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09-29-2010, 10:30 PM
Been there done alot so now time to try out eDiets.

I started out in 5/4 with Diet-2-Go for about 10 weeks and lost 19 first month and then about 5 the next 5 weeks. I was on the Low Carb plan so after 10 weeks my body desperately needed a change. So I switched to Biggest Loser Meal Plan under Bistro MD. Plan was great did it for 5 weeks and then on 8/18 was told that weeks shipment was the last shipment of Biggest Loser Meal Plan under BistroMD. Stuck around to try the full BistroMD plan and it was good as before no complain other than after about 7 weeks did not see alot of food rotations. I was hopeing after doing the full Plan that the variety would change. Long story short in the 12 weeks with them lost about 4 first month and I think another 4 1/2 the next month.

So time for another change and decided to try again the Biggest Loser Meal Plan but this time wiith eDiets. So here I am doing research to start the ordering process and start out after my final box gets delivered by Bistro...funy as I type this I just got my FedEx tracking # from them and it is slated to arrive on Fri :)

So if anyone is currently on the program please share your thoughts. Good or Bad. Either you are doing the BLMP with eDiets or just the regular eDiet plans. I plan on ordering this week to start out in the next week or two. I may take a week break between the two programs because of compnay that I will have in town for a week. Wish me luck.

By the way here is the URL for their new program

09-30-2010, 10:52 AM
Glad you started this Tzoavva! :)

I'm very leery of the customer service experience I had in signing up, but I am hoping the food makes up for all of that. It looks delicious. I will be getting my first order the week of October 11th. I will tell you that the rep I spoke to said that it's not a good idea to let the food freeze (they claimed that this was the reason they don't use dry ice). I asked her if they could throw in some extra gel packs since I am nervous about not using dry ice for ground service food delivery, and she said they won't do that because they do not want the food to freeze. Just letting you know this because the food may not taste so hot once it's been frozen, if she is correct (I know you said you might be freezing your first week). You can pick the day and week it is delivered. I had mine put off for that reason (because I have too much food stockpiled right now).

Anyway fingers crossed! If things don't work out, I will just head back to Bistro (I love their customer service, and will really miss Jessica, Adrian and Darlene). I hope I made the right decision. I guess I will know soon enough! :)

Editing to say that I just got my last Bistro shipment, and everything is absolutely identical to what I got last week expect for a Shrimp bowl, and a chili (and one meal's plastic was torn and exposed to air so I threw it out). Depressing to say the least. That's 6 weeks of the same food again and again and again. What a waste of money. I was so hoping this last shipment would at least have some variety to get me through. Ugh....

Getting a little spooked.....I wish I had read this first. Well I already placed my first order, but I echo what they are saying about customer service. In fact it scared me so much so that I nearly canceled when I was on the phone with them. I'm not going to go into all the details, but trust me, it was bizarre. Now I'm worried. Darn I wish Bistro had the newer foods now instead of later. Shoot. I hope others currently on eDiets can share some perspective on this. Biggest Loser is so new through eDiets that I can't find a thing online when it comes to reviews, however it is the same company that these people are referring to in the link. Please tell me you are having no problems and that they don't keep charging your card after you cancel etc. Boy do I have all the luck. Awww man. I am seeing a lot of cooking in my near future. I don't know whether to laugh or scream.

10-01-2010, 08:35 AM
Lisa thanks for posting Link I have read some past reviews about ediets and their customer service aspect always comes up. So I am not expectinig alot. Since I need a one week gap from Bistro to ediets (due to out of town guests) I am thinking it is wise to order it now and get it and freeze it. This way if it doesn't come I can make alternate plans and in tiime to start up the week of the 18th.

The one good thing I do with online purchases I generate a one time Credit Card # from my Credit Card (excellent feature they have). This way I specify how much exactly he can charge. Once the make the initial charge to that # only that same company can recharge the account if I have released funds. So if things don't work out I can cancell the one time # as well as cancell with lets say ediets. Even if they try to charge me they will not if I close the one time account. This feature my credit card company has is great, you may want to check with yours as well.

Anyway off I go to read the rest of the reviews.

10-01-2010, 09:00 AM
For all those considering this diet, you may want to read their Better Business Bureau (unfortuantely cannot post links yet), but the company is based out of Fort Lauderdale FL. They get a "D" rating:( Seems there are hundreds of complaints against them from food not being fresh (veggies limp and brown and meat tough and gross).

Hope this helps.

10-01-2010, 10:06 AM
Thank you both so much for the additional information. Actually I think I know what you are talking about Tzoavva. My BOFA has something like that, but I never signed up for it (should have....will look into it now). Darn, I wish I had seen all of this before I signed up. I knew there were some customer service issues, but not to the extent I am seeing now (and yesterday was crazy crazy crazy with them)! Nobody can answer a simple question, and then they all give these canned answers that differ from each other! My head was spinning. To be totally honest, I got so spooked that I canceled this morning. My gut feeling was to run and never look back. I kept trying to fight that feeling I was getting (and that was just from my own experience before reading all of this), but now I am full on freaked out here. I emailed them and gave them complete feedback on what I experienced with their reps yesterday, and asked that my order be canceled (its two weeks out anyway). If the people are right at Epinions.Com, I may not be able to stop the shipment or the billing even though it was not to be delivered for two weeks. I see that they have already placed an authorization against my card that shows as temporary right now.


