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10-24-2002, 01:25 PM
This is a challenge to " Challenge Yourself" I made a promise to keep these challenges going once I reach my goal weight. These challenges meant so much to me and I know it means a lot to many others. PLEASE,Please,please dont think you need special will power to make this happen for you. You dont need to be a "strong willed " person bla bla bla. I read an article that made so much sense. This 700lb morbidly obese young man asked him self always " Why do I keep eating so much" One day he asked himself " When? when will I do something about this instead of asking why?" There are too many reasons why we overeat and most are the excuses we use and we quit. You've probably said or heard these before : I cant do this,I wish I could just exercise,Well my whole family is fat, I'm too old and my metabolism is too slow now,I was meant to be fat so why fight it,I wish I was just thinner, I dont have the time .... YOU ARE ONLY LIEING TO YOURSELF AND NO ONE ELSE! Personally I hate exercise,lifting weights,jogging,aerobics. But without some kind of aerobic activity our weightloss will NOT work. You might lose a few pounds and thats it. IF you are very heavy like 100 lbs overweight you might lose a lot beforeyour body just slows down and you cant lose anymore.You dont have to starve yourself.
Take a piece of paper and write down all the favorite meals you have all the time,write down all your favorite fattening goodies. Then head to the grocery store and find lowfat orfatfree replacements. You can have lasagna but buy lean ground turkey,lowfat cheese mixed in with fatfree cheese.The sauce isnt the enemy here! ITs the cheese and greasy ground beef.If you love fries then slice up a medium potato and spray a pan and bake the homemade fries until they are crispy.
Anyway, sorry for babbling on and on. I started challenging myself on Feb 2002 with a starting weight of 194 lbs. I cringe at the thought of my 5'2" body weighing that much.I've lost 64 lbs and now weigh 130 lbs. I know you've heard this before but I feel like another person now totally.There's no way to describe it.There is no magic pill or a special diet that I promote lol. This is just you and yourself

Gen.Goal (maintain current weight)

Kempyd ..Goal 2.5 lbs

Wykyd..Goal 7 lbs

laney1733...Goal 6 lbs

Grizzlyschick..Goal 6 lbs

AngieME..Goal 8 lbs

Kina ..Goal 6 lbs

Dipsntwists..Goal 8 lbs

SarahBella..Goal 10 lbs

RustyRusty..Goal 8 lbs

Sahvara.Goal 4 lbs

194/130/130 at goal!!!

10-24-2002, 02:59 PM
Hi Gennel,

I'd love to take up the challenge. I am currently 227, and will aim for 220 in four weeks. Lets do it!


10-24-2002, 03:28 PM
Please sign me up for 6 pounds again. I missed that mark last month by one pound so I'm going to shoot for success this time. Gennel, I found your letter very uplifting and supportive. But the "maintaining is the hardest part" about gave me a stroke. I keep thinking this will get easier! Hoping anyhow! But it is getting harder.:mad: I've lost 21 pounds now and I swear, each one is more stubborn than the one before it!!! Today has been pretty good though. Last week was awful. But I'm not giving up!! I'll keep plugging away until I get there.;) Good luck to everyone on this months challenge!!:D

10-24-2002, 05:40 PM
Gennel- Put me down for another 10lbs. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had 1 more pound lost so Gennel you can either add it to the last challenge or this one. I got on the elliptical machine this morning. It seems like the more weight I lose the easier it gets. So I'm trying to build up time on it. This morning after my regular treadmill routine, I did 15 minutes on the elliptical machine. It'll take some getting used to, but I'm hoping to eventually swith between that and the bike on my cardio days with the treadmill as my main cardio thing. Anyway sorry for rambling. Just patting myself on the back for managing 15 minutes on that monster.:lol: See ya Saturday- Di

10-24-2002, 05:58 PM
Hi. Put me down for 8 pounds this month. I am probably aiming high but I might as well go for the gusto. Your letter was the gods honest truth. Maintaining is the hardest part of weight loss. I know I lost 135 pounds and gained 75 pounds back because I couldn't figure out how to maintain and not lose or gain.It isn't made any easier because your appetite stays the same as it was when you are heavy.

But on the plus side we can ALL do this and when we all hit our goals we can than support each other to maintain.

So put me down for 8 pounds and I will bust my butt to get rid of it.

10-24-2002, 08:53 PM
Hey Laney ! Dont freak out on me lol. The part about maintaing is that you cant go back to the same old eating habits. You cant quit exercise totally. You dont have to be as strict to maintain your weight loss .I'mstill eating ice cream,I'll dip my hand into a chip bag but I dont take the whole bag with me lol. To me its harder because you are no longer working toward a goal but a lifetime commitment. So I hope you find some comfort in that. Trust me its much better to be at your goal weight and maintain it.
So ladies I will add all your names and goals to the list!
Welcome Wykyd! Remember there is always someone here to read and reply to any situation tha tmay come up.


194/130/130at goal!

10-25-2002, 12:47 AM
Gennel, put me down for 6 lbs. I am going to do it!

I also wanted to share something else. You may have heard it the news. If you have seen the news it may have mentioned a tornado creating chaos in Texas. Actually it hit right outside the office that I work at on the College campus. I had heard the weather was getting bad so I figured I would call it a day and go pick up the kids and get home. Just as i was walking out at about 2:35pm I saw some other college workers standing outside looking up to the sky. The rain had started in really hard and the winds had picked up strongly. As I looked up I could see the image of Twister happening right before my eyes. The wind was moving in a circular motion with some debree. All of a sudden I hear a voice yell ''Every one inside head to the back of the building away from the windows!'' So as we were running in the door did not just close immediatley because the winds gushed through the breezeway pulling on the door. As we were watching our ears popped in such a way that caused us to clencth at them. The lights went out and the alarms started to go off. The wildness had passed. We went out to see the devestation cars that had been directly in the path of the tornado had all their windows busted out. An 18 wheeler that is used for the truck driving students had been pushed over on their sides. The library wall had been directly hit and was bashed in where a class was in session the debree fell on a teacher, that later died. A few students from that class had some injuries. Sever portable classrooms were demolished...luckily the students had left early for a field trip otherwise there would have been about 45 students in those classrooms. The student center across from our office had many windows shattered to peices. On the campus I work we have student training for firefighters, police, paramedics, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, mechanics, welding, cosmetology and a few others I didn't mention. All in all I think we were in good hands and unfortunately all that with just one fatality...a Math instructor Mr. Gillis.

I know this has nothing to do with our weight loss and support but I wanted to give you an insight to the chaos here. I wanted to give you as much info as possible. A friend took some pics. I'll see if I can get some scanned to share.


10-25-2002, 03:54 AM
Ciao Laides,

I will go for 8 pounds as well because I'm bound to put on a few on Turkey Day :) I jsu finished a very difficult run on MT. Berico in Italy. Imagine a continuous uphill stretch covered with rocks. It feels great...once it's over! We can do it girls! We're unstoppable.

10-25-2002, 09:15 AM
I'm jumping in too!

I'm currently 174.
I'd like to get to 164.
So let's say 10 lbs in 4 weeks.

I gained 9.25 lbs **gulp** at my last weigh in.
So to get back to where I was would be wonderful for me!

Let's get this done!

10-25-2002, 10:22 AM
OMG! I swear you were talking about a movie ! Thank God you were nearby and able to run back in the building. I'm glad you and your co workers are safe. I'm sorry to hear about the teacher :(

I added the newbies to the challenge . Remember to try and keep focused on this. Each time you slip or are about to slip remind yourself that you're only going backwards. If you can be truly happy at a heavy weight then I say " More power to ya!"
But if you have found your way to this thread chances are that you are not comfortable. Personally I felt awful at my highest weight.Physically I had a few problems starting because of my weight. Fatigue,over sleeping,back,knee and heel pains.

I'm having some problems with my computer. I have about 8 files infected with a "Worm virus" my instant messanger was deleted. I had no internet late lastnight because of this. If I dont reply right away it may be due to this problem.


10-25-2002, 10:45 AM
Hello Gennel! :dance:

My first challenge - I'd like to buy a vowel. Oops, wrong game.

Hmmm - we finish just before Thanksgiving - sounds safe enough.

I'd like to see the 150s by then. (I'd like to see my feet by then! LOL)

I started at 180 on 9_14 and I'm stuck at 164. Looking to see 130 around Valentine's Day.

Let's say 8 pounds in four weeks.

http://pages.map.com/rclark/wave0.gif Wykyd, we can do it! :)

10-25-2002, 12:12 PM
Are you at Texa A&M? My hubby went to fire training school there. Pretty cool looking place.

10-25-2002, 01:11 PM
No, I am not at Texas A&M. I attend the community college here, Del Mar.

Thanks Gennel. We were supposed to have the Halloween Carnival today on the East campus but due to the circumstances they canceled all events. In the wake of the fatality they don't feel a celebration would be create the right mood. The East campus wasn't affected by the tornado as far as it being hit or anything but they closed the campus anyway.

Thanks again.

10-25-2002, 06:10 PM
Kina I am so glad to hear you made it out safe and sound. It is too bad about the teacher passing though.I cn not imagine seeing a tornado in person. You must have been so petrified.

10-26-2002, 11:56 AM
Hi Rusty! I just entered you in the challenge. You can do it!!



194/130/130 at goal!

10-27-2002, 10:32 AM
How did everyone do this weekend? Me good. I did eat a handful of WOW chip last night but I savored that handful and stopped eating after.small success since my kids have a cupboard with their candy bars in it.

I have a few tips that helped me when I lost 135 pounds if anyone is interested...
1. when I cook anything that needs eggs I only use the whites(it really doesn't affect the flavor or texture.)

2.I used to make sweet rewards cakes and I would leave out the oil entirely.it didn't make a difference. I actually leave the butter and oil out of everything I bake.stuffing,etc.

3. for baked potatoes. I use lowfat sour creme and forget about adding butter.

4. for lobster salad I use 1 gram of fat mayo and I add some lowfat sour cream to it for extra creaminess.(You cant even tell it is low fat)

5. Onion dip: fat free sour cream and onion soup mix. YUM

6. "FRIED HADDOCK":crush up WOW chips and cut haddock into chunks,dip in egg white and roll in chips and bake.

7. taco salad: WOW Doritos,seasoned hamburger and veggies and low fat cheese(I think it is way better than greasy taco shells)

8. I like to make a dough out of lowfat bisquick and spray butter on it and sprinkle cinnamon and splenda on it and roll it up and cut into pinwheels and bake until crispy for a dessert.

9. I use spray butter on thin slices of french bread and sprinkle garlic powder on it and toast in a frying pan for my garlic bread when I make spaghetti and garlic bread.

10.Terriyaki sauce: 1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup water
2 Tbs. mollasses
1 tsp. ginger
2tsp.ground mustard
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
I like to add brown sugar also
Marinate thin slices of chicken overnight and than broil.
There are more but these are all I can think of off the top of my head.If I can be of any help please don't hesitate to ask me. I really think you all have helped me tremendously.:grouphug:

10-27-2002, 06:28 PM
Not a good start for me this weekend, :devil: but will be an angel :angel: for the rest of the week so I'm ready for Saturday's weigh in!:devil:

10-28-2002, 11:25 PM
Well I didnt do great! I had 1 fattening meal Saturday . Today was my hubby's birthday party so I ate everything! Anyway,for the next 4 days I'm getting my butt in the Gym and eating like I did a few weeks ago, very strict. It's amazing, I still feel I have the same hunger like I always did but I CANT eat as much as I used to. This is a lot of mental and not so much to do with "real hunger"

I hope everyone has a great week and remember saturday is weigh in!

Love ya guys/ladies!


10-29-2002, 10:12 AM
Well, if it keeps going the way it has for a WEEK - put me down for 164 pounds for the whole month. I may be here for a year! LOL

I've stayed under 1200 cals/18 grams of fat a day and been doing a little step aerobics and hand weights but...

I'm stuck - could someone give me a push?

10-29-2002, 11:58 AM
How often are you eating?

10-29-2002, 12:32 PM
All day - every couple hours - apples, banana, handful of Kashi Cinna-Raisin, ww toast & jam, salad w/ ff dressing, oatmeal plus a 500 cal dinner. Pea soup last night, chili the night before. Drinking a gallon of H2O a day, too.

I am never getting hungry - not for an instant! :) I started this September 14th and am down 16 pounds. I just hit the wall.

Is a week unusual for sticking?

10-29-2002, 12:58 PM
Not at all. I wsa stuck for about a month. Don't let that stop you. I pushed passed it slowly. Do you get enough protein? I have found that if I am eating and don't get enough protein I slow down too. I have had to use a protein supplement sometimes too. It is a personal taste as far as those things go. Just don't think that b/c it cost a lot it must be good. Trust me on this one.

10-29-2002, 01:24 PM
Okay, I'll watch my protein - I know it's meat, but not really sure yet what else is protein.

Chicken breast and stirfry veggies tonight.

The big news is my husband decided last night that if I'm going to lose 35 more pounds - he doesn't want to look like a gorilla next to me. We figured his weight goal out last night and he needs to lose... 35 pounds!

It will make it easier on me not to cook/shop for two menus. I'll let you know if he sticks with it. Still have some cookies/candy/chips hanging around.

10-29-2002, 01:51 PM
You can remeber that any animal products have protein. That makes it easier. Beans and rice is a good complete protein. Peanut butter and wheat bread is another. If you are kind of scared of to much meat protein I am sure there are some vegetarians out there taht can give you a list of more complete proteins. By compelte I mean each one has some form of protein but it needs the other to complete the correct protein chain.

10-29-2002, 02:02 PM
And I can start paying attention when I check foods out in my cal/carbo/fat counter. Been trying to watch my fiber and fats - adding a little knowledge at a time. It's overwhelming when you're first starting out - reading the nutritional labels.

It's not so much avoiding meat as I just don't really eat meat all that often at home - prefer the veggies/beans/fruits/grains.

In my previous life (LOL) it was pepperoni, double-cheeseburgers, hot sausage grinders, cold cuts, chili dogs - mostly fatty-salty crap. LOL Don't do much cheese or dairy either without my pizza/cheeseburgers/milkshakes/egg mcmuffins.

I need to find healthy alternatives now that that stuff is off my grocery list/fast food menu.

10-29-2002, 02:08 PM
Hi everyone :)
Lastnight was hubby's birthday party. I 99% of everything ready and I still managed to run around the whole day! I started cooking early around 2 PM and was done by 4PM. Cleaned everything spotless and even had time to take a shower and get dressed before guests arrived! woo hoo! Anyway I took some digital pictures and wanted to share some with you ladies .

Birthday Boy :)

Daddy & daughter dancing some Salsa

Me giving hubby birthday kiss

Me cheering him on as he blows out his candles

This is my fountain, I love it! It's actually a table base but the lady who sold it to me gave me a cool idea. I filled it with Bacardi Rum. I made virgin Piņa Coladas and let the guests fill the amount of
rum they wanted lol. Here it is on top of my dining table with Rum flowing


10-29-2002, 02:32 PM
Hey Rusty,
IT is wonderful that you are learning about labels,fats,fiber ... IT can be overwhelming at first I know it. I hit a brick wall a fewtimes. I mean I was really working out,eating 1,200 calories a day and 15-20 fatgrams a day. I just didnt lose at this point. It was then that I decided to add more calories and fat to my diet on some days. One day eat 1,500-1,600 calories and about 27fatgrams and make your workout at least 60 min of fastwalking or elliptical machines. The next day eat low cal like 1,200 calories and 18-20 fatgrams and workout about 45 min .This is something tried by many dieters. I heard about this and its called the Wendis Plan. After a few weeks/months of dieting your body slows itself down and is able to maintain itself with just 1,200 calories a day. So eating more on one day and less on the next sort of boosts your metabolism. After being stuck for about 2-3 weeks I got up enough courage to try it. Well the first week I lost 4 lbs! The next 2-3 lbs.
I understand how frustrating this is when you weigh yourself and you see the scale wont budge! I actually cried and sulked in bed for a few hrs that day. I dont know how much exercise you do. Twenty minutes of aerobic activity is only enough to get you warmed up. The true calorie burning is from constant movement for an hour or so. I did Tae Bo for a while and later on even with tae Bo I didnt get any results. I was doing the 30 minute tape, then 45 minutes.
DONT GIVE UP this is one of those things where you HAVE to
try new things to see what clicks and works for you.

ttyl, Gen
194/130/130 @ goal!

10-29-2002, 02:37 PM
Am I missing something? When I click on the links it is an advertisement.

10-29-2002, 02:44 PM
*** I can see the birthday boy dancing and the *KISS* but the rest won't show.

The plan:

1. Up the exertion.

2. Add protein.

3. Juggle the calories.

I opened a can of chicken breast and added half to my salad. Also added a little bit of the Hormel Real Bacon Bits - 50% less fat - to the top. Tastes like a BLT! :)

Thanks! I'll see where we go from here.

Gen - looks like a great party! You really outdid yourself.

10-29-2002, 05:22 PM
Hang in there Rusty, I know how frustrating it can be when you're stuck on that great weight loss plateau going nowhere. It will pass. Picked up some great tips from this thread though, especially interested in the 'eat 1600 cals one day and 1200 the next to give the old metabolism a shot in the arm. Will definitely give that one a try!


10-29-2002, 05:46 PM
Fact or Fiction? Ten years ago you used to hear a lot about your body's *set point*. *Experts* thought that your body would find its set point and that it was very difficult to persuade it that you wanted to weigh more or less. It made sense to me at the time because I'd spent about 10 years right around 135 and another ten of my adult life around 165 without paying any attention to my diet.

Now I'm stuck (temporarily, of course) at 165.

