Weight Loss Support - 300+ And Ready To Try Again....#231

10-23-2002, 02:59 PM

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.


10-23-2002, 03:02 PM
Well, I thought I'd start a new thread before we got to 36 posts and 2cute threw a fit! :lol: (love ya girl) I'm here at work right now and don't have alot to say......as you know, dayshift is MUCH busier than nights. All in all, a pretty good tradeoff, seeing as I'm now in the land of the LIVING. :yikes: I will hop on the computer when I get home and give you a long ol' post, right now I just wanted to start the new thread and give you guys a big :grouphug: See you tonight! :wave:

10-23-2002, 07:11 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: Wow, still working hard at this end. I've been wrapped up doing 'bank jobs' for the last few days. Finally finished up today and..............cancelled some shops for the next couple of days because my schedule was just too busy and I'm tired of being a crazy person! YIPEE! I'm learning! :D

I'm still doing vacuum cleaner training at Best Buy and have to do an apartment on Friday, but maybe I'll even find time to have lunch with a friend. That would be nice.

2cute: Weddings are so much fun. I hope you didn't find all that company too stressful! * Isn't posting pics annoying. When I put up the welcome it has to be different every time. Not that I didn't rotate them anyway, but geez, now you can only use them once.

Tina: 2.9 pounds is awsome! What's the matter with you being "kinda agrivated"? Silly girl! That's a great loss, especially when you're battling Mother Nature! * Glad you're liking the day shift. I bet that makes your life a bit more normal!

Sara: You and Reg are just too cute! Ahhhhh, to be young and in love again! :love: * Good job on another 3 pounds. Can't wait for some 'after' pics.....or 'in process' pics.

Katrina: Your exercise efforts are so inspirational! Keep it up and in another year, I might be ready! :o

Tontoy: Congrats on the two pounds down! That's wonderful! I know how disappointing it is when we work so hard and don't find that evil thing moving......or worse yet......moving in the wrong direction, but for goodness sake, don't focus on that idea for the whole week. Think in positives: 'I will do well today', 'I will lose weight this week', 'I will get my water in today', etc. * [color=blue]HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! [/blue]

Michelle: What a great attitude: "That must mean something better is coming along!!" I'm sure there is something better, at least that's what I keep telling myself about hubby's job too. Sometimes it's just hard to have any patience.

Rebecca/Angelbaby: Welcome to our little corner of the world. You've come to the right place for love and support. I read your profile and my goodness, with 3 boys you should be on the go all the time. Tell us what you're doing, what you're eating and we'll try to help. We're never short on advice! :eek:

Mary: I bet you had a great time with the quilting bee. Is that a monthly thing? Hey, did you ever think of a name for your coffee thingy on Saturdays? You may have said and I didn't catch it while I was AWOL and just skimmy along.

Steph: I'm so glad you're feeling better. Colds and such are the pitts. I'm still messing with a sinus infection that started 3 weeks ago.

J-ann: Glad you're feeling better too. And Target? Woohoo! I love Target. Of course we pronouce it a bit French as in Targee with an accent over the 'e'. :lol:

Well girls, honey is going to be home any minute. I put a chicken casserole thing in the oven. I found the recipe in a magazine. Once I see how it turns out, I'll figure out WW points and let you all know. For now, it's still in the 'experimental' stages. :)

Love :love: to all.

10-23-2002, 07:12 PM
Man we must be a busy bunch of lady's, not many post's today.:chin: How's everyone doing. Day three of a new week, food's been pretty good, still have to watch my portion size at supper time, did a one mile walk yesterday WATP, I can sure tell I haven't done anything for over a week, a little bit stiff this morning. Been drinking lots of water, I'm up at least 3 times a night running to the washroom.:tired:

I bought a pumpkin yesterday, it's really big, I love to carve the pumpkin's, I'm actually pretty good at it,:smug: So I've been searching the net for some pretty cool pumpkin patterns, found one of Frankenstein and one of a funny looking witch. Last year I think I only had 4 kids trick or treat at my house, small town and the kids including mine always hit the same streets, the richer parts of town. So I don't even think I'll buy candy this year, well maybe one bag jsut in case.

Sara :bravo: on your 3lbs gone, man you must have some kind of will power, send some my way won't you. I was wondering, since you loss weight so fast, do you have much excess skin, like on your arms, you now the underside part that likes to keep on waving long after your hands done.:p Or on your belly, that's one thing I'm afraid of, I have really big arms, I'm always kidding with my fiance that I have bigger biceps then him, well I do, it's just not muscle, and I'm afraid If I lose alot of weight, I'll have these big flappy, wrinkly arms, and will have to get reconstruction surgery. I guess I shouldn't worry to much, that's along way off.

