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10-26-2002, 10:03 AM

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.


10-26-2002, 10:10 AM
Good morning chickies
We needed a new thread so I did it.
I am off today so I am going into the coffee shop and do my shopping for food.
DH and I are going into town to dinner and maybe a movie don't know what yet

Thanks for sll the suggestions for his bd
he doesn't hunt or fish. I am planning on taking him out to eat. and maybe then:D

Thats the perfect present you know. Free and easy.

well I better run and eat breakfast and grab a shower.
try to chat tonight

10-26-2002, 01:59 PM
Woooo Hooooo! Mary started our new thread for us! Well, I DID NOT have a good time in the rain last night!! :no: I wish this smilie had a very unhappy face under the umbrella, because it would be me. :rain: Qualifying was rained out............dang..... dang..........DANG! :censored: I did get to see the Goody's Dash 150, which was a different series of racers (I didn't have a clue who any of them were) but they really raced their hearts out on the inside oval of the track and it was really neat! I have come to discover, that even though it is not near as fun as watching Tony race.........I just love racing. Period. There is just something about the growl of the motor and the way it jars your insides and the smell of the fuel.......ok, I know. I've got it BAD!!

I would also like to report that there were SEVERAL Tony fans there, which always makes me quite happy. I love seeing other Tony fans......you automatically have a bond with someone who is a complete stranger. Can be good.....can be bad, depending on the person. :yikes:

I am also VERY HAPPY to report that I stayed OP the whole day! We stopped and ate twice.....once at Subway (I had a turkey and ham sub w/lettuce, onions & lite mayo)(6 pts.), a bag of WOW potato chips (2pts) and a diet coke. 8 points total
On the way back, we stopped at Wendys. I had a small chilli (4 pts) and a grilled chicken sandwich. (6 pts) 10 points total
So.....in short, my whole trip only cost me 18 points and I had only eaten 10 earlier that day for lunch and breakfast. Being able to stay OP, especially when everyone else in the car (that would have been dh, friend Kim, friend Teresa and ds, Trey) is eating like a bunch of piggies, :ink: really makes me feel so strong!!
Was I tempted? :yes: Did I give in to that evil voice? :no: All kidding aside, it is horrible when your dh is sitting beside you in the front seat, shoving in a double cheeseburger, (no, not a big & tasty) large fries and drinking a FROSTY.....and your friends in the backseat are eating chicken sandwiches, fries and frosties. Your body, your mind, your taste buds and evil thinking says, "Oooh, I want some of that. I'm just going to eat it and get back on track tomorrow." But you know what girls? Sometimes, there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow turns into tomorrow. Then tomorrow turns into next week and so on and so forth and before you know it........you've gained and lost the same 20 pounds back AGAIN! How hard you work to lose the weight and how easy it is to put it right back on. If losing weight were as easy as gaining or vice versa, no one would be overweight.

Ok, I'm off of my :soap: now. Sometimes I just get a little wound up. :flow2: Are we still chatting tonight? Someone let me know so I can get my hind end in here at the right time! A big :grouphug: to all my family and I hope you are all doing well. See you tonight I hope!

10-26-2002, 02:55 PM
:cry: :mad: I :cry: can't chat :cry: tonight!!!!!

BUT, you could all talk about how to get me that :flame: :strong: man!!!!! In case, you need a topic!!!!!

10-26-2002, 03:42 PM
Okay everyone.... chat is tonight ... and the topic is gossip about Luckylady. :lol: :s: Come joiin in on the fun. LOL

Kat... I have sent Baylee an email. I don't have her home phone number or address. Maybe SaraJoy has it for Christmas cards. Sara.... if you do ... please send Baylee a note and tell her how much we miss her. If I hear back from her.. I will let everyone know she is okay. Hopefully she is reading this right now and will know we are trying to reach out to her.

Tina... you poor wet rag. Rain and no Tony. :( Well, I am glad you still enjoyed the other races ... and I am ecstatic that you stayed on program. WAY TO GO !!!! Like you said ... tomorrow can last the rest of your life if you don't take a stand one day. I am soooooo PROUD of you !!!!!

I am babysitting today. My daughter in law is NOT going like it.
She wanted my son to have to take care of the kids alone while she went out of town for the day. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I baby sit for her to do her thing... but she did NOT want me to babysit for my son to do his. :rolleyes: Oh well... they will have to battle this one out.