Wykyd One - thank you. I'm biding my time. (Twiddling thumbs and looking at watch.) LOL

10-29-2002, 09:13 PM
I was at my midwife's office today and her scale is six pounds higher then mine! Bummer. :mad: Of course, I was dressed with shoes and everything, lol! I was under 200 though, and it showed a 17 pound loss from the last time I was there, so I'm still pretty happy. Anyway, I had cookie dough today. And two cookies! UGH!! My sisters baby shower is Saturday and I'm soposed to bake like 7 different kinds of cookies for it, so I'm getting a head start. This could be a dangerous proposition.:devil: I'm doing so good with my exercise. I do about an hour on the treadmill everyday. And I can tell my endurance has gone up. But my diet is horrible. I've been eating about 2,700 a day. I need it to be about 1900-2200. I'm breastfeeding, so I do need at least 1900, but I'm way over that and I just can't seem to stop. What is wrong with me?? I'm losing about 1/2 a week, if that. It's been like this for about two weeks now. Also, my pregnant sister is living with us now and she's an awful influence!! She's always been like a size 6, but now she wants to eat out everyday and has sweets and junk in the house. I feel like I should be better able to control my eating.
So that was my vent for the day. Gennel, I can't get the pictures. It just shows me a blank screen.:( But, it sounds like an awsome party!! TTFN, and have a great evening all.:)

10-30-2002, 09:26 AM
Hi everyone. I am hoping for a loss this Saturday but I don't know. I have not been able to get on my elliptical machine...I fell off the porch steps AGAIN. Yep, this is my 2nd time this year. My back porch steps are made of wood and became very slick with the rain we have been getting EVERY day. So anyway I have been taking it easy with the exercising. This fall was worst than the last one.

So I am going to jump on my machine right now and try to do some mileage and see if that is possible and also to see if it will work out the kinks.

Gennel I would love to see those pics but I keep getting some kind of advertisement. I don't think I am doing anything different.

Well talk with all of you later. bye.

10-30-2002, 06:18 PM
:sorry: Sorry to hear about your fall, Kina, hope you're better soon. :balloons:


10-30-2002, 09:04 PM
I lost 1.5 pounds this week so I feel pretty good. Now I have 66 more to go.

10-31-2002, 09:45 AM
Hope everyone has a great Halloween today! I'm more excited than my kids I think! This is the first time I'm dressing up as an adult lol . I'll take some pics of tonight and try to post them here. I dont know why some of you were able to see the pictures and others got a blank page or advertisement. I guess it has something to do with your browsers? I dunno .
Sorry to hear about your fall Kina :(
Congrats to Angie onyour 1.5 lbs loss! Way to go girl !


10-31-2002, 09:47 AM

10-31-2002, 10:57 AM
Happy Halloween!

11-01-2002, 12:48 PM
Well here they are!
I dont know why some people cant see the picture or they just get an advertisement. If you cant see it PLEASE,pretty please email me so I can send you the pics through email.

My hubby and me in front of the Versace Mansion in South Beach.
My eyes came out really freakyt and my hubby was grabbing a little bit much there! lol

All of the gang take a picture :)

Me giving my doctor a big smooch on his cheek :

We had a BLAST. I cant remember the last time I had so much fun!


11-02-2002, 06:08 AM
Hey everyone,

I've been out of the loop for the last week. (field training, rifle range, army stuff)

However, I maintained my 133. Now that I'm back from the field I can get back into the gym. I actually missed it. Gen I tried to access your pics and all I got was an ad. I would love to see them though. My email is gi40wat@hotmail.com. Ciao bella!

11-02-2002, 08:51 AM
If it's not too late I would like to be in on the challenge. I would like to lose 6 lbs by then. I have done pretty well since I started. I was at 233 and am now at 221. So, 215 is my goal. I like to set small goals so I don't freak out. I am in no hurry. I will get there.

11-02-2002, 08:58 AM
Hi MG! Wykyd and I are here, too! :)

Well, my plateau is off/on - I've teetered on the edge from 164 to 165 to 164 to...

163 today - so it's down a tick. Progress is progress. Hanging in there!

Good luck (and hard work!) everyone!

11-02-2002, 10:39 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

How's everyone doing? Remember today is weigh in so please let me know if you maintained ,gained or lost anything. I pretty much stayed the same for this week which is exactly what I wanted!
I had some crepes at IHOP yesterday and I just had to learn how to make some! I got the super easy recipe and made some this morning..yummmy. I just need fresh fruits to top it with.


11-02-2002, 11:30 AM
Hi. My weighday is usually on Wednesday but I did weigh myself today. the scales say I lost 3 pounds since Wednesday but I will wait until Wednesday to make it official, hopefully it wasn't just a fluke weigh in!!!LOL If it is accurate than I have lost 4.5 pounds so far for this challenge!!! YEAH!!!

I went and bought some sexy shirts at the Victorias Secret websight last night since I was 130 not to long ago I figured it would be a good incentive for me to stay on track.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!

11-02-2002, 12:07 PM
Gennel- put me down for a 4lb loss. I started doing the elliptical machine for 30 minutes + my treadmill on cardio days this week. It was hard the first day, but much better the 2nd. The funny thing is that after I started it on Tuesday and burned so many more calories, from Tuesday on I've hit a plateau. Fortunately for me those 4 pounds came off last weekend!:) Anyway I can feel a huge difference doing the elliptical with my treadmill on cardio days, so I know eventually once my body stops fighting me again and gets used to it that the pounds will move again. Maybe I can hope for a loss by next Saturday. Kina- sorry to hear about your fall- and that tornado must have been so scary! Sorry I haven't been around much. Super busy these days. Well I hope everyone has a great weigh in. Gennel all I see is an add. I'd love to see the pics though. My email address is: grizzlyschick@hotmail.com. Take care all. Di:)

11-02-2002, 01:34 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave:

Well as you know I nearly missed the Tornado, then fell off the porch steps...well just when you thought it couldn't get ANY worst I LOCKED MYSELF OUT OF THE HOUSE !!! Luckily I had my cell phone with me so I called DH but work had taken him out of town for the day then I called my mom and got lucky. As I sat there on the steps I asked "How much worse could it get?" It just so happened that day was the day I had an interview.:?: Well it did work out in the end. But then I said (the optimist that I am) "Well it can only go up from here!":crossed: It had come until this morning! I had a loss even more than I had mentioned earlier in the week! Here it is Gennel...drum roll please...3.5 lb loss :cloud9: And would you believe my loss comes with TOM which all of you know is quite impossible! You know where that puts me only a .5 lb away from my mini goal. I am almost in the 80s OMG.

I really have to say thank you to all of you guys. Without the support, the stories of success, and the stories that give me the strength to push forward...gosh I just don't think I could have done it. I have tried to lose weight before and before 3FC, this particular thread, and others I had attempted to lose and got no where successful and definitely nowhere close to what I am today. Thumbs up to all of you involved in this thread.

Di ~~~you are doing so awesome. So how do you like the elliptical machine? I love it. I had taken some time away from it and now went back this week. Keep at it you will see and feel the difference in yourself.

Wykyd, Rusty ~~~Thanks I am doing much better! I have managed to get on my elliptical machine. I don't push myself further than my body allows me. But I often get on plateau's actually just recently was able to get off one.

Angie ~~~Weigh to go! I weight myself everyday. I know that is bad but it helps to keep me focused and also keeps me from making bad choices throughout the day. For instance if I were passing a fast food place I want to stop but I allow myself to remember what my scale weighed in that morning. So hopefully the scale will tell you what you want but don't be disappointed if it doesn't work in your favor that is part of the challenge.

MorningGlory ~~~I don't think it would be too late to join in on this one. Ask Gennel. But you would just have to modify your goal for this challenge we are working on since we have already started. You know? Good Luck glad to see you here and hope to see you succeed!

DipNtwists, Laney ~~~Welcome back from a few days off. I know how life can keep us busy but don't lose yourself in your busy life. I am the best example...allow yourself some "ME" time. Be a little selfish with yourself from time to time.

Okay I think this is very long and probably everyone will just scan through it because we are always in a rush. But I wanted to give a quick two cents and a big hello. Okay talk to you all again.

:cb: hugs and smiles, Kina

11-02-2002, 05:39 PM
How's everyone? Looks like we got some great losers this week!:bravo: :cp: :cloud9:

If anyone has more weightloss and I didnt put it correctly PLEASE post and I will fix it ASAP!

Gen.Goal (maint weight)(11/2/02 maint)

Kempyd ..Goal 2.5 lbs

Wykyd..Goal 7 lbs

laney1733...Goal 6 lbs

Grizzlyschick..Goal 6 lbs..Loss 4 lbs

AngieME..Goal 8 lbs..Loss 4.5 lbs

Kina ..Goal 6 lbs..Loss 3.5 lbs

Dipsntwists..Goal 8 lbs

SarahBella..Goal 10 lbs

RustyRusty..Goal 8 lbs

Sahvara..Goal 4 lbs(11/5 Welcome! )

11-02-2002, 08:40 PM
:dancer: WOO HOO! Kina- You go girl!! I'm so happy for your big loss!:bravo: . Thanks for the encouragement with the elliptical machine, maybe soon I'll learn to love it. Right now I'm going from strong dislike to it's ok. I love the treadmill, but it just doesn't burn as many calories as that darn elliptical machine does in the same amount of time- and right now when I'm so close to hitting my next big goal, I have to do what's going to give me the best results. So if I curse once in a while about that darn machine forgive me, I'm just a die hard treadmill fan!:lol: Hope you're feeling better since the fall. Take care.:)

11-02-2002, 11:03 PM
Di I know what you mean about the elliptical machine. I always have nice things to say about it. I love the results I have gotten since using it. But I have to admit while I am on that machine I am cursing the whole time. I like to put the tv on a show that keeps my attention distracted. At first it was hard and now it is a snap the miles go so quickly and effortlessly that I don't complain that much.

You are doing so much more than I am doing that is for sure. Not that I don't want to do all that you are doing I just can't find the time to get it all done. But once the semester is over I will make the extra time for aerobics and stuff like that. So right now I am 190.5 my ultimate goal is to be at 150 by April. Let's see if I can do it.

Well I have to let you go now. I have homework I have to turn in by midnight. Keep up the great job; you are going to look excellent and feel that much better about yourself.

hugs, Corina

11-03-2002, 01:47 AM
Hello all- hope your challenge is going well.

I am exactly the same as when I started, still at 227.
Thinking positively, at least it's not a gain, and hopefully will be a loss next week!


11-03-2002, 08:56 AM
Those darn sticky pounds - maybe we're eating too much bubble gum? LOL

11-03-2002, 02:39 PM
:) OMG! Gennel! I could not believe the pics! You look absolutely incredible. I couldn't believe the difference in the last pictures I had seen of you and these- you go girl!:D
Kina- I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who curses that darn machine!:lol: Honestly the only way I make time is by doing it first thing in the morning before work. If I waited until the end of the day I'd never do it. Not having kids also makes it a lot easier to get time in for exercising for me. Thanks again for the encouragement and I know you'll make that goal by April and hopefully so will I!Well gotta go cook dinner- chicken and cabbage soup:T Talk to you later. Di

11-03-2002, 04:23 PM
Hello all. I'm down one pound for this challenge so far. All the kids treats being around the house is making it very difficult. I have no willpower. Waaaaa:( Good luck to everyone in the coming week!!

11-03-2002, 05:22 PM
Gen, I was just rereading the posts and you and I are the same height. I must admit though that you look alot better than I did at 130 pounds. I think I stretched out to much skin when I got up to 265 pounds. Maybe when I reach my goal I'll consider the surgery to remove the extra skin. I am so much of a wimp that I don't know if I could do it.LOL

11-03-2002, 10:49 PM
I havent done this in a while so I went back and added the pounds from the previous challenges. You guys ! IT totally shocked me how many pounds have melted away since my first challenge! Are ya ready ? We have lost a total of 314.5 lbs! That is almost 3 people ! Well three petite people lol.
I put together a bunch of pictures of mine Since February till now. Instead of uploading them to a temporary gallery I plan to do a small webpage of my personal story. The good ,the bad and the very ugly . My husband, his boss and his wife are sort of encouraging me to write a booklet about my story and what I did to reach my goal. It never hurts to try I guess.I dont know yet about doing this. If I decide to do this it will be all of it ,very personal things. Everyone who's ever been overweight can and will relate to my story. I just cant imagine my friends and family reading this! Ya know what I mean? I want to add lowfat tips on the website at least once a week. When I get all the pictures up and write something I will post a link here.


11-04-2002, 12:00 PM
Gen - I would read it when you get it done.

I have lost one pound since the start of this challenge. I don;t know how I did it though. Last Tuesday it was 164 know it is 157.5. WHAT??? Mother nature was even visiting. Do I hold that much water???

11-04-2002, 03:14 PM
I'm a lurker on this thread and I just wanna tell you all that I find your posts inspiring. Keep up the great work. I hope that I can be a wonderful loser like all of you.


11-04-2002, 04:16 PM
Weighed myself this morning. A pound lost! Yay!
Now 226 ......... 220 here I come!


11-04-2002, 04:36 PM
Way to go Wykyd on the loss!!!

Hi Sahvara,welcome to the board!! Are you going to join our challenge?

Gen, I would read it too. When I lost my weight the first time there was a magazine I would buy every month that was devoted to people who had lost weight and their stories. I loved that Magazine but I can't think of the name and wouldn't you know it when I tried to get a subscription to it they stopped printing it!!!

11-04-2002, 05:05 PM
I don't know if I'd be able to meet any of the weight loss goals I'd put for myself. My nutritionist says that she only wants me to lose a pound a week. So anything more than four pounds a month, I don't know if I could meet it. :(


11-04-2002, 05:25 PM
Sah- you don't have to have high weight lose goals. Mine is only 2.5 lbs in 4 weeks. Now tell me that isn't low! I know I can't set it too high b/c I will never reach it. You should give us a try.

Congrats wykyd!

11-04-2002, 06:00 PM
That is okay. We are just here to support each other anyways. it doesn't matter if it is a 4 pound or a 10 pound goal.We can offer you all the support you want or may need as you try to lose weight.Good Luck.

11-04-2002, 10:42 PM
Welcome Sahvara. Goals are the greatest tool to have. The best thing about them is that you fix it to fit YOU. So if you think you can only lose 1 in 4 weeks then challenge yourself to 2. Or just stick to losing 1. I will tell you that no matter the amount you place your goal at you will be so proud of yourself that you accomplished it. You can do it! As long as you give it your best try that is what matters. It is not whether you make the goal or not it's about how you feel about yourself. Give it a try.

Wykyd, wonderful job! You are doing so great! Keep it up.

Kempyd, have more faith in yourself. Always a positive attitude. Always tell yourself you can do it, you wil do it, and it will in fact be what you believe. Not trying to give you a lecture but it has worked for me.

Angie, aren't you so right! I have to say this thread along with others have given me the support and encouragement to continue and since June when I joined this thread I have now lost close to 20 lbs! So I certainly agree with you this thread is a awesome booster.

Gennel, I would love to see the website you are thinking of making. I thought of making something about my weight loss as well but I have a long ways to go before I get to the maintianing part.

Di, I hope you are doing well. I haven't gotten on my machine my life has been a little busy between school, work, and family. But I have managed to hold on to my losses which is a challenge in its self. Aaargh does it get any easier!

I better get going now. Talk to you alll later.

11-05-2002, 02:37 AM
Hello girlies,

Can't stay lon just wanted to let everyone know I lost nothing this week. Getting very irritated on my plateu. Anyway, lot of stuff going on the Army so forgive me if I disappear from time to time.

Kina, kinda hard to schedule "me" time when the Pres is talking about going to war. :) I'll try to keep up with you busy bees though.

11-05-2002, 10:43 AM
Hey girl .
That sounds like a very good goal. I didnt always reach my goal every challenge. Just go back and check out some of the challenges! I think Ireached 2-3 out of the many Ive entered.Sometimes I lost 3 lbs in a month. 2-4 lbs a month is still a loss.The whole point is to try to lose something,anything. One pound less is 16 ounces less on your body.Ounces do add up trust me! Set a personal goal. Set small goals. I have checked out many sites and all of them have the same thing in common. SET SMALL GOALS foryourself. I could have gone in a crazy diet for 3 -4 months and reached my goal. But I learned the hard way. But at least I learned lol. This is something very possible to do. Everyone has had hard times in their lives,some more than others. Have you ever been about to lose a car? Your job?Your place to live?OR a single mom raising kids on her own? I imagine someone in that situation will do what they had to do to keep it together. You ladies are stronger than you think. This weight thing has to be looked at in a similiar way. This is one thing that I have personaly been lazy with half of my life. I can let it go I thought. I can eat today and worry about it tomorrow.But no more. I regret not eating right,not exercising.Stretching my skin to the limit! And making my family pay for me not wanting to go to the beach or get in a pool cause of my weight.
By the way this isnt something Im just telling you Sahvara. I'm telling myself and everyone else that comes here. I'm guilty myself lol. I know everyone here is mature and knows that being thin wont bring them money and and complete bliss. But I am guaranteeing one thing to everybody here. When you reach y our goal you will deffinately feel better about yourself. Your spouses,boyfriends and family will see a new person. Not just a thinner person. You will glow. You will want to jump up and down and shake that booty lol. You will have that little sexy bounce in your step when you walk into a room.
Wow ! where did that come from. Ok now I think I really want to run to the gym this morning lol Maybe not ,its over 7 miles away lol.
Well talk to you ladies later,
194130/130 @goal!:spin:

11-05-2002, 10:44 AM
Dips! Thank you! I'm proud to know you're out there defending us. Stay safe.

11-05-2002, 02:15 PM
You are so freaking encouraging! I'm having a Budweiser, "I love you guys" moment... Alright! I'm gonna set a goal of 4lbs!! And I'm gonna be a good girl and go to the gym regularly and eat right. I'm gonna try my darndest to beat this. Because... I WILL beat this.

I love you all! Thanks so much. I'm getting all Vaclempt! :)


11-05-2002, 02:43 PM
Make sure you don't try to do this on your own. I knwo I have tried hundreds of times thinking that I was strong enough on my own. WRONG! This site has been very helpful to me. I really need the encouragment that we all give to each other. It kind of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. lol

11-05-2002, 04:54 PM
Absolutely! This site has some amazingly supportive people. So Sahvara, if you feel the need, just rant and moan about the difficult times and brag about your successes and everyone will be here to share the good and the not so good with you!