J-ann glad to have you back and on program, and remember Burger King is the enemy, it's poisonous:fr:

Tina, congrats on your loss as well:p your leaving me in the dust, but don't slow down I'll catch up.

Well I really have to go pee, that's what happens when you try to drown your hunger with water. So got to run, literally.

Check out my avatar, isn't she cute.

10-23-2002, 08:00 PM
Duckie: I love your avatar....

I know, I have gotten way behind on my posting. It has been a busy week...snowed Monday and Tuesday!!!!!

But, thanks to all you Canuks we are suppose to get 40+ degree weather this weekend.

I need your brilliant minds to go to work for me....I have a small house, no closets, lots of furniture....I, as you may remember, am trying to manage my time better so since I tape Dr. Phil and Oprah I would like to find an aerobic "something" to do while I watch them. I don't have room for any equipment, thus the description of my house. I suppose I could march in place????? I was trying to think of something so I could watch the shows and get my exercise in at the same time.

:balloons: I know one of you will have a solution to my problem.

10-23-2002, 08:45 PM
LUCKY! You modest girl...I see the reduction in your number! You go girl!! I lost another lb this week...I am officially 10 lbs less than 3 weeks ago. I have come to the realization that NO MATTER WHAT THE SCALE SAYS, I must continue to do what I am doing. So, If I have a slow week or two, I will not punish myself by binging...or even going over what I have been doing. I know that so many times in the past I would be pissed off at the scale for not"rewarding" me with a significant loss. And then I would have to "get back" at the scale by over indulging, since what the heck, "it" (the scale) doesn't work anyway!

That will not get this job done! I will continue to exercise daily and eat well. Believe me, I have my slips...like those chocolate chip cookies I ate yesterday...(well, they WERE home made!) But I only had 4, as opposed to the dozen I would have normally eaten without even thinking about it. I'm trying to keep focusing on the fact that this is a long term commitment...for life! This is how I have to eat from now on, not go back to old ways, once I have lost what I want to lose!

So there's my rant...

DH just walked in, I'll try to get back later!

Love to all...

10-23-2002, 09:44 PM
Hey guys! :wave: How are all my chickies tonight? Great, I hope. Today has been a great day! I came home and cooked dinner and it was so good! I had a 4 oz grilled seasoned turkey burger w/fried onions (in lite butter) on top (6 pts.), green beans seasoned with beef bullion cubes & lite butter (1 pt), :T 1/2 cup of strawberry applesauce (2 pts) and 2 small refrigerator biscuits. (2 pts) An absolutely awesome dinner for only 11 pts! After dinner, we all loaded up in the old Neon and went to our local walking track and walked a mile. (I carried 3# weights while we were walking) :strong: Of course, the boys had to torment me and I had to stop a couple of times and threaten their lives if they didn't stop kicking gravels at each other. :dz:

Food has been really good lately and if I do say so myself, I am pretty proud of me. :smug: The thing that I'm doing different this time that really seems to be working, is that before I "segregated" myself. "I" was eating this while everyone else was eating that. It always made me feel deprived. Don't get me wrong. There are still some things I won't eat now, but I go more for fixing the same thing for everyone and adjusting my portions insteading of cooking for "them" and then cooking for "me". Makes it all more normal, you know?

Kat: Good for you girl! I'm very proud of you for being 10# down. I'm even more proud of you for declaring you'll have no more of that "stinkin thinkin". It does nothing but demolish us. So what if you had 4 cookies? You didn't eat what you used to would have, and that is an improvement and I am so proud of you. You go girl!!

Lucky: Well, I've been straining the old brain trying to figure ouf what you could do while your watching Dr. Phil and Oprah. You could do the basic steps that I do for my WATP video. Here are the basic for steps. 1. Walk in place. 2. Kicks. (just kick each leg out---rotating) 3. Sidesteps. (take one step to the right...then let your left leg follow over, then do the same thing on the other side. Kinda like the way you danced in high school.) 4. Knees up. (March in place, but pulling your knees up higher to your chest) You could also lift your arms up and down or side to side while your walking in place. I just got the new WATP videos and I think I will send you my old ones if you would like them. I'm sure you would really like them if you tried them.

Duckie: First of all, I love the avatar. It is so "you". Don't ever change it. Secondly, I love Halloween too. My dh has the house all decked out with gobbly gooks, witches, pumpkins and ghouls....not to mention fake spiderwebs and little lit up critter all over the yard. On Halloween, he plays really spooky music and has the boys dressed up like statues and they scare trick or treaters as they come up. It's so much fun! :lol: Also, don't you worry about me slowing down girl. It will not happen. And I'm not worried about you catching up. I KNOW you will!

