Low Carb Recipes - Low-Carb Pixy Stix Fun Dip rhubarb candy

09-22-2010, 06:58 AM
Remember Lik-M-Aid? Packets of flavored sugar that came with Lix-A-Stix - a candy stick that you licked and dipped into the sugar packets.

Tonight, I recreated the experience in low-carb with rhubarb, splenda, and sugar free jello (you could also use sugar free drink mix).

Fresh, raw rhubarb (washed and trimmed)

Cut into 6" lengths. If the stalks are very thick, cut into sticks (like you would celery).

Dry (not liquid) Splenda equivalent to 1 cup sugar

1 packet sugar free flavored gelatin (such as sugar free jello), or 1 packet/tub drin mix (such as Crystal Light),any flavor.

Mix gelatin powder or drink mix and Splenda. Store it in an airtight ziploc bag or a storage container with a tight-fitting lid (you'll only use a small amount of the mixture per serving).

You need the artificial sweetenr as much for bulk as for sweetness. Jello and drink mixes are too concentrated to use by themselves.

If you've prepared the rhubarb ahead of time, you'll want to rinse the rhubarb so it will be damp (or you can just chew on the end of the rhubarb before dipping it into the gelatin/sweetener mix).

Pour a couple tablespoons of the gelatin powder mixture into a small dish or onto a plate. Dip the end of a rhubarb stick into the powder and take a bite of the rhubarb. Repeat as desired.

Any dry mix left in the bowl can't be reused (and you want to rinse the bowl as soon as you're done, or you'll have to soak it later), That's why you only want to pour what you're going to use.

This is addictive - but remember to be careful with rhubarb. It can have a laxative effect of you eat too much. Stick to a stalk or two (which makes a nice little pile of sticks to dip).

09-22-2010, 12:03 PM
That sounds yummy! I'm allergic to artificial sweeteners, but even I'm tempted, lol. You always have the most informative posts!