11-05-2002, 05:37 PM
YEAH Sahvara!!! We will help you do this. I am here for any support you need. This is such a great group of people.I know I would be off by now if I hadn't found this sight. All of the support has helped my willpower and confidence.I also love reading everyones journals. They are so inspiring.

11-05-2002, 11:32 PM

11-06-2002, 08:23 AM
Gennel? Have your *period* today? LOLOL

11-06-2002, 01:25 PM
lol @ Rusty

I thought Gennel typed this whole long post and lost it, so she was upset and put a dot in the post like, "I'm not trying this again." I never would have guessed period.

Hello Wonderful People!

I went to the nutritionist, excuse me... Registered Dietition ;) , on Monday. And instead of prescribing a diet, she prescribed a book. So the next day (yesterday) I bought the book from Barnes & Noble and I read 3 chapters.

Before I continue, I just got an Instant Message from the Prez of this club I'm in and she is totally B!tchin' at me for missing the meeting last night. I sent her an email and she never checked her email and is complaining. I wouldn't have this much of a prob if she didn't miss an event with an away message on her AIM that read, "Buying beer for the party tomorrow night!" Heck if this wench can miss a club event to buy beer she has no right to yell at me all headless chicken like. Okay.. I'm finished. *Breath*

Okay... now where was I. Yes, the book! It's titled: "Intuitive Eating" and it's by Evelyn Tribole. Here's the caption, "Make peace with food. Free yourself from chronic dieting forever. Get to the natural weight that fits you." I really like it so far. I'm classified as the "Chronic - No Waste Unconscious Eater."

And simply being more aware of my weaknesses and going to a nutrition and all that has helped me eat better. I can say, "no" to food now. Which is good for me, cuz because I couldn't say no even if I was full. It just tasted so good.

Okay you didn't ask for this massive post. But it's too late now. Sorry.

How's everybody else doing today?? :)


11-06-2002, 02:30 PM
I had to laugh , then I sat here and started thinking and thinking lol. Period? What the heck is Rusty talking about ? I was like " OMG maybe I was too harsh in the long post I left here. Then I scrolled up and saw my blank post with just a period on it lol.
I was testing my new picture under my name to see if it worked. I wanted to put a picture of myself but it didnt work. I didnt write anything so I just left a period there lol.
Ok now for something really funny???:dizzy: :lol: :s:
Rusty I think you cursed me !!!!!!!!!!!! This morning, I wont go into details but I did get my period! :bomb: :headache:

I decided to stay home today and maybe try to walk tonight.I just knew the aches were right around the corner . Well by 10:30 AM I Couldnt resist anymore! I got dressed and called hubby to let him know I was going to the Gym. He thought I was insane of course.I'm like usually bedridden the first day or two . I got on the damn um... darn elliptical machine and was doing great for the first 29 minutes, when the throbbing /labor pains started ugh!!! I kept going just grinding my teeth and watching Mad About You on the screen in front of me.I programmed it for 55 min, finished the 55 minutes and talked my self into another 5 minutes. I finished !Instead of running home I went to TJ MAx outlet and picked 5 items ,all nonstretch size 6. Please tell me you guys have done this too??? lol Just to make sure your eyes arent playing tricks on you. I picked these two dresses,skirts and dress pants in black. Everything fit me perfectly.I would unzip it and check the label to make sure it said what I thought I saw lol.
I didnt buy a single thing! If that isnt a pick me up I dont know what is !!:cb:
The only good think about feel achy and so crappy today is I didnt want a hot lunch as usual. I felt so much better snuggling up on my sofa with a bowl of Berry Special K cereal/skim milk.The chunks of fresh cut pineapple is calling my name lol.I'll have that later maybe.
okayyyyy was this long enough or what?
194/130/130 @goal!

11-06-2002, 02:56 PM
What does that mean? Maybe I am under the same classification. If I am maybe I should go buy the book.

Genn- I know what you mean about the cramps. The only problem is I can't miss work and still go to the gym b/c that is where I work. They would not find tht to funny. I didn't forget about sending that picture to you. I keep running out of the house like a mad woman and walk right by it. I will put a stick note on my head to remind me for tomorrow. Cool about the clothes!

11-06-2002, 03:06 PM
if you figure out how to use your pic as an avatar let me know. Mine wont let me it says it is too big and I have no idea how to fix it.
On a good note today is my regular weigh day and I have officially lost6 pounds for this challenge so far. 2 more to go and I succeeded this time,YES!!
I am supposed to be helping my husband in the bakery so I will write more later.
Everyone have a good day today.


11-06-2002, 08:51 PM
YES, I got my pic as my avatar.It was a fluke really, I just started messing around in my Picture it and got it. Now I can change it as I lose weight.

11-06-2002, 09:27 PM
Wow wow wow girl 6 lbs already?? Awesome girl. keep it up and I will soon see you addicted to clothes shopping lol.


11-07-2002, 04:09 AM
Gen, Angie, Kina, Rusty, Sahv and all

I have a confession to make but first let me say:

Rusty, thank you for your support, it means a lot to us soldiers.

Sahv, I didn't get a chance to welcome you, glad to have you, the more the merrier.

Okay, now for my dirty secret... as some of you may know, I was sitting on a 133 pound plateu for quite a while and I was a little upset about that, so I went out and did the unthinkable, I bought into that 48 hour juice diet. And as I sit here 4 pounds lighter, I can tell you that it wasn't worth it. Some thins are just worth waiting for, and quick doesn't always mean easy.

Another thing I did was visit a variety of pro ana/mia sites, just to show myself that there are girls on the "other side" of this weight issue that are super thin and not happy with themsleves. So i decided that I am going to loose weight the happy healthy way. It's not easy and it won't come as quick as I would like but I'm doing okay and I have this site and you girls to help me. I also have a free fitness center on post (a very good advantage) and a new determination.

Stay healthy and happy girls, I'll be posting my pics really soon.


11-07-2002, 10:46 AM
I think all of us at one point or another have thought of doing the unthinkable too! Dont put yourself down. I know you are probably 10-12 lbs over your goal weight . But honestly look at it from a person who weighs 250 lbs. My sister doesnt understand why I wanted to weigh 125-130. She thought I was crazy and wanted to smack me a few times. You can take it off slowly. THis isnt a race and as you probably found out its better for you if you do it right. I can bet you look great right now. I was reading something yesterday titled " There are No Ugly Bodies" I didnt understand it at first but Iread more and more and it made soooo much sense to me. IT said " What is the first thing you think when you see yourself naked in front of the mirror ,or even in underwear! The first thought we have is " My tummy should be flatter, if only my thighs were smaller or bigger,I wish I didnt have stretch marks,if my waist was only 2 inches smaller,my boobgs are too big for my body, or they should be smaller,higher or lower lol. You know why we think those things? Because When we look in the mirror we instantly compare ourselves to every image we've seen on tv or in magazines" the perfect body" I thought at first " I dont compare myself to those girls on TV! Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Pamela Anderson etc...
But the truth is our minds do. If everyone had stretch marks then I would think its totally normal and wouldnt mind showing mine off lol. But its taught to us that this is a bad thing so its just horrible. WHen I seen myself I didnt think of a certain celebrity but I remember a body part of someone that I wish I had.But I cant remember the names! Everyday I let myself know that I have come a very long way to get to where I am.I know 130 lbs to some people is fat,believe it or not! lol Some people think we should all weigh 110-120 lbs at the most. That's just how they think. Like I mentioned yesterday I went to the store and grabbed 5 things all NONstretch size 5/6. It fit perfectly . The last time I wore a 5/6 I was around 12 yrs old. But guess what? At the gym there are ladies that are around 115 lbs and I think they look great. But they like live at the Gym! lol Besides they have the smallest skimpiest gym outfits on.Ive seen them dressed up and there is no curve no chest, nothing. So no thank you :)
I have a personal comment to make. When I first started to lose weight I just wanted to get to at least 150 lbs . I thought I probably might not make it there and said to myself I would be happy at that weight. Well I got there and felt fat. So I said to myself ok 140 ,got there. Ok 135lbs ,got there.Now at 130 lbs which was my personal goal. Posting here helps keep me accountable for what I do. I WONT go lower than 125. If I stay at 130 then its fine. I just started lifting weights lastnight to firm up my legs,butt,arms. My muscles need it bad!
You just LOVE YOURSELF girl ,ok? Weighing 120 doesnt mean you'll have the body of your dreams. It'll just just mean youweigh 120. We have to work on our way of thinking not just our way of eating and comparing ourselves. I have to remind myself of this everyday. I know you will find your way.
Ok I'm getting mushy now with you guys!:grouphug:


11-07-2002, 11:12 AM
I clicked on (change avatar) and I browsed my photos and inserted the first one you sent me and it still would not show up. SO I decided to upload the pic to my online photo album, then inserted the link. Then finally it worked!?
Thank you! now that I know how to change it I will be taking pics and changing my avatar more often ! Probably for Christmas?


11-07-2002, 11:39 AM
Gen - you are so inspiring! I really enjoy reading your posts. They make me read what I know is true. I usually have a hard time putting all of it into proctice. I know that my hubby helps me. He tells me how great I look no matter what I feel like. When I get upset about cellulite he reminds me that all normal women have it. I really trys to get me to accept who I am not what all of the models are. I am a woman that can gain muscle very fast but it takes me a long time to get the fat off. I have learned to accept this and I just work on what will come off at that time. I would like to thank everyone who has been such an inspiration to me.

11-07-2002, 11:43 AM
Strange - when I click Change Avatar on mine now - all I get is thank you for updating your profile! I cannot figure out how I did it before! LOL Glad you both got your smiling faces up where we can smile backatcha!

You're right, Gen. It's all in perception. On my way UP in weight - I thought 160 was awful for me. Now that I'm on my way DOWN from 180 (hit 160 this morning!) 160 doesn't feel or look bad at all. It's a nice weight, feels good and healthy, and I *could* stay here - but it isn't right for me. I have a narrow face and I look like a box turtle poking its little head out of its shell. :)


I was always around 130 - throughout my late teens/twenties and would like to get back into my old jeans. I've always had a love affair with my Levi's and I have kept all but the 28/31s. So I'm almost ready to ditch my (loose) 36s and jump to the 34s I was in before my *spaying * in June and then on down to the 32s I ain't squeezed into in years. I really want the 30s - they are my *holy grail*!

11-07-2002, 11:52 AM
Got it. Just needed to be patient while the next page loaded. :)

11-07-2002, 12:40 PM
All of you are wonderful women!!

I'm young and impatient at the moment, even though I know it will take time.

Gen: I feel the same way you felt when you were heavier. I figure if I can get to 150 that'll be awesome. But don't know how I'd look so I'm just picking a round about figure. You look great in that avatar pic. I can only hope that one day I'll be able to fit into a smaller dress. 130# is seriously a dream for me. Like not a dream as in a goal.. but it's so far away that I have to be dreaming to even think of 130. But I have to take this one day at time. And I'd love to hear how you started out and how you lost the weight. Did you go to the gym often early on? Did you run?

Dips: I understand your frustration. But don't beat yourself up about it. You know now that you want to do things the healthy way and that drinking dilluted juice isn't the way for you. I'm glad that you came to that point. Good luck and stay positive.

Rusty: Good job on your 160 today! Sounds great to me that you've been able to stick with it and stay focused. And good luck on fitting into those jeans! I know you'll do it :)

Kempyd: Well the classification that I am is a hybrid of two. There is the general unconscious eater that eats while doing something else, like watching TV or something, so they aren't really aware if they are full or not and just keep eating till everything on the plate is gone. The Chaotic Unconscious eater has no set time schedule and just eats whatever he/she can find while on the go. Be it fast food or vending machines or whatever. The person just doesn't have time to sit around and cook a good meal. Then there is the No Waste Unconscious eater who feels that since she/he paid for the food, he/she should eat it all. Plus they grew up with that whole "Clean your plate" mentality. There are many other classifications, but I felt the two of them symbolized me. And since I've found that out. I've taken steps to prevent that.

Angie: Congrats on your 6lb loss!!! :cool: That's great work! You are well on your way again. Keep us posted!

I stepped on the Monsterously Evil Scale yesterday and I found I weighed in at 183.8. That was later in the day and I had just had dinner. So I'm hoping I'm closer to 182. But to tell you the truth. I don't care right now. I just want to concentrate on being conscious of what I eat and being healthy about what I eat. But it doesn't stop me from feeling terrible... Darn the media!! Darn it all to heck!


11-07-2002, 12:55 PM
I drink about a gallon of water every day. I gave up the gallon of diet cola almost a month ago - except for an occasional treat. I weigh myself in the morning, right after, er, you know. Then I figure I'm most accurately weighing my weight - not my water. I can put on 7 pounds during the day - just from sipping and nibbling all day. Makes a big difference if I weigh in at the doc's late in the afternoon. Depressing. :)

I was 180 on 9_14 and hit 160 today - it really doesn't take long if you make changes and stick to them. Helps to have my Dad and husband eating right, too.

11-07-2002, 01:52 PM
Hey Ladies,

Wow this thread is really active! I'm feeling kinda left out now that you all have pics up and I don't. But I think I'll wait a while longer.

Thank you all for your words of inspiration. They mean the world to me. I'm feeling a little sore today from my run and I only did 2 miles. Thank god for military holidays!! We get a 4 day weekend for Veterans day. So that will give me and Billy Blanks plenty of time to get fit. And it will give me more time to chatter with all of you! Rusty, your posts are so animated :) very pleasing to the eye!
later Gals

11-07-2002, 03:05 PM
Sah - thanks for the info. Sounds like I need to go buy this book. I think I am the uncouncious eater. I am totally zombified when I get. I compare it to a grazing cow. You know, never stopping.

11-07-2002, 05:24 PM
Wow, Everyone is so pretty. I like having the pics up there now I feel like I know who I am talking to.LOLSo much happened today on here that I feel lost. my internet company has been having problems so I wasn't able to make it on this afternoon.

My daughter has initiated a fundraiser for the Humane Society and No kill shelters in our area. I am so proud of that kid!!We made a list last night of supplies they may need and she took it to school to see if the teachers would donate and I guess the principal LOVED the idea and is going to make it a school wide effort. In case you cant tell I am really into my dogs and cats.I heard that Janusry is the hardest time of the year for shelters as everyone wants to "RETURN" their "GIFTS".

11-08-2002, 01:39 PM
Ok, those who weighed inearly this week PLEASE remind me again how muchyou've lost for this week. And the rest weigh yourselves tomorrow so I can post the new chart ! :)

ttyl ladies,

11-08-2002, 01:43 PM
I have gone down 1 lb. At least that is what it said Monday. I weigh in on Mondays. Sometimes I think that might be dangerous. GO ME!

11-08-2002, 01:51 PM
Kempyd - I'm wondering if Mondays are BETTER - do you think about the weigh-in when you want to munch out on the weekends? If you did it early Saturdays you might reward yourself or comfort yourself depending on what the scale says. Darn things!

I talk to mine, come ooooooooon, baby! Down down down! LOL

11-08-2002, 03:19 PM
I was having a really bad day yesterday. And I was having a really bad morning. But I think I'm gonna be okay. I weighed in on Wednesday @ 183.8lbs (I don't know if I've lost or gained but I will let you know later today). I wasn't supposed to. But the darn scale got to me and I stepped on it. And it's been getting me down for a while now. I gotta get outta the hump and start focusing. I let a lot of things distract me from my goal. And I have to learn to ignore those distractions. That's probably why I haven't been making much progress. I'm too distracted to stay focused. Hopefully when I weigh in next Wednesday, I'll do better. Wish me luck.

Kempyd: Good job on the loss! I know it's difficult and I'm proud of you!

Rusty: You have so much energy and are so Gung Ho about this. It's obvious that this is working for you. Do you mind tellin' a newbie how you've made it work?

Angie: I agree, everyone is pretty. And I hope that your SP can get there act together and make sure you get online properly, we need ya!

Dips: Don't feel left out. I don't have my pic up there either. I didn't wanna spoil the company ;) You sound like you're doing great on exercise. You must have awesome motivation.

Gen: Thank you again for the message. I was feelin' so down and out. But I'm back on the horse and I'm not getting off. Poor horse, eh? ;)


11-08-2002, 06:49 PM
Sahvara - lovely name. Is it *real* or a princess name just for us? It sounds enchanting.

My secret is that I was just ready. I've started *dieting* seriously about three times this year - but just never got anywhere - I'd make it a week and my weight would stick. I was eating a ton of salad but I was dumping a half-carafe of Good Seasons dressing on top. I was adding bacon and pepperoni and olives and other stuff that was loading it down. All that work and I was wasting my time.

Then I just got sick of it and started researching here and there on the web - bought a calorie counter and started shopping weekly so I'd have fresh food in the house at all times. No excuse to cheat that way! I also keep all my calories entered at caloriefreak.com - I have almost a month of my progress - calories/day that pop up on a graph when I go to view progress. THAT really helps me turn down the extras. I hate to have to log extra calories and I won't cheat - what's the point?

There's no junk food in the house and I've cut all our pasta/meat/casserole dishes in half. Period. You gotta just do it. :)

And posting here is a HUGE help... the give and take keeps me UP for the next small goal!

11-08-2002, 11:32 PM
Princess name you ask???

Haha... actually yes it is. But I didn't intend for it to sound enchanting. Just something that isn't my name. I don't like my name... too many bad memories.

My name is Tanya. Not Tonya... everyone pronounces it tonya... it's Tan-ya. Like you sat out in the beach and got a tan... ya? anyway... It's boring and I don't think my mother put much thought into it. Well actually, she confessed, she didn't. She stole it from someone else.