So frustrated.. :(

I asked if Darlene could drop me a line when they get their new foods in at Bistro because I love love love their customer service. I hated leaving them. They are so sweet and so helpful and the food is good (just not the same food week in and week out). I guess I will have to figure something else out for a while until Bistro gets in more variety.


10-01-2010, 10:14 AM
As Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters....Mother Pusbucket!!!!!

216 complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post the link for you before I go hang myself.....

Why would NBC place their reputation in these peoples hands? Bistro was such a class act! Wow! I have a feeling that NBC will be making yet another change this time next year.....

10-01-2010, 11:29 AM
This quote is from Ediets:

"Customers must read and understand the terms and conditions of membership, which are prominently displayed in the sales funnel. Customers must affirmatively agree to the company's terms prior to purchasing a membership with ediets. Membership may be canceled at any time, however cancellation will become effective at the end of the Billing Period in which you call or email to cancel. If you cancel your membership before the end of the third 28-day billing cycle, an early termination fee of $25.00 will be charged."

10-01-2010, 11:34 AM
Yeah I saw that in the fine print after I spent 15 minutes trying to find an email address for them. Talk about strong arming a customer! I suppose Vinnie will be showing up at my door any moment with some rope and handcuffs.....

BIG mistake on my part...BIG....HUGE.......(shaking my head in disgust).....

10-02-2010, 12:21 AM
Lisa did you sign up for the Biggest Loser Meal Plan with ediets or just the regular program. Even though ediets is the supplier keep in mind the agreement under Bigges Loser Meal Plan may be different. I just read the agreement and the only thing it says is he first week is not refundable and there isi no 25$ charge for early termination. I am goiing to give them a shot and see how it goes. Since I was planning to do one week and put a hold for one week and then start again this will work out great. If the order that comes in isi so bad I will just cancell completely since my card will be a one time card I can restrict the funds and will see how it goes. I will see if I still have time order for next week delivery.

I know I must be crazy to give them a try but I figure it is worth a shot to get my own opiniioin either good or bad. I know there are alot of bad reviews but I also have read several good ones as well (deffinately less for sure). I figure if NBC dropped Bistro and went with them they have to have some good agreement in place. We will see.

10-02-2010, 12:53 AM
update just called them and asked what their cancelatiion policy is. Lady said 4 weeks minimum if you cancell before that there is a $99 fee/penalty I said no thanks and hung up. Sorry 99 to cancell after one week if I find out it sucks is not kosher with me. That so sucks.

10-02-2010, 09:37 AM
I hear you Tzoavva. I am actually very upset over all of this. First of all, the disclaimers they have with the hidden fees, and stuff like that are not easy to find. I don't know where their supposed "sales funnel" is, but if they wanted us to know these policies, they should display them in big bold letters, just as they do their menu and all the other things that pertain to their program! I went to their biggest loser site, and its almost like a maze that just keeps circling around and around again. It was not even easy to find an email address for crying out loud (and I do a lot of shopping online)! I did not sign up through the site. I used the telephone number provided and never received an email confirmation or anything from them. I had to go searching for an email address. I finally clicked on a tiny link at the very bottom of the page that most do not even see or bother with as it shows the web designers link, and so forth in very tiny print. There and only there, do you get the real story (I must admit I looked and looked and saw nothing about a $99 cancellation fee with a four week minimum)! I looked under terms, and saw nothing there about this! I was dying reading what you wrote just now because I asked the nutty rep I spoke to about cancellations, and she said that I just needed to do so before the cut off date for the following week. She never told me that there was a four week minimum ever!

She never mentioned a cancellation fee! I've heard rumblings of a $25.00 fee, but $99.00 with a four week minimum! My God! To be honest, this is the first I have heard of THAT! I went back to read the fine print again, and still I do not see this anywhere. I did see the nasty bit about your first week not being refundable, but what you have shared is spooky. Did you get that from an eDiets rep or from a Biggest Loser rep (same company but they are running their programs differently)? I can't believe that NBC would be cool with such unorthodox, heavy handed, sleazy dealings like these with a company associated with their name, and a program they feature on television! This is pure sleaze here. I feel so dirty from all of this, that I need to take another shower here!

I've been trying to cancel my membership since Thursday evening. They are not returning any of my emails telling them to please cancel, and the wait times on hold have been nuts. The links they send you for live chat are a scam. Nobody is ever there to do live chat!

What a freaking nightmare!

Incredibly disappointed and horrified. :(

Editing to say that I just spoke to a supervisor who was sorry for everything I have gone through, and promises to cancel me out, and that I will receive no fees or anything. He says that my authorization should be temporary only, and that my card will not be hard charged. I guess time will tell, but it scares me that I ever gave it to them to begin with. The whole thing creeps me out now.

He did mention that $99.00 fee thing you brought up when I broached the subject of scary fees and things that made me uncomfortable that I had read about online from former members. He said that the $99.00 fee would not have applied to me anyway because I did not get 15% off (I had no idea there was a bigger discount available). He said that I would have had to be on some 15% off thing with a four week minimum. All sounds Greek to me. Too much confusion. At least I have him to go to if they do end up charging me something. What a bloody mess.......

