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09-28-2010, 09:46 AM
The scale is moving again!!!:carrot::carrot: I was so excited when I weighed that I literally jumped up and down! I have been stuck at the same weight for about 5-6 weeks- flucuating up and down a pound a day. Finally, this morning I am down to 217!

I have been so frustrated and discouraged - to the point where I stopped tracking on Fitday everyday (plus my computer being down a couple of weeks in there didn't help) but I have kept on plan with only a few minor deviations and I have kept exercising. Onederland is on the horizon!!!

Oh, and yesterday just for fun I pulled a size 16 off the rack at the store and they went on with ease and were very comfortable. Now, if only the 16's in my closet would do that!

09-28-2010, 10:12 AM
Yay!!! Congrats to you, that's awesome and I'm happy that you stuck with it!! You'll be in those "Drawer 16s" before you know it.

Keep up the great work!

09-28-2010, 10:18 AM
Congrats!!! Good for you for staying on track. KUTGW! ;)

09-28-2010, 10:20 AM

I am doing a scale moving happy dance for you.

09-28-2010, 10:30 AM
Yay!!! HArd work DOES pay off, eventually. Keep at it girl... ONEderland (& beyond) is yours for the taking... :)

09-28-2010, 12:57 PM
Congrats, TXMary!!

09-28-2010, 01:07 PM
:cp::cp:Great! And what inspiration for those who are stuck and doing things right but not seeing the scale move. Your so amazing to keep at it inspite of the long plateau. That proves you can get through anything on this weightloss journey. Bravo!!!!

09-28-2010, 02:17 PM
That's beyond awesome! WTG. I'm trying to convince my scale to get moving again too. I've been bouncing between the same few lbs all through Sept.

09-28-2010, 02:42 PM
Sounds like you just broke thru a mini-plateau! Way to be patient and stick it out :)

09-28-2010, 04:18 PM
Yeah, your persistence paid off!!!! Way to go!

09-28-2010, 04:41 PM

09-28-2010, 06:28 PM
Good job sticking it out! Those lbs had nowhere to hide!!

Thank you for sharing with us. :hug:

09-28-2010, 09:58 PM
Thanks everyone! This little victory has really kept me motivated today!!

09-28-2010, 10:10 PM
:dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
WAY TO GO MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!