So I made up this one to satisfy my creative side. Besides... I also use it as an alias on the site cuz it's a weight loss thing. And none of my friends would support that. They think that I shouldn't manage my weight and that I am fine the way I am. I guess there are so many anorexics on campus they are afraid I will become one of them. *shrugs I have no idea. All I know is that they look at me funny if I mention weight loss. Mind you, they are all smaller than I, by at the very least... 25lbs.

~Sahvara aka Tanya

11-09-2002, 10:14 AM
I think that the *you don't need to lose weight* thing is some strange unconscious reflex that people (women?) blurt out - even if you're 750 pounds and 3' 8"! Maybe it's a protective response on their part - to keep you as a non-competitor in their lives? Or are we hard-wired to be comforting and polite and try to say what we think people want to hear?

When I lost thirty-five pounds back in 1989 nearly everyone - except my Momz - said OMG, you're getting too thin - you look ill - you're wasting away - and they all tried stuffing me like a Thanksgiving turkey. I never got below 130 at 5' 4" - and most of them were size 2s!

Hello? I think that if they were being helpful (and were truly concerned about my health) they would have told me at 165 lbs that I was getting a little heavy for my frame and that I should think about cutting down on my intake.

I needed to keep hearing that this time as I approached 180 - my Dad, what a sweet guy - never hurt my feelings but kept mentioning that HE was dieting and that it gets harder the older you get and hint hint, maybe BoxerBob and I ought to start eating better. I *knew* this - I *knew* my clothes were SO tight and I didn't want to buy bigger jeans - but hearing it one more time and I did it.

There's a guy I work with - he's always strong and slender and works out a bit and we talk about everything. He asked as I was leaving work one day if I had put on a little weight! (A little, hah!) I said yeah, and he mentioned that he was noticing I looked a *little* heavier in my face.

His *little* concern made a *big* difference. I gave him a hug and thanked him for the honesty and the boot in the butt!

11-09-2002, 11:14 AM
Oh Girl,
I read your post and could relate sooooo much! There are ALWAYS those people in our lives that say you dont need to lose lol. You're right about the competitive thing too. I hate it. Now that I'm 130 lbs I do get alot of" Dont you dare and lose 1 more pound or you'll look just terrible. One of my neighbors for example! Umm she's a size 2 weighs 110 lbs and is around my height. She just lost weight also ,coming down from like 160 lbs or so. She got down to 105 cause that was her dream weight but she looked BAD. So she changed her dream weight to 110 now .Well she saw me and told me I looked so great and not to lose another pound! I told her " Wait a second? Arent you like a size 2? she giggled and said yup. So why is being a size 5/6 too thin for me? " She just said that I looked really good at my current weight. My hubby never told me I had to get on a diet,he wanted to get on a diet for himself and asked for my support . We both changed our eating habits. My family was one who constantly told me how fat I was "getting" um hello I was not getting there I had arrived a long time ago! lol Now I keep getting the "Why do you keep exercising if you're thin enough? or you can eat this, you're thin now" That honestly Pisses me the **** oFF!!!!!!!!! I get pissed,pissed,pissed off!? can you tell lol?
After all I've been through ,which they of course dont really know everything. Rusty I say to you and everyone else here.
If you are doing this the right healthy way.... Go for it. You and only you will know what is a comfortable weight and it might not be what the weight charts say! Some people are truly happy for me and others I can see have a problemw ith my weightloss. I see their facial expression after Ive been asked what size Im in. Once I say it they cringe like saying "NO!!!! I'm that size! Or you passed me! My competition is..(ME,ME , ME!) I want to look better than I was.

Well I weighed in today and and @ 130 lbs. wah hoo!!!

11-09-2002, 12:14 PM
Gennel - I can tell you're walking on air - it's a great feeling to KNOW you're healthy and looking foxy! I think that we appreciate ourselves more when we've fought the good fight and went after a goal and we achieved it! And losing weight and keeping it off makes you glow inside and out! That's PRIDE!

I'm at 162 - seesawing up and down to 160 this week! LOL We'll call it a pound this week and a pound last week.

11-09-2002, 12:46 PM
Ciao ladies!

I'm in a great mood today, mainly because I was afraid that once I stopped that god-awful juice diet, I would put on weight, but I actually maintained my 129. Still at this point I feel as though 120 is so far away.

A co-worker of mine was just congratulating me saying, "wow, you've changed so much since last fall, you look great!" Oddly enough she is 132 lbs. but she's a lot taller than I am. 130 looks soooo much better on a 5' 5" frame as opposed to my 4' 11". (Tall people make me sick lol)

It's so good that a lot of you have family members and spouses that are supporting you by eating right. My boyfriend just gives me the "way to go, babe" while sitting back on the couch eating a double whopper and cheetoes. I swear if I could have just a teaspoon of his metabolism...

Anyways, good to hear from you all. Stay focused!

11-09-2002, 03:04 PM
Here we go, Please let me know if I forgot anyone's update.

Gen.Goal (maint weight)(11/11/02 maint)

Kempyd ..Goal 2.5 lbs

Wykyd..Goal 7 lbs

laney1733...Goal 6 lbs..Loss 1 lb

Grizzlyschick..Goal 6 lbs..Loss 8 lbs

AngieME..Goal 8 lbs..Loss 6 lbs

Kina ..Goal 6 lbs..Loss 3.5 lbs

Dipsntwists..Goal 8 lbs

SarahBella..Goal 10 lbs

RustyRusty..Goal 8 lbs..Loss 1 lb

Sahvara..Goal 4 lbs(11/5 Welcome! )

11-09-2002, 05:22 PM
Sorry for the late post had to work today. Gennel put me down for a 4lb loss! Woo Hoo! 119 down and 51 to go! Take care. Di

11-09-2002, 07:27 PM
Wow Wow wow. See how each pound adds up .
Angie,you're doing great! Keep it going,keep it going!
Grizzly, I just kept staring at your weight loss total so far of 119 lbs lost! I swear my eyes swelled up.You should be so very proud of yourself girl. I have no doubt you will make it.Promise to send me before /after pictures! The last pounds seem to take forever to go. Butyou know that you dont need to lower your food intake,just boost your exercise at the end. Wait until you get to the end! I felt like " Noway ! I dont want to exercise more than I am already" But once you are thin your resistance is amazing at that point.
I love all of you ladies here!!!!!
Kina,Dips,Sarahbella,Rusty! You are all doing what so many only dream of but are afraid of failing ,just try !

Have a good weekend
194/130/130 @goal!

11-10-2002, 03:20 AM
No loss to report, still 226. Sigh......


11-10-2002, 09:29 AM
I had a good weekend. We went to the no kill shelter and donated some supplies and Brit gave her money. We petted the cats for quite a while.

Wow grizzlyschick you have lost a major amount of weight!! Way to go!! You must feel so proud of yourself for being able to achieve your dreams. I am so proud of you.

Gennel, how much time do you exercise everyday? I know when i hit my goal last time I ended up at 1 1/2 hours 7 days a week. I am wondering if I am going to have to do that again where the weight seems to be coming off easily(hopefully it stays that way!! LOL) Right now I do a 2 1/2 mile walk everyday.

11-10-2002, 09:56 AM
Gennel - put me down for 2 lbs total for the two weeks - that's where I was yesterday morning - from 164 to 162. We won't count the two pounds down and up and down and up in-between!

Wykyd - let's pour it on this week. We can get moving. :) Fruit/veggies/fiber are our friends!

11-10-2002, 10:17 AM
Angie: I workout 1 hour 5 days a week.It's just this week that I've started light weightlifting. And I only do weights 3 nights a week for like 25 minutes. I think if you love it and can do it 7 days a week thats great but I cant.

Rusty: 2 lbs =7,000 calories you burned .Stick around girl. You are doing it! Speaking of fruits and veggies.I need to run out today and get my apples and grapes! I seem to do so much better when I have 1-2 apples a day.

later ladies!


11-10-2002, 01:43 PM
One little, measly pound gone this week. I seem to be stuck at one pound a week now. I'm getting a bit frustrated, I'll admit. But I keep telling myself one is better than none, or even a gain, yikes! And all that crap about the slower you lose it the more likely you are to keep it off. Yada yada, yada. I'm trying to convince myself of the truth in it.;) You all are doing so well! I love reading your posts, it motivates me to keep plugging away. Everyone have a great one!:D

11-10-2002, 02:05 PM
I killed my daily intake yesterday - ate a bunch of Chex snack mix. Waah. My first crash on the diet. LOL So I looked back thru all my days on caloriefreak.com and added a 150 cal serving here and there throughout the month - wherever I had a low day. It only brought about four days up to my 1200 goal. Looking at it that way helped me ease my troubled mind. I was just saving those low days up for a BIG snack, I guess!

Back on track today. Just ordered the Leslie Santone Walk Away the Pounds set with the water handweights and I think I'll try them to get me moving. I do simple stairs every few days to music but it's a little boring.

A pound is a pound is a pound, Serina - together we did good. :)

11-10-2002, 10:14 PM
Does anyone know where the chat link went? It used to be above next tolog out or forum team? I've been wanting to visit the chatroom for the past couple of days and I dont know how!


11-11-2002, 09:41 AM
I just tried to go there last night and couldn't find it either. I don't know. I hope they bring it back because I love going in and chatting with everyone.

11-11-2002, 11:55 AM
Rusty - I think I weigh in on Monday b/c I want to pound myself for the weekend. I didn't do it today though. I was TERRIBLE.

I had a friend in this weekend and we ate whatever. We painted half of the inside of my house. So I nknow that we burned tons of cals. We ate pizza, roast beef po boys (w/fries) and to top it off I had chinese food last night. I am not getting near the scale today.

I am so proud of everyone for the great loses this week. Keep up the good work girls!

Gennel- when is the last day of this challenge?

I have a new goal now. My hubby just won an all expesne paid vacation to New York for New Years. I need to be hotter than hot for that. I have never been there b4.

11-11-2002, 01:45 PM
The last time I was in the chat room there were messages saying that the chat room was gonna be revamped. So they may be messin' around with that for now. I don't think it's gonna be as pretty as it was before. Money shortages...

Okay, so I don't think I'm gonna be fat and alone for the rest of my life. I'm gonna do this. I went to the gym yesterday (a regular ritual for me) and I decided to add weight lifting. We'll see how that works out. And I'm gonna stay on my eating patterns and journal what I eat and keep track of what's good and what's bad and look for adjustments that I can make.

Everyone is doing so great!! :) I'm gonna add to this great stuff when I reach my goal this month... or at least come really really really close.



11-11-2002, 02:27 PM
Gennel - I meant to ask you what part of Florida you live in. I lived in Pensacola for about 4 years.

11-11-2002, 04:37 PM
Kempyd, I live in Hollywood Florida. The last day for the challenge I think is the 23rd of this month.Wow ! lucky you going to NY for New Year's!!!! I will be starting a new 4 week challenge after that of course. I'll do my very best not to gain more than 2 lbs during all those leftover snacks I'll be having!

Also to top it off my hubby bought me my favorite! Ugh! Eggnog. At least he was very thoughtful and bought the lowfat eggnog. It's 120 calories a serving and 2.5 fat. But of course I want two servings which is 240 calories and 5 fatgrams


11-12-2002, 06:21 AM
Ciao Ladies,

Everyone seems to be doing okay. For those who didn't lose or only lose a pound, I feel your frustration but remember it can always be worse.

Hey Gen, My boyfriend lives in Hollywood FL, I'll be there with him later this month. Maybe we can bump heads!!

Kempyd...I'm from NY, I never went to the big New Years party at Time Square because I hate the cold and I would much rather watch on TV. It's funny that among the whole crowd you'll find about 5 new yorkers, lol. That is strictly a Tourist event. But enjoy yourself and don't buy any jewelry from anyone's briefcase :)


PS Gen I lost 4 pound since the start of this challenge. Hopefully I'll have more good news at the next weigh in.

11-12-2002, 11:23 AM
Gen - if you are interested I have a killer eggnog recipe. I is a loaded (alcohol) kind. My mom makes it every year and people fight over who will get the last glass.

Dips - I am not a big crowd person so NY will be a big test for me. I can't say that I would do it b/c hubby is really excited.

I am getting a computer for home so I can start talking to you guys at night too. I am so excited. I hate not know what is going on here at night. I will defin. let everyone know when we have it set up. YEAH!!!

11-12-2002, 08:00 PM
What kind of computer did you decide on Kempyd? You are gonna love having one at home. It helps me not eat at night. Of course I am on it all the time. LOL.

Tomorrow is my weighday wish me luck.. I can't wait to hit 130 again. I keep going into my closet and looking at all of my "skinny" clothes and remembering how great I felt in them. I am so determinned to keep it off this time.(when I actually get there!!!) My damn Victoria Secret tops aren't here yet. I want to drool over them. I told Jay last night that I probably will be at my goal by the time they ever arrive.HAHA.

I got my hair highlighted last night. I told her fine keep it long but I want it light. I don't know why I am so scared to just cut it short. My daughter got her hair highlighted with pink. She looks really cute. She is only 11 and already so into her looks. She wants contacts already.

11-13-2002, 08:59 AM
Yeah!!! I lost 3.5 pounds this week. That puts me at 9.5 pounds lost so far on this challenge!!! I met and exceeded my goal for this month.I also have lost a grand total of 18.5 pounds!!!

I need to go do the treadmill today because it is pouring outside!!!AAAAHHH!!!

I hope everyone has an awesome day!!!


11-13-2002, 10:06 AM
A whole 3.5 lbs? OMG!!!! That is an awesome accomplishment! I'm sure you're so proud of yourself,cause I deffinately am! I will have you in mind while I get on "the monster" elliptical machine today! lol Get yourself a little something girl ,you deserve it! A nice lipstick,get your nails done,add something romantic in your room lol. That is awesome!
Well can you tell I'm truly happy for you?
I couldnt leave this thread even if I wanted to! It's likle leaving my kids or something lol,just won't do it lol. Today is a crummy day here. It was super dark,windy and raining here this morning. Looked like Hurricane weather :( But no excuses cause I will jump in my car and go to the Gym this morning!
I'd love to start something to help/support folks that need to lose weight. I mean something I can start at home like meetings,people bringing a "light" meal/snack to every meeting and everyone sharing.I'd even like to make light meals(lunches and dinner) and sell that for some of the people who dont have the time to cook for themselves or dont like to cook at all lol. You know like a small business ? Everyone that knows me and wants to lose weight has told me the same thing over and over" If you would prepare my weekly meals I would pay you andI know I would lose the weight!" Anyone here know how to even get started? One thing I dont have here in Florida is a restaurant for just lowfat menu items. I know that would be a hit! But I cant even imagine what it would take and all the Licenses I would need. That's why I want to start something small. Any advice?


11-13-2002, 10:30 AM
All you should have to do is call your state food establishment licensing agency. You could get a license to do it at home or you could rent a space to cook from. They will inspect it and tell you what you need to be up to code.(freezers,fridges,stoves,counters , work table,slicers?,and sinks would be your major equipment). It is really easy to start your own business provided you can come up with the money to get equipment. The licensing is just a few calls and some paperwork.

When I hit my goal last time I wanted to do something like that too. I have so many ways of preparing lowfat foods. My sister is very overweight and I would love to see her lose it but she doesn't seem to like the same foods I do.

I think a lowfat catering would be a great idea, especially in Florida. I actually started out doing whoopie pies in my kitchen and then we got a space to rent and now we have a building in our backyard that we had built so I work right at home. I love it. My kids have never had a babysitter and I am always here with them.They don't like that so much,*GRIN* If I can offer any more help let me know. I can try to help you figure out what you need but I love the idea!!! Go for it!!!

11-13-2002, 10:46 AM
Good morning! I need my daily fix (10x a day!) of the love and support I get here at 3FC! I find new ways to think, new ways to cook, new things to try. Keeps me cranked up about the changes I'm making in my life.

Back to 160! I'm bouncing, though. :) I hit 160 a week ago then bounced up three pounds and slowly got back here. It's that old TOM plus the usual water weight/undigested food bumping me up. Next stop ... 159! I hope. LOL Who knows - at least the trend is downward.

Gennel - I don't know how many people (zillions) have thought that if they had someone (like Oprah has) to plan and cook for them - they could do it. How could you lose with low-cal food AND advice to share?

I'm still having a hard time trying to find replacements for our usual weekly dinner menu. Friday night is cool - the local pizza place made a special thin crust/half the cheese 14" pizza with lots of fresh veggies on half (for me!) and BB and I must have saved about 2000 calories over our usual party-size thick crust/extra cheese/pepperoni pizza pig out. We were psyched just to have our treat!

Stirfry can replace one or two of the meat & potatoes/rice meals. Quesadillas will work for one - we both loved them with chicken and cheese.

Spaghetti sauce - no meat and half portions of pasta - takes some getting used to.

But what about tuna noodle casserole and mac n cheese replacements? Bob loves this stuff in the winter. Help!

11-13-2002, 11:17 AM
I use Kraft 2% mac and cheese with tuna and peas for a tuna casserole about once a week. I also use Low fat Bisquick and water to make biscuits to go with it. YUM. I actually like the reduced fat mac and cheese over the full fat.By Kraft 2% mac and cheese I mean the one with the cheese sauce not the powder.

11-13-2002, 11:50 AM
Angie - I got a dell. I hope I like it. We had to add some things to it so hubby could do work from home on it. Yeah right! I think it was just his way of getting a loaded computer. Now the next step is dsl connection.
Good job on the weight lose.

Gen - I don't know how to put the pics on the posts. Can you tell me how? I think that is a great idea about the food.

Rusty - I am terrible with making food low fat. We ate lots of Zatarain meals in a box. What a bad wife I am. If it isn't easy I don't cook it.

11-13-2002, 12:51 PM
Do any of you use a pedometer? If so which one do you use and do you like it?

11-13-2002, 01:00 PM
I have never heard of it. What is it?