Thin: So good to see you my friend. You have been so busy these last couple of weeks. You definitely need to take out some time for you. Call a friend and go out and get you a bite to eat. Sure was nice to see that big long post from you though.

Well guys, the old bathtub is calling my name............I am in definite need of a bubble bath! See all my lovelies tomorrow. Have a wonderful night! :grouphug:

10-23-2002, 09:59 PM
Thank you. Tina.... I printed out your instructions...Love the "like we danced in high school".....I noticed you also posted a picture of how I will look doing these exercies!!!!!! :bravo:

:cb: It's too cold and dark to walk here now!!!! Darn winter!

10-23-2002, 09:59 PM
WE are calling the coffee shop the Cup and Chaucer. It is doing pretty good.
Son has a job for 2-3 days just temp stuff but he's out of the house

10-23-2002, 10:33 PM
WOW... what a busy bunch we were today while I was gone.
It is soooo nice to come home and read all of your posts.
My day went pretty good. I have to go back Sunday and Monday though. My dad has an early doctor's appointment Monday morning and my sister has a new job and can't take off work so I am driving down to take him. As for my mom... well ... let's not talk about her. She has just given up on herself. She is so unhappy and I feel sooo bad not moving her here but there is no way I can take care of her needs. I love her... but I would commit suicide if I had to live with her... especially in her state of negativity. :nono:

I feel bad not writing a longgggg post. But I just can't seem to find the time to keep up with anything anymore. These trips keep me behind all the time.... that plus my procrastination problem. :o

You guys are doing soooooooo GREAT. Keep up the good work.

10-24-2002, 02:03 AM
Okay... I'm just heading off to bed but wanted to respond to Duckie.

DUCKIE! Now you've gone and done it! Do you REALLY wanna know about my loose skin? Hmm... I have to admit to having some problems with it. It's mostly on my stomach and a bit on under my arms BUT it's not THAT bad. (It's WAY better than being 270 pounds!) After every shower, I put skin firming lotion on my tummy and arms... I THINK it's helped a bit. Loose skin was also part of my motivation for joining a gym last week; the more you exercise and tone, the less problems you have in the skin area. I'm not sure what exactly will happen in the future with it (38 more pounds to go)! If necessary, surgery is an option but not one I'll probably opt for! :lol: I read that skin, if it's gonna shrink back, can take up to 7 years! So maybe just living a healthy lifestyle for a few years will shapen it up. While loose skin is something to consider (I certainly did), don't let it dissuade you in the least in your weight loss efforts. I am SO happy to have lost!

Okay... I need to sleep. It feels like I'm coming down with a cold! Boo! And I was doing so well avoiding them for the longest time!

Sara :)

10-24-2002, 04:41 AM
Loose skin... hmmm ... that is something I definitely am going to have. BUT... let's face it. You can have that loose skin dangling full of blubber :yikes: .... or .... you can have it just loose skin. Hmmmm :chin: I think I will go with the empty loose skin. :lol:

As far as my dangling belly ..... I will just "roll it up" and stuff it into a pair of my new HOT PINK pants. :p :lol:

10-24-2002, 09:47 AM
Hello Ladies!

Sarah your weight loss is incredible, I hope to reach 188 some day. How long did it take you, and were you on weight watchers the whole time? It is so great to hear success stories of people who stick to it and loose the weight. I believe that weight loss is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. It deals with my emotional and physical well being. It touches every aspect of my life, but I will gain control of it!

Katrina I love your positive attitude. Way to go. I am going to follow what you said! I know I am doing all the right things. I have set a mini goal for myself to be down 15 pounds by thanksgiving. I have lost 4 and I have 11 more to goal. Of course this is a mini goal I would love to see 160 sometime in 2003, I know it can happen with hard work.

Have a great day everyone.


10-24-2002, 10:43 AM
I was tempted by lots of goodies at work last night and passed everything up. A couple of floors had Dunkin' Munchkins, one floor had a big bowl of sour cream and onion potato chips sitting right under my nose. I really wasn't in the mood for any of it. Now that I have 10 off, I want 10 more! (x10!) I did have my legal snack of peanut butter and graham crackers with milk. :T I think if there is something that I really, really want...like those choc chip cookies...I won't deprive myself, so, everyday, run of the mill junk food son't be as appealing.

Just a theory...

Duckie...If you exercise while you are dieting, there is much less chance of loose, flabby skin than if you wait to start exercisng after you've lost. Case in point; my big, fat "bingo arms." While they are no where NEAR where I want them to be, they are definitely smaller and tighter than they were a month or two ago. Exercise is the key.

HEY...Where's BAYLEE??? She hasn't posted in a few days. Lucky, will you go knock on her door and see if everything is okay? Maybe bring your snow shovel.

Mary...I LOVE that name! How appropriately cute!

