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09-27-2010, 09:11 PM
Mine is a McDonalds Ice cream cone... at 150 calories and 3.5 grams of fat, it doesn't really make me feel all that guilty (aside from the fact that they're empty calories)...but it tastes so good to me that I feel like I'm cheating :D

10-04-2010, 09:20 AM
Fried Bologna sandwich...

Yes I know. It looks nasty (the ingredients are nasty even), and it's EXTREMELY fattening ... but it just tastes SO good with a slice of melted American cheese in between two fried bologna slices. When I used to eat it I would slather miracle whip on the bread, and add a thick slice of tomato, lots of onion slices and thick leaves of lettuce. YUMMMM!

I try to avoid it, though. It's evil. Seriously.

10-04-2010, 12:04 PM
One of mine is wine. I love red wine and I won't give it up so I have a glass or 2 once or twice a week.

As far as food goes though it's definitely bacon. I allow myself no more than 2 slices and of course take the extra calories into consideration for the day but ooooh man I love my bacon!

10-07-2010, 12:51 AM
Ditto...I have been unable to part with bacon. Got a bright idea to eat it with Xenical to off set the fat...not worth it!

10-07-2010, 01:10 AM
My guilty pleasure is pinapple and bacon pizza. :jeno:
Most people hear this and think gross and so did I until I first tried it.

Oh...and I miss the mixed drinks I would have with friends :hat:...
Now that I think about it normally I would drink and then get the munchies for pinapple bacon pizza.:jeno:

I was cought up in a vicious circle but not I'm cought up in the friendly food pyramid.

10-07-2010, 01:39 AM
Hey have you tried turkey bacon? Amazingly good!

10-07-2010, 01:48 AM
JennyT: We all do seem to have a bacon obsession going on here...but I have tried turkey bacon and I was just not impressed. It tasted good but it just did not have that crispy bacon tecture and it did not smell like bacon.

10-07-2010, 01:54 AM
I am definitely hearing you ladies on the bacon! But I am low-carbing it, so I consider the occasional bacon to be just fine and well within my ranges. Bacon really does make it easier for me to stay on track!

But if I really want a guilty pleasure, I am seriously all about that McDonald's ice-cream cone!! It's just so darn delicious, and at 150 cals I can't ask for a better treat. 24 carbs total, which is within my range, even though it almost completely wipes my carbs for the day. Totally worth it, and they cost less than $1!!