11-13-2002, 02:19 PM
Ya know, you all are so beautiful. Makes me want to try harder... So that I could put my picture up there with the rest of you and be beautiful too. But at the moment, I don't think that would be a good idea. So, I have to make healthier choices and aim for low fat alternatives. Got it. I also have to go to the gym today. I think they missed me since Sunday. :D But my knees have been bothering me. Darn knees... Well I'm gonna do the weight training thing again today. I just hope it isn't as hot as it was on sunday. It was terrible because I wasn't sweating because I was tired, but rather because I was so durn hot. It was fricken humid in there!

You Ladies are great inspiration! Keep it up! :)


11-13-2002, 04:09 PM
A pedometer is a thing you clip on your belt and it tells you how many steps you have taken or how far you have gone. I read something about 10,000 steps and I have always wanted one.

Sahvara, Everyone is pretty in there own way. You dont have to be 120 pounds to be beautiful. I for one would love to see a pic of you. I like to have faces to go with everyones names.

11-13-2002, 04:16 PM
I bet Sah is beautiful. We are not going to judge you in any way. I am the same way, I like to know who I am talking to.

11-14-2002, 02:48 AM
A Pedometer sounds cool. I would give me minigoals for the day. Are they combersome?

I went to a cool lecture given by Matt Kelly. He created MAVIN magazine for the Multiracial audience. He's half white and half korean and he talked a lot about what it meant to him to be multiracial. It was an important learning experience for me cause I'm multiracial too. And until 2000, the census (and basically the rest of america) didn't recognize us as a specific, separate, group. So like to go to those lectures... but I missed going to the gym because of it. But I don't care, I got 4 copies of the magazine (they cost $5 a piece!) and I got them for free. And he signed one of them. :D

And maybe one day I'll put up my picture. But I'd have to take one first. I seriously just don't like being in them... I'll have to get over that.


11-14-2002, 03:34 AM
Ciao Ladies,

Wow, Kempyd, you look great! Now I really want to put a picture up but I don't know how, somebody help!!!

It is cool to put a face on who you're chatting with.

Angie- you are on fire! I love your determination. Keep it up

Rusty- I know how TOM can jack us up but I think you'll be fine.

Sahvara- I know how easy it is to feel self conscious about being in a picture. Don't worry about it, we can both be the mystery chicks for a little while longer. (emphasis on "little while" I'm kinda axious to get my face on here) But you take you're time, girly.

11-14-2002, 12:27 PM
Dips - AngieME helped me. I e-mailed her the picture and she shrank it down for me. The real pic is of me and my friend. Once you have it down to sixe it is easy to get in.

I think it is cool seeing everyone. It is like I have real friend now, not just flowers or cat women. (which by the way is cool)

11-14-2002, 04:20 PM
Hey, I thought you were all computer wizards and did your own cropping. If anyone want to help me crop a pic of mine I'll post it. I just don't have any "just me" pictures. Let me know.

Laterz! :)


11-14-2002, 04:26 PM
Yes! I would love if everyone had their face picture here! I plan to take another shot of my face instead of a booty shot lol.


11-14-2002, 04:40 PM
WOOO HOOO!!Sah. Great pic! I am glad to see more smiling pretty faces starting to show up.

11-14-2002, 04:46 PM
Well I did my best. The first one was a bit fuzzy so I decided to try my hand at it again. Here I am.


11-14-2002, 04:52 PM
Mine is fuzzy too. How did you fix it?

11-14-2002, 05:03 PM
Sahvara, You are Gorgeous!!! Do we have everyones pics yet? If anyone needs any help give a shout. I plan to change mine with every 10 pounds lost.But I may do a Christmas one before then.

I have to say this is one good looking bunch of people!!!!!

11-14-2002, 05:08 PM
Ithink we may have everybody now. At least the ones that are compulsive posters. lol

11-14-2002, 05:29 PM
No you don't have mine. I use to have my photo posted but then this great online buddy created my awesome avatar. So maybe sometime soon I will change it again.

I haven't lost any more. I hope that this weekend will be an awakening. HAH! Talk to you all later.


11-14-2002, 05:33 PM
I havn't seen you in awhile. Sorry! I didn't mean to forget anybody.

11-14-2002, 08:53 PM
I haven't put a pic up either because I don't have a digital camera or a scanner!:mad: If I were ever to do it, it would be now though because I got an awsome haircut that I really love!! Oh well..I love all of your pics. It makes ya'll seem more "real". On a personal note, I didn't ecercise yesterday and I felt "shlumpy" all day. Have I become one of those annoying, have to exercise or I don't feel right kind of people>???? Yikes, that's a little worrysome. I put in my hour today and I've been good to go all day. Feeling pretty good. I don't know, I just found it a bit odd, yk? Very, not me. TTFN,

11-14-2002, 11:32 PM
Hey now I see almost everyone! This is very cool to see who I am writing to all these weeks :)


11-15-2002, 04:24 AM
Anyone remember me? I recognize a few names. I've been away for awhile. Just long enough to gain back all but 2 pounds of what I had lost in a couple of challenges last summer :( . No matter. I'm back. I didn't think this thread would still be here and was so pleased to see it. I'm into this a bit late, but I would still like to join. I thought about waiting until the next challenge, but it's time to do something NOW. The support that I get here really helped me before. It's weird. I just sort of got suddenly unmotivated and depressed, quit posting and shortly after I completely quit visiting the forum. I'm here to stay now. I can't wait to hear what words of wisdom you all have tomorrow! And...I put a picture of me as my avatar too.


11-15-2002, 04:56 AM
Ciao Ladies!

First off I want to welcome jen519 back to the forum. Remember, girl, we all have our ups and downs, it's never easy but it's all worth it in the end.

Sahvara, WOW! You are just too adorable. Imagine you being picture shy!

I feel very good today, it's friday and I'm looking forward to a fabulous weekend. I'm going to try to get my pic up.

Rusty, Angie, thank you for offering your help I just may need it.

Kina, can't wait to see you're face!


11-15-2002, 09:49 AM
Glad to see you back here girl! We are always here!!!


11-15-2002, 09:52 AM
Hey Girl ,
When are you coming down? For how long you staying!
I still havent planned where we'll be going for Thanksgiving "vacation" So let me know girl!!!

194/130/130 @goal!

11-15-2002, 09:54 AM
Hi Jen! It's true - sometimes real life intrudes and makes it hard to stick to the plan - but like Gennel says we're always here to welcome you back and help you get going again. Kindred spirits!

11-15-2002, 10:02 AM
I'll be joining you in the sunshine real soon, Gen.

I'll be flying into Ft Lauderdale on the 2nd. I'll be in Hollywood with my boyfriend for a few days. I would love to meet you. we can come back to the forum and tell everybody what we're like in person. After that I'll be back in NY with the family. We troops do a lot of traveling. my frequent flier miles should get me into first class!

Angie, Rusty, I figured out how to add a photo, I'll have to choose one when I get home form work today...won't be long. Thank you for your guidance. It helped a lot.

11-15-2002, 10:55 AM
Hi Jen!!! It is nice to have you here. We are all so good at offering each other support and guidance. We will be here whenever you are feeling down and need someone to talk to. Don't hesitate to email me or anything.
I cant wait until we have everybodies pics up. It really is nice to see all of you. Have a good day today.

Dips and Gen, I am so jealous. I would love to meet all of you. But I have never been farther then New Hampshire.:( I have a fear of flying so I probably will never get any farther either. LOL

11-15-2002, 11:13 AM
I have arrived!!

I did it! Thanks again Angie and Rusty. Just to let you know, this picture of me is only temporary. I wanted a picture of just me but I realized that all of the photos on my computer have my boyfriend in them so I'll be taking some new digital photoes when I go on leave. This is an all girl forum and my Boyfriend is killing the "girl power" lol.
I was just anxious to join the gang in puting up a photo.

Angie, Flying can be a little scary but there's so much of this world to see, I just hope you experience a surrounding totally different than where you are now. I've been flying all my life so I may as well be the Delta spokeswoman. Anyway, its FRIDAY!! I'm in for the evening because the weather is nasty here in Vicenza. So I'll be popping in and out regularly.


11-15-2002, 11:59 AM
Welcom Jen. We can always use more friends here. The more the merrier. I am also offering up myself in any way I can help you just ket me know.

11-15-2002, 03:56 PM
Hello Ladies!

Ya know I never thought it would be so fun and inviting to have everyone's picture up here. I feel like I'm actually talking to all of you. *wipes stray tear from eye

You all are so nice to me. I'm really not that adorable (I'm no where near gorgeous :halfempty ). ;) Yer all makin' me blush. :o :dance:

I'm so happy that Gen and Dips are gonna be hangin' out together. Kinda makes me feel like we are a closer group than the other threads I'm in. Just cuz: A) We can see each other, and B) Some of us even meet each other. It's all good. Maybe I'll meet some of you once I've met my weight goals. ;) Yup.. it'll be a cold day in you know where... J/K

Welcome Back Jen! I just got here and I was welcomed with open arms. Thought it'd be a crime for me not to join in on the festivities.

Hi Kina! I hope you can put your picture up. It'd be cool to have an entire thread with nothing but people and no avatars.

Kempy, you provide a whole bunch of support but how are you doing? Bad days? Good days? Great days? Let us know.

Laney: I don't have a digital camera or a scanner either. But that's why the song says, "That's what friends are fooooooooooor. For good times... and bad times, I'll scan your picture into your comp! That's what friends are for!" :)

Angie: I understand your fear of flying... kinda. My mom (her name is Angie too, go fig.) is afraid of flying too. She'd rather drive 6 hours than take a 45 minute flight. But it shouldn't stop you from leavin' New Hampshire. My mom took a flight in a private plane for her job. She emailed me and told how friggin' scared she was.. maybe I shouldn't have said that. Um.. point is. Try it.


11-15-2002, 04:18 PM
So here I am sending you all and "I love you" in Sign Language.


11-15-2002, 04:31 PM
Okay a quick hello to everyone. Wow the thread is full of beautiful smiles. How wonderful. I don't know if you can tell I took my own picture with my digi cam. I totally agree with you Sahvara; it is wonderful to see who we are corresponding with. It was kind of hard to take the pic luckily my cam has a timer but then I couldn't get it to stand still. I took like a million pics of my face. I think I was getting carried away and secretively liking it. I felt like I was a movie star.

You know I am still no where near my big goal but I enjoy being a pics a little more than I used. OMG speaking of pics I found one of me from a couple of years ago and OMGawsh. I showed it to DH and he said I was as big as him. I was probably at my heaviest of 226. What the heck was I thinking that I looked good. Well I guess that has alot to do with how I felt about myself. I felt good about myself and really truly that is what matters that you feel good about yourself. It's not about how much you weigh. But there comes a point when your weight gets in the way in one way or the other. I guess I got to that point.

So DH and my anniversary is coming around and I will be getting an early anniversary/christmas present...a new digi camer>>>Sony cybersot P51. I am totally excited about it. Actually I had already gotten my elliptical machine for our anniversary but I am not going to remind DH as long as you don't. LOL

OH Gennel! I wanted to ask you. I use my elliptical machine as often as I can fit into my schedule...you know. But it seems my body is adjusting to it. It does have different tension controls but I want a better cardio ride. So what I have been doing is I will ride easily and steadily for a while and then I will kind of bend at the knees, a slight sitting position, and book it as fast as I can for a just a few strides(that is all I can handle). I go back and forth steadily and then booking it for a few strides. I am wondering do you think I would get a better work out doing that or it's all same whether I ride it regularly or my new way?

I better get going. bye.

11-15-2002, 04:37 PM
Great shot Kina!

Sah - I guess I do give lots of support and not really say much about how I am. I guess I am just a tight lipped person. I am like that if you know me too. I think I worry about how people are going to react to how I really feel. I know you guys are supportive but I try to keep a positive outlook on things. The only way I know how is to keep repeating how wonederful everything is. I guess it just kind of comes out on the posts that way too. I will try to be a little more informative of myself. Sorry. I didn't relize I was not talking about myself much.

11-15-2002, 04:39 PM
So the date is Dec 2nd? Well please email me when you arrive. I'd love to meet you too!


11-15-2002, 05:57 PM
We must have the only group that has everyones pics up!!!YEAH!!! It really feels like a group of friends now that we all know what each other look like.

Kina, I won't tell your hubby you already got your gift.LOL. I do that too. I got Candi, my Keeshond and I said now I don't need anything for Christmas but of course I'll hit him up.haha

You guys have a great weekend and be good!!!

11-15-2002, 06:02 PM
We are getting our computer for Christmas but I will be hitting the ole' hubby up for something to open on the big day too. By the way, I checked on the computer and the web site said that it already got shipped out. YEAH!! One step closer to chating at night with you guys!!!

11-15-2002, 06:09 PM
That is great Kempy. I live on here. It doesn't seem like to many people are around on the weekends but I am always on the computer. I really have a sad life.LOL

11-15-2002, 06:14 PM
I am wondering if having a computer at home will be a blessing or a curse. Will it get my butt any bigger. After all thatis what I will be on for I am sure the whole day. Scary thought.

11-15-2002, 06:21 PM
As long as your not eating chips and cookies when your talking to me you should be fine.LOL

Does anyone know when they are gonna get the chat room working again? I love going there.:high:

11-15-2002, 06:30 PM
I never got a chance to go in there. No body was in there when I was here at work. I guess most people don't stay on here during the day like I (you to Angie) do.

11-15-2002, 09:17 PM
:) So many smiling faces! I know I only seem to post for the weigh ins anymore, but I'm still here. I don't want to post my picture until I have at least 20 more pounds off, and am closer to my goal. I know that sounds crazy, but after losing over 120 now I'm kinda in a weird spot at judging my size and I just think I should wait a little longer. I'm at the lowest weight I've been since high school and I'm still trying to adjust to the before and now of me. Hope this makes sense and that everyone will understand why you don't see my pic up. Will see you all at weigh in tomorrow. Take care. Di

11-16-2002, 12:18 AM
Hi everyone,
Thanks for the warm welcome back. I thought I would log on at lunchtime like I used to do, but I didn't even get a break until almost 4:00! I snarffed down a few handfuls of candy throughout the day, but then I WALKED across the street to get a good, satisfying low-fat deli sandwich. Now, however, my soon-to-be-11-year-old daughter is having 2 friends overnight and we're making pizzas! If I let them eat most of it I'll be safe. What a terrible parent, huh?
Anyway, not to sound to out-of-it, what's an elliptical machine? Has anyone tried any of those walking videos? I need to start excersizing again, but walking in the winter when it's dark outside doesn't seem like a really good idea. I'm so out-of-shape that walking is about the only thing I can handle!
Hey Di, I understand about your avoiding the camera. I once had a major shock when I had been losing weight, thought I was looking O.K. and then saw a picture of myself at a BAD angle. Now I know that what I see in the mirror everyday isn't the same as seeing a picture of myself. I also have some pictures of myself when I was younger that look pretty darn good :D but I thought I was HUGE. It's weird how we perceive ourselves sometimes.
This post is getting awfully long. I think I'll save the rest of my book :^: for later.

11-16-2002, 02:50 AM
AAAAaaaargh! Weigh in tomorrow! I don't think I will have a loss actually I have gained since the last weigh in. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have been getting on my elliptical machine daily. Which that means the added weight may be due to the fact that I am building muscle...woohoo! I don't know I will find any good reason to acknowledge a gain on the scale. Who Knows I might be surprised tomorrow morning!

Jen519~~~an elliptical machine is totally awesome but it's a love/hate thing. It is like a stationary bike but without a seat to sit on. So you are pedalling in a standing position sometimes with your arms going back and forth and sometimes not...depending on what kind you are using. Do a search for elliptical machines to get a picture view of one. By the way, glad you are back; it's great to know you have not given up.

Gennel~~~I was wondering what you thought about what I said in an earlier post about the way I am using my machine. Let me know.

Di~~~how are you doing friend? I would see your smiling face soon. I bet you are looking totally awesome. I know I haven't lost nearly as much as you have and I still am a bit nervous about pictures but I am coming around. I hope you will too. So how is your relationship developing with the elliptical machine?

Kempyd~~~If you and your DH are anything like me and mine we often play tug-o-war with the computer. LOL I use mine alot for school. DH uses it for fun. I don't think either of our behinds have gotten any bigger but I do find myself forcing myself away from the computer and to my elliptical machine. Balance is the key. I honestly don't know what we would do without our computer.

Angie~~~If I could live on here I would. But then that would mean their would be no school and kids. I think I would go nuts after a while. But then they say all you need is a computer and you are automatically connected to the world.

Sahvara~~~I hope you are hanging in their and enjoying the thread.

Well I better get going it is quite late and Tweet (my cockatiel) knows I am up so he is whistling away. Pause....okay I covered him up, he's quiet now maybe that is all he wanted. Silly bird.

Talk to you all again.

11-16-2002, 06:16 AM
Ciao Laides,

So I guess I am the first to report my weigh in results today. Well, I've maintained my wieght of 129. I'm kinda nervous about going home because I'll be around my mom's home cooking, then it's off to florida with my boyfriend and he's very talented in the kitchen as well. I don't mind the slower pace at which I'm losing because my untlimate goal is to be able to wear a two peice next summer and that gives me plenty of time. Hope everyone is well.


11-16-2002, 08:49 AM
Good morning everyone!! I don't want to weigh in today because my period started yesterday.So as of now I am at 9.5 pounds lost so far on this challenge.I am very happy with that because I only went for 8.

Dips, how low are you trying to get? Congrats on the 129 by the way.

I hope you all have a nice weigh in!! My fingers are crossed for you!!!