Lucky, all good ideas from Tina for moving the bod in front of Dr Phil! Try some kick boxing moves too...kick your legs in front of you, out to each side and behind you...(kinda push back with your heel leading.) Punch your arms: reach out and pull back. Even punching the pretend punching bag, rapidly, will get your heart rate up. I was going to say draw the blinds, but maybe you'll scare the hunters away!

Tina...what a great family outing! Even if the kids are...well, kids! So good for them to get into the habit too! So proud of you!

Thin...hey, good for you, giving yourself a break! Sounds like you deserve a rest...besides, we need you here too!

Tontoy...Happy Anniversary! How sweet of your hubby to bring you flowers! To me, that is the best gift! Don't be scared about this process. Accept that it's going to take some time. You didn't gain the weight overnight...you won't lose it overnight either. Just do what you know that you need to do, and the weight loss will follow.

J-ann...don't give up on the weights. Even if you can do only a very little, do that! Increase as you feel that you can. Even if that means only three bicep curls or whatever, it's three more than none! I'm glad you're feeling better.

Steph...glad you're feeling better, too! Welcome back!

Sara, now that Steph an J-ann are feeling better, you're gonna be sick? I don't think so, young lady! Vit C and chicken soup for you, and back to the gym you go!

2cute...on the road again...just can't wait to get on the road again...We miss you when you're gone!

Michelle...YOO HOO! Where are you, girlfriend? Changing another "4 alarmer?" Writing a paper? Stop by and have a cup of tea with us!

Hey! Speaking of that...are we chatting this weekend??? Same time, same place? (8pm Eastern)..but lets try to pick a time good for everyone...we ARE a scattered lot!

I almost forgot...Angelbaby...we didn't scare you off, did we? Are you on any specific diet/exercise plan right now? Quite a few of us are Weight Watchers, some go to meetings, others just count the points. Some are low carbers...you just have to kind of figure out which plan is best suited to you...what are you most likely to stick to for as long as it takes. Obviously, we all love to post, so I will speak for all and say that we would be happy to give any advice you may need. (we don't always follow it ourselves, but we sure can give it!!) Best of luck to you!

Okay, it's that time again...time to EXERCISE!!! Today, I think I'm going to do some raking. It's only 42 out at the moment, but it's sunny and Fall-y and I need to get moving, so I'll go to Curves later on today.

See you chickies later...have a great day, all!

10-24-2002, 11:16 AM
Good morning, everybody! :wave: That chicken casserole wasn't as good as I'd hoped last night. I'll have to play with the ingredients a little, I think. There was this tangy, sour taste to the sauce that I need to get rid of. We all ate it though. I guess we were hungry! :lol:

I really do need to get back to journalling. I'm pretty much flying by the seat of my pants this week as far as the points go. I'm feeling like I'm better on track, but don't have my elusive measuring stick to be sure. The other thing that's killing me is that I have gained just enough weight back to not have my scale register. :( I'm a scale hopper as you all know and when I'm doing well, I want to SEE progress. So it's really bumming me out that I'm in this predicurment. If I would just get with the journalling for a couple of weeks, I know I would be back to registering again and all would be well.

Maybe now that I've cut down on jobs for the next little bit, I'll be able to do more focussing on me and my program. Most of the time that isn't the case though. I take the time off, or at least in my head I take the time off, and then the jobs just roll in or I go looking for them once again. YIKES! Big vicious circle. :eek:

I'm off to do a vacuum job today. It's the only job I have to do today since I cancelled everything else. And no, it's not a vacuum job on my house (which thoroughly needs it, BTW). I have a bank job and an apartment due for tomorrow. And then of course a bit of work at the theatre tomorrow night or Saturday (it kinda depends on what honey has planned for Saturday and whether he wants to go see a movie).

I know someone asked, not sure who now, about what I do. I'm a Public Relations and Customer Service Consultant. Now, aren't you all impressed???? :o Basically, I do 'merchandising' which is displays, product placement, advertising placement, box conversions, cut ins of new products, etc. (a little of this and a little of that). I also do a good deal of 'mystery shopping'. That part of my business is all done anonymously so that's why you will find me being very vague when it comes to descriptions of the types of 'jobs' I'm doing. :tape: It's fun. I love it. It's something different every day.

Hey, take a look at this recipe and yes, I know it's not Sunday. It sounds really good to me and I just bought a couple of acorn squash.

Apple-cinnamon Acorn Squash

2 pound acorn squash, about 1 large
1 Tablespoon reduced-calorie margarine
1/2 cup apple juice
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Trim ends off unpeeled squash, cut in half, and remove and discard seeds and fibers. Slice each half into four 1/2" thick slices.