I will have to wing it a bit until Bistro gets in some new foods. I may do a week here and there of Jenny Craig or Diet To Go's Low Carb only (not so hot about their fat free plan) to pass some time. There are some meals I loved on Jenny, but they are the frozen meals only (hate that Nasa food). I could live on JC's delicious French Toast With berries or their Chicken Fajita's that you stir fry in a pan.

I am totally getting a chocolate bar today! Either that or a large creamy Starbucks Frappe! Momma mia......

Oy veys mir!!!! :rolleyes:

10-02-2010, 11:31 AM
Lisa I actually called up last night believe it or not before i posted my note at 11pm i called the phone # on the biggest loser meal plan site. I got this lady on the phone that it was obvious that she was reading a script and wasn't really waiting to hear my responses cause she asked if I had done a meal delivery plan before and I said yes I did the BLMP but with Bistro and she went on to the next question stating how great their program was and blah blah blah and I stopped her to ask the cost per day and she was caught off guard and had to look for the daily price she finaly gave me the price same as the website buttttt the shipping cost was only $13 not the 25 listed on the site I thought hmmmm so I asked her is there a minimum amount of weeks for the program and she said 4 and started to say how great the program was and you have to follow it several weeks so i stopped her again and said what is the penelty if you stop after a week she goes if you stop anytiime before the 4 weeks there iis a $99 fee I reiterated the number and she said yes. I said ok thats all I wanted to hear and she asked what is preventiing me from signing up. I said well if I try a program for one week and don't like it and have to pay $99 to get out of it then it isn't worth my time to try it and said thanks and hung up. I am going to try again to call this morning to see if another rep says the same. Will let you know.

10-02-2010, 11:54 AM
He Tzoavva....see my update (edit) above. Apparently they suck you into 4 week minimum if you get their 15% off deal (which I was never even offered). If you do their regular 10% off promotion, there is no $99.00 fee. You would need a bloody attorney to wade through their waters! The supervisor also admitted that they really do record all calls, and play them back to the customer, if the customer later states that they were not told about any fees.

All I can say is run! Seriously run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad bad bad.....really bad. Did I happen to mention bad......

Let me know how you make out...

10-02-2010, 12:35 PM
I just got off the phone with a German accent speakinig lady called Anna she offered me at first $25.50 day (including shipping and handling) and when I asked about any commitments she offered me the 10% for life for 19.75 day. I asked her is there any penalty cancelation fees she said no. So I said if after week 2 and before week 3 being charged if I cancelled would there be any penalty and she retierated no.

So I am tossing the idea to try them out. Of course using my one time card so they can't charge me more then what I want. I like the fact the record you so they can play you back so this way if you ask them all he questions up front and make the commitment they shouldn't be able to squirm their way ou.

ok just read the post you updated that you spoke to a supervisor and they cancelled you out. Glad you were able to do that. Deffinately consider gettiing that one ime card deal from you credit card. It is a life savor trust me. Especially with these types of situatiions and also siince you do online business you don't want your credit card stolen if the company gets hacked trust me this happend more offten then one thinks. So cover your on a$$ by doing so. Oh torn about about what to do. I really want to give them at least a try since Biggest Loser is backing them up. I mean wiih 19.75 a day if there is no penalty/commitmen how bad can it be. Other than the shipment comes hot and I just say screw the whole thing.

Torn what to do.

10-02-2010, 01:26 PM
I always follow my "gut" and right now it's a pretty big one!;) My momma had a sayin, "if if looks like a duck and quacks like a's a DUCK!" Biggest Loser clearly didn't drop Bistro MD for lack of quality nor quantity...perhaps it was Bistro that dropped Biggest Loser. In the end...this is "Corporate America"'s all about dollars and cents...not necessarily quality.

Like a relationship...when you're already fighting on the first date...this is usually not a good sign that you will have a long term happy relationship. I mean from what I've read, it seems that Ediets prices keep changing...too much haggling makes me wonder about the quality. Not saying that Bistro MD is for you, but you don't want to trade in "filet mignon" for a lousy cheesburger for relatively the same price either. Given the customer service experience...Ediets is looking more and more like that cheeseburger!:p

10-02-2010, 01:56 PM
I wouldn't do it girl. I really wouldn't. but I know you are chomping at the bit. I understand because the food really does look outrageously delicious. I feel you. I really do. Almost all the meals look incredible (and all stuff I like). There's just too much evidence out there that's hard to ignore. Not only that, but my own personal experience was very grim. Do you know that even today when I asked that supervisor (who says he has been with eDiets forever) if they got even one of my many emails begging them to please cancel, he said he shows nothing in the system! That was also a compliant I saw in several places. People stating that they never respond to emails. People saying that nobody is ever there to chat live as they claim, and I am proof positive of this. They are night of the living dead scary! 216 complaints through the BBB! Personally speaking .........JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen to your gut on this. I was getting really bad vibes while I was talking to them. I mean REALLY Bad. I wanted to just hang up and run but I had already given her all my information and everything. They got so many games going in so many directions that it would explain why they all sound so daffy and confused. I got a different answer with every rep. My favorite part was when they made the mistake of thinking I was a mindless schmuck, and began telling me that gel packs is a much better system than dry ice! Puhleeeeeeeze! Like I am so sure (I know I valled out there for a moment), but seriously! I was wincing just listening to that garbage! The best part of that speech is when she told me in her best robotic form that the food is good on your porch for up to ten hours (You have no idea how hard it was for me to not ask her how she is able to keep a straight face when she recites that crap)!