11-16-2002, 09:11 AM
:) Hi everyone- Gennel put me down for a 4lb loss this week. Kina- the elliptical machine is treating me great. My leg muscles are starting to show the difference. I'm still doing the treadmill to. On cardio days I do the elliptical for a half hour and the treadmill for a half hour. I can't give up the treadmill! It really makes a difference in my endurance- I love it. The first 10 minutes on the elliptical are the hardest for me. After that I'm fine. Hope you're doing well too. Take care everyone. Di:)

11-16-2002, 11:14 AM
Kina, I know exactly what you mean about slightly bending the knees. I myself prefer the cardio workout . I have also seen many people using this machine doing the same thing. You feel the muscles on your thighs burning while running in this position.
The machine actually calculates the calories burned according to how many strides you do. It doest let you know that by squatting down a bit while doing the fast strides,if you burn more or not. I do feel it in my thighs and calves so to me I feel I get a serious workout doing it that way sometimes. When I started Iwas doing 65 RPM's (reps per minute) After losing more weight at the gym I find it easier and I just have more strength now. Without realizing I'm now doing 73-75 RPM's speed now. Its like I'm running fast not jogging! Burning an average of 720-745 calories per workout. I dont know the true benefits or harm of bending your knees may cause. If you have a trainer at the Gym it might be a good idea to ask. I think I might do the same lol. My calves have shrunk down a bit and my thighs A LOT!! I know its from this machine. My legs used to be bigger when Iwas at this weight many years ago. I hope I dont lose any more boobs!!! This is the smallest Ive been 34-36 C

By the way Kina, you look just like your name! I saw your face this morning and I thought ( I knew that was her!) And that's a compliment by the way!


11-16-2002, 11:21 AM
Ok, sounds like we are doing well! Dips congrats on maintaining. Angie way to go 9.5 lbs this challenge!! Grizzly another 4 lbs!
I think I may have mysteriously lost 1/2 - 1 lb this week. My scale kept going to 129-130 today. I am more than happy with that.
I will leave it at 129.5 . I wont get on the scale another 10 times for 1/2 lb!

Gen.Goal (maint weight) Loss 0.5 lb

Kempyd ..Goal 2.5 lbs

Wykyd..Goal 7 lbs

laney1733...Goal 6 lbs..Loss 1 lb

Grizzlyschick..Goal 6 lbs..Loss 12 lbs

AngieME..Goal 8 lbs..Loss 9.5 lbs

Kina ..Goal 6 lbs..Loss 3.5 lbs

Dipsntwists..Goal 8 lbs (maint)

SarahBella..Goal 10 lbs

RustyRusty..Goal 8 lbs..Loss 4 lbs

Sahvara..Goal 4 lbs(11/5 Welcome! )

194/129.5/130 my original goal!

11-16-2002, 11:37 AM
Well unfortunately I have to post a gain of 3.5. I am not going to get discouraged by this because I know I have been more OP than anything and I have been getting on my elliptical more than I had been. So I am hoping that with the "muscle" that I am gaining will help me to lose a few pounds before this challenge comes to an end.

Gennel~~~thanks for the input. I agree I don't think it could hurt but I will tell you I am feeling it in my rear. Which wouldn't be a bad idea since that is all fat unless you work at it. My waist has gone down to 39 in. and my bust has gone down to a 48C. So although my scale is showing a gain I know that I am loosing it in other places.

How funny you said about how my name fit my picture. My true name is Corina but my nieces and nephews pronounce it Kina. I never liked my name growing up but then I noticed that it was not very common. But thank you you are too sweet.

Di~~~It seems like life is treating you wonderfully baby girl. I wish I was in one of your shoes. I would love to show a loss but like I told Gennel I am loosing inches and I guess that should be a good thing just the same. You keep at it girlie you are doing totally awesome.

We are going to go and see the new Harry Potter so I have to get on my elliptical machine really quickly and then head for the showers to get dress. Talk to you all later.

Many hugs to you all. Bye.
Kina AKA Corina

11-16-2002, 11:47 AM
Good morning! THis week I've lost three pounds so my total loss since we started this challenge is 5 pounds. I'm very happy to see the scale is going in the right direction. I'm into the 150s for the first time in 10 years, I bet! :)

Was going thru some old recipes I had in a drawer - you know they're old when you see something I ripped out of a tabloid - Loni Anderson's Lemon Butter Chicken. It calls for 7 chicken breasts, the juice of three whole lemons and *2 sticks of butter*! That's the whole recipes. A half a pound of butter to saute the chicken. Whew. It's not OUR fault we learned to eat fat-laden foods! LOL

11-16-2002, 12:19 PM
I'm way behind everybody this morning on the west coast! It's only 8:15 here, but you guys are already up and into your days. Anyway, as one would expect, since I just joined yesterday. No loss to report, but no gain either. I'm O.K. with that! Had to crop my photo, got depressed every time I saw it. Now if I could just get rid of the double-chin and the moon-cheeks I'd be OK.
Gotta go to work this morning. If only I hadn't answered my cell phone at 7:00 P.M. last night. I'd be blissfully ignorant that a client had an emergency job to have output by this afternoon. Oh well. I could sure use the OT right about now. Just not too keen on giving up my Saturday. Sounds like everyone is doing great. You have such a great outlook Kina. I'll use you as an inspiration when the scale doesn't do what I want it to! Bye for now.


11-16-2002, 02:27 PM
One more pound gone. Yay! Down to 225, doin' it slow and steady.


11-16-2002, 03:28 PM
Thanks for the encouragement Angie.

I'm trying to reach 120. I'm a short girl so all those BMI charts say that for my height I'm supposed to be betwee 110 and 116. But right now, 120 seems more realistic. I've been struggling with weight since highschool. At my peak I was over 150. I really didn't think too much of it until after graduation when I tried to join the Army and they said I was too big. They told me I had to loose wight to get in. So I kept working out and dieting until I was "light" enough to get in. I lost even more weight at bootcamp. It wasn't until I got to my first station that my weight started to go back up. I'm a broadcaster so I work in a relaxed environment, unlike my infantry counterparts who train constantly. I don't burn many calories writing stories and sitting at a news desk in front of a camera.

When we had our quarterly weigh in they told me I was exceeding my weight standard. So I began loosing wieght and I haven't looked back.

Another part of it is my vanity. I love fashion. Plus being overseas around these super skinny Italians and earlier with the super-duper skinny koreans made me feel self concious. This summer I didn't go to the beach or the pool because I was worried about how I'd look in a bathing suit. So next year I'm determined to strut in a two piece.

Anyways, Jen, don't feel as though you are far behind. We're all in this together and even as we aproach our goal weight we still have the task of maintaining. I probably would've been at my goal by now if I didn't gain along the way. Just focus on your goals and know we're here to support you.

11-16-2002, 06:06 PM
I'm at work right now and I'm just getting ready to go home. I almost hit the junkbox before I left, but I figured I'd run in and read people's posts to boost my willpower for a bit longer. I made a comment in my last post about wanting to get rid of my moon-cheeks and double chin. When I viewed my picture on this computer at work, the only thing that shows is the top of my head and my eyes. :lol: If that's what other people are seeing, I DIDN"T DO IT THAT WAY! It sure gave me a chuckle though.
I'm taking my daughter and her friend ice-skating when I get home. The last time I tried to do it, I could hardly even make it around the rink. Then I got a smaller pair of skates and it was a bit better. I made it around 2 more times before the muscles around my lower calf and ankle couldn't take it anymore. But if you can believe it, I'm thinking about trying it again today. Including skate rental, though, it ends up costing almost $10. Not a good value if I only go around 3 times! On second thought, I think I"ll wait until Tuesday night after my daughter's skating lessons. There are fewer people there then.

SEE ya all later.


11-17-2002, 12:24 AM
Did you decide to go ice skating tonight or are you waiting until Tues? I know when I first started working out at the gym and using the treadmill, for the first 2 weeks my calves and ankles killed me! I feel your pain!:D Good job on not hitting the junk box! Sometimes it's so hard to walk away from temptation- you've inspired me to make myself stay away from that late night snack my husbands fixing himself. Thanks for the inspiration! Take care- Di.

11-17-2002, 06:29 PM
Gen, You are my hero. I can't wait to hit my goal AGAIN!! You will have to teach me how to maintain. I failed miserably at that.

Way to go Wykyd. Slow and steady gets you where you want to go!!

Jen, I have never iceskated. It sounds like fun but I am sure I could humiliate myself.LOL

Rusty, Congrats on the loss. You are looking great!!!

Kina, I forgot to tell you but I agree with Gen,You look like your name. You are so pretty. How many kids do you have?

Grizzlyschick, You are doing so well. Congrats on the 4 pounds. I really am proud of you.

11-17-2002, 11:16 PM
Hello everyone. I am kind of down in the dumps today. I haven't even discussed with my DH. I talked with my 11 year old and she is just too sweet helping me look at things on the brighter side of the coin.

The story is the other day I took DH shopping for a couple of shirts, at the Mall. I hate the Mall! I am probably the only woman in the world that hates the Mall. Anyway we were almost side struck by this car that a lady was paying attention so I honked at her to get her attention. Well she got all pissed off that I honked at her so she was tailgating us and honking, honking, and honking. Until finally I stopped and got off the van and went to ask her what her problem was when she was in the wrong. So when I am talking she is honking her horn. Then she stops to say this and that. All this time she is moving her mouth I notice she has a child in the backseat. The lady is laughing and I am telling her something like she is lucky I am not some crazed Road Rage driver with a gun. Of course she is honking while I am saying all this. Then when I stop talking, she stops honking, and then says something to me and says what hurt so badly...She says "Shut up Fat @ss!" Now i don't think I particularly have a fat butt however I do have a big butt. But you know those words dug so deep inside that I couldn't shake it out. I cried inside. No matter what I do I can't get those words to stop ringing in my ears. Then I look at food and those words start to ring again. So to end this awful story it just hurt really badly and I hope it slides off soon.

Angie~~~We have 4 children. I also attend the local college and work part time on campus. Can you say no time for myself?
Thanks for the compliment I really needed it especially after my ordeal from yesterday. Thank you very much.

I better get going. Talk to you all again.

11-18-2002, 12:08 AM
I'm sending you a great big hug. What a :censored: that woman was. I'm so sorry you had to deal with something like that. That old rhyme about "sticks and stones..." is sure off target. Words can hurt and hurt deeply. I'm glad you have your daughter to talk to. And what that woman is teaching HER child is to be cruel, intolerant and hateful.
Thankfully most adults have left the name-calling stage behind them. Too bad you had to run into one of the incredibly ignorant people. Wish I could take the hurt all away. Since I can't I want you to know that I care.


11-18-2002, 09:07 AM
Kina, I am so sorry you had to go through that. I am amazed at how insesitive some people can be. When I was 265 pounds my kids had a kid over that they didn't know very well because we were new to the neighborhood. Well when they went to school at lunch that kid told them that their mom was fat at the lunch table. I hate to admit it but that hurt me in so many ways. I was emberrassed that my kids felt they needed to stick up for me and it did hurt me emotionally too. I still think about it sometimes.

I don't understand why people automatically feel they can call someone fat as a comeback. She probably doesn't even think you are fat she probably is just one of those low class people who think they can make themselves feel better by insulting others.

I would like to tell you to forget it but I know it is something you will never forget. All I can say is try your best to get over it because from what I can see you are a very BEAUTIFUL woman on the inside AND out!!! I hope you feel better.

11-18-2002, 09:25 AM
Kina - like the old joke says...

You can lose weight but she'll always be an ignorant mean-spirited loser. :)

Talk about third grade level of name-calling! If you were wearing glasses she would have called you Four Eyes. And the honking honking honking. Jeez - obviously a little short on conversational skills, I'd say. Don't let her rain on your parade. You held your temper, you handled the situation with class.

The whole thing is like a lousy movie running thru your head - take out the tape and find something HAPPY to watch. LOL

11-18-2002, 09:55 AM
I wish I could say that I've never been through something like that but I have. I almost got hit head on by this huge truck, he was speeding and tried to make a turn coming head on towards me. He went so fast he almost lost control and all I heard were his tires screeching. After all that the driver had the balls to roll down his window and start yelling " You stupid fat B__ch! get out of the way! I got pissed of course because here is a really large man,whichI clearly see his gut hanging over his steering wheel calling me a fat B__ch! I gave him the finger (childish) And the F-word too. He kept yelling the same thing " You fat B__ch! over and over. To make things worse my sister inlaw was sitting in my passenger's side :( I went about my business and went where I had to go. That whole day I kept remembering that man and what he told me. Words can and do hurt. That woman was just horrible tosay something like that. If she has a husband I'm sure he either talks to her that way or she talks to him that way. I've been with my husband for a long time. Its been a beautiful marriage with more ups than downs. No matter how mad or upset he can get he has NEVER,EVER thrown a "below the belt" comment about my weight at all.
One pet peeve I have is and I hope those who do this will STOP DOING THIS!!! Those people who find it their business to tell someone how much weight they've gained or how fat they look. There is always someone in the family or friends who does this. Believe me I know better than anyone else how fat I was,how many rolls and creases I had around my back,how many chins I had,how big my rear end was and what size I was wearing! I Could never brush off those comments. I would reply" yes thank you I have a full length mirror at home" then of course they would say" oh but dont take it so personal its just I have never seen you this fat" Yeah well I've never seen me this fat either . I know they're people who truly care and want to help and the words dont come out right.Some people just enjoy making comments fully aware that they will hurt. I remember a few of them being told to me " already on your second plate girl?"
"I cant believe you're this big !" " You're bigger than me now!" and that's suppose to be funny ,how? Now I know a lot of them are just thinking " Let's seehow long she lasts thin!" I'm not doing this to prove anyone wrong. I'm sooooooooooo doing this for how I feel and look ,inside and out!
Kina, I know it hurts right now .Especially right now that you've decided to make a change in your life and reach your goal. Our nerves at this moment are raw and so delicate. Trust me you will grow stronger from this. You will gain the high self esteem that you deserve.
Ahhhhh sorry for the long post but this hit a nerve in me!

later ladies!
194/129.5/130 original goal!

11-18-2002, 10:11 AM
Staying at goal is like working on your marriage. IF you quit things go downhill :( It's not as hard as some people think. I eat much more than I did when I was dieting in the beginning. Some days I eat everything super lowfat cause I dont find anything better to eat in my house lol . SOme days I'll have the mayo,Mcd or Pizza but all in moderation! Saturday I went to my nephews birthday in one of those " Chuck E Cheese type places. They had the thick deep pan pepperoni pizza,large chicken strips,roast beef sandwhiches... I knew I would eat whatver I wanted that day! I took 4 chicken strips with honey mustard.But my "Love" was there lol PIZZA! I had a thick slice.Then right when I thought it was enough I cut a small piece off another slice and had that too! That was enough and trust me my stomache felt it! I had a small light breakfast that day and a super light lunch. So things balance this way. Now today I'm back to my 95%fatfree turkey sandwhich with fatfree chips for lunch. Andddddd I'm headed to the Gym ina few minutes . That's how I've maintained it . I'm still working on it cause I dont want to keep eating in a way that I Very slowly lose weight every couple of weeks. I'd love toweigh 125 but thats really a number not a different look for me I think. I mean 4-5 lbs is not going to make much difference on me. I had my Goal Journal all written out with goal measurements of what I used to be. I had to lose like 40.5 inches total from arms,chest,waist,hips ,thighs and calves. I passed that and lost about 57 inches. So I'm at where I "Need " to be and not at where I dream to be. Make any sense?

11-18-2002, 11:02 AM
Wheew... I feels good to be back in on the thread again. Boy lots of posts over the weekend. Man, I missed some stuff. OK I refuse to get on the scale right now. Mother Nature is here and she likes to bring her water bucket with her. I think I may wait until Friday. Is that ok?

11-18-2002, 11:20 AM
Thanks Gen, That is what I did in the beginning. I ate out on Saturday and kept exercising everyday but for some reason it crept bak up on me until I just got depressed because I was doing everything I was supposed to.Then I just quit everything and I gained about 40-50 pounds this last summer mostly.Sad huh. I will do whatever it takes this time to maintain it because I refuse to be a yoyo anymore.LOL

Kempy, I missed you so much this weekend. I didn't weigh in on Saturday either same reason. I jynxed myself when I said we haven't really had snow for the last few Christmas' because we got hit with about 6-7 inches this weekend. I am off to shovel. Good exercise at least.LOL

11-18-2002, 11:48 AM
Buy, I don't envy you. The thing I did yesterday for exercise was rake my back yard and pull these stupid weeds we have called dlloar weed. Do you guys get it up there? Once you get it it is almost impossible to get rid of it. You have to dig it up by the root. Not as easy as it sounds. I wish I could find a weed killer that would get rid of it.

11-18-2002, 01:32 PM
Kina, you ARE beautiful. That freaked out, hysterical, classless, honking, sorry excuse for a woman is an idiot!! If she is going to honk her horn while you are trying to impart some sense into her.... her opinion shouldn't be worth much. She sounds like one of those Jerry Springer targets anyway. And I know it hurts. When I read those words it hurt me too, because I heard in my head every other time someone called me a Fat@$$... and that includes my grandfather... the rat *******... anyway, the point is that this mental patient isn't an authority in your life. She's a freak accident in nature... Believe me, she was just looking for something that would affect you. If she didn't call you a Fat@$$, trust me, it woulda been something else. Anything coulda flew out of her mouth at that time, I bet she has a whole slew of comments that should never see the light of day. Her internal insult machine was switched on and was in heavy rotation... you got comment "P" but a second later it would have been comment "Q." Don't worry your pretty little head about a thing. And don't take it personally, just know that her *** can get kicked just as readily as the next, and if I was there I probably would have been doing the kicking.

I'm neither a Lover nor a Fighter, I'm a Arbitrator who loves a good fight.

And that seems like a good fight to me. :)


11-18-2002, 04:21 PM
Kina , First of all have a hug :grouphug: I agree with everyone elses comments about this woman. My automatic response to people like this is :
'Wow, you're SO nasty- you must have really low self esteem, huh?" That always stops them in their tracks because its usually true. Just remember how special you are and that your life is obviously way happier than hers!


11-18-2002, 04:42 PM
Kina, I am sorry I didn't say this in the first post I just made. I usually post first then read the stuff from the weekend when I get a chance. Everyone is right that woman sounded like she had some esteem issues. She knew she was in the wrong and was feeling embarassed about it and the only way she knew how to react was like a child. I feel sorry for her kid. I also hate that your dh had to hear all of that. You are luck to have her though. Esepcially since she is willing to help you see things in a brighter light.