Melt margarine in a large nonstick skillet. Add apple juice and cinnamon; mix well. Add squash and bring to boil; reduce heat, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Turn squash slices over, cover and simmer until squash is tender, about 10 minutes more.

Yields 2 pieces of squash per serving. (Note: do not eat skin)
Serves: 4
Points per serving: 2

Well girls, I'm off. Gotta go do the vacuum thing. What are you all making for dinner tonight. I think I'll pull out either cod, salmon, or pollock fillets to do on the old 'George' tonight. That and a baked potato, some veggie (maybe that squash recipe) and a salad and I think we'll be good to go. That's one of the reasons why I have to cut my schedule down, so I can do more cooking at home. I cannot lose weight eating fast food out all the time, well, maybe if I made the right choices. But I find it much easier to cook! :cbg:

See ya later. Love :love: to all.

10-24-2002, 12:56 PM
Hey Fellow Chickies Ö. How are ya?

My coldís coming back. Oh No! Sniffle, sniffle. :( Iíve planned ahead and have mapped out my meals/snacks for the weekend since Iíll be the only one home from tomorrow til Monday night. HOPEFULLY, this will be the kick start I need to keep me OP.

TINA: Looks like youíll be in the 2ís really soon. Thatíll be a BIG reason to celebrate. :flow2: Treat yourself to something you enjoy Ö. Maybe a new bottle of bath salts. WOW, no wonder youíre losing. Look at you out there carrying weights while you walk. (Now remember, donít bonk the boys on their heads with the weights while youíre walkiní.) :lol:

THIN: Vacuum cleaner training???:?: I thought we were BORN knowing how to vacuum! Mystery shopping? I think Iíd like to try thatÖ. And I donít like to shop.

DUCKIE: Love your quacky avatar! Have fun carving the pumpkin. Iím jealous. My Mom was an ace carver. Iím not. So Iíve given up trying.

LUCKY: Weíre getting the white, flakey stuff too. Itís melting as it falls tho. How about walking to music (headphones/stereo on low) while you watch your shows? The beat will keep you moving at a steady pace. :strong:

KAT: 10 LBS!!!!! You are on a roll woman! Loved your rant & kudoís for not getting into the munchies last night.

MARY: Cup and Chaucer Ö. I love it.

SARA: Iím with 2Cute. I can easily live with EMPTY loose skin. :) Itíll be like a battle scar. A memory of what I was before.

Talk to you all later Ö.. have an active, healthy day,

10-24-2002, 04:48 PM
I'm doing a happy dance! I think I got a new job...I'm about 99.5% sure...he told me he can't make me an offer yet until the background check comes back! I have to go to the office I would be managing tomorrow afternoon and observe and take a little personality test! Its with National Cash Advance. They are a national company with over 1300 offices in the U.S. They lend you money till your next paycheck. They just opened two sites near me and the one I would be managing will be growing by leaps and bounds as soon as the WalMart opens up next door! I am up for the challenge since we get bonus' too! THe more money I lend the more bonus money we get!! Works for me...the potential is for a minimum of $10,000 a year for this site! The pay is the same I would be getting for a Property Manager job and the benefits are phenomenal. AND>>>since I wouldn't be able to go away for training for two weeks because of my little guy...he is going to have the training person come here for two weeks! Ain't that cool???

I will be back...gotta run and pick up the little guy now! I put chicken in the crockpot and it smelllllllllls....so good in here! I can't wait to eat it!

TTFN Michelle

10-24-2002, 07:09 PM
Hello all,

He's suppose to be waving, oh well.

10-24-2002, 07:46 PM
Evening ladies hope all of you are good today
I took off at 2 and came home to catch a nap. Things were slow at the library today.
I thought the name for the coffee shop was cute.

I am off till Monday I need to catch up on housework.

Son finished his temp job at lunch today so he'll have a little money next week.:D

Next week is DH birthday I have to get him something nice any suggestions:devil: :D

I heard that Evening Primrose oil is helpful to weight loss I may try some, read that it helped PMS too.

When are we going to chat again?

well I need to go clean up the dinner dishes. catch all of you chicks later.

10-24-2002, 10:25 PM
Believe it or not, Kat, I have journaled Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...but today and Friday I have to eat lunch at resturants so .... no clue on the point value. I will just be calm & sensible...

Mary, the name is great....

Michelle, 99.5% congrats on the job!!!!!

Kat, what do you mean I would scare the hunters away!!!!

I don't know too much tonight...I think I seem to be more "chatty" on weekends....after sleep and coffee!!!!

I HAVE to winterize my porch Saturday morning, buy cracked corn, and go to a party at 2.....THEN Sunday my uncles 90th birthday party....no rest this weekend...

Chat....Saturday night?????? Unless Tina is watching another movie!!!!