Like call me when the shuttle lands!

I know you have to do what you feel is right, but I have to tell you that all I see is pain and suffering when I think of these people. I will probably restart with Bistro in a month or two. I love love love their reps! They are genuinely kind and warm and helpful. Jessica and Adrian are just dolls. I wish I could clone them, and have them be the reps I deal with everywhere! Darlene is also a wonderful person to deal with over there. They have class. They would never think of doing business this way. The new biggest Loser is living up to its name big time! Cya NBC! Never cared about you anyway since you don't have America's Next Top Model or any of my personal favorites. Like it's been real (NOT)

Bistro also has very high quality food, but I swear my shipment that I just got on Thursday really was another repeat except for two meals and I am only human. I just can't look at it anymore right now. I just can't. I've got some food stockpiled from them so I have at least two weeks there.

Please keep in touch and let me know what you decide to do. Either way. I have my fingers crossed for you! :)

10-04-2010, 07:39 AM

I decided to hold off a bit with ediets to allow time to pass for the verdict to show if BLMP with them is going well. It is to soon to find anything on the web so will wait. I also love bistro and my box that came in didn't have anything new on it so I am with you I can't wait for the new food line to be added. I am wondering if they discontinued allot of their bag meals over the meals in trays causing a reduction of variety. I enjoy the trays but was hopeing for some new stuff after having seen a greater variety under their BLMP.

Anyway the decision I made was to go with DTG Low Carb. I actually lost a good amount of weight with them when I started off and I need to really get this scale moving. Xmas is around the corner and I was hopeing to have lost some good # by now. Anyway eating last week of bistro this week. Will take a brake next week and then when house guests leave will start DTG.

10-04-2010, 11:12 AM
You are a mind reader! I was just telling my bf last night that I may go with DTG's Low Carb for maybe a month or so, and then come back to Bistro. The problem I had with them is that I don't much like their chicken and pork (which is nearly 70% of that diet). It all has the same seasoning, and it's not one that I enjoy (no matter what sauce is used over it). Although the roasted chicken half is different, and I love that one! What I do miss is their salmon, which is the best salmon I have ever tasted period! OMG that stuff is good! Huge fluffy pieces that barely have a smell to them. Very fresh! I also miss that Andouelle sausage which was to die for! That, and their breakfasts were really good! Love their sausage! The calories are very high and leave no room for snacks, which is why I didn't do so hot, even though I liked some of their food a lot.

I think I will skip the breakfasts for that reason, and just do lunches and dinners (and their hamburger is the best tasting hamburger I have ever had in my life)! I love those patties! Delicious! Anyway I think you are being smart in waiting. For me personally, there is no question mark. I've seen enough if you know what I mean. I just think they are a hot mess. I also think you hit the nail on the head with your comment about the packets and trays. I think that's exactly what happened. I notice that none of the packet meals are in tray form yet that I used to receive, so BINGO there! They are going to be getting in some new food very soon. I will definitely be returning to Bistro in the near future. They are such lovely people over there. A class act (although DTG is also quite good...very nice customer service people there too). :)

10-05-2010, 12:42 AM
It only gets scarier. This is why I am so sorry I gave them my credit card information. This company is bad news (praying that I don't have to cancel out my card, and get a new one).

10-05-2010, 10:58 AM
I checked out the Diet to Go's website and the low carb option does seem to be a favorite. I've always been a low carber (for most of my adult life) so I know how quickly that can work. Please let us know how DTG works out for ya...perhaps when or if I get tired of Bistro, I'll give it a whurl!:p Those Beef Tips surrrrrrrrrre loooooooook gooooooooooooooood!:)

10-05-2010, 11:54 PM

DTG rocks and those beef tips are yummyyyyyy. I had success last time on it so deffinately needs something to get the scale moving. I have alot of the Bistro snacks so I may add them in after a few weeks on DTG Low Carb to help cancell out some cravings I may get after a while. The last time I stopped it after being on it for 10 weeks. Just needed a change

Lisa you know what I am wondering each time I read the ediets complaints. I wonder if their meal delivery is the same as their online based company. Most of the complaints I have read seems to cover their online memberships and not so much the meal deliveries. I could be wrong...what is your take?

10-06-2010, 10:30 AM
Tzoavva - Thanks for that info!;) Do you know if you can still have fruit on the DTG low carb? Donno if I can live without my fruit:(

I'm still loving Bistro btw, but a backup sure wouldn't hurt!:p Thanks:)

10-06-2010, 12:07 PM
You would completely defeat the purpose of a low carb plan by eating fruit. Huge no no with a low carb plan. A very common mistake that some people make. My doctor was the one that explained that to me when I was doing DTG some time back. He shared with me that he had lost almost 100 pounds on a low carb plan (he looked incredible, so I would have never known he was ever overweight). I was going crazy without any "fresh" foods like fruit or the occasional salad, and he told me to either go off the low carb plan or stay far away from that. Low carb diets are very high in fat and calories. The only reason they work at all with those very high fat and calorie levels, is because they make your body go into a state of Ketosis. If you were to eat all those high fat, caloric meals and still eat carbs like fresh fruit, then all you would be doing is just packing on a lot of calories and fat for nothing. I see some who are on low carb, and yet they talk about eating fresh fruit and healthy snacks when they are hungry, and not understanding the concept of a true low carb plan. If its going to work really well, you have to starve yourself of carbs, and eat only small portions of low carb veggies. Eating fresh fruit is a really healthy snack if you are not on a sugar restrictive diet, and are doing a low fat plan. A complete no no for a low carb plan. You might want to ask a doctor about this or do some research on your own. There is a lot of debate over low carb plans with few understanding what is really involved to make it work. You will find a lot of debate over this, and we could do a "battle of the links" but ask a doctor and you will get a better understanding from a medical professional. I wouldn't, though I am sure the occasional fruit would not totally derail your efforts (emphasis on occasional).

