Mini-Goals - First loss and I've been staying on track!

Lula Belle
09-19-2010, 02:56 PM
So today I woke up and I found the scale telling me I'd lost my first two pounds!

I've been working out every other day at the gym and tracking everything I eat on I tend to cycle my calories a little, keeping it at 1100-1200 for several days (I eat a LOT of fruit, vegetables, high-fiber foods and lean protein, so I don't usually feel hungry at all), and then bumping up to around 2000 every once in a while. (Though I haven't been trying to lose for very long, I've tracked my calories on livestrong before. It's very illuminating!)

Well, last night I went out with my friends to a bar.... AFTER I'd eaten pretty much all I needed for the day. I had a Captain and diet coke, and a couple small glasses of beer (We got a pitcher of Blue Moon on the house! How could I resist?)

The smell of french fries at the bar was SOOOO delectable. Since I hadn't eaten recently, the relatively small amount of booze (for me) made it nearly impossible for me to resist ordering some. They had two dollar homemade potato chips... And I swear they were speaking to me from the menu.

I summoned all my willpower and resisted their siren call. My weakness, health wise, is fried foods like chips and fries. I overeat them constantly, and I never feel satisfied. So I've decided that if it's a fried snack, I simply can't allow myself more than one bite.

My friends and I came back to my home, and we sat around visiting. I made some lowfat popcorn and brought out my strawberries and clementines as a snack.

Although I ended up going a little bit over my calories last night, I am so proud of myself for having a good time SANELY and not consuming thousands of calories!

As a reward, my scale let me know I had lost my first two pounds!

Thanks, scale!

09-19-2010, 05:05 PM
Congrats LB!

09-19-2010, 07:35 PM

09-19-2010, 10:26 PM
:woohoo: WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!