I have got tons to do so I better get out of here. I just got them down for a nap... and unlike Kat... I came here first. :lol: Now I have to go clean up the messes made from my little darlings. :wave:

joe anne
10-26-2002, 06:35 PM
Hi Grannie39074, QueenB, LuckyLadyBug, 2cute2Bfat
I was just stopping in to see how you all are doing and it looks well. I've had such a hard summer, so much sadness, but I thank you for your prayers, it really helped me thru.
I've started back to walking and it feels great, although I haven't lost any weight I know I am not gaining, at least thats whats the scale at my TOPS group says.
Well friends I pray for your continued successes and I will see you all lighter.:yes:

10-26-2002, 07:55 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: I've been watching the clock for 8:00 to roll around. Watch, it will actually come 8:00 and I won't be able to get here. That would be the story of my life. Anyway, I was just in the chat room and I didn't see a room with our name on it. When you name one, is it permanent, or does somebody have to start a room every time? What do I know? NOTHING!!!!

Joe Anne: It's so good to see you. I hope you'll be back to regular posting, we missed you. The last time you were here you were going through alot of losses. I hope your life has resumed a little normalcy. [[[hugs]]]]

Ok, I'll see if I can wait an hour to see what happens here.

10-26-2002, 08:15 PM
Whoo Hoo I'm feeling better. Maybe the cold has gone away ... again. (For Good!!!!) I saw a commercial yesterday for a new cold med. The name started with a Z. It's nasal swabs you use as soon as you start to feel a cold beginning. I looked for it today on my first, and maybre last visit to the new "Targee" (Target). They didn't have the meds. The larger size clothes were for teenagers and there was so much air freshener, potpourri wafting through the store it gave me a migraine. Too bad cause the housewares department looked like a great place. Anyway I'll keep a look out for the name of this stuff and share it with you.

So TINA, when is the real race? Tomorrow without qualifying or next weekend? You handled the day like a WW Pro.

I went to the turkey farm today to get a nice fresh, rolled breast to roast. DAMN! They were all frozen. I really wanted it for dinner tonight but I hate to thaw meat in the microwave so now I hope it'll be thawed, in the fridge, by tomorrow.

It's rained here all day so I got most of my chores done. Just the last of the laundry and vacuuming left for tomorrow. Man I realy was looking forward to turkey for dinner tonight. Guess I'll just have salad and a lean cuisine.

DON'T FORGET TO TURN BACK YOUR CLOCKS TONIGHT....An extra hour of Z's if we're lucky!

10-26-2002, 10:53 PM
Just wanted to say we missed everyone who didn't make it to chat. We had a fun time. Tina.... you said you were going to be there.... we missed you. Lucky... you have no idea what YOU MISSED. :yikes: But they made me promise not to tell. :p

10-27-2002, 02:36 AM

I missed you guys....I was drinking with my Jr high prom date!!!!!! Too bad he is happily married....

What did you talk about?????? I want the whole scoop.

10-27-2002, 07:02 AM
Sorry Lucky..but you had to be there! All I can say is 2Cute....poor GrannyC!! LOL

And MISS TINA....you told a fib to us...YOU said that YOU would be there 'cause there was NO movie and NO BIG & TASTY! What happend to ya girlfriend! IT better be good!!

TTFN Michelle

10-27-2002, 07:54 AM
Here it is in a nutshell...

We talked about you...we got a pumpkin bread recipe...talked about you some more...talked about Tina, cuz she didn't show up...talked about you after that...totally dissed a nice person looking to chat...blamed it on you...wondered where Baylee is...talked about you some more... told some secrets, but there will be "grave" consequences if I divulge them...talked about you one more time and called it a night. It was fun! Guess you had to be there!

Michelle! Where the heck is Andrew? I KNOW he's a cherub and all, but I miss his sweet little face!

So Sara...dancin' queen...did you have fun?

Mary...The ONLY Granny for us!! :lol: I think we need to comb the boards to look for grannyc and apologize!

I'm confused...the computer clock says 7:00, but I have a feeling it's 8...what the heck am I doing up so early anyway?

Must get more coffee, figure out what time it is...

10-27-2002, 08:19 AM
All righty then!

I have re-oriented myself to time and place...and refilled my coffee cup...now I'm operating on all four cylinders( a little car humor for the missing Tina!) I should have known the computer would have the right time. Ooh! That means I DIDN"T get up too late for AquaRun!!! God I hope those perverted old men arent there...this will be my LAST class with them if they are. Maybe I'll take the 8:30 kickbox class instead...that way I can shower when I get home. I don't consider myself a prude by any means, but they are a little too free and easy over there in that locker room! People walking around uncovered that have no business doing so!! :yikes: Not me, baby...I've even gone into the handicapped shower for privacy...it's a nice room, all enclosed, with a door, so you can dress in there and you don't have to parade through the locker room from the shower to your locker and dress with people all around you...