Tzoavva, I know that you are really chomping at the bit no matter what you see on this company, so you owe it to yourself to explore things and just do it. You should just do what you really feel is best for you. For me, there is no question mark about what kind of company this is, no matter what plan people choose from them (and the complaints have come from people doing various types of plans from this company). Not only that, but the complaints about stomach aches after eating their food was enough for me. I have an autoimmune problem in which I simply cannot take risks like that with bacteria or food poisoning (prior to me signing up, I truly had not seen the complaints about stomach issues. Had I seen that, no day)! If food comes defrosted, I know that's been compromised because that's easy enough to spot. When you are dealing with "fresh" food that has already been sitting for days before it is shipped, and then sitting up to three days in transit in non air conditioned hubs, trucks and loading docks, and then in your fridge for 7 days, and supposedly fine to eat even if it is only cool to the touch upon arrival, that's just too much risk for me (especially after reading about the stomach issues people have had). There was a guy that stated that when he told them about how sick he was from their food, they said he must have a food allergy to something from their plan. There were also a few others with similar statements (the company was not even willing to entertain the possibility, which is a little crazy to me considering that fact that they are using gel packs instead of dry ice, and shipping fresh food with no preservatives ground)! All you need is a hairline rip in their packaging that can easily happen in transit, and because it's fresh food with no preservatives, you create the perfect storm. One person getting sick from their food is one person too many for me (and there were several). I found other places where this company is being discussed, and it taught me a painful lesson. next time, I am going to research like crazy before doing something like this. I am angry with myself for being so careless, and not doing the research first like I usually do actually.

You seem like really nice person Tzoavva. I just don't want to see you become a statistic, but by the same token, don't let me or anyone else out here deter you from something you obviously want to do. At least you are armed with the facts from both sides now. Let us know how you make out if you decide to go this route. Maybe you will be be one of the lucky ones, and have a pleasant experience. Its getting cold now so you will definitely have a better chance trying it now than later. Good luck my friend. :)

10-06-2010, 01:38 PM
Lisa - Thanks so much for that info on the fruit issue!:) Yeah...I've done low carb (Atkins) over the years and what eventually threw a monkey wrench in my plan was the extreme desire for FRESH FRUIT...just to make me feel HUMAN again!:p I love the way true "low carb" can just make those lbs fly off, but after a while I'd get bored with the meat, cheese, etc. and end up finding myself making all these "frankenfoods" to satisfy my need for something sweet (ergo low carb cheesecake made with sugar free jello and creamcheese, sugar free low carb candies, etc.).

I like that I can have a little fruit, a little sweet, a little this or that with Bistro and then have my FREE NIGHT to eat my delishous Jamaican Food (albeit portion controlled). I'm also allergic to eggs (donno what happened, but it started at age 30, I'm 43 now), so egg breakfasts are out for me. Which really limits me on low carb. On the other side, I really LOVE FAT!!!:) Ribs, Chicken Skin, pork rinds, fried hot wings, were staples of my diet which I generally had with a salad with full fat blue cheese or ranch. I thought I could live and die this way. Actually for a time, I think I! But eventually you get tired.

Tzoavva - It will be interesting to see how your body responds to the switch from low fat to low carb. Wonder if you'll get that first two week WHOOSH of weight loss common to switching to low carb or how your body will treat the influx of calories. Please let us know.

I'm extremely interested. May be good to switch up from low fat to low carb every few months....stay tuned...

10-06-2010, 08:28 PM
I second everything Lisa said about low carb. She hit it on the nail. If you plan on doing DTG Low Carb deffinately stay off the fruits. I stuck by the diet to the T and had great success the first month 19lbs. Second month 5lbs but I started to feel the affect on my body. I started to pick up my workout and guess I needed more energy from the carbs. I have slowed down a bit now since my schedule is hectict. It should slow down so good time to try DTG again. When I was on DTG LC and switched to Bistro I had a gain the first week if I recall correctly only after that very very small losses. I didn't cheat betwen the transition I stopped one plan and started the other one right away. Will tell you want happen now that I will revert back the other way.

Lisa I think the itch to try ediets has died down for now at least. I posed the question about the complaints to see if I was wrong or not that the seemed to target the plans not the meals. wow hadn't seen teh complaint about stomach issues. Kinda freeky. Thanks for the good comments about me...actually I enjoy chatting with you and tossing idea back and forth. That is my style to kind of think out loud and discuss with others and then eventually come to my own conclusion while also still respecting other. So for now we are on the same page to stay away from ediet. What the future may bring who knows but for now will hold off to see what comes about with the BLMP support of ediets. Need to place that DTG order I think by tomorrow or Mon can't recall. My out of town guests cancelled so plan to start meal plan right away and switch from Bistro to DTG LC. Will keep you posted.