10-25-2002, 12:26 AM
'Evening, everybody! :wave: I was just going to pop in and read a bit, but found that our thread was 9th on the list. Can you imagine, we sunk that low???? :eek: So I had to post to bring it back up otherwise when all the rest of you got here, you'd think we fell off the face of the page! :lol:

J-ann: You missed the point of the 'vacuum training'. I have to train the appliance manager (probably a man) and the associates (probably male) how to use the thing so they can sell it to us (women) when we come in looking for a vacuum. :o What a hoot, eh?

Michelle: Ooooo, my fingers are crossed for you on the new job. :crossed: That sounds like something that will fit right in for you. Hope you get it.

Duckie: The avatar is adorable. So is the kitty. :twirly:

Mary: Birthday ideas for DH. Let me put my thinking cap on. :idea: Men are sooooo hard to buy for! * Too bad that temp job is over for your son. Maybe another one will come by soon.

LuckyLadyBug: No excuses on not knowing points for eating out. There are tons of restaurants listed on Dotti's site: www.dwlz.com if you don't find the restaurant you're actually eating at, you can find a similar entree listed for another restaurant. No excuses! :nono:

Well girls, I'm headed to bed. :yawn: You all take care.

10-25-2002, 08:47 AM
Thin: Here is my excuse anyway!!!

Rural area, privately owned resturants...NOT a "brand". Owned and cooked by homegrown farmer women!!!!! They probably still use lard!!!! :lol:

I guess I shouldn't laugh...it is difficult to find anything that is not deep fried and if it isn't deep fried it is covered in gravy!!!!!

Good thing I don't usually eat out. :fr:

Have a :goodvibes: Friday.

Everyone chatting Saturday night??????

10-25-2002, 10:06 AM
Good morning! :wave: Not much traffic here since last night. I can't do this all by my self you guys! :eek:

I'm off to train the men on the fine art of vacuuming, but thought I'd check in here first.

The thread was sinking fast again. :nono:

As far as 'chatting', I'd love to, but don't you guys have a life on Saturday night. Geez, I'm always out and about doing something with hubby or sons. Oh well, one of these times I'll get a chance.

After I wrote that last paragraph I reread it and it sounded pretty pathetic. Don't make plans around me as I can never tell what I'm doing when. It's actually all of you that have a life THAT YOU CAN COUNT ON and me that is always just floundering around out here. :spin:

Enjoy the day. I'll see ya later.

10-25-2002, 11:16 AM
Gee, I really needed that "No Life" reminder, thanks, Thin! :lol: ;)

Actually, dh and I are both off...get this...on the same day!!! Today and tomorrow!! :cp: Not sure of any plans at the moment...with 2 kids going in 14 different directions, it's kinda hard to tell. If I am at home, I will be lurking around the chat room to see if there's anything happening...Perhaps there's a better time for everyone?

Last night was such a sad night at work. A young (37) man walked into the ER a few nights ago, complaining of a severe headache. Before they could even triage him, he had a seizure and slipped into an irrreversible coma. Later that day, he was declared brain dead, due to a massive cerebral hemorrhage. They harvested his organs last night. One of the doctors said that at least 10 people, if not more, would benefit from his donation. A very sad story, but one with a meaningful ending. It must be comforting, on some level, to know that part of him will live on and possibly save someone's life.

Sorry to bring you all down. I've just been thinking about him a lot, and had to vent. I think I would like to donate my organs. Gotta check my license to make sure I checked the little box...better tell the family too...

I'm off to slumber land for a bit...:yawn: Gotta rest up for a weekend off! ahhhhh....see you all later.

:D :cb: :dancer: :lucky:

10-25-2002, 01:05 PM
Well, I'm here at work :dz: and I thought I'd hop in real quick to see how all my lovelies are doing. :smug: Still OP, I am happy to say.........although I ate just about everything coming and going yesterday. I'm not quite sure why I was so hungry, but I stayed well within my points AND did my walking video.......THE TWO MILE!! :strong: I wanted to let you guys know I probably won't be back to make another post tonight because we are going to Atlanta to watch qualifying for this Sunday's race. :cb: I am terribly excited, but I am terribly dissappointed too, because they are calling for nothing but rain.....rain......rain. :rain: So, right now, this ol' girl is doing the anti rain dance! I WILL DEFINITELY be on here for chat Saturday night girls.....just let me know the time and well, I know the place, :rolleyes: so just the time. I have already warned dh that this time will be set aside you for you, so movie or not, big and tasty or not.........I will be in chat with you! Have a great day ladies. You are greatly loved by me. :grouphug:

10-25-2002, 08:07 PM
OK, here's the deal...

We're going out to dinner and to a movie, not sure which one yet.
When I get back...there had better be lots of posts for me to read!