11-18-2002, 06:05 PM
Thank you all for your kind and uplifting messages. You all are truly wonderful blessings. This was the first time I had ever had to go through such an experience. Believe me I wanted to pull her out of her window by her hair but I thought of her child sitting in the backseat along with what would happen if I end incarcerated.

I have decided to turn this around and hopefully it won't be in a negative way. I know I have weight to lose but I am doing something about it. Her opinion is of no value but boy those words did hurt. If she had called me a B**ch it probably would not had phased me one bit. I never thought of how painful weight comments could hurt. At that moment and even now I look back on how I treated people of all walks of life and I am proud to say I never treated one person different from the next. Each person was special and unique.

I try to teach my children the same thing. And I hope that my 11 year old (Raevin) understands that even though she has the curvy figure and beautiful face doesn't make who she is inside. Vanity is not promised to anybody is what I always tell her. I just hope that by sharing my episode with her she understands people with weight challenges also have feelings and meaning in the world.

I want to say that without each of here I would not had had anybody to turn to and I would have had to hold it all in. I think it would have eaten away at me slowly but luckily I have each of you in my life and I have this site to cushion the falls. You are each very special to me and I may not mention it but you are very important to me and there is nobody that could take your place. I mean this for every one of you. I may have not met you all face to face but you are in my thoughts throughout the day and you are in my prayers every night.

Sending each of you many hugs and smiles. Thank you again for your overflowing loving messages.

Corina AKA Kina

11-18-2002, 06:08 PM
Kina- I'm so sorry that woman ruined your day. I agree with everyone else. She is just an ignorant person. The fact that she chased you down honking just proves her ignorance. Don't let her take anything away from you, because then she won and got what she intended to do which was hurt you. People like that are just ignorant. You know they say what comes around, goes around and eventually someone will say something to her that hurts her and then maybe she'll regret what she said to you.
Angie- Thank you for the encouragement. I'm not sure I'll do as well this week. My TOM is here and so is the darn water retention! Argh! Sometimes I hate being a woman!
I hope everyone else is doing well. Take care. Di:)

11-19-2002, 01:04 PM
How is everyone's Tuesday? Mine is going great so far. I got my computer last night at home. They are coming to hook up the dsl tomorrow. So, this will be my last day only posts. YEAH!!

11-19-2002, 01:21 PM
Yahoo! Kempyd congratulations on the computer. that is great. I know the feeling...we only got our computer this year and we just love it!

Talk to you all again.

11-19-2002, 01:47 PM
Hey Kempyd - how did you pick Dell - didja think the Dell guy was cute? LOL

11-19-2002, 02:04 PM
Kempy , you will spend hours and hours on your new computer I'msure! In the beginning I did lol. I got so hooked and then realized " Who's gonna cook dinner? " lol


Hey Rusty! How did you pick your name Rusty,Rusty?



11-19-2002, 03:06 PM
I can't wait to get on it tomorrwo. Yeh, we got a dell. I think the guy is kind of a goof. They just gave us the best deal. We even were able to pick between a 17" regular screen or a 15" flat for the same price. We didn't want that big of a sceen so wee got the cool 15". I hope I don't get to addicted.My hubby spent a few hours last night playing the games on it. I guess it is my turn next.

11-19-2002, 03:20 PM
Congrats on your new technology, Kempyd, and I hope hubby lets you have a turn soon! (Isn't it funny how they'll spend hours playing with a new computer or t.v. because they 'know about all this technical stuff', but a new dishwasher or vacuum cleaner- forget it!);)


11-19-2002, 03:25 PM
Something thati s funny is when we first met I had to hook all of the electronic stuff up. He had no clue. lol I will give him this he is a wonderful cleaner. Sometimes to good. He will bother me until I help him clean. I really don't want to come home from work and vaccum everyday. He does. So, guess what I tell him, have at it while I sit and watch Friends and eat my Weight Watchers ice cream. That usually shuts him up. lol

11-19-2002, 03:57 PM
Woohoo! Dude you got a Dell! That is great Kempyd!

Well I just got back from the luncheon with my son. They had a Thanksgiving luncheon for the kids and their parents. So I went over there and stuffed myself in one plate. It is amazing how much you can really fill up on if you just take your time. I ate very slow. I am not overly stuffed but I am contentdly FULL. Then I went over to purchase our turkey for Thanksgiving. I don't know if any of you might know how many days i need to keep it in the fridge to defrost before the big day? Hmmm?

Okay well I will send this through and surf the world for a while.

PS...Does anyone own an ab roller? I want to know if anyone can share any success results or whatever. I have been using it at night and I have been 20 rolls per night (as if it has been that long) I only started using it this week. Thanks.

11-19-2002, 04:19 PM
I used to love that turkey dinner at school. It was like they cook better when they knew the parents were coming. I wouldn't mind going to eat in the caf. right now. Only problem is I have no kids.

I havn't used the ab roller b4. I know a workout ball is great. Also one of those wheels that you hold onto adn sit on your knees REALLY hurt but it work. They are pretty cheap too.

11-19-2002, 04:44 PM
My school had great food. Too good actually, I worked in the kitchen for extra credit so we all sat there and stuffed our faces. LOL I did love the turky and gravy.YUM. I don't know if I will make a pumpkin pie or not this year. I have a low fat crust but I am the only one in my family who eats it. We aren't going anywhere for Thanksgiving or having any family over. I actually am going to have to work so the donuts are ready to deliver the next morning. YEEHAA!!!

We just gor our computer in April too and I know I am addicted to it!!! I will turn it on when I come in for pee breaks during work and check my messages. LOL

11-19-2002, 05:09 PM
We are picking up a honey baked ham for Thanksgiving. I have a coupon for a free pumkin pie with it so of course we have to get it. I am going to have to use some serious self control next week.

11-19-2002, 08:22 PM
I know what you mean Kempy. I like to nibble all day on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Stuffing is my favorite!! I haven't had any sweets for 43 days so I don't really want to tempt myself with too many this year. I would make the pie and cut a piece off and give the rest away so I am not tempted but everyone will have pies already. I will have to figure something out because I am craving pumpkin pie.

I started using the fat free half and half in my mashed potatoes and no butter. The half and half makes it so creamy that you don't even notice the lack of butter. When I do my stuffing I don't use butter either. the juice from the turkey makes it moist. I didn't gain any weight from thanksgiving the year I hit my goal so I am hoping I don't this year either. Now Christmas is a doozy because we give all of our neighbors donuts so they usually bring us something on Christmas day. One of my neighbors makes the BEST homemade caramel corn with nuts.

11-20-2002, 01:24 AM
I obviously grew up in a deprived school district. I also remember very clearly the special "Turkey and Dressing" meal. The dressing was a mostly gelatinous glob of unknown origin that I swear would bounce if you dropped it on the table. It seemed the Turkey was always a bit off-color.
My family dinner, on the other hand, is much the same as when I grew up. Enough food for 4 times as many people as there are. "So there are plenty of leftovers", my mom says. What that means is theres enough for everyone to gorge themselves. I usually do O.K. at the meal. I've learned not to eat until I'm uncomfortable. But there are always way too many sweets around. Same at Christmas. My sister and I have tried without success many times to start new traditions like board games or charades or anything to move the focus off eating. The food still seems to be the center of the celebrations though.
I seem to be inching my way toward following my planned food program. Better yesterday than Sunday. Better today than yesterday. Tomorrow I expect to do better still.
Congrats on the new technology Kempyd. DSL is wonderful. I don't know how I ever managed without it. And I would definitely DIE if I didn't have a computer at home. I've got 3 as a matter of fact! One is my daughters and one is an old one I have (just in case). Yes, I'm definitely an addict.
Bye all for now.


11-20-2002, 03:13 AM
Ciao Ladies,

My my my. Have we benn busy. And so have I. I seem to have missed a bunch of action.

Kina, I have every "ab" gadget and gizmo evr invented to include the ab roller. For me, I would have to say the most effective was the wheel that Kempyd mentioned. Though I think it's for the advanced ppl because the next day I couldn't even laugh, my abs were so sore, but I guess that means it did it's job. The Ball is awsome! I love that thing. The ab roller is good because you can isolate muscles better.

I am sooooo happy because in less than 1 week I will be home with my family. I think this is the first Thanksgiving in 3 years I'll get to spend at home, Plus the family will be throwing a party for my 21st B-day. I'm so excited!! I gotta got to work now. I'll try harder to keep up with you all. It's kinda hard when your in a totally different time zone.


11-20-2002, 08:58 AM
Dips you must be so excited about coming home. 3 years without being with your family for the holidays,wow. I gave birth to twins on my 21 birthday. LOL( not much of a fun party.) but hey the nurses gave me an extra piece of birthday pie.

I weighed in today so this is my final weigh in for the challenge, right? I lost another 3 pounds. I have lost a total of 11 pounds for this challenge!!!How the heck am I losing all of this weight???? I only exercise for 30-45 minutes everyday and I am eating my 3 meals.Somebody please look at my journals for my food intake and let me know if I am doing this right? I'll take all the quick loss I can get because when I get to about 160-150 pounds it will slow right down to about 4-5 pounds a month. Plus, I am dying to get into real jeans so I don't have to wear baggy tshirts.

I hope you all have an awesome day!!


11-20-2002, 09:52 AM
Our last weigh in is the 24th Sunday. OMG right before Thanksgiving! I will hate to get on the scale 2 days after Thanksgiving to see if I maintained!

Angie ,it seems you are doing all the right things. And even if you think that 45 minutes of exercise is not enough,you might be busy around the house and are burning extra calories there as well. I do 1 hr everyday but when I get home I never sit down! I'm clceaning,answering the business phone ,laundry,running errands,cooking ,washing,sweeping and mopping. You'll burn at least 500 Extra calories there for the rest of the day. Keep busy! It is working for me !

c ya later !

11-20-2002, 11:15 AM
Thanks for the support Gen. I was on the calorieking sight and they said that I was losing it too fast but I am not hungry . I eat my 3 meals a day and no snacking in between. I have been having a hard time getting in any extra exercise because we have a winter wonderland outside and I don't like walking on glare ice with a 30 pound buffalo trying to pull me. LOL.

I jumped on the treadmill and cranked the stereo this morning. My favorite workout song is PINK 18 wheeler. It is so upbeat and perfect for a dieter. I like the new eminem one too. for 8 mile.

11-20-2002, 01:53 PM
My favorite workout song is PINK 18 wheeler. It is so upbeat and perfect for a dieter. I like the new eminem one too. for 8 mile.

lol, that's too funny! I work out to Pink too. Just like a Pill and Family Portrait are personal favorites. I usually watch
mtv on mute while
I listen to my cd player, but when a good video comes on I listen to it and turn off the cd player. Today I was watching the video for 8 Mile and I thought about getting the cd to walk to. I also love Dixie Chicks, Everclear and No Doubt. I like when Jennifer Lopez or Gwen come on because it gives me added motivation to move my butt!! Does anyone have any suggestions for good, upbeat, fast paced workout cds? I need to spice up my collection to keep myself moving!
Honeybaked Ham for Thanksgiving!!! I'd be in Heaven. It is one of my favorite foods of all time. Now I'm thinking about it. I wonder if I could talk dh into one?:devil:
Kempyd, congrats on the computer!!! Good luck winning some time on it too.;)
So I've lost two pounds on this challenge. Maybe three. I can't remember. But I was thinking about it last night and I have seriously dieted three times in the 7 years since my sons birth. Each time I have gotten to right where I am now and then regained. Usually, what happens is my loss slows way down or stops and then winter comes and brings with it the end of my exercise. But this year, I finally bought a Treadmill so that won't happen. I think my body is just really fighting to stay here. My lowest in these 7 years was 183. Right where I am now!!:mad: But I'm going to do it this time. I'll just keep plugging away and my body will have to give in at some point!!!
Take care everyone and I am going to try to start posting more! Have a great Wednesday!!:D

11-20-2002, 01:55 PM
Whoa, I had a lot to catch up on!

Dips, sounds great that you will be going home. Have fun! I know you will enjoy it.

Kempyd: Dude!! I would love a flat screen moniter. I have a 19" and it is so darned cumbersome. I have to lug that thing back and forth to school. Eech! But DSL is a must in today's society. I won't go online without it. I'm glad the school has it at a semi-reasonable price.

Jen: You and me both had similar schools. My schools "Turkey and Dressing" meal consisted of turkey that was obviously lunch meat from the deli and jiggly gravy. The stuffing was crusty, hard, overcooked, and undercooked all at the same time. They must have not bothered to mix it around while cooking. And of course it was served with the ceremonial "Ice Cream Scoop". Everything that was anything was served with an ice cream scoop. *shakes head

Angie: Sounds like you are doing great. I'm not worried about your weight loss seeing as though you've done it before and you can do it again. You seem to be on the right track, I agree with Gennel on that one.

Kina: Good luck on the ab roller. You remind me that I really should get some crunches in every day. In the past I've found that it helped. And great job on the thanksgiving dinner discovery. Eat Slower, be full and not overstuffed. But I usually find it's easier to not eat too much if I am around random people I don't know. I guess I'm just too self conscious. :dizzy:

Ya know, since all of you have hubby's and boyfriends I feel sorta left out. I can't comment on their cleaning habbits and whatnot. I think a good SO is cool support. I wish I had a buddy here where I live. But no one is willing to pull a diet twist with me, nor do they want me to do it either. Yikes! Good luck to all of you in all of your endevors. I really should get back to work... :( My job sucks... Maybe I'll tell you all about it sometime. ;) Okay.. I'll keep it short... :D


11-20-2002, 02:34 PM
Wow, Angie

Twins? What a blessing. And congrats on your weight loss.

Sahvara, I know what you mean about not having a personal workout buddy. All my friends are content with being out of shape. So this site is the next best thing.

6 days until take off!! The army really makes you appreciate your family.


11-20-2002, 02:41 PM
I like so many types of music. I guess it depends on the kind of mood I'm in that day. I like stuff like KC and the Sunshine Band to Eminem,Pink, Missy Ellliot,P-Diddy,(Drowning Pool ..I love their song called BODIES (let the bodies hit the floor,llelt the bodies hit the flooooor!!!!!!!) Ok I'm insane lol. Actually most of the time I'm staring at the TV monitor at the Gym watching Mad About You or the Golden Girls. Thats the only thing on lol. Sometimes I catch myself giggling or cracking up while running in place lol.

I love a lot of Pink's stuff too!
Well I better run to pick up my kids from school!


P.S. I'm gonna beg my brother to bring Honey Baked Ham for thanksgiving@ I had some last year and LOVED IT!!! more thanthe Turkey!

11-20-2002, 02:52 PM
Lane - I am sure this site will help you break that platue

Gen - did you try that egg nog receipe yet? Can I weight in on the 25th? I don't have a scale at home, for a good reason.

Sah - I really don't have any one to work ut with either. It is either me or nobody. I think that may be why it is so hard. I don't want to work out w/ hubby b/c all he does is drop off fast food for a week and her is ripped. You know. some times I hate that man. He-He

I everybody doing ok with their food today?

11-20-2002, 06:40 PM
I just lost a long huge post and now I'm too annoyed to retype it!!!!

:mad: Gennel, I watch Mad About You too sometimes, so we must be working out at the same time! I used to have my friend bike with me every day. That was great until she pooped out on me. And then winter came, and ya'll know the rest of THAT story! So now I exercise alone too.:( Oh well, I'll just keep on keepin on!!

11-20-2002, 06:43 PM
Apparently, I can only send really short replies in and I have to type really fast or else I get booted off. We are having problems with our cable modem. AARRRRGGGHHH! How frustrating especially because we're paying a fortune for this crappy service:mad:

11-20-2002, 07:04 PM
My hubby is my workout buddy during the summer. He will walk anywhere with me.I love that man.
Gen, I like the new Missy Elliot song. I like music with a fast beat to workout to it maqkes me want to go faster. I like Rob Zombie and Kid Rock and stuff like that.I will pretty much listen to anything as long as it is loud enough. LOL

11-20-2002, 08:05 PM
that song is awesome lol. ITs called " Work IT" and I do dance around when I hear it lol


11-21-2002, 12:04 AM
I like all the ones you all have mentioned my tops favs being...PInk, No Doubt, Eminem and so many other fast tunes but not all hard music. For instance Shania Twain, Destiny's Child.

I sometimes find myself getting more motivated with the ones that have curvacious good looking women. I guess bottom line is that my brain figures it won't fight the urge to get my workout because otherwise I won't get to looking as good as them if I just sit on my couch and be a potato. Does anyone out there relate to that?

School tomorrow. IT"S ALMOST OVER! Woohoo!

Talk to you later.

11-21-2002, 02:04 AM
I feel like I may be the oldest one in the room! The kind of music I like tends to be called "classic" or even worse, "oldies". I'm curious about the ages of everyone here. I'm 40 and I listen to country mostly these days and so does my 10-year-old, although she also enjoys some of the curren "pop" music. I have heard of eminem and Kid Rock, but none of the others! I usually put on Dixie Chicks or Keith Urban when I get around to excersizing. By the way, Sahvara, single here too.
I bought one of those Leslie Sansone walking tapes and my daughter and I did it tonight together. I was really sweating by the time it was over, but I made it through. Since it's dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home, I don't feel like taking a walk outside these days. I thought I'd start with one tape and see if I liked it before I bought a whole set or something. Food was O.K. today. Work was extremely busy, so there wasn't time to graze!


11-21-2002, 03:31 AM
Ciao Ladies,

Music is a great motivater. I listen to most of the artists you all mentioned but when it comes to working out, othing beats Rage against the Machine. Their music just gets you pumped up.

Missy Elliot is looking great these days. She lost quite a bit of weight. I listen to all her music.

Jen, I celebrates my 21st B-day this month. I really don't listen to country music. I remember when I was deejaying for the country music show in Korea and It was torture. Though I did find the new crossover contry a bit catchy (Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, Leann Rymes) Everything else was just not in my taste. Luckily I was able to trade with the "top 40" Dee Jay.