Yeah, I have issues...

I guess I'd better go before I talk myself out of it.

I'll catch you ALL later...

10-27-2002, 09:57 AM
Oh, Kat, dredging up all those high school locker room visuals for me!!!!!!

Were the perverts there?????

10-27-2002, 11:03 AM
Kat...that was the closest I could come to an ANGEL that I am! I got my christmas present early again this year. Its a digital camera...I have to take a new pic of Andrew cause that other one was a year old. I'll try and work on that one today...

This morning I dragged my $500 sewing machine out of the closet and literally had to dust it off. I sewed one of John's old flannel shirts to a pair of old jeans. We are going to stuff it and make a scarecrow. We got a painted pumpkin yesterday for the head. John is going to get a bail of hay to sit it on and some cornstalks. Gotta do some decorating now that the boy is getting older.

I need to go finish doing chores first. I already did dishes, cleaned off the kitchen table, folded a load of clothes, put away another load of clothes I folded last night, washed, dressed and fed the boy and washed, dressed and fed me! Now I have to strip the beds, change the sheets, pick up the toys, clean off the coffee table...its got sticky stuff all over it! Eeeeewwwwww! And I need to sweep and mop the floors. Then I can come back and play!

Till then...TTFN Michelle

10-27-2002, 11:57 AM
Michelle..."And on the seventh day, He rested..."
...obviously, He wasn't a MOM! (no offense, God!)

I opted for the Kickboxing class. Never took it at this gym, but I have taken it before. I'm sure the instructor took one look at me and thought..."Uh oh...hope my CPR skills are up to snuff!" She did come over and ask me if I had any experience with this, I assured her that I did. She stressed the vigorous nature of the workout and told me that I could modify the moves to suit my own level of fitness. Okay, honey...thanks! I think that she was very surprised at how well I could keep up. Don't judge a (BIG) book by it's cover! What a great workout, though...I was pouring sweat, but not in a bad way. No CPR necessary!

It's a gorgeous day here...sunny and cold...we're going to carve our pumpkins today and get some yard work and Halloween decorating done.

Going to get some breakfast first...see you later, chickies!

10-27-2002, 12:03 PM
First of all, :drill: I have a very good reason for not being in chat. I didn't know what time it was supossed to be happening. :lol: Actually, although that is true, that is not the reason I missed. My Mom called me about 7:30 and said that her car had just died and she was stuck on the side of the road.............45 miles away! :yikes: I wasn't exactly sure where she was at, so it took me a little while to find her and then when I did, I had to take her all the way home and listen to my Dad and her fight and argue about whose fault it was that the car tore up. :stress: Cannot even tell you how stressful that was. Anyways, by the time I got out of that little slice of ****, it was nearly 10:15 and I didn't have the energy or frame of mind to even turn the computer on, so I just gave up and went to bed. :tired: I was very dissapointed, I must say. I was really looking forward to talking to you gals. Sounds like you had a great time!! Do you think we could have it maybe one day this week in the evening? Let me know!

Anyways, I know this has been short, but I'm on the computer at work and I've been on this thing for quite awhile and I'd hate to get hit in the head, so I'll go for now and catch up with you chickies later! :grouphug: to all!

10-27-2002, 12:44 PM
Hi guys....
I wish it were a beautiful day here. It is raining cats and dogs. :rain:
I got all settled down to write you guys a longggggg post... but after reading how productive Michelle has been AGAIN... I am shamed into cleaning the house.

Kat... you are just too funny. :lol:
I know what you mean about "bareing it all" in those locker rooms. :yikes: Even if I were skinny I couldn't go all naturale.:no:
Don't get me wrong... I know they say the human body is beautiful... BUT ... they haven't seen some of the bodies I've seen. :eek: And God help them... they Don't want to see mine. :lol:

Tina... you are forgiven for missing last night. You were an angel to go help your mom. :angel:

Michelle... I had to laugh that you got out your $500 sewing machine to make $3.00 scare crow. LOL. I seldom use my sewing machine but I am sure glad I have it. I will NEVER get my moneys worth out of it though. :^:

Lucky... as much as we love you.... our little chat will go to our "graves" with us. It is a "Top secret". :sssh:

kat... I did write GrannyC a nice apology letter... then searched for her on the site... but could only find our sweet grannie. I have saved the letter in case I do find her in the next couple of days. I don't understand why "search" could not find her.