Ya hear me?

PS...Lucky...I didn't think that YOU, yourself, would scare the hunters. (whoops) I meant that your awesome, self defense, kick boxing moves would show that you are a formidable adversary, one NOT to be trifled with.

unless, of course, he looks like George Clooney...

10-25-2002, 09:43 PM
Kat dinner and a movie...reminded me there is a town around there that has a theater. On Tuesday nights they serve dinner - so you get dinner & a movie!!!!! They even have beer and wine.

Kinda sad tonight over Wellstone and his family and workers dying......

Will write more tomorrow....

10-25-2002, 10:55 PM
Okay, Kat scared me into posting! :lol: My parents are actually visiting this weekend; they stayed with me last night but are at my sister's house tonight SO... I've been busy entertaining!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I worked out at the gym. Thursday was day one of an annoying cold consisting mostly of a very sore throat PLUS my parents were arriving so I didn't work out BUT today, Friday, I scooted off to the gym right after supper (despite my throat!) AND I have plans to go tomorrow and Sunday too! I am a mean, not quite lean, exercising machine! :lol:

Tina... Hope you have a good time at the race and there's no rain! Geesh... last time you went it was raining too! (I remember you outwitted your hubby in that raincoat fiasco!)

Kat... It's nice that you and your hubby have the weekend off together. What movie did you end up seeing? Did you resist that evil movie theatre popcorn?! Who was it here that snuck in their own light popcorn into a movie? ...that was a great idea by the way!

Thin... I agree with you. Saturday night isn't a good time (at least for me) to have chats. I'm 95% of the time busy then. What about a weekday early evening chat, like at 8:00pm?

Lucky... Yeesh. Winterizing your porch sounds like too much work for a weekend! :lol: Sigh... I guess that means winter is coming. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of Christmas, presents and Christmas cards from all of you! Oh wait... and being a skinny minny (in the 160's) by then! :)

Mary... Hmm. I'm thinking too! What to get... for a MAN! I guess a manicure and pedicure is out! What about a subscription to a magazine that he'd be interested in? Just throwing that out there...

J-Ann... I'm SO with you on the annoyance of colds! Grrrr! You know, I think I'm seriously obsessed. Last night, as I couldn't sleep because of my sore throat, I went to get this super-coughdrop thingy that soothes throats wonderfully out of the medicine cabinet and the first thing I thought before popping it in my mouth was... I WONDER HOW MANY CALORIES IS IN THIS? SHOULD I TAKE IT?! Geesh... you'd think I originally gained weight for eating an overabundance of coughdrops or something by the way I hesitated! I'm just SO conditioned to question anything that goes in my mouth... it's like an instinct now! :lol: Anyway... I hope you (and I) are both feeling better soon!

Michelle... I used the packet you sent me to explain WW to my mom today. She probably needs to lose AT LEAST 60 pounds but she won't tell me her weight! :lol: I think she was interested... we'll see I guess! I told her that we could be a mother/daughter loosing combo and be featured in a magazine or something... I don't think she was thrilled at the idea! :lol: ANYWAYS... let us know about your new job for sure. You don't have any skeletons hanging in your closet (aside for Halloween decorations) that will show up on your background check, do ya? :lol:

Baylee... Where ARE you? :(

Okay. I should get some stuff done! See ya'll shortly! (Hope this entry sufficed Kat!)

Sara :)

10-26-2002, 12:03 AM
Hi everybody! :wave: This is a quickie before I go to bed. :yawn:
I'm going to turn in early.....well, early for me. The 'baby' is home tonight. He came in about 5:00. I had a roast in the crockpot all day. Made mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and bread sticks. Hubby came in from work, smart A$$ that he is, and said, "Geez, you know the kid's home. We're gonna eat good tonight!"

DS was off to bed as soon as dinner was over and he stripped out of his clothes. I've been doing laundry all evening on the commercials. Only 3 more loads to go (of his stuff) and he'll be ready to go back to school tomorrow afternoon.

I had a 'bank job', that 'vacuum training' and a couple of little 'theatre jobs' to do today. I got them all finished and decided to stay for a movie. I picked one I knew I'd never get to see unless I went by myself. I saw Barbershop. It was very slow, but a good moral to the story at the end. It's not on my top 5 list, but it was nice to just take a couple of hours to myself.

Gotta go. You all take care and have a good night.