10-07-2010, 09:42 PM
I know what you mean about the frankenfoods Joyfull. Low Carb was really hard for me to do because I am a serious chocoholic (I mean serious)! I think I am a human fly because I love sugar in general. Even when I was a size 4, I consumed sugar like a darn fly. Our family was driving across country once years back, and I was a tiny thing, and yet I consumed an entire maple sugar family. Those Vermont sugar-maple confections that are to die for (literally as it would probably put a diabetic into a coma). Usually they come in the shapes of leafs and stars, etc. This was a family, and I ate them! My mom realized what I had done and said OMG this is going to be a long ride, and it was (I was literally spinning for hours in that car from all the sugar). I could have probably taken flight if given half a chance!

I always feel unhealthy on low carb plans because I can't help but think about what I am eating. Diet To Go really does have some awesome food though. I just wish the chicken and pork tasted different. I found myself substituting a lot of things, and eating more beef (their short ribs, prime rib, salmon, crab stuffed flounder, and andouille sausage are absolutely delicious)! I would love to know who their sausage supplier is!

Tzoavva, I am sooo glad you are not going this route. You really are such a nice lady, and I thought oh no....she is in for the ride of her life. As it is, I wish I could go back in time, and had never given them my credit card information period. That one lady had me freaking out with her story on one of those sites. She had not used the program for months, and suddenly her card was charged and a shipment sent! It caught her off guard, and she had to go through all this crap to get it straightened out. The food on their site looks amazing, and that's the lure. Somebody did a darn good job for them with those pictures! If only we could transport that food to a classier place like Bistro! They have quite a few new foods coming, and Darlene said she would let me know when they get them in. I can't wait. I miss them, and their wonderful customer service (without any scary fees).

With eDiets its like they have all these penalties and punishments if you try to escape! Reminds me too much of an ex bf. Its like the Hotel California. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave! Well you can leave but first....

We will come over and break one of your legs
We will extract a pint of blood
We will hit you with a "how dare you cancel" fee
We will hit you with a "That'll teach you to try and leave us" additional fee
We will require your first born
We will throw your credit card into a large pool with others and pick one person to mess with each week...
We will send Vinnie to your door...

Umm that would be a big no thanks for me.....

The food looks amazing, but it's just not worth it to me.

I still have a fair amount of food left in my freezer, so I am set for another week or so. If Bistro does not have their new foods in yet, I will do Diet To Go until they do. I just wish I had a JC center nearby because I really miss that french toast with berries...mmmmmmm.....

Oh and I feel like such a heffer today. I ate a bag of those Ghirardelli Caramel squares! I'll have to smack myself around later to work off the

10-08-2010, 02:31 PM
Hey Tzoavva, I'm looking at doing week three through DTG (I will have run out of food by then, so it would be good timing). They let you double or even triple up on stuff you like, and that week they have the salmon, andouille sausage, short ribs, hamburger, and the crab stuffed flounder! I will get most of the foods I miss in one week!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! XOXO! :)

10-08-2010, 07:22 PM
Diet To Go really does have some awesome food though. I just wish the chicken and pork tasted different. I found myself substituting a lot of things, and eating more beef (their short ribs, prime rib, salmon, crab stuffed flounder, and andouille sausage are absolutely delicious)!

Mmmmmmm...sounds DELISH!!! Did you still lose weight substituting? I'd probably have to sub out alot as well...especially considering I can't eat eggs. Did you have to pay $.50 per substitution?

They let you double or even triple up on stuff you like, and that week they have the salmon, andouille sausage, short ribs, hamburger, and the crab stuffed flounder!

Can't wait to hear how you both do on the low carb...the food sounds outrageous!!!

BTW, I'm working out (hardcore) 6 days/week, so a little concerned with losing energy with the low carb diet. Gonna stay with Bistro while I'm still losing far 14 lbs lost in 4 weeks...and hoping for a great 5th week. But like I said, wanna have a good backup when or if I start getting bored with Bistro.

Thanks a bunch and wishing you both much success and finger licking good food!:carrot:

10-08-2010, 09:52 PM

I still lossed even when I substituted things. Even though I don't like mushrooms I tried all meals at least once. Those with mushrooms if they tasted good I kept them but just took out the mushrooms. I subbed some nasty (to me) foods or the mushrooms were baked in and hard to take out. The LC is heavy on mushrooms that is for sure.

The concern about going Low Carb and working out alot scares me as well and my trainer says I should do a higher calorie diet. I just need something to jult me for a bit. I may do the Low carb a month and then switch to the Low Fat.


I think we like the same things. I placed my order so picking things up on Tue. Looking foreward to breakfast meals (i know Joy you don't like eggs but they are the best thus far that I have had) and the sausages mmmm Can't wait for week 3 either loved the crab flounder.

10-09-2010, 05:01 PM
Hey Joyfull, that's great news!

That's a lot of weight loss! So happy for you! :)

Actually in all the time I was with DTG, they never did charge me that fee! There is an online form that you fill out each week to substitute what you don't want with something else, and I was never charged that fee (and I did a fair amount of substituting). They do not have a problem with you doing subs at all. The rule is that it must be a meal already being served that week, so they refer to it as doubling up. If I wanted to substitute the Lemon Chicken for instance (normally I would love Lemon Chicken, but just not theirs), and subbed in the Short Ribs I was already getting that week, they would show me as doubling up on Short Ribs. That's the problem I had with doing their program long term. It's that they use so much chicken, which would be fine if I liked their chicken. Most of their chicken and pork dishes taste exactly the same, and have this strange sort of undertone to them (this salty seasoning they are marinated in) that I don't much care for.

