

I had a tough day yesterday with eating, but I stayed OP technically. I was so tired that I didn't feel like cooking. Don't know why I was so tired, but it felt bad. I could've gotten so much done :(

I ended up having more cheese that I should have had, but the scale's down.

10-28-2010, 09:39 AM
I was having one of those days yesterday where I just wanted to snack my way through the afternoon. I didnít. I managed to stick to my plan. Iím not sure where the willpower came from, since I havenít had much recently, but somehow I resisted.

I spent the day waiting for the guy to come fill our propane tank, so I didnít get a chance to exercise. I donít think I could have made myself run in that wind anyways. On the plus side, we have propane and he replace several valves so we are safer.

Woodland, itís always frustrating when the scale doesnít cooperate, and sometimes it just doesnít. My day to day weight is a complete mystery to me, but eventually it works out, if you donít give up on it.

Gardenerjoy, kudos for scheduling exercise and planning food for a busy day.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on 4 lbs down! Itís great to see all your hard work paying off. Great job on another healthy and OP day. I hope the scale is great motivation to keep it up!

Maryann, kudos for breaking old patterns and pushing through the plateau. Itís always easier to give up than to find a solution, but great job doing the work.

Lexxis, great job planning ahead for challenges. Pumpkin pie yogurt sounds like a great treat and will keep that husband-wonít-stop-snacking resentment to a minimum.

McKt, good job doing well when supplies are running low in the kitchen. Yay for having the courage to step on the scale and seeing that things really arenít as bad as you feared.

MinniePaul, I understand how hard it is to get going on a project when there is no deadline. Maybe just breaking things down into small steps would help. I was always overwhelmed with the entirety of the papers. I was a runner before I started Beck and always wondered why I was still carrying more weight than I should have. Iíve since learned that it only takes about 5 minutes to eat back the calories I burned in an hour of running.

BillBE, ouch for work interfering with your walk. Yay for an all veggie lunch that still satisfies.

BelovedK, yay for another lb down! Ouch for being tired and having a tough day, but great job sticking to your plan.

10-28-2010, 01:14 PM
Today's challenge is being home alone most of the day. That doesn't happen very often and used to be an excuse to eat what ever I wanted. But, I have a plan and don't anticipate any problem just following it. Plus, I have lots of distractions. My book group meets tonight for the first time since I took charge. We're expecting our first freeze tonight and I have some plants that need attention. NaNoWriMo starts in 4 days! And then all the rest of the stuff that I normally do. Plenty to keep me out of trouble.

WI: +0.45kg, Exercise: +30 1445/1800 minutes for October, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BeverlyJoy: yay for seeing your effort show up on the scale!

maryann: good job spotting the pattern and, now that you see it, not falling into that trap again. So exciting to forge into new territory!

Lexxiss: Sounds like a great plan for Survivor and basketball.

McKt: yay for getting an accurate assessment. That's a really great illustration of Beck's argument to weigh regularly.

MinniePaul: I've been working through time management issues, too. Somehow it seems related -- if I can plan food and lose weight, maybe I can get similar good results from planning my day. I'm having some successes and some failures. Just like working with Beck, I get better but it takes time and experimentation. Persistence is key.

BillBlueEyes: Yay for a plan for Thursday and Friday--and a plan to put things aright over the weekend.

BelovedK: good job staying on track through fatigue.

Shepherdess: way to go resisting the grazing behavior while in waiting mode -- that's a tricky situation for me, too.

10-28-2010, 01:54 PM
Hi folks - yesterday was a healthy today - always grateful for that. I planned and logged my food and water. I again was able to extend my meals to over 20 minutes. In fact - I actually felt full yesterday at lunch and didn't eat it all. Not only is that a credit...but, a major miracle.

Tonight is trick or treat in our community. I've made up the goodie bags (stickers, sf gum, rings, halloween straws, candy and tatoo's) for our special little ones on our street (nine of them). Once a preschool teacher always a preschool teacher in my heart - even though it's been twenty years. I got candy to pass out I don't care about (sweet tarts and skittles). - the last kids at our door will get 'the rest'. Although, DH may probably save a few for himself.

Tomorrow we are going to visit our family - I can't wait to see my DGS!! He always makes me smile. Sunday is his trick or treat night...should be fun. I am going to read the going out town response card and that chapter a couple of times. I'll stay with my exchanges while I am there - and allow an extra 300 calories/3exchanges approximately. This approach has worked in the past.

This morning I saw the wonderful therapist that I saw when all the crazy health stuff started. We talked about the latest chapter of injuring my foot (formerly known as the good foot). It was helpful.

I'll try to get back later for personals, if I can.

Have a GREAT day.