At home and in my car I am mostly R&B, Raggae, and salsa.

11-21-2002, 08:16 AM
Jen, I am 30. I like Garth Brooks and Faith Hill.

Dips, Missy Elliot is looking great. I was so surprised when the video came out.

Kina, I can just imagine what my neighbors think of me. Playing all those cd's loudly. LOLThey all know it is only for about an hour during the day and I don't party at night so I am not that bad of a neighbor. I hope. LOL

11-21-2002, 09:37 AM
Originally posted by jen519
I usually put on Dixie Chicks or Keith Urban when I get around to excersizing.


OOOOw! I love the Dixie Chics! They are the best. I love their energy! I am 29, 4 children, married, college student, part time employed. I enjoy all types of music. But the ones that get going are the fast ones that have a mean beat.

Kina* off to school.

11-21-2002, 09:38 AM
Laney - here's a good way to do it - if I intend to type more than a paragraph for a post - I just keep notepad or wordpad open and type there - hitting the save every few lines or so. I'm on a dial-up which is fast enough for message boards and the cams I watch - but I do tend to freeze when I least expect it. (@$^@&$!!! LOL) and have lost so many thoughts and stream of consciousness replies that in order to keep my (limited) sanity I had to figure out a better way. Just leave the wordpad open in your taskbar - type there - save - then cut and paste your message into the box here. Voila!

So far - I am the senior loser here. I'm 44 and listen to NONE of that stuff. I was a rock n roll DJ in the 70s and early 80s and everything I listen to is at least twenty years old - I work out to Meat Loaf, Bob Seger, The Allman Brothers, and quite a bit of pop from my teen years. I even dig out some disco *albums* once in a while - that was silly, fun, syncopated music. Donna Summer - yeah! LOL

I'm plateauing again - I do agree that your body finds a set-weight it likes and sticks there. No matter whether I dieted or not I hung around 160-165 for a number of years. Did the same at 135 so I'm hoping that when I get there I'll be able to maintain there. Forget the 125 - that's ancient history! :)

11-21-2002, 09:51 AM
Well I'm officially still 32 yrs old until next month! UGh!!! lol Every year I turn my numbers around when I'm asked how old I am. I've been 23 yrs old this year so far lol. But next month I'll be 33 and if I turn those numbers around guess what? It's still 33 ! lol
To be honest I feel like I'm 23yrs old right now. What I wear is usually those hip hugger bellbottoms,CK ,DKNY,Gap jeans with tight turtleneck sweater or short sleeve blouses. Yesterday was the first time in years that I wore a brown "suede" mini skirt. And now I'm hooked to those to those bodyhugging spaghetti strap spring dresses..I know SPRING! But its still mostly warm here in FL! lol
By the way I was waiting for the new Missy Elliot video to come out " Work It" a friend of ours knows her and told us a long time ago that she lost" MAD WEIGHT!" so I kept doing searches online to see if there were any recent photos of her but found nothing . I remember one of Missy Elliots interviews when she was asked about her weight. She told them that she was a big girl and everyone in the music industry knew this and that she had made it because of talent and not beauty alone. She says " I love my cupcakes and not gonna give those up" lol
I cant imagine the pressure that famous people have to look a certain way. I've seen soooooo many famous ladies start out looking "normal" I mean normal weight just a little chunkier than most Hollywood folks. Anyway within 2 yrs Ive seen most drastically lose weight and get those abs that I can only dream of!
Janet Jackson did it andshe looks great,But I dont personally like muscular body from head to toes but thats just me. Li'l Kim also lost a lot of weight,J-Lo has slowly lost a lot of weight since she was a Fly Girl in " Living Color" She was told by her people to get fit and lose weight or the only roles she'll ever get would be playing " The Fat Girl" in the movie. She lost about 15-20 lbs. She doesnt look 115 lbs to me and 5'5" height weighing that little?
But I'm sure some people lie about their weight and age lol.
I never mind now when I'm asked how old I am. BUt it sort of bugs me when my 10 yr old asks me in front of people " mommy how old are you again?" lol
Jen about the music, I have to say that the first time I thought " Hey COuntry music is pretty cool" was the first time I heard Shania Twain. I LOVE her music and the lyrics. I get goosebumps whenever I hear " From this Moment" and " Still The One" and whenever I hear Man I Feel Like A Woman! My daughters and I start dancing lol.

see ya ! Im running out of space here lol

11-21-2002, 10:00 AM
I decided not to go tot he Gym yesterday morning after all and went at night with my husband. He's been wanting to try the Elliptical machine for a while but hasnt because I dont go with him. Lastnight we went I was already on the thing for 45 minutes when he shows up and gets on the machine next to mine. He felt like he was about to fall off and kept saying " no way!" but he lasted 10 minutes andplans to do it again. He's so brave! lol
He loves the weights better but needs to so some cardio workout.
I hate the weights and prefer the cardio. I guess thats why we love each other so much? lol
Today I'm going to the gym at night again. I think I will go back to the park . That's where I used to walk when I was 194 lbs. I knew so many people there walking trying to lose weight. It would be neat tosee if their still around and see the results!

194/129.5/130 original goal!

11-21-2002, 11:07 AM
Good morning ladies! I hope I don't get anyone mad but I HATE our cable company. Can any of them read. I left specific instructions about what time to be at my house. Do you think that they showed up then. NO!!!! They came at 4:30. not 5. Don't most peolpe work until 5? Then I told them to call my cell phone. They never did. They called the house. Stupid, of course no one is goping to answer. If I didn't answer the door and no cars where there do you thing I am going to answer the phone. They tried my hubby's cell but he didn't answer either. I don't even know how they got that number. I never gave it to them. When I called to yell at them they said the computers were down and would call me back as soon as they can back up with my appt. time. I ended up calling them this morning. They had no idea that the work hadn't been done. I wanted them to come out today but of course they were already book for today. AUGHHH! Now I have to wait two more days for something I will be paying to much for anyway (DSL).

Sorry, I feel better. I just had tro get it out.

How is everyone doing today?

11-21-2002, 11:08 AM
Oh yeh, I forgot to say Missy Elliot has the same birthday as me and AngieME. COOL

11-21-2002, 12:09 PM
Rusty, thanks for the great idea about the using the notebook program! I never would have thought of it myself! Kempyd, I know how you feel, I am about to do bodily damage to someone at our cable company.:mad: I am 28, married, three kids. Your lives all sound so exciting!! Especially you Dips. It sounds exotic! I've never been much of anywhere.:( Maybe some day.....Have a great one everybody!

11-21-2002, 12:28 PM
I do the same Gen. I have that tape of Shanias and I love, I'm still the one. That is how you can tell a good song is when you get goosebumps.

I just bought the 8 mile soundtrack, I am listening to it right now. I can't wait to work out to it.

Kempy, I was wondering where you were last night. I kept checking to see if you were here. Are you gonna have it in time for the weekend? I didn't know she had the same birthday as us.

I listen to all the 70's music too. I grew up listening to it and I still love it. At our school dances noone would start to dance until they played Bob Segar.Dances sound a lot different now. LOL

11-21-2002, 12:44 PM
NO, I didn;t get it hook up. I won't have in on until Friday evening. At least I better or someone will be in trouble.

11-21-2002, 02:17 PM
I feel like a kid now :(

i didn't realize I was the "baby of the bunch" but on the up side I am familiar with a lot of the music from the 70s and 80s (Thanks to DeeJaying)

Kempyd, I know what it's like to wait on service when you're so anxious. I signed up for my phone service and had to wait 4 months afterward to get hooked up. The army loves to make you wait.

Gen, it's funny that you mention "torturing" the hubby on the eliptical machine. I got my boyfriend to do the stationary bike with me once and he hated it. We were supposed to go 30 minutes but he quit after ten. I was teasing him calling him weak and stuff but he didn't care because he's one of those naturally thin people who can eat everything and not gain an ounce.

Laney, I never thought of my life as exotic,lol. But it is cool to travel the world at the expense of the government :) Some of these places i know I would've never seen in my lifetime had it not been for the armed services. But there is a price to pay. Like today I've been at work for 11 hours and I won't be going home any time soon. (news deadlines kicking our butts) Oh well, I'll be home in 5 DAYS YAAAAAAY

11-21-2002, 04:03 PM
At thirty-five, I'm an 'oldies' music person too, Jen and Rusty, so don't feel too out of place!

I usually jump on my exercise bike to Joe Cocker,Stevie Ray Vaughan or the Stones, or some other bluesy stuff. I also work in radio, but in news, I work from home half the time and the rest at the station. It is the best job in the world!


11-21-2002, 05:59 PM
my kids (http://www.msnusers.com/_Secure/0TgDeAiMYksPj*6MS3Fl94bvoPnWpLhv03OWWoyY*UDu3KIznE wHWQRyGwRLiSRzVUdFHIaX!sKAkQsuI1wX7sGpfTcf1nFDj4w7 0D*f0p9FtqYXXilFwyA/puppies-019.png?dc=4675389700689715188)
If this works this should be a pic of Corey,Candi,Brittany,Rebel and Alicia. Corey and Alicia are the twins:dizzy:

11-21-2002, 06:00 PM
I guess it din't work!!

11-21-2002, 06:43 PM
:) Hey everyone. Well I'm 31. I usually watch the news at the gym in the morning, but they play hard rock music in the background which helps to keep me motivated, I love hard rock and metal music. When I exercise at home I listen to Fleetwood Mac- especially the Rumors cd I love it! It keeps me moving. Take care- Di

11-21-2002, 07:32 PM

11-21-2002, 11:18 PM
Hi. Isn't music great. There's something for everybody! Considering there are only 13 different notes, it's amazing that there can be so many different songs and none are the same.
I had an absolutely crazy day at work, didn't get lunch until 3:15 when I got half a bowl of soup down in 10 minutes and then went back to work. Not healthy and by the time I finally got home tonight, I was famished, ended up eating before I had settled in and naturally ate more than I needed. I don't think my calorie count for the day is very high, considering all I had between 6:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. was an apple and half a bowl of soup! This crunch is almost over and then it should settle down. It's amazing that less than a week ago I was twiddling my thumbs and trying not to sleep during the day. Well, it's a bit late for a work-out, but I'm going to head into the other room to "walk away the pounds".


11-22-2002, 12:20 AM
Hey you guys! I got a job offer. Woohoo! It's only part time but that is okay that is really all I can spare between family, school, and the homework. I will be working at Beall's department store as a sales clerk. I have not worked in so long especially where I have to dress professionally. I do work at the college but i go in jeans of course I wear makeup but I don't have to go in a skirt with hosiery and heels. So this will be a big transition.

My 11 year old will be 12 this Thanksgiving and was totally off the wall excited because her mom will be working for a company that supplies Tommy Hilfiger...DISCOUNTS. Maybe occassionally but hardly never since this is only a part time job and the pay is very modest. I figure it will get us through the Christmas crunch.

Okay i have homework to do and i am totally excited that the semester is almost over. So I will bid you all a good night and sweet dreams. bye.

11-22-2002, 12:44 AM
Congratulations Kina! You'll be an inspiration to me. I'm starting school in the spring after my daughter and I go to Disneyland. I'm a bit worried about having time for it all, but a college education couldn't hurt my salary prospects! And I know others do it. I'm a bit old to start, but better late than never.

I forgot to say Angie, thanks for sharing the photo. It's a great picture of your kids (and dogs!)


11-22-2002, 12:56 AM
Jen school is awesome! Many times I find myself over my head and I ask myself "What did I get myeself into?" but I keep plugging along because I know in the long run it will benefit myself and my family. I had to argue with my DH when I decided to go to school. He is very old fashioned...the man works and the woman stays home to tend to the house and family. Which is a great thing to find in a man but he needed me to help him to understand I could not support us if ever anything happened to him. Of course he through in the idea of the insurance he is covered under but I pointed out that is only paid out upon his accidental death. so I had to paint the gory pic of him laid up in bed because (knock on wood) he were to become disabled after an accident (he is a truck driver) he would have to spend the rest of his life watching us suffer because I have no skills so I would rely on minimum wage jobs maybe even 2 or 3 in order to support our 4 children and ourselves. Then he didn't have much faith in me to top it off. So I told him to give me the chance to prove him wrong since then I have been proving him wrong. Now whenever I want to give up he tells me...NO YOU'RE NOT! But school does something for you inside and out. It's amazing the transformation I have seen in myself.

But that is great that you will be going to school this coming semester. Do you know what you will be taking? I have already registered but i am thinking I may drop one class in order to not over load with the part time jobs that I have in between. I am set up for an accounting class, an online business class, and a remedial extended algebra class. Good luck in whatever you pursue it is going to be exciting.

Talk to you again.

11-22-2002, 09:25 AM
Angie the kids are beautiful! The pups are adorable too!
The pic came out great :)


11-22-2002, 09:45 AM
Well lastnight was the second night I went with hubby instead of my usual morning workout. It was strange when I went for a little walk in the morning at the place that started it all! The college campus near my house. I walked 6 times around without breaking a sweat. I only walked for 30 minutes. I used to walk 1 lap in 6-7 minutes,this time I was walking the laps in 4-5 minutes! But let me tell you this morning my calves were stiff lol. I know its not the elliptical machine cause I'm so used to that by now.My hubby did another 10 minutes on the elliptical machine,soooo proud of him! I tell people I do 1 hr and they are like "wow really" and I swear I think they dont really believe me lol . His weightlifting buddy was in shock my hubby tells me. He kept peeking every few minutes to see if I was still on the machine lol. When we left the guy tells me " You are a beast girl! lol Even one of the big bodybuilders said " That machine is no joke! " The best thing I can say about this machine is that it wont strain your knees or back. The main reason I do it is because I can eat more!
If I had a choice of eating very little,like a can of dry tuna for lunch etc.... or eat a lot more but have to sacrifice 1 hr a day to that monster? Then I choose 1 hr of sacrifice. At this time I couldnt quit even if I fwanted to. I go nuts if I dont do that type of exercise. I would love to own that machine but that type costs $3,500-$5,000! wahhhhh. I will need something like that once we move into the new house. There is no Gym nearby where we plan to live :( I've seen many different Elliptical machines for much cheaper. I would have to try them out for a few days . I tried one at another Gym and it felt like I was running downhill! My toes and the bottom of my feet were burning.
Anyway ,tomorrow is weigh in! If you weigh in on Monday that's fine ,just send me a message.

11-22-2002, 10:35 AM
Would an elliptical machine from Sears compare to the one you use. My mom has one of the Gazelles from TV and I hate that thing. It doesn't feel like a natural movement so I am giving it back to her but I would like to try a real elliptical machine. Although my livingroom already looks like a gym. LOL

Thanks for the compliments on the kids but I have to say they are a whole lot cuter when they are sleeping. :lol: The pic is on a websight I did for all of my pics that I want to post online. I think Jay,my hubby is on there some where. He has lost about 20 pounds since the picture was taken and I think he is looking great too.:strong:

Has anyone ever tried a pumpkin pie without the crust? I was thinking that since I am the only one in my family that eats pumpkin pie that I would cook it in a ramikin(sp) with no crust like a custard. This way I can just cook one and throw the rest away so I am not tempted to overeat. I don't add egg yolks to mine when I make it. I just use the whites. I never add yolks or oil to any thing I bake lowfat.It almost always doesn't make that big of a difference in flavor.

11-22-2002, 10:48 AM
This little tip came in my daily diet tip from Lillie Ross:

So, put your favorite pie filling in ramekins, or
small glass bowls with just a circle of crust on
the top. I've done this with pumpkin pie filling
for him for many years.

To make it fancy, cut your pie crust out with a
cookie cutter. (hearts, leaves, fruit, animals for
kids). You'll have individual "deep dish" pies with
just a bite or two of crust.

She also recommended using phyllo for the crust. (Whatever that is. LOL)

11-22-2002, 10:56 AM
I was thinking of using Phyllo dough but I wasn't sure if it would get soggy. Thanks for the tip. I think I will have 1 serving of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving then. it will be my first sweet in 45 days.

Phyllo dough is preprepared in the freezer iasle by the frozen pies. it has many thin layers of dough and it cooks up flaky. You need to keep it covered when you are working with it so it doesn't dry out because the layers are so thin.

Thanks for the tip Rusty!!!

11-22-2002, 11:15 AM
Cute pics Angie. Wow you really hae your hands full. all of you guys with kids do. I only have a dog , 2 cats and fish. Can I count the hubby?

I am going to try to be good this holiday. I think if I can keep myself from munching in between meals I should be ok. That is my problem at family gatherings.

11-22-2002, 12:03 PM
I've always said - if I only had a crispy turkey wing, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner - I'd be perfectly content.

I do like making turkey soup with the leftovers - lots of potatoes, onions, carrots, celery and noodles - mmmmmmm!

11-22-2002, 12:06 PM
Angie - here's the rest of the tip:

We asked several days ago if anyone had used Phyllo
dough and Judy replied with all sorts of wonderful
tips to make your pies lower calorie and special.

"I have been using Phyllo dough for pie crusts for years for family
and friends. Just follow the directions on the box
for thawing and layering.

You can brush with low calorie margarine instead of
butter. Much lighter and to me, the taste of the
filling is what you want, not a lot of thick crust,
even if it's flaky.

Also, as my husband is borderline diabetic and
doesn't need a lot of high carb crusts."

"I use the little Teddy Grahams on puddings and
pies. The kids love them and it makes it a little
more special."

11-22-2002, 12:28 PM
Me too Rusty, I am going to have 3 oz. turkey,1/2 cup mashed potatoe/no butter,1/2 stuffing(maybe more because I LOVE stuffing) but that is it and 1 serving of pumpkin pie. I of course will repeat that same meal minus the pie for the next nights supper. Thanks for the tips.

Kempy, I added a pic of my husband to that same link if you want to see him. We have been together since we were 16. He had hair and I weighed 128 pounds. LOL