Normally I love pork chops and stuff like that, but they use this seasoning that does not agree with my taste buds. They would be better off if they just threw the pork chops into the oven, and baked them with as few seasonings as possible, but they use some strange salty stuff instead. You can view the calories on their site for each meal as well. Tzoavva is so right about the egg dishes. This is the ONLY company I know of that knows how to make an egg dish taste incredible! Their omelet's are to die for! They are pure eggs, and made with mushrooms and real cheese and stuff like that. The sausage links that go with their western Omelet are just beyond delicious! Of course if you are allergic to eggs, that doesn't help you much! They have programs at DTG where you just buy their lunches and dinners. I'm not sure how you would handle a low carb plan, and eat breakfast with no eggs (that would be tricky). You could try buying those delicious Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage patties (yummy) and have a couple of those with one or two low carb pancakes (I think they have low carb pancake mixes online). Stuff like that can be found at places like Netrition.Com, and other low carb food supply houses.

Tzoavva, I wish I could just buy a bunch of those Andouille Sausage dinners at once, and keep them in my freezer. They are incredible! They also have an incredible calorie intake to match-the part I don't love (over 700 calories)! Of course on those days, you are supposed to eat their lighter meals to go with it, so that it's not a bad day, but still you top off at 1800 for that day with no snacks (700 calories is very hard to overcome from one meal)! Their food leaves no snack room. I could only do it for maybe a few weeks, but its good to have on hand as a back up or when you are getting tired of the same stuff (and they are very friendly, helpful, fair, and package everything in dry ice). Their food quality is pretty top notch too (short ribs are so tender that they just fall apart). Love the catfish, salmon, whitefish, and flounder! Good quality cuts of everything (you will not believe their salmon fillets trust me)! There's the good, the bad and the

Hope you guys are having a beautiful Saturday! :)

10-10-2010, 10:37 AM
WOW!!! This all sounds GREAT! Thanks to you both again for the info:)

Tzo - I actually LOVE EGGS! I used to eat them every morn (omlets, w/blt, etc.), but at around age 30, my body just slammed on the brakes and whenever I would smell or eat them I'd upchuck (sorry for TMI:p) I've tried over the years to eat them, but now my body just seems it will NOT TOLERATE eggs anymore:(

Lisa - I've done Atkins for years and never and I mean NEVER counted calories (one of the reasons I've always preferred low carb), and ate things like fried hot wings (by the 1/2 dozen or better), bbq spare ribs, deviled eggs (before my intolerance), cream cheese (full fat), etc. and loss massive amounts of weight (about 40 lbs to a size 6). I think it's clear to me that you can most definately eat more calories on true low carb. I say "true" low carb, cuz later on when I was working out (cardio) 5-6 days a week, I started adding banana & strawberry in my protein shake, and maybe an orange couple of times a week, and noticed that when I added the fruit, I didn't gain, but I didn't lose either.

Also, I noticed that when the ketostix was dark purple, I was losing the fastest (you can poll 100 people on that and get 100 different answers, but that was MY experience). When I truly cut out all carbs except for limited veggies, I didn't even have to watch my salt. I'm sure I ate massive amounts of salt and FAT! At one point I used to eat a slice of cheesecake everyday made w/sugar free jello and full fat was OUTRAGEOUS!

I actually watched my ex-neighbors both lose over 100 lbs each, eating bacon, ham, summer sausage at all times of night. I would even eat right before bed. It's crazy!!!

Here's my take on low carb:

1) It does cause ketosis which allows for your body to utilize more of the fat you eat and excess fats;

2) It does maintain lean muscle because of the high protein content;

3) It also works to burn fat because of the high fat/high protein creates a "thermogenic" effect which can actually be felt during the night (which wake up actually sweating);

4) You can lose FAT very quickly provided you completely eliminate all sugars, including ALL fruit, starches, etc. and have no more than 30 grams of carbs daily. Also limit artificial sweeteners as they sometimes confuse the body into thinking it is REAL sugar when taken in excess;

5) You will lose long term energy - so I don't really think this is a good eating plan for certain people like RUNNERS, or if you are training for over 30 minutes and need endurance during your routine. I remember dying in my gym thinking it was just me! I eventually added the fruit to my shakes and did alot you can modify the diet to get the most out of training.

Final conclusion...I still LOVE LOW-CARB..LOL!!! I think though...I've been with it for so many body needed a break. Perhaps that is why I'm digging Bistro so much. I used to look at a sweet potato or rice with dread!:o I have to smack myself everyday and say..' are eating rice and still losing weight? huh? serious?

But like most things...I'm bound to get sick of this as I am TRULY A CARNIVORE...and must have my MEAT..NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM! Looking forward to hearing about you allz progress and hearing about the tantelizing entrees! Enjoy!