10-26-2002, 01:56 AM
Well Kat... it won't be long but here I am .... just for YOU. :love:

Spent most of the day at WalMart.. LOL ... (exciting life here)
Got me some new underwear. :p Also bought myself a wrist blood pressure kit. My arms are too fat for those normal cuffs. Everytime I tell the nurse she always promises to come back with a larger one... but never does. I have been taking blood pressure medicine for years... and I probably have not had my pleasure checked in over 3 years. :eek: I go every year to the doctor too. That is a sad but true story. Obviously... when you are fat they just "assume" I still need to take it.
I had a doctor that ALWAYS checked my blood pressure and had a huge cuff... but my insurance changed so of course I had to change doctors. It just amazes me how I have not had my blood pressure recorded in years... and no one seems to care at these HMOs. I probably wouldn't even have to go in at all and they would just keep refilling it. :rolleyes:
Anyway... I am taking some control now myself. :D

I had a nice evening visiting my younger daughter tonight. She came home for the weekend. Unfortunately we are headed out tomorrow for Texas. My husband has a job he needs to check out down at the TX/OK border. I dread the drive. But there is so little I can do for my husband I figure I would go to keep him company. WE are going again next weekend to stay with my daughter for the weekend. Her roommate is going to be out of town so we can stay with her. We are going to their home football game. She will be graduating college in May. :D Then she hopes to be admitted into pharmacy school. I think that is ANOTHER 3-4 years. $$$$$$$

Okay Kat... I better post this or you will be back before I get it posted. :lol:

10-26-2002, 09:54 AM
:drill: Kat here...bright and early!

I would have posted earlier...I've been up since about 5:15, but I promised myself that I would NOT get all caught up here til I got some stuff done around the house. Sooooooo....
3 loads of clothing are in various stages of laundering...1 folded, 1 in the washer, 1 in the dryer. I made a batch of pumpkin-bran muffins...(don't be too impressed--I added a half a can of pumpkin and some spices to two boxes of Jiffy bran muffin mix!) 3 points/4 mini muffins!! While they were baking, I emptied the dishwasher and did the rest of the dishes left because certain people around here think if the dishwasher is FULL, everything else waits around til the next load goes in...gotta work on that one! Then I tidied the living room...put away everyone's shoes and school stuff. And now I am hanging out with you guys, having my muffins and my coffee and some red grapes...mmm! :T

We didn't go to the movies last night...couldn't really find anything that we could watch with my 11 yr old son. (I'm sure he would have LOVED "Jackass" though!) :p So we grabbed dinner at Perkins (not MY choice!) and decided to watch "The Lord of the Rings" at home, all cozy on the couch.

My dinner choices were NOT the best I could do...okay, maybe even BAD, (Reuben sandwich/some fries, coconut cream pie for dessert! ...all right, REALLY bad! :ink: ) BUT! I hadn't eaten all day (slept instead) AND...I made the boys join me in a good long walk with the dog when we got home. They tried to weasel out of it, but I held my ground! (:drill: hat comes in handy!) We had fun. I will not sweat a high calorie day, I'll just get back on track today...that's all. So with a 5 pt breakfast under my belt...I feel pretty good. I'm going to Curves this am, maybe even to the gym after that, not sure.

2cute...shame on your doctor! Sometimes we have to be really proactive with our own health... tell him you'd really like your BP checked, since you ARE on medication! Seems reasonable. (Now, if they'd just stop checking our weight!)

Tina...have fun in Atlanta! In the rain...:rain: It's raining here too. Is Atlanta far from Tennessee? Take me out of the Northeast and I have only a vague idea of where everywhere else is!

Lucky...I'm sure I'll be chatting tonight...Game six is on, dh and son have informed me they will be parked in the living room for that. My daughter is working, so I'll have NO competition for the computer...I'll be there with bells on!

Mary...I'm thinkin'! I'm thinkin'! How about tickets to a show or sporting event. Dinner and a movie is always good. His favorite home cooked meal. {My dh always wants the same dinner on his bd...it's REALLY boring, but it's what he loves: pot roast w/ potatoes and carrots, yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting. He also loves anything with his favorite team's logo on it....he's easy to please!) Car stuff. Does he hunt or fish?
There's always the ever popular, sure to please a man...ohhh....you know!! :o ;)

Thin....hope you had a nice visit with your "baby."

Sara, keep up the good work at the gym! And of course your entry was sufficient! I always love reading your positive posts!

J-ann...AGAIN??? My Rx to you: Vit C, ecchinacea (sp?), chicken soup and plenty o' rest! Feel better.

Michelle....WELL??? Did you get it? Sounds great! Fingers are crossed for you!

Duckie...I loved the kitty...wish I could have one. (WAY allergic!)

Tontoy, what's happening? Take a teeny break and drop us a line!

BAYLEE...I'm getting worried...where are you, girlfriend? Did anyone take her number way back when we did that?

Time to get ready for exercise. Lots to do today. I MAY even get a little Christmas shopping done. Have a great day all, hope to "see" you all tonight!


10-26-2002, 10:05 AM