Okay... no more time for some juicey topics... Michelle has shamed me into cleaning my house. Love you all...

10-27-2002, 12:52 PM
I had to come back. I misspelled juicy. :o
Another secret about me is when I was in a spelling bee in grade school I lost out misspelling juicy... LOL. I STILL don't know how to spell it. LOL
Now I don't know if I spelled misspelled correct. :dizzy: Oh well... you know what I mean. LOL

10-27-2002, 01:42 PM
I am so talented I SCARE myself!! I have to say that my scarecrow came out pretty good for the first time making one! He took on human form as I stuffed and stuffed him with newspaper!! He was sitting on the floor against the coffee table facing the tv and a couple of times I jumped as I was walking around picking things up and putting things away going from room to room. I wasn't expecting someone sitting on my living room floor since John and Andrew were both outside! And to boot...this guy was headless!!

I still have tons of stuff to do...I made john and andrew lunch so I snuck in here for a break while my healthy choice is in the nuker! I am going to try and shrink down a pic of Andrew. I haven't figured out how to do it yet. So when I do....beware...you may be sick of my pics! I love my camera. I have to get a spare set of batteries. Mine are charging now...they ran out before I could get a pic of the scarecrow.

2Cute...my ex bought me the sewing machine for Christmas the year before I left him. I use it to make quilts...so I have more than gotten HIS money's worth out of that machine already! I love to make quilts but I hate to sew. Quilting isn't sewing...its creating!!

Kat ain't that the truth...a mother's job is never done...even on Sunday!! I feel like I did dishes 3 times already today...in fact...I DID DO DISHES 3 TIMES TODAY!

Tina...your parents sound like MINE....my father always has to be arguing with someone! Especially my mother! She just sits there and lets it go in one ear and out the other. After 44 years she finally learned not to respond to him! Me on the other hand...I have to tell him like it is! I can usually chat during the week around 8pm if anyone else is game! I don't think we have anything going on during the week. The only thing that would be is if John's dad calls us to go to dinner and that would be on Thursday night. NOt sure if its our turn or not this time!

Anyways....I will be back, still have stuff to do and need to eat my lunch!!

More of you best come out and post today!!

TTFN MIchelle

10-27-2002, 01:49 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: Hope you are all rested and have switched the clocks. I have one in my bedroom that receives a satelite signal so it was changed for me this morning. That helped me figure out where I was (Kat)!!!

I need to figure out what I'm making for my WW meeting tomorrow. We're all bringing recipes to try. And then I'm bringing the recipes back here to type up and put into a booklet for the two Monday morning classes. Gosh, I think I told you all that before, sorry. Anyway, not sure what I'm making yet.

Chatting was fun last night. I sure hope I can get in to do it again. My evenings are just usually tied up. And I know all of you are busy working during the day. So just set something up wherever you can and I'll try and join you.

J-ann: Glad you're feeling better. Too bad about the turkey being frozen. I hope you're able to get it cooked up today.

LuckyLadyBug: You missed it, girlfriend. You told us to talk about you, and boy did we!!! :D I can't believe you chose your prom date over us! I think maybe you should be telling us what YOU were talking about. :o

Katrina: Nice rendition of the 'chat'. That about sums it up!!!

Michelle: I missed the pic of Andrew too. Better get that camera going.

Tina: Ok, rescuing mothers is a GOOD excuse. I have had to do that more often than I can tell you. But, you didn't have to stay for their arguement. You could've just dropped her and RAN!!! :) During the week is ok, but what time. Usually 8:00 is when the good TV starts. Especially on Thursday: SURVIVOR!!!!

2cute: Should have figured you'd try to find Grannyc. :eek: At times when I've gone into the chatroom I've asked if people are regulars to the site and they say no, they just come here to chat. I don't know what that's about. Oh well. Think of it this way.....we'll probably never see her again. BTW, I checked this morning and apparently our chatroom from last night is not permanent because it wasn't there today.

Gotta run. I really need to go cut down the black eyed susans and get some other yard work stuff done since the sun is shining. See you all later.

10-27-2002, 02:20 PM
Weeknights @ 8:00 are usually always good for me...I can play for about 1/2 hour or so before I need to nap...

BTW, Thin...that's what VCRs are for! We always tape Survivor...then we can zip through the commercials so we don't have to chew our nails down to the quick waiting to see who gets booted!

10-27-2002, 02:48 PM
Geeeesshh!! It took me forever and I had to download a program to change the size of the pic. I don't know if I have one on my computer already or not...but I can only use this one for 30 days then have to buy it or lose it...but...they have others too! Anyways....AIN'T HE ADORABLE! LOL~! That's not the greatest pic but it will do for now!

When my batteries are charged I will do the scarecrow!

OK back to house work and laundry for me! Need to put the clean sheets on the beds so we can go to nightly night tonight!

I'll be back!!

10-27-2002, 03:58 PM
Ohhhh, Michelle....he is a little cutie!!! Looks like such a "big boy" compared to the other pic! Please give him a kiss for me!

Love, Auntie Kat

10-27-2002, 04:17 PM
Thanks Kat...he thinks he is such a big boy...helping himself to whatever he wants in the fridge. He now has his own mind and I ain't too fond of it lately!! LOL

10-27-2002, 04:42 PM
Two, huh?

ah yes. I remember it well...

10-27-2002, 05:12 PM
Michelle: I love the new picture of Andrew. What a sweetie!

Katrina: Yes, I know all about VCR's. With this season's decent shows we generally have one taping in the family room AND in the office and we're watching a third show regular on the TV. :yikes: We are definately governed by our TV. It's a terrible way to live!

Tina: Bet you're glad the race finally started. That rain delay is the pitts.

I think I'm gonna run outside and take care of those black eyed susans. I haven't done a dang thing today except Fast Forward through taped shows and napped on the couch. :^: See ya later.

10-27-2002, 05:40 PM
Oh Michelle....what a sweet heart your son is. He difinitely looks older from before. I have decided I am either going to ask for a scanner or a digital camera for xmas so maybe I will post some pics of my darling grandbabies. :D I promise not to overdo. :lol:

I don't my whole house clean.. but I did get laundry put away and my bedroom nice and pretty again. Next is the master bath.
My darling hubby made me lunch today. I was hard at work in the bedroom and I could smell the fireplace going so I grabbed some reading material and went to sit with him by the fire.... Lo and behold... there was no fire. Hmmm :chin: I could not figure out what smelled soooo good. Then I realized the back door was open and he was burning wood in the chimanea. Ahhhhh... it smells sooooooo good. Unfortunately... he wouldn't snuggle with me to keep me warm with the door open. :( In the good ole days he couldn't keep his hands off me... now ... I only see his hands stealing the covers. :lol:

Got to go. Blame Michelle for me having to go clean.
I'm sending good vibes your way. :goodvibes:

10-27-2002, 05:53 PM
I promise I won't haunt you all with pics! This one is Andrew and Daddy at the Harvest Festival yesterday!

10-27-2002, 06:59 PM
Andrew is SOSOOOOSOSOSOSOSOSO cute....Keep those pictures coming!!!!

Hmmmm maybe I should print them and make my own "Andrew" scrap book!!!!! :lol:

Aunt Lucky (trying to get lucky)

I went to my uncles 90th birthday party today and ran into two old boyfriends....once again, happily married! Good for them, not for me! :cry:

10-27-2002, 09:02 PM
Phewwww...I can't wait to hit the hay tonight! The laundry is all washed, dried, folded/hung, and put away. The beds all have clean sheets on them, the dinner dishes are done, the lunches are ready for tomorrow, the clothes are ready for tomorrow, the baths/showers are all done, the dog is fed, the toys are picked up the coffee table is wiped down...I can lay my head to rest now! Then get up in the morning and start all over again!

I plan to do my 15 minutes in each room and then hit the books all week.

Lucky...Aunt Lucky...will get Lucky!! Wait and see!

2Cute I would go for the camera....less work to get the pic on the screen. They come with a cord that plugs into the camera and into the computer and walaaaa...click the mouse and the pics are saved to your computer. The scanning always takes so much time and brains to figure out! I love my camera! I have all the pics I took and loaded onto the computer as my screensaver...it floats from picture to picture. I even have the pic of Andrew in his costume as the wallpaper on my screen. It is so EASY to do from the camera.

Thin I envy you...lounging on the couch. I haven't been able to do that since before Andrew was born...and thats been over 2 years already!!

Kat I can't wait for you to meet him...he is a little devil lately but basically a good kid! He has been easy up till recently. No problems with teething or being sick.

Oh Tina...I saw your boy on tv talking today...can you say 4th place? Well at least thats what I thought it said!! I could be wrong..I wasn't following it....just scanning through the channels and caught him on!

Hey J-Ann and Joanne...and Mary...and everyone else who isn't posting today!

I'm gonna go lounge on the bed and watch tv for probably all of 2 minutes before I crash!

TTFN Michelle

10-27-2002, 10:00 PM
Do not post here! Instead, come and join us and all our friends at 300+ And Ready To Try Again......#233