10-10-2010, 03:27 PM
I did a lot of research on Ketosis, and low carb plans before originally joining DTG. I know that you are not supposed to count calories, and that the diet is high in fat and calories, but I never felt good about this. I always felt that it was extremely unhealthy. It goes against everything I was always taught about health. I used it as a quick fix, but I began to feel awful on it. Like that food was weighing me down. I couldn't stick to only 30 carbs per day, and in fact DTG's carbs are much higher per day, so you definitely can't add any (and that was my problem with doing them long term). I need some chocolate every day. I just need to have it or I feel incredibly deprived. I can't stand the fake sugars. I can taste them, and they have a nasty after taste. I really feel that aspartame is pure poison for the body.

I am so bummed Tzoavva! I just noticed that week three is not serving their regular salmon fillets at all. It's the salmon salad, which I was never fond of. Darn't!!! Agggghhhhhhh! I was going to double up on that, and the sausage dinners (and week 4 does not have my oh so missed andouille sausage at all). Boy do I have all the luck! Well....I'll figure something else out, because week three and four have a lot of chicken otherwise. I just needed something for a week or two until I go back to Bistro. Shoot I wish I could eat week 5 or week 1 instead. Those are really good weeks with DTG. Back to the drawing board. I will probably just wing it for a bit. Not the best plan going, but I will just try to make stuff on my own, and eat light for a couple of weeks. Bistro should have some of their new foods soon. If they don't, I'll start with week 5 of DTG.

Happy Sunday everyone! :)

10-11-2010, 10:10 PM

Sorry to hear you that week 3 doesn't have the items you were looking for. Have you considered other Food Delivery plans to try out for a week or two. There are two on my list to try possibly after I do a detox on DTG LC. Here is there names and links if you are interested:

Seattle Sutton ( no alterations to order
DineWise ( pricey $189.00 for Lunch and Dinner or Ala Cart

Or just stick it out for a week or two and go back to Bistro. I started yesterday..I had some items still in freezer from before so wanted to start out on Sun since I weigh in on Sat morning. Tomorrow I will pick up my fresh food items

I was always charged everytime I did a substitution. I have about 2-3 a week because of dislikes.

Found this link on someone blogging their DTG journey (

10-13-2010, 11:27 PM
Thanks for that Tzoavva. :)

You know I think I am going through one of those phases where nothing looks good. Oddly enough, the one that appeals to me the most, as far as the food goes, is the Biggest Loser. If only it were run through Bistro or some other company. :(

The food looks amazing, but no way do I want get mixed up with them. What a shame. Still waiting on Bistro to get some new foods in. I looked at Seattle Sutton, and it just didn't grab me very much (but I truly appreciate the link and did have a look/see). I loved the quality and clean feel and taste of Bistro's offerings, but I still can't even look at what I have left in my freezer. The rotation was just non existent.

Right now I am in a holding pattern, and winging it. If Bistro does not have their new foods in by week 5 of DTG's plan, then I will definitely start with DTG for week 5. Week three was never a favorite of mine, and now I remember why. I had to double up on 3 foods to get through that week, so not a good starting week for me. I really may end up doing JC instead for a week or so (lots to think about). They have enough foods to get me through one or two weeks, but then it gets real old, real fast. They need to stop with all the soups, and add more entrees in. You can leave them and come back 5 years later and they still have the same foods with maybe a new soup or dessert here and there. They need to throw out their outdated business model, and revamp the foods. I used to hear that a lot on the JC boards, but they never listen and tell you to spice it up instead! To just add new spices to the same old food! The problem isn't GETTING the people in the door, its keeping them there and you can only do this with variety and willpower. We can provide the willpower, but they need to provide some decent variety in order for people to STAY on a program.

Anyway I hope you are doing well my friend. Have a great rest of the week! :)

10-13-2010, 11:30 PM
Oh and as for that fee, I must have been one of the lucky ones because I was the substitute queen, and never got charged! Not even once! That is so odd!

10-14-2010, 08:15 AM
Lisa - was thinking about your dilemma and thought I'd suggest something I'm thinking about trying in the future. Frozen foods right from your local grocer! I was at Walmart the other day (lovvve that place), and found that the freezer section was loaded with frozen entrees. Kashi is a good brand with about 18 gram of protein and 400-500 mgs of sodium and about 300 calories. Some of the lean cuisines looked good, Michaelangelo brands looked good, etc. The only problem is that they are a little low on protein and veggies. I was just thinking of adding my own veggies and supplementing with a meat/fish/poultry snack for extra protein. It'd sure be alot cheaper and IMO a good way to still monitor calories and maintain a certain level of convenience.

Just something to consider.:)

10-14-2010, 04:11 PM
Lisa I know what you mean about Bistro food was good I have nothing bad to say other than I needed a bit of a change and needed to kick start my weight loss since it was buged. I know it is the stress in my life so it isn't to blame I am sure. I also did JC yearssssssss ago and the food was just yuk the shelf stable items. The frozen meals were good I can still taste some of the items to be honest. I should check to see what they look like now but I am sure they have not changed much.

Anyway I started DTG and since I was originally going to do ediets and yes the food lookssssssssss amazing not worth the risk right now. Maybe later with either prepaid Credit Cards (from supermarket something to think about) or my one time authorized credit card # I may do them once winter kicks in as well so delivery issues wont exist or I may just never do it cause of the uncertenties. Have not really seen it promoted on the biggest loser show but it could be that I am watching it on line and not live on TV becuase I work during the show.

Sooooooooo since this post says eDiets and I am now doing DTG I will create a new post there and talk about my progress with them in case someone is looking for info they may not find it stuck in here. So hope to